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05-18-02, 06:34
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05-30-02, 13:50

Thanks for the great report on Korat. I will be in Korat in June and do you have any recomendations for hotels? Can you tell me where to look for girls in Korat?


06-13-02, 03:40
Udon Thani - Does anyone have any information as far as Discos, beer bars or hotels in Udon Thani? I have not seen any postings for this area and appreciate any info.

06-16-02, 04:58
So freeler,

what you are saying is spend my time someplace else??

06-18-02, 02:23
Ok Freeler and AdleZ, the reason I wanted to email is because I have alot of questions, but if you (or anyone) are willing to answer them here...cool! I am only going to Korat and possibly Udon for only about 2 or 3 days so I won't have much time to spend looking around and if someone can point me in the right direction, then great. I am trying to get away from the tourists in pattaya, phuket bkk etc and I am sure there are nice places off the beaten path.

1. Any suggestions on which hotels to stay at? I have heard it is much cheaper up there for a nice hotel. I obviously don't want to spend 1500 baht, but I do need a shower and AC...for the ladies of course. haha

2. I mainly like the freelancer types. I thrive in the disco atmosphere. However I will go to beer bars if necessary. Massage Parlors are ok...but only as a last ditch measure. Any suggestions on clubs or beer bars? Locations?

3. I have also heard people talking about picking up girls at a park somewhere in town. That sounds like someplace I would be happy. Can anyone expand on this?

4. Golf courses definately interest me. Any idea on the greens fees?

5. Lastly, what is the going rate up there? I do not want to mess things up by paying BKK prices.

these are just a few questions I have so any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated!


06-19-02, 02:35
Freeler, many thanks for the link. All the info looks really good. When was the last time you were there? Was there any discos open? I couldn't find any info on that.

06-19-02, 20:17
Freeler -- Good question...I have no idea how I'll be getting there. I do know that I don't like to waste time on buses and trains though, so if I can, I'll be flying. However, I don't know if this is possible. Any suggestions? I'll coming from BKK though.

06-22-02, 01:25
Zelda, this is the type of info I am looking for. many many thanks! I'll be up there the first week in July so if you see 2 white guys in the discos....come on up and say hi. I am really looking forward to the non existant westerners that are all over Pattaya. It will be strange to be in a disco with no other white guys, but I anticipate the advantages. Also, is there any taxis up there? The way you guys talk it is all buses.

Lastly, I take it there are no flights to Korat? I dont really want to mess with the bus.

This is all great info though, thanks.

06-22-02, 19:23
What is the market prices in Khorat, compared to Bangkok an Pattaya ? How much for ST and LT in general ?

06-22-02, 23:09
Freeler, I am sure not bringing a chick along!!! That is like bringing sand to the beach. HAHA. Thanks for the flight info though. I may take the bus...but I really don't like to waste time. The max I want to mess with a bus is an hour or two, otherwise I'd rather fly. Certain things I don't mind breaking the budget on.

06-24-02, 19:25

06-24-02, 19:47
Any info about Ubon Rachathani and Khong Chiam, near the Laos border ?

06-26-02, 03:30
Can anyone offer any info on Ko Samui's action. I will be spending a month there in July.

Thanks in advance!

Joe Zop
06-26-02, 05:05
JTL -- most of Samui's action centers around either the Chaweng or Lamai areas. Primary action is in the various beer bars, though it can also be found in places like the Reggae Pub or Bauhaus. I know there's some to be had in the massage places, but never investigated that myself.

06-26-02, 21:06
Sorry about the repost, but I posted the following question under the General Info section and got no replies. I believe this is the more appropiate section of the forum for my question:

Any info on Hua Hin? I'll be staying at the Hilton resort in Hua Hin in mid July and would appreciate any info on the action in this town.

06-30-02, 20:08

Nothing in Ubon ?
I stayed 4 months in Ubon 4 years ago, but when I read your message it seems that the massage parlors and the karaokes with the rooms upstairs have disapeared...
What a pity...

07-16-02, 21:38
For connoisseurs :
In your opinion, where is the most sanuk, easy going, relaxed, open, good value action in all I-San ? Nongkai ? Khorat ? Khon Kaen ? Surin ? Si Saket ? Udon Thani... ?
I am not afraid of non-english speaking places, as long as farang are welcome. I just would like to experiment locally I-San girls who have not been lured by Pattaya yet.

On The Road
07-17-02, 10:08
Hi folks...
next month I'll be in LOS, so I'm reading you everyday to have the most from my journey...
By now, reading all the post, I think I'll have this kind of trip: some days in BKK, some days in Pattaya, then heading to Korat for a couple of day, then Lopburi, Ayuthaya and heading back to BKK for my return flight.
Now a couple of question. What do you think, for a 16 days trip? Is there something important (yes, for TG and for traditional kind of tourism) that I'm missing in that area?
Any suggestion 'bout Lopburi and Ayuthaya? (while I have lot of info 'bout BKK, Pattaya and Korat, I never read anything 'bout those two little cities, but Ayuthaya is a cheap city to stay in...). Hotel, action etc.?
Thanks a lot and sorry for my very bad english.


P.S. If someone would like to share a beer with me and my friend in the second half of August... you're welcome!

07-17-02, 10:22
When will you be in BKK, and Pattaya?
I'll be in BKK on 8-17, and in Pattaya on 8-21.

On The Road
07-17-02, 10:27
Maybe we could have just a day for a meeting.
I'll be in BKK from 8-12 to 8-17, and in Pattaya from 8-17 to 8-22.
Maybe we could manage to have a beer together on 8-21. I'll let you know...


07-18-02, 08:36
Sounds ok to me.

On The Road
07-18-02, 10:08
Freeler, thank you very muck for your advices. Yes, just a day in Lopburi, while Sukhotai maybe is a little be to far for me... But maybe a couple of days in Ayutthaya and Lopburi to rest after all the action in Bkk, Pattaya and Korat sounds ok for me, before going for the final rounds in Bkk... Just a futher info, if you know and if you can. How 'bout Phimai (not for the action, but only for the park?) It seems to be very near to Korat and maybe good enough for an one day excursion. Thanks again.

Hukster, ok we'll set up a meeting point in those days. I can't wait any longer to be in LOS!!! ;)


07-19-02, 12:31
Need more info about korat:
Which hotel is in the best location near all nights action.
I'm looking for room up to 800Baht a/c,hot water,tv etc' .
What discos and bars can you recomend ?

On The Road
07-19-02, 18:10
Freeler, thanks again.
I think I'll go there, for a quick taste of the khmer culture and for a cultural day before the "West Park" night.
Thanks again.


07-23-02, 18:04
I want to thank everyone for contributing a lot of good info on Khorat. I have been to Thailand three times and only stayed in Chiang Mai, and Pattaya.

I'm looking for something a little fresher when it comes to the girls and your comments have captured my attention.

A couple of heads up questions. Do you catch the bus to Khorat at the bus station across from the international airport?(if there is one). How long is the trip would you say?

Any girl advice is also appreciated

I know of a bus station down the road from the airport that takes me to Pattaya.

I plan to spend 3-4 days in khorat and maybe try Cambodia by way of Pattaya.

I enjoyed some of the posts about the border town in the south.

Anyway since I will be in Khorat what is the basic going rate for shorttime and overnight when pick up a girl from the park or maybe lucky at the indoor swimming pool?

If anyone new is reading this, I know one can get good information about getting buses or trains from the information booth in the airport before you walk out.

I just like to have an idea of what I'm looking for before I get there.

Again thank to all who have given so much good advice.

07-24-02, 07:42
Thanks for the info. Everyone here seems totally against the "LP" books...I checked one today and it says that there aren't any buses from midnight to 5am?!? Chikan trusts adleZ more than LP....Chikan has read with great interest s'adleZ reports about Korat, and will take his advice and stay at the Korat Hotel, which has some action on the 5th floor. I'll hang out there for awhile, before venturing to the great north ......any other tips, please let me know (like getting to the hotel from the bus station w/o using a tout who'll rip me off by inflating Chikan's room rate at 3:30am!!!!!!!!)haha....should be interesting....

07-24-02, 20:09
Do u have anfo about what I ask ( look 6 messages down) ?

07-25-02, 07:35
Thanks for the informative post!.....Never bought the LP book (just read in the book store) as Freeler already scolded me earlier on about it! ;) Since I land so late at night I can either go directly there or crash "1 night in BKK", hit the Thermae, and go in the morning (can see some scenery this way I guess-maybe this is better..). Anyways, if it's cool, I'd like to spend a few days there and check it out - up for a beer "or two"? Chikan would like to adleZ...(Last week of August)......Chikan out....

07-25-02, 07:41
The last sentence should read, "Chikan would like to MEET adleZ"...It's almost midnight here and I'm beat after work. Later.

07-25-02, 18:02
Thank you Adlez for the information.
A scrotum massage! That sounds very interesting. I never heard of that specialty until you mentioned it. I will positively try that. Which places specialize in this?

Any good Chinese/Thai restaurants that you recommend?

One reason I'm going to Khorat is the pool you mentioned. I would think the pool would be a great place to meet girls. Especially checking them out in their swimsuits.

Are there any places to play pool/billards that you are fimilar with?

How safe is the downtown, outdoor market and the park area at night say up to midnight.

Like others have pointed out one does take precautions everywhere. I'm not interested going down alleys late at night. I don't do it at home and I'm not going to do it there.

Again thanks for all previous help.

Oh! besides the scrotum massage do you recommend a good place for traditional Thai massage and or food massage?


07-26-02, 04:49
Anybody for infromation about Rayong ?

07-26-02, 21:26
Thanks Adlez for the info. I always like to have a little heads up before going to a new place.

I should be there around August 8 or so. I going to Thailand via Philippines.

This will be my third visit to Thailand.

Everytime there is something new.

Again thank you

For anyone else who may go after August 20, I will post some of the outcomes of my visit that may help others who follow.

07-28-02, 09:28
Need more info for Korat Hotel,
What is there rates?
Is it the Kstar on the net
1000 baht per day?


07-29-02, 06:47
Looking forward to your report as I'm planning on spending 1 night in BKK (no song pls!), and then heading to Korat for 1 or 2 nights (around the end of August).....any tips, etc.etc.will be appreciated. How long are you in Thailand for? and where are you going (besides Korat).
The Kstar is the same hotel according to my searches of past posts......and you can get it for 500B or so (found a couple different sites that offer that rate) or if you just show up - you should be able to neg. that rate.

07-29-02, 07:11
Thanks, Chikan

Will readup the old posts and see what come up.

07-30-02, 03:40
Hello to those heading to Khorat in the coming month.

Chikan: I plan to visit Khorat between August 8 - 21. Then head back to Manila.

I thought about going back down to Pattaya for a few days and or going to Cambodia for 3 -4 days.

I think I will just see what happens in Khorat. I like the idea of hanging out at the pool then getting a good oil massage followed by some good food and then some "delicious desserts" I think I could do this for a week. Just fill up until I cannot take it anymore.

I confess I'm divorced and 58. At least I can still bend over and touch my toes.

Thailand for my limited experience is the only place where nice relatively young lady will look at me and give me a smile. Yes, I'm aware it is a game but I do not care. It makes me feel good.

Like someone wrote in an old post. It is the adult disneyland. Enjoy it and go home with the memories.
Don't make more out of it than what it really is.

Just three more days. I can hardly wait for my disney adventure to start!

08-02-02, 01:44
Where is Khorat relative to Pattaya or BKK?

08-03-02, 01:16
what do you think about these guys reporting price increases in BKK. I think maybe there negotiating skills have gone down the road.

08-04-02, 09:59
Thanks Freeler,
but I will be staying in BKK for A few days when I first fly in, then off to Pattaya. If I get bored in Pattaya, then I will look at alternate plans, but from what i've read I don't think I will.

08-04-02, 23:07
Thanks Freeler,
This is good info as I was under the impression that everything goes through BKK. I will be spending 4 days in BKK, then off to Pattaya for either a week and a half or two weeks what ever strikes my fancy at the time. One good thing about LOS is you can change your travel plans very easily.

Joe Zop
08-05-02, 13:23
Wow, Skinless, you're really doing the tour. Where the heck is Philot? Can't find it on any of my maps, and even Google comes up blank (though, interestingly, I see that Philotes is one of the descendants of one of the early Greek gods Nyx -- Night -- and was in charge of sexual love...)

Joe Zop
08-05-02, 15:38
Ah, thanks, that was actually somewhere I've been considering, less for sanuking and more for the folk museum, which I've read is funky, and supposedly the world's most beautiful Buddha image. Bravo Skinless on helping add another dimension to the possibility.

08-06-02, 06:52
Hi all..... im malaysian .i will visit Sg Golok Thailand next month.
i want booking somebody (ladies/girl) for sex at Golok. Girl interested is arround 15-17 yrs old (new once)....is a luck for me if girl still VIRGIN....
so can somebody arrange for me and quote price for booking overnight



08-06-02, 18:16
Good report! I had to laugh at the story with the maid.... looking forward to your report about Korat too...happy trails!

Joe Zop
08-06-02, 19:16
Skinless -- I admire your stamina and quest, and perhaps some day I'll do the pure numbers orgy junket, but not my upcoming trip. Looking to enjoy the slowness of the pace in contrast to my usual frenzy. Plenty of time for me to do more than enough sanuking in ten or twelve weeks there, and I'll be long dead if I try to sustain your pace :) My approach is going to be to establish a secure long-term base camp in Chiang Mai where I can leave anything of real value, and then be able to be out on the road with a light pack in some funkier/cheaper places without worry, though I'm not much one for hanging in fuck fest hotels in any event. (I don't like the really upscale ones, either -- just something in between with a bit of character.)

Regarding your comment about double booking hotels -- are you saying other hotels in the area aren't girl-friendly?

Freeler (et al), speaking of security issues -- do you have any experience with safety deposit boxes in Thailand? I'm thinking that it might be worth my while to rent a big one at a bank where I could leave my laptop and other things when I head out on the road.

Joe Zop
08-06-02, 19:43
And characters :D as well. I've stayed in plenty over time, in various places, and this point I'd rather just pay a few extra baht and not worry about this or that. What I lose in paying more I'll make up in using a lower volume approach than Skinless is using, especially when we're talking 8 a day at 200baht each :)

As far as the safety deposit box, it's more for various electronics than anything else -- since I'm probably going to be gone for a week or two here and there, I'd just rather not worry about whether the proprietors I've trusted where I rent long-term will misuse that trust while I'm out of town. Ten bucks or so would be well worth it for the peace of mind. And, yeah, I figured on checking with the banks; just thought I'd see if anyone had any history.

Joe Zop
08-08-02, 02:55
So, Skinless, do you agree with Z that the girls are spectacular looking in Korat? (I know you've been hanging in different places than his haunts, but still...) Sure sounds from your descriptions that you've found them moreso than Philok.

08-08-02, 14:06

Skinless reports although funny they read like a man's descent into hell. into the heart of darkness....What a tropper he is: he goes into the pits to report experiences from the bottom of the barrel.... we should give Skinless a medal for his bravery and for fucking just about anything that moves....... what a tropper.... Skinless is now the general of provincial Thai ho special forces....

And on top of it, he made a mess in Zman's backyard.....

Skinless, thanks for the reports and stay safe.

Apac Boy
08-08-02, 18:40
sup skinless...

have fun
play safe
boink one in my name


08-08-02, 20:04
Skinless... I haven't checked out the Thailand board for quite a while. Glad I did. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson meets Caligula with a little bit of Colonel Kurtz thrown in for good measure. Fear and Loathing Sanuk Style! Your reports make me regret that I have had to limit myself to China recently (due to business reasons). Your reports re-kindle the "fear" and the "fever". Just outstanding!

08-10-02, 10:23
Someone can tell me about NongKai nightspots?

08-12-02, 21:48
Provide any tips you can my man (korat area etc..).....as I'll be following in your guys trails in approx 2 weeks! Can't wait....hehe. Have a great time!
PS. What happened to our major contributor of info (besides Freeler of course) adleZ???? That testicle massage sounds interesting.!

08-13-02, 02:27
Ill be in BKK on Sat. 8-17-02, Ill be staying on Soi 8 for 4 days. I've been told to get to Pattaya go to the eastern bus terminal for an aircon bus which leaves every 1/2 hr. My question is where is the eastern bus terminal, and do I have to purchase ticket in advance?

08-13-02, 08:03
Good reports! Any tips on places to eat that were 1/2 decent? Sounds interesting there.....keep up the good reporting!
Thanks for your reports and have fun in Pattaya with your little friend....hope you two can enjoy yourselves.

08-13-02, 08:11
Thnks for the info, but I already have my hotel,
Stable Lodge soi 8. Maybe I posted in the wrong area, but I needed to know where the Eastern bus terminal was to catch an aircon bus to Pattaya, and if I needed to purchase ticket in advance. Skinless, will you be in BKK between the 19th, and the 21rst?

08-13-02, 08:17
Thanks Freeler, good info. Ill be in BKK for 4 days then off to Pattaya for 2 weeks, then back in BKK for 4 more days. No problem with the reports I have internet access in both hotels BKK, and Pattaya although I might do better at a cafe as the hotels charge 1 BHT per minute comes to 60 BHT per hr.

08-13-02, 08:31
I heard starting this month, no smoking in a/c bars an resturaunts. anyone know anything about this?

Joe Zop
08-14-02, 04:20
Great report. Scotfree, thanks! And, as Packripper aptly posted in the Thai Women section, some like FFF, some like GFE, some like both. One of the nice things about LOS is there's a flavor for every taste, and for those of us with varying likes, that's the best menu in the world. Though I like GFE, I also like soapies, as well as the occasional 3F experience. It's great not to have to make up your mind but simply to indulge! Between all you guys (Z included) Korat has definitely become someplace I've got to check out on my upcoming trip.

09-11-02, 21:03

as you probably know, Samui is no Pattaya, not even Phuket.

As far as I know, there are no MP or Go-Gos on Samui (the governor of the province is against it), but you will find plenty of girls at open bars anywhere on Chaweng or Lamai (decide on which beach you want ...). I am a Chaweng person myself.

Discos: Green Mango and Reggae Pub in Chaweng, not sure about Lamai. There is a Thai disco named Angkor on the road to Lamai that opened mast year, and several people were killed there already, I was told.

If you fancy the GFE, you might want to consider an alternative which is to bring your own pillow from Bangkok. She would welcome the holiday and she would be an outsider just like you, and as such much more controllable. It is a bit pricer, of course.

Enjoy Samui.

09-11-02, 23:11
Going to Koh Samui in November. Appreciate any recommendations for action (i.e. MPs, Go-gos, discos, etc.)...Thanks!

Joe Zop
09-12-02, 17:32
The scene on Chaweng is pretty similar -- with lots of beer bars, and some massage places as well. The area by the stadium, where the Reggae Pub is located, is also very much happening (for Samui.) Wildman's absolutely right that you can get "tagged" pretty easily if you're not careful, but of course there are usually still other places you can go. Depends on your tastes.

09-14-02, 10:47
hello everybody

in november i go to samui; Will stay in lamai
is there anybody who has good experience in massage parlour in samui. Where to go??

and which bar you recommend to me

thanks everybody

09-14-02, 14:24
I'll stay in Trat and Ko Chang for a few days. Could not find anything about this two places.
Thank's in advance

09-17-02, 02:55
gud & informative fr bro...keep it up

i learned that you are x-sun devil dude...i was there too between 93-96...if u were there between those years i might know u...for further conversation u can email me at noien2002@yahoo.com

my fr,
here's my fr on d trip to danuk on friday the 13th last week. went there with 2 friends.

checked in @ grand court (bht600) & proceed to karaoke/massage; can't remember whether 333 or florida 2, thereafter. caught my eyes on this girl. really cfm look w voluptuous body. with a lil bit of make up, can look like supermodel, a bit chubby, which i like. proceed to have 1hr massage session (bht100) to get know of this girl. she said she likes my masculine body & tell me that i'm a handsome boy. LOL. i thought i look more like chow sing chee rather than andy lau. i know oredi that this girl likes me. so then i ask her to accompany me that nite. she said ok. pay the mami bht1500 & left for dinner.

she reached my place at 10.05pm while me watching CSI on ntv7. we cuddled each other & chatted a bit. real gfe. then i asked her whether she wants to shower with me? she said "shy". i can respect that & let she showered herself first. i had a quick shower & then proceed to bed. she almost fell asleep. damn! i had to sacrifice d CSI ending & proceed to kiss her neck. at the same time my hand proceed to explore her p***y. wet oredi. she said that she hasn't had sex for long time. the skin is silky smooth, fit tummy, full round breast 34c, small pink nipple, round butt; need i say more, she's perfect! start missionery under d bed sheet (she's shy). less than 1 min, she had orgasm. wah lau! then she spread her leg & asked for somemore. i removed d bedsheet (not shy anymore). fr innocent, she becum a wild sex maniac. at one time, she used her labia majora/minora to grip my lil bro. damn! i almost thought it could leave a ring mark around it. after 30min i shot; not 4 or 5 but easily a dozen times.

chit chat a bit then then we slept. woke up d next morning, wanted to go another rnd. but shit, my friend called asked to pack up bcoz we have to leave. i took few pix of her w my digicam. d nude pix of her is saved inside my head LOL. if u ask me whether i'll take her next time, my answer will be a big YES!! Overall 12/10.

09-17-02, 09:41

Can you tell me how to get to Danok?
Is it in Thailand or Malaysia.


09-18-02, 11:10

i assume u r cumming from m'sia...after bukit kayu hitam toll, go straight until u reach d immigration...if u were daredevil enugh, try like i did...as u pass the immigration, do smile @ d officers and wave ur hand as like u know them...drive slowly but don't stop unless they ask u to...but remember on ur way back, when u reach d first booth at m'sia side, pls hand in rm3 to the officer; consider as parking fare...if u wish to go further to hatyai, i advice u to enter thailand legally...

or u can try another alternative...u can park ur car @ d duty free area...rm1 only...if u were stopped by any officers, just tell them frankly that u don't have any passport and u'r going to the duty free complex or playing golf @ black forrest (behind the duty free complex)...from there u walk...d areas r within walking distance...don't worry about ur car, it'll be safe there...

danuk is a small town in southern thailand @ m'sia-thai border...imho to me it's clean and safe...

09-18-02, 12:52

Thanks for the great info.
Keep up the hard work man :)

09-19-02, 12:04

asu reunion eh...my favourite hang out place was the alaskan bush company (ABC) @ grand avenue phoenix...god!! i can still remember d place!!...familiar?...cut out some coupons from the university's newspaper and enter d place free + a glass of coke + njoying d view LOL...

09-23-02, 03:26

me myself has never been inside the duty free area LOL, though have in mind to buy some duty free product i.e. cigarette, electrical goods etc. main objective is just to get accross d border to find some night life. usually went there in rush, so no time to shop. in brief, it's sandwiched between m'sia and thai immigration. looks like a mall from d outside. there's a black forrest golf course behind it.

anybody can help our friend here on the duty free area?

09-25-02, 03:45

Can u tell me how to get to Danuk by Express bus, I am not local Malaysian.
Starting from KL (Puduraya) please.

09-25-02, 16:02
Hi all,

Heard a lot about Ko Samui advertising on radio, has anyone been there? of course what i really need is some infomation on hotels and ST & LT facilities there, any suggestion?


Joe Zop
09-25-02, 17:23
You're really not going to be looking at ST places on Ko Samui; the scene is just not like Bangkok or Pattaya -- much more low-key, laid back, and smaller. If you're looking for places to stay there take a look at http://www.amazingsamui.com/ which has a pretty wide range -- anywhere from 200 baht to the moon, depending on what you're looking for and location on the island.

For what it's worth, I did like it there, and will probably spend a couple of days there again this trip, as I enjoyed the beaches, snorkeling, and general atmosphere. But definitely don't go there if the nightlife or mongering is the major thing you're looking for.

09-26-02, 02:43

i haven't been to danuk by bus before...but i'll try my best to give some tips...instead of danuk, u might want to consider to go to hatyai instead becoz a lot more of things happening there...if you notice outside puduraya, there's 7-11 shops..you'll see a lot of this ticketing booth to go to hatyai along the row...my best guess for the cost would be arnd rm35-40 per trip...remember to bring your passport along..

or if you still insist to go to danuk, maybe you can buy ticket to bukit kayu hitam or alor setar...from the bus terminal, take a cab to bring you to the duty free area...so from there you know what to do la...

or other alternatively, you can go there by tour package...i mean "bachelor" tour package to hatyai...you can visit their homepage http://www.hatyai-tour.com/ thanx to our bro raychow

good luck!!

09-26-02, 17:09
kl to hatyai by bus,
transnasional counter in puduraya provides this service. if i am not mistaken, the bus will make a stop at bukit kayu hitam , hatyai and pattani. it leaves kl at 10pm at night. personally, i have not taken this journey, but i have taken this company's buses to destinations all over malaysia. service wise is good and leaves on time, does not over speed on the road and tickets prices are fixed.( some other counters do change their tickets prices based on demand/holiday seasons etc. )
better to buy the tickets in advance as this company is pretty popular among the regular bus passengers.

bukit kayu hitam duty free complex,
alcohol and tobacco products have the highest % of tax by government compared to other products such as electrical goods. so when it is duty free, the prices are cheaper by the corresponding amount of % tax removed. a view of this complex is below:

10-03-02, 06:25
going to Thailand for 1st time. There's no section for Krabi. Is there any good places, meaning variety and quantity, in Krabi?

Also any good places to stay in Krabi?


10-07-02, 00:03
Can anyone tell me if there is any pussy action in Yasothon Isarn I occasionally have to stay there for two or three days and the only reasonable hotel there is the JP Emerald. I have seen nothing in that town although I have been there several times now.

10-07-02, 16:12
Any fresh info on Nong Khai and BungKan??

10-15-02, 23:51
Where exactly is Korat? I may be transferring there this coming summer. Thanks


10-16-02, 03:31

Read the posts from this section starting 07-19-02, Lots of info on Korat.

It also go by the name of Nakhon Ratchasima.

10-16-02, 05:27

Actually I went back 7 pages without really getting a good feeling of where it was. Thanks for the other name. I did a search on "Nakhon Ratchasima" and found a decent map that shows a great layout of where "Khorat" is, highways in and out of it, as well, as surrounding areas.

The URL is: http://www.travelerroad.com/thaimap/khoratmap.htm


10-17-02, 20:57

I agree. I surfed them yesterday...


10-26-02, 23:28
Originally posted by 6'Nail
...about Ko Samui ... [need] some information on hotels and ST & LT facilities...?

for accomodation etc. look up www.sawadee.com.
There's a small(?) bar scene in Chaweng and Lamai (and some bars elsewhere round the island) . Chaweng has a GoGo-Dancing nearby the Green Mango. If you visit Samui go to the Chaweng or Lamai food centers to get good food at reasonable prices.

11-03-02, 15:37
Massage in Hua Hin,

Can anyone give me a god advice
of a massage parlour in Hua Hin or maby
even a ***** house open daytime
(when my wife is shopping He He)

Uli the terrible

Marco Pole
11-06-02, 10:41
Hey Guys,

I'm in Koh Lanta right now to do some diving and I definitely don't get the feeling that I'll be doing any of the "Muff" kind. Anyone know anything I don't? It seems waaaaay mellow here. If someone has advice please let me know....Thanks...


11-11-02, 00:06
Does anyone about any interesting action in Loei, a small province near the Lao border ?

11-11-02, 13:01
Hello! I've been to Thailand 7 times this year, and I'm heading back again for 10 days starting this weekend. I think Pattaya is a stinking hellhole, and Bangkok is a sewer also. I wanna hit some other places I've never been before and now after reading adleZ posts I will definitely try Korat.
If you have any new advice or comments please let me know! I'm a picky bastard so I only wanna know where the real hot ones are to be found. I'm also a former sun devil, class of 93. Thanks!

Acer V
11-11-02, 14:35
Phet Barber is about the only massage place worth going! Ask any taxi driver

11-12-02, 07:18
Dana & Adlez,

Well now this is what i call a reunion. Moi? Engineering Class '93. So Dana, are you the one who drove the gold color Integra?

Ever been to the Alaskan Bush Company guys? hahaha

11-17-02, 22:58
To Isaan specialists :
Please tell me, is Udon Thani worth a stay by itself ? How is the sex scene ? Compared with Surin ? Or Khorat ? Any gogo bars there ? Is it easy to have a student GF ? Is is then worth continuing further north to Nongkhai if just for sex ?

11-18-02, 18:41
Thanks very much for the info. I went to Surin quite some time ago (1 or 2 years), so I don't remember very precisely, only that there was 3 or 4 gogo bars (rather more Thai than farang orientated), all distant one from the other. I don't have great souvenirs from there.
So shall I give up with Udon ? What about Khon Kaen ? I understand there are universities out there? Does it mean opportunities for student GF or student-P4P ? Any gogo bars there ?

11-18-02, 21:34
I am going to stay a few days in Kanchanaburi just before Christmas. Any action there? Bars, soapies, freelancers, karaoke? Have never been there, so any information will be appreciated. Will continue to Ayuthaya and Khorat. Have seen som posts about the latter, but what about Ayuthaya?

11-18-02, 22:41
Thanks Freeler,

a lot of useful information! I have already booked a hotel; Felix River Kwai. Do You know if it is far from the citycentre? As I have certain company at the hotel, I do not intend to bring a girl back.....

11-20-02, 01:11
Now you make me hesitaite between Khon Khaen and Kanchanaburi... Which of the two has the hotest scene ?

If you go to Surin, you MUST take an extra day to travel to Khao Prah Vihearn (spelling...?). My preferred Khmer site, after Angkhor of course. You can spend a night in Sisaket. I remember having had a very good full service session in a massage parlor (there are not many, it should not be difficult to find) nearby the train station.

11-21-02, 11:36
Hello everyone!

I will be going to Krabi, ao nang, railay, and koh lanta soon, Im looking for a good time, my question is does any one know if there is any brothels or sex seen in those places?
and how much shold u pay??

thank you on forehand Eric

11-22-02, 21:50

Forget about any of that in KohLanta, AoNang and Railai. These places are the home of the LP crowd and not for us.
If you are up to it, Krabi has one or two cheap hotels with an inhouse sexservice, no young girls, no stunners, but always willing. Find them and you'll be paying B200 a pop.

C'est tout!

Erik and Norhead,

Sorry for removing my answers yesterday, for a change I didn't mean to! I just wanted to add a little, change a little and put them together. But I guess I focus a little more than I should on the DELETE button, and it was gone...
This really is the only thing I wanted to add:
A better map of Kanchanaburi: http://kan.sawadee.com/kanmap.htm
This site (http://kan.sawadee.com) has lots of info on Kan, and as far as I could check: spot on!

11-23-02, 19:47
Originally posted by Freeler

Forget about any of that in KohLanta, AoNang and Railai. These places are the home of the LP crowd and not for us.
If you are up to it, Krabi has one or two cheap hotels with an inhouse sexservice, no young girls, no stunners, but always willing. Find them and you'll be paying B200 a pop.

C'est tout!

Erik and Norhead,

Sorry for removing my answers yesterday, for a change I didn't mean to! I just wanted to add a little, change a little and put them together. But I guess I focus a little more than I should on the DELETE button, and it was gone...
This really is the only thing I wanted to add:
A better map of Kanchanaburi: http://kan.sawadee.com/kanmap.htm
This site (http://kan.sawadee.com) has lots of info on Kan, and as far as I could check: spot on!
you wold not know the name of the hotells?

tnx Sugenman

11-23-02, 19:51
By the way does any one know if you kan bye viagra in thailand with out a peskription over the conter?

11-24-02, 19:56
you can buy Viagra at almost any pharmacy. I have found it at every place I looked.
Depending on your specific needs, I suggest to buy 50mg tablets that can be split in two (I have the pharmacist do this). Every person is different, but, I found that 25mg is enough to get the blood flowing.
As for price, I would expect to pay around Baht450 for each 50 mg tablet. (I forgot the exact cost).
good luck.

Joe Zop
12-01-02, 13:02
Chiang Rai report

I only spent one night in Chiang Rai so far, and my day was a disastrous saga of canceled flights, further delays owing to Prime Minister Thaksin's yen for airport ceremony, and utter miscommunication. As I said to the person I journeyed to meet after it became clear that we were not going to -- no sense us getting together really: why change an unmitigated disaster to a mitigated one just for the sake of appearances?

