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    Industry Veteran. Post #!

    Manila was great in its day, and still good, but without taking the time to understand how that insane city (and country) 'works' will clearly be to your disadvantage - - if Caveat Emptor ever applied anywhere, it has to be The Philippines as getting screwed with a smile is an art form. Insidious also comes to mind. But when challenged, they'll back off, but if you're stupid enough to fall for it, well as Gordon Gekko said 'a fool and his money are lucky to get together in the first place'.

    NAIA Arrival. Do not think of taking anything but a metered taxi, which are more readily available in T1 than T2, and God forbid, T3. First option: Find the only way up (there will only be 1) to the departure level and get a taxi meter there, at T3 there will be a queue of Filipinos toward the end of the Terminal drop off, if some rent-a-cop tries to stop you, tell him you missed your flight. If you or your TA had a serious brain fart and arrived during December or Holy Week, well, Caveat Emptor. But most the time this strategy will work. DO NOT buy a transport from some uniformed goon calling you 'Sir' holding a price list dated circa 2006, PP1800 to Makati is absurd. Patience required. And if the departure level is fucked, well I've even waded out onto the street and flagged a taxi there. Just don't bring a steamer trunk and golf bag, otherwise you will be fucked. Also, if you are transiting to a domestic 'fright', allow 3+ hours break.

    AirBnB Makati. With so many decent, 3*+ hotels around, screw this option. You will be surprised and lucky if you have hot water, water pressure better than a squirt gun, air conditioning lower than 30 degrees, 10 k 'broadband', and a shit lift that can only accommodate 3-4 maids who spend their entire day going up and down as many times as possible for their PP200 daily salary. Maybe the newer condos will be OK BUT again, Caveat Emptor. Try the City Garden Grand Hotel near Padre Burgos, about US $100 net. Or some of the other, newer ones nearby. Totally girl friendly. On other side of town, try Pan Pacific, not bad, or others nearby, even the Manila Hotel can be had at a decent price. Across from EDSA Entertainment Complex, where I've yet to catch the clap, or worse- the Heritage Hotel is passable. The new Hyatt is pricey. In both locations, your doormen can be a great resource, use them wisely. And you've thought you'd been knighted for how many times you'd been called 'Sir' in a day, after a week of that treatment back to the UK and bow only to the Queen. And your infectious disease specialist, if unlucky.

    Padre Burgos. Straight from the Eastwood movie, there are some Good, Bad, and Ugly. Best value seems to be Rogues, also good during the day. Dimples been there forever, I always liked Rascals for quality, young, good-looking dancers. Ivory now closed for hiring unsuitable, I. E. Too young employees. Jools can be good, not all dancers in play. Avoid piling up LD's everywhere and being a hero, Caveat Emptor. Move around, drink slowly, grab some butt and check the goods on offer. On the street, some of the Massage Girls can be a surprise find and good value. Be nice and reward good service, and do not for bad.

    More when I get there.

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    Manila by horny guy.

    Just finished up a small 6 days stay and what a blast I had (to some not suprising). My daughter just broke her leg due to a fall at the Intl kindergartens playground. Fabulous service and attendance at St Lukes and a nice bouquet of flowers to the staffs at the Makati intl playground.

    Sex: did a swift 28 ladies in 6 full days stay (after the baby issue ofcourse). Its been fun and regarding prices / pricings I have no comments others than just pay what your mind and / or wallet allowes you (what feels right). You can dive into inflation and severe calculations regarding fair pricings but I do tend to nod towards that pussy isn't actually a part of this. Pussy runs its own courses and will be subjected to what the market is willing to pay any given day (a girl offered 2 k Wednesday and 7 k Thursday, she's fine with both). I have a hidden fix pricing system. Hidden bcs only I know what I will give the girls. Since we never debated pricing upfront, I don't want to be an asshole and offer them dimes and coins only for, normaly, great service. 1 k, 2 k what is that for western guys(3 to 5 in my cases)? Nothing in my book. I could not care less if I destroy the socalled market of which some are so afraid of will go out of its porportions.

