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    Ling Shan temple area

    Went to a spa on heping Road. Don't know the name, but there was the word "colourful" on the from counter. Got number 29. When I got there, the girl was around, so I took a shower and then waited approx 20 min.

    The massage was nothing to write about, and she had a good attitude. Her problem was that she talked too much. From complaining about her previous employer, to fung shui, she talked about everything. If you like talkative, then she is your girl. As I just came off of a 16 HR flight, I just wanted some peace and quite. Didn't happen.

    On the flip, $1000 for a BBBJ. Again, nothing to write home about but she doesn't do CIM.

    All in all, 2 HR $2300 damage.

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    New Massage Joint in Neihu

    Monday Night, I took the MRT to Donghu station. I went to a massage joint I found on Wechat. Grace Optical.

    It's very near No. 1, Lane 43, Donghu Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 114. On the corner is a 7/11 which you can get a coffee adn scope out the shop across the street. I made an appointement for 7:00 and was told to come on in. I was taken to a private room and given the little shorts to change into. 5 minutes later, the girl came in. #7.

    Face 3/5.

    Boddy 4/5.

    Tits 2/5 A cups.

    Ass 5/5 supper skinny nad tight.

    Pussy 4/5 nice patch.

    Massage 5/5.

    HJ 10/10.

    Damange 1800.

    # 7 is very skinny. She started with a massage and slapped my ass after confirming I was wearing the undies. A great massage starting with the neck and moving down. She then worked her way down the back and the arms. 25 minutes laters she moved to my ass and lower back. After that, she moved to the thighs and removed the undies for me and leaving me but naked on the table. I was still face down and she continued with the massage. Spreading my legs and working the inner thighs and and fully rubbing LB. After some more leg massage and towels, she flipped me right over and began with a testical massage. A great slow, massge. When the time came for hte HJ she grabbed my hands and put on her tits. I undid her bra and took off her undies exposing everything thing. Small little titties, and a supper tight bod. Her figure apart from the small tits was great. I started to rub her clit and FB her as she gave me a HJ. I convinced her to mount me on top, which she complied to and gave me some LFK. She then slid down over LB and started to massage the base of LB with her pussy as she oiled her hand and jacked me off as she wish humping me. Excellent massge. Excellent HJ. Excellent Service.

    When you are near the place, you will find the boss on Wechat jsut search people nearby and you'll find her. Make the appointment with her. She speaks English.

    Great stuff.

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    1st Time in Taipei


    I just arrived and staying at Howard Plaza, Taipei.

    Any recommendations to attractive FS places nearby?


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    Senior Member

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocsbpty  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,
    PM me
    You need to subscribe to receive PM. Sign up bro!
    And unless you/friends speak Mandarin or Taiwanese, partying as a group in Taiwan is definitely NOT the right venue. Bangkok and Manila would be more conducive...POV.

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    Bachelors Party Mid March

    Hi all,

    Am organizing a bachelors party and wanted to ensure that it is the best for the man getting married. We will be spending time in Taiwan from March 15 - 18. Any services that we must use or any services we must try? We are looking to do the traditional sauna and KTV. But, looking at the initial post it feels like Macau would be a better place for that. If possible can you PM me anywhere the fun is?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok42  [View Original Post]
    Back from school in Beijing and tried out my old haunts.

    Happy to say all the old favorites from my BBS were there and happy to see me. Already did an old fav and made up for lost time and the other one I will see maybe tonight to get my 3 P fix.

    Went to the OFOP and they have moved and saw a cute girl for 3 K, she was a little odd in bed and made the weirdest sounds while I did her in miss. Not bad for a quickie but I realize I am no longer used to condoms, haha.

    Of course I saw my lover and we had a good time, hehe.

    Sorry to see such little action here in our little slice of mongering hell, but there are choices out there if you look.

    Welcome back brother. Looking forward to see your field report.

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    Back in town

    Back from school in Beijing and tried out my old haunts.

    Happy to say all the old favorites from my BBS were there and happy to see me. Already did an old fav and made up for lost time and the other one I will see maybe tonight to get my 3 P fix.

    Went to the OFOP and they have moved and saw a cute girl for 3 K, she was a little odd in bed and made the weirdest sounds while I did her in miss. Not bad for a quickie but I realize I am no longer used to condoms, haha.

    Of course I saw my lover and we had a good time, hehe.

    Sorry to see such little action here in our little slice of mongering hell, but there are choices out there if you look.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klutch  [View Original Post]
    So I went by Minquan blue yesterday and like all reports say it's 1500 for an hour. But I guess I had to see out for myself. So I went across the street toa place I've seen before. It has a brown sign with yellow lettering diagonally across from Minquan. It has two Thai looking statues in the window. Anyway it's 1. 5 for two hours.