I arrived at mid-day and the person I was to meet wasn't to be found, so I decided to do a visa run to Mae Sai. I went to the Chiang Rai bus station and hopped the first one to Mae Sai, immediately making a massive mistake in where I chose to sit. Since the bus was fairly empty and ready to leave, I figured no problem, I'd just dive into the first open row. Unfortunately, the seats on this bus were far too close together for someone of my height, and I literally couldn't sit in a normal position, as my leg bone was too long to go from where I was sitting to the row in front of me. The bus also made dozens of stops along the way, picking up and depositing travelers, and before long it was packed, I had a seatmate, and I was completely packed in. (You'd think I'd know better, having been in similar positions in other countries, but I'm apparently an infinitely slow learner.) But, hey, it was 25baht.

We arrive a couple of hours later at Mae Sai, I check out of LOS and into Burma/Myanmar, and head across the bridge. Before I even made it off the bridge I was flooded with begging children who worked hard at getting their hands into my pockets (even had to tell them "no" more harshly than I've ever had to speak in LOS) and, from tuk-tuk drivers, offers of drugs and women. At this point (about 2pm) what I most wanted was lunch, so I passed by and found my way into a little literally hole-in-the-wall cafe where I had a marvelously filling meal for 60baht. I then felt a bit better and wandered back to the bazaar area and put up with being assaulted for a while. (Huge amounts of goods from the US at great prices, btw, not to mention most of the same things found in LOS.) I was tired at this point, and still hoping to hook up with my evening appointment, so I simply came back across and grabbed a songtaew back to the bus station to head back to Chiang Rai. This time I was smarter (probably because I was pretty much still in pain from the previous ride) got in early, and headed to the back where there were a few seats with good legroom. Had a nice talk on the way back with a farang retiree from Oakland who now lived in Chiang Mai and was considering a move to Chiang Rai as there was a woman there he was dating/sleeping with from one of the CR massage parlors. Never did find out which one, or get a chance to explore for one.

So back in CR I made another unsuccessful call and decided to find a place for the night. Freeler gave me a good guesthouse suggestion, but it was full, so I found a place called Boonbundan Guest House that was 200b a night for a fan-cooled room with what was promised to be hot water but was only tepid, at best. A bit run down, the plmbing needing work, but very clean and pretty spacious for the price. I'll happily stay there again.

The other advantage of this place is its location -- walking distance to the CR night market and most of the bars. I cleaned up, wandered around a bit, and had dinner and drinks at a nice little place called the Bamboo bar, run by a girl who's married to a Dutchman, her pretty 20-year old daughter, and her sister, recently come up from Korat. Talked for a bit, relaxed at last, and then headed up the road more, where I found a go-go bar whose name I forget (starts with A -- but you can't miss it with all the lights on the outside) on Phahonyothin, I believe, just a bit north of the Night Bazaar.

I popped inside and was immediately joined by a very pretty 21-year-old Burmese girl (Akha tribe) named Nuen who proceeded to make out with me for the next hour-and-a-half in return for two small glasses of coke running 50b each. She was from Mae Sai and had been in CR for two months, so she extolled the virtues I'd missed in the town. We talked price and barfine, which was stiff (bar fine 500b, short-time, meaning 4 hours 1500b) and non-negotiable in a hilarious way -- she simply pretended not to understand each time I tried to bargain or said the price was too high. I finally said no, I'm not paying that much, asked to settle the bill, and prepared to leave. She then agreed to meet me at my room after her shift ended so I'd avoid the bar fine, and stay until I told her to go in the morning for 1500b. Still too high, I think, but at this point I wanted something good to happen in the say, so I said yes. Turned out to be an absolute hell-cat and worth every baht and then some.

After I let her go the next day I hopped a bus back to CM, air-conditioned, a much easier and nicer three-hour trip for less that 150b, and since I was pretty worn out from the previous day and night I basically slept most of the way.

I really ended up giving all three places I visited short shrift, and want to head back. The good side was I got my visa renewed and had a memorable night, so that helps wash away all the rest of the annoyances, which were more circumstance that anything else.

12-01-02, 17:18
You had a memorable night? Please explain.


Joe Zop
12-01-02, 18:06
Umm, you want a graphic novel? My companion made it so, basically -- great bj, active and enthusiastic as heck in bed, one of those women where everything is calculated to get a physical reaction out of you. Did that nice little trick with dragging her nails -- not too much, just enough.

12-02-02, 12:57

It is the otherway round. from K-star to Korat Hotel.

Joe Zop
12-22-02, 18:50
Ok, I’m back at my laptop, so I can access some of the notes I took on my little portable keyboard and post them. As promised, Firedick, here are what I know about Krabi and Trang, which I’ll caution is not a heck of a lot, but since no one’s really posted much about either in a while perhaps you’ll find it useful. I’ll post some more later, as I get the time to clean up my jottings a small bit.


I spent a whole bunch of time wandering around Krabi once it got dark and I'd gotten some food at the night market across from my hotel, but I'll be blunt -- though it's close to Phuket it's also a million miles away. If you’re at all looking for the kind of scene you find in Patong, Pattaya or Bangkok, you’ll be sorely disappointed. That said, I'll be the first to admit that there may be tons of things going on that I didn't see, as I was only there for a night, but basically the only place I found any action was on Maharat Soi 2, which I think is also called Phattana Road. (A caution that I've jotted this down two days after leaving -- it's possible I'm off a street but the general area is right.)

There was a massage parlor attached to a karaoke where it seemed like extras were probably available, given the proximity, but none of the women particularly attracted me, so I didn't inquire, though I did get a massage. I should note that I found a general lack of stunners, for those of you in search specifically of them, in Phuket, Krabi and Trang. Didn't bother me all that much, as there were plenty of women who were far more than cute enough, but if you're heading out looking for diamonds you'd best prepare to do some searching. I didn't count all the karaoke places up and down this soi in Krabi, but there were several, and they were stiff and unyielding in their prices -- 1500b ST, 3000LT was pretty much the norm, and I did my best in a couple of places to bump things down without any luck, as they just let me walk even though they were basically empty. So I walked. Finally I came to the Opera karaoke, run by a katooey so the cabaret is him going to town in your basic gay cabaret style (which I thankfully missed) and I found a few decent looking women here and a comfortable atmosphere. There was a tall girl who just couldn't sit still, bouncing around to the music, talking to everyone, mouthing the words to songs and generally forcing me to pay attention to her, so I did. Turned out she was the mamasan, Neung, twenty-four years old and a ball of fire. I decided to take her short-time even though again I couldn't move down the price, figuring at least I didn't have to pay a bar fine or hassle with the hotel, plus I was getting tired of looking and was ready for some action at this point.

Short time meant adjourning to a room on the third floor which was your basic mattress on the floor, clearly well-used, but clean and with a decent air-conditioner. Neung was as energetic here as she was downstairs, both blew (covered at her insistence) and screwed like a champ. She was somewhat concerned when I didn't finish after a long while but was game and completely up to the task, and I went away happy. She was quite surprised when I bought her a drink after we headed back downstairs and stayed to talk to her for a bit, telling me no one had done that before. Odd.


There might be a lot going on in Trang, but I had neither the time nor energy to really find it to any great extent. I stayed at the Trang Hotel, which with a few coats of paint and a truly small bit of work would be a very nice place. As it is it's a bit frayed around the edges, but the rooms are large and clean, the air works very well, and the price is reasonable at under 500baht. I was feeling a bit knackered, as the trip here was very hard on me -- supposed to be a van from 11:00 to 12:30, simple enough, ended up being picked up early and then having to wait an hour-plus in the sun outside the travel agency, melting away, for another van where I ended up packed in tight, unable to move or straighten my legs, with what passed for air conditioning essentially non-existent. Got to Trang at 2:30 hurting and exhausted, then headed to the hotel to stretch out for a few minutes. Freeler, you may be fine packed into the cheapest transport available, but it's really hard for me, at 6'2" and with less and less flexibility as I get older, to manage a lot of these trips, so it becomes a pay now or pay later scenario. And in spite of Freeler's caution that the LP crowd has now discovered Trang, of the 16 people in the van there were only myself and one Thai woman getting off -- the rest were continuing to Hat Yai. Now, it might well be that people are heading in droves now to the resort areas, as they're still nowhere as built up as many places, but around town I saw a minimal number of farangs, certainly far far less than Krabi, which is night and day from Phuket, Samui, Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Those I did see were either the backpacking crowd or what looked to be fairly long-term players with a TG in tow and an agenda in mind which did not include conversation.

I apologize, FD, that I've not got more useful info on the whole diving scene -- the places to stay around those areas fell into the outrageous price range (upwards of 2800b) for my purposes. I will say that I spoke with two Thai bargirls in Phuket who named as their dream opening a place in the Trang Andamans, but that's really the extent of my involvement there. My trip to Trang is really a small and temporary swat at a place I knew precious little about -- an "Uncertain Heart" excursion as opposed to the darker sides Skinless and Freeler champion -- sorry guys, I've definitely got a willingness to strike out into places a little off the main track, but I lack your relentless drive into the seamy side -- I just keep meeting really sweet folks everywhere, regardless of whether they're spreading their legs or not, which is one of the reasons I like coming to LOS. Yup, I'm no doubt a softie at the core, but I still know how to protect myself in the clinch.

So, after checking in and cleaning up a bit I wandered around for a while. Didn't really feel like dealing with a moto, since my back was still a pretzel, so I decided to figure out how to get to Surat Thani, check out the markets, and have a late lunch. Interestingly, the travel folks I tried both declined to book a van for me, both explaining where the minivans could be found and what they cost but neither wanting to reserve something for me. When I walked to the van place I understood why -- they wouldn't make a reservation either, telling me just to show up the next morning. Ok.

I spent several hours walking around (my general preference on these things) poking into the day and evening markets and just getting a feel for what was around me before going back to my room and taking a nap while the day's heat subsided. I woke hungry at 7pm or so, and found things had undergone that particular Thai transformation from day to evening. I seriously considered just doing room service and sleeping until morning, but felt the weight of forum expectations :), so out I went for a small while. I ended up, after walking a bit, at the Trang Southern Bar for drinks, dinner and etc. I was directed by a twenty-year-old darling named Warn (which aptly means sweet) to a seat inside where I had a basically awful meal of chicken and noodles, partly because I didn't understand that agreeing to yellow noodles meant I'd get spaghetti (and I could do a whole riff on Thais and spaghetti, but I think it falls into the general category of "hey, it's a noodle, right?) and a particularly tasteless gravy, but I was actually far overdue for an unremarkable meal here, so this falls in the category of so it goes. Warn, on the other hand, was a clearly delectable dish and her menu was made clear by the usual questions regarding wives, children, Thai girlfriends, was I staying alone and why, an offer to make my bed less empty, etc. I truly wish I'd had either the energy or time to indulge, but since I was feeling crappy and knew there is always another day in LOS, I decided to decline and head back to my hotel.

Once there I decided to have a beer before crashing (it was only 10pm) and wandered into the bar attached to the hotel, where I discovered there was a karaoke in a style very different from those in Krabi, which are basically straight-up *****houses, and more like the more genteel versions found elsewhere, (which we've not spent much time discussing here, since they generally don't fit the equation) where you pay 100b to buy flowers for the singers, and gradually work on romancing them back to your room with the promise of immensely more (and perhaps a long-time relationship.) At any rate, I spent a bit of time drinking and watching the completely Thai crowd, buying a couple of flowers for the entertainment of having the girls be mostly terrified of talking to me -- the language problem, and having to deal at all with a farang, since there simply weren’t that many around, though once one struggled though it all the others lined up to take their turns, with huge peals of laughter over what we couldn't manage to understand -- and I got an offer from a waitress to go with me after I tipped her for taking those 100b roses to the singers. Ultimately, I decided more than anything I needed sleep, and wandered off and did so -- Skinless, I admire and am cowed by your stamina, but for me, sometimes I need to wait to boink another day. I've certainly gotten more than my fair share of tail so far this trip, and it's a nice luxury to turn down available offers to do things like sleep. Perhaps I'm becoming more like Z than I think!

I gave some serious thought to sticking around another day and looking around more, but I decided to head instead to Koh Samui, as I felt like doing nothing for a couple of days other than seeing if one girl I'd failed to boink last time was still around. I also felt like seeing if my memory of the place was faulty, or if I truly did prefer it to Patong. So I got up early, another minivan ride up to Surat Thani (3 hours) a one-hour ride to the pier, and about the same over on the ferry. I think I'm going to stay here for several days, work a bit and sleep a lot and ideally get rid of the little sore throat I've picked up.

Ko Samui

Wow – what a massive and disappointing change in less than two years. I stayed in the same place I did last time, the Samui Resotel, which is on the south end of Chaweng. It was pretty much the same, some improvements actually, with the exception that they now had a sign-in process for bringing women back to your room/bungalow and an addition of 200baht per night for the privilege. I still like the place, but that does take a bit of the bloom off the rose.

Let’s see, changes. There are now at least two traffic lights on Samui, which pretty well says it all, as well as Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. Most of the smaller Thai stands, including beer bars, along the main drag in Chaweng have been replaced by strip malls. Oh goody. Construction everywhere, and traffic a complete mess. When I was there, the 10th or so of December, plus a couple of days, it was raining like hell, which is normal this kind of year, the tourists were unbelievably cranky about it (doesn’t anyone ever look at climate maps?) It was also pretty empty as far as tourists in general, and places were going pretty cheaply.

The Reggae Bar, which has always been one of the main hotspots on Chaweng, had been closed down for a month as of two days before I arrived, as they had a girl working there who lacked both the proper identification and the age of eighteen. Truly rather idiotic at this point in things, isn’t it? Ah well. The area around the stadium was filled with tons more beer bars than used to be there, but the general quality of women was underwhelming – to the point where there was one bar where it was clear not a single one was under forty, and when that’s obvious looking at Thai women that tells you a lot. There was also simply a general dearth of women period compared to when I was there in May the last time.

I ended up stopping in at this little beer bar near the Resotel, the Rose Garden, where I’d had a good time and good relationship my last visit. There were only two holdovers I recognized, including the owner, which was a bit disappointing, as I’d hoped to hook up with this very nice albeit totally professional TG from my last visit. So be it. But my luck with this bar held, and I hooked up with Meam, a lovely little thing from just this side of the border with Laos, right next to the Mekong, twenty-three years old with a one-year-old baby back home with mom and dad. She’d spent four months with an Englishman at Koh Phranget, and was only at the Rose Garden for about ten days, according to her -- a week, according to her coworkers who I knew from my last trip. She was an affectionate little thing, though she had the frequently found Thai reluctance to blow, and after the first night she was quite concerned about her fatigue. The next night she was doubly concerned about mine, as she wore me out. I stayed with her the three days I was there, and it was time well spent, though I didn’t really get a lot of rest as she was a very avid and interested partner.

I did note that there were some nightlife changes on the main drag of things, though I didn’t indulge – a couple of karaokes and what was clearly a soapy massage place – it advertised “the most beautiful hostesses” and paino (sic.) music. The Green something or other, I believe – it’s in the middle of the beach strip, and anyone looking will have not trouble finding it.

Me, I did my pseudo rest time, mostly spent screwing with Meam and occasionally sleeping, then grabbed a flight to Bangkok for the gathering on the 13th at TLR.

More later, but as this is already my usual massive tome, I’ll stop for now.

12-22-02, 20:07

I know what you mean about Samui. The place has developped a lot over the last few years, at least Chaweng has.

The rest of the island is still quite laid back, and Samui remains my favorite sea,sex and sun destination.

My advice to would-be visitors is to book a room in one of the many beach resorts outside of Chaweng and Lamai. Bophut and Maenam are just fine. If one feels the need for some evening thrills, Chaweng is only 15 minutes away by car.

Obviously, if mercenary female company is required, then it is better to be closer to the center of things, unless one has a LT GFE (as I normally do).

12-23-02, 00:29
[QUOTE]Originally posted by joe_zop
Ko Samui

Wow – what a massive and disappointing change in less than two years. I stayed in the same place I did last time, the Samui Resotel, which is on the south end of Chaweng. It was pretty much the same, some improvements actually, with the exception that they now had a sign-in process for bringing women back to your room/bungalow and an addition of 200baht per night for the privilege. I still like the place, but that does take a bit of the bloom off the rose.
-> Them started proceeding like this three years before but if you check in your girlfriend them will not charge. But they raised price about 100% within 5 years. At the other hand the registration should rise your security. But it's still a quite place to stay. Also Try the Papillon Resort; opposite end of the beach.

Let’s see, changes. There are now at least two traffic lights on Samui, which pretty well says it all, as well as Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. Most of the smaller Thai stands, including beer bars, along the main drag in Chaweng have been replaced by strip malls. Oh goody. Construction everywhere, and traffic a complete mess. When I was there, the 10th or so of December, plus a couple of days, it was raining like hell, which is normal this kind of year, the tourists were unbelievably cranky about it (doesn’t anyone ever look at climate maps?)
-> Rainy season seems to be pretty late this year; Chaweng had a lack of water in October where usually the rainy season starts; and in November there where a few rainy days in the second half of the month.
It was also pretty empty as far as tourists in general, and places were going pretty cheaply.
->Have you been to Tesco Lotus? I Think many small shops will close within the next few month and Chaweng / Samui will lose much more of it's charme. The area round Laem Din Market is changing very much, too. Have you been to Lamai?

The Reggae Bar, (-> Reggae PUB or BAR?? ) which has always been one of the main hotspots on Chaweng, had been closed down for a month as of two days before I arrived, as they had a girl working there who lacked both the proper identification and the age of eighteen. Truly rather idiotic at this point in things, isn’t it? Ah well. The area around the stadium was filled with tons more beer bars than used to be there, but the general quality of women was underwhelming ... There was also simply a general dearth of women period compared to when I was there in May the last time.
(This I can confirm; been there in March and in November)

I ended up stopping in at this little beer bar near the Resotel, the Rose Garden, where I’d had a good time and good relationship my last visit. ...

I did note that there were some nightlife changes on the main drag of things, though I didn’t indulge – a couple of karaokes and what was clearly a soapy massage place – it advertised “the most beautiful hostesses” and paino (sic.) music. The Green something or other, I believe – it’s in the middle of the beach strip, and anyone looking will have not trouble finding it.
-> Green Mango & Full Circle

Joe Zop
12-23-02, 04:49
Frog --

Yeah, I still like the Resotel, as its area isn't terribly overbuilt and it's an easy hop to Lamai (which is nowhere as ridiculous as Chaweng, though it's been changing, too.) I don't really have a huge problem with the registration situation -- it's just something different than how it was before, and an indication no doubt of the way things are going. Had I brought a girl when I registered I'd have not complaints, and I'm still not exactly steaming over an additional 800baht for girl fees for my stay. Just works out to the difference between bar fines in other places, really. And even with their higher prices they're still pretty reasonable for what you get -- I paid 1200baht for a deluxe cabin with air with only one of the pricier beachfront bungalows in front of me and their great beach and water.

I agree with you about rainy season in general -- there was rain in Phuket the first part of December, and Chiang Mai had flooding in November. Hard to predict what's going to happen when you chop all the forests down. But I still find it amazing that so many tour booking folks (including those in Bangkok) don't know that it generally gets wet in Samui this time of year.

I went past the Tesco Lotus and blanched -- you're right that it's going to kill off tons of mom and pop stores. Utterly ridiculous to put such a thing on this island.

And, yup, the Reggae PUB not bar, and the Green Mango it is -- did you go inside the latter?

Seydlitz -- I still like Samui a great deal, don't get me wrong. I was just appalled at the level and kinds of changes that have been happening so quickly (and so badly -- because of the way things are designed there's always going to be terrible traffic on the main Chaweng Road, as it's too narrow.) It certainly doesn't bode well for the future of the place. I almost did Bophut this time, and will definitely go to one of the spots further out next time.

Joe Zop
12-25-02, 06:35
Ok, a bit more from a couple of different places:


This is a place where I've literally seen more Lonely Planet Guidebooks than everywhere else in Thailand combined. More discussions right out of the pages about how not to pay too much, good and bad places to stay, and on and on until the backpacks are filled. This is also the place where I've seen more obnoxious tourist behavior around monuments, with people climbing them, ignoring designated areas, sitting on and grabbing onto ancient Buddhas, and tossing trash.

I arrived in town by plane, as I’d overslept the trains I’d planned to take to Pitsanulok and didn’t feel like spending another day in Bangkok. I begged off the van driver’s shilling of a guesthouse and went to an internet café, and found a note from Freeler suggesting a hotel to check out – the Sawatdipong. I went there, but the only thing they had (or wanted to discuss) were air-conditioned rooms starting at 600baht and heading up. I didn’t really need air, as the weather was a lot cooler for me than what I'd just experienced in the south. I looked around at some of the other hotels nearby, none of which really caught my fancy, and then decided I’d let the tuk-tuk driver take me to the place he was shilling, the Garden View Guesthouse, which was the same place the airport van was pushing. I checked out the rooms upstairs, which were dark and dismal, and decided to walk, but then I was shown the bungalows, which were quite charming, made of wood surrounded by lush vegetation, fan-cooled, with little porches on the side. At only 250baht a night, if all the people shilling them are getting a cut, it’s surely not a large one. I stayed there for three nights and could very easily have done more. This was in the new city, which has more going on, from what I could tell, than the old.

I’ll skip the general sightseeing stuff, though this is a fabulous place for that, and just note that from the moment I hopped in the tuk-tuk people were pushing women at me. The driver offered to take me to some (declined) and then hung around the guesthouse in case I changed my mind. I rented a moto from a place a few doors away from the guesthouse – very nice, 350baht for two days, 450 if I’d have done three – and the woman there asked if I was lonely and wanted her to call someone to keep me company. This was a fairly general theme many places I went, with the offers coming strictly, I’ll add, from Thais, not farangs. I declined in all cases, as my experiences in having people provide women for me or take me places has generally not been satisfying, but suffice it to say that it’s a clearly available option.

Instead I used my moto to find several places of interest. There are a stretch of beer and karaoke bars in between the new and old cities, and there are women available in them. There’s another stretch of bars running south toward the city from the bus station, and there’s some action there as well. I stopped in at a number of these places (including a completely Thai karaoke bar, where the agenda clearly was drunkenly singing Thai songs, which was a rather entertaining experience anyway) and there were some decent-looking and very friendly women, but in the end I decided against taking anyone with me during my time in town. There are a number of massage places, but as far as I was able to discover they’re all traditional Thai massage – though some very good ones, I must say, as I had two in the old city area that were among the best of my trip so far.

Also, just down the block where I was staying is a place called the Chopper Bar, which also apparently has women available, but I wasn't able to confirm this as the few times I stopped in the house katooey decided to attach him/herself to me and wouldn't bug off despite my polite and direct statements of lack of interest.

Finally, as I was getting tired of being on the road at this point, I decided to go to Philok/Pitanulok, spend one night there. It’s generally not a completely horrible bus trip – cheap enough, at 32baht for the air-conditioned bus, but it’s also your basic state-run bus with some wear. I managed to find a spot in the back where my knees didn’t get too banged up, but still got jolted about to some degree.

Philok notes

Arriving at the bus station in Philok, I tried without success to get the guy at the information desk to tell me where to catch the #10 bus to the local station (5 baht) and finally ended up taking a songkaew for 40baht to the train station, where I bought my ticket for the next day. That made things easy, and ended up being a good thing, as the trains were fairly full.

I must say that in general Pitsanulok is a fairly dismal town, little of the beauty you find elsewhere in Thailand. Some nice wats, a couple of decent sights, but overall rather drab and dreary. Skinless, Freeler, you're simply far more adventurous men than I -- when I looked at the rooms in the Pansombat hotel, hooker central, as I believe Skinless aptly called it, the rooms were simply so filthy and torn up, and seemed so unsecure I couldn't make myself stay there. Instead, I went down a block to the London Hotel, which was a little bit better -- clean at least with door locks that clearly worked, fan-cooled -- about as good as you could expect for 100baht a night. Asian toilets, shared showers only a small attempt at decor, but at least there was some small indication of effort. As Freeler wrote to me, it's decidedly more the Lonely Planet crowd, who were there and annoying as hell as usual, (the two signing the register before me listed their occupations as "artiste" and "genius" respectively -- and don't these people ever shut up about the places they've "discovered" simply by reading their guidebook?) but I just did my best to avoid them. I was generally successful -- beyond horrifying the two dowdy women in the next room by boinking loudly half the night. I was only going to be there for a night, as I looked around a bit and then took the train the next day back to Chiang Mai. Again I take my hat off to Freeler and Skinless -- after two-plus weeks on the road I'm more than ready at this point to stay in one place for a while. The various buses and minivans had taken a toll on me physically, as my knees were all bruised from banging against seats and my back out of alignment from being twisted into various uncomfortable positions. (Not to mention that I had a healing scab on the top of my head from a bathroom doorway that was unexpectedly too short for me, and that I've banged into several canopies and the like by walking and looking at something else.) I'm only 6'2" and I find it hard to imagine managing to travel in Thailand being a few inches taller.

So anyway, within three minutes of my arrival there was a woman sitting in a towel on the bench across the hall from me, smiling and informing me as I opened the door "I go take shower." Ok, well, thanks. I told her, "same-same" which is precisely what I wanted to do anyway after jolting in a bus and then wandering around in the afternoon heat. So I got a towel and grabbed my soap, took my cold shower (can't expect hot water, soap or toilet paper for 100baht) and stretched out on my bed as best I was able until the cleaned and somewhat dressed Ba slipped into my room. She spoke precious little English (very much the norm here -- don't expect to see many signs or menus other than in Thai, and don't expect that anyone's going to understand much other beyond that) and my Thai is still pretty pitiful, but I managed to understand her telling me that she is 29, from Bangkok, had journeyed here to pray at one of the temples, had no money, and was willing to make me happy for some. She had a nice looking face and body, thin, firm everywhere (no kids) and was generally pleasing enough, so I told her, ok, but later, first I want to sleep a little bit. No, no, she said, no sleep, boom boom now. Her hands and mouth were convincing enough for me to agree and off we went to the races. She wanted 500baht, I said 200, we ended at 300. She was the snuggest fit I've had so far this trip, astonishingly tight even after she was very juiced up and simply loved being pounded very hard, protesting whenever I slowed down a bit.

Afterwards, I did exactly as I'd said and slept for a couple of hours -- the previous night I was very restless, only an hour or two of real rest. I then went walking a bit, did some sights, and grabbed some food as the sun got ready to head down. The vendors around the train station are fairly plentiful during the day, but close up in late afternoon. On my songkaew ride over from the bus station I saw a sign for a karaoke, and looked to find that without success, thought I didn't really try all that hard. There were a few little bars around, but nothing much. I headed back in the direction of my hotel, past the block with the Pensombat, hoping to spot Skinless' Chinese lady with the teeth who he alleges gives the best bj in LOS, but no luck. I was however repeatedly hit upon by several of the local workers, none of whom I felt was nearly as attractive as Ba, so I headed back in early evening to the London for another session with her, which lasted till midnight or so. She said she needed to get up early for her bus to Bangkok, so I sent her off, had a beer, and called it a night. In the morning I was heading into the shower as she was heading out, and she then hung around looking for another session and then for some money for breakfast. I said no to both, and she tried to get me to take her with me to Chiang Mai (yeah, right) which I told her sadly was impossible because she smoked cigarettes (we'd had a running conversation about that.) When I expressed surprise that she was still there, she said the man downstairs was heading to Bangkok that evening, and she was going with him. I mention this simply to note that it was pretty clear, all the various stories aside, that she had set up shop at the hotel for at least a while and if anyone heads up that way she's well worth a session.

Just one other note here, off-topic, so I apologize -- when I was walking along the river I came across close to a thousand people, which means roughly one percent of the city population, doing aerobics in front of a stage there. This is in response to the King's stated wish not long ago that Thais exercise more to improve their health and fitness. On the train to Chiang Mai at least three people were reading the King's recent book of stories about his favorite dog. I couldn't help but wonder exactly how it would be to have such a figure and force in my own country -- essentially a close to universally respected, listened to, and loved moral figure, someone whose wishes had a force of their own and who at least primarily used them for the good of the people. Just a very uniquely Thai thing, I guess.

12-26-02, 15:41
I know what you mean about Samui... I go there often and despite the newly developed Chewing and even Lamai the place still a great sun/beach spot. A great place to visit is Budda Beach, a short ride on motorbike from Chewing where there is very few people on the beach even during high season.....

In Chewing the hooker action is not good but you can find a few gems. The times I have been there I was lucky to find new goodlooking girls that lasted very little because the crowd that goes there is more interested on the sun/beach experience than hooking.... There is one go-go bar in Chewing and for the last 3 times I visited this year there was this one sweet and sexy girl I had a hard time getting rid-off her but was fun and very new at the biz...

Samui is for relaxing and getting away from it all (including Bangkok)....I like going there to chill out and not for the night action which is minimal.....


12-31-02, 05:53
Sorry for the big delay - wasn't in the mood for postings during christmas season...

I completely agree with you referring to the Chaweng Resotel. I like the GFE and if you check in your girl there's no extra fee (reservation was for double occupancy). #124 is almost like you described - only a few steps from the beach...

I entered the Green Mango one time in November but it seems like the best days are gone - was very loud (as always) but looked a little bit dirty. But very close to it there's the ful circle (run by the former Santa Fee-Owners) with live-musik. Another Place to get live-musik in Chaweng is on the Beach-Road direction Resotel about 100 m on the right Side after the crossing with the road from Laem Din market (I'm sorry but I dont remember the name).
Soi Green Mango changed very much too; thei opened (and closed again?) a second go-go-bar; other Bars and buildings come and go but their number is still raising). But more and more of the small kitchens on the road disapear. :-(

btw: it's not the wrong weather, it
s the wrong cloth. And as you said: who's booking a beach-holiday in rainy season ;-).

12-31-02, 12:34

about your off-topic comment about Thai royalty (and this is off-topic as well, of course, and apologies for that).

Every Thai person (and I mean EVERY) has the deepest respect for His Majesty the King, as you have seen. This is in fact a combination of the "normal" respect the Thais have for their royal family and the respect the reigning monarch has acquired over the years of his very long reign.

Sadly, this bigger-than-life figure is now getting old, and might not be with his people for many more years. It is expected that he will be followed to the throne by his eldest son, who might have to do with just the "normal" respect.

It is most adviseable for any Farang to show no disrespect to the Thai Royal Family. Bad things happen to those who do not behave.

Joe Zop
12-31-02, 15:52
Yeah, I know what you mean. There was absolutely no question of the genuine affection for the king during his 75th birthday celebration, and there's been a huge uproar over the fact that shirts with the dog on it sold out so quickly (300,000, I think in a day) and the delay there will be in printing more. And there's good reason for the affection, I think,and no reason for a farang to show disrespect -- from what I've read, the king is someone who has a clear and generally positive influence on things, and a lot of his ideas and actions are quite something, such as helping divert the hill tribes from drugs into tourism for financial stability. He's certainly more of a positive social figure than, say, Queen Elizabeth, the second-longest reigning monarch, who's totally a ceremonial figure (and no disrespect meant to her either.) My friend here has been speculating that people may actually clamor for the eldest daughter to rise to the thrown, as she's apparently far more popular than the son, but from what I understand about Thai society that seems more than highly unlikely.

And don't get me wrong -- I'll still go back to Samui, as there's plenty to like. It's just disappointing to see the character of the place change so much and so quickly and know it's heading further in that direction.

01-15-03, 03:47

On Pilok: You want to take the #1 (edit: or is it #2, I'm not sure now, but ask for ROTFAI=train or BOKOSO=bus<station>-F) GREY bus to the station for just B5 or B7(aircon)... The ordinary bus from Phitsanulok to Sukhotai is B23, the songthaew to town B4, to the old city B10.
The Sawadipong starts at B150 for fan-rooms, but it is a popular place with Thai businessmen and the cheaper rooms are often full around 3PM. The second choice would be Sukhotai Hotel, a bit down the scale from the Sawadipong, but NO LP-crowd.

At first, Joe, I didn't like the cheap fan rooms either. But now I do. They are so much more Thailand!

PS - Do you read your Yahoo-mail at all?


