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05-16-02, 05:53
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12-27-02, 06:10
Hello all. I want to travel to the Canary Islands, but want to endulge on local action too. Does anyone have any information on where to get some on these islands? Are the women there hot like the ones on the mainland of Spain?

Any and all information is greatly appreciated.


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08-04-03, 11:15

In Tenerife I tried club Selene located in Playa de las Americas, Pyramid apartaments. They have thematic rooms, jacusis etc. Had a great time with a girl from Venezuela (model material) cost 180€ 1hr. Club Cleopatra-location callao Salvaje-Big villa with a pool(havent been there), agenciaworld.com (Worth looking, havent used it.

12-29-03, 22:45
A good idea is to pick up a local paper, like "Diario de Avisos" and peruse through the classifieds. There are enough adverts with pictures to figure out what's on offer. Most of the action seems to be in the capital Santa Cruz and in the southern beach resorts that cater to package holidaymakers, like Playa las Americas.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very close to either of those places being on the northern bit of the island and without a car (and the taxi from the airport to my hotel cost US$100) so I didn't feel like paying $200 for R/T cabfare and then the cash for some female fun--but maybe next time.

Some of the ads featured weblinks, which I pass along below. Some ads openly say "services completos" for EUR 60 (about USD 75) Happy hunting.

http://www.sexocanario.com/princesas (ad claims 30min for EUR50)

http://www.elmundoerotico.com (expensive-high end EUR 300 for 3 hours minimum)

One ad was in German which I could translate:
Erika in Los Cristanos. Hours 11am-9pm 922 79 56 87

Nikolaj DK
11-05-04, 09:36
Does anyone know where Priscila or Veronica, 2 portuguese/mulatta girls are now?

01-10-05, 19:11
I just got back from a week in Tenerife. The weather was perfect all the time, and it was about 22-25 degrees. So no complaining about that. I went with 4 other friends, so I wasn’t really going down there for the girls, but after a while down there I knew I wanted to check where the action was too, hehe. I also checked the Tenerife section on this forum, but almost no information, so here is my report from south Tenerife.

I stayed in Los Cristianos but in this area there is almost no action. But what you will find is lots of advertisement for clubs in Las Americas. I decided to try a club called “Club Oh Yes” because a taxidriver recomended it.

The club is located here:

La Ponderosa, L.7
C/. Venezuela, Las Americas

It is open from 15:00 to 06:00. I also have their phone numbers if anyone are interested.

They have lap dance, lesbian shows, jacuzzi rooms and also a 24 hour escort service. I was in this club 4 times and tried a different girl everytime. My opinion is that 90% of these girls are very very good looking. But the price is kind of expensive for getting one of them in a room. 100 euro for 30 minutes or something, but you can discuss the price with every girl.

They also have free entry, BUT when you get in they will always make you buy a beer for 15 euro the first time. So I guess they charge you for the entry then. Every beer after that costs 8 euro. When I got back the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time they just charged me 8 euro for the first one too, because they remembered me.

So, about the girls. Firt I tried a girl from Romania, she was extremly sexy and did everything except taking her top off. A little weird, but besides that I could do almost everything. For me it looked like every girl had one thing she wouldn’t do, but did just about everything else. Another girl did everything except changing positions, heh....but all in all, very sexy girls and ok service. Just agree with the girl in advance what you want her to do.

By the way...I also heard about another club called Extravaganza Night Club, but I never tried it so I have no special info on that one. It is also an escort agency. If anyone are interested it will be found on this adress:

Playa De Las Americas
Pueblo Canario Local 314

Leave me a message if anyone want the phone number.

Thats it from Tenerife!


09-25-05, 07:45
Hi all..

I will be at Costa Adeje next weekend. I wanted to know if anyone has info on the scean there. Thanks in advance


10-09-05, 16:32
I need telephone number of "Club Oh Yes" Tenerife.

Please I need urgently.


11-23-05, 13:06
I have just returned from a week in the Puerto Colon, Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos area of Tenerife.

There does seem to be alot of 'clubs' in the area, I think I must of visited the majority.

Here is a quick review of the ones I did visit with 'phone numbers and addresses where I have them. Bearing in mind it was very very quiet that even some of the trendy clubs, discos closed early, 1AM instead of 3AM, it may not be a true reflection of what could be on offer in high season.

Club Oh Yeees !!...

922 793 273. La Ponderosa, L7, Venezuela, Las Americas.