    The girl I got was number 99. Didn't really get a good look at her face until after the massage but she definitely looks better in the dark. She was probably late 30 early 40. She said she was from Fujian and that all the girls there were from China. I didn't see any other girls so I don't know the quality of the rest. The massage itself was pretty good. She didn't take any breaks and really pressed hard. No taking calls or anything. Little light on the talking and I speak Chinese so if you don't probably won't hear a word from her.

    Unfortunately it was 1 k HJ so maybe that's the going price now? No BJ and I didn't ask about FS. It was good and she was accommodating but she could have been more. She didn't take anything off but didn't move my hand away or anything. She was wearing short shorts so still kind of hard to get in there.

    All in all I thought was OK, still a lot cheaper than anything I could get in NYC. Just the two hours massage was worth it. But if anyone else goes there and gets someone different I'd be curious to hear how it is.

    Going to try a few more places around that area especially one that was offering 2 HR massage for 1480.
    Same basic experience here with 2 differences.

    1. It was right before the new year and it was 1. 5 for an hour but the girl didn't waste time and it almost felt like a full 2 hours.

    2. She was from China but cute slim and not over 30. I think she said number 6.

    Everything else was exactly the same even the short shorts.

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    Ceasar Sauna

    Happy New Year brothers!

    Last week I was at a meeting and in the area so I checked out Caesar's as well. I used the Taiwanese app to find the location and it was very close to my meeting so I decided, "why not?

    I read about what others posted a while ago, so I had forgotten what was said before I went. I went upstairs, the front desk greeted me and gave me a number / locker key. Shoes were given to an attendant before I went into the locker room. Changed in the locker room then looked around the shower room for a bit. It's pretty nice inside.

    I told the locker room attendant that I wanted a massage, and he asked, "Special? Yep. That sounds right to me.

    After putting on the robe (you have to get it yourself), he escorted me to the lounge area and called a mama-san / xiaojie who took me into a back room. I didn't want to waste time looking at all the girls, so I tipped the mama a little and told her I wanted skinny, young, and pretty.

    She sent in #11 and I forget her real name. Pretty face, slight pouch in the belly but it was hard to tell. Overall scores are:

    L: 7.5 (almost an 8. Would be higher if she were skinnier. Big be's or small see's I would say.).

    A: 9 (friendly, accommodating, def not a dead fish).

    S: 9 (would only have given a 10 if BBBJ was included).

    Cost is as other brothers stated. Special was 4,000 plus entrance fee.


    Started with a massage with a towel on my back. Massage was so-so, but she took it seriously and I give her credit for that. I've had worse.

    Took off the towel and did a warm water tongue bath up and down my back to my feet. Then, told me to go on all fours. She used oil and massaged my nuts, HJ, and ran her fingers around my ass and the hole (like she was tossing my salad). It felt pretty good actually. She did not do a prostate massage (I'm not into that), but I have the feeling she would have if I wanted.

    On the flip, CBJ, then jumped on top for a while. Her breasts were soft, but enjoyable. While on top she would come down and blow in my ear. She wasn't wearing a perfume and didn't smell like lotion. Which I would have preferred.

    Doggie, then mish, then I had her finish me with a HJ. She sat at the edge of the bed to do the HJ, and as she was she grabbed my hand and stuck my fingers in her. She was still tight and seemed to enjoy it.

    All in all, a bit more expensive that I wanted, but the service was pretty good. Although I enjoyed it, I probably won't go back unless I want to relax in the hot-tub and sauna as well.

    In reply to others, I'm down to meet up. I'll PM you guys.

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    Caesar Sauna

    I checked Caesar Sauna out with another board member 'KhiMunk666' this Tuesday night.

    We met up at MRT Taipei Arena Station Exit 1. From there, it's took less than 5 minutes to walk to Caesar Sauna.

    Like I said in my previous post, we Taiwanese people like to make up English nicknames for everything.

    The name of the Sauna, is 'Ya-Tai' in Mandarin Chinese (which is also the one shown on the signboard outside the building&the tag beside the elevator), and 'Caesar' in English.

    So, if you are not able to read signs in Chinese, and you want to go there by taxi or walk there, it will be necessary for you to write / copy and paste the address in Traditional Chinese characters. (Since this board is not able to shown Chinese characters properly, so you have to do the translation by yourself).

    The address of 'Ya-Tai' or 'Caesar' is 15 Floor. , No. 337. , Section 3. , Nanjing East Road. , Songshan Dist. , Taipei City.

    The Atmosphere and facilities:

    Most facilities are totally worn-out.

    The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. So, generally, the place is fine.

    The food and drinks:

    They are edible and drinkable, but I will never eat there again.

    I was hungry, so I had no choice but to order several bowls of pork rice and a combo meal of beef rice. They didn't taste good.