When in Phitsanulok I saw this fat guy, about 30yo, carrying his LP asking NUMEROUS tuk-tuk drivers to bring him to Sukhotai Old City the next day. Don't these people understand that Thailand is a country and as such has trains and buses, just like their own country? Don't these people buy maps? I just cannot understand the stupidity that drives these LP-people.
There are absolutely fantastic bi-lingular maps for sale for just B90, with all the info the LP doesn't provide.

There is only one use for the LP: burn it on a cold night!

02-08-03, 09:58
a selection from a load of emails sent during my six week tour of duty in the holyland, from christmasday to early february.

day 01-03, korat

girls all over the place.
first one up: n, a 30 yo, shaved, nice set of
tits and plenty of skills to make me happy.
number2 was e. petite.
lots of tattoos and a big nasty motocycle accident
scar on her hip. i guess she took the tattoos after the
accident for 'good luck'. has a big smile and dito tits and
one state of the art pussy. she gave some real good service
and she was as pleased with the b300 as i was with her.
number three was a fat chick from korat, a mistake! as soon as we
entered the room she started talking and she didn't stop
until we left. money, money, money, money, money, money,
money.. up front. well, i don't think so! refused to bj,
started to smoke a gawwdamd cigarette and spread her legs. one
big fat pussy opening up! ok, i have to say she wasn't a bad
fuck, but can't she stop blabbing?! i shot my load, got
dressed, paid and walked.

day 04, korat,

yesterday was super-zoo-day in korat. there were twenty or
so women available at any given time throughout the day! bkk women,
visiting korat with hubby and kids, trying to make some
home-going money offered just about everything a man could
want. lovely chinese talking chicks from chiangmai and the
usual locals. prices were a swell b150-200. so i
picked me one of these chinese girls, 5ft, funloving for sure
and happy to deliver. shaven seems to be the norm these days,
not a hair in sight, and i gladly accepted what she offered.
paid her b200.

day 05, surin,

somehow i ran into the only hooker on surin station today,
named seyang, who insisted on b500, but ofcourse she settled
for b200. we went to her room, about 200m from the station.
when we got there she told her neighbours how she caught this
big farang who was going to pay her b300. i made sure
everybody understood that only b200 were going to change
hands! i don't want no trouble, dammit! her room: matrass on
the foor, laundry everywhere, clean hongnaam (bathroom), and
us, ready to go. after the shower she proceded to lie down and
spread her legs. saying: bj no have, doggie no have. fuck that
b****! which i did, while she was counting the pieces of
laundry... it was like plain-vanilla but someone left out the
stinking vanilla! after about five minutes she checked her
watch, and so did i, what a boring encounter. another ten
minutes of exercise and i pulled out, tore of the rubber and
came all over her belly. guess what, she didn't like that
i took my time in the shower, put on my clothes, paid the b200
( always pay what you agreed on!) and left.

day 07, si saket,

but then this little lady asked: where you go? i
said: go for a walk, she: go with you,
i, after one whole second of thinking: ok!
we swiftly agreed on b150 for full service and went upstairs.
named kaew, means glass - but in her case i prefer the other
meaning: gem, a 28yo local girl, 5ft or so, no kids and not
married for a change. well, well!
little kaew turned out to be a piece of dynamite, constantly
smiling and hot as hell. she undressed in seconds and then
took care of carefully removing my clothes. she started
jacking of my dick with those little hands of hers..
i like to jack you off, she said, still smiling.
she pulled me to the shower where a soapy rubbing followed.
then she somehow produced a rubber, put it on and started
sucking without asking for permission. not that i did mind at
all... she kept going until she indicated that her jaw hurt,
so i said: never mind, let's fuck!
what followed was the wildest fuck i've had in years. too
i was so impressed that i tipped her b50.
after we showered and put our clothes on she sat on my lap
giving kisses and talking smalltalk for almost an hour before
she said she had to go.
kaew left one smiling freeler behind.

my newyear2003 started with a big bang in the presence of the lady from up, the one with the big twat.
she showed up knocking at my door around 11pm and, i will keep
this very short, left when i was absolutely legless and she
had squirted all over the floor during her last and final
orgasm, which was #..... i don't know...
by then it was 1.30 am in the newyear, i did the cleaning up,
and went to sleep.

day 11, korat.

later that afternoon, to my great surprise, i met d who
was wearing the shirt and belt i gave her. lovely! at first i
didn't recognize her because she was dressed like a
streetsweeper, with a hat, a jacket on. but fortunately she
saw me...
i promissed her i would pick her up around 8pm.
so after dinner i had a look and there she was. all ready to
go. like a real pro she dodged the reception at the hotel. or
really, they know when to look the other way. we went upstairs
to the fifth for another great three holer with this very
accomodating lady. hell, she still isn't pretty, and her
titties might as well remain covered up, but she is a go-er if
like i said, d takes it up all three holes, doesn't complain
if you execute a facial and says 'thank you' if you pay her
a 5ft4 dream cum true!

day 13, korat

(my second encounter with kai)
kai had just turned down a thai, calling him cheap
charlie because he offered only b100. then she asked me to go
with her for b100...
so we walked the walk to her room and she was just as horny as
yesterday, showing her tits even before she closed the door.
she needed it more than i did!
she undressed in record time and got on the bed, on all fours,
ass way up in the air, looking around to see what kept me. i
was putting on the rubber, getting out the ky. it's all a bit
unromantic but it has to be done.
as soon as i entered the wet party zone she started slapping
her ass. giddy-up-go!
she went right over the hill a number of times before i
planted the seed. and then she indicated she wanted to suck my
dick. why the hell not! so a new rubber, supplies are now
running low, wiping off the lube with a towel i found laying
around, and right down her throat. jesusfc! yesterday she
wanted almost none of it and new she wants it whole... must be
a reason. find the reason and we are in heaven forever!
i guess her knees started to hurt or something, but after a
while she spit the rubbered snake out and went back to the
bed. on her back this time, head hanging down, upside down.
mouth wide open, ready for a fuck-my-face-slaphappy-style.
without the slapping and the puking, thank you!
and i didn't feel no teeth either.
anyway, this is a sure way to ge me off in a hurry. so i
pulled out, pulled of the rubber and gave her a warm welcome
all over her face.
then this woman wanted b150 instead of the b100 we agreed on.
and, weak, weak me, i paid her b150.

day 14-16, nongkhai

i was horny as hell so around 3pm i made it to an
old stand-by kfc ('chickenfarm' or thai style brothel).
i walked in, but no-one insight, so i
knocked on a few doors and nid stepped out of a room, clad in
only a towel. 'b200' she said, without any further ado. i like
that: acurate and staight to the point. and she looked good
too. slim, tall for a tg and pretty enough to look good under
we proceded to her room, i paid her the b200 of which she got
to keep b100, the rest for mamasan, no doubt...
but guys, she fucked as if i had paid her a thousand, did a
lovely little bj, rode on top like the genuine cowgirl and
took it doggystyle with pleasure. everybody sanuk, i assure
you. the lovely little darling loves doing her job! in fact
she jacked me off to the finish and had a lovely giggle when
the white stuff landed between het titties.
worth the baht!

i saw that a karaoke that was a true karaoke last may now is a
true *****house. i was asked in with the promissing line:
'pam-pam inside!'
i ordered a coke, b10 for half a liter, and i got the
coke+m, who started to feel me up immediately, pattaya
style... four girls were trying to get my
attention, but i had basicly settled to go with mai, if
anyone. the asking price was b300, but after the usual 10
seconds the price was down to the familiar b200.
i only had a b500 note on me, but i agreed and paid. i got the
change instantly without any funny remarks or tricks tried. a
good sign. we went to her room, which was a bit pi style: very
basic and none to clean, but there was a bed and wasn't going
to be on the floor anyway.
m turned out a sl*t in the true sense of the word. trying
everything, bj again a bit on the weak side, but hj and the
wild thing no complaints what so ever! again well worth the
baht. this could be a place to come back to for a 3sum...
maybe tonight!

later i went back to the former karaoke
to pay m another visit, and perhaps let one of her friends
join in aswell. unfortunately none of the ladies present did
it for me, so it was just m+me.
m gave me a lovely hj, her bj had inproved overnight: more
enthousiasm and deeper too! she wanted me to take some photos
and again was well worth the b200+b40 tip.
this time the coke was b15 and i didn't get any change from a

day 16, nongkhai,

well, i just returned from bonking the mamasan at the former
karaoke. mamasan, n-36yo, did have the
bj skills i was looking for, tho she did have the nasty habbit
to spit the condoms rubber flavour on the floor every now and
then. keep your shoes on! so she sucks cock ok. on top of that
she is nice, has a juicy wet pussy, refused(!) ky... and
she tried to get hers too. i like that!

day 17-18, pitsanulok.

when i checked in to the hotel the
woman at reception rang a bell. the porter perhaps? no way
guys. it's the wake-up call for the ho's, telling them to be
on the first floor and all over the new arrival. when i walked
up the stairs i saw three of them plus the old cleaning lady,
who is ever so keen on telling you exactly what this hotel is
all about: 'pam-pam' pointing at the three women. the one who
immediately caught my eye was pretty! i didn't have a good
look at the others... the pretty one showed me to my room,
brought in a towel and cleaned the room.
it looked a bit like a wife experience here instead of a gfe,
the old lady came in and i could see the surprise on her face.
'why aren't you fucking this lovely lady yet?' well, i was
going to, but since this is a business agreement i first
wanted to settle the terms. i asked for her name. s,
42yo. and goodlooking! b300. hohohoho, that's not what i want
to hear! i offered b200 and she accepted after i promissed a
tip if i could take some pix and i wanted a whole hour with
her. she asked me to keep quiet about the tip. mamasan takes
half of the agreed sum. so, if you're here: settle for b200
and tip!
s is a cocksucker, when she was going down on the rubbered
dna-spreader, she repeatedly said: i like to eat
dick! and that was no lie. at first she didn't take it whole,
but after some encouraging words - always be nice! - she went
down all the way and swallowed, too much! yippee, a
real pro. her hands were soft and strong, giving good service
massaging my tired muscles and my dick. too good! then she
decided we ought to start fucking by now. and she rode me.
first slowly, then wild. then she
wanted me to do the work. why not. she put a
pillow under her ass, pushed her hips up and said:
go, go. we fucked till well after lunchtime, so to speak, and
she took it well, i might add. s gets a freeler
recommendation! when i was ready to release the little guys,
she pointed at her lovely titties, here. why not? you
should have seen her rub the goo in...
she gave me a nice little massage to fill the remainder of the
hour, we took a shower. i took a few more pix, and she left

around 8pm the call of nature became to great
to ignore, i walked out, pointed at the first one i saw
(because she looked ok) and took her to my room. name
p, 37yo, nice big'n'soft tits, lots of pussy hair, bad
stretchmarks, b200, pop'n'go. and that's what happened. fucked
her, popped and let her go.

well, today saterday was the day of the encounter with the
'lady with the teeth'. she turned out to be a 44yo, perhaps
5ft, and no way you could call her pretty. but always smiling
that smile, showing the teeth we all heard so much about.
after some ado we agreed on b300 for an hour. at 2.30pm she
knocked on my door. i let her in and immediately she started
to treat me right. kisses, little massage moves, more kisses,
feeling me up a bit and always that smile. and those teeth.
there is no way i can ever describe what she did, but she was
great. and not just the bj, but her fuck action was worth a
repeat aswell.
she is the living proof that looks and age don't mean a thing
in this business.

day 19, pitsanulok,

the one i picked up lastnight for fuck'n'go had a swell pussy! j asked for only b50 and i, stupid me!, thought she was joking, so i offered b100. she almost jumped for joy...
what is this world coming to?
anyway, tho she was a bit of a starfish, she started to make
some noise well into the fuck and she actually got pretty
damned wet too. she could be a gusher, i always love to see
them cum all over the place, lah! maybe give her the three
finger treatment tonight and see. but for b50, and not a
satang more!

day 20-21, pilok

after checking the street several times for a b100 lay, i
dicided to give it one more try at 9pm, i walked out and she
-wham- caught my eye. i asked how much and she said b200. and
i said ok. why? because she had the most humongous tits i have ever seen in real life (on a girl her hight)!
her name was k and just 20yo.
and tits!
now, i must say she was a bit of a starfish, but one with
tits(!). i actually slapped myself around the ears with them
when i was humping her...

day 22-24, chumphon, nakhonsithammarat

in chumphon, within 5 minutes of arriving a
ho outfit was following me to my room. she wanted b500 st, but
settled for b200 immediately. it may seem i'm after them, but
this one, o-38yo, was equiped with above average sized
hooters too...
a bit of a funny lay, when i doggied her and i felt she was
going to cum, trembling pussy and such, she pulled away. some
women are in the wrong business. never mind that, i got my
load away just fine, thanks.

nakhonsithammarat - warning: this town is not for the weakhearted...

my room on the 5th has a perfect view of the fuckcentral accross the
street. there can't be a better planet to live on than planet
about 6 ho's are waiting for clientele. i will let them wait a
little longer, but after dinner will do the rounds down there
and take a pick.the rws is dead again, just like last may. a
police clean-up maybe...? i'll see tonite.
i crossed the tracks to see what's beyond the trees and
typical thai railway housing on the other side. it has to be
the worst part of town. for every adult at least five kids are
running around. it is a zoo out here. kids are telling me
which of the three women at an open air thai bar is ready to
go for b200. the other women don't go, unless i pay more baht.
makes sense..
the rws is quiet because the last train departs at 3pm, but in
the early evening activity picks up and it becomes the zoo it
used to be. two men were telling me with loud voices who are
fuckable and who are not. when i expressed my lack of interest
in the merchandise i was told to go to a certain chinesehotel.
so i did.
as you would guess this hotel is not a hotel at all. it is a
*****house. it is (probably) fuckcentralheadquarters in nakhon.
i decided to go with j, from phuket, chinese-28yo, for b300.
a bit steep, but anything for science... she had good
bj-technique, a lovely tight, just wet enough pussy and she
gave me a decent bang for my baht, but attitude less than
acceptable. even that b**** in surin was nicer to me than this
chinese ho. i won't go with her again. but i might visit this 'hotel'
again and choose someone else. there are plenty ho's
to choose from...
perhaps i will pick me up a stray from the rws tonight, maybe
not... find out later on!
it's the morning after, day 24, it's raining for the first time this tour and i did not pick up one of the ho's on the platform.
let me explain why:
the one who looked the best had some loose teeth or something,
when she spoke there were all sorts of disturbing sounds
coming from her mouth, resembling rattling, loose teeth. no
another one had teeth that made a crocodile a good choise for
a bj... rotten, nasty stumps.
number 3 had so much make-up on, something bad had to be
the next one up seemed ok but then started to shout without
any reason at all, and made stabbing moves at innocent passers
it is a zoo out there!

then i saw one of the guys who told me about the chinesehotel, now saying the place is a pool of hiv. i better use rubber. this
means that i should use rubber, not he. you see, thai men
don't fuck outside too much, but that's what they say, so they have no need for that protection. i've heard that total nonsence a number of times now and it is worrying.

i couldn't resist going for an afternoon-st in the fc accross
the road from the hotel. i decided to go with 23yo k and on
the way upstairs we settled for b250 for a nice fullservice
treatment. it was not to be... k had her periods, and that is
my personal biggest turn-off. i paid her b150
only because she gave me a hell of a bj and after i entered
the holy ground and discouvered it was her time of the month.
she jacked me off and took it all in her face. she asked me to
say nothing to mamasan, but i did because i always complain
when this happens to me. and like always, mamasan didn't give
a damn.
imagine those thais plunging it in there unprotected....

day 24-26, nakhonsithammarrat, krabi

my last night in nakhon was one to remember. at the rws i met
w, a 40yo cook from phuket, holidaying in nakhon and
staying at a friend's house. she repeatedly said she was not
one of 'those girls' but would like to sleep in my room, in my
bed, and perform certain duties free of charge. well, well,
another nakhon first: a freebie! but before we went to the
hotel she insisted i see her friends. so we crossed the tracks
and headed for the ghetto. i saw it before, but not like this.
the word zoo does not describe the actual goings on there...
we first visited some 'other friend', walked through an alley
and arrived at this one room shed, matras on the floor and
ofcourse a vcd player and tv. the friend wasn't in, but the
oldest son was watching a ripped private movie, the one where
anita blonde (or dark, i always mix them up) gets done
thouroughly in ancient egypt. the boy is totally undisturbed
and rubs his crotch while watching and says he doesn't know
where momma is.
the next stop features two (censored by freeler) while
the (censored by freeler) copy
the act... the adults are playing cards and bets and baht fly
accross the table.
house #3 is the one where the friend lives. no wonder the lady
wants to sleep in a hotel. at least three kids plus mom and
dad share the one matras on the floor. w would be number
6 on the floor. whilst we are there the private boy comes in.
he's done with the movie and returns it to its owners. then
w giggles and points at the window, a hole with bars
really. a fat girl in a very tight t-shirt stuck her tits
though the bars and squeezes them. have you ever! it turns out
she is a karaoke 'singer' on her way to work. do i want to
come too? well, yes i do, but i won't. this is a thai thing,
and i could very easily get into trouble at one of those
slump karaokes.
anyway, it was close to 10pm when everybody in the ghetto knew
i was going to fuck the visitor from phuket and it was time to
live up to the expectation. we went to my room, where at first
w proved a little shy. but once i had her in the
bathroom, any such shyness disappeared immediately. after a
good soap down it was down on the wet floor, where after
inserting the rubbered one it was all go. she was horny and
she needed it! she was wet like hell and when my dick
accidently slipped out she replaced it with three fingers. you
should have heard the noise... after some time we changed
location and went to the bed. big enough for a good bang, but
not really squeekfree. people outside in the streets probably
looked up to see where the noise came from... during a short
break w gave a nice little massage and didn't forget the
rubbered one. good hands! i like good hands!
it was close to midnight when the battle ended with some shots
right on target.
we showered and w went out to eat. i offered to pay the
'normal' fee of b200, but she refused to take the money. when
i said i would pay for her meal she said ok and she took b30
and wai'ed.i didn't see her until the next morning at the rws.
i asked why she didn't come back to my room. she said she went
to tell her friends what happened. it must have taken all
night to tell the tale...


in krabi i went straight to the hotel.
i took a room on the top floor.
the topfloor is where the ho's live. so that's convenient!
i brought some laundry to the ho in room #1, she was
sitting on the floor, playing patience, and flashed her tits
and showed three fingers indicating b300 for a lay. i turned
it down, i'm not going to pay more than b200 and i wanted to
see who else was in. good move, as i found out l, 40yo - but
she looks a lot younger - from chiangrai, was still available.
she is nice and good at what she does.
so, day 25 ended with a pleasant b200 bonk, a lovely hj and a
cute little masturbationshow from this lovely lady.

day 30-32 pilok,

in the early thursday afternoon i ran into n, from pilok,
who gave me the whole story without being a bore: she has to
buy milk for her baby because she doesn't have any herself. i
saw the implications: i would be a kind of unicef if i fucked
and paid her!
anyway, n followed me to the hotel and proved to be a kisser!
have i turned from bt to kissing??? and a hell of a lay too.
and quite pretty aswell. that's a lot of 'good' for b200!
man, did she kiss!
next up, just after dinner, was k, the monsterbtone. a major
disappointment this time. she was having her periods. she
said: never mind, use condom. well, i
didn't think so and booted her right out the door. b20 for the
2 or 3 pix i took. she didn't complain, just didn't
understand, and was back in the street selling herself within minutes...

later i went with 'the lady with the teeth', again...:
we settled at a pretty low b200 and went at it in my
spacious corner room. i really love to see her gulp the
rubbered one down. it's an awesome sight! i didn't elaborate
too much on her performance last time around, so here goes it!
she opens her mouth kind of like a shark would: eyes close,
lips go back, teeth appear(!). and then she takes a bite...
brr!!! and she repeats 'til there is nothing to bite left,
slowly retreats and starts over again. meanwhile the little
darling does not forget to kiss and lick the tool, scratch u'r
balls with her sharp little nails... and, man, when those eyes
close. ready to take another bite...
anyway, she had to wash her hair when we were done. but that
was her own fault. never bow your head when cum cums flying
your way, ladies. or it will be in your hair.

later, on the street: no new faces, a couple i don't feel like
bonking right now...ahh, there's j, last weeks b50 girl. i
walked up to her and the first thing she said was: 'ladies
tell me ask for b200'. j is getting streetwise! much to her
visible surprise i agreed on the b200 and off to my room we
went. j has become one of my favorites by now. always
willing to take the meat hard and i love her glasses too
this time was no different. she took it like a woman, i could
ofcourse be wrong but it felt like she was at least a little
sanuk herself, and she got me off bigtime!

saturday's bonking adventures: more of the same i have to
admit. i had another b200 round with s. she had one of
those moods women have, bursting out
in tears for no apparent reason. fortunately this happened
after the sex part of the encounter, during the afterburst
in the evening i had another go at p. this was just another b100 cum'n'go...

day 33-34, pilok

day 33 was the day i showed 2 ladies the door without the
actual penetration... lady #1 started sending sms'es as soon
as she entered my room: bye bye! lady #2 promissed a bj i
would never forget. in reality i could forget ever getting
that bj: bye bye! i was however bright enough to take some
mugshots of this ho, so i can make a kind of 'wanted
poster'... 'warning: scam ho. all promisses, no delivery'.
but #3 was a cute little chinese jackpot. nice, cute, gooood
hands and dito oyster. and just 20yo, name o. too bad that
when she smiles it shows that half her teeth are missing.
another victim of thai traffic. but don't let this minor
handicap scare you away. she would have been the
lay-of-the-day any day this tour i would say. just b200.
gentlemen: support this kid!

an average update: to date my pay-per-lay is b225 and 25
satang. this does not include the ones i kicked out without a
bang, but ofcourse does include the freebie and roomrent where

day 35-36 pattaya

i saw one very attractive girl and we agreed a price and
went to my room. but on the way there she kept a few paces
behind me and i wondered why. then i noticed her heavy
breathing and when she looked around for a moment, i saw why.
pregnant and not very long to go. so that contract was torn
up. which she didn't understand. 'other farang fuck me'. well,
let them, i won't.

just after she went back to her spot on beachroad mee-au (like
the cat does) caught my eye. b500 all night. why not? so we
went to my hotel, but before we arrived i found out she was a
kisser, had strong hands and wore no bra and no panties...
in the room we went about it without any ado. a hot shower
together, lots of soap and sliding. good fun! after mutual
drying on to the bed where she proved nothing short of a
little champ. fucking like crazy. asking for more and harder.
changing positions herself. pumping on top. and when i came it
was all stars and banners.
we stayed in bed for a while and then back to the shower for
another soapy wash. and then she began to complain: too hard
fucking, have to see doctor tomorrow. have no money, you pay
doctor. she started rubbing her belly: hurt so much inside,
have x-ray before. baby came, now no good. next she didn't
want to stay longtime because there are ghosts in the
bathroom. now i've been with tg's who were terrified of ghosts
but this was a bit too obvious. she simply wanted out with
full pay... no way!
i've heard all this bs a zillion times before and i am having
none of it. i told her: stay b500, go b300. no surprise she
wanted go b500 but that wasn't amongst the offers. but she
chose the go b300 and left. i followed her downstairs and
made sure the reception understood that the room was mine and
mine alone. they put a note in the keybox. i like the visa for
its girlfriendlyness, but sometimes they can be too
i went to sleep and didn't wake up until the next morning from
a knock on the door. mee-au. who else. clearly hadn't slept
all night, and it seemed as if she had forgotton to take her
lithium, prozac or whatever. totally nuts. i'm not a shrink so
i sent her away. and she left. when i went out for breakfast
at 8.30 she walked in again, so far gone that she didn't even
see me tho i almost bumped into her at reception.. well, the
new receptionist knew her: 'crazy', and escorted her out. glad
to say i didn't see her again.

when i walked along beachroad, i saw a stunning lady, long hair, nice boobs and a huge ass, all wrapped in a lightblue indian sari. a feast for the eye.
too bad mr. just-a-bit-quicker-than-me had taken her already. good for him!

i went on and talked to a girl from nakhonsawan, but had
doubts. not the price. b300st is totally ok in pattaya. i just
had doubts...
perhaps i sensed i would meet o just 50m further down. from
bkk, 37yo, turned out to be the same quality as mee-au, but
without the crazy shit! another beachroad jackpot for b300st.
and the st lasted a full 2hours15mins. and she almost forgot
to take the money...

internet, prices so far:
korat: b15-20/hr
ayutthaya: b20-30/hr
krabi: b1/min, but b40/hr
pattaya: b1/min, no discount for lt, one ic asked b2/min....

day 38-40, korat,

so far this new lunar year has treated me very well. last
night i had the second freebie of the tour. a 40yo from
lopburi couldn't stand being alone any longer and headed for
the park for some 'friendship'.
as usual, women on the search are the ones to catch, as she
too needed it baaaad! we went to her room in a
chinese hotel. she shared the room with her
daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. first we had to get
them out and then play commenced. she got rid of her clothes
in no time, leaving me well behind. i tried to make good use
of this time and gave her the ky. she put some on two fingers
and rubbed it in...
why do women do that, don't they know it turns me on to much?
we skipped most of the foreplay, no need for it, but got
straight to the penetration and pumping part. i felt her pussy
tightening after just a few thrusts. her contorted face told
the rest. if she wasn't cumming all the time, she was the best
actor i ever met. it must have done her some good, because
after the act she didn't let me go. she massaged me, kissed me
all the time, and she refused the money i offered her for
'roomrent'. holidaying in thailand may be very cheap for us,
but not for many thais, she should have taken the cash.

later this morning i met n. had her a few times before, to my
total satisfaction, and agreed to see her tonight.

saturday morning...

n played hard to get last night... so i went straight to w,
the freebie woman, and had a ball, paid her b200. she now
accepted the money. later, ofcourse, n was angry, but
promissed to be there for me tonight. we'll see.
i didn't exactly save myself for n today. she was brought to
'work' by a thai on a huge bike and avoided me all the time
that he was around. i'm not counting on her tonight. so i went
to a st hotel with o and i more or less fucked the shit out
of her. i don't really think she liked it, but i did, lah!
i paid her b150 for the assault and b50 for some pix.

back on the street a girl with a difficult name, let's call her
chch, insisted on a fuck and right now! that fact alone
set the price at b100. she showed her tits in the elevator,
just long enough for me to get the camera out and snap a few
shots. in the room, all i did was some pic-taking and some
semi-penetrating. she was too small down there and refused to
use ky. i don't know what she was scared of, but ky wasn't an
option for her. so she left with the b100 as a modelingfee...

i've got just three more days to go and i will go all out from
now on. if i like it, i'll fuck it.

i liked k2, from lopburi, and she wanted to go, so we went.
i took some titty pix in the elevator, just like i did with
chch... in the room she got undressed and ready to go in
half a minute. she gave me my b200 worth for over an hour, i
was happy and i think i can say she was too.

day 40-41, korat

i haven't seen n since motorboy dropped her off, so she is out
of sight, out of mind. who cares?
i see o and she takes my offer of b150 for some pumping in
that st hotel.
she is just cum'n'go material but i like her. she is fun to be
with. but no extra's, no hj, bj or cim. just bang-bang-bang. just
like last saturday. but this time she really fucked back, so i
guess she liked it, or maybe she wanted to get me off quicker!
she got me off, no question about that.

after i had soup at the nightmarket i sat accross the road
from the chinesehotel. this hotel must be the fchq in korat. i
know that at least seven sw's reside at the chinesehotel.
after i had an ice-cream and a bottle of m-sport w appears. our
eyes meet and she turns around and goes back to her room.
today she is wan the pro. she wants b200, fuck
only. no, no massage... no, no bj... still, i agree...
the action is the same as before, basicly, just better,
including vagina dentata.... suddenly she makes a surprise
move. she pulls back, leaving my dick pointing at a lot of
empty space for a moment but then she wraps her lips around
it. she gives me a ten second 'bj-preview', stops and says for
b100 more she finish me off with her mouth and tongue. i know
she has me in her web... but i'm weak and say: 'ok'. and she
bj's and she dt's and she massages my balls and i'm soooo
happy. and when i'm about to cum the darling pulls of the
rubber and takes it all on her face and in her mouth (but
didn't swallow). jesus, i'm spent and after some recovering we
head for the bathroom, outside. we wash off the goo and the
sweat and the ky and back in the room i want a massage to
relax my muscles. at first she refuses, but don't get dressed
and just wait until she's done with her make-up and then i get
a two-minute-speed-massage. she pushes her thumbs in my neck and spine, then grabs my chin and goes: 'one, two...'
kkkrrrkkk to the left and then 'one, two...' kkkrrrkkk to
the right. she could have broken my neck... but this felt
soooo good!
bottomline: this lady has s-k-i-l-l-s.
my 'problem' is that i found out about these
skills in the wrong order.
first you should get the massage, then the hj, the bj and then
you should fuck her. and she kisses damned good too. god knows she may even do a real testicle massage. must find out!

day 42, korat,

the last report, written at 4.45am on a cold very early
morning in europe. the jetlag helps me wake up early...
i decided to go to w for my last session to check what she
can really do. i went to her room at the chinesehotel to make
an appointment for 'massage only'. 3.30pm suited her and me
just fine.
while i was waiting for the hours to go by, i took e to a st-hotel
for some pass-time-banging. that was ok.
w time.
to the point: she can do a good massage, but doesn't have the
patience to go through with it for the full 2 hours it should
take. she's too horny or pretends to be. after 15mins she
started to pull my shorts off. i resisted for a full 5 minutes
and then i had to surrender.
but i tried!
i urged her to play with my balls, but apart from a few gooood
touches, no signs of testicle-massage-capability.
anyway, do try this lady!
around 5.30pm i made it back to the hotel to pick up my
things, i chartered a samlor-biker for the ride to the rws
to go to the airport to go home:(

(or should i say 'freezer', damned cold!)

02-08-03, 16:50
Good report......wouldn't mind having a "once-over" some of your pic's....hehe. If you don't mind, send some to canada_1970@hotmail.com Thanks! Sounds like you out did yourself! We'll have to see how Skinless does now and compare......haha. Take care.

02-16-03, 11:34
Phitsanalok Report: Shinless arrived at Bkk Internayional, picked up his Viagra at the phartmacy between the international and domestic airports. He then flew to Philok, where he got a 30 bt motor bike taxi to the Pansobat Hotel. A guard of honor of 15 women of (low) virtue were therer to greet him with such traditional greetings as Pam Pam, and gestures of fellatio (putting fingers into their mouths suggestively). Skinless ignored them but checked into his old room (203), changed and got ready to party with them. Each was paid 200 bt regardless of service. In all, Skinless fucked 5 of them, got bbbjs from most of them and some anal. The nicest was a 19 yo picked from the brothle on the road parallel to PSB Hotel. He stayed there 2 nights and is now in Chiang Mai, having doen a Freeler and paid 65 bt for the local train. Some Skinless tips on PSB:
1. stash your cash under the bed.
2. booby trap the door with the towel guard.
3. checjk their pussies for diseases.
4. hide your towel so they don't use it (this could also be a STI risk).
5. have something to kill the bugs with.

The lady with the teeth got a going over as did her friend. I passed on their apprentice. The bed was no good for the bracelets but I did get a bj wearing the mak of a gorilla and I got the lady with the teeth and her fat friend to do fellatio on each other, each wearing a mask (pig and gorilla). They got into the spirit of things but are obviously unused to fisting. The younger ones are nice, shy etc but a total waste for anything less than plain vanilla. They are good girls though and it was nice to see them in the temple the next day with my 200 bt as offerings.
Philok is really only best to take a break in and get rid of some old semen. I am no longer in love with the teeth lady and her performance, like that of her friend, let a lot ot be desired. They did have some fun with the double edged dildo though. The inside crew work 9 to 5, roughly, and there are always some other floating around. There was a lot of LE around on the second night which helped me sleep some and get my early start today. I left PHilok at 7.30, have arrived here in Chinag Mai at 4.30, wil wash, rest up and maybe fuck some tonight. Then it is north after the elusive Burmese pussy.

02-16-03, 17:44

A bit of a slow start wouldn't you say?

