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Thread: Hanoi

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    Finally, I went alone in a Cat Toc on Dai Co Viet! They have three near the recent bridge in front of the Thong Nhat Park in the other side of the street! 200k to enter and 120k for the performance! Girls are like 6 to 7 on 10.

    If you know some other blow job places, can you write some adresses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chesterfield
    There's another interesting option in Hang Chui off Tran Hung Dao. From Tran Hung Dao cross the Karaoke place on the left and come to the MP on the right. Forget the name of the place but it has a glowing sign. Ticket is 200K. Unlike most other places, you do not pay upfront, but pay after the massage. Also the doors are sliding and do not have the frosted windows so anything short of FS goes. Most girls here do not even do a pretence of a massage, preferring to slap you on the back a few times before turning you over and getting to business. I was allocated Nguyen - maybe a 6 / 10 but what she lacked in looks, she made up for in enthusiasm. 2 BJs in 45 minutes with great technique but no CIM. Also allowed to liberally feel her up as she loosened her top and bottom. She will not strip. Tipped her 200K and she was happy - later found out thats the standard tip but most girls will only blow you once. A word of warning - the place is not very clean - the usual wet tissues for wiping. But its the closest place near the Old Quarter where a BJ is always on the table. And 22$ for 2 BJs is pretty good value
    We went there with my friend yesterday, they asked us for 400k per massage, we gave them 300k and then no tip at all as we thought that it was included in the payment - probably somehow mismanaged it (first time VN experience). Of course they asked for the tip, but we smiled and went just away as we thought 300k was ok. My friend got BJ without CIM and i got only HJ spent there something like 30 minutes at most.
    Anyway we will be around Hanoi for three more weeks, so if someone would like to have a beer with us, just PM.

    Your description of that place is still valid.

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    Mp And Cat Toc

    Hey! I am new in Hanoi! I was wondering if someone is willing to go with me in some MP or Cat Toc! I will feel really stange to go alone and I am a little bit shy to go alone.

    So if anyone is interesting, just PM!

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    Hey! I am new in Hanoi! I want to try this amazing sex life in that city! Can anyone is willing to hang out together and try some MP or Cat Toc?

    I am still to shy to enter alone.

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    Hey everyone,

    I've read through this page because I am headed there at the start of December.

    Unlike many of you I can speak almost fluent Vietnamese, reason is my parents are Hoa (Chinese who lived in vietnam) I've been to Vietnam 2 times and I will give quick reports.

    First trip was 6 years ago when from north to south. We still have family there so I had to keep my fun on the down-low as not to embarrass or cause issues for anyone.

    Well I visited with a friend and after a few days late at night in the hotel I struck up a conversation with the night clerk who was a younger guy in his 20's. I made what seemed like idle chit chat in the lobby for a bit then I saw some very nice young girls come to the hotel at 11pm and they looked like pros. I then softly hit the "oh girls here are different then ones from back home" after that it lead to "if you want a girl I can find for you and bring to room". Yes please was my reply.

    After about 1 hour 2 cute young girls showed up. One for me and one for my friend, we had some drinks in the room some talk and then to the action. Service was very good and it only cost 400, 000 per girl. Mine gave me her number (as I was mid 20s as well and she wanted to hang out)

    I was going to take her to halong bay but couldn't last minute cause a family member decided to take me and therefore I had to bail on my new cute friend.

    As I went down through the cities I met a few others

    A notable experience in HCMC was meeting up with a cousin of a friend who was from a wealthy family so he had spent time in the US and learned english. We went to a few massage places then one night I did the same soft sell. "oh girls here are awsome. " he was like "if you want l will call some girls" so after dropping off his very hot girlfriend, we headed to a nice local outdoor bar and waited, 20 minutes later a very hot girl dressed like she was ready to go clubbing showed up, she obviously knew my local connection and said she could hook us up.

    We ended up waiting for this other girl who showed up and she seemed the opposite, shy, not dressed up etc.

    We out for a bit, then a hotel, he took the hot club girl, I got the sweet natural beauty. From what I could tell she was not a regular pro, prob did this very little or if at all before.

    We had a great time for the whole night, cost was 800, 000. I tipped her another 500, 000 and told her not to tell the other girl as I KNOW she wasn't a pro and thought this extra could help her a bit.

    FLASH FORWARD. Two summers ago.

    I was banging this Chinese student over in the US, she invited me to visit her home town in Southern China. I did but knowing she had a family approved 'boyfriend' there that they wanted her to marry I knew chances of action where going to be sparse.