    As a, thanks God, non resident / expat in phils, I allways compare pricings to where I live (no matter how others go out of their good skin Me thinking like that). phils is totaly cheap in most cases ex fancy hotels (runs same pricings globaly mostly). I don't let any of the "they earn only 10 to 12 thousands a month" come into play when I decide my giftings. Anyhow its well deserved (have very few non performers). I have on occations skipped a proper screening so a fugly girl shows up my doorstep. In most cases I can use them to do something useful as cutting nails, ironing shirts, tide the place up etc etc. Here I gift 1 to 2 k.

    Meeting girls should be pure fun and no stat race in how to get most value for his moneys etc. Its all subjective what we consider sane and unsane so meeting girls will lay along this line as tated before(to me, crazy or not):-)

    Heard from the latest bird I met as I was talking about she got 50% increase from the ammount 3 k as we were dinish fucking. She starts to do her assignments (nothing much to do realy as I have housekeepings) and I can see she's not happy. I ask why you look angry? Her response is epic: "you only pay me 50 piso extra for all this work"(I guess they skipped the % at school). She had no clue sho got an extra 1500 as in 4500 hundreds ip front.

    I donated according to my general rule 3 k after sex. I was in a bad steam for a while, this trip, as many girls had to cancell the set date/time. By turning my sched upside down I got to the finishline and met almost everyone ID plan to meet. With a few darkhorses arriving from nowhere. Its all about having fun as long as heart and mind treats the girls good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerSideways  [View Original Post]
    We negotiated 2 k each including some girl-girl action, and it was on. Back to my hotel. Some laughs and admiring looks from security as the girls handed over their ID and we were in the room. Everything proceeded as planned and a good time was had by all.
    Quote Originally Posted by RogerSideways  [View Original Post]
    Next morning she jumped on my bed and took me in her mouth again, then hopped on for some cowgirl and a doggie finish. Good morning world!

    Buffet breakfast at the hotel and I sent her on her way with 3 k to cover her taxis and help with the rent. She had a big smile on her face and so did I. And that's just the first 12 hours.
    RS: Excellent (descriptive) entry on the phils boards! Newbs take note.

    Notice the very different experiences of RS and (recently) Xion.

    One of the great differences, I think, between phils and other countries, is the consistent easy finding of girl-friendly partners, either thru dating sites or p4 p. Where else can you step off a plane, Wechat a girl and have her at your hotel an hour later, have the girl for a few hours, slip her some tuition help and send her on her way, and have another Wechat girl show up a few hours later (and bring 2 of her friends)? If all that fails, you can walk into FL bars and grab whatever grabs your attention. It really is an amazing place where its easy to cause the panties to drop. However, it doesn't happen like this every time, nor to every guy.

    Thanks again RS. Newbs, note that RS had RTTF.

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    Day 5

    Day 5 began with a massage with BJ in hotel room 2000 via wechat (a girl this time). Quick and easy.

    Visited Burgos St early in the evening. Had a drink in every bar up and down, and repeats in several.

    Wow wow wow was by far the sleaziest.

    Bottoms was disappointing.

    Could not get a BJ in the bar anywhere without paying the ridiculous 3900 php bar fine.

    But in Moulin Rouge I did manage to get an excellent HJ at the expense of 1000 each for the two lovelies who administered the procedure, plus a few drinks for each of them and 2 for the mamasan.

    The story continues in the Bangkok forum.

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    Days 3 & 4

    The busty girl offered to stay with me overnight but I opted for a solid nights sleep. Woke up feeling horny so scanned wechat for other early risers. Negotiated 2000 for an early morning massage and blowjob from a pretty young thing. Turned out to be a ladyboy but I decided what the heck, and I certainly got my money's worth.

    The highlight of day 3 was a Pinalove contact who was bringing her two friends so we could enjoy the hotel pool. I brought perfume and a tiny bikini for each girl, and also promised them 2000 each to help with their studies. Lunch and a couple of rounds of beers meant that the total cost for the afternoon was probably about 10,000 pesos but I had the company of three gorgeous young things in bikinis at the pool for the afternoon, and back in my room wearing nothing at all later in the day. They were a bit giggly and shy, which added to the charm, but once we all had our clothes off they had no problems performing in front of each other. BBBJ BBFS and no problems swapping between rides. A fun way to spend the day.