No need to bring a bug killer to the PSB, the hotel rat (huge, big as a cat, lives right behind the toilets, comes in through the hole in the outer wall) takes care of bugs, mice etc.
The biggest rat in Pilok lives in a restaurant near the rws. It hardly fits under the coke vending machine... This rat likes to go for a morning walk during breakfast time. Regular guests are undisturbed when it appears. Newbies take the first train out and never return to Pilok.
But really, people shouldn't worry. Both rats are 'guestfriendly'.

02-16-03, 19:40
Hi Freeler,

How about sharing some of the photos?


I'm heading to LOS in Nov / Dec .... would love to follow your footstep.


02-17-03, 06:00
"3. checjk their pussies for diseases."
Ok.......and you do this how?????? I guess just looking for the obvious signs of Herpes or green goo dripping out of their boxes.....You're right about the risk of catching STD's from towels.. stay safe my man - cover that willy! Keep up the reports! Your fan.......and shifen's too (remember that broad?)

Joe Zop
02-17-03, 06:07
Skinless -- thanks for the starter report, and good luck up north. Where exactly is "the brothel on the road parallel to PSB Hotel"? I must have wandered right by without recognizing it!

02-17-03, 20:26

There's a pic of that brothel in your mail...

Joe Zop
02-17-03, 21:34
Thanks, Freeler, and of course I did in fact walk past it several times without realizing its true nature...

02-18-03, 13:46
skinless in mae sae, c rai, c mai and back to philok: i am back in philok on the road to udon, having just been on the road to mandalay. i got to c mai, a festival on so no ladies working. checked into a shit place, went to mae sai next day after the elusive burmese pussy. bagged two. get up real close to the border, there is a burmese drinking den (karaoke for the illegals) with lots of burmese ladies saying hello handsome man, where you go? into you, my dear. some of them are very young and the burmese guys like the whisky a bit much . this place is behind the hotel on the rhs as you look toeards the border. the other massage joint is on the other side of the main road near the immigration place. chinese runing it, dozens of burmese babes. worth fucking but not worth going to fuck. the pattaya brothel scouts wil be up here soon if not already. lots of road blocks byt the cops looking for illegals.

i left mae sai and got back to the psb hotel. the teeth lady and the usuals met me, offered me their daughter but i said no, i am not like that. then i caught the old lady on her own, i emerged naked from my room and made a "little potato" proposition (yes chikan, i rmeember shifen but now i don't even ask names, too much small talk and wasted energy). she refused but brought me in a real dragon (cute smile and nice belly if you like sumo wrestlers gone to seed). anyway a quick fuck and i sent her on her way. obviously the old lady gets a cut from her not me. i then left the hotel and two young things (one a 2, the other a freeler (apologies)freak special, puffy pupped up maybe ****) gave me the pam pam signs but, being an upright man, i refused. i will fuck them later. i will go to nong kai after this, first thing in the morning, maybe hang out there a few days, then down to korat. i am not so sure how much it is worth checking out these other places. in some ways a jo would be better but at 200 bt a shot...

also a lady boy alert: there was a tall one patroling the block the last nite here, could be a tv. the brothel behind the psb, last time a lady refused 250 bt so i was happy this time 200 was ok. lots of soldiers in there.

skinless summary: this place has lost its magic for me. it makes a good stop over but that is it. also, the sumo lady had roaming eyes, maybe wondering where my stash was. so, if in philok, do drop in for a quick fuck. otherwise, well let's see what happnes now. i will go back . , pop a v and see whose lucky ass it is going to be.

mae sai: burmese are cheap but you must bargain properly to avoid bar fines and massages. stay in either of the hotels on the main street, prices around 350 bt.

after nong kai and korat, who knows? i might go south, a place i am very fond of.
this fucking is only to put in the time. in many ways the hired ho from pattaya is better. depends what you want. not much gfe in psb. i fuck them, pay them and open the door standing naked till they go. i am a romantic at heart.

chikan, maybe one of them discovered lubricant. that modestly shit is bad as 1. they use your towels (on the pussies, butts etc), means you cannot check pusy for puss as your towel is around them.

thanks for the 2 up on the rat freeler? is it a male or female rat or did you forget to fuck it?

02-18-03, 17:25

you asked: 'is it a male or female rat or did you forget to fuck it?'

this question makes more sense than one would think at first glance...
let's do the math together:
perhaps the restaurant rat takes its morning walk to fuck the psb rat. now, if rats are anything like you and(!) me, the travelling rat would be the male, the psb rat the female.

there are two n0-go's for me skinless: sii-deang and ****. any kind of doubt means <no!>.

Joe Zop
02-18-03, 21:38
Only one day or so around Burma, Skinless? I thought that was going to be a more substantial part of your tour. It was a little unclear to me -- did your mongering activities all take place on the LOS side, or did you do some north of the river as well?

When you say this is behind the rhs hotel, do you mean the Top North?

Sounds like you've just had too much of PSB -- time for different pastures. Hope you've properly disciplined them all, however :)

02-19-03, 04:11
Sounds like you're getting bored with the old scene. A definate change of scenery would be good for you. New "territory" to conqour - so to speak. I, like joe_zop, thought you'd spend more time in Burma. Be a trooper and spend more time there (in Burma).......do some serious recon for us boyz! Take care, and happy fucking!

02-19-03, 16:14
Skinless in Nong Kai: Left the Burmese back to the shit heap in Philok where I bagged a few brutes. I did not put much effort into it as the traveling (only) wore me out.
Burmese border town: one brothel on same side as North Hotel. A Burmese drinking den is behind the otehr hotel on the opposite side of the road. I was advised not to go into Myanmar as it was a waste of time. NOw I am here, in Nong Kai in Sawasdee which has a baby rat (cute) in the kitchen. I got out of the bus, staggered around wiht my back pack, walked up the main street away from the Friendship bridge, turned left toward the river and hey presto, a little brothel. A deaf mute asked me (??) if I was on for it by making some suggestive signs. The other one translated (pam pam), we settled on 250 but Skinless chickened out as I needed a drink. I then stumbled on to the Sawdee (not much there I think but I like the no prostitutes sign, worth stealing: a loady dressed in garters etc and a big X sign) THe Lao visa costs too much $$. Also the traveling is tiring and I am stiff as a brick, except in one very impoortant place.

When I stumbled out of the bus, I thought I found the ***** house but again, I oculd not locate it afterwards. A tuk tuk driver asked me if I wanted fucky fucky but I said niet.

I intend to stay here for a few nights. Freeler WHERE EXACTLY IS THE PLACE NEAR THE BUS TERMINAL?

02-19-03, 17:34

You are such a disappointing 'member'!

East of the terminal look for a Soi on the lefthandside that has a gate (as in 'arc'). Walk up that Soi. The brothel is on the lefthandside.
Walk in, depending on the time of day you will see girls or no girls. But girls are always around, just call out (not too loud because that's not what you do in Thailand).

When you get an invitation to bonk always have a look inside. You will remember the location better...
I always have a look and I never forget!

Also check your mail!!!

02-22-03, 06:36
Non Khai update. Freeler, here is how you give directions. Please note (please also note I have still not found your brothel). Ok: leave the bus terminal. Go to the main road, which is 20 m from the terminal. Walk away from the Friendship Bridge. Depending on what exit you took, you will see a Shell gas station on your right hand side after you walk 70-200 m. Just before the gas station, take a left (the opposite side of the road to the terminal and the gas station). Walk fown 30-40 m. On the left hand side of that road is a single story building with door and pusssies open. There is a fork to the left immediately after.

I fucked 2 here at 9 am. No names as I did not ask.

1. Lao, 35, insisted on 300 bt but fooled me into thinking this meant 2 bonks. She put 2 condoms and a cream on the bed. She was an ok fuck but I came kinda quickly. No second fuck. I protested but no use. Het this: house policy is to get the $$ up front. She takes it out of the room so no arguments. Good in lucks, bad in fucks.

2. The deaf, dumb and blind kid. Not blind but hey, who remembers the Who? Anyway, she stands 4'2" (G-L--O=R=1A) Gloria. or wht her name was. Signals with a thumbs up she does a good bbbj. We settle on 200 bt (the other one is the boss). She bbjs me for about 2.5 seconds then insists it is time for fucky fucky. Here follows the good part.
When I was signaling to her before we agreed on price, I signaled I would cut the other one's throat. She signaled the other one was a lousy fuck. I signaled I agreed. Then she signaled the other one gave a lousy bbbj. I agreed and signaled she gave a great butt fuck. The DDB kid liked this. When we were fucking, I kept "telling" her the other one a. gaver a lousy fuck; 2 had flat tits. c. had a smelly pussy. d liked it up the butt and was a sicko. The DDB kid liked all this and when she emerged, the other one was making fun of her inability to talk. No doubt the ddb kid told her farang said "and you are a lousy fuck.,, you flat chested *****". Her tits were actually quite good but don't tell the ddb kid that.

All in al;l, an ok start to the day. I am going to rest up her one more day and then push on. I wil save most of my serious bonking to the tried and trusted places. The bus terminal is quite big, I have now left the guest house and am into otehr things but I owuld still like to try out that brothel.

There is an English loser on the next terminal, married to a Thai lady, living on a pension. Same circus, different clowns.

02-22-03, 07:49

Well, THNX for the update.

But the FriendshipBridge is miles away...

You should look for the A-R-C, it was there 8 months ago, it was there 8 weeks ago, but now of course it could be gone.

The former Karaoke is on the guesthouse road, 'away from the FriendshipBridge' as you put it. Go into the Soi on your right after passing the Karaoke, the brothel is on your right after about (I didn't measure!) 150m. The brothel door is always open, you can not miss the karaoke machine, unless it's at the repairshop...

It is normal practice in these places to pay up front...

02-22-03, 16:18
Nakhom Phom: I am now here. Lovely women, one beauty 17 yo from Pattaya. No sign of working women yet. Way to go is to ask the tuk tuk drivers. Speaking of which, I had to show one a blade in Udon Thani today. In Philok, I never bothered to close the curtains; false modesty from the women there.
eg away from Friendship Bridge. We might be talking about the same place as this one is near the Sawasdee guest house too. Later as I have something happening right now.

02-23-03, 03:50
Originally posted by Freeler
... There is a flight to Korat at 18.55 arr 19.40.

Sorry, but I couldn't find that connection with THAI nor Andamanair between BKK and NAK (0314); next is 5 pm (0315).
-> added on 02-23-03
But found the bus-connection (3:20h, 157 THB), so I guess I might take the bus:

Korat Hotel (ex-K Stars Hotel)

02-23-03, 04:20
Frogggie: there are severall ineernal airlines: THa, Bkk, Andaman etc. Search a tourist page, then bokmark all their home pages. i think a domestic connection makes sense to avod bkk.
I returned to the hotel last nite (First, near seafrot, 180 bt, hot and cold etc ok), where a WWF (Hulk Hogas's sister) offered me as massage, 200 bt, 2 hours i my room. I stripped off, got an ok masage and a hard on. She played a lot with my dick for some reaso and kept mentioning pam pam for some reason. After an hour of a so so massge, she offered to jerk me off for 500 bt. As I had previously tried to grab her tit but was repulsed, i declined. She finished the massage in an hour and claimed the 200 b was for one hour. THe only way in these small towns is to ask the tuk tukers. i will ask the hotel guys tonite as i need a savage in my bed soon. this is a nice town and would be a nice place for genuine wife hunters to consider. the promenade is full of male and female tens flirting, putting in the time etc. Ok guys time to drool over these beauties. the dildos are beginning to rust!

02-25-03, 08:31
NongKahi-Buriram: Last night in Nong Khai, I was giving up, went back fuckless to First Hotel when I got talking to two babes in TV room (just in past reception). All thre of us went to my room, I paid off the fat one 50 bt for a shit massage. Ther other, a beautiful body, gave my dick one of the closest examinations it has ever got outsdie of a STI clinic. I poppede a V, paid 200 bt and started a savage session with her. She could not get enough. The first burst came early but she kept at me again and after 50 or so minutes of very hard work, I sent her on her way. I cleaned off the vibrators and other toys and settled in for a night's sleep.

THe V kicked in and I went down to fetch her again. But she was not to be seen. Some hornt Thai guy was frog marching a lady to her room. I took her friend. For 200 bt, I got a great examination of my cock again, and two very pleasant bbbjs. It seems to be a custom there to serve double helpings. Late nite is when to lurk when the teenage lovers are all gone.

Next stop was Si Saket, checked into the hotel by the railway station. I got an early 200 bt fuck from some babe who was floating about. Great body but not great participation on her side. Afterwards it was down to the railway station where a lady boy offered me her attractive girl friend for 1000 bt. I laughed and walked away. I got another lay there for 200 bt, nothing special.

Now I am in Buriram where I checked in (120 bt) and immediately fucked the receptionist for 200 bt. Girl friendly?

02-25-03, 15:46
Greetings later in the day from Buriram where I have just banged ther lady I banged last time round. 200 bt, plenty of gfe and a few toys. Not bad value consideing people are paying 800 bt for bar fines in Bkk. The FCHQ hotel is ok for one night's stay. Just leave the train station and it is along the tracks, first house on the Bkk side (I think) and the side where the big clock is. Lots of ladies hanging around. Mixed quality.
One big lady boy, no effort to hide the fact. A note: Leaving Si Saket today the pedicab etc guys were playing foot volleyball, a soccer form of volley ball where you head and kick the ball. Those guys can go up really high and fast with their feet. Also, at 6, everyone, Skinless included, stood for the Thai national anthem. Bottom line: don't fuck with these guys as they might leave you skinless.

Joe_Zop: I have been quickly scanning some of the other threads. There are a lot of sad people posting here. A good sensible guy was Prokoviev on the American board. American women are like any other; they arer nice if treated nicely. The Thai women board seems like a cat fight, currently pointless. There are some serious issues that could be aired. The height issue on the American board is one: if your height, weight etc is a problem for you, then fix it, fix yourself. We ocme to places like Buriram where 200 bt gets us a good fuck and we think we are something special. Remember there are no 200 bt *****s, only 200 bt johns.

THe whole trick with women is to be nice and caring. Now I have popped a V, I have bag full of toys back in my room just waiting to be inserted into some of the specismens on show in front of the railway station.

Ubon is a shit hole btw, so far as I can tell. Tomorrow it is off to Korat for a few days of serious S&M withe the best I can drag out of the moat.

Joe Zop
02-25-03, 17:46
Nice sensible posting, skinless, and I agree with you pretty much down the line. Complaining that women in general, society, the sun and moon, etc., do not conform properly to your needs and desires is a pointless exercise -- either do something about it or you. And the latter, with the exception of society to some small degree, is really the only one you can affect. So much of this stuff is all about attitude -- and as much fun as we can make of how TGs in the game interpret jai dee, the bottom line is that no one wants to be with someone who they think has a bad heart. Heaven knows there are lots of people on this board who, based on what and how they post, I'd never want to hang out with, so why would some woman want to put up with it on a regular basis?

The foot volleyball you're referring to -- is that the game with the bamboo balls? I watched a couple formal matches of those and it's really amazing. Always have wanted to catch a good bandminton match there, since that's another sport LOS is into far more than other places, but have never tracked one down. And it's interesting to note how Thais treat farangs who, when the national anthem comes on, treat the process with genuine respect and not as a painful interruption. Several times, after being attentive during the anthem in train and bus stations and elsewhere, I had people come up and be friendly immediately after, not after anything other than to talk, where I'd been left alone before. We forget sometimes, given that we're wandering around the countryside looking for people to sleep with, how proud a people the Thais truly are, and how basically friendly. Yup, they can cut you to pieces -- but more than most places, you've really got to give them a reason to do it, or they won't.

Since I've been shovelling snow here of late, :( I've been working on organizing some of the hundreds of photos I took while in LOS, and have been struck again by the pure beauty not only of the people but of the country. Even in the places where it's basically a crap-hole, it's a crap-hole filled with color, life, and variation. And so much of it is the exact opposite -- just plain gorgeous. Of course the same thing must be said of the women --whether 200baht, 2000baht, or not for rent.

02-25-03, 19:26
Skinless, Joe_zop,

The 'footvolley game' is called takraw and is a typical game for the sunset hour.
It is very popular in both Malaysia and Thailand and no-one else is able to beat either country at it.

On prices: Being nice gets 30% off any price in LOS, knowledge 20% and speaking Thai 20% more. So: be nice, know what you're talking about and do so in Thai:)


Your NongKhai-Buriram post leaves me slightly confused.
As far as I know FirstHotel is in NakhonPhanom, close to the clocktower and some great restaurants on the banks of the MekongRiver. If this was the hotel you stayed in: How was it?

Ubon is OK for a short lunchbreak. Good, in fact very good, restaurants near KrungThongHotel.

On the National anthem,

Please note that the majority of Thais find somewhere to walk to just before the anthem sounds. So, they really don't get up for the anthem, tho politically correct it is 'uncool' I guess, but are on their feet already...
BTW The current version of the anthem will be replaced by a 'cooler' one to make it more popular!

Joe Zop
02-25-03, 21:55
Freeler, very nice points on price, and I'd add that adding a bit of theatre, so as to be entertaining and pleasant in the process, can get further discounts, mongering or not. A couple of times at the markets minor crowds gathered around my negotiating sessions, which pleased the merchants immensely - something I was rewarded for both then and later on. ("You come bargain with me again? Ok?") Didn't really matter to me all that much on the bargaining side of things, of course,as I pretty well knew where were going to end up, but it was fun for all involved. I've had disagreements with TGs on price only a couple times, and then it was the usual somewhat after-the-fact "what is the definition of short time" issue that is fairly universal.

I know what you mean about the anthem -- so perhaps the ones that stay tend to be more traditional and patriotic -- or just slower or not paying attention. Regardless, I think it's the Thai option to walk away and ignore it, not the farang, and it's like dressing decently -- it's not required, but people do let you know that they appreciate it.

02-26-03, 08:00
First Hotel: This is of course in Nakhom Phanom. Bottom line is action starts late.
Buriram: After I signed off last nite, I picked up a pretty 18 yo, back to my room where I had taken the precaution of hiding my towel. Nice body, zero technique. I threw her out later, went out to prowl again but not liking the ether, retired to my room. 1 am, loud knocking on my door. I unpack my knives, spring open the door and emerge, stark naked, with blades in both hands. There is lousy fuck #3 with 2 friends. Lots of Thai is exchanged, she thought she was sleeping in mu room or some such shit. I take her two friends, give her 20 bt to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off and settle in for some sick hours of total and utter debauchery, nothing left out.

Get the morning train to Korat where I book into the hotel (farang levels are definitely up here big time). I do a quick patrol of the park but miss a young Chinese beauty who is taken by a fat Thai, which pisses me off no end. I am here on vacation, I like to walk around like a cat on its berat, looking at all the holes for sale and thinking, mine all mine. Then thius fat fuck comes along and steals MY WOMAN. The pig. Oh well. Guess I will have to find someone else to spear. There are plenty of older hags about and a one legged lady (they are always fun to spear).

Thai national anthem etc: the game was on in the middle of the day in Si Saket and everyone stood for the national anthem in Buriram at 6. Just my 2 cents but if these guys turn nasty...

Speaking of which, I am now going to go out andf get me some 200 bt hot meat. I miss old Adlez and his mantra. I never ask the namesa, seldom engage in talk at all.

It was, however, interesting to see how the last months have treated my Buriram love. A lot more amenable to my baser desires. A pity we will never meet again. A pity I cannot bonk all 30 million Thai women. You should feel sorry for them.

a note on prices: it is hard to spend money in the country towns. Only the 200 bt women dent the pocket and then only every so slightly. Now I will peruse some other threads, listen to the moaners and then get me some Thai burger to take back and fuck in my room.

02-26-03, 10:57
Korat Park update. After leaving here I was waylaid by the good looking chick and another. They had a tug o war over me. The other one, fdark and dusty, one. We, or rather I, agreed on 200 bt (times are hard). Back to the hotel, she takes out a bag of glue, snorts away and offers me a shot. I refuse but fuck her anyway. Then I see her to the door. She is 18, firm tits, starfish mode. Nang, 01-0728806, for anyone interested., She wrote it down as she was leaving

I also see her at the park later but I take the other one. I agree on 200 bt but have to listen to a lot of shit in Thai about what a great bargain I am getting. I take her back, examine her: tyiny tits, shaved (?) pussy. I quickly fuck her and show her the door. She has about 3 pimps working her, which kinda pisses me off.

I don't really like fucking these teenagers. They are usually starfish and a. they make it like thye are doing you a big favor, b. there is something wrong with old guys fucking young women. The lousy fuck last nite told me I was big and fat, which all 50 yos must look to 18 yolds.

I will fuck some more here and then head towards Chanaburi and Tret just to beef up the other areas a bit.

I feel something like NR, posting to myself and Freeler and Joe_Zop. Oh well. I wil go take a shit and then find someone else to squirt my semen into. This is not a place for romances.

Oh, fuck #2 today took a keen interest in my berongings. Best ot fuck them and show them the door. Only do a second squirt if you wil not fall asleep on the job.

Joe Zop
02-26-03, 15:26
Skinless -- you're not NR, as you're posting field reports as they happen, with concrete information, on topic, and not sending personal messages. I know what you mean about teenagers and I think that's particularly going to be the case in a situation where it's a quick cheap short-time encounter. I avoid them, for the most part, though last trip made a couple of exceptions -- in a CM massage parlor this girl was simply head and shoulders above everyone else, and while she kept looking at me with a "my god, you aren't finished yet" expression, she kept fucking hard right back. But that tends to be the exception.

Since you're heading to Trat, are you planning to cross into Cambodia as well?

02-26-03, 16:16
took a strol through the park. Like a bad acid trip, hags from hell calling to me. No Cambodia no. THis wil get Thailand out of my system (for now). Here is the question for the day: why do we do this? Different reasons but I find bonking these young girsl a bore.

To me and I think Joe_Zop, this is surrogate drinking (certainly with me as I like mammary glands). Here is the Skinless pearl of wisdom ofr today: this place is a heap of shit. Going short tem for 200 bt is only to get your rocks off and, let us say it LOUDLY, Adlez had the right idea there. Find em, fuck em, pay em and get em to leave. However, the other, the long term deal, like Joe_Zop had in Chiang Mai, also makes sense. This is a sad world that young girls/women will let a fat fuck like me fuck them for 200 bt so they can have a glue party with their pimps.

I still think of the Big breasted One. I still regularly check her email. The Czech who is in Czech land with no job (but plenty job in spring) sends all his love. He has also sent some $$. These women attract their fair share of losers. Maybe we should take Adlez' advice and take up video games as a hobby. But that would be even more boring.

Ok, time to do another patrol of the park. However, no more glue sniffers, jail bait or toothless grannies. That limits the selection considerably:)
Here is another thought: people write about these women (I know this should be in my regular section) but they know Jack shit about them. They fuck for their pimps. And what are we to make of a glue sniffer with a mobile phone? Or a fat farang fuck like me who fucks her? The fault obviously lies within us. I will now patrol the park, knowing that 200 bt ($4 or so) will get me what they pay $30 plus in Bkk (including bar fine) or $100 + in other places for. Mm, maybe I better check out Zeld.a and other games.
10 pm: Sgt Skinless of LOSPD took another patrol and here is my report. A fat 50 ish prosperous looking farang got a lady companion. also LP types hanging around statue with their shoes on. The word is definitely out on this place and the ladies are probably getting higher prices from other farangs. Several lady boys, must be 6' plus. the one legged lady and friends still about, plenty of working women and pimps. This area definitely goes down hill as the night wears on. The one legged lady and friend and pimps are high on whisky so ...

The moat is worth a visit for the same reason a zoo is worth a visit. There must be something beter i life than this. The homeless are bedding down for the night. I will patrol again but most likely will not dril anyone else tonite. I wil gaek at the human zoo and then return to my virgin bed.

I am here for one more day and will then try out one more under reported area. I am thinking of Chantaburi and Tret. Suggestions?

02-26-03, 17:49

Looks like you are your old self again!

Nang, is she the girl in the pic I emailed some time ago?
She was 17 then, she said, and had an askingprice of B700ST.
Her age made her a definite no-go for me, so I didn't test her price level. She didn't look like a sniffer tho...

There are direct buses from Korat to Chantaburi, if you're interested. Both air (rot air) and ordinary (rot tammadaa).

Young girls are indeed boring fucks, which doesn't mean that old ones can't be boring. but at least the majority of old hags know what they are doing.

Joe Zop
02-26-03, 18:36
Skinless -- sounds as though you're nearing the end of the HODT, in that you're pretty solid on where the darkness is, and it's everywhere, and most especially where you've been hanging, as there's no question that this is a simple financial transaction. By and large, one of the reasons I prefer long time encounters to quick bangs is because it keeps the darkness a bit more distant, maintaining an illusion for a while, same as seeing a long movie on a big screen as opposed to a half-hour TV show. Of course it's still not real, and of course I'm always aware of it, but suspending disbelief and just "being" for a while can be wonderful. The people who get screwed up are the ones who think it's more than it is -- Z is right that these people should simply bang and move on. (BTW, why not look him up while you're in Korat? He's a very nice guy!)

Is it somehow worse that these young women fuck for glue parties as opposed to milk money for their babies? Their choice is their choice, and while I might feel better personally knowing the baby's getting fed, that's my own little tickle and nothing to do with the lady's decision.

In my first post to this board a long time ago I said that what I prefer is the totality of the experience, and that's still my position. Yup, at the core ST, LT, HODT are all the same, but it's what you want to get out of it. I understand the HODT scenario, which is different from Eden or blowjob bars mostly in price, location, and ambience, but for me, spending all my time on such an approach would leave me terminally depressed, . I can do a bit of it, but I get tired of it pretty quickly -- as Z said, fucking in itself can be boring after a while. I need the temples, the culture, the markets, just hanging out and talking to people, etc., as opposed to constantly being on the prowl. Just don't have the stamina or temperment for it, I guess, or more likely I prefer a little more real life illusion, even knowing that's what it is, than one constant dessert menu. I salute your ability to eat so much pure darkness, and then go back for more!

02-26-03, 21:47

just for the record, I am horrified by the kind of experience you describe.

Thailand is a Disneyland for adults. But obviously Disneyland has its dark side.

This has nothing to do with the Thailand I like. But I know enough about Thailand to know that what you experience is probably much more "real", i.e. closer the what Thailand really is.

Keep up the good job.

02-27-03, 05:37
I did another tour last nite before calling it a nite. Lots of really tall and muscular lady boys about, also there is a wedding dress shop on the road Sakol is on. There must have been 6 or so lady boys in it at midnite trying on wedding dresses. What we have here is feral prostitution. So I guess the middle road is the way to go. The best ladies I have had this tour (all 3 of them) have been 30 ish, big, full tits and responsive.

Nang: I don't really know if she is Freeler's Nang but it is a turn off (or reality check) when a woman resorts to sniffing glue coz you are on top of her.

This makes the Pattaya etc deal, if handled properly, a good one. Pay well and relax. The other thing with lots of guys around (motor bike taxi guys a lot of them I would say) is you have to watch out for muggings. This is particularly true with the relatively large contingent of lady boys, al of whom seem big and tough enough to be in the marines. Last time I was here, I walked through packs of ladies for hire at 1 am as well as young male glue sniffing prostitutes. The cops are generally on top of this scene and they took a very special interest in a Dutch predator who I later met in Pattaya. He was definitely into the litle boys but that is doubly dangerous: the cops even warned him off.

After this, I will bus it to Chantaburi and see what it can throw up.
Also, Joe, it depends what you want to get out of a vacation. I am getting what I want. There is a big reality side here, one I am glad to experience but one I do not want to experience much longer.
There was plenty of pussy in the park at 9 am today. Let's see waht it is like now at 10.30 am

I did a patrol. Lots of ladies about, some LP types too. Nang is there, looking radiant, or as radiant as her addiction allows her. She wanted to go to my room for some reason and swore she was not sniffing. After pulling out of me, she got the message that my virginity is important to me. We stuck tongues out at each other and she returned to her 3 pimps. I finished my patrol wuth litle but awful speciments of womanhod to report.

On another matter, I am now using the internet shop on the road leading away from the monument. Good connection and keyboards. Good looking women sending emails in English too. There is an absolute beauty sending an email to some lucky guy called Mark. If you are out there Mark, you have a beauty. I will tryu again to get into her panties but I think it will be back to the moat for me.

02-28-03, 06:57
Darkness at Noon: Skinless from the slurry heap in Korat, where I am staying an extra day. I splashed out yesterday, spoiling myself. I got a good 2 hour street massage (200 bt plus 20 bt tip - sorry if I am Jappping up the prices for you guys). There is also a LP couple just checked into the hotel, nice blonde in need of a drilling: I really felt like asking her how much for short time (but she smokes, cigarettes that is). Anyway, there were plenty of specimens of human life in the park last nite, including one male hooker (I also got propositioned in the toilets of the nearby shopping mall where I indulged myself to the tune of many thousands of baht; some of the prices are outrageous but I am worth it).

Not much else to report. Lots of motorbike dudes/part time pimps and their money making machines. I did not partake as I was going to head off today but did a park hooker instead at 9 am: the early bird catches the monger. Lots of little female elephants standing under trees waiting on a 200 bt john to come along.

I wil probabloy go to Pattaya after this and then to Bkk. Too many bus rides, too few good female ones.

One small thing: i got a tailor job doen for 5 baht. Also there are plenty of people spending serious $$ at that mall so plenty of Thais have money. PLenty of course don't.

Another thing: I have abandoned the old ladies' internet shop for theo ne in the street parallel to the Sokal and opposite the monument. Much better, quicker and reliable. Also, lots of farangs around. Now I want to bang someone working at that monument.

Dick Johnson
02-28-03, 09:11
Hope you're having a good time skin and is successful at getting whatever it is out of your system.

02-28-03, 09:51
Pleased to hear you found the pharmacy at the airport. Also good to see you are getting over your shyness.

02-28-03, 11:00
skinless after 2 more bonks at the slurry heap. wayne, yes, i seem to have lost some of my shyness. i am meeting some very friendly women who come back to my hotel room and draw me out of my cocoon for 200 bt all in. mind you, i kinda hate the long walk to the elevator, a long walk with a ho in tow kinda lwts everyone know that i am a naughty boy who likes f-g naughty women. dick j: i saw your post on shifen (do you know what a moon smile is btw? dick h does) an interesting thing regarding shifen and where i am is in packaging the pussy. if she can package or market herself properly, she will get serious $$. the women here have obviously never done marketing 101. i have got plenty of cum out of my system and i would expect i will never be in korat again after today. the women who currently service me are selling plain vanilla sex. (they dislike toys it seems). shifen and others are selling bs which always attracts a hefty premium. the long term rented women of pattaya and bkk are not primarily selling pussy., not the high scorers who are latching in to the loneliness, insecurities of those they spread their [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) flaps for. those latter are under represented in the regular posters here. pattaya @ 1000 bt long term a day is a good deal if you can keep her out of the shops. here they are trying to score 20 bt worth of beetles and not doing very well at it. the world of prostitution is a fascinating world. the main mistake the korat rejects make is they don't add in the bs flavor (i love you too much, groaning etc, all of which are necessary if the visit to the gold shop is to become a reality). of course, it is a differnet market here, in buriram, si saket etc. this is much nearer the bone. the sukumvit etc women are kinda the equivalent to top end in the west.

here is another observation on isaan. i enjoyed driving through it, admiring the pick up trucks and the new houses and thinking, with pride: hey we paid for all that.

anyway, after leaving here, i resumed patrol. got talking to a nice slim dark lady who invited me back to her place for 200 bt worth of fun. i did many patrols first but only dragons and hideous creatures from the lake to be found. like something out of a bad rock video. or the local homeless shelter. anyway, we f off to her hotel but they want 100 bt. skinless storms off, telling her to f off too. 300 bt all in, what do they take me for?
later, i get bagged by a lady, aged pimp beside her who tells me she gives good head. she wants 250 but settles for 200.

however, on the way back, she gets me to buy her 20 bt worth of cockroaches. she crunches them in my room, spitting their shells on the floor. she gives me a smelly bbbj for about 1 minute and starts going on about how she has to shop. i take back my money, she gets the message and gives me a forgettable fuck, fore and aft. i cum in her ass and set her on her way.

then it is back to the moat where i pick up the first lady. lovely slim body when peeled off. as i doggy her, i admire the two of us in the mirror, ebony and ivory. she also had nice tits but objected to me biting them and her legs and ass. all she wanted me for was a quick lay for 200 bt. oh well, i came inside her (doggy). she asked permission to use towel (i like that, asking). she asked for 20 bt for food but i said no (i don't want to ruin it for you guys). she went back to her friends and pimps. after i finish here, i will resume patrol. lovely body but probably figures she has better things to do than spend too much time with a farang 2x her age.

executive summary: good lays are hard to come by in the park. if you want to bonk them in their hotel, it will cost 60-100 bt more. also, there are some women just taking breaks from the sun in there (i tried to pull one). if these women would only do more, i coukld go as high as 250 bt. gnerally, they give up arguing about the money quitel quickly. i wonder what the locals pay.