    Well besides a crazy trip in China where we had to sneak around all over (her dad is a police commissioner and her family has connections in business and government I was taking risks for sure).

    I decided to head to Hanoi for a bit to visit some family. The Chinese girl decided she wanted to come too and her family would only let her come if her 'boyfriend' went. DAMN!

    Anyways we get to Hanoi and my travel companions are less then impressed, (Never travel with spoiled rich kids) so anyways they hid in the hotel a lot. I decided that I wouldn't punish myself and and had a friendly conversation with the motorbike cab driver outside my hotel.

    I was going to get him to bring a girl back to the hotel for me but the douche

    Bag at the hotel counter wanted a big bribe (or I thought he was being a douche but maybe he wasn't) Anyways since that was a no go me and the driver took off and he took me to another part of town that I wasn't familiar with, down one ally saw many girls on the back of scooters being driven by the mama'sans.

    My viet is good but I let the driver do most of the talking, first they asked if we wanted to play and he said yes. Second they asked if I was vietm, my driver said Of Course he is, I replied "if I'm not viet then what am I supposed to be" keeping it short so that they wouldn't detect my accent.

    Ok so I wander through the girls going past some 4-6s, till we see this snotty looking 7. 5-8. There was something about her that I said I wanted the prissy one.

    Anyways cost to me was 250, 000 'for everything' that included the room ST and the girl (yes that was the price for everything) The little hotel or place was very basic but had room with a washroom where I took a shower, got my game on with the girl.

    I tipped her 100, 000 cause I liked her and then she gave me her number (which I have to the motorbike cabby cause he liked her too and I was leaving the next day).

    Anyways end of the day speaking vietnamese helps alot in the scene.

    On this trip back I'm going to try and see if I can tag a non-pro girl first, or maybe I'll have some fun and mix it up.

    I'll be in Hanoi for 7 weeks so I have time.

    I just wanted to share my experiences cause I found the ones here very helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beijing Fox
    He, he, he and I guess you are a real specialist for Hanoi, knowing the place in and out.
    The only thing I know is that they will happily accept double the amount if offered and make it the going rate if they can.

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    Every visitor to Vietnam should have the benefit of...

    your recently, and expensive, acquired knowledge. Thanks for posting your dismal review and TOFTT.

    So called "karaoke" places are, without exception, ridiculous.

    I have never understood how they stay in business, let alone how ubiquitous they seem to be.

    I'd love to have more information from one of our bi-lingual brothers about how you can make these places work for the customer. I mean they must provide something reasonable, I would imagine, since there are so many of them around.

    When I have been in one I absolutely do not allow anything besides one beer to touch the table in front of me, or anywhere else in the room. I am very careful to ask "bao nhieu", how much, before agreeing to even have a beer, which I don't touch, since I don't drink. That usually causes the lights to be turned back up and the bill for one beer to be presented after about 10 minutes.

    Great entertainment though as the cutie attempts to futilely beguile me in Vietnamese and meanwhile a smorgasbord of gum, peanuts, fruit platters and more Heinekens are presented and whisked away.

    The obligatory "mama-san" shows up and in her dozen words of English, garnished in a career working on her back, gives the desperate last effort to separate me form my cash.

    The walk out through the nonplussed dudes, the "Heavies" that back up the eventual demands for your cash if you allow anything to be opened on the table, while smiling broadly and fending off desperate pleas for tips, is amusing. It would probably be an intimidating gauntlet for some folks though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger 888
    Ridiculous. That's the price you pay for a Vietnamese girl in Hong Kong who is on her own travel expenses (which is about 1 mio VND per day). If you have money to dispose of, I can give you my account number.
    He, he, he and I guess you are a real specialist for Hanoi, knowing the place in and out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beijing Fox
    ShT US100, overnight US150, the common expat price
    Ridiculous. That's the price you pay for a Vietnamese girl in Hong Kong who is on her own travel expenses (which is about 1 mio VND per day). If you have money to dispose of, I can give you my account number.

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    After the conference I checked into the Dragon Hotel, 5 min walk from the Sheraton and Nutz. It is a lovely Chinese style hotel on 48 Xuan Dieu Street. US$39 per night. Girl friendly!!!
    I looked for girls in Nutz and had them come over to the Dragon. No problem at all.
    ShT US100, overnight US150, the common expat price

    Quote Originally Posted by Beijing Fox
    Hi Friends,

    I'm staying at the Sheraton. Under the Sheraton is the Nutz Bar with many WG. They quote US$150 for overnight (not cheap, but they don't seem to be willing to discount. giving the location, clientele, etc., not a big surprise)

    However, it is not possible to bring a girl into the Sheratoon after 21:00 pm. If you want to do so, you have to rent an extra room for her. The girls say there is a small hotel in 1 minute walking distance where you can go for a ST.