    Woke feeling horny, which came as no surprise. But I did not want to over exert myself. Summoned up a lovely 23 year old masseuse from Juicy Home Massage via wechat. She arrived at my hotel room just after 6 am in a very official looking uniform. Gave me a very thorough and energetic massage for 2 hours, with a nice oily HJ at half time on the flip. Damage was 500 for the massage and 1000 for the HJ. This set me up perfectly for a day of sightseeing.

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    Day 2

    Day 2.

    The day begins with the phone going crazy. Pinalove girls making contact, wechat offers of "massage with extras, no rush, for 2500". And Skype contacts saying Hi. Gradually sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

    Sorting details for Friday foursome.

    Lunch with an interesting lady from wechat. Wealthy professional. We clicked in conversation but neither of us felt the need to jump into bed together.

    Checked out a bar called Muddys. Very borng.

    LA Cafe was jumping at 5. 30 pm. Offered a threesome by two very passable ladies before my first mouthful of beer.

    Staff uniforms are sexy short skirts and singlet tops. FLs are in civilian clothes.

    Ate a plastic hawaiian burger and surveyed the scene.

    As soon as I finished my burger I was immediately pounced on by a lovely but when I told her that my mum always told me to leave 30 minutes between eating and fucking she withdrew with a smile.

    While I was eating I saw a beautiful short girl with a red top and the most magnificent breasts. I gave her the eye but I'm sure lots of other people did too. But a few moments later she came over to me and started playing up to me outrageously. Practically giving me a lap dance there in the cafe. She started feeling my cock through my pants and made compliments about it, which was my cue to suggest that she could use a friend to assist. She called over a thin girl in a green velvet dress and I bought them each a drink. From then on we made a bit of an exhibition of ourselves, even to the extent of a couple of escaped nipples which could have had us thrown out. We negotiated 2 k each including some girl-girl action, and it was on. Back to my hotel. Some laughs and admiring looks from security as the girls handed over their ID and we were in the room. Everything proceeded as planned and a good time was had by all.

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    Day 1

    This field report is in several parts, chronicling 5 days in the Philippines and 3 days in Thailand in early May 2016. I have been RTFF for months in preparation for this trip, and after my success on dating sites last year in Bali I decided to use the same again in the Phils, with some success as you will see. In BKK I am mainly interested in the massages and Gogo scene so I didn't bother with any pipelining and that worked out fine as well.

    Day 1.

    Within 90 minutes of my arrival at the Bayview Park hotel my first Pinalove sweetie was at the hotel. 23 years old with a bit of baby belly, but absolutely gorgeous. We had been chatting increasingly lewdly online so there was not much hesitation getting our gear off, and in no time she was squealing with pleasure on the end of my tongue. She came twice, and then brought me to a very satisfying BBBJCIM swallowing the lot with a grin. I was still hard, thanks to vitamin V so she hopped straight on top for a few strokes more.

    We shared a simple meal from room service, then my jet lag cut in, so I tossed and turned while she watched movies and ate the chocolates from the mini bar until 3 am.

    Next morning she jumped on my bed and took me in her mouth again, then hopped on for some cowgirl and a doggie finish. Good morning world!

    Buffet breakfast at the hotel and I sent her on her way with 3 k to cover her taxis and help with the rent. She had a big smile on her face and so did I. And that's just the first 12 hours.

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    MBC versus anywhere in Thailand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer500  [View Original Post]
    If you had gone to LA Cafe in Manila in the evening you would have had a totally different experience in regards to available women and would have probably found at least something to your liking. The reality is that you generally can have a better GFE experience at a lower cost in the Philippines versus Thailand and most everybody speaks English as well. However as you noted, Manila is a pigsty of a City and disgusting.
    6 - 7 years ago MBS was SWEET, I met and made some classy hot broads there, now YUCK. Took my GF there to meet women and it was BAD.

    Manila is truly a shithole of EPIC proportions. The lack of logic as Xion pointed out is LEGEND (wait for it) dary!

    I have spent 3 of the last 7 months in the Philippines, I have work there so I have to go.