02-28-03, 14:09

You are on your way to become "Monger of the Year." You deserve it because of all the shit you go through to get lay for 200bt. It almost sounds like you enjoy it. Almost. You are a true pro, you have discipline and committment to your craft.

You wrote: "Here is another observation on Isaan. I enjoyed driving through it, admiring the pick up trucks and the new houses and thinking, with pride: hey we paid for all that..." Good point and very true. The Thai government should allow mongers to have an embassy in Isaan with full diplomatic rights. Skinless could the embassador...

Keep up the good work and reports.


02-28-03, 15:05
From: H.E John C Skinless, Embassy of Mongerland, the Park, Korat.
To: The People of Mongerland.
Subject: Isaan Pussy.
Sad to relate, I have only banged about 2 sonce my last update. Lots of farangs around, some patrolling the park, others with ladies in tow praying at the shrine, more at the night market/bazaar with thier Isaan sweethearts/ hired holes. I did some serious patrolling: the choice was as follows: a lady with no front teeth who had been in the park all day long without a sausage; a lady who had the cheapest jewelry I have ever seen, as well as the cheapest woman's power suit I had ever seen (she seemed the better lay but I did not fancy taking her for the long walk to the elevator in the hotel (I retain some pride). The rest were Holloween nite specials I later met an old gray headed woman and was going to pam pam her (good body) but she had to go buy some cheap whisky so I passed. I then spotted an ok looking babe who asked me to sit down beside her. The subject quickly (nano seconds) turned to pam pam. She wanted 500. I laughed and walked away. She later dropped to 300 but i told her 200 was the going rate. She finally agreed. But I didn't as I reckoned she'd be a bad lay. I went back loking for cheap jewlery and the tooth fairy but both were gone, probably bar fined each other. Then the young non glue sniffer appeared.
Very pushy, settled on 200 which was supposed to include smoking and anal. We get to the room the whole conversation is $$. I ask her to smoke, she refuses, I ask her to leave, she prays to Buddha, smokes for a nano second, we bonk I ask her to leave. All the time she is talking of $$$. I find that so unbecoming in young ladies.

I feel I am doing some good here. The pimps can afford theit whisky and cigarettes, the mothers get to eat. BUT WAHT I WOULD NOT GIVE FOR ONE DECENT MEMORABLE FUCK. maybe 250 bt but I don't want to spoil the prices; plenty doing that already.

Joe Zop
02-28-03, 17:16
Perhaps, Skinless, there is at times truth to the old adage that you get what you pay for, and you should splurge another hundred baht or so and reward yourself. Your state of mind sounds remarkably like near the end of the last HODT: lots of bad seed distributed, quantitied out. Your comments regarding the high end of Sukhumvit versus the lower end are quite apt -- where's the percentage in giving extras when you're giving it up for 200baht?

You've said this is your last visit to Korat, and also to the PSB in Philok -- what does this mean for future trips? Is this your LOS swan-song, or just fatigue setting in?

02-28-03, 17:49

You ask: 'I wonder what the locals pay.'

Well, they pay B300 or more... But Thais like to show off when they have money. We like to keep it in our wallets!
Even at brothels the Thais pay more than we do, unless you're a fool.
Talk about two tier pricing :D!


Another B100 won't turn them into superfucks.
But I'd rather waste B200 than B500 on bad pussy:)

02-28-03, 18:33
Freeler etc: Importnat point: when taking the bus from Nong Khai to Sakhon, it does not go to the bus station; you have to get a shit as taxi and put up with hteir crap.

Skinless on a break, 11.20 pm. Joe, there are no 300 bt hos, only 300 bt Johns. It depends what you are looking for. And 200 bt is big bucks to these ladies. Most of them got nothing today. I had a 2 hour massage on the street (I need it with all the bus trips and bonking)., 200 bt plus 20 bt tip = 220 bt. The motorbike taxi guy beside us got one lift, less thgan 5 minutes in all that time. He spent the rest siting on a deck chair, making occasional comments on farangs etc. The women, or young girls (the glue sniffer and her friends) were back on duty when my masage was finished. God knows where she was for the day. They have not been through the Pattaya University School of selling bullshit so they give a plain vanilla fuck mostly, no matter what you pay. The Pattaya women etc are selling something else, an illusion, often to losers.
Pattaya has several different sorts of clients (Freeler, 200-300 bt end of story), Joe_Zop, guys on 2 weeks vacation and the fool who is born every minute. The women there hope to score from that pool.
Korat etc is different. Sex without more is boring. Just like sex shows. These are feral fucks, there to feed their pimps (= families), their habits./addictions etc. They are interesting for al that. Same as the women in Sukhumvit. Again, I remeber Seydlitz' comment after traveling around with one of them: all mobile phones, kiddy TV etc. You soon get bored of that.
I went into the shopping mall yesterday and there were hundreds of schopl girls singing into theose karaoke booths. That's what theser young girls should be doing, not spreading their [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) flaps so I can fuck them.
Juice was saying I was some kind of maestro at this. Of course, Freeler is the guy who more than paved the way. Freeler's way is not my way but he is far more right than 99% who post here. AdleZ also spoke a lot of sense when you review his mantra.

Joe, you surprise me a lot to. I respect what you did i nC Mai with that young lady and such a holiday could be nice - but it is a holiday. I can very much relate to your bj pub crawl too. All these things are ok if used properly. (Even) Freeler sees this: he has no intention of leaving Holland. He will swim in this slurry and then go back to Holland and shower. I am, of course, loking for the Frankensteins etc. All that is life too.

Look at it this way. A bonk in Japan, all in,m is 5,000 bt minimum, 2 pops. I am rejecting women here at 200 bt. What does that say? Most guys are not here for the sex. It is a part of it but only a part.
The Skinless Pearl of Wisdom for the Day: always spend more on yourself than you give to the ladies in any given day (or 48 hours in some cases). That way you will keep a sense of proportion.
The BB One (yes, she loms again and no I never sent any money nor am I going to ocntact her) asked her Swedish trick for 30,000 baht a month. Does a Thai manager earn that in a month? Joe, you are the myth man. Is this Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch or what? THis is being a very productive holiday for me. But it is a holiday and I do not need to go to these places again, ever. Well at least for a few months. My next ports will probably be Myanmar, Vietnam etc. I have about 6 days left here in pussy paradise. And even Paradise is boring. Ask satan.
Keyboard sucks (more than I can say for the ladies) can't fix al the typos. Tomorrow, another town, another plug n play

02-28-03, 19:25

Bus from NongKhai to Sakhon. I take it you mean SakhonNakhon, where they eat dogmeat... And I take it that you go by way of UdonThani.
Well, getting through UdonThani nearly always takes a taxi ride, unless you go from NongKhai to Pilok. BUT if you state your destination to the ticketseller on board the NK-UT bus, they WILL drop you off at a songthaew stand. The thing is not to ask questions when this happens, but to get the hell out of the bus and into the songthaew. The songthaew(B5) WILL drop you off at the terminal where your bus leaves.
But why didn't you hop on the direct ordinary bus to NakhonPhanom. Cheaper and the route is nicer. This is even more true in the rainy season...

On Sakhon: No matter where you came from or where you're going to, it seems you always have to change buses in SakhonNakhon...

Joe Zop
02-28-03, 19:52
No surprise necessary, Skinless -- we are all looking for something or other, and what you're after and what I'm after don't need to be the same thing. Otherwise we'd only need one kind of everything in stores. My point was a simple one -- if you're bemoaning the lack of "ONE DECENT MEMORABLE FUCK" then perhaps it's because you're not paying for extras, illusion, etc. but instead being with, as you said, ladies who are selling plain vanilla sex. Or perhaps it's because you're nearing the end of your tour. You're the one who said you were getting heavily into the reality side, but that you did not want to experience it much longer -- I was just responding to that.

And the point wasn't about an extra 100baht or so, it was about paying for the "love you too much, groaning etc." which is like paying for the extra scoop of ice cream -- if you want the extras, you've generally got to find a place that has them on the menu. Doesn't mean you do or don't want a steady diet of it.

Damn right I know it's not real -- I pay more in order for the sweetie I'm with to keep that fact off my mind, or to sell me a specific kind of illusion. If she doesn't do that I look for someone else who will. Eden sells feral fucks with garnish, where the only illusion is that you're a porn star. Potential for memorable there, as they know that they're outselling other better looking ladies by being sex machines who will do anything -- that's what's marketed. Others sell the GFE, which promises the memorable fuck by cloaking it in emotion, tenderness, whatever. The bj bars sell specialties -- limited menu fast food prepared by professionals. No criticism of any of this on my part, and I absolutely recognize that you're getting what you want out of your holiday, and am not at all being critical of that. My comments were simply a surprised reaction to your very absolute statement that this would be the last time you would come to Korat, which I didn't expect.

03-01-03, 04:54
Farewell to Korat: I am getting the bus to Pattaya to try some different ice cream. Before that, I just did another early morning patrol of the park. I figure Pattaya beats the extra bus rides of going to the Cambodian border. But who knows what might happen? I will spend a max of 3 nights in Pattaya and 3 in Bkk. Of course, if anytihng should present itself on my final tour of the park..

Outback overview: this information is worth knowing if you are going to go on tour. Otherwise, if it is a full menu of sex you want, go to Bkk and Pattaya where it is on offer.

Freeler: you are right. The bus change plusd taxi ride is in Udon. I left too late in the day to get the direct connection. I had some other things going on in N Khai and that is why I was late and did not get the direct bus. You should get a job with TAT as you know the country like the back of your hand.


03-01-03, 05:52
Originally posted by skinless

Freeler: you are right. The bus change plusd taxi ride is in Udon. I left too late in the day to get the direct connection. I had some other things going on in N Khai and that is why I was late and did not get the direct bus. You should get a job with TAT as you know the country like the back of your hand.[/i]

Now only you've found out. He is even better than the TAT

Where Thailand is concern, I can give you this:

Freeler is the best
F* the rest


03-15-03, 06:39
Entering Korat last night... Checked the Mall, the soapie behind K-Hotel (THB 1700)... Would have been easy to get any girl but not my taste 8-(... Karaoke at K-Hotel: some good looking girls.)
Today a walk in the park... Some Girls round, easy access but again not my taste. Will try some massage parlors later on.

BTW: was told by TAT that i might catch the bus to Korat at the Don Muang train station but the buses didn't stop there - took a taxi to the next station (50 THB). Bus 120 THB.

Checked the park almost every day (14-18th). Age rab\nges from under 18 (I didnt ask but she looked like 14 and was really ennoying me - run around me like a fly...) to I don't know 50 and up. Price: I was offered 300 THB but as i said, not my taste so i didn't ask.

I had different appointments with girls i met in the mall but it didn't work out ;-) ; nevertheless they made me having a good time (e.g. saw the Korat zoo) and I still get their calls - maybe should go back to Korat.

Once I tried GINZA and this was really worth it - got 2 very beautiful girls for 1200 THB (90 minutes) each and might have taken them to my room in Korat Hotel (which I can recommend) after work for THB 3000.

Going to BIG C or to THE MALL by tuktuk you will be asked for 60 THB but you could get the ride for 40 (C) / 50 (Mall).

And one last remark:
Korat by plane sucks - on my way back my travel-agent booked me on the one and only flight (8:20) to BKK but it went to Surin first so Arrival in BKK was 10:25 - will take the bus next time because as fast but extremely cheaper!

03-15-03, 07:24
Korat. Forg. Ears cock up. Thailand's best bargain. Keep us posted. Don't do a Najene. Though many of those park ladies would make excellent wives and concubines. please give a full report on age ranges, glue sniffing, prices, mongers. Try and get one of the women at the shrine. I failed there. Fish face is doubntlessly lurking as well. Frog, it is 12 noon now Korat time. Use the internet cafe on the street parallel to Sokal that juts on to the shrine. Try to get some long term (4 + hour) prices.

03-27-03, 10:27
Does anybody have any info on Krabi, Trang and Songkhla?


03-27-03, 10:48

Trang=as good as dead mongering wise. A few too many LP-folk there too.
Krabi now has bars, gogo's and some hidden treasures. Expect prices to be in the Phuket/Patong range.
Songkhla: the area aound Queen hotel has some karaokes, 'barbershops' and a bunch of real down to earth B300 brothels near the fishing port. All are within 200m from said hotel.

03-27-03, 12:53
Thanks Freeler

I just got me a cheap Phuket 14 days ticket, and would like to do a tour out of Patong. May be better to go to Hat Yai (a lot of info here) or Koh Samui (same same). Do you know anything about Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat or Thung Song?


03-27-03, 16:47

Surat Thani means LP-people, who use this town mainly to get to KohSamui. I use it to take the bus to Nakhon!

Thung Song is just a junction, but the surrounding scenery is

Nakhon Si Thammarat or Nakhon for short is a zoo!
Check this post:
02-08-03 08:58
I did leave out some, ehhrr, disturbing details...


Thai Airways run a cheap service out of the airport to anywhere on the island for B60 (or so). There is a counter, you must buy the ticket before you get in the van.
From Phuket-town buses, both air and ordinary, for Surat, Nakhon Krabi and Trang leave regularly.

03-27-03, 21:21
Thanks again Freeler

I have read your terrifying (:-) report. As I am just a novice to the trade, I think I dear not indulge in the more anarcistic part of the market yet.

Will wait and see... (I have 10 days to some more research and thinking).


03-28-03, 23:16
need info about Nong Khai actions & hotels ,planing to visit there next week.10x

03-30-03, 07:11
Kojack: I see you have posted five questions, four here and one in the Phuket section, and have never supplied any information. Do you intend to continue this? Do you think we exist just to serve you? Here is a suggestion: Just read the archives, do whatever else it is you normally do and don't bother posting any more questions here again!

03-30-03, 22:21
Remark to Korat:
Found in the forum the hint that GINZA can be easy accessed by feet from Korat-Hotel but no description where to go...

So if you leave the Korat hotel, turn right and walk to the wallet park (2 blocks), then turn left and walk through the park (~ 3 blocks), pass the buddha-statue* and turn right. Approx. 50m on the left side there's GINZA-Entertainment.

* well, referring to freeler it's not a buddha-statue but a statue of

03-30-03, 23:15

Though the statue you mentioned is as important to the Thais as some of the most important Buddha images, it is the statue of ThaoSuranari/YinMo, the woman who, many, many moons ago saved Korat from invading armies.

04-08-03, 07:14
I was talking with a guy this afternoon on the phone who owns a dive shop in Phuket. He does 4 day group tours to the Similan Islands. I told him I wanted to go diving at Ko Samui and he said this is wrong time of the year for Ko Samui . . . . rainy, and water to brown and turbulent. I'll be having dinner with him tommorow and he should be a good resource of info as he has been going back and forth the last 12 years, and has lived in Phuket the past 6 years. I aprise the board with what I learn.

04-08-03, 18:28

Do a Google-search for Similan and you will get plenty results.
But I'm affraid the season is about to close...

Joe Zop
04-08-03, 18:47
Actually, this is the right time of year for Samui -- on average, it gets half the rain of Phuket in April, and has slightly higher tempteratures. Check this link for more detail -- http://www.traveleshop.com/menus/weather.shtml -- it lists by month average rainfall, temperature, and hours of sun per day for tons of places, including half-a-dozen in Thailand.

04-09-03, 06:55
Damn you guys are good! I think your right!!! Now I believe my new acquaintance has vested interest in sending me on HIS dive tour to Similian Islands. Thanks again. I'll confront him with the web site info. See what his take is, on that. Ha, ha, that will be fun. I love being well informed!!!

04-11-03, 17:07
Hi Everyone, my friend who is in LOS gave me permission to post this which he sent to me a few days ago. Zidaho

Paradise! No other word describes it better. Flew out of Pattaya three days ago on Bangkok Air to Koh Samui, an island on the SE coast. Great to be out of Pattaya. Landed at Nathon airport in early afternoon and was picked up by the resort Suzuki 4X4.

The resort (Sundream Resort) is on Lamai beach which is supposed to be more laid back than other parts of the island. Very true. Still lots of shops and peddlers and a few beer bars but nothing like Pattaya.

The resort is on the beach, all bungalows, some air conditioned. BW and I each got an A/C bungalow for 750 baht. A bit primitive. Dark paneling on the walls, pallet bed. The bathroom is the shower, toilet and vanity all in one. You just try not to spray the toilet paper. Lock the door with a padlock.

Nice beach with a restaurant. We settled in, took a walk "uptown" and then back to the resort for dinner on the beach. When dusk falls they move the tables onto the sand, set up "Xmas trees" with lights. Very nice.

We had met a guy from Portland, ME and joined him for dinner. He is about 40, been to Thailand numerous times, and other parts of SE ASIA too. Pleasant company. I had tiger prawns sauteed with garlic and spices and nam soda {soda water) to drink. Great meal. Unfortunately BW can be very opinionated, dinner conversation deteriorated into him expounding on various subjects and soon enough he had browbeat Scott and I into submission. I got a headache and after dinner I begged off going downtown and went back to the room to try to recover from Bill's emphatically delivered opinions.

Next day we took the taxi to Chaeweng Beach to check it out. I was still pissed at Bill, it seems that every suggestion I have, he has a better one. Finally I snapped at him, said I had to have breakfast and coffee or I would chew his leg off.

We were walking the beach at the time and just picked a beachside restaurant. Good breakfast. Bill usually has rice with veggies with a fried egg on top, but I had fruit with yoguhrt, coffee and toast. Lots of cute little Thai kids running around. We continued walking the beach, checked out some of the resorts. It turns out that our Sundream resort is a "pit" compared to these. So we resolved to move to Chaeweng Beach next day.

So back to Lamai beach for the afternoon. I spent the afternoon walking downtown, had lunch and watched a movie at a bar/rest . Lazy day. Back to the beach for a swim and then we went back downtown for beer and dinner.

Our waitress at the bar was a real cutie so I paid her bar fine and we took her to dinner with us. I had yellow curry chicken followed by sweet banana in hot coconut milk. Delicious. A martini and nam! soda to drink. Not surprising, the martini wasn't of James Bond quality.

Back to the room where I had another night of no sleep. (I didn't sleep the night before either, pallet mattress and I had trouble adjusting the A/C.) We resolved to move to Chaeweng Beach, checked out and caught a songtaew taxi to Chaeweng.

Songtaew literally means two rows, a pickup truck open at the back with a canopy and two rows of seats nside. Cost 40 baht to go to Chaeweng, a distance of about 8 km. Bill had gone on earlier ( I was waiting for my laundry) and had reserved a bungalow for me.

When we got there (Charlies' Huts) they wouldn't give me a room because my little Thai friend was with me. "Thai people not allowed here". Such bullshit. But hey, no problem. My friend and I went down the beach and got a much better bungalow at a place called Tradewind. Great room, frig with cold drinks, A/C, tiled bathroom/toilet with hot water, light and airy. Breakfast included on the terrace overlooking the beach. 1500 baht/nite. Real mattress on the bed too.

After checking in we all went downtown to buy my little friend (hereafter referred to by name, Liy). some clothes. Between BW and I, we bought her 2 pairs of shorts, three cute tops, a short beach skirt, bikini bathing suit, sunglasses, sandals, and a sun visor. She looked great before but now sensational. She is 150 Cm, 43 kg ( 5', 95#) cute as a button. Reminds me of my friend Noi in Ft Collins CO only a bit younger.

She takes care of me, pays the taxi driver, orders the food, pays the bill, dials the phone, She watched me fix my coffee once and now she does it for me just the way I like it. Puts the food in my mouth. While I am writing this email she is massaging my shoulders and editing my spelling. Can I bring her home with me? &n! bsp;No one there would believe it.

So, after shopping we went swimming in the 80 degree, crystal clear water just off our beach. Very shallow, so not intimidating to Liy. Most Thai people don't swim, but Liy can swim "a little". So we played around for a couple of hours and I tried to teach her some rudimentary strokes. Bill came by and we had appetizers on the terrace. Spring rolls, Thai salad and chicken steamed in pandanus leaves with several nice Thai sauces. Wonderful, light meal. Then a shower and a stroll downtown to look around.

Bill took off and Liy and I discovered a sidewalk bar that actually had some decent beer. Wow! We each had a hefeweizen poured properly and at the right temperature. It was so good! All domestic beer in the bars is cheap lager, similar to coors and Bud. Yecchh!

Back to the room and to bed early. Tired because I hadn't had a decent nights sleep in two days. Actually slept in the this morning. Great sleep, good mattress and off to meet Bill on the terrace for breakfast. He was having a Thai massage on the beach when we got there, joined us for coffee after. Liy, of course, fixed my coffee the way I like it. Bill had a present for Liy. An English language book for Thai learners. Her English is pretty good, but a nice thoughtful gift from Bill.

Bill has left to go back to Pattaya. He will take the bus back. Liy and I will rent a catamaran sailboat for a few hours of sailing. I haven't done any sailing since I moved to Ketchum and left my two sailing dinghies in Bellingham. Should be fun and a new experience for Liy.
More about adventures in paradise later.


04-11-03, 17:39
here's my friend bill's latest post from ko samui. dang . . . he has me chomping at the bit! zidaho


i had booked a snorkel trip the day before, so the minibus driver picked us up at the resort at 7:30 in the morning and drove us over to the dock at nat hon to get on the tour boat.

this boat is a medium size tour boat, probably holds about 100 people. modern fiberglass boat, pretty fast, with an enclosed cabin, air conditioned and an open top deck for the folks who like the wind in their hair. a lot of europeans with some thai families.

about 45 minutes to nat hon where we switched to a smaller open speed boat, about 25 persons, for the trip out to the snorkel site further up the island. several boats there already, of course. they provide all the snorkel equpment and we were in the water in a moment.

liy, not being a good swimmer needed a life jacket, but i don't wear one so i can dive to the bottom. they give you some bread to attract the fish.

not a bad site but not as good as! coral island out of phuket. hundreds of fish here, thousands at coral island. so many at ci that they can scare you by their numbers. but we had a good time.

liy's first time snorkeling. they give you an hour in the water, plenty of time and then back to the little town for lunch. we shared a table with two sisters from rotterdam. one of them was suffering an intestinal upset and only ate some pineapple which has enzymes that are supposed to be good for a bad tummy. i introduced myself and liy and they said therenames and said," she is my sister". so i pointed to liy and said, " she is my sister." they were quite impressed with the family resemblance.

lunch was steamed rice, a seafood dish and chicken strips with fruit for dessert, plenty of water. then back into the boat for the trip to the marine park, koh nangyuan, where we had an hour and a half to do whatever. cost me 100 baht to land but only 30 baht for liy. because i am a farang.

so we relaxed a bit, had a beer at the bar, and then snorkeled for 1/2 hour before boarding the boat to go back to nat hon.

back onto the big boat for the trip back to the pier at samui. little miss liy climbed up in my lap and went to sleep for a while. at the pier we found our minibus and were taken back to the resort.

7:30 to 5:30, 3000 baht for both of us. a fun, full day and worth the price. got a shower and off to the restaraunt for a nice dinner.

i'm afraid i got carried away at dinner, ordering fruit drinks with liquor, steamed fish and a seafood medley salad, steamed rice. actually miss liy ordered every thing. she has taken over my life and i love it. here are some examples.

in the morning she makes sure we have everything we need for the day, including patting down my pockets to make sure i haven't forgotten the money. she packs up the day bag. at breakfast i show her on the menu what i want and she orders. when the coffee arrives, she adds sugar and cream just the way i like. when the food arrives she butters the toast and cuts up my food and puts it in my mouth. she keeps the room tidy, folding and putting away the clothes. when we go somewhere she takes the money and pays the taxi driver. she hangs on my arm and gives me little kisses, pinching and sqeezing and giggling. she is never still, moving and squirming like a little puppy. are we all gagging yet?

when the muslim martyrs die they go to heaven and get 72 virgins. i am already in heaven with my liy.

of course i am experiencing this in the name of pure research. someone has to do it. can i bring her home with me? she is almost small enough to fit in my hand luggage. but of course she would be run out of town immediately by the women.

we have to leave the resort on sunday as they are booked solid. for the sonkran festival. a big deal in thailand. to ensure water for the crops, so the people throw water and white powder on everyone! on sunday even the police get nailed. every body goes nutso, spraying people with water cannons, high pressure hoses, and such like. last year there were over 500 deaths attributed to the holiday. people knocked off motorbikes and such like.

so we are going to phuket. i have decided to take liy with me. so i have to got to the bar where she works and bail her out for several days. as she is not working she is not making the bar any money so i have to pay. it's worth it. she is a great girl, and we are having a lot of fun.

this morning we rented a catamaran and went sailingfor a couple of hours. another new experience for liy. she makes good crew and a very pretty one too. liy isn't beautiful, but she is cute like gidget, a little pug nose. the joke when we were looking for sunglasses for her was that she didn't have a bridge to her nose to perch the glasses on! always a big smile and a laugh. and she has a great little body. skin like silk, 26" waist, 34b bust, long dark brown hair. a real cutie and she looks great in her bikini altho she wears a cover up when not in the water. the body of a 25 yr old which she is. is there a price on my head yet?

we are renting a motorbike after lunch so we can go to lamai beach where i will pay up and then a tour of the island.


04-12-03, 19:36
My friend Bill has been in Ko Samui the past several days with a girl he met there and who he is bar fining out for the next several days. They are leaving KS because all the rooms were booked as of tomorrow. As described below he is now on his way to Phuket. Zidaho


So the day started early, 6:30 and we were getting ready for the day. Off to breakfast at 7:00. Breakfast is included in the rent and we eat at the open air bar overlooking the beach. Breakfast is usually light, yoghurt with fresh fruit for me and boiled rice soup with seafood for Liy, but today, bacon and eggs for me and rice, pork and egg for Liy. The hostesses and Liy were discussing my potential talents as a father, mostly in Thai, but I could tell what they were saying. They said I have a good face, make handsome baby. And I said "Yes, but no hair, pointing to my mostly bald head." So they said "yes, no hair but good heart".

So, about the time we were finishing up breakfast the massage ladies showed up for work. We both had a Thai oil massage with scented oils, a manicure and pedicure each, complete with matching toe nail color, (gold), four hours for 800 baht, less tha! n 18 dollars, all right on the beach.

Back to the room for a shower then uptown to make reservations to go to Phuket tomorrow. Cost about $120 to fly (2) 2800 baht each plus taxi to the airport of $7 (300 baht). But we can take a bus for 700 baht plus the minibus to the ferry dock, about $22 total. Leave early arrive at 2:00 pm in Phuket town. So that is the way to go. Fancy A/C bus too, then shopping.

I didn't mean to but we found some really pretty clothes for Liy, plus cosmetics, toiletries, etc. Some stuff for me too, loose fitting cotton pants, a swim cap.

By now Sonkran has started and we wrapped our goodies in plastic to walk back to the resort. I have finally figured this Sonkran thing out. It is the Thai New Year celebration! Anyway we were soaked by the time we got back to the room.

By this time it was late in the afternoon. I got a newspaper and went to the bar to read.&n! bsp; Liy came down later and we went swimming. Bodysurfing the small wavesuntil it got dark. Beautiful sunset, pink clouds with a half moon in the sky.

Another shower and we dressed for dinner, Liy in her white wrap cotton pants and white knit halter top. Very cute and sexy. Me in black cotton loose pants and black print Hawaiian style shirt. Handsome and sexy. Off to dinner at the japanese rest.

10 pm now and we have to pack and be up at 6:00. A shortlesson in Thainglish. My friend me.= My friend. Your friend you= your friend. My friend me, same same you.= Our friend. All prepositions and connecting words are gone. We go now. You like. Me no like. We eat now. etc. No l's inthe language, so my name is pronounced Bin, or Birr. Thai language is all one/two syllable words, no tenses. I eat now, I eat yesterday, I eat tomorrow.

Liy speaks good Thainglish and reads English language papers and books. She also reads my emails as I write and corrects my spelling mistakles.

Lots of places (Bangkok, Pattaya, etc) you feel like everyone is after your money, but then you come to a place like this. Liy has never asked me for money. One morning I was looking for my moneyclip, muttering about the room, "Where's my money, need money." Liy went over to her purse, reached in and gave me all her money!.

When we rented the sailboat, the beach guy rigged it all up and got us launched, helped us land andpull the boat up the beach. He walked away and I caught up with him, gave him 40 baht. He said, "What's this for?" I said" For your help." He took the money with a bemusedlook on his face, as if to say "Crazy Farang."

The girls at the beach bar work 12 hour days and make 4400 baht/month. Plus room and board. Pretty incredible.

Time to go pack up for tomorrow.

04-13-03, 07:56

" Cost about $120 to fly (2) 2800 baht each plus taxi to the airport of $7 (300 baht)."

And please don't forget no less than B500 for departure tax from KohSamui.
All other airports levy just B50 for domestic flights...

For B500 you can get ANYWHERE in the Kingdom from KohSamui by train and bus.

04-13-03, 11:18

the Samui airport tax is 400 baht for domestic, 500 for international.

At Don Muang, the international tax is also 500, but if you check-in for your homebound flight in Samui, they will have you pay the 500 baht tax there, but you will avoid the BKK one.

That way, you do not pay the extortionate 400 baht tax at all.

04-13-03, 12:31

I found the B500 here:

B400 still can get you to anywhere in the Kingdom.
8 times more, 10 times more: It's always a rip-off!

A couple of Brittons I met while checking in at DonMuang came from Samui. They had to pay departure tax from Samui AND from BKK... This was on Feb 4, 2003.

04-13-03, 13:13

I returned from Samui last week, and did as I explained. The thing is to check-in at the international terminal (that is the hut next door to the other one, since Samui airport is a low-key affair).

Nothing prevents you to pay the domestic tax from Samui to BKK, and then the international tax at Don Muang, but there is obviously an alternative, if you do not need to leave the airport in BKK before your homebound flight.

Apparently, some Bangkok Airways staff are more helpful than others.

One note of caution: if one is in the company of a local person (say a BKK-based sweetheart), it is adviseable to pay attention to the fact that her bag is not checked-in to Farangland as well, as that could easily happen with not-so-caring Samui staff members....

04-13-03, 14:37

The Brittons checked in again at DonMuang, I guess they shouldn't have done that...

Joe Zop
04-13-03, 14:48
well, to give a different take on things, i really don't mind the samui tax (or the one at, say, sukothai) all that much. those are private airports built by bangkok air, and that's one of the ways they pay for them, and given that they're trying to build internal infrastructure and the airfares are pretty cheap, i can live with that. the tax is actually less than the airport taxes we're currently charged in the states on every ticket -- the main difference is that here it gets folded in right away, and in los they make you pay in person, which highlights the fact. as you note, i can certainly take bus or minivan, but sometimes speed and convenience (or an extra day on the beach) is worth the money.

nice reports, btw, zidaho. hope we'll see some from you as well. your friend's experience with his tg is far from unique, though it sounds as though he's probably getting far too emotionally attached. he should keep in mind that liy didn't learn english at boarding school, but from other farangs. but as long as he keeps his heart safe he'll have the great time thailand can offer.

04-14-03, 01:37

I'm looking forward to posting my own experiences after arriving in LOS April 24. Though . . . my writing not as eloquent, hopefully I can manage to get feedback from you experts. I'm amazed how many people from Ketchum Idaho have lived or currently live in LOS. So far, I think I've told everyone of my tax clients about my Thailand trip this Spring!! This is going to be FUN!!!!!

04-21-03, 05:00
I'll be in Khon Kaen on business for about a week next month. Anyone got any good info on clubs, massage parlors, or SW there? I've been to Bangkok several times but not to the Northeast.


05-05-03, 20:05
I hope anyone have info about the massage parlors in Korat?


