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    Shan from Kazakhstan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kumagawa  [View Original Post]
    I now realize quite a lot of tinder and backpage escorts are actually trans, so I'll stay away from them in the future.
    I don't see them on BP. I have seen many trans in person in a bar, most are not that passable so I doubt there will be many passable post-ops on BP. Having said that, I had a session with Shan from BP, she said she is from Kazakhstan. I also could not cum because I don't feel anything. It has crossed my mind that she could be a post-op because she is also very aggressive. The attached image is from her Line. She looks very good in person and has a tight body that I liked. The session is rather forgettable. She said her pussy hurt from having too many customers. She tried to upsell for 3 some with additional 2 K after I was in the room. I told her I didn't have enough money with me, she lowered it to 1 K and asked me to go to ATM which I refused. The other girl was hiding in the bathroom wearing only lingerie.

    Before this, I setup another LINE date which was a scam. I ended up in a Family Mart and was asked to buy points. Another date took me to a night market to a building that is like a shack attached to another building. I passed on that. I have been to many nasty places in South America but I don't want to experience that in Taipei, haha.
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    Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a backpage girl who assured me she was a real girl. However when we got down to the deed, I couldn't cum. Generally this means their pussy is fake but I wanted to believe it was because I fapped that morning. Long story short, I found out she wasn't a real girl and that killed my buzz.

    I now realize quite a lot of tinder and backpage escorts are actually trans, so I'll stay away from them in the future.

    Just my two cents since I didn't know this before and if you like trans girls, I won't judge.

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    Request for assistance.

    I guess while I'm at it I'll ask if any mongers in Taipei have reliable sources I'd be grateful if you could send me a PM. Thank you in advance!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiben81  [View Original Post]
    Tried sending you a PM but it said you have reached your quote. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the info for your gto. Please send me a DM. Happy to let you know how it turns out. Really appreciate the help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitarrefreak  [View Original Post]
    Fellow mongers.

    I am in town for a brief layover and want to do a shoutout to see if anyone is around.

    Immediately I went ahead to LINE my gto and she set me up with a cutie pie, obviously the pictures are always enhanced a little but at this time, I think I have enough rapport that I know what to expect so no disappointments.

    Some of you lads have reached out to me for recommendation and I am curious to hear if the gto did right by you or not, I certainly don't want to be put in a position of making bad recommendations.

    So anyway, if anyone wants to grab a drink, find a reliable gto, or whatever, just PM.

    Tried sending you a PM but it said you have reached your quote. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the info for your gto. Please send me a DM. Happy to let you know how it turns out. Really appreciate the help.


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    JKforum girl, "rose" from northern vietnam

    Had the itch today and went to visit a regular of mine. She is a pro in suck and grind.

    I have reported on her before. She is an MILF. Great service, so so massage. You go in and she bathes

    you before and after the deed. It is 2,000 for 90 minutes. This price includes a bbcim if you want.

    I have had two blowjobs to finish for the same price. If you want to upgrade to FS it is an extra 1 K.

    She is all about service. If you are looking for someone young, then this isn't your lady. If you want service.

    Then this is the lady to visit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rfqrfq  [View Original Post]
    Where is Caesar? Is it the spa? The website looks very professional.
    I am inclined to ask you to rtff but since it is Christmas so whatever.

    Take the brown line to zhongxiao fuxin and walk 5 minutes north and it is to your left, building is not directly on the street but has this little garden space in front of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitarrefreak  [View Original Post]
    I have been having trouble following some of the cryptic languages but can someone be so kind as to confirm if there are still saunas available?

    I am talking things like what caesar used to be, big hot showers, pool if you are inclined, so heavy back scrub options, big lounge area with food and whatnot and a mamasan soliciting.

    Caesar at the end was 4500 for ymmv girls, mostly towards the late 20's or early 30's but the service were always reliable, I kind of miss those days.
    Where is Caesar? Is it the spa? The website looks very professional.

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    Incall happy ending, nuru, more.

    Can anyone advise a new guy for how to find the best adult massage incall shops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuWorld  [View Original Post]
    I'm giving up on JKForum.
    It happens bro, don't worry about it. JKforum has always been hit or miss. I've never really come across any girls which I would say were really not my taste, except once, but even then 90% of those girls are really prompt with their services. They want to get you off and get you out and I've only ever really had a handful which I felt were really worth it, even at the sub 3000 price range.

    From what I can tell, the closer they are to downtown the more expensive they generally are. High prices does not guarantee bad service and low prices do not guarantee bad service, it's all about location. Generally, the posts on JKforum which show their faces, I find are phony, so try to avoid those. After that you pick up the skill of telling if a girl is trying to hide something from the body shots and their choice of clothes. But remember, even hotties can give terrible service, so I say just look at the. The best kinds are people who write journal entries about their experiences.


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    Avoid hole in the wall in MuZha.

    I read about many some stories on JKForum. I've tried a couple where the ADs said the girls were independents with real pics. But, both times they aren't. They usually asked between 3.2 to 3.5 K NT and are always in hotels around central Taipei.