    The ONLY thing better about the philippines is that you can date "normal" girls who are so easy to fuck it makes me think I am handsome. There are LOTS of normal girls to fuck and this is my preferred modia operandi! But the women are more attractive in Thailand and the PROS are PROS and you get what you pay for!

    In Thailand fucking "normal girls" is a challenge.

    Cebu is better than manila but in 5 years the traffic there will be almost as bad!

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    My requirement was to be met at Terminal 3 on a Sunday afternoon. I only had one night in Manila for appointments in Ortigas. I didn't want to be mucked abut looking for a girl or having her say she was 'coming' and arrive four hours later. I gte bored in the various drives around Manila. Also get bored of the chase if the girl is no a certainty.

    Lined up a nice girl via a FB friend of a friend. I still can't backtrack how I came to be FB friends with her. This girl is an OFW that is in between assignments. She is in MNL doing some additional training course to prepare for her next job.

    Upon arrival at MNL T3, I text her from the Tarmac and she is already waiting in the terminal. Walk out, quickly identify her in a lovely green shirt, hail an Uber and we were on our way to Ortigas.

    In the car, lots of body language, holding hands etc. At the hotel, she was shy, but she is cute. Out for some quick filipino food, back to the hotel. She was rather shy in bed too so not the best experience. Morning glory was similar, her mind really was on her training and her next assignment. Breakfast together and she was on her way with her P1000.

    This is the fourth time I've lined up an MNL airport arrival. I would certainly do it again.


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    I found Xion's report hilarious, and his use of hyperbole to depict the horrified reaction of a new comer to the city both very funny and extremely well written: it's sort of a pastiche of Apocolypse Now and Wayne's World. I hope he goes to Angeles eventually for a day or so and writes about that as well.

    The fact is that for most, this is not a great holiday venue; it's got miserable infrastructure, doesn't manage anything particularly well, offers nothing of cultural interest to the casual visitor and in general proffers nothing that isn't done better in other countries. Plus, the wretched airport experience alone, for those who haven't yet learned to anticipate and circumvent scams can offer reason enough to start wondering "what the hell have I done?" before the official vacation even begins. Zion's narrative depicts all of that and more.

    Longer-term residents, frequent visitors or even first timers with a high level of tolerance for inconvenience can pierce the veil of fourth world grimness and find a richer, more satisfying experience but that takes some work, and I can well understand those who don't want to make the effort and just want to have an immediately enjoyable holiday. Thailand offers that type of experience and the Philippines doesn't even come close. It's unfortunate that for many, Manila--together with its intrinsic navigational nightmares--and Angeles City, represent the entire country.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]

    Part 1: Why Manila is a sweltering shithole that should probably be nuked from orbit.

    Manila fucking blows goat balls. FUCK, scammed already.


    Also, the TRAFFIC, OH MY GOD.

    Midgets, homeless people with no limbs, stray dogs and MASSIVE mutated rats. These giant armada-sized cockroaches are EVERYWHERE,

    Average attractiveness of females: Not worth a second look.

    Total girls slayed: FUCKING ZERO.
    You, my friend, are my new hero. Anything to keep these awkward PUA dweebs away from the Philippines is a service to mankind.

    You're right, there's nothing for you here. Tell your friends. And the Thailand McDonald's is more delicious too. Enjoy your Big Macs.

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    Presidential inauguration

    Any prognostication regarding if / how Duterte's inauguration might impact things in Manila? Not the fact he's going to be president, but the fact he's being inaugurated 6/30. Any expectations of tourism / mongering challenges week before and / or after the event?

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    Xion, if you can be accused of anything, it is that you were not prepared for the everyday third world scamming that goes on. As a veteran traveller, you should be aware that taxi drivers tend to be some of the biggest scammers in most countries.

    Same with phone cards. For 500 php, I bought a sim card and enough minutes for the 2 weeks I was in the Phils. There were lots of kiosks inside the airport as well as vending machines where you could have purchased a sim card for about USD $3.

    WestCoast1, that Philippine Fail Blog is one funny site.