On the whole this was the best club for choice and number of girls, ranging from 5-9. A few minus points. It was a little bit out of the way, and what could be slightly embarassing for some is that you have to walk through a family bar/restaurant area to get to it ?

As it advertises entry is free but as son as I arrived you get pounced on and hounded to buy 'lady drinks', this may be just the time of year. My drink was 8 Euros and the lady drink was a staggering 30 Euros, which I found out later was a local delicacy of a 1/4 bottle of champagne. Also the lady who brought my drink to the table insisted upon a 2 Euro tip for doing so ?

On the plus side as I have said it definitely offered the most choice and certainly the prettiest girls. I was quoted 120 Euros for 1/2 hour and 180 for an hour, but after being ripped off for the drinks I made my excuses and left.

Club Las Vegas

Centro Commercial Presidente.

A bit off the beaten track, across a car park and what seemed like a building site ? A bit daunting on your own.

I was coerced into this club three times during my visit, the first I was half-cut and wanted to check out the possibilities for the next night. Drinks seemed about the norm 5-8 Euros but only a very small selection of girls, 3, maybe ranging from 5-7, bearing in mind I was a bit worse for drink this may have to be reduced accordingly.

Saw the selection and didn't stay.

La Dolce Vita

922 795 855. From the main beach road keep Starcos on your right and keep walking along that road, in a right-hand arch, take a right past about 4 bars and it's at the end of that little row.

Free entry, Drinks were 10-20 Euros but I was assured this included a 'Free' lapdance ? Again only a small selection of girls, 3, nothing really special maybe acouple of 6's and a 7.

Basically put off by the price of the drinks so didn't stay.


661 872 486. Underneath Veronicas 1 easily accessible from either end.

Free entry again. Drinks 5 Euros. I was assured on my first visit a wide selection of girls ! This turned out to be 3, maybe a 6 and two 7's. As I was starting to get frustrated at the lack of action I took up the offer of 100 Euros for 1/2 hour, she started at 300 for an hour, with a spanish girl. It served it's purpose.

On my second visit there were only two girls, the spanish one I had all redy partied with and a Columbian. I thought a change is as good as a rest and had 3/4 hour with the Colombian, 22, for 150 Euros. She was very nice but after 1/2 hour she said, 'I am finished'. But I ain't !! She took a bit of persuading to remount after I reminded her that I was paying for the pleasure not her.

There is a 'Strip Club' directly opposite this, I never visited it but I gather it is run on the same sort of lines as 'Stringfellows'.


Advertised well but couldn't find it. Seemed by the advert to be a bit more upper class ? Whether it was or not I'll never know.

Stringfellows [Lap Dancing Bar] Opposite the main Veronicas strip above Burger King, but entry is slightly to the right up some steep steps.

Drinks a reasonable 5 Euros, Lady drinks 10 or 20 Euro. Lap dance in a private booth 20 Euro or a 'special' 50 Euro, apparently it's a little bit longer and you are allowed to touch everything but the beaver. I was told any speciality requests could normally be catered for at a price. Only 4 girls, 1 Spainish, 1 Russian and surprise surprise 2 English.

Club Selene
Quite well signposted, if you can find 'The Anchor Pub' you are basically there. Just follow the road, keeping the pub on your right, but it is more than the 50m it says on the billboard.

You have to ring the not to obvious bell and then ushered in to sit on a couch and wait for the girls to be brought in. a la chicken ranch style.
By far the prettiest girls on my trip, but also the scariest so a range of 3-10.

The madams are pleasant and try to match your requests with the girls they have, 120 again for 1/2 or 180 for an hour. They also do visits at a price, I was quoted 240 Euros for an hour even though my apartment was within very easy walking distance. I declined this.

A club near the 'Greek Corner Restaurant'. Heading toward Puerto Colon from the main Americas area on the beach road it is just before the large roundabout on the right down an alleyway.

Again free entry, drinks 5 Euros, Lady drinks 20-30 Euros. Quite a pleasant little club, the girls come over have a chat and if you ain't interested thay go to be replaced by another in 5 minutes or so. There is a show every 1/2 hour or so depending on the number of clientele. Only 3 girls again. This one reminded me most of Estark '92 on the Costa del sol less 'full on' than the other clubs, they even had the cricket on at one stage. I was quoted the 120 Euro for 1/2 hour, but I felt this could have gone down to about 80 without too much persuasion as there was not alot of mongers about.