    So, I decided to look for the opposite, a place outside of central Taipei and found a AD for a place in MuZha close to an elementary school (ZaiXing). The contact on LINE asked me to message her when I'm at a given cross street. Once I got there, she told me to make a few turns into this tiny alley and asked me to make sure that no one is following me. I never really liked going into any alleys, but I did anyways. I saw a metal door half opened and I went in.

    The lights were super dim and I could barely see anything. There was only one girl. She looks like she was in her 40's. I asked if she was the only girl and she shushed me and told me to be quiet. She said this is a very quiet neighborhood and I'm only allowed to whisper. WTF. This was getting to feel very very strange. I didn't feel comfortable at all and I left. On my way out she asked me to look to the left and right to make sure there were no pedestrians!

    Man, it feels like this place is on the verge of getting raided or something.

    I'm giving up on JKForum.

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    Loosing my Taiwan virginity: a cautionary tale

    Senior Member but semi-retired long time lurker. A report for what it is worth. Of how I lost my mongering virginity in Taipei to a sweet alluring Taiwan flower.

    Reached out to a Senior Member for a referral to a massage joint. Duly armed with an introduction to a middle person via the ubiquitous LINE. Sought and received what were eventually very detailed instructions to find the establishment. My Chinese is good enough to script from Google translate using Pinyin into Hanzi (finding a solid wifi signal was harder!) with little to no functional speech difficulty. Found my way to Minquan East Road and after much hunting, scouting and subterfuge finally I found and entered a non-descript off main road side street entrance and went up an elevator which arrived at a small hallway to wonderland. A playground of female femininity and ultimately a terrace of slotted rooms for massage table fornication. The parlor entrance was manned and after an interrogation mostly to try and put me off by testing my Chinese he gave up and relented. It pays to be polite and remind other punters entering that it was my first visit, I was referred, I was there first, I was dammed horny and leave some gals for me too. Careful to do this in a light hearted way a sense of humour is the best way to handle these situations.

    The parlor had two floors organised into a series of rooms. A seating area where male "client service representatives" inquired about the servicing sought. It pays to be descriptive, factual and polite plus its a whole lot more efficient. Makes sense: it's a professional service oriented business after all. Good supply of girls lots of shapes, sizes and age range from early twenties to mid / late thirties. Quite a few Taiwanese judging by the accents but not exclusively. I went late after 11 pm which was a busy period.

    Waiting area was well appointed and comfortable. Could watch the girls releasing their catches post-session, figured out where the girls resting room was, the interactions with the front desk and system for the line up and selections. A front desk representative cautiously approached me with a girl unsure of whether the foreigner bit or not. So he goes " do you speak Chinesse" translates via Google for me on his phone. Oh well let's play along the night is young and I'm in no rush. "No I don't speak Chinese, I don't understand. Why? He scratches his head and continues with the phone translator asking my preferences and whether the girl was to my taste. 15 minutes later I turn to the gal and in Chinese say "I really don't understand Chinese, doesn't he believe me, it's my first time here, could you explain the system to me? In my experience you gals will be nervous about a foreigner but I've been around Greater China longer than you darling have been on this planet. If you help tell the other girls that I am quite normal and they can treat me like their other friends. ".

    Anyway she bursts out laughing and tells the front desk guy that the "wai guo ren" is "hao ku hen ke'ai". He looks at me saying you speak Chinese? "Danrang". I explained that even after 6 years on and off in Taiwan, 3 in China, I still get treated the same and I think its better just to have some fun with it and hope he won't hold it against me. Then I ask them both to organize a few line ups until I get the hang of things and we'll take it from there. All agreed and all good.

    Had 4 line ups. Mostly to see what talent was on offer and would it change much. It did Chose a sweet thing called Shui Shui. She wore big spectacles like Mr, Magoo (yeah I like my cartoons) and kinda reminded me of a school teacher which was all the imagination needed. Have always liked doing the teacher types and I'm a good or is it bad student. Pay for the room upfront. Off we then go to a room for homework.

    Room had an adjoining toilet and shower area. Nothing special: rudimentary but clean, basic and sufficient for the job at hand or mouth or mei mei. Stripped down and washed. Towelled down and settled face down on the massage table. Massage was passable. Nothing special but it tickled but more to do me being hairy than any technique. Still a good opportunity to speak with the gal, put her at ease and feel her up (you got to try establish where the boundaries are). Asked the usual conversation pieces: name, where from, what does she (ie: does she have a day job), had she eaten, what time did she start, when will she end, when does it get busy, how many gals are there, what's the system, what is or is not on the menu, what did the first gal say when she went back into the resting area about me, why did she join a line up blah blah.

    She asked me to flip over and started to tug the jolly roger to stand to attention. Nice action, smooth and velvety. She asked what would I'd like. Not rushed, matter of fact but gently and politely. By now she was topless with boobs that were a nice, though not huge, cup full in my hands with fleshy nipples. Nice that she was no "airport runway" sometimes those push up bra's can be deceptive with their false advertising. I confessed that she reminded me a naughty school mistress with her glasses so I asked her if she would graduate me and take her glasses off and blow me. She laughed whilst taking off her glasses and proceeded to play my flute. Good technique, well practised and she played me like a virtuso conductor which is all I really wanted. Simple basic needs. After 15 minutes of various angles, positions and vantage points I warned her of things yet to come. And cum I did with venom and velocity in her mouth whilst she lay on the table as I pounded deeply into her mouth and throat. She gasped for air as she was surprised somewhat by the explosion. Too much suction or she wasn't expecting CIM!

