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    Breaking News

    As the caption says, hard to believe.
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    Beggar Monger buys pussy with alms from the kind-hearted

    An enterprising clubfooted German monger has managed to fund his mongering trips all over Southeast Asia by displaying his enormous clubfoot on sidewalks and begging for cash. His little scheme paid for mongering in the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

    However, his luck ran out in Thailand where he was deported and blacklisted after he was caught using a 50,000 THB charitable donation intended to fund his return to Germany to buy pussy from Pattaya bar girls instead. The Begging Monger showed his dedication to the pursuit of pussy earlier this week when he unsuccessfully attempted to board a Thai Airways flight from Zurich to Laos via Bangkok.

    He is expected to return to the Philippines soon as his mongering options are now limited after deportation from Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia. So, beware of a begging blonde-haired clubfooted monger in his early 30's. His favorite hunting grounds for pussy and charitable souls are Angeles City and Manila.

    Unfortunately, this clubfooted monger is not alone in using creative ways to finance his lust for flesh. Many expat and backpacker mongers do their best to con others into donating cash that is quickly expended as a load in a bar girl's pussy.

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    Yo, fluff no!

    Quote Originally Posted by ScreamingBeaver  [View Original Post]
    Yo CM, your mailbox is full.
    So, say I. Yo CM (Chocha Monger).

    Much better reading sharp, objective posts like Chocha Monger, than hype, which is misleading for the uninitiated / newbie.

    "Just say it", don't string it out with fluff. Yo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChochaMonger  [View Original Post]
    Great report and observations from a young monger's point of view. The toothless hags in LA Caf are not worth 500 pesos. They maybe desperate but they hold out for 2,000 to 3,000 pesos and many fellas give it to them. Each day more newbies show up willing to pay higher prices to shoot their load. So, expect the trend of lower quality for higher prices to continue. Foreigners are decreasing in value because the president of the Philippines has been telling his people that most Western visitors are trash.

    Now, things have changed. Even stunningly handsome young fellas with long thick cocks now have to pay higher rates for stunners. The runaway train cannot stop. As for what happened to AC, Koreans with huge amounts of cash are taking over the bar business is what happened.
    Yo CM, your mailbox is full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    From Date In Asia: This is someone that admits to being a LB in their profile. If you think hands like that belong to a woman then you need your eyes examined.
    There are a few that hang around Ayala Terraces in Cebu. They go into Bos Coffee, make lots of noise, at times compare their fake boobs and blow kisses at men. Young ones preferably. Are they obviously LBs? Some for sure and others are in the "am not sure" bracket but I have seen them fool a few old codgers in my time. These guys can't believe their luck until he finds a sausage he was not expecting LOL.

    But have seen some young Americans with them holding hands in Bos and I know a good friend of the group (definitely a cutie as I have shagged her) who said some of the young guys have no idea and believe his 'girl' just likes in the backdoor all the time. Some mongers are very gullible LOL.

    But that said a good mate from Thailand who swear he can spot an LB at 50 metres was fooled in Cebu not once but twice on the same day. That was a fun afternoon seeing him come back tail between his legs after telling me he was great at LB detection LOL.

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    [Message to Admin deleted]

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    Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to send me an email voicing your questions about the administration, and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Streetlooker  [View Original Post]
    I like to see one that looks anywhere close to a female. I have yet to in the Philippines. Every ladyboy I seen in the Philippines is butt ass ugly and 100% Obvious. Even 15 red horses couldn't change their looks. IN Thailand that's a different story I have seen some very very feminine ladyboys in Thailand however I still was not fooled more then a few seconds.
    While I agree with you that at least 95% of all Thai Ladyboys are obvious ladyboys and probably 99.5% of all Filipino Ladyboys are obvious ladyboys, it's that 0. 005% to 0. 01% that can totally fool you, or me, or anyone else contrary to your strong opinion. The good news is that a real passer would not be streetwalking or hustling in a mixed bar. She has sponsers and hangs out in expensive clubs, so the odds of you or me being led astray LOL, is very remote.