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    And from your second (your response): So correct on many counts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    You are certainly free to describe me the second way! If I am to criticize, then I must also accept criticism as well, but let us be ACCURATE- I was scammed at the AIRPORT, I had no problems locating the Globe store in Greenbelt. It sounds like you basically agree with everything I wrote, you just don't like the way I said it. If by "be positive" you mean "sugar-coat it so nobody's feelings get hurt" I'm sorry I simply cannot accommodate you, I think it is far more important to provide ACCURATE information. I realize my writing might be a tad bit hyperbolic- but did I tell the truth or did I not?
    You told the truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    Could not have said it better myself, this fact was really at the crux of my displeasure- once I laid eyes on Burgos and had my "wait- this is it? Moment, I could simply not rationalize spending a week stranded in this particular area with such a lack of options.
    Welcome to a new culture. I find it difficult to stay in any of the main locations (AC, Burgos / Makati, Malate) for more than a few nights. Every monger should experience Burgos at least once.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    I WAS very curious about EDSA, it sounds like my kind of place, but honestly once the urge to flee set in, that was all she wrote.
    Most likely it would be your kind of place. However, MBC or G-Point freelance bars, which are not far from EDSA, would probably not be your cup of tea (older / hags).

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    That english is widely spoken in PI was the original selling point for me- that is definitely a big advantage over Thailand. The few girls I did meet were certainly quite friendly (it was more the people in the various service industries that I found a bit rude) but the city is really just SO objectionable.
    Correct. However, all of this is well-documented on this board. Lying and scamming are more accepted in phils culture, and can be quite a turn-off for westerners. Food ain't good. Troppic can be horrendous. 'Regular' girls will be an hour (or more) late to meeting with you (traffic = horrendous). Remember, its you who must adapt to their culture (which is well-documented here), not the other way around.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    I like girls as much as everyone here but I feel like I should maybe do SOMETHING else on vacation besides party (what am I going to use for a cover story?) and in Manila, that list of "something else" is frightfully small.
    Respectfully disagree. There are fewer 'typically-touristy' things to do here, but there are other things; and they take time to come across, repeat visits, as they are not 'typically-touristy".

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    Although I was desperate for cross-town transportation, sitting in an oven on wheels was never a realistic option for me (while suffering may be a part of my day-to-day existence, I refuse to accept it in any form on my vacations).
    Interesting observation. Your previous field reports (its been a while between) show you have visited other shitholes. Philippines culture being a well-documented blood-boiler is openly visible on this (and other) boards. In fact, there is an entire board called Please read the rantings on this board of myself and GoodEnough of various east-west cultural pissoffs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    IF (huge if here) I ever return to the PI, Angeles and Palawan (the place that I really regret missing out on- it looks amazing in photos) will certainly be my only prospective destinations.
    Don't do that. Don't go there based on nice pics or advertisements. Even the crappiest of hotels make themselves look good online. Talk to gents who have been, ask them specific questions: "Is it as hot in Palawan as Manila"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    Absolutely- I have a really low tolerance for BS, and the one thought that kept constantly floating through my mind was "THIS PLACE REALLY GETS MY FUCKING PRESSURE UP". At the rate I was going I was about to have a stroke by day 2, it just quickly started to become the polar opposite of what vacation should be.
    Welcome to pinas. It would appear that you did not RTTF.

    On this thought, I rec'd a PM recently from a gent who will come to phils soon for his maiden visit, and set up a party for some of his buddies who will be joining. He has questions (thanks guy for not asking those on the open board). However, his questions are of the vague type: What is a centrally located hotel (central to what)? Which city has the best girls (what do you mean by best)? And so on. Gents, please ask specific questions.