I also ran into a couple of S/W, not my cup of tea at all, thaey came up grabbed my balls and kept saying, 'sucky,fucky'. I think I was more scared of being robbed than aroused.

All in all a pleasant week, you always have the option if you are of a certain age to have a go for a freebee from one of the young girls or not so young girls who even at this time of year are on 'Hen' nights and girls weeks away. I was told by one of the DJ's that if you ain't to fussy you can normally get a freebee most evening mostly because they feel sorry for you if they see you going home alone.

I know I have missed at least two other establishments, one near enough in Puerto Colon and the other in Los Cristianos but I cannot remember their names and I never visited them.

I hope this is of some use and anyone require further information about the very up-to-date scene in this area I will be happy to oblige if I can.


01-27-06, 16:27
Spain has the best West European scene after the German FKK. But unlike FKK, there are few info on the web about the Spanish brothels, including in ISG. There are a few Spanish sex forums but they are far to be as complete as the German ones. There is no complete list of the Spanish brothels. On the Yellow Pages they are mixed with regular nightclubs or hotels. The specialised websites usually cover only a few cities and tend to have more flashy pop-ups and pics than useful info. And the most complete list I found on Internet is not anymore available. Needless to say, it was a tough list to make, and it probably has much more mistakes and missing clubs than my previous lists covering the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. But Spain just deserved it’s own brothel’s list.

This list has more than 300 brothels covering all Spain. Once inside one of them, any customer can indicate exactly all the other brothels around. I could not manage to include also the opening time, pricing and other usual info. Even the addresses are not complete as most are in the countryside. But it doesn’t matter that much, as those outside the cities are easy to spot. They are usually along the main road and look like regular nightclubs with flashing sexy neon. These are the typical Spanish brothels. They open from dark till dawn. If there is an entry fee, it is around 10€ including a drink. Inside it looks like a nightclub with music, a dancing floor and nowhere to sit except at the bar in order to get the customers to drink. Those brothels have usually more than 30 girls in sexy outfits, aged 20-30 years, rated 6-8 and mainly from South America or Eastern Europe. Flowers In Madrid and Riviera in Barcelona can have up to hundred girls, both have the most impressive line-up in Europe. The rates are around 60€ for 30min CBJ and FS in one of the rooms upstairs or at the back. Rooms are clean and have bathrooms.

In the city-centers however, the brothels tend to be much smaller with less than 10 girls. They tend to open also during daytime. They look like massage parlours with sexy signs and sometimes even as discrete apartments, with only the buzzer button painted in red to make clear which apartment is a brothel. Customers are separated, girls are introduced to make a choice, and rates are also around 60€ for 30min CBJ and FS.

Take care also that some clubs in the bigger cities or touristic areas cater more for business men or stupid tourists, have expensive drinks for fake champagne, strip-tease and expensive rates because rooms have mirrors or Jacuzzi.

Calle El Jable 50 Callao Salvaje Tenerife CANARIAS
Phone 922 74 00 92

Samara Club
Av Venezuela Edificio Iberia S/N Bajo Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife CANARIAS
Phone : 922 37 20 09

Villa Vodemil
Maspalomas Avenida Touroperador Cosmos 4 CANARIAS

01-28-06, 18:21
Two weeks in Cristianos; Visited 'Thai Massage' in centre of town near cultural centre and opposite gas station, one girl on duty, the only English working girl on the island she tells me; blonde, 27, she looks about a 5 or six in the dim lights of the room. CBJ and CDS 90 Euro, felt a bit underwhelmed and not really value for money. Good looking dark haired girl at desk as I left, may be next time.

Decided to use local paper *Diario de Avisos* which is full of girls in the area of Los Christianos. Got a spanish sim for mobile from Digimania Juan Carlos 1. for 20 euro, ther are hundreds of numbers in the paper and finding girls who speak some English can take a little time. First good score was on Juan XXIII, a street running parralel to the beach about three streets back, or find the main chapel in the centre of town and Juan XXIII leads off it, the street number is 33, bottom 'red' buzzer and first door on left up one flight of stairs. Three girls two brazilians and a Romanian €60 per half hour. The brazilians will do oral without, all is covered with the Romanian who I had first, great slim body rate her about a seven. The Brazilian in my second visit did not tell me it was her time of the month, smelly, but good bj action. Facing the Bus station at Juan Carlos are the Royal building and the Edifice block. In the Royal building [to the right] are two Brazilians in apartment number 401, the entrance is near restaurant Gomeron, one blond and the other Deborah very dark hair. €50 per half hour, blonde does the better bj [uncovered or 'natural' is the way spanish say this,] but looks about a 4, Deborah CIF is a very attractive girl and I visited this house four times, using the blonde only when Deborah was busy [tel 686826734].
Three Russians at 'Kanal building' buzzer 3/11 two blondes and a brunette all in mid 20's [tel; 610569896]. Had both blondes, oral without is another €20, €70 per half hour, avoid the sullen looking one with the ceasarian scar on belly, the pretty younger looking blonde one is very good, bbbj, cof.

