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    Professionals in Hanoi.

    I just joined the community, but have benefited a lot from reading your posts. So time to give something back. I recently discovered 2 websites with a pool of hundreds beautiful ladies and********t...-mien-bac.189/ The good thing are the photos and the price, given per shot, the phone number and many more details. I tried about 10 girls so far, and was happy in 8 cases. Mostly you will get exactly what you selected and pay for. Standard prices are 300-500 k. Of course tips are welcome, but the girls do not ask for it. Now, everything on the websites is in Vietnamese, and normally the girls know little to nothing English. But actually it is pretty easy. All you need is a phone and googlemaps. The girls are listed according to towns (Hanoi, HCMC) and then areas / streets where they work, such as Tran Duy Hung or Nguyen Khanh Toan. Once you made your selection, you text the girl something like "Kieunuviet (or Thiendia). Anh John muon gap them Linh Chi. 21:00 ok?" The first word is the reference to the site, where you found her. Then it says "Mr John (your name) wants to meet Ms Linh Chi (name of the girl)". Within 15-30 minutes (the girls are busy, some have regular jobs or study), you will get a message with the name and address of a guest house (nha nghi) or little hotel, normally in a small alley off the main road. You should find it on your map or get help from your taxi / grab driver. Get a room (anywhere from 100-200 k for 2 hours, no need for papers) and text the room number to the girl. Within another 15-30 minutes she should be there and make you happy. Good luck!

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    Hanoi Help

    Dear Mongers,

    I will be visiting Hanoi for 3 days towards the end of the month. Any recommendations on sure shot massage parlor with full service, where the staff knows basic english? I am inclined to try rose vip. Is it still open and english friendly?

    Also, my very first time in viet, do the masseur understand basic words like BJ, CIM? If not, can any kind soul please PM me the Vietnamese equivalent of the same?

    Thanks in advance friends.

    Safe Mongering,


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    Hi everyone,

    I will be travelling during for 4 nights next month.

    Thank you in advance for those sharing through here as I gained lots of info about the location and place to find.

    But anyhow, I was wondering is there anyway I can make a appointment with the girls for whole day session (which I can bring them out as well).

    If there is, anyone know about the charges if I'm taking them full day?

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    I'm going to be in Hanoi for three days this month. Would like some recommendations for skillful FS. Tempted by threesome. As you may have seen, I'm A fan of KYNU but doesn't seem so popular in Hanoi. Thanks for any tips. Private message is possible on my account.

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    Also, about Do Son, said NO to the Xe Om (motorcycle guys) they will upsell you 500.000 k / shot for nice girl but actually you get the same girls and service as 250,000 k.

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    More detail report on Do Son. Hai Phong.

    So one of the cheapest option to fuck young local Vietnamese girls (18-30), have an three some, orgies, four some, 5 some. Is to go Do Son, Hai Phong.

    Most of the information from this topic is from

    This is a dedicated thread updated monthly on girls, and information regarding Do Son.

    So Do Son is very famous for this kind of quick, cheap assembly line service. In Do Son, the famous area is called: Bo Xay Dung. More girls, and the quality is better. Same price. If you get there by taxi, they will charge you 300,000 VND / shot all inclusive. But you can negotiate to 250,000 VND / shot. Overnight is normally 750,000 VND from 2 am to 6 am. Or 1,5 M from 12 AM to 6 am.

    You can rent a room there, about 300,000/ night, try to get rooms on higher floors, they are often more clean, the room in lower or main floor get too much actions, and are very dirty.

    IF you want 3 some 4 some 5 some, just tell them, just multiply the cost. So if I want to get service from 3 girls at the same time. I am going to pay 750,000 or 900,000 depend on what the negotiated price for each shot is. Sometimes it is 300,000 sometimes 250,000 (local guy price).

    To get to Do Son from Ha Noi, you guys can go by bus (cheapest). So from Ha Noi, you take bus to Hai Phong, I think about $5 or less, take about 1 hour 15 min. Then from Hai Phong, you take another bus to Do Son, about $2 or less, take about 1 HR min.

    Here are the list of girls with there name and their number, this number is the last 3 digits of the phone number of the motel they stay. So just go to any motel in Bo Xay Dung, and ask for the name and 3 digit, they will call her over.

    Last updated April 1, 2018.

    Teen. Younge.

    -Ngoc 887 (night only) -Tit 301-Mit 301-Thao 566-Tuyet 985-Chi 532-Van 569-Trang 555-Diep 555.

    -Hang 002-Trang 686-Hien 301-Phuong 569.

    -Hoan 569-Van 555-Bich 434-Phuong 434.

    -Linh 169-Thao 169-Van 821.

    -Huong 434-Huyen Anh 985-Huong 894-Thanh 887 (night only) -Thao 056-LE 555-Mai 907-Yen 166.

    -Tram 907-Vy 907-Nhu 907-Nhi 555.