05-07-03, 18:08
Does anyone have any info on the Trat area? I'm thinking about spending a night there when travelling between Pattaya and Koh Kong.

05-10-03, 16:48
Samus Aran:

I live in a small town about one hour car-travel north Korat, I also have a house there. (Nangrong)
I like to know where I can find some massage parlors in Korat,
name or place, maybe prices....


05-10-03, 20:46

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information for Men who are looking for sex with Women.

Please try to refrain from personal attacks and stick to the subject.


05-17-03, 17:34
Greetings brothers,

Am back in BKK after a jaunt to Koh Tao for diving. Diving is good, not great, and I don't recommend it for beginners.

Just wanted to share a little bit of Koh Samui information for those headed that way. There is a scene there. It revolves around a large outdoor entertainment area called "Full Circle," which is on the main strip of Chaweng Beach. Look for The Quarterdeck bar, it has a sign with a big Q, it's right across from that. Looked fairly grim to me and I didn't partake.

Stayed at a place well south of the main strip called the Chaweng Guest House for 600 baht per night, had air-con and satellite TV. It's about a 20 minute walk from there to Burger King, if that gives you any feel for the place. BTW, BK is open until 3 am there.

I highly recommend The Dive Shop for anyone diving. They are the nicest people, very helpful, and limit their group size.

05-17-03, 17:54
I'm late in reading it, but a great report Zidaho dated 4-12-03. By the way, I'm also a beancounter here in Wisconsin.

I wanted to make one comment about his girlfriend's offer of money. I also experienced the same open generosity with a Thai lady I was with for four days. Twice when I was fumbling for money in the flap pockets of my cargo jeans she reached into her pocket and paid for the item in question. Neither item was expensive, just cab fare & lunch on the street after a long walk, but it showed me a charming and unique side of the Thai ladies. Money is very relative to the nice ones. As long as they have enough to pay the bills today or this week, they are completely at ease about the matter. I would guess it doesn't do much for their long term security, but it did show me again how kind and giving these ladies are who we seem to take for granted. This was my first trip to Thailand, but it wouldn't be my last, even if it wasn't for the petite, beautiful and caring ladies.

05-29-03, 04:54
OK, by the lack of response I received maybe not to many people visit Khon Kaen. But I did happen upon an interesting upscale MP during my visit there if anyone’s interested. It’s called Caesars, back behind the Krung Thai Bank on Sirchan Road between Namang Road and Langmuang Road. The prices were a bit high for Thai standards with sessions with a local girl starting at 1,100THB, 1,300THB for the “Classic” and 1,600THB for the “Playboy”. I asked for a girl who spoke some English and got one in the “Classic” range named Geat. Quality here was outstanding, this girl was the perfect Thai beauty. Very nice body with larger than average tits that appeared to be natural. Service included beer served in a private room, a brief massage, followed by full tub bath with lots of play and “submarine” activities. Then back to the bed for a talented CBJ, cowgirl riding and doggie action. I was surprised she didn’t ask for a tip or even seem to expect anything over the posted price when I “checked-out”, but I gave her a bit more anyway for which she appeared genuinely grateful. Anyway, for less than $30 US it was a bargain to me. Perfect break on a busy business trip.
Overall the place appeared safe, overly courteous service by the staff, no one tried to rip me off, and of course excellent service in the room! If you have a few hours to kill in KK I highly recommend this place.


06-12-03, 11:30
Has anyone out there got any info on "Koh Lanta". Does it have any "scene"??
Plan to go there as part of Bangkok and southern Thailand tour later this year. I have been to "Koh Phi Phi" where I know there is limited action, but I think its neighbour Koh Lanta is a different thing altogether.

06-12-03, 15:13

'I think its neighbour Koh Lanta is a different thing altogether.'

Think again!
At least on PP there are some bars. For drinking that is, or a bite to eat and watching a stupid movie with a bunch of 'one bottle of water a movie' geeks.

On Lanta there is nothing. Nothing as in 'empty' and 'boredom'. Perfectly ok, but not for the average visitor of this board!

06-12-03, 18:47
Thanks Freeler

I did mean "different thing" as in less going on. So will have to stick to diving for just a couple of days then! Had hoped there might have been a smidgin of paid talent about!

06-26-03, 14:43
Dear Colleagues,

I am soon heading for Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son. Does anyone know of any action there? Most reports (though nothing on WSG) indicate nothing much happening there.

Any tips on MPs would be especially appreciated.

Many thanks!!

06-29-03, 06:09
Haven't heard so much about the 'scene' in Samui too much. Just returned from a trip with the 'trouble'. Managed to sneak off though. Hit the Green Mango which now has TWO go-go bars (100% more than two years ago). Dream Girls has some very tasty totty, but I was scared off by the offer of B2000 for one of them. I should have checked if it was for FT or ST. Barfine B500.
Couple of days later tried the old go-go bar which has in the past got a bad rap. Things have changed over the last two years. Better selection and beer prices not exorbitant. Took Tam out for ST for B1000. Lovely body and very willing. Went round the back of Green Mango to a concrete blockhouse of rooms. Not so big room, divided up into bed and 'lounge' with TV. Tam stripped off quite quickly and laid on the bed thrusting her puss in the air. Had to DATY! It would have been criminal not to. When she was wet I did the deed and came away very satisfied. Nice tight body, not a bit of fat and very willing to try different positions. Well worth it.
Would have liked to try the Pink Panther (I think) down the south of Chaweng. A massage parlour which charges B2000 for 'everything'. Next time, maybe.
Back in the Middle East now, looking forward to my next trip to the LOS.


07-11-03, 12:19
Hi all,
Does anyone have any info on the Cambodia border crosing with Thailand at Poipet? Need to do a visa run and wondered if its worth a night away :-)
Any info appreciated.

Joe Smuff
07-12-03, 00:23
Hi all,

Anyone been to Koh Chang? Whats the action like there?


07-12-03, 01:39
meaty - Ekkamai to Trat (express bus) 200B max and minibus to Hat Lek (100B right across street from Trat bus station), visa run to Cambodia at Koh Kong is perhaps an easier way to go (will only cost $25 or so including a night in Koh Kong (more if you want AC room) ASSUMING you are going from BKK. IF you didn't want to stay o'nite, you COULD exit Thailand and turn around and re-enter without gettng the Cambodia visa (which costs 1100B - more there for some reason than in PNH) IF you plan on going back within a month, get a BUSINESS visa for $10 extra, allows unlimited entry/exit for a month

200B+100B+1100B+200B+100B+ "incidentals and entertainment"$45 (they seem to prefer $ in Cambodia but take Baht)

Didn't make it to Poipet so I can't say about that route

07-14-03, 04:03
Oh jeezz guys but Joe Smuff in particular,

I just saw 'Koh Chang' and 'action' on the same page:(

PS This is just a hiccup, I won't be back here for a while.

07-14-03, 05:30
Have read it somewhere on the Net that Samui hookers are the oldest and ugliest in the whole country. Coincidentally I had the same thoughts so I felt justified. But this only partly seems to be true.

When you look around Samui one can't help but notice the great number of hot looking young thai females everywhere. Except that most of them already have male company. It is quite common in Samui to book a girl for a week, a month or longer and go bike riding and just hang out together all the time. In fact the better looking ones count on this and will not easily go for just "ST" if there is something better in view. All that is left the uglies and oldies (some very advanced ages indeed) for short time action.

If you go to Lamai the beer-bars are quite well packed with reasonable lookers at opening time around 7-8pm but virtually deserted (except for the grannies) by 10pm.

The top lookers in the two go-go bars in Chaweng are often booked out for a week or month at the time, espec. in peak-season. There is a serious shortage of good looking females in Samui's meat trade. Yet if you put in the work, occasionally you will find some.

Just like in the brothels back home, like attracts like. Better looking meat tends to gather together. In Chaweng down the way to the Reggae Pub only a couple of bars have really reasonable looking pussy. One used to be the Elle Pub which closed down just recently. But the one next to it, the Queen Pub is not too bad either. Almost all the hostesses are passable.

If it's not a busy night, you should be able to get ST for B500 and LT for 1000. Some ask more but I could always get it for this much and the performance has been satisfactory or even better.

In the go-go bars of Chaweng for the best girls the asking price is B2000 ST (short time up to 2-3 hrs but sometimes only one hour). They can get this much since of the meat-shortage as mentioned before. I even heard of a story of a girl getting B7000 LT because the place was packed and several punters wanted to take her home. (She is very good looking though!) But if it's a slow night and you are persistent and smile you should get anyone for 1000 ST or 1500 LT in either of the two go-go bars.
All the girls gave reasonable service as this seems to be the norm in Samui. It's such a relaxed place.

The massage joints near the Green Mango are a rip-off. They wanted B600 for massage + handjob or 2000 F/S one hour on site. Who would pay that much? They weren't even anywhere near good looking.

At Pink Panther massage on Chaweng Road ST is B2000 F/S. They look okay but for this money?

Good hunting!

07-14-03, 05:59
Got this good one on the way to Reggae Pub just in one of the corner bars. I had already banged all the good lookers in all go-go bars and most beer-bars so just wandered around and wandered and wandered. The situation seemed quite hopeless. But hop, a nice smile!

Sat down immediately not to miss the chance and indeed was she gorgeous! Such an exotic face, very long curly hair. a real cutie. We had a drink each.

Conversation was a bit slow as neither of us could speak more than a few words of each other's language but we got on somehow with a lot of help from mamasan. Soon I popped the question "ha-roy baht short time ok?" (500baht ST). She nodded and off we went. Samui is such a relaxed, romantic place and every time it's just like doing it with your lover of many years.

Maybe because she was so nervous, (I don't know) she started deep kissing me as soon as we entered the bungalow. This became deeper and deeper and soon my hand was buried in her hole elbow deep, and we didn't even take a shower until then. But I supposed she had washed before. The first round was done right there and then in one steamy session. She didn't stop deep kissing for one second, nearly suffocated poor old Mistapenus. She had a gorgeous face and perfect white teeth so I complained not even a bit. It's so hard to get a good kisser anyway.

After some intensive moaning and groaning and screaming (her) I suggested we take a shower. Some real tasty oral action followed from both sides and did she have the pinkiest pinky ever! In great contrast with the black skin. You must have noticed that the real hot ones are always the blackest. (Why?)

Round two was just as good as round one, or better. We both got succesfully totally exhausted. I had to remind her that time was over, 2 hours gone. She might get another quickie if she goes back to the bar, I reckoned. So good for her.

Bye, bye, see'ya later! She got on the motorbike taxi.

Evaluation: Excellent! 30 year old (looked younger). The cost only 200 pay bar, 500 pay girl, 50 taxi, 200 two drinks total:B950.

07-15-03, 11:18
Originally posted by Dinghy
IF you didn't want to stay o'nite, you COULD exit Thailand and turn around and re-enter without gettng the Cambodia visa (which costs 1100B - more there for some reason than in PNH)

I've never heard that you can exit Thailand without entering somewhere else, are you sure this is possible? Has anyone else done this before? everyone i know has always got the Cambodian visa, it makes sense that you don't have to if your just doing it for Thailand visa purposes, i need to know more. Anyone?

07-16-03, 03:35
Meaty - well, let's assume you have exited LOS (you gave the LOS exit folks the visa) then crossed the border. You next have to GET the visa for Cambodia. IF you decided that for whatever reason, you want to go back, you HAVE legally exited LOS but just HAVEN'T ENTERED anywhere else. IF you turn back (without getting the visa), you need to re-enter Thailand. I heard about a guy who argued with Cambodia about the difference between the 1100B and the $20 (visa is supposed to cost $20, but at Hat Lek crossing it costs 1100B) and got told that he wasn't welcome. They (Thai or Cambodians) didn't make him stay in Cambodia. Since the Thai visa is free, it's no skin off their nose if you don't PAY Cambodia)

While I can't speak authoritatively (meaning - I didn't TRY it - I actually wanted to GO to Cambodia), they probably don't CARE if you didn't get the visa and enter Cambodia, just that you departed Thailand and then fill out the paperwork and legally re-enter Thailand. ONCE you hand over that exit permit, you have LEFT (they DO stamp you "out" and particularly if you actually enter that "no man's land" between the borders, you have LEFT Thailand - and the same person doesn't "enter you" as "stamped you out")

Just saves the visa fee I think (I might be wrong, anyone else out there have another opinion/experience?)

07-24-03, 03:22
Ok, Meaty finally did his 'visa run', went by coach to Poipet, Cambodian border. Stamped out of Bangkok no probs, went round all the casinos for about 5 hours grabbed some grub, turned round went to enter Thailand and told cannot, told i must enter and exit Cambodia first. I've lived here for going on 4 years, so i know some things about how to be with thai officials but i wasnt getting anywhere. I even suggested that there must be a way we can solve the problem and help us both and he said "i know what you mean, if you pay Cambodia visa Thailand does not get money but the law of Thailand you must enter and exit Cambodia" so i was getting at giving him some money to let me in but no dice.
In all i got sorted and am now in for 3mths so no problems. On another note, i'm thinking of organising a 'Casino trip' on a regular basis. Its 3 hours by bus from bangkok, package along the lines of, return VIP coach to Poipet border, entry into all the casinos, free transfers between casinos, Free entry to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner International and Thai buffet. for about 1,200baht. + cambodian visa. Now obviosuly i make money from this so those long timers that recognise a few pennies could be saved here and there, sure, but we all need to live right! I'm not doing it yet i'm just interested to know if people here feel they would be interested. Combine visa run with a little gambling and there are also 3 big Ratchadapisek style massage parlours offering the usual, as well as plenty of good lookers about that look like there up for it!
Just thoughts, cheers anyway Dinghy, i agree with what you put, it does make sense, but i must have run into mister 'by the book' which i didnt realise existed within the immigration dept!

07-30-03, 03:45
Went to this beautiful little town once, called Ao Nang. it's near Krabi. The scenery is absolutely amazing.

Also it's very touristy but not overrun yet with cars and backpackers like Krabi. A little bit boring though as most visitors seem to bring their own ho.

But in the evening I noticed there are actually a string of bars here! A dozen or so TGs hang around, seemingly all in the Game.

Drinks are quite cheap, mine and one for a girl was total 100 baht.

We played a bit of 'connect four' then I asked her out for ST. She wouldn't go for less than 1000 baht (that's double of Pattaya's standard), so I left it at that. I was on the way to Pattaya anyway. But the town itself is a lot more beautiful than Pattaya.

07-31-03, 02:34
Meaty - how did you go to Poipet? I understand "bus" but where did you catch the bus? any specifics? How about the visa fee? $20 or 1000B (it was 1100B at Hat Lek crossing)? I have read some things about the bus trips being a "bit" difficult in that they want to sell you a trip to Siem Reap/ want you to stay where they want you to stay/ etc etc. AND there haven't been much said about how to find the bus. I was going to go to Surin and cross there but couldn't figure out how to make it work. (I need more Thai language)

you can go to the casinos without "entering" cambodia? Sure can't at Hat Lek - the casino is 1000M or so down the road IIRC.

08-01-03, 02:52
This site used to get around 50 posts a day, seems to struggle with getting anything these days! Come on guys, bring yourselfs back and start typing up those FR's.

Dinghy - Sure thing, the bus i want to be selfish about and keep a secret at the moment, it has a huge earning potential attached to it which i don't want to miss out on. I can tell you its a thai bus, not government, 24 seater VIp, picks up at Central Bangna. Departs v early am, returns 8pm, 3hr journey to the border. Cambo visa is 1,000Baht, and if you want you can pay the officers local assistant 200baht to then run the gauntlet and get all the stamps you need.
I can assure you that the bus takes you there and once there you can go where you want. Certainly not restricted. The problem i have is this is very much a 'secret' thai thing, so the odd farang here and there is no problem, but i reckon we can get 30 a week, so i need to grease the working parts a little more.
If you want to go i'd be happy to set it up for you, e-mail me at meatywsg@hotmail.com.
Before i get slammed to death for witholding info on an info sharing board, i will eventually post the details, if someone doesnt find out first, i'm just trying to put a small business operation together to offer this to you all and by posting all thye gritty i lose that small edge. Hope you understand.

08-10-03, 18:12
First: A big THANK YOU to Progman for saving my reports!

Day 1 the first of 41 days in the HolyLand... Pilok

After a very pleasant flight on a free upgrade the plane touched down half an hour
ahead of schedule in a very humid BKK. I cleared immigration in no time at all
and was surprised to see my luggage have to go through an X-ray machine after
No SARS checks were done.
I had plenty time left to catch the Rapid train to Pitsanulok. The ticket was
The trip was nice, but of course I was a bit too tired to fully enjoy the
goings on.
After arriving in Pilok I went staight to my hotel, where the old
lady was still bossing everybody around and some familiar faces were waiting on
the first floor: S1 and Y.
I took the room on the corner and had the leaking shower repaired before
I settled in. When I went out I more or less decided that I would take S1 to
my room when I returned.
I took a walk around and found that most shops were closed, there were hardly
any people on the streets, that the AM/PM shop was closed down and vacant. My
favorite little restaurant near the RWS, the one with the giant rat under the
Coke vending machine, was also gone...
The London Hotel had six ho's downstairs and just one guest. I was the only
guest at my hotel. You could say that things were quiet.
After an hour or so I returned to my room. The tap was fixed, two towels were
on the bed and S1 was ready to go. Or rather, more than ready to go. We took a
long shower together and she showed that she hadn't lost her touch. Amazing how
some women apply just the right amount of presure on the ever stiffening
member... She had about enough of it when my eyes started rolling in seperate
directions. She pushed me out of the shower and over to the bed. She took one
of these tiny Thai 49mm condoms from her purse, but I of course made sure I had
a supply of N-11 available. And we put one of them to good use. Unbelievable
how this rubber holds out during almost an hour of sucking, fucking some more
sucking and so on... After the hour was over darling S1 gave me a hand release
like none before, leaving me sanuk mak.
S1 was happy too with the B300 she earned.
After another shower I walked to Topland Mall and Hotel. I had to get some
clothes. I found what I needed and went to get a bite in a small restaurant
opposite Topland. I had a very good sweet and sour chicken for just B15.
When I came back to the hotel I found that police blocked the road. A local
hotshot was playing badminton in the hall behind the hotel. Needless to say the
hookers had left for better places. At 9pm the police left and the hookers
returned. One of them was J from a previous trip - she was the B50 girl -
and I knew she would give me the good thing 100%. So we swiftly agreed on B200
for ful service and went up to my room. I must say that she learned a few
things sice last time, she had a supply of condoms in her purse and perhaps
more important, her skills had improved considerably! I would call her double
handed HJ a classic already... She dropped on her knees in front of me and
folded both hand around my dick and started squeezing and jerking... too
good... I almost forgot to fuck her! She was one hot little fucker before, but
improvements here too. She is now a very hot little fucker. If you don't pound
her hard enough she will let you know! after she gave me a massive orgasm and
after a shower I sent her on her way with B200.

Day 2

At noon I picked up J again. This time around it was HJ only and very much to
my satisfaction. No oil or any other useless crap, just a couple of bare hands
doing the job and a little titty rubbing too. Awesome!
She left with another B200.
I went for another B15 dinner at yesterday's restaurant, a red curry pork dish.
Very good food again!
Around 5pm I picked up L, a 20 yo local girl. She was ok, she tried very
hard to earn her B200. But I don't think I would take her again.
This does not go for T, a 28 yo I ran into around 9pm. She was sitting with a
50yo lady who at first caught my eye. I started talking with the older lady and
was just about to ask her to come to my room when she made the mistake to
mention her friends big pussy.
Big pussy.
The very words made my dick jump in my pants. My mouth went dry. Have to have
her! I tipped the old lady B50 and took T by the hand. On the way to the hotel
she said she was from BKK and that she comes to Pilok on a regular
basis to make some money.
For a mere B200 I enjoyed this lady with a maxi sized pussy, above average
sized tits and a big mouth too.
Very good service all the way through to a massive burst on my part and more
than one orgasm for her.
Do NOT forget: MUST have her again!
I went to sleep avery happy man and passed out completely until my alarm woke
me up at 7AM the next morning.

Day 3 ChangRai

I checked out at 7.45 and took the #1 bus from the RWS to Bokoso ('busstation'). I bought
the B195 ticket to CRai and had breakfast, the same as yesterday. The bus left
about 15 minutes late, but didn't waste any time on the way. We had a 20 mins
foodbreak just South of Phrae. I had a delicious B20 green curry chicken with
I went straight on to CRai where I took a large room for B180, down from last
year's B200, in an innercity guesthouse.
I had a very good Chicken curry at the IMF1999 restaurant, B20.
In the evening I walked out to the military airstrip. There used to be some
Thai style brothels here, but they haven't re-emerged after the big raids last
year. Lots of new Thai style night spots here now tho. I didn't bother with the
supply on the main tourist oriented strip, I chose to have a traditional
massage instead. I checked 4 mp's before I found a woman older than 25 yo with
strong, capable hand. It was at Udom Rak, opposite the ThaiAirways office near
Wancome hotel, her name was C, 44yo - my guess was 34...
The cost for a two hour full massage was B200. I paid the same amount in
the same mp in 1997. Back then 1US$ was B25.... The girl get B100, mamasan
keeps the rest. I tipped Chintana B100. She was particularly good in the
presspoint part of the massage. Hot flows through all extremities... When she
started on my face she removed her bra to let my head rest on her soft breasts.
I remommend this lady for a massage.
She will come to your room for B300, of which the mamasan gets B200. I prefer
to spend that extra B100 on a tip.

Day 4

I'm pretty sure I will leave the CRai bargirls where they are tonight and sleep
alone. Perhaps another massage...
Like I said, I didn't BF any of the bargirls in CRai., but I had a look at some
of the gogo's, and man, what a depressing sight! No customers, no girls, drinks
at B80 and B2000 LT quotes. A total waste of time!
I let a tuk-tuk driver bring me to some Karaokes that are supposed to have some
action going. Not so. There are no girl line-ups anywhere in CRai anymore.
Police are keeping a close watch and anyone who tries to pull something off
gets shut down straight away. The one Karaoke that had some girls didn't have
rooms and the LT quote, again, was B2000. I paid the driver B20 for 'not
getting me any pooying' and he seemed happy I paid him at all.

Day 5 Fang and Pilok again

In Fang:
I asked a motorguy to show me the karaoke and massage places. There are just
two. A bungalow/massage about 1 mile outside town and one karaokebar about 1/2
a mile from the hotels.
It's hardly worth the visit.
They have a massage room upstairs, but any 'make lub' has to be done elsewhere.
A lady take-out was B800 ST...
I'm not 100% sure, but it seems like police are keeping a CRai style watch on
the business in Fang.
I decided not to stay the night, but to move on to MaeSai.
But bad news at the busstation, the bus had not arrived from MaeSai - accident.
There were basicly three options left: Back to CRai, onward to TaThon or South
to CMai and Phrae or Pilok from there. I opted for the last possibility and
took a B60 ordinary bus to CMai. In my memory the road to CMai was pretty
straight, not so. It's hilly and has lots of dangerous curves. The bus was
never more than half full. After just over three hours we
arrived at CMai's NorthernBusStation. I immedeately took a B20 red songthaew to
ArcadeBusStation where I just missed the Phrae bus. Next one at 9pm. A 4 hours
wait... *UCK! Fortunately there was a B216 class 1 aircon to Pilok (and on to
Korat) at 5.30pm. We left right on time with just 10 people on board.
In Lampun no one got on, three left. in Lampang 5 more left and just two came
on. Other buses too were almost empty. I've never seen this before in Thailand.
It seems as if Thais don't travel anymore.
The trip had a lovely little feature: a twenty minutes stop just 3 miles
outside Pilok. Very nice! It just started to rain, and I could see myself
getting soaking wet on a motorbike to the hotel...
But there was NO-ONE in Pilok's busstation.
Not a single passenger waiting, not a single samlor, tuk-tuk or motorbike. I've
been to Pilok busstation many times at all sorts of ungodly hours, and the
place was always packed...
I started walking and made it to the hotel in less than twenty minutes, checked
in and paid B150 for the night, put my luggage in the room, went out and picked
up the only girl in sight. 33yo N, a cute lady! But that wasn't
going to stop me from fuckin' her goood! She talked a lot, but it never
irritated me. Kind of funny to hear her voice change pitch at a deeper stroke.
Anyway, she took care of 72 hours of no-go in LOS. I took some pictures
I paid N a well deserved B200 and tipped her B20.
She left and I slept like a baby until 10AM the next day.

Day 6

I woke up to find no less than 9 girls on the first floor, 5 sw's just outside,
4 more around the corner, 2 at the clocktower and 5 at the Chinese hotel at the
other side of the block.
Who wants Pattaya?
But no sign of T. So I pulled out her phonenumber, dropped a B5 coin in a
payphone and dialed. She answered the phone. We set a date for 5pm today at the clocktower.
Today is the first sunny day.
It somehow became 5pm and I went to pick up T for a(n almost) triple session.
Apparently giving a girl some compliments about her bodily features helps her
like you a lot more. We started getting it on in the shower, proceded to the
floor in front of the bed, did a photosession on one of the chairs
and ended the first part with some lovemaking I will not easily forget. When
the little darling came she just about cut of my tool... We had another round,
starting again in the shower, then on the floor, skipped the chair part and
then some cowgirling on the bed. Good for me! She took care of the finale with
her soft little hands. And the way she looked when some of the white stuff hit
her nose. Cute! Too bad that when I started poking her 'blue colar' style her
period started... I was happy that her time of the month hadn't begun 2
hours earlier and did all I could to stop her from crying. She was affraid I
would send her off with no payment! How dare she... Freeler promised her B300
and Freeler paid her B300. There, me no cheap Charlie! We took a little
afternap and around nine it was time to part. She went to her room in the
Chinese hotel and I went to get some food. I tried a restaurant near that
Chinese hotel, had a good chicken red curry, one with a surprisingly spicey
ring to it. Cost: B15...
Before I could sleep I had to clear the room of some nasty little bugs. I love

Day 7 korat

Woke up around 8, had a coffee in LondonHotel just when the dayshift ho's came
in. The nightshift stayed, they were too drunk to go anywhere. After downing
the coffee I left to get some toast at a bakery near the rws. The place was not
exactly cheap: B40 for two toast, a coffee and some orange juice.
I checked out, said goodbye to the girls and took bus #1 to the
busstation to catch the bus for Korat.
The CMai-Korat bus arrived dead on time, half empty, I'm getting used to
that. The trip was nice and I got off at the Mall in Korat at 6.50PM. I took
bus#6 to the park and checked in at the SakolHotel.
Now I'm in this internet cafe after banging the hell out of poor Kai, who
excepted B200 for an unholly round of poking. She left with a smile on her face
- happy to leave perhaps? - and I don't feel bad either....
I made a round of the park at 11pm and found a good looking 33yo who
said she was ready to go. So we went to the SriRat hotel where I took a B60 st
room. In the room I found the towels were already used by another couple and
the girl less willing to go then I thought. I quickly had enough of it and
left, leaving behind a baffled girl. The nightclerk at the desk downstairs
didn't fully understand either when I complained about the dirty towels. Usualy
Thai hotels pay back the roomfee after similar mishaps, but this bloke didn't.

Day 8,

I had the first two films develloped and I did manage to get some artistic
After a quick sweet&sour chicken lunch I strolled through the park once more to
find N. I took her to one of the other B60 ST hotels, where the towels are clean,
but the rooms often are not. N about 5ft short and, ehhhr, FAT! But a good juicy
pussy that allowed for some good fucking. After a good 45 minutes B200 changed hands
and we parted.
Around ten I went on a lady finding mission. After half an hour a woman walked up
to me, said she
had a room and that B200 was the price. She stayed in the wooden Chinese hotel,
Korat Fuck Central, and lead the way at a pace that got me thinking she needed
it more than I did...
She was so excited she could hardly open the padlock on her door. When she
finally managed to get in, she was naked and on the bed with her legs spread,
her feet almost behind her ears, before I had taken off my t-shirt.
Did she need it!
She used three fingers to losen the hole up and pulled her clit with
thumb and forefinger of her other hand. Sounded juicy. I proceded to take the
camera out of my bag, and if you thought she had any objections, forget it,
Instead she turned to show her feminin side even more, lah! She didn't want to
do any little handjob or blowjob or other nonsence, she just wanted to get
fucked! So I fucked and fucked and fucked this utter 30yo nymphomaniac until I
didn't feel a thing anymore, she showed four fingers, saying 'sanuk sii krang'
- happy four times. Time for me to give myself a little sanuk as well, after
which she checked the rubber's contents with her expert eye...
When I was getting dressed she was poking away at her **** again.
Anybody up for a nymphomaniac?
I was a bit stupid not to ask her for her phonenumber, but she said she would
probably be in Korat when I return after my probe in the Eastern Isaan,
tomorrow and the day after.
She is included on my 'have to bang again' list.

Day 9 SiSaket

I took the 11 am ordinary to SiSaket, B48, a trip without delays. In
SiSaket I quickly went to the hotel.
Next I banged the big **** lady from Uthomphon Phisai, she's always fucking
hot, I paid her a massive B300 because she deserved it.

Day 10

I just left my room, it was a bit small, the curtains were everywhere except
covering the windows and I found a leech in the bathroom... but hey, it is
rainy season, it is the tropics and it is rural Thailand. I now have me a large
room one floor down on the third, a bigger bed, a larger bathroom, curtains
that look like they can do the job the were designed for and all that still at
Today is a day of 'dolce far niente'. Maybe get a haircut and see if I can get
some more film develloped.
I got that haircut(B40) so quickly that I had plenty time left to take a train
to Ubon to do some shopping.
Ubon update: The white bus#2 is no more, white songthaews #2 now run the route
from the rws all the way to Bokoso in the Northern part of town. The price is
still B5.
In Ubon preparations for this year's candle festival were underway. The
festival starts on July 8 and goes on for about a week.
When I returned to the hotel around 4pm, there
was at least a ho for each hotelguest hanging around by the tv-set in the
After a tom yam plaa (spicey fish soup), delicious but a little boney, I took
P upstairs for a 2 hour B200 get together. She was worth everylast Baht!
There was a lovely looking shorthaired woman sitting in the lobby when I
returned and I was thinking to give her a try, but -stupid me- I took a nap
first. A nap that took until 8 am the next day....

Day 11 What a day.... Korat again

I woke up just in time to catch the 8.16 rapid to Korat. Fortunately I bought
pancakes for breakfast yesterday and my bag was as good as packed, so I could
leave immediately. The train was full!!! I jumped off at Korat's Thanon Jira rws and
had the good taste to select a drunk as my driver to the hotel. B20 less in the
pocket but three near death experiences richer I arrived at the Sakol, where
they gave me a top floor room. I went out to have two more films develloped,
looking good again, but I am already mixing theladies up:(!
Back in the park I didn't come across my nymphomaniac friend, but goodlooking,
busty 20 yo J instead.
For B200+st room rent she would treat me well, so we went to the ST hotel on
the North end of the park erea. The cute little thing loved to have her
pictures taken and modelled like a pro - without the attitude!
She also gave me the loveliest little bj and then let me into her gourgeous
pussy. An 11 on a scale from 1-10... Perhaps a little too slippery with the KY
It was in the middle of this bit of intercourse that I smelled glue on her
breath. What a turn-off! If her pussy wasn't of the quality described before I
might have lost the power. I set the gluethought aside and went through to the
perfect finnish on her lovely smiling face.
I paid lovely J B200 + a B20 tip. She asked for it with a kiss and a smile
and said it was for food for the baby. I just hope I didn't support the glue
I see more foreigners in Korat than before... Two apparent newbies, judging
from the stupid grin on their faces, walked up to the ST hotel with two very
happy looking hookers (B500 ST perhaps?), when I was leaving after banging J.
Come to think of it, I probably had a similar grin on my face, duhh...
If J's around tomorrow I may forget about the nymphomaniac I was supposed to
Well, I've forgotten all about the nymphomaniac anyway, because tonight I ran
in to D, the lovely girl I had the pleasure of escorting me back to my room
on two previous tours. And like last time she still isn't pretty, her titties
are still best left covered up, but her service is in the #1-outstanding range.
And her noises are absolutely unbeatable...
D left with B300 and a B20 foodtip.
J and D, what a day!

