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    Quote Originally Posted by ExInNang  [View Original Post]
    I think the best thing about the place is they have multiple options, but they get really expensive. 300 for normal massage. 400 for Thai massage.
    If you drive from Han River bridge to My Khe beach direction, you will see MASSAGE written in capital letters on buildings & bill boards on both sides of the main road. The lady from massage parlor told me, that is the common signage to find a joint where we can find the girls. I paid 100 K for massage & 600 K for FJ. Hand job costed 100/200 K if I remember correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyIndian  [View Original Post]
    Anything out here? Where should I look? Any freelancers?
    Been there, there was a pub 'V club' if I remember correctly. I had girl I managed to find from Viet Cupid, try follow the same way.

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    Nha Trang massage & hooker

    I was on holiday in Nha Trang recently and I have visited some places.

    - 4 Seasons massage in front of the Havana Hotel and next to the Zima Club. The place is nice (about 12 girls) but not calm, very noisy because of the club just next to it. I went there at 10.30 PM and it was full. The girl who came wasn't really pretty but had a nice body, she was dressed like a Japanese school girl.

    The service was bad (BBBJ, CIM) and her massage was probably the worse ever. I pay about 700 k (500 k entry + 200 k tips), she was not happy about the tips but never mind she doesn't deserve more.

    - Hoa the 4 14 A Trầand Văand Ơand Nha Trang.

    The place is very nice and the service was pretty good. The girl who serves me was about 24 Yo, a little bit chubby but had very great boobs (85 C-Cup). I took the VIP room with bath with the girl. She was naked with me, you can touch everywhere and finger every holes. I paid in total 450 k for the room, 50 k for the manager and 400 k for the girl.

    I have seen few other girls, they are more pretty and slim but I'm still happy with the massage provided.

    - Hooker on motorbike: A moto taxi called her for me. 26 Yo, not the most beautiful girl but nice body, I just wanted to get laid anyway. We went to the tiny hotel which cost me 200 k. The service was very bad (she answer her phone, ask me to finish faster, .), she had bad attitude after I paid her (800 k for ST). 1 min of BBBJ but can't finger her, she had pain when I fucked her. After 30 min I kick her out, no way to finish.

    It's easier to find a girlfriend in Nha Trang.

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    Vung Tau 3 nighter

    Stayed at Macca's place, nice and quiet backwater GF hotel in Ward 2.

    