    Quality on average is 5-7 and some speak some English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frequent
    Just arrived in Hanoi yesterday for business. Was dismayed after reading the reports on the forum, seems like having a little fun in this town is tough.

    Finished working late grabbed some dinner at the hotel then asked the concierge to arrange a taxi to take me to the Sheraton Hotel, wanted to check out the Nutz bar.
    Good report on your experience and yes, if you don't care how much you pay for a girl in this poorest of poor nations, then you can have some fun easily. Going rate for a short-time fuck like this in a mini hotel should be 500k or less ($25) but it is admittedly very hard to make the contacts for the newly arrived on business without the time to look. Mini hotel rate is really less than $10 so that was another $20 for her. All in all, she did very well, $120 for a late night short time with a polite guy.


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    Hanoi night 2

    Checked out "Angelina" in the Sofitel Metropole walked in about 11pm Thursday night, the place was packed, think someone was having a party. A handful of very good looking girls there very well dressed. Not quite sure if they were on the menu or just locals having fun.

    Decided to take a taxi back to Nutz bar at the Sheraton around 1am, but once in the taxi and the alcohol was kicking in I decided to do something. Even though I RTFF, I still decided to ask the taxi driver to take me somewhere (must be something with this hobby), he suggested Karoke. What a fool I was. Went to this place, two very pretty girls an 8 and a 9 were with me, just for company they cost nothing tip was peanuts, negotiated with one of them for after karoke fun, the girls left so I could pau the bill, classic rip off at this point the Karoke bill was a killer only after 1 hour. Beers, Juices, cocktails, snacks/ peanuts, fruits etc, got completely cheated here. Paid $300us to clear the bill and get the hell out of this place.

    Lost my appetite for the girls too, next time I better show better judgement, for anyone else out there. RTFF and don't let the alcohol cloud your better judgement.

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    Nutz Bar

    Just arrived in Hanoi yesterday for business. Was dismayed after reading the reports on the forum, seems like having a little fun in this town is tough.

    Finished working late grabbed some dinner at the hotel then asked the concierge to arrange a taxi to take me to the Sheraton Hotel, wanted to check out the Nutz bar.

    Arrived there just before midnight, very loud music, its quite dark and has circular bar in the middle, was by myself so parked up at the bar ordered a beer and take in the atmosphere. Which is pretty flat although the place had quite a few people both foreigners and locals. And of course a few working girls.

    Eventually one strolled over and tried to start a conversation, after the initial hellos had passed she went for the kill and took a translation out on her phone. "you want to go with me" I checked her out, gave her a 4 out of 10 so just said no thanks.

    10 mins later another girl who had been exchanging glances for a while came over. We started making chit chat, she was pretty talkative, quite pretty 6-7/10. Eventually she asked if we could go together. $100us plus $30 for the hotel. I thought for a little while haggled a little but she wasnt budging, but thought what the hell she had a good attitude about her she was smart and could hold a proper conversation in English. We took a taxi 2min ride down some alley and ended up a little hotel, which was functional and relatively clean.

    We had a quick shower then hit the bed playing with each other and kissing touching and teasing each other for a little while before getting down to it. She was pretty good and we managed to switch a few positions before the little chap had to explode!

    I was pretty knackered after, and she was asking me to go again for round 2, but decided that heading home was probably the right thing as had meeting to attend in the morning and it was already 2. 30am. We cleaned up and dressed. Got into a taxi, she paid in advance for it in advance telling the taxi driver would drop me to the hotel, as she had to leave en route. Taxi dropped me safely back to my hotel.

    Overall she may not have been an absolute stunner, but after reading the forum my expectation was low for having fun in Hanoi. It was money well spent she was a nice girl. HCM is much wilder.

    Would I have her again? Probably not, would like to play the field.

    But to help others out there, Nutz bar does get you some action, if all the girls there have the same attitude then have fun and enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfootballer
    And on the other side, number of married werstern men want to try sex with Vietnamese girls or South East Asian girls.
    I agree with both your comments, however what I was trying to say was that I was surprised how many married Vietnamese ladies wanted sex with an slightly overweight 60 year old man who was prepared to give them a little attention

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    And on the other side, number of married werstern men want to try sex with Vietnamese girls or South East Asian girls.

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