    -Nhi 483-Hang 681-Lan 985.

    -Ngoc 056-Linh 569-Huyen 569.

    -Duong 930-Thuong 930-Giang 930.

    -Linh 887 (tốI) -Ha 915.

    New girl, very young but over 18.

    -Quynh 301-Linh 532.

    U20 to U25.

    -My 887 (nnight) -Hiand 887 (night) -Uyen 056-Bich 930-Nhi be 566-Nhu 747 (night) -Trang 915.

    Veteran with nice body.

    -Thuy 532-Phuong 686-Ngoc 193.

    Skillful Service.

    -Duong 930-Tit 301-Nhu 747-Hanh 555-Thao 434.

    Veteran skilful service.

    -Lan 532-My 639.

    Big tits.

    -Duong 930-Ngoc 681-Hang 301-Phuong 720.

    Taller than 1 m65.

    -Tit 301-Hoan 569-Hoai 434-Ngan 868-My 083.

    Note: if they see you as an foreigner, they may afraid you have a bigger dick and last longer, they get tired, tried to offer her some tips. Because out of 250,000/ vnd / shot you pay, she only get 100,000 VND / shot. Which is less than $5/ shot, very low. So they have to serve a lot of customers everyday. Some said, they served up to 22 customers a single day on high season (lot of customers last less then 15 min).

    Try to avoid weekend or holiday like 30/4 and 1/5, because the line up will be bad, you spend alot of time waiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beijing4987  [View Original Post]
    David Cohen. Please spring for a membership so we can send you a private message. Your report was most informative.
    I just did.

    Let me know if I can be of help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeoDen  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the detailed report.

    I'd only query the ST hotel room prices, usually $3 or so for 2 hours in my experience.
    You are right, lower price motels can start from $3 for first 2 hours. But I tend to go for the one with starting price of $5 and up, much cleaner and it makes the experience better.

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    Of course it helps

    David Cohen. Please spring for a membership so we can send you a private message. Your report was most informative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidCohen  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I hope it help.
    Dear David,

    Of course it helps. Thanks mate. It is a true pleasure to get some great info from someone who knows the country well. I know Hanoi and Hai Phong (& Do Son) quite well and already shared the info about the nice locations in some previous posts.

    Thanks again!

  11. #2010
    Quote Originally Posted by DavidCohen  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Let me introduce you a little bit about myself. ...
    Thanks for the detailed report.

    I'd only query the ST hotel room prices, usually $3 or so for 2 hours in my experience.

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    Short guide.

    Hi guys,

    Let me introduce you a little bit about myself. I am 40 something male born and raised in Northern of Vietnam, then our family immigrated to Canada when I was about 20 something. I Lived / worked in Canada and northern US for about 20 years. Now I come back to Vietnam for work / fun about 3-4 months a year. So I am going to share you guys some of my limited information, since I spent my of my time in vietnam in the North, so I will discuss more about the north especially Hanoi. Hope to help you guys to stay save, have fun, and don't have to spend too much money.

    First of all, prostitution in Vietnam is illegal. Mama and Papa San can go to jail for it. But the fine for Buyer (Joe) is very light, nothing serious, you get minimal fine if any. And if you are tourist / foreigner, it is even easier. Not much of problem at all, since they (the government) want to attract more tourists so they will to look other way, and let it slide if you every got caught up in some of the joints enjoy the services.

    Further more, almost all the local fun places (karaoke, Massage, hotels.) are under police protection (bribery) to operate. So it is very safe, at least in big cities like Hanoi / HoChiMinh / Danang / Hai Phong.

    1/ Cheapest option to have fun with local Vietnamese girl is:

    - go to motels / restaurant where they have girls available: these type of setup are only available in small, rural cities / town like: B Xy D ng in & S N (H I Phng city), or Qut Lm (Nam & nh City). Girls are very cheap, from $10-20 $ for 1 shot. These motels Just go to the motels lobby, if you see lot of young girls in shorts / walking by / biking around, this is the places, tell the guy door guy which one you like and he will call her for you, the fuck room is likely within that very small motels, restaurant, room are small, often dirty, but hey, for $10 all inclusive, what do you expect right?

    When I was younger, me and group of about 10 guys, usually hire a bus from Hanoi to Do Son (only 1 hr30 each way now, before used to be 4 hrs ride), each guys did about 3-6 shots, and had some sea food dinner, then come back. The total cost is still very cheap and lot of fun. We also organized orgies there, too cheap not to do it. Oh fun time.

    - Using the internet to check for working girls' phone number, call or text them (of course in Vietnamese, most of them don't understand English at all, since they are not very well educated), then they will tell you what hotel they work, you go to that specific hotel, get a room (about 5 $-10 $ for the first 2 hours) when you get to the hotel, text her back your room number. She will arrive within 3-20 min. Most likely she is working in another room with another customers. This is assembly like service, she is very busy because the price is cheap. So expect to be in and out without 30 min or less. If you want her to stay more, you can discuss / negotiate before hand via text or call. These hotels are safe since most of all have shares of local polices forces.