To buy viagra the pharmacy say I need a script from doctor, so if you use vitamin V remember to take it with you. Been trying 'Kamagra' but not very effective, lots of side effects but no stiffness for the long haul.

The bad news; avoid vanessa at the Ardennes Canarios building, old, ugly, fat. Sonia at the Edificio balde centre bloque b piso, Sonia has looks about 3, too robust for my taste. [667245323] There are apparently some Czecho girls working out of the same apartment in Edificio balde, entrance is round the side looking from the bus station, near shop 'Carribean' apartment and buzzer number 602. Same tel no as Sonia above. PM if u want further details, next stop Poland, Good hunting!

04-17-06, 02:52
I visited Tenerife on a day trip from Gran Canaria, so I didn't have much time. Bought Diario de Avisos as recommended earlier in this forum and found many ads. One ad offering 24h Chinese and Japanese (I didn't believe Japanese) massage appealed to me and I called the number (sorry I don't remember the # but it was the only ad of this kind).

The first girl on the phone only spoke Spanish. Then she called another girl who gave me the directions in English: the address is Domingo J. Manrique 15 in Santa Cruz. This is a town house in the west of the city center. I found it in a city map that I bought at a newsstand.

I rang at the door bell and was let in by an Asian woman. She led me to the reception room and had me sit down on a sofa and offered me a drink. The Mama-san spoke a little English and told me the prices: 70 Euros for 30 mins, 120 Euros for 1 hour. At this time I could choose between two ladies who were all Thai (when I left I saw two other girls) and took the older one, a good-looking in her early 30's. (Her name sounds like "one year".) She smiled, took my hand and led me upstairs to the room.
In the room she hugged me for a while, caressed and kissed me, including French kissing. She spoke very little English, just some words such as "you are beautiful" (???). Then we got undressed and lay down. Again we kissed for a long time and touched each other. She let me finger her p****. Then she went down, sucked my nipples and performed a wonderful BBBJ and s***ed my balls.

Finally she put on a rubber, got on top, hugged and kissed me again and rode me until climax.

And there was even an afterplay: I sucked her nips for quite a while.

Then we took a shower (me first), got dressed, and kissed for good-bye. "See you again."

Over all it was true GFE, one of the best experiences I ever had. I wonder why she had not asked me to wash or take a shower before bedtime (BB!). And I violated my personal rule to prefer CBJ and never to kiss a girl who performs BBBJ. But no regret!

10-15-07, 12:52
Hi, had a great time in tenerife, went for 2 weeks with a couple of mates on a 2 week sex holiday, heres the 2 different services we all used over the 2 weeks and come highly reccommended.

Tenerife-escorts.com. English escort service

Ladysuspenders.com. Individual english sexy lady escort

Being English I wanted to have both sexy fun and actually hold a conversation with the ladies I was getting deeply personal with, both the above services catered for all mine and my mates needs, be it for a daytime romp for an hour through to an evening of orgy with me and my 2 mates having the company of 3 sexy english girls all together, god what a night.

Yvonne, was the lady I fell in love with and she gave me everything I needed and more from a sexy lady, 150 Euros per hour for the full on sexy girlfriend experiance, size 12, blonde mid 30's great figure and 38DD's WOW!

Dresses sexy with the suzzies, stockings, stiletto's and lacy lingerie, she looks after herself tidy body, great assets, and looks after her clients too!

If your in tenerife looking for sexy english ladies then I reccommend both these services, god In one way I'm glad to be back home so I can recover and get my energy back!