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    Prime Example

    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    You must have missed the giant manly looking feet.
    From Date In Asia: This is someone that admits to being a LB in their profile. If you think hands like that belong to a woman then you need your eyes examined.
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    Observation on lady boys

    The only place a struggle to tell is online. In fact, if I spot someone who looks exceptionally good looking, light skin, pretty face, good make up and dressed nicely, the ones that make me say WOW. It's almost certainly a lady boy. Ironic I know. This same lady boy that looks hot in a picture looks like a man in person 100% of the time. The reason being is the lady boys are at an automatic disadvantage, therefore spend a lot of money on improving their appearance and are masters of online photo manipulation I. E. With lighting and angles as well as photo shop. Lady boys here are extremely easy to spot in person from the facial structure, the exaggerated feminine mannerisms, and yes how they speak. They are also the most persistent and aggressive when told no to the point I've actually stopped and explained in detail how continuously badgering someone after the point they said no isn't going to change someone's mind, before asking how it benefits them to keep doing so? To which I usually get an awkward smile as they sulk off after being taken down a peg!

    Also, from what I've found out, they have this very dirty tactic to take over wechat. One of my short times explained how she is now on her (6th! Wechat account as all her others keep being blocked. The lady boys want wechat to be woman free. So you can only pick a lady boy. So what they do is team up and block a female account, if she gets blocked by 5 people they deactivate your account. I don't believe she has any reason to lie and it seemed quite specific for her to make it up.

    I would suggest this information is passed on and everyone immediately block any ladyboys you find on wechat. Some women are offended when you ask, they seem to believe it's more to do with their appearance rather than the fact it's harder for a westerner to tell the difference, just as a Filipino would struggle to tell the difference in your country. Explain this, I even go as far as to say I respect the LGBT community but I am only attracted to women, this helps avoid offense should you indeed be talking to a lady boy.

    Also the old saying 'if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is' applies as always. Agreed short time 1000 p only to be countered with 500 p each for two women. Two lady boys turned up, even managed to get in (I think I was still assessing them at that point) before leaving in a fit of giggles when I said I'd call security.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickysWild  [View Original Post]
    I have seen ladyboys in the daytime that passed for female, add Red Horse and you will never know. Be careful and safe.
    I like to see one that looks anywhere close to a female. I have yet to in the Philippines. Every ladyboy I seen in the Philippines is butt ass ugly and 100% Obvious. Even 15 red horses couldn't change their looks. IN Thailand that's a different story I have seen some very very feminine ladyboys in Thailand however I still was not fooled more then a few seconds.

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    Do you mind me asking where you live, FF, and how you like it (besides the girls which are great). I am planning a retirement there in less than five years.


    Quote Originally Posted by FreebieFan  [View Original Post]
    I moved here a few months ago having been here many times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickysWild  [View Original Post]
    I have seen ladyboys in the daytime that passed for female, add Red Horse and you will never know. Be careful and safe.
    You must have missed the giant manly looking feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompetus  [View Original Post]
    You have unintentionally created irony. The 'he' that you are referring to here is me. I had asked a question back in 2013. At that time your investigation of me revealed I had made several (comprehensive and informative posts) on Dumaguete (and Cebu which you overlooked).
    Pomp, I think you're correct. And I owe you an apology. Reading that previous post now, I'm not sure how I made the mistake. Somehow, from my recollection, I meant to call out someone else, a new guy who had only a few posts with questions. Obviously that is not you. You have many posts and they are informative. Its my mistake. Scratching my head.

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    A few more observations

    Quote Originally Posted by BrainDrain  [View Original Post]
    That is exactly what the pinay is famous for. It doesn't happen with every girl you meet. In your case you met a few girls over a few days, worked your way through the duds and dudes. And then struck pinay gold.

    That's a valuable lesson in itself. It takes a little research and a few mishits to get to the good ones.

    For the ladyboy question, a real girl answer is always something like "lols No" where as a LB will answer, "Why?" "Why do you judge people?

    If it helps ease your pain, your temporary GF has probably moved on.