Day 12

It's almost 8 pm, I'm going to pick up D.
It just started to rain and perhaps that is why D didn't show... OTOH the
only girl that EVER kept her deals in Korat was Deang, the best little DT in
Thailand. She would knock on my door every evening at 8 sharp...
I turned this little mishap into a nice thing by going with D2 and J to
their room in the Chinese FC. At first D2 seemed the hottest of the two, but
she was more words than action. J, however, was a little piece of dynamite
and a talented kisser too... For B400 the three of us explored just about every
thing possible for three people to do. I only wish I'd taken just J and left
D2 out in the rain. J is on my 'have to bang again' list.

Day 13 Pattaya

I woke up pretty early and finished breakfast and a little
internetting in time to catch the 10.30AM bus to Pattaya. The fare was B210 for
a class1 airconbus. The company at ticket-office 7 run buses between
Ubon-Korat-Pattaya. The trip was ok, but there were a few timeconsuming
sidetrips of the main route to pick up parcels and drop off stuff. Nakornchai
don't do that. Somewhere at the halfway mark, the bus stopped and picked up
some passengers who had to stand in the isle as all the seats were taken. My
neighbour for the trip told me that sometimes ten or more people have to stand
all the way: overbooked.
Nakornchai don't do that either. They leave at 12.30 - same price.
After 6 hours the bus stopped at the Pattaya ticketoffice on
PattayaCentral(Klang) and 3rdRoad. From there it was a ten mins walk to
my hotel on Soi8, where my B300 small airconroom was waiting.
I went out for a stroll along BeachRoad and was amazed by the lack of white
faces. On the walk to PattayaLand I met perhaps ten tourists, it was 5.30PM, so
maybe everybody was having dinner...??
I took a B5 songtheaw to see if Muffdriver, we planned our meeting here weeks
ago, had arrived in his hotel. I was met by a receptionist who was an
asshole and instead of trying to understand who the person was I wanted to
meet, he tried to sell me a room.
I decided to try again 'tomorrow' and took the long way back, along Beachroad,
no surprise.
It can't have been much later than 8pm when I met K, 36yo from Ubon, Indian
(as in Hindu) appearance. I offered her B300 - my special Pattaya price - for a
ST and some snapshots in my room. Of course she agreed, it was a generous
In the room I quickly discovered that she was still in her time of the month,
but for some reason I believed her when she said that she could do other things
to make me happy than fuck me and I didn't kick her out the door.
Lucky me!
She massaged, HJ'ed and BJ'ed me to heaven and back. It wasn't exactly the
infamous scrotummassage, but the way she pushed certain parts and parts there
of down there made me cum big time. Keh collected the product of her efforts in
her hands and seemed pleased. Very likely not as pleased as I was...
I walked her back to the beach and returned to my room for a good night's

Day 14

I'm a bit confused about what happened this day, so please forgive my blabbing:
I met Muffdriver on this day, and P, a 34yo, no babies, gorgeous
knockers, a Brazillian butt and an a-1 attitude. She agreed to come to my room
in the middle of the afternoon for B300. Her performance and the photo
opportunity she gave me made me pay her B500 with a smile on my face.
I'm pretty sure that this was also the day when I met E again, the lady with
the biggest NATURAL hooters in Thailand, and argueably SEAsia as a whole. I had
her in my room in Jan 2002 and tho the sight of her is amazing, her attitude
leaves lots to be desired: no photos! DAMMIT!!! No TF, hardly BJ and a pussy to
tender for any real fuckin'. I wouldn't have her again, but promised to
introduce her to Muffdriver.
We showed up at that bar not together but with a party of five. Muffdriver,
2 other guys a TG and me.
Think again if you thought that E would be all over Muffdriver! She
started out by complaining about the other people, ran away as soon as any kind
of camera pointed in any direction and I'm sure we would have been outathere in
no time if the two guys hadn't climbed the karaokestage with the purpose to
'sing' through the entire karaoke computer's collection. That took a while...
Meanwhile, back at our table, E let het 50 pound hooters rest on my hands,
arms, neck everywhere except around my dick...
Muffdriver had to settle for a 'flatbed', relative to E that is.
At some point the singers were done and we left to walk through Soi8 and
then along BeachRoad to PattayaLand.
I strolled back along Beachroad, picked up Jen2 from SamSen, BKK and did
my thing.
Jen2 wanted her money quick I guess, she agreed to to my every suggestion and
did so with joy. Full service completo, so to speak: HJ, BJ, DT, TF, some good
fucking - lovely pussy - and a big finish on her smiling face. There. Another
B300 well spent! Pictures? Of course.

Day 15

In the evening Muffdriver invited me to dinner at his hotel's restaurant.
THNX Muffdriver!
No doubt lots of other things happened during the day, but all I can recall is
that I called P and asked her to be in my hotel at 9PM. When I
arrived there at 8.30 she was there already, thinking we were to meet at eight.
Whatever. I got another 2 1/2 hours of super service, including pre- and
after-hump-shower, a lot of kissing and more of that tender stuff and an
allmighty shagging. And a nice little splash to round things of... I simply
don't waste money, do I? Another B300+B200 tip very well spent!

Day 16

In the hotel, I checked and cut the film I had develloped before and had some printed at
Central Color Lab, opposite Soi7 on 2ndRoad. They are always a good choice for
printing. After I picked the photo's up I went to the pharmacy next door and
bought ONE blue pill for B450. I had it cut in half.
I'm not going to blow up my dick in a first time, non-doctor-supervized, V-test. THNX!
That night, half a pill turned out to be plenty for the task at hand: Getting
P out the door unable to walk. Kidding! P deserved a good session after
her previous performances and wether it was the pill or not, I had the biggest
raging hard-on since.... can't remember! Bad thing was that I woke up at 4AM
next morning with that thing poking in the matrass... good thing was that I'm
pretty sure I could still feel the effect the next day when I picked up L for
a session.

Day 17

What got me through the day? A bit of shopping with Muffdriver and one of the other
guys, an afternoon session with L, who, like myself, could still benifit from last
night's blue pill. She had a nice lose pussy. No wonder, she gave birth to a
lovely baby boy less than a month ago...
Later, Muffdriver and I had dinner in the foodcourt at the BigC. They serve
lots of different Thai dishes at prices you can afford. (BUT: My favourite
place to eat in Pattaya is still the small foodstand outside the 7-11 on the
corner of Soi7 and 2ndRoad).
I was treated to a foot massage, courtesy of Muffdriver's generousity. THNX
After the footrub, we split up to monger.
I went out to look for K, the 'Indian' girl. Her periods ought to be over by
now and I would just like to try that pussy of her's. I found her, a little drunk
and a little giggly. And back in the room it was clear that the alcohol had
removed her (only) inhibition(s). There were none left.
She treated me as if she was an angel and fucked me like a devil.
Happy!!! For me it was a bit difficult to pop, and when she finally retrieved
some droppes, her comment:
'You no have mut butter, mister'. B300 her way.

Day 18

I checked out, left my bag downstarirs, had breakfast and picked up Muffdriver
for a short bar visit. Luckily some of the regulars were there, but damn
you Muff, just after you left, conversation picked up -the man in yellow was in
shape!- and rounds came in. You can go back safely tomorrow: As I promised I
did pick up your bill. And paid it, lah! I made sure that the gents' table was
full of alcoholic beverages when I left.
After I picked up my bag at the hotel I took a B5 songthaew from Soi8 to
the Naklua roundabout and another B5 songthaew to the BKK busstation. The place
was crowded! Buddist-lent celebrating Thais on the way home. I had to wait an
hour for my Morchit2 bound bus (B90). Instead of taking the elevated Tollway,
the driver took the motorway, resulting in 45 mins of trafficjams. Nice! When
will people finally start to believe that the Motorway is the S-L-O-W route
to/from BKK? In Morchit2 the bus for Ayutthaya was just about to go when I
jumped on. The B41 ride took 2 hours, about the usual for an afternoon trip. I
arrived in Ayutthaya just after 6PM and checked in to BJ's Guesthouse. Once
they were B120, three years ago they tried to go to B150, which didn't work,
despite new tiles on all the floors in the rooms.
Now they are just B100, they had just 12 guests in the past 5 days... all their
food is pricey, if not plain expensive, except for the chicken/pork curry,
which goes at a very reasonable B50+B10 for rice. Guess what I had!

Day 19 Pilok again...

Leaving BJ's at 7.30AM, I ignored the lies of the motorized samlor drivers
that the station was 'very far away'. Instead I walked to the ferry that
crosses the river to the rws and boarded her after paying B2.
On the other side I passed the guesthouse I stayed at in January. It was
closed. Strange as its location less than 100m from the rws should guarantee
plenty guests...
I was at the station in time to catch the Rapid to Pilok, but I had planned to
take the slow train. I almost changed my mind, but then a group of tourists
came running into the station after being dropped off by no less than four
samlors. They all rushed to the ticketcounter and bought tickets for the Rapid
to Pilok/ChiangMai. That train would depart without me.
I bought the B58 ticket for the slow train and went to get a coffee and some
patankoh at the market opposite the rws.
The train arrived and left spot on time, and the trip was almost without
delays. Only the last leg from Pichit to Pilok took three mins longer than the
schedule said.
In Pilok I went straight to the hotel and checked into my room on the first
I called T to set a date for tonight at 6 and made trip to the BigC. 'Z' always
talks about the girls at the Mall in Korat. Forget them, come to Pilok and
check out the girls in the BigC's upstairs foodcourt.
Ultra short skirts, high heels. Ok, they're way too young to bonk, but a little
looking doesn't hurt no-one...
Went for a B20 sour chicken curry at one of the restaurants on the hotel block.
Great food as usual.
At 6 T was nowhere in sight. Nice! I'm as horny as a monkey in the zoo and
she's not there.
I checked the meeting place twice more and decided I was being stood up bigtime
and picked up 45yo N. She wanted B400. HAHA!! I offered B150 and she said
yes. Back in the room she undressed, showing a less than perfect body, took a
shower, went to the bed, lied down and spread her legs. There you go, but a bit
too fast for me.
Howzabout a little BJ first?
Nik opened her mouth and I could shove it right in. All the way, down the
hatch. She gagged just a little. She looked up at me, a bit expressionless,
but what gives, that mouth is made for fucking! I kept moving in and out for a
while, oh so easily, and she just went 'gggggggghhhh'.
After a while I pulled out and TF'ed her a bit. If she had ANY expression on
her face this woman would have been H-O-T! Now just weird, but good-good
Next I did something stupid. I thought I could fuck her for a while. Mistake. I
told Muffdriver about the 62yo in Krabi with that incredible pussy. N's was
just as good or even better. What an unbelievable fit! I had to pull out a few
times so I wouldn't nut immediately. Damn this awesome pussy! When I popped I
could safely say 'butter too mut' this time...
(BTW This internet/game cafe is just B10 an hour...)
Around 8pm I picked up D3, right outside the hotel. D3, cute, petite 22yo,
nice tits and a very smooth skin, had her picture taken and her pussy fucked
and left with B200. Because she asked for B200!
Somehow I feel that the V-pill is still working?!?
Just before my bedtime, 10PM, I made one more hotel block round and took A to my
room. She has not achieved nymphomaniac status yet, but this 41 yo old is as
slutty as they get. Hold back for half a second and she starts pumpin' til it
breaks. So I grabbed hold of her firm tits and didn't slow down until release.
She left a nice wet spot on the sheets too. Anyway, B150 and A out the door
and finally I went to sleep.

Day 20,

Knock, knock! I tought: 'Must be that irritating old ***** who thinks she runs
this place', but opened the door anyway.
There was N, holding one finger in the air. B100? Cum on in!
Again she undressed in Worldrecord matching time and spread eagle positioned
herself on the bed. Shower first, I said, and she duck-walked to the shower,
did her thing and assumed that familiar position again. I had a different idea,
turned her around, so her head was on my side and N automaticly opened her
mouth. She didn't really DT me, I DT'ed her, lah. Until it came. I sanuk. She a
bit amazed that I let her go with out entering her pussy but quite happy with
the B100 I paid her.
After a short internetsession I returned to my hotel, only to find more
desperate girls outside. One of them, monsterhootered A2 was pushed forward by
one of the other girls. A second girl pushed up A2's tits to show me how truely
huge they were. At first I thought that A was K, an equaly fitted lady I
picked up last January. I let my dick do the thinking and took A2 upstairs for
B200. I got a bonk, a photoshoot and a cumshot out of that deal.
Value for money, I'd say... A2 told me that she had three sisters who
looked just like her, perhaps K is one of them.... She also said that mommy
has the biggest tits of them all.... Nice family
Some prices:
Laundry: Trousers, B30 in my Pattaya hotel, here trousers, sportshort, socks,
handkerchief and T-shirt for B30...
A sheet came back clean for B10....
This noon I had coffee and eggs for lunch at the busstation. After lunch I went
to BigC to look for some stuff: a schoolgirl outfit! I found a skirt that was
too long, but priced at B85 and a shirt for B45. Can't go wrong with that and I
knew what sizes to shop for. I went to a street tailor to have the length of
the skirt halved to a sexier, but reasonably decent 12''. This job was done for
Around five I had dinner at again that same restaurant on the hotel block. This
time I downed a green chicken curry and again it was delicious, at a cost of
Next I telephoned T and more or less ordered her to show up at 6PM or else...
She arrived spot on time. Yesterday, she said, she was in Sukhotai and had
forgotten all about our date. Yeah, yeah...
I introduced her to her new identity: Schoolgirl T.
She took off her clothes: no bra, no undies. Hmm, should be hot in short skirt
and white blouse...
After a brief shower she put on her new clothes and she damn sure loved them.
She started posing even before I had the camera out. I tried to give her some
pointers on how to move so I could get sexier pix, but this schoolgirl didn't
really understand. I probably would have had better picture if I'd stayed
quiet. Never mind.
The bonking part, gentlemen, was a little boring, more of the same. Everytime
she rode me she creamed all over me, begging me to please go on top. She was a
bit 'jeb' after 'ork sii krang' - had some pain after cumming four times. Her
She remains #1 on my 'have to bonk again' list.
Next time with her tomorrownight. She said she will cum and sleep with me - no
money. 'But can I please have the skirt and blouse?'
Yes, tilak, you can...


T came over at 8pm with some lame story about having to be in hospital by 9pm.
I sent her on her way, but I did give her the skirt and blouse as I like to
keep my promises. I didn't even fuck her. I am an idiot... And I won't take her
off the 'have to bonk again' list either.
Dammit, at least twelve(!) women outside are hoping to cum inside with me. Or
me to cum inside them. Whatever....

Day 22 Phrae

I went to Phrae.
It is VERY hot today. 40C and over...
The ONLY place in Phrae where you can get any is next to the big hotel at the beginning
of theroad leading to the busstation. You can't miss it if arrive in Phrae by bus.
The girls are on the topfloor and it is a pricey place. Count on B1500 minimum
for any action.
The action in my hotel was non-existant. I saw nothing that looked like
brothelactivity, eventhough the woman who showed me to my room said that the
room was 'Good for make lub'.
I just slept , fan low, no sheet. It was HOT all night and the heat woke me up
a couple of times.

Day 23 Pilok

Another HOT day. I won't stay. Today it's back to Pilok and then to Isaan,
where I hope to see some rain!
The train I was on arrived in Pilok just 5 mins late.
When I got out I could immediately feel the temperature was well down from
yesterday and earlier today in Phrae.
I had dinner and called my favorite NongKhai guesthouse to book a room. I'm out
of here tomorrow. No matter what!
Around 9pm I took that two bit **** A to my room for some very uncomplicated
boning for B120.
An hour later I was at it again with 'Apple' a big 24yo with one fat ass booty
and some good to hold on to tits as well. She was more or less in control,
assuming several positions - Hey, why do we always have to do the thinking?
She didn't want the KY and hell, she didn't need! She 'allowed' me to finish
between her boobs.
The bad thing about her being in control was that for the first time this trip
I didn't get ANY pictures at all. Not even clothes on...
She forced me to pay B200...
I slept well that night, windows open, fan off and no sheet.

Day 24 NongKhai

I went to NongKhai and the day saw no action...

Day 25

FINALLY it is a bit cooler. The skies are overcast and
every now and then a bit of sunshine makes it through the clouds.
Somehow I made it through this day and in the evening I did
some exploring. The NongKhai action is still on and near the soi that runs
down to the river from the Shell fillingstation just East of the busterminal.
In fact, there is more of it then ever before. There is a new brothel on the
right, 5+ girls, the old karaoke is still there, 6+ girls and just around the
corner at the end of the soi girls have set up there lovely business from at
least five houses. I went to the new one and took F, 27yo, upstairs to her
room, just big enough to fit the bed, there was just one small red light.
She had nice small titties and one hot pussy. I won't be back here though: It's
all a bit too dark and none too clean. It was a good thing I brought some
tissues, washing was out of the question; filthy towels and the soap was at
least two years old.
But like I said: F was OK!

Day 26

It's been raining all night.
I ran into F today, she had changed venues... So I banged her again, now at
her new place. NongKhai is a fun town!
Finding a place to eat was more difficult than finding a place to get laid.
Lack of customers made many restaurant owners decide to close their doors or
not open at all. I ended up in an 'Israeli' place named NamSuey. The chicken
sweet and sour didn't really appear fresh. It was as if they threw in all the
chicken they had left. The rice could easily have been yesterday's.
When I left the restaurant I saw an incredible rainstorm approach from the
West. Time to go to the guesthouse in a hurry! I made it to the door just in
On my compulsory evening round I met S, a chubby 28yo Lao girl. At first she
brought me to a room without any light. Nope. Then to one with just a tiny red
bulb. Nope. Next she took me to her own room, in an alley. Plenty of light, a
decent bed, a good fan and a hot girl. Bingo! Worth each and everyone of the
B200 I paid her.

Day 27 NakhonPhanom

This morning I left NongKhai on the 7.30 ordinary bus for NakhonPhanom, B106.
The trip was slow, as usual, but beautiful. Isaan in the rain is the best there
I arrived in NKPCity and decided to check-in in FirstHotel. B160 for a fan
room, no problem. The room was clean, cool, had a decent enough bed.
I went out to eat. I had a yam wun sen, which was delicious.
Back at the hotel, whappo, woman downstairs. 44yo I came
upstairs with me for B300 for a two hour long session of the better kind. She
made damn sure she came first and then started taking care of me in a very
special way. She did anything to get me to cum. The only thing about the
efforts I didn't like was her HJ. Jerking off is not same-same jerking it off!
But hell, she throatfucked herself on my dick and when the white boys came
running out she tore off the rubber and caught them all in her mouth. And then
she wanted more. So much more that I for a moment feared that I wouldn't get
rid of her tonight... But she did leave after letting me get mine one more

Day 28

Woke up this morning and made up my mind: I will stay one more night, went
downstairs and paid for one more day.
Around 2PM after some strolling through the town, I sat down in a restaurant and
ordered a chickensoup. A girl turned around and said: 'bungalow pam-pam'. Well,
well. She was with two friends, so I asked if they were in the deal too. No
way. Just S, B2000 (two thousand) for the night.
I didn't laugh, just said: 2 hours, B200.
We had a deal. The soup came and it was BAD! As bad or worse than the
Indonesian SotoAyam. The chicken was just skin and bone, the mie wasn't done
and what should have been chickenstock was water. I tried to eat as much as
possible. I don't know how much it cost, S paid for the meal...
Time to check her out in the room. She wanted her money up front. 'No way' I
said and opened the door. After a while she agreed to the fuck-first-money-later
scheme and she wouldn't be sorry!
She undressed: hairy pussy, small titties with huge aureolae, big nipples.
after a little foreplay I entered the little ricefield and, what a feeling.
Why are some pussies soooo much better than other pussies? I was in heaven from
stroke one and her moaning indicated that for her it probably was the same.
Anyway, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I came. Sanuk makmak!
So I thought it was over, took a shower, so did she, but then she sarted
feeling me up to see if I could serve her with another round. Hell, sure can!
She rode on top, and after not a very long time she came. A big wet orgasm. S
left a happy girl, taking B200 with her. At first she didn't want me to take
any pics, but since she wanted the second round I bargained for at least a
couple of 'from behind' shots.

One of the karaokes at the end of the nightmarket is back in action. Girls in
the doorway, girls inside and even some girls out in the market looking for
customers. theywant B300 for a ST in basic surroundings. Bring your own
tissues, towel etc...
Better hole up in FirstHotel and see what cums your way.

Day 29 SiSaket

I went to Nakhon Phanom bokoso to catch the 7.30 tammadaa to Ubon Ratchatanani
for B91. The 5 hour trip was smooth. On arrival at Ubon Busterminal I got into
a #2 songthaew and took a ride to the KrungThongHotel area for breakfast at 2
PM. I had quite an appetite so I ordered a big breakfast which I devoured
Again I took a #2 songthaew, this time all the way to the rws in WarinChamrap.
I had to wait just 10 mins for the train to SiSaket, B13.
In SiSaket I checked in to the SantisukHotel, where I immediately made my
acquaintance with O. She quickly went from B500 to B200 and we went upstairs. She
undresses and, my God, what a body. Breasts perhaps not as big, but the same
shape as Kitten Navidad... Attitude #1! O left one happy Freeler when she left
after an hour.

Day 32 Korat again...

Went to Korat.
Never thought I'd see a day in Korat without pussy... The first girl wanted the money up
front, so I left. The second one wanted to shower alone. And yes, I knew it:
another case of sii-daeng. Don't these cunts ever learn that I kick them out and tell
everybody about it? I guess I got so angry with this one, that she was about to leave my
room naked. Can't have that. I made her put on her panties and jeans first. Then she ran
to the elevator: Topless!

Day 33

Bonked K, 45yo, ugly but a hot'n'wet pussy, in SriratHotel (...) this morning.
B200+60 for the ST- room. She screamed like a piglet. I loved it and nutted bigtime!
I just returned from an afternoon session in the other ST hotel, next to the park.
J was my companion, this time without the gluesmell, but with her full mounds and juicy
pussy. Again B200+60 for the ST-room. I could hardly breath when I came, thought I
might collapse and go to the HappyHuntingGround in the sky. Man, she pleased me good!
Today the park is overflowing with willing women of all categories: fat, thin,
cute, ugly, old, (too) young, cheap and cheaper.
In the evening I met 33yo K2 from KhonKaen. A bit chubby to say the least, but
definitely not fat. After some consideration, I left her standing there a couple of times,
I took her back to my hotel and it made me happy! Nice full tits with a lovely set of
chewable nipples and a big, jucy pussy, just waiting there to be filled. And she liked
bangin' too. What a difference compared to the two previous days! I would not mind
running into this lady again... she left with B220.
I went to sleep a happier person.


Had another session with K2 this evening. A most satisfying experience! B200 for the full


I had an afternoon session with N, 44yo from Korat. What a playful lady!
She really took me to the limit and then I gave up: I just let it cum, LOL!
Hehe, in the early evening Poo, the nymphomaniac I met a few weeks ago, came up to me.
Guess what? She felt like going with me to my room to get fucked good. We went at
it for over an hour and then she bitched me that she only came three times...
But I'm still a bit DEAF from her screaming right into my ear. Anyway, I got a number
of gooood shots of that six pound pussy of hers. At one point she even crammed a bottle
of shampoo down her twat - Am I suddenly not good enough anymore?-, my camera caught that
Alright, in the end I paid her a massive B300. Well deserved!


Still in Korat, jeez, no bonk yet today... No particular reason...
I met J again, glueless, and asked her to come down to my hotel. She
refused. WHAT?!? Turned out that her brother works at there...
No bonk today at all.

Day 37 Pattaya again

I first took a bus from Korat to Chonburi for B175 and then hopped on a
Pattayabound bus for B40. Checked in at a hotel on Soi8 (again...).
Spent the first part of the evening with Ooy - B300. I'm sure I've been
her before on this trip, and so said she, but I can't find any
reference to her
anywhere. Oh well, perhaps she's somewwhere amongst the pix...


Today I was with a 45yo from korat with a very fit body. Not a shred of
evidence of her three kids. Her babies may not have sucked on her nipples,
but I sure did. B300 her way.


Walked down BeachRoad and witnessed a girl denying three Indians access
to herbody, even tho the Indians offered her B1,500 per person. I asked her
why shedidn't take the B4,500... Answer:' They smell bad!'
I could cum with her for B300, as usual, but I didn't like her that
Had an encounter with a Phuket lady, but she talked way too much.
She got me off, but just barely. B300 her way.
She did not believe that 90% of the ladies on BeachRoad are for hire
for B300 a ST. So I proved it to her by asking three girls to cum with us to our
room for a 3sum. All three wanted to go for B300.
After I brought her back to BeachRoad I met Lot, a big 30yo from
Big tits, big ass, and big pussy. I asked about the pussy, I'm not shy...
Back in my room I gave her such an almighty shagging that the bed moved
two feet. She had one of the best cock-slides I ever entered. Damn, what a
big wet hole! I really had to stop myself from cumming a few times. In the end
I finished all over her tits and belly. She left with her B300. Two
hours later the phone rang, I answered it: ' I Lot, the big girl. I want fuck you.'
'OK, cum on up.'
Five minutes later, a knock on the door, I open it and there is Lot
plus a GF.
But the GF calls Lot 'mae' when she speaks to her. A mother and daughter
reunion... I kicked out the daughter. Not because I'm not in for a
3sum, but she's way too skinny. Scary!
So, again I have my way with Lot, who wants to stay all night for B200.
But after the first bonk is through, and she cleans her face she says she
wants 'to go home to daughter'. I'm a nice guy, so I let her go and I pay her
B100+B20 for the taxi.

Day 40

In the evening I heard a 'schoolgirl' asking an older guy B500 for ST
in her room. He walked on, I went up to her, talked a little, she asked B300,
I said 'yes' and we went to my room after. She claims she's 19yo, but I
believe it's more like 29, and she has the schoolgirl routine down to the last
little detail. Lovely voice, cute yellow and pink attire and a lot of 'I'm so
Yeah, yeah. Like all the other ho's on the beach!
During the fucking she screamed and said her pussy hurt too much from
big dick and then tightened her muscles... A 19yo schoolgirl with a
Whatever, but that pussy sure was good! I gave her my 'butter' and she
left, B500(!) in her little hand. Yes guys, a B200 tip for an awesome photo
Hope to see her tomorrow for my 'last bonk on the tour'...

Day 41

Last day. I've got my B200 ThaiLimousineBus ticket to BKK at 6.30PM.
I packed my bag.
In the afternoon I went to BlueHouseBeerBar on SoiPattayaLand. I walked in,
pointed at agirl named D and took her upstairs after
paying the mamasan B500. At first she was a bit unwilling.
I no do this, I no do that.
But gradually she started to enjoy herself and that reflected on me. I had
a bonkin' good time once more. We even had a very pleasant afterlay, just talking and playing.
No girl at the BHBB has ever disappointed me.

Biggest tip for your next trip: Get a Buddha haircut. All the woman luv
Well, this is where it ends and I'm truely sorry I've been a bad boy...

08-11-03, 03:19
1. First Hotel must definitely be a 2 bang shop. A local custom I am sure. I got awesome fucks and sucks there 2x2.
2. There is a good restaurant opposite it, backing on to Mekong but you - Mr 5 bt chicken curries - are too much of a cheap Charlie to go there.
3. Remember the Skinless rule. TGs are an expense and you must always spend more on yourself than you give to them. They exist to be fucked and you keep ying and yang in balance by spending more on yourself than you spend on them. Otherwise, it look like you are just going to LOS to bonk (the truth often hurts).
4. Shell station: So has the big ho house you previously mentioned vanished. Did you fuck the deaf and dumb kid? That was enjoyable, listening to her ***** about her bg titted friend I had just bonked. Remember they are toys.
5. Why did you not go to Buriram? There is a lovely lady there, perfect set of hubcaps, patrols the square and likes DATY. And you do like your tummy.
6. Korat still has the best zoo in LOS.
7. Did you not do any rear entries, bondage etc to get value for your money?
8. Just how many months' vacation do you get a year?
9. I did see some o fthe photos of the freaks of nature you fucked. Next time, put a bag over them.

08-11-03, 04:17

That's where I had the YamWunSen.
I ate at those places well before you even heard of NKPcity!
That must be a new rule. Been up that mountain again to make up a new set of commandments then, Mr. Skinless?
I did spent more on myself: B700 for me vs B340 for pooying. That's per day, not per hour!
Like I said, everything was there plus more. It's never been so easy in NK!
I skipped Buriram because I wanted to take it slow. Not too much racing around.
This time Pilok was BY FAR the biggest Zoo!
None of that funny shit:D!
Enough to put a big smile on my face:D!
The bag. You keep telling me that every time and then you follow in my footsteps, fucking the hell out of the same ho's, Mr. Skinless.

08-11-03, 05:09
Does anyone have any info about Surin? I will be there for a few days and wanted to know if there are any gogos worth seeing or MPs not to miss. Appreciate the help.

08-11-03, 10:30
thai: surin, where my bb one comes fro has never got a good review here. if you have to stay there, check out the train station late at nite. that's where the cockroaches seem to hang out.
freeler: you are too interested in your stomach. you raped the lady with the teeth after me. i never fucked her as i respected her (only bbbj and rim). then you took her fucking photo but, being modest and in love with me, she covered up her face and her teeth.
now, who got the glue ladies first? little john skinless. your forte is old hags with huge hooters. what do you inject yourself with? they would have to pay me and i have fucked osme animals, like the receptionist in buriram.

i wanted to fuck that bossy 70 yo old ***** in pilok but she palmed a middle aged bag off on me instead.

if pilok is a zoo, korat is a wild savannah, full of tender game, just right for snaring and bringing back to the lair.

oh, that restaurant opposite first: it has a lovely lady from a town called pattaya; the kind i would like to have babies with. or daty.

i am undecided whether to go to los next month or not. if i go, it will be korat, buriram and maybe some other shit heaps too. but not pilok. so much free pussy here!

08-11-03, 16:23

This is in the archives...

<<Day 05, Surin,

Somehow I ran into the only hooker on Surin station today,
named Seyang, who insisted on B500, but of course she settled
for B200. We went to her room, about 200m from the station.
When we got there she told her neighbours how she caught this
big farang who was going to pay her B300. I made sure
everybody understood that only B200 were going to change
hands! I don't want no trouble, dammit! Her room: matrass on
the foor, laundry everywhere, clean hongnaam (bathroom), and
us, ready to go. After the shower she proceded to lie down and
spread her legs. Saying: BJ no have, doggie no have. Fuck that
b****! Which I did, while she was counting the pieces of
laundry... It was like plain-vanilla but someone left out the
stinking vanilla! After about five minutes she checked her
watch, and so did I, what a boring encounter. Another ten
minutes of exercise and I pulled out, tore of the rubber and
came all over her belly. Guess what, she didn't like that
I took my time in the shower, put on my clothes, paid the B200
( ALWAYS pay what you agreed on!) and left.>>

Jackson, why don't you simply delete the archives. Nobody bothers with them anyway...

Surin is a crapheap. The only interesting thing about Surin is their annual elephant round-up.
The LP people like it tho...

08-31-03, 18:23
I heard a rumor in Hua Hin over the last week from some bar girls that sounded pretty suspect but was at least fairly consistent. The story was this - that a month ago, 'the doctor came', tested all the girls, and several were found to be positive and banned from work or sent away. One girl told me 36 girls, another said 6. I couldn't say exactly how many girls in Hua Hin, maybe 200-500? Who knows if it was true but it was an interesting rumor.

Basically I was awfully surprised to hear that perhaps someone is actually checking?

Malter Man
09-25-03, 21:57
Nobody seems to report about Koh Samet for a long time. Been there December 2001. Not the place to be for mongering for sure. However it's a gorgeous island, small, laid back and relaxing atmosphere. Good hit for those of you young people who would like to try their luck at regulars. Plenty of australian and scandinavian beauties looking for a good time. Local pussy is also available at the only local disco and a couple hostess bars, but quality of looks leaves much to be desired.

10-09-03, 12:45
Mae Sai, the most northerly town in Thailand is on the border of Myanmar (Burma).

It is 4.5 hours by bus (95Bht) from Chiang Mai, and also served by VIP express bus from Bangkok (742 Bht : 12 hours), Ryong, Pattaya, etc. Regular busses leave from Chiang Rai, and a taxi from the airport at Chiang Rai is about 400 Bht.