10-15-07, 19:23
Just thought, heres the contact numbers if your looking for a reliable english lady whilst on your jollies in south Tenerife.

www.tenerife-escorts.com. Tel; (0034)-666-36-25-20

www.ladysuspenders.com. Tel; (0034)-600-776-005

Remember if calling from outside spain you will need to use the 0034

I personally booked my first night of passion before I arrived in tenerife by booking using e-mail and I would reccommend this as they have only quality girls whom are respectful and discreet, just like a real girlfriend and you need to book in advance.

Say Hello, to Yvonne if you meet her and Lorraine (ladysuspenders) from the scouse spacehopper.

01-10-08, 12:47

I'll going to Tenerife in march (one week)

I have some questions.

Do u have some experiences with girls who spent on Tenerife holidays? You know tourist girls.

What kind of girls spend on tenerife vacations ? (german, england , usa)?

How much are lonely girls will take a adventures and fun?

Thank you for ansfer and sorry for my englis language.

09-10-08, 13:45
Going to Tenerife las Americas in a few weeks time and I was wondering what the street action there is like. I can't be bothered with the tourist girls, I just want where the street girls hang out.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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10-16-08, 03:33
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Alistair One
02-18-10, 14:08
So can anyone let us know about street girls in Tnerife then?

I. E Were to find them

What nationalities

What price


Etc etc.

02-19-10, 09:50
So can anyone let us know about street girls in Tnerife then?

I. E Were to find them

What nationalities

What price


Etc etc.See my report, under Canary islands, South Tenerife.

Avoid street girls, dirty and expensive.

Sinful Hi
12-09-10, 05:13

I will be in Tenerife for 3 days in Dec and was wondering what are good clubs and or sauna's to visit, especially those that are open 24hours or till early hours of morning. Where area is the best action at?


12-09-10, 12:57

I will be in Tenerife for 3 days in Dec and was wondering what are good clubs and or sauna's to visit, especially those that are open 24hours or till early hours of morning. Where area is the best action at?


12-09-10, 12:59

I will be in Tenerife for 3 days in Dec and was wondering what are good clubs and or sauna's to visit, especially those that are open 24hours or till early hours of morning. Where area is the best action at?

ThanksPlaja, des, las Americas.

South Tenrife.

RTFF here that's why we post.

You will find my report there.

02-07-11, 17:58
hi all, my first real contribution so here goes.

for couples.

two clubs in playa de las americas mystique being the most popular.


if its an all over tan you want, there are a couple of beaches, la tajita (near to the airport) and la caleta.

for guys.

i don't know about you, but the thought of finding an attractive companion while away from home turf is virtually impossible, so many things can go wrong. so its always good to here from others and their experiences. the following websites are full of girls, and far more important, reviews from clients. make sure you have your google translate switched on, it is brilliant. over here networking and sharing information on girls is accepted as normal, nothing dirty, nothing sinister, worth a peek.

charges of course vary, but 60euros for 30 minutes is about the norm. an hours massage about 120 euros.



(english website, no sex so don't ask, everything else)


pm me if anyone needs some more information.

02-25-11, 19:13
Well not wishing to recommend somewhere where I had one excellent massage, I went back again, and the repeat performance was wonderful. Two Girls Irene and Dafne, a new girl really made my whole body tremble with excitement.


Suller Joe
02-26-11, 14:52
Well not wishing to recommend somewhere where I had one excellent massage, I went back again, and the repeat performance was wonderful. Two Girls Irene and Dafne, a new girl really made my whole body tremble with excitement.

http://www.tantric-massage-tenerife.comThank you. I will go there next week & try to remember to write a report.

03-09-11, 12:22
Thank you. I will go there next week & try to remember to write a report.Hi Joe,

I managed to find a couple of photos of the ladies on the web, and I confirm these are the ladies I saw, the blond is Irene and the log dark hair is Dafne.

04-05-11, 08:20
Hi Joe,

I managed to find a couple of photos of the ladies on the web, and I confirm these are the ladies I saw, the blond is Irene and the log dark hair is Dafne.Hi Joe, I've been back to Kundalini! Now three girls, very popular salon it seems. New girl is Eva, petite blond, massage lovely with great finish

07-13-11, 21:00
Hi Joe, I've been back to Kundalini! Now three girls, very popular salon it seems. New girl is Eva, petite blond, massage lovely with great finishThe main lady who answers the phone is Irene speaks spanish, english and italian, is quite happy to answers all your questions, and after your massage an expert in HR and keeps you on the edge for what seems hours but is only perhaps 15 minutes before your happy end, enjoy

11-14-11, 11:54
The main lady who answers the phone is Irene speaks spanish, english and italian, is quite happy to answers all your questions, and after your massage an expert in HR and keeps you on the edge for what seems hours but is only perhaps 15 minutes before your happy end, enjoySorry I confuse you! The happy end part of the massage is 15 minutes although there is much contact with the right bits throughout the first 45 minutes of the massage. The ladies then concentrates mainly on the happy end for the last 15 minutes, see if you can last that long! And very nice it is too!

11-25-14, 14:17
I will be this weekend from 28/11 untill 1/12 in Adeje. Somerhing to do there? Some swingers want to join?

12-05-14, 17:52
I have just spent some time on Tenerife so here is an update. I will post this in the Canary Islands thread as well as the Tenerife one as the latter seems to be almost dead.

The website I prefer for my Gran Canaria information http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/ does also cover Tenerife but http://www.canarias69.com/ seems to be better when it comes to Tenerife.

Places I visited were:

El Hotelito http://www.elhotelitotenerife.com/ Camino de Medio, No. 235, San Cristobal de la Laguna. 28.458859,-16.334422.

I had high hopes for this place which is out in the country a couple of kilometers south of Tenerife North airport. They are supposed to open at 3 pm. I first went at 5 pm on a Saturday, I wandered inside to a sort of bar area, there were 3 or 4 blokes in there and 6 or 7 girls sitting around. None of the girls were in their work clothes, instead they were dressing gowns and track suits. It was, as I said, a bar area but nobody was drinking and I couldn't work out what was going on so after a minute of two I decided to leave. As I was going there was a girl smoking on the steps so I asked her if they were actually open, she said they were but suggested it would be much better to come back later, she advised after 8 pm.

A few days later I took her advice and went at about 8. 30. This time everything progressed in a more conventional way: I was welcomed by the madam and then the girls presented themselves to me in the bar area. I selected a curvy girl from the Dominican Republic. Her service was adequate although I was rather surprised at the fact that she answered he phone several times during our session. In fact she managed to waste so much time that I only got one round in during the hour. I say hour, in fact I only got 48 minutes. They have phones in the rooms and the madam rings to tell the girl it's time and that is how early it rang. Prices here are 30 minutes for €70 and 1 hour for €130. Not recommended.

Barbie. Carretera de Sobradillo No. 84, El Sobradillo. 28.44094,-16.319907.

This is a 24 hour place on the TF-272. You can park easily nearby. When I went (on the same day as my first visit to El Hotelito) they only had one girl available but that really wasn't a problem as she was a real knockout. The price was €120 for the hour and she was an absolute star. The place itself is currently being renovated so is a bit rough and ready but I would happily return.

El Numero 20. Calle Nispero No. 20, Llano del Moro. 28.450794,-16.329968 http://elnumero20.es/.

On their website they claim to be a 24 hour place. This is not true. There is a sign outside saying they open at 4 pm Monday to Saturday and at 7 pm on Sundays. When I went at 6 pm on a Monday they didn't have any girls. The woman opening up said she could call some who lived nearby but I wasn't in the mood to waste my evening sitting around waiting for the girls to turn up.

Numero 15. Carretera General Puerto Cruz-Arenas No. 15, Puerto de la Cruz. 28.409683,-16.552494.

I tried this place after an enjoyable day in Puerto de la Cruz and am happy to say that my enjoyable day continued while I was here. Parking was easy enough outside although if you go past it towards the city centre you might find it hard to turn round. 30 minutes was €60.

In the south of the island I only went to one place. It was Calle Noruega No. 26, LOS Cristianos. Flat 1 E. 28.052596,-16.721854 There is also a Calle Noruega in Playa de las Americas. Make sure you go to the one in LOS Cristianos. There were 4 girls working when I went, 2 latinas and 2 East European blondes. Normally I would choose a latina but they were both rather chunky so I had a nice Czech blonde instead. Prices here are 15 minutes for €40,30 minutes for €60 and 1 hour for €120. It's a bit of a dump but there really didn't seem to be anything else in the area. I was able to park just down the road but I wouldn't imagine it's always that easy.

Laguna Relax. Calle Heraclio Sanchez No. 23. La Laguna. Flat F06.

This is a 24 hour place. I went early one evening during the week. There were 2 girls available, one Spanish and one Russian. I picked the Spanish girl and was very happy with the service provided Price was €100 for 1 hour. If you are coming by car I would suggest you use the underground parking in Av Trinidad.