    The site I normally go to this:

    They have subforum for specific area by the district. Photos are real and recent. You can use google translate to read the reviews of the vietnamese guys, provide very good info.

    Each girl has very clear / specific information such as: Name and phone number, ages, body photos, when and where they work, kind of service they provide. Prices are varies. They noted the prices in Vietnamese such as 500 K = 500,000, 300 K = 300,000. These prices are normally for 1 shot on goal in 30 min sessions. The motel fee are not included and normally from $5-10 $/2 HR.

    Alot of people using, I tried them couple times, prices are higher and sometimes they Photoshop too much. But some nice girls to be had too.

    2/ Go to Massage places:

    - This options is normally more expensive then the above. Ticket are about 500 K and you need to tip at least 500 k to 1 M. And in Hanoi, not fucking allowed, only HJ or BJ. In smaller cities like Nam Dinh, the Nang, Nha Trang. You can fuck them right at the massage places. Famous places to go in Danang is M ng Thanh Hotel, Eden plaza Hotels, you can fuck them there.

    - I Ha Noi, I go to Geisha, naru,. They have body slices massage, total cost for BJ would be around 1. 5 M.

    3/ Go to karaoke KTV.

    - This option is the most expensive, I think, but the quality of girls is better (at least from my personal experience) to be honest, I don't like this, and can only afford it sometimes. Because after said and done this cost a lot of money. But this is suitable for a night out after business meeting, to treat your business partners.

    - So the way this Karaoke KTV works is: you go to the places, get to the singing room, then you ask for hostess, they will bring you girls, if you don't like, you change. You can even double up, which mean you can have 2 or 4 girls for 1 guys. But it is costly. To seat and sing without you only, you need to tip 500 K each girls, then to get them fully naked, about 1 M each. Then you can sing and dance in there. But no BJ or Full service provided at the Karaoke. If you like them you can negotiate a price with them, to your hotel or something. This could cost 2 M and up.

    - The place I normally go to is Mc Queen Karaoke, 1 ch ; D a st. Nice girls, good service, but expensive.

    I hope it help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screen%20Shot%202013-06-29%20at%208.39.09%20AM.jpg‎   Screen%20Shot%202013-06-29%20at%208.38.59%20AM.jpg‎   Screen%20Shot%202013-06-29%20at%208.40.35%20AM.jpg‎   Untitled.jpg‎  

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    Another regular girl

    Still here in Hanoi now. Met up with a regular girl that I was introduced to by a former hanoi GF. This girl is very sweet with cute dimples. She was billed as not good english (true), shy (true) and a traditional Vn woman. Well, Sunday was day 1 and she got her pussy licked until she squealed loudly in my bed. Tonite after a quick dinner she said "lets go to your hotel" so we did. This girl was almost like a virgin, tells me she never touched a guys "junk". So that was a lesson to her tonite. Tomorrow will be an oral lesson. So, after giving her 2 tongue lashings down below (she never heard the term pussy she says). Turned her over and entered that tight pussy and dropped a big load in her. WOW.

    Cute little boobs and butt!!

    So we will see each other the other nights I'm here. But WOW. She says "you have a lot to teach me" (and so little time) hehehe.

    A sweetie for sure.


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    Vietnam First Trip

    Hi Friends,

    I am from Delhi and planning my first Vietnam trip in second week of April. Doing my own research and I am confident about HCMC but Hanoi seems tough. Would love to get more tips and help to make my 3-4 Hanoi stay memorable. Girl friendly hotels, pickup places, VIP MPs with FS etc in Hanoi. Please help me. Additionally is it worth to spend one night at Halong Bay? Can I take any girl there?

    Looking forward help from some seniors.



  15. #2006

    I can confirm

    Quote Originally Posted by RainmanSahut  [View Original Post]
    2. Motorcycle girls are abundant in the old quarter at night I have not tried any because I don't want them to determine where I go. But they are real and I have seen.

    3. Every busy street corners at night old quarter near Hoah Kiem Lakee will have a man at the corner, he will ask you if you would like a date for the evening.

    4. Wechat. I think WeChat is the best way to go. Fully 30% plus of the girls on WeChat are girls looking to hook up for money. Half escorts / massage service. Others free lance. Come to your hotel
    I'm staying in the old quarter and I can't take ten steps after the sun goes down without somebody trying to sell me pussy. I passed for the same reason as the OP, I'm not putting myself under somebody else's control.

    I tried Wechat and their verification process was a pain in the ass, you have to know somebody using it in order to get verified.

    I didn't really come to Hanoi to get laid, I've been in BKK for the last two months so my dick can use a break so no biggie.

    Thanks for the great report.


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