Only decent hotel is Wang Thong Hotel, on the last Soi to the right of the main street, 100 yards from the border crossing.

Rooms are 800Bht, quite decent 3*. Ask the bellboy for some company for the night, and he will bring a selection of 3 - 5 girls to your room. Cost is 2,500Bht all night, but if after 10:00pm you can bargain down to 1,500. Girls only 6-7, aged 18-20, mainly Burmese and speak little or no English.

Be careful with the new visa regulations. If you have more than two exit/entry stamps from Mae Sai in your passport, you are not allowed to cross using original passport, unless you provide a letter stating why you need to leave and re-enter the Kingdom of Thailand.

Upon re-entry, they are no-longer issuing 90 days visas, only 30 days at Mae Sai.

If you simply want to visit Myanmar, and have enough time on your original Thai entry visa, you can leave Thailand be lodging your passport at immnigration, with a fee of Bht 150, then , they willn stamp a photo-copy of the photo page of your passport, and you can use this to enter Myanmar on a one day return permit, cost of Bht 250. Must cross back over by 18:00pm, as this is when the border closes.

If you want a new Thai entry Visa, you must first report to the main immigration office, 1Km from the border before the Police station in Mae Sai. There, they will issue you with an exit stamp. Show this at the Thai side of the border, and walk accross (no fee). Pay Bht 250 to enter Myanmar on a one-day return visa, and leave your passport with them (they give you a receipt). Then, before 18:00pm, collect your passport from the Myanmar immigration, walk accross the border, and get a fresh Thai entry visa for 30 days. As I said, you can only do this TWICE on any one passport, without a letter of explanation and permission.

Eagle Boy
10-20-03, 22:57

Do you have any info for SATUN or the islands around the Thai/Malaysian border? Will be there in Dec for some fun.

Any info on Hotels/prices and girls/prices would be great.

Keep up the good work.

10-25-03, 19:43
Last time in UdonThani, stayed at the Charoensri Hotel downtown. Paid about $30 for a double for my Thai driver/friend and myself. We had dinner at a very nice restaurant on the main drag. Then went downstairs at the hotel to the karaoke bar, in the basement. Had a great time. Choice of girl to sit with you from about 20 different girls. Some very young and pretty, most of them mid to late 20's. Picked a girl who was late 20's but seemed very friendly, nice smile, very nice bady. It was one of my best picks ever. She made up for not being very young and very pretty by being a definite GFE experience. Could not take them to hotel until after the karaoke bar closed, but we then took them to a hotel about two blocks away, and paid $10 for each of two rooms, one for me and one for my friend. As soon as we got to the room she shucked her clothes and headed for the shower. The whole time I was thinking what a lucky pick!

I showered right after her, and then we spent about an hour and a half, cuddling, DFK, DATY, BBBJ, covered all positions, and just a general fine GFE time. I'm headed back there in January and I will do that again. 1000 Baht for me, and 750 for my friend, since he's Thai.

11-02-03, 11:32
I am due in Yasothon mid November and am asking the contributors if there is any experience or knowledge of sex business there. I have been there previously for a short visit but found nothing there.

11-04-03, 15:14

Any action near the airport? I am stuck there for 3 hrs waiting for a transfer. Any suggestions?


11-11-03, 15:30

I don't know which airport you are talking about. But if you are referring to BKK airport, take a look at the links below.



11-17-03, 01:48
24 hours in betong, thailand from kuala lumpur, malaysia
date: 10th october 2003 - 11th october 2003
attendees: haagendazs, p, c and a

p arrived my place to park his car. we hangout in front of my house until c arrives at 5:40am. onward to sri petaling where we should hop into a toyota hilux turbo but we arrived early. c suggested breakfast. no food were available at this hour in sri petaling. c and me decided to go for an early bottle of guiness stout to start our morning while p had a coke? or was it some tea? we then park our transport at a petrol station before hopping onto the hilux turbo monster at almost 7:30am. onward to betong was the battle cry from the heart. a need to drop something off in ipoh, hence we are forced to stop at ipoh. along the way, there seem to be a problem with the car. some noises from underneath. being a car lover, a quickly made a call to his friend to borrow a car. we took a wira aeroback 1.3gl from ipoh to betong while leaving the hilux turbo monster in ipoh.

being an experienced driver to betong and with the skill to go with it, a were bending corners with the wira aeroback 1.3gl after the kuala kangsar turn. first time experiencing such speed (100kph+) rounding corners with a 1.3gl. experience was not scary. just the thrill of speed. found out later that a used to be a race car driver. no wonder we don't feel afraid when he's driving. he's a very steady driver even when he's speeding, bending corners without throwing us about the car. we actually slept comfortably while he was bending corners at the speed of 100kph+.

with such speed and skill, we arrived the border at no time. we checked in merlin hotel at 12:00pm+. p complained hunger and yet want to view the stocks in betong. c being skeptical about nice resort, since we haven't been there before, decided to bring us around betong's many clubs to see the parade of girls. p as usual, prefer to check out all the stocks before deciding on getting one. c targeted a girl where me and the rest could not see any good in. well, one man's meat is another man's poison we thought. i saw my target in "hearts" but decided to relax first. took down the joint's number. will call later if no other stocks. after almost 1.5hrs of parade, p finally decided on a hot chick at jockey club, right next to our resident hotel.

after the parades, only p and c have chosen their wls. i decided to follow a's footstep, take everything slow. told the joints to send the wls up at 3pm. we decided to go for the ancient foot massage at sri betong hotel. while walking back to merlin hotel, anticipation of having sex is getting stronger knowing that both c and p already have their women. a still taking it slow. i finally couldn't take it anymore, i gave a call to "hearts" and told them to send the girl, "joy" right away to my room. can see the snicker on a's face. i know, it's tough to negotiate with my brother down there. i tend to lose. heh.

everybody went into their respective rooms where both p and c already have their girls waiting for them. a went into his room alone, making some calls apparently. decide to go check out both c and p's girl before my girl arrives. i must say c have chosen wisely, his girl is so sweet. but never noticed her that way while parading. my guess would be c actually have foresight! as for p's girl, i would have chosen her if he didn't choose her. she speaks cantonese well and have this pair of wonderful eyes to go with her sexy body. damn, cannot wait any longer. i am still waiting for my girl. gave another call to the joint. girl say will be there in 5mins. true to her words, the girl, joy, really came in 5mins. negotiated to 1900baht for the night.

stripped her, she seem shy. told me only been in betong for 3 days and i am her first customer. great i thought, french her first. body a bit to the dark side. she seem so much fairer under the red light. sat her down on the bed, push her mouth to my cock to blow me. she requested cbj, i complained and got angry, she decided to bbbj right after. deep throat her while my standard operation procedure is ramming her head to my stomach, i can feel her soft nose tip rubbing against the sensitive skin of my stomach. what pleasure i thought to myself. being horny and all, i decided to cum quickly so i can get to the 2nd round. took my dotted durex condom, ram her missionary before cumming doggie style. i have to take the condom off myself, i am beginning to dislike this girl, eventhough she said that i am very handsome to her. after taking off the condom, pull her to shower with me, made her to bbbj me before i wash myself. she seem to like pinching my nipples. after she licked me clean, i washed myself. left her alone to take her bath. she crept up the bed to stay close to me after her bath while i was making some phone calls. decide not to waste my 2nd cum. told her to sleep while i go out. will be back to take her out for dinner.

went to round up c and a to go nice resort. p is still going about his own sweet time cheonging the girl i wanted. will call us when he's done. c brought his girl to nice resort while a and me went as lone rangers. stepped into the discotheque with striptease
shows, one hot dancer came hugging me. wow i thought, this girl is hot. ordered 2 jugs of guiness stout. bought the dancer a pack of dunhill. she look cfm all the time when she was with me at my table. decided to negotiate price with her, will dump the girl in the room when i go back. she said 2000baht. i said no, told her 1500baht. she said okay. damn, should have offered 1000baht i thought. she then brought her small handbag to put on my table. told me she'll go up the stage to dance and strip first. she was flirting with me with her eyes when she was on stage. she looked damn hot on stage. but there are even hotter women on stage. found out later that some of these dancers choose their customers. they don't sleep with any tom, dick or harry that comes into the bar. saw this teluk intan guy by the name of ah yong (yeah, being my friendly self, i actually talked to him) got rejected by this other damn hot dancer. he asked me how to get these dancers, i told him mine just ran straight into my arms when i walked in. can see the disappointed look on his face.

p came later with his girl. missed out some of the actions but last i heard from him, his girl was frenched by one of the dancers when p used his girl to give tips to the dancers. what a sight if i'm there. damn damn. i think i was paying the dancer to spend the night with me at that time. damn! i missed frenching between 2 thai women. aaaargh! regret. basically, only me and c drink stouts, so, after 2 jugs, it's enough for us to call it quits and decided to go for dinner. made a mental note to come nice resort straight next time. no more parade at other joints :p. now i have to settle the girl in my room. a helped by taking her in. we exchanged rooms. everybody went out for dinner while i have other plans for the dancer. we took our dinner in the hotel room nude. found out she have 4 tatoos on her while i only have one.

i was too lazy to go shower after all those stouts. she ordered 2 extra towels from room service and actually wet the towels with hot water and clean me up. all these while cat bathing me. then onward to the bbbj and the deepest and longest ar i've ever experienced. she deep throat without choking. first and fastest cum ever with bbbj after so many drinks. can feel a drop of semen flows down my shaft. she licks it back up to the top and swallowed every single drop. got another hard on in no time when she continue to bbbj after the cim. it's either the lecithin or the stout, one of these is providing me with extra strength.

i don't feel like moving after almost drunk. she seem to realised my condition and move about herself. put on cap for me. she ride me like she's dancing. my shaft is her pole. she's using me. i can't believe i'm being used by a thai girl. how can this happen. this is haagendazs you know. with that thought, i turn her around with her back facing me in a backward lotus position. entered her anal. she squealed a bit but no complaints. i cum in her tight ass after some ass ramming. move around for a little bit before i stop her. she then uncapped me and bbbj again. how many times? i have lost count at that time. alcohol getting into my head after my 2nd cum with her. i am getting drowsy, but can still feel my hard on. i felt the 3rd cum but i have forgotten the process building up to the 3rd cum with her. i don't remember but it must have been something spectacular to have cum until i fell asleep. i can even feel the hot towel cleaning me while i was sleeping. just no more strength to move about. woke up in the morning with a hard on. saw the last piece of condom on the table. she's asleep next to me. decided to pay her back in kind for the services she gave me yesterday.

licked her body, legs, arms, neck, everywhere until she opened her eyes with a big smile. she wanted to move but i stopped her. i wanted her to rest. she is going to work again later. i don't need to. i caressed her arms first, neck, body and lastly her beautiful long legs. she have a beautiful body although her tit is on the small side. i turn her to her back, gave her a sensual massage with warm water while penetrating her from behind. all the ooohs and aaahs from her made me cum. took my bath with her. gave her 300baht tips. told her to go off first while i go visit the buddhist temples with both a and c.

went back from betong to kuala lumpur at 12pm. overall it was a damn good outing.

Soul Rider
12-02-03, 16:17
Hello all,

I'll be in Thailand again in December, and have a question that I hope someone can help with. Is there any action of any note in Kancahanaburi? I'm thinking of spending a couple of days in that area.

I've been browsing through the archives here a bit, but admit I didn't have the patience to go right back to the beginning.

Any help/recommendations would be appreciated.

The Digger
12-05-03, 11:43

Was in Golok for about 4 days. First time visiting there. Stayed at Tara Regent Hotel. Met with some local pimps at a near by shop there and got a girl to stay overnight with me. 24 hours to be precise. Can screw her as much as you want. Cost me only about RM250-300. I'm from Malaysia. Somebody in this forum said that the most interesting part about looking for a hooker is not screwing her, but the anticipation of waiting for the girl to arrive.

In about an hour, he brought over this petite looking girl. Average face and body. Tits were small. Never spent overnight with a stranger before. Was feeling kinda odd. Just need to get heated up abit. Had a bit of small talk, then took her to the shower. Bath together. She was reluctant at first, after pursuading, she agreed. Pretty SOP in the shower. Thai girls are extremely shy, or atleast mine was.

Got into bed. To my suprise, NO BBBJ She doesn't do! Can you believe it. But choice has been made, had to go with the flow. The only best thing about her was her version of woman-on-top. She was born with wonderful hips. The way she moves her hip front and back was really good. It made me cum real fast. But who cares, as I can do it again and again till the next morning!

But there is a downside with spending overnight with a stranger, cause the next morning, after she left, I found out my Calvin Klien eau de toilette was missing! Bugger! Maybe I screw her one to many times. It revenge!

So, be careful who you sleep with. I was luck to only lose that... could we worst.
Anyway, since I will spending 4 days there, I want variety. Basically, one fresh girl everyday. But that will be in my next forum.

Until then, adious amigos!

Digger out.

12-13-03, 16:25

I was going to post informaton regarding Betong,Thailand but,after reading Hagendazs post, it was all the info I need. Looks like I'll spend a day there.

Thanks Hag,wherever you are!...But I STRONGLY suggest you "wrap it up"


01-28-04, 05:50
OK, here's the first report from my recent trip to The Holy Land, more to cum...

Well, after arriving in Pilok the day before yesrterday I made the wrong decision to bring a girl in from the street. She was such a lousy lay that I forgot her name, age and what she loked like. I paid her B100 to please get the fuck out!
Nice start, dammit.

Number 2 was a way better pick: 47yo Tim, in-house, and skilled to the bone. Small tits, but very sensitive nipples and a big slit sporting a nice clit (' tet' ) that popped up every now and then... She is one of very few women who don't have to do an awful lot, simply because they have 100% good feeling pussies. All I basically had to do was hang it in there and nature would take its course. Luved it, will have her again before I leave Pilok. Well worth the B300.

Third on the list was Fan, from LondonHotel. Lots of promisses, but a little on the meagre side where the actual execution was concerned. A little of everything, but nothing to remember her by. Other than the scar on her right tit that is... B300 out the door and she isn't even a B150 ho.

My daily 8 pm lay was with K, apparently in-house, but I never saw her before. Took her in from outside and she gave me the works for B200. She promissed me to back the next day at 8pm again. Have to wait and see...

Day two started with breakfast and a walk to the bookshop for some postcards. Next I went to the busstation for a look at the bus departure times - no changes - and a tea. Wrote the postcards, bought a couple of shirts for the ladies and took a bus to BigC - still a lot of nice looking chicks in the foodcourt, beerarea. Was back at the hotel by 2 PM, took an in-house to my room. I forgot her name, eventho she did everything to make me remember her. Had a nice wet, biting pussy.
B200 her way.

I went for a walk and found out that I must be getting old. A gawwdaamn policeman grabbed me by the arm to help me cross the street.

After a B15 curry, a B21 (!!) soup and some sateh I ran into Ta of previous tour fame.
I had to kick her out of ho class that time around, but hell, I'm always willing to give these poor girls a second chance. She is stil not the smartest girl on the block, but a worthwhile companion for an hour or so.

BTW All the girls so far (except for #1) gave me some afterlay play, to help get rid of post-coital fatigue. I love all these women too much!

Today, day three. Thought I take T again, but she had to go and eat....!?! WHAT?
Time for another lesson: Went out, picked up D, promissed her B200 and got my money's worth.
Tim seemed a bit pissed-off. Too bad!

Any 'old hags' yet. Not yet, but tonite at 8PM all that will change. L looks older than her 42 years, has a belly and saggy tits, but says she's going to take care of me real good. She'd better!

Old trusted faces report: MIA: The lady with the teeth, Som and Nik. They where all on my hitlist...

Soon to be MIA: J. She says she's fat, but I'm sure someone planted a seed that started to grow. Wanna bet daddy ain't gonna be around to witness the birth?

Talk to ya later, have to go get laid!

01-28-04, 05:55
Skipping a couple of days; I went sight seeing, an activity most of you don't bother with...

Day 8,

Warning: OldHagAlert!
Had first old hag and am all smiles!
Don't read on if you're too weak to stand BIG shaven pussy.
Her name was T, said she was 40, what gives, and had a fat round belly and skinny legs.
And a BIG shaven pussy.
I used a little extra KY to lube that thing and didn't waste any time I just put my dick inside her and started fuckin'.
Nothing beats a BIG pussy.
After Gawwd knows how much time I askedher to turn around and I gave her my best shot from behind. "Yoopie-ii-yai!" (that''s Thai for "Yoopie BigPussy").

01-28-04, 06:38
Day 13, continued from Korat section:

The trainride was uneventful and a room in SiSaket's BonkBonk hotel was quickly arranged.

After dinner I fucked the living daylights out of myself, and judging on her panting, her contracting big **** and other signs, out of the big **** lady from UthomphonPhisai as well.

Later the RWS freakshow turned up with W, she said she was 45, but looked older. I chose her anyway because she offered a massage for B100 an hour and the little prefeel she gave was promising enough.
We went to my room and she took off her clothes without delay. What a horrible sight!
I am NOT going to fuck that! NO WAY!
But she massaged me in an incredable way. Damn, she's good! I said I wasn't going to fuck her, but getting a HJ from an expert like this is not on the to be denied list. And she went forward with a smile on her face. Bet she could feel every reaction.
Then she asked me were I lived.
I told her.
Do you have mia.
Nope, no have mia.
Do you want mia.
No, don't want mia.
But she still offered herself to me, to come to my strange and foreign land and to be my mia.
All this without missing a single stroke. Next she started the infamous ball massage. There you go: B100 for a full hour including ballmassage.
For those of you who haven't had this pleasure yet: GO GET IT NOW!!!
It is the singlemost awesom feeling in the universe!
A few more strokes finished me off gooo-ed!

Day 14, early morning

I woke up around 7 and went downstairs to meet three ladies already (still?) sitting in the reception area of this fine hotel. I went for a tea and patanko breakfast in Chokdee restaurant across the road from the RWS. After downing that I walked to the market and saw something I haven' tseen since 1977. A 'fuck off wankers - the exploited and uk subs' T-shirt. I love this country!

Strato Chief
01-28-04, 09:24
This is my first post, so please don't be too rough. I will be spending 5 days in Hua Hin and another 3 in Bangkok this coming December. I am really thinking about "hiring" a lady in Bangkok who will travel with me to Hua Hin, spend 5 days there with me and I will let her go once I get back to Bangkok.

Being fairly new this sort of arrangement, how much would you estimate it would cost me to hire a lady for 5 days? Also, where would be a good place to start looking?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

01-28-04, 16:33

I just found this message in my PM box:

ai am spending 3 weeks in Phitsanulok and surrounding areas in March can you give me any tips on where to stay and where the action is ? I guess its not the same as Bangkok for young ladies.?

Regards Pilok

Pilok stands at 0 posts.
Pilok, why don't you read the archives and old posts on the forum? That's what they are there for. And don't EVER PM me again!

01-28-04, 17:55
Hey Freeler,

Is it easy to find three-holers upcountry in Isaan and the North? What about bareback?

01-28-04, 19:05
Day 14, the rest

Yesterday was one of mixed results. After a whole lot of pretty succesful internetting and a bit of food I met up with O in her room. She has Kitten Natavidad tits. Everything went according to any plan you might have: A little of this and a little of that but when it came to the penetration part, not exactly the most insignuficant bit of the procedings, it was as if her pussy was in total spasm - It was like breaking in a new one on the scene. It took half a tube of lube to get entry completed and then the moaning started. Not the right kind but the kind that says: Jeb, jeb, jeb, mai au, jeb and more of that nonsense you don't expect from a 40yo been-there-don-that-more-than-once-ho. I more or less decided to save my cum for a better opportunity. Well not really decided, my dick hurt so much from that clamp she put around it that I simply couldn't cum.
So fuckin' be it.
I won't hold this against my friend downthere. Upto now he's been very coorperative:)!
It was only B200 down the drain. Mai pen rai.

The RWS ho's come out in full force after the last rapid for BKK is gone. There were two new ones that I couldn't get to at first because the BCLfUPlady blocked my path all the time, grabbing my dick and when she finally gave up SuperOldHag W started the same routine.
Why can't these women just 3F me?

Finally I got a chance to talk to T and after first asking for B300 she, of course, settled for B200. We walked to the hotel and there were cheers al around. A bit like the way a Pattaya newbie is treated when she leaves with her first farang...
In the room she said she was 'Ai' (Shy). I took no notice of that but took out my camera instead, placed her up against the wall and took a photo. I signaled her to pull up hetr t-shirt, which she did. Click! And then to remove her bra, which went without hesitation.Click!
That situation was under control!
We took a short shower and proceded to the bed. Tom turned out to be one little hottie!
Did some HJ, thought BJ was a little to outlandish, what gives: Stick it in! This went with incredible ease and her reactions were very nice too. Holding me the right way, making lovely noises, taking me on an A1 rollercoasterride. Luv too much! Took some action photo's too.
I came fucking big time and was happy indeed I didn't waste my cum on O before.
We had a very pleasant afterlay. She asked about four times if she could go, but only after the last YES she went, blowing kisses from the staircase...
I showered once more, did some cleaning up and went downstairs, only to see T in the reception area with some Thai. T was all smiles: Three fingers indicated he paid her B300.

01-28-04, 20:38

Very "fucking" funny... A man with a mission and a budget.


01-29-04, 04:08

You paid 21b for noodle soup? How dare you. Never pay more than 20b! Please stop driving up prices in Thailand....... You might think about not posting the ages of your conquests, and descriptions of sagging this and that. It paints a pretty gross picture in some of our minds. lol

RCA Knight
01-30-04, 04:43
I just made a trip to Udon Thani, an Issan city up northeast. Lots of people use this city as base when they make trips to Laos. This was my 3rd trip to this city. It may worth staying over a few nights if you are making a visa run or plan to visit Laos. Udon Hotel is a good choice. It has a massage parlor inside. I think the papasan quoted me 1500 and 1800 for sideline. I went there too late and most nice ladies are working already. I headed back to hotel and the bell boy asked me if I want some lady and he say will bring them to my room. He asked me for 1500 but I say I will see first. 5 minutes later he brought 2 girls and they both looked fine and I really like to keep both so I negociated with the boy. We agreed 2000 for both and he was happy. Both girls are the Issan type but very nice smooth skin and nice tits. I pounded both but can only came in one. Both girls BJ me without condom and licked me very well. I gave them 200 tip each and they wanted to stay with me. So I have to kind of kicked them out.

I went out for some food and the time was still only 10PM so I was wondering what to do next and went back to hotel. The bell boy asked me again if I want some more ladies. I was not hungry anymore but just want some company to play around for a while before sleep. So he brought 2 more girls up to my room. And this time both girls have very nice body as well. I got horny again. I negociated the price again trying to keep both. The boy try to asked me 2000 for 2 again but I told him I am tired just want to hug around and talk so I offer him 1200 for 2, and he was happy again.

This 2nd 2 girls were very nice and the body were very good. If you go to massage you have to pay at least 1500 for it. They started to lick me again and I tried to pound them but was tired could not get hard so they licked me for a long time and I sucked their tits and they were so friendly and wanted to stay longer as well. I gave them 200 tip each again and sent them away. I was tired. So the whole night I spent less than 100 US for 4 nice Issan ladies. Very worth it and very memorable.

The next night I went to disco and picked up a student. I think she works sometimes -a semi pro. And paid her 1500 for a few hours. Very pretty girl but lack of service like the 4 girls a night before. The next day I went to Laos and on the way back stayed in Nong Khai. I will post them in other section.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a spaces periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

01-30-04, 13:31
I've been meaning to post about my trip to Surin last month. For some reason it kept slipping my mind. Anyway, here goes. Since arriving in Bangkok, a lot of the TG's I met seemed to originate from Isaan. So I decided why not go there? I asked the receptionist at the Dynasty Hotel to recommend a destination in Isaan. She said, why not start at Surin? Why not indeed. So off I went to the Northern Bus Terminal. 7.30 p.m bus leaving in 5 mins mister, you want? Is it air-con? Yes. How much? B300. Hmmm, a little on the pricey side but, what the hell! As this was a impulsive trip, I didn't even ask how long or how far Surin was. On the bus, it was full, everyone was bloody Thai. No one could understand a word I was saying. In fact they all thought it strange that an Asian looking man spoke English like a farang. 9 long hours later we pulled into Surin. Gee, it's a lot smaller than I had thought. I was beginning to question my decision to come. Well, having come into town with no idea of where to stay, I left it up to the recommendation of some Swiss tourists who were departing back to Bangkok. We stayed at the Thong Tarin Hotel. It's very nice. So off I went. Hey, not a bad hotel. Hope they have rooms. Sir, we have one last room. How much? B900. Wow, pricey for a little village like this. Ahhh, why not? was tired needed to catch some sleep. By the time I woke up, it was already 4 in the afternoon. Wasted a whole day. Time to walk around town. Hmmm, not much action around. WTF? Where are all the gogo bars and the nightclubs? Don't think they exist. Strange really considering most girls in Bangkok come from this region. Anyway, I think I didn't get approached by any FL because they probably thought I was Thai. Big, big disadvantage. So, I headed back to the hotel, disappointed. When's the first bus to Bangkok in the morning, I wondered. What I didn't know then was that Surin has an airport. Well, the bellboy on seeing my obvious distress(was sitting in the coffee lounge reading the Bangkok Post over and over again) asked me, "You have girlfriend?" No. "You have boyfriend?" God no. So I asked him if he knew how I could find the women. Oh he said, no need, I ask them come here. How much? B800. Ahhhh, why the hell not? So, 20 mins later this chick arrives. Must have been close to 40. No,no,no, I want young girl. Ten mins later yes a young girl did show. My god, I know that Surin is famed for it's elephants, but I never expected one to be in my room. Jesus Christ! I summoned the bellboy and told him in no uncertain terms that this was all BS. Another 20 mins later, jackpot! Young girl 20, nice body, but speak no english. No shower, which was really off putting. No bj which I couldn't believe. Basically she just sucked my nipples till I got hard and rode me for about 10 mins. Then, no thank you, no shower, out she goes. Arrr, I felt a little dirty at this point. Washed myself thoroughly to make sure every part was clean. Yuck, I was even scared to lie back on my bed. Not sure what sort of mites lurked there. At that moment I said, fuck this, go back to Bangkok. I packed my bags, to the amazement of the hotel staff, checked out. Went straight to the bus terminal. WOuldn't you know it? No more seats. Jesus! Made my way to the train station and, woohoo seats available second class. B250. Train was set to leave in another hour, which gave me just enough time to get a bite to eat. Settled on a place called Pochana, I think. Ordered a delicious bowl of curry and rice. Where else can you get a meal for less than 20B. Filled up, I headed back to the station and onto my train. Oh, not many people. Should be good. About an hour into my trip, stomach felt uneasy. For the next 4 hours, the toilet bowl was my favourite friend. Somehow, stuff with coconut milk never agrees with me. What a great trip this has been. About 30 hours after I left the Dynasty Inn, ta-da, I was back. Good trip sir? Fantastic!

Should have looked back in the archives. Would have realised that Freeler has said that Surin is shit. Oh well, :)

01-30-04, 14:31

You didn't even CONSIDER a stopover in Buriram or Korat!

01-30-04, 14:49
Freeler: they are at the center of the forthcoming tour of Rev JTS. Also some other places. Gotta strike new ground. There is such a lovely lady in Buriram. I think I love her.

01-30-04, 15:11

But does she love you, like ALL my ladies loved me?
Ask her, and if she says yes and she wants you to visit her village, we will have something to talk about in the Thai Women section:D.

PS What's with the T, dear Rev J'T'S?

The Traveler
01-30-04, 19:43

LOL, you should have tried the karaoke and cafe's. Lots of chicks and some very cute. It's not all in one place or that obvous, but everywhere in thailand you will find girls there. Speaking the langiage will be a big advantage.

Have fun

RCA Knight
01-30-04, 21:23
Sainter: Reg hunting in Issan.

Issan is a great place tp pick up girls either pro or non pro. But you have picked the wrong city. You have gone to the most boring place in Issan. Try Korat, Khon Kaen, Udon or Ubon. These 4 major cities have lots of action. Korat only 3 hours away from BKK. A beginner can start here. I recommend to stay at Korat Hotel 550 bahts. It has a massage parlor and a cafe and a big disco on its premise. And a beer restaurant in front of the hotel. Many ways to pick up ladies. On weekend the disco is packed with non pros including lots of students. If you can spend some money you can get non pros as well. Much easier than BKK.

Khon Kaen ia another nice hunting city. Recommend to saty Hotel Roma, good and cheap 400 bahts for a good room. There is a bubble massage in the Hotel Kosa. For picking up freelancer or non pro-there are many discos all in the the area between Hotel Kosa and Sofitel. Go on weekend lots of college babes. Most of them friendly and can be scored. Enjoy Issan next time. Its much easier to hunt than BKK ot Phuket.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a spaces periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

01-30-04, 23:13
Well, it was first time to Northern part of Thailand. Also had time constraints. Next time. But I've also found that exploring smaller towns is a bit of a downer, especially if you're travelling by yourself. I for one, will not do it again unless accompanied by a friend or 2. It's just a little boring, doing things solo. And, if I see something or experience something unbelievable, it's a whole lot better when someone else is there to share the experience.

01-31-04, 00:25
Freeler: T stands for "Tits". I love good ones.

(Rev) JTS

01-31-04, 06:11
Great fuck in Hua Hin.

Yesterday I saw a female ejaculation for the first time. A 20 year old hottie stayed with me for the night. Too drunk for making love in the night but the next morning after a quick breakfast I banged the shit out of her. She has been one of the sexiest TG I ever had with a nice string and a perfect body. After 3 minutes of fucking I wanted to change positions and put my dick out of her pussy when a white fluid was running out her pussy. It almost look like sperm but I took a rubber and was far from cumming. In the last 2 months I had about 35 TG but this was the first one I wanted to stay with for more than 2 days. Unfortunately she had to go to BKK the same day for breaking up with her english boyfriend because she soon go for 3 months to her german boyfriend. What a ****!!! But it was definetely a memorable fuck.

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01-31-04, 19:58

I don't think you fucked the shit out of her but some discharge instead...
She should see a doctor before meeting any boyfriend of which ever nationality.

Female ejaculation fluid is very similar to the fluid produced by the prostate. If your prostate fluid looks like sperm, you better go see the doctor as well.
If you take some time to search the web, you will no doubt find some reliable info on this subject.

The Traveler
01-31-04, 20:11

Freeler's assumption might be correct. If she had some discharge she definately should see a doctor. There is no such thing like a female ejaculation. She might have a bacterial infection or a fungus instead.

It's also possible, that her vaginal secretion/fluid just went foamy due to your activities. This is nothing to worry about and happens quite often, especially when you go doggy style.

Have fun

01-31-04, 21:41
No such thing as "Female Ejaculation"? You living in the twenty-first century, The_Traveler? Doctors (male) used to make this claim. It was based on assumption they made during anatomy class.

Now, occasionally female ejaculation can be as simple as incontinence, but more often it is the more complex, less understood discharge of a vaginal fluid. Many women, perhaps most don't display this activity, but others due in varying amounts. Some leak, some gush.

Hanging out with *****s, you are much less likely to run into it. They fuck for money, not for love or desire. Since the encounter is much less "erotic" in their eyes (regardless what they are leading you to believe), those that do the "spurter" thing, are much less likely to have it actually occur. But obviously it does occasionally.

For a more discussion of the phenomenon see:


Personally, I love gushers, but I prefer them in women I'm romatically entangled with, versus simply sexually. Your mileage may vary.


ChiMan II
01-31-04, 21:56

I experience the exact same thing here in the states. The white fluid looks exactly like cum. I was freaking out. I found out latter that is was a yeast infection. At least that is what a doctor said I asked. We treated it like a yeast infection and it went away. Thank God for condoms though huh. Always wear a condom especially in Thailand. Even if the girl is clean you will be sweating on the airplane ride home. All that stress is not worth it.

Hope I helped

02-01-04, 11:07
Sounds like to me your girl shot some nonoxynol 9 up her puzzy or some other contraceptive foam. Don't listen to traveler, women CAN have secretions or ejaculates that act like a lubricant when she gets excited during sex. It shouldn't be milky like sperm, but can look foamy if you use a lubricated condom. Doggy style has nothing to do with it.