Perhaps I was just unlucky but I haven't been very impressed with the mongering available on Tenerife, in my opinion it compares very poorly with what is available on Gran canaria.

08-14-15, 16:39
Anyone any update as I'm going in Oct. Any brothel worth visiting or any independent escort seeing?

Thanks in advance.

12-07-15, 15:49
Another year, another trip to Tenerife. As last year I will post this in the Canary Islands thread as well as the Tenerife one as the latter doesn't seem to have become any busier that it was a year ago. I again used http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/ and http://www.canarias69.com/ as my main sources of information.

Numero 15. Carretera General Puerto Cruz-Arenas No. 15, Puerto de la Cruz. 28.409683,-16.552494. http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/clubs/2-Tenerife/4521-El_Numero_15.html. This place is as reported last year, still a decent line up, prices €60 for 30 minutes and €120 for an hour.

Barbies in El Sobradillo seems to have closed.

Geishas Sur. No. 19 On the TF-853 heading from LOS Menores to Taucho. 28.144837,-16.752476 . http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/clubs/2-Tenerife/5330-Geishas_Sur.html. A large, pleasant house with a very steep drive out in the middle of nowhere. Pretty easy to get to from LOS Cristianos / Playa de las Americas. Decent quality line up, prices were €70 for 30 minutes and, I think, €130 for an hour.

I had some time to kill in La Laguna so I went to a couple of places:

Casa Emily. Calle Elias Serra Rafols No. 37 Apt. 104. http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/clubs/2-Tenerife/4955-Casa_Emily.html They only had one girl working when I went (just after lunch on a Tuesday) and she didn't appeal to me so I didn't stay.

Casa Clara. Calle Dr Zamenhof No. 32. http://www.canarias69.com/tenerife/casaclara/agencia-escorts/2518 . This one was a bugger to find, mainly because they pronounce the street name as Semanov. The place is a bit shabby and the line up wasn't exactly spectacular but I stayed anyway. The bed I used was on it's last legs, in fact one of them kept collapsing thus requiring the bed to be lifted up by me while my girl put it back into place. The prices are €50 for 30 minutes and €100 for an hour. These two are quite close to each other and are just a short walk from the undergound parking in Av. Trinidad.

Casa Cristys. Calle Fundadores Cooperativa No. 92. Apt 8. Las Chafiras. 28.054541, -16.611592. http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/clubs/2-Tenerife/5357-Casa_Cristys.html . This one was even harder to find but I managed it eventually. It's one motorway junction away from the airport and pretty easy to get to once you know where it is. The line up seems to change almost daily judging by the advert but it was alright when I visited. There was no A / see and their solitary fan was broken so I suggest you avoid during hot spells. The price was €100 for an hour.

SWs in Santa Cruz. There were a few girls (no more that a dozen I would say) working in Calle Miraflores and Calle de Juan de Padron. They were a pretty unattractive lot so I had no desire to ask their prices.

Places I didn't get to go to:

La Diosa. Las Galletas. http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/clubs/2-Tenerife/5275-La_Diosa.html . They wouldn't tell me their address but instead wanted me to go to some shopping centre from where they would collect me. I really didn't feel like going along with all their secret agent shite so said "Just give me an address or lose my business". They still wouldn't.

http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/clubs/2-Tenerife/5374-Plan_B.html and http://www.canarias69.com/tenerife/cogedora/agencia-escorts/1107712 One place with two names it seems. But only one phone number which they never answered.

La Casita. Subido El Pulpito, No. 13. La Laguna. 28.493267, -16.345205. http://www.canarias69.com/tenerife/la-casita-escorts/agencia-escorts/2603 . Supposed to open at 11 am, 3 pm or 7 pm depending on which advert you see. I thought I'd play it safe and go even later just to be on the safe side and, as I'm sure you can guess, they still weren't open. I went at 9. 30 pm.

01-07-16, 10:44
Casa Cristys. Calle Fundadores Cooperativa No. 92. Apt 8. Las Chafiras. 28.054541, -16.611592. http://www.guiasexcanarias.com/clubs/2-Tenerife/5357-Casa_Cristys.html I was on the place very easy to find thanks for the geo tags but no one opened. On the tel nr. +3XXXXXXX196 was somebody else and said I have an wrong #.

So today I will try Geishas Sur. No. 19.