    We clean up our messes. Sit for a while, hug and talk more. Time for final wash down, dry up and get dressed. Settle the service fee and she walks me out. On the way out I stop by the front desk and speak with the supervisor pointing out that the rep earlier was a good sport and it's important to keep dedicated staff with a sense of proportion and humor. I'd be back. Made sure that the supervisor and the rep both heard me. Those that have been Taiwan for a while will understand why I did that. All in NT $3. 3 K and as discussed with another punter on the way in the lift it's just the business of pleasure. And that is the story of how I lost my monger virginity in Taiwan.

    Thank you for reading. Thank you to the Senior Member for the good turn to share his info. Much appreciated. Pecky rides again!

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    Not recommended: visiting Pinay-Italian.

    Found a lithe 20-year-old Filipina-Italian from Tinder, who offered "massage + happy ending" for .8 k! Negotiated down to 4 k with BJ, even though still overpriced, mostly to satisfy my curiosity, but ended up regretting it, so sharing the experience to let others avoid her and approach with due caution other short-term freelancers who may be overpricing themselves.

    Not going to post the name she goes by, but that should be enough identifying info for anyone who encounters her online.

    Was sharing a cramped hotel room in Shimenting with her chubby cousin, who offered to upsell me on a threesome (thanks anyway). Girl demanded payment up front, at which point she agreed to BB but balked at CIM. Very business-like, no GFE, quick shower for me, quickly followed by perfunctory pump and blow at a very non-leisurely pace without the massage or any other pleasantness. I had to instruct her to ease up on the pace and pressure, not for the sake of extending the "pleasure" but for enduring it, to which she acquiesced for a few seconds before resuming pace at factory settings. She was skittish about being touched in general, and complained that things weren't agreed to when my hands went for her waist etc. Kissing was out of the question. She did agree to pose for me semi-nude so I could appreciate the view of her best Asset, but not without demanding to know why. "Will it make you cum faster"? When the orgasm came, well within ten minutes from starting, she stopped immediately to get the tissues.

    Cousin showed up while I was dressing, and actually asked if I was satisfied. After hearing my candid assessment, she apologized for rushing me, and conciliatory claimed to be expecting a lot of business that night. I was actually surprised since I hadn't seen any post about her on the usual sites (backpage or JKF), only Tinder, and asked how they find clients, to which she vaguely said "some website. " I'm curious if anyone knows which one she might be referring to, but was not interested enough to ask for details at the time.

    Anyway, if I were to consider repeating, which I wouldn't given her attitude and lack of training, I'd go for nothing less than FS because she did have a fine looking ass, and only if the rate were heavily discounted.

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    Just a bit of a reminder

    This is for all those brothers trying to get info on providers, girls, etc.

    All of my contacts speak only Chinese, you can try and use Google translate but most of not all the girls don't have a working knowledge of English either.

    And many of not all the girls willingly see Chinese clients, they say White guy Dick is too BIG (first time having a small duck helps). So if you meet these criteria, please contact me and I will give you her Line account.

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    Massage section, (greater Taipei).

    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzr  [View Original Post]
    What area did you search?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewHere88  [View Original Post]
    She told me to go to ikea near Taipei Arena. I thought I was going to meet her in ikea. After walking around the store a few times, she told me to go into the hotel next door. Then she told me to go to the lobby. Then she gave me a room number. Each time she gave me instructions, she also asked me to take a photo as proof and send it to her. When I got to her floor, I realized her room was also all the way in the back of the hotel (like the last room.) I had a really bad feeling as I walk down a dark and quiet hallway. As I finally got to her door. I knocked. A girl opened up the door but it wasn't the girl in the photo. This girl had long back hair and looked like she was in her late 20's. Mid 30's. Her face was caked with make up so I couldn't really tell her true age. She also had a slim build, no butt no boobs. I have standard. (funny, I know right?) I would give her a 6-7/10 Maybe? I know 3500 nt is not too much money, but I really wanted the a prefect experience. It really wasn't worth doing if I am going to compromise. Also I am in my late 20's, and I would like to sleep with someone who is in their early 20's. So yea, I told her she wasn't the girl in the photo. No drama, I left and she closed the door. I felt like I was lied to with blue balls, so I contacted Girl B. Girl be posted more recent and had more positive reviews so my hopes were higher. Unfortunately she wasn't available until 3 hours later. Even though I really didn't like the idea of getting sloppy seconds (or God know how many in that day), I was feeling like the day was wasted so I made an appointment with her and headed her way.
    I might have found the same contact. I reached out to two so called "independents". I went into the hotel next to Ikea and the girls do not look like the photos at all. Agree, the girls are like 6 to 7.

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