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    Xion, there's so much here, I will split this response into two posts. Great Field Report! Even though you had a bad experience (we all have at some point), your reporting is accurate and descriptive. Thanks for that (newbs take note). Having said that, here we go! From your first report:

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    So I'm heading back home and despite it being night time, THE HEAT, DEAR GOD THE HEAT. At 8 pm it is literally like being on the surface of the sun. I don't think it dropped below 90 my entire visit. I arrive back and the condo DRENCHED in sweat and PISSED because of it, now I have to shower and change all over again.
    Temps will run about 88 at night, and 92 in the day. Its a bit like Hawaii (72 at night, 75 during the day), but hotter. You understand its the tropics, near the equator, yes? One could make the same claim in Indonesia and central / south america.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    You literally cannot get from point A to point be on foot, it is fucking INFURIATING. Also, the TRAFFIC, OH MY GOD. The two major entertainment areas, Burgos and EDSA / Malate are on opposite sides of the city. If you think you're going to just bounce back and forth from one to the other, fucking think again!! You could be looking at an hour in the cab EACH WAY during some times, other times might take 20 minutes.
    Well-documented, in fact legendary, right? Much more infuriating is what the locals must do: ride a open-air jeepney (try it!) across town for work, 1-2 hour (each way, each day). You think you have it bad in an air-con taxi?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    On that topic, MANY other things in this country make zero fucking sense. Example: there is a McDonalds outside of Greenbelt 3, which was PACKED and the line takes FOREVER, why? Well for one, they don't accept credit cards!! Are we in the fucking twilight zone? A massive, multinational corporation, outside of one of the largest malls in the city, does not accept credit cards. OK THEN.
    They don't take CC for several reasons. Its a cash-based society, poor folk don't have CC. Less than half the adults in RP even have an ID of any kind. Another factor: A credit-card swipe device must be hooked to relatively high-speed internet for any transaction. HSI is not readily available in phils. Using dial-up speed equipment would make CC transactions take too much time in a fast-food joint. CC is more available in sit-down restaurants, where they can take your CC and process it while you are finishing your meal. Its much faster for the McDonalds counter personnel to make change with cash than for you to swipe your CC / ATM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    I finally arrive at P. Burgos, sweaty and enraged, to a scene I can only describe as reminiscent of the cantina in Star Wars. Midgets, homeless people with no limbs, stray dogs and MASSIVE mutated rats. These giant armada-sized cockroaches are EVERYWHERE, look down and there's one crawling over your foot at any given time- they are so big any sane person would opt for retreat rather than stepping on one,
    Cultural phantasmagoria. Beautiful, ain't it? One man's ceiling is another man's floor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    I'm not spending an hour cleaning that shit off my fine Italian shoe.
    Um. You weren't really wearing nice clothes, right? That's like wearing bling. You wouldn't do that in Mexico or Medellin. You become a target. Well-document here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    What there WERE a lot of in this area, was children begging, DEEPLY UNSETTLING!! I can immediately understand why this would be a prime destination for a certain type of dirtbag- and if any of them are reading this now, I hope you burn forever in the 9th layer of hell.
    Its also a prime destination for non-dirtbags. However, like swallowing cum (or whiskey), its an acquired thing. One must repeat in order to get used to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    I met a sketchy American outside smoking and told him what a shit time I was having, he told me that most of the girls here have chlamydia, and he looked like he was speaking from personal experience. That's all I needed to hear, CHECK PLEASE!
    You believed that? You're smarter than that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    See, this is what I fucking get for trying something new. Well no more of that shit, I'm not fucking around now. I head for the PI Airlines ticket office and book passage to the one place I know will never disappoint me, mufukkin Bangkok baby!! And more specifically Pattaya, to which I'the never been before. Something old, something new, some hot girls for me to screw.

    Stay tuned for part 2 (coming soon, in the Thailand forum): Why Thailand is totally amazing and other observations that aren't completely fucking obvious.
    This doesn't jibe with your previous Bangkok post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Xion149  [View Original Post]
    Nice report Chill Out! On the second to last day of my trip, I find myself wondering the same thing: where are the 9's and 10's? Or shit, even the 8's seem to be in short supply.

    What I really want now is to just find the smoking hot chicks. You know the kind you see at import tuner car shows and shit- whatever the cost! I've already wasted several days sifting for diamonds among the garbage, now I just want to throw money at the problem. Please no lectures on prices, if you know where these chicks are, even if its one of these JP clip joints, or some overpriced escort service, let me know and I'll come with the bangin trip report. Rainbow 4 was unimpressive (and girls bitchy) , Baccara was probly the best so far but I'm still not wow'd by anything I've seen here thus far.

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