    In addition to the "close your eyes and listen to their voice" trick I did a little research when I got concerned that my LB detector was not yet out of the packaging much less functioning. Things like Adam's apples (who knew right? I'm an idiot) and double jointedness came up as tell tales of LBness. There's some good posts here and elsewhere within an easy search of the internet, "how can you tell if someone is a ladyboy" comes to mind as a search term. But when contacting via social media most seem up front about it and I try not to get judgmental with my approach, just tell them it's a matter of taste (no pun intended) and I prefer bona fide women to fide my bona to. (pun intended). I guess with a little more practice I could improve on my LB detection skills but I don't have a significant population to deal with at home where the trans population here is a bit more politically focused and less directed at passing for feminine. So I just ask up front and directly, I haven't annoyed anyone so much they wouldn't meet later or so much that they tracked me down to give me a piece of their mind.

    BD. Got to tell you, I am still chatting her over WeChat, she is a great gal and I plan to see her again when I return to the Phils. But if she has moved on and won't see me again there are others I keep in contact with. I think Westie is the one who has such great success with expanding the contact lists on social media and that's definitely part of my strategy now. One masseuse I saw on my first trip was relocating to Japan during my second and she gave me a referral to her friend to take care of me while she was gone. No sex with the first one on the first trip but the second girl, I started chatting with her a few weeks before arrival and after 2-3 texts she is asking why I didn't have sex with girl number 1. So when I arrive she comes over (on time pretty much, so solid gold for a pinay) and I didn't even really get a massage, just straight into bed and she took care of me for sure. No discussion of fees but no complaints when I put 2 K into her purse for the taxi home. Through girl number 2 I also made additional WeChat adds which looked very promising but I had no time to pursue. Just asked her if her friends were also interested to meet on the same basis and she says sure. Through all of this, girl 1 is still texting me occasionally and is now trying to sell me her nude selfies via WeChat. LOL no need for that with the PG on this forum hehe.

    Final observation, mishits were few and far between, aside from my naivete about the LB, I still had good company and a decent meal that evening just didn't get laid, the Philippines is a target rich environment, maybe my standards aren't so high (mid 50's grey and overweight got to be real) but all of these girls were decent, slim, smooth skin with exceptional tightness where it counted. On top of that the massages were quite well executed as massages, and would have been very satisfactory even without the careful, sensitive, endings that were responsive to instructions in English. Quite a treat for a typical AMP customer from the states.

    Dreaming about my next trip to the Phils already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveLaughFuck  [View Original Post]

    Fact is this, you either need to come here with a lot of money to blow if you want the highest quality of women, or you need to spend a significant amount of time living here to find a stunner to be your woman. Frustratingly as well, having youth on my side with good looks makes normal Filipino girls become even more shy than they usually are, blushing, can't hold my gaze, calling me 'guapo' without the exchange of numbers. I really wouldn't mind living out here to perfect my game and pick up some stunners, but when you're here for 3 weeks or so, you're stuck with these outrageous 3900 bar fines and a 3 k tip! Everyone needs to start low balling and flat out refusing to pay these prices. You're only going to drive them up to be in line with western prices, in which case you may as well stay at home.

    You can get some seriously good looking Filipino girls. But on average they are far from attractive.

    Unfortunately I feel as though this train can no longer be stopped, so unless I have some serious cash, or serious time to invest in the Philippines I won't be back for a while.

    I moved here a few months ago having been here many times.

    In the past 40 days I've been with about (I stopped counting) 25-30 ladies. . some were afternoon delights, some were overnights and some were more than one night. I had a run once of 7 different ladies in my bed on 7 consecutive nights. I've offered to pay several times and been refused as many of these ladies have their own job and some level of independence. Mine arent dogs but they arent beauty queens, 10's either but all are in the 21 to 32 age range and all are happy normal and nice.

    Some have said " if you give me money " then we arent friends any more and the relationship is different. So there most certainly are girls who most certainly are free. OK dinner, drinks and taxis might be accepted, but those costs of low. But amazingly there truly are lots of free. But you won't find it I think if you don't live here. Are state in your profile that you live here. And if you do state that you will quickly be tested.

    The most common questions I get are " why are you here " and " why are you single " and " where's your GF ". And most girls on entering my apartment suddenly go all sheepish as if expecting an angry GF to come flying out the closet!

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