    The drinks (coke, spirit, black tea, etc) coming out from the auto drink machine didn't taste fresh at all, I guess they haven't maintained the drink machine for weeks.

    Moreover, they cost me another 490 TWD. Very low price performance ratio.

    So, my suggestion is, if you want to visit this Sauna, make sure you eat some good food elsewhere before entering the Sauna.

    The women:

    Well, for special massage, I had No. 29.

    We had FS in a small and dark room. The room was so dark that I couldn't even take a clear look of the woman.

    Anyway, her attitude was fine and the FS was fine. Nothing special and nothing to complain about.

    And as everyone know, these P4 P places do it very secretly, so it's not surprising that they bring the woman one by one to the room for me to choose, instead of having all the women at work lining up in front of me like what happened in other mongering heaven countries.

    The total cost:

    4200 TWD (The total cost for 1 special massage) + 490 TWD (the bad food I ordered).

    The price structures of these Sauna type P4 P are basically the same.

    The entrance fee is 600 TWD. That's what you have to pay if you do not order any food or have any special services (normal massage or special massage).

    However, if you had special massage (FS), they only charge you for the spacial massage, which costs 4200 TWD.

    So, the minimum cost of entering these Sauna are either 600 TWD (if you do not order anything else) or 4200 TWD (if you just have 1 special massage).

    And they take credit card, by the way.

    In a nutshell:

    I will probably not going there again for a long time.

    I mean, maybe it's my problem, because I just experience the first-class Sauna in Western Europe not so long ago.

    So, this Ya-Tai / Caesar Sauna is just like the second-class or third-class Sauna.

    Yeah, I have to emphasize this again, Taiwan is no way a good place for P4 P. The price performance ratio and the feeling you will get is totally crap compared to other mongering heaven countries.

    Like what I told to other mongers who PM me, I always tell them to go somewhere else if their main goal is to enjoy the P4 P places.

    Anyway, I think it's still an acceptable choice when you are stuck in Taipei.

    Finally, as my previous self-introduction has said, I am a local here in Taipei, which is fucking sad because Taiwan is a crap place for P4 P.

    If anyone want to know more about Taipei, or you need a wingman when mongering around Taipei, feel free to PM me.

    Me and 'KhiMunk666' had a fine time on Tuesday night.

    We both would like to know more friends who share this hobby. Haha!

    Cheers, everyone, happy mongering!

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    Japanese love hotels?.

    Are there any Japanese style sex hotels or love hotels in Taipei?

    If you don't know what they are, here are a couple articles describing.

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    Hey guys,

    Out of curiosity because I couldn't find the answer to be sure in past posts, do you need a Taiwan phone number to book jkforum girls? Like the ones that have line ids, could I just use that?

    Reason I ask is cause I don't have a TW number so I maybe out of luck.

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    75 Minquan, #12

    Quote Originally Posted by HawaiiBoi  [View Original Post]
    Khimunk & Monk,

    Thank you bros for the company! Maybe we should try the Wanhua?
    I visited 75 Minquan on Wednesday. The boss told me the address again of the Wanhua store which is 197 Hoping W. Rd.

    I know how to get there but didn't remember the address. The price for oil massage is 1,300. The extra services provided depend on the girl.

    During my visit to 75 Minchuan two days ago, I didn't call in my reservation but chose from the numbers available (white color I believe).

    On the wall behind the desk.

    Time: Wednesday afternoon.

    Girl: #12, Vietnamese.

    Price: oil massage - 1,500.

    Age: about 32.

    Face: 7.

    Body: 7. 5.

    Tits: see, she claims small the.

    Language: Mandarin, no English proficiency.

    Massage: 8.

    Attitude: 6. 5.

    Pros: decent massage. She applies her self to the task at hand.

    Cons: no FS.

    I have heard from girls there that the women besides trying to maximize their tips and get you in and out are choosy about what size.

    Little brother they will take. I have been refused FS by girls I heard do FS and wondered if it was because of this.

    Once you find someone that will do FS, it is then necessarily to eliminate those that move like dead fish.

    Back to the session. She was working me over nicely and then got to the legs. It was then that she worked over little brother
    with the oil which hinted at was to come.

    When it was time for the flip, she said the only thing on the menu was H. E. So asked that she remove her bra. She does have a nice action.

    And then did simulated reverse cowgirl while I was holding her tits from behind.

    This was a repeat and I would see her again if the opportunity arose.


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    Khimunk & Monk,

    Thank you bros for the company! Maybe we should try the Wanhua?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KhiMunk666  [View Original Post]
    Where is the Wanhua location?
    I had posted before in post #4429.


    The girls in the Wanhua location are not as pretty as the Minquan even though both are under the same brand. Most are Viets and I have not had any luck with FS with any of them.

    But if you are in the area and need a HJ, it might not be bad place. But the original Minquan Blue is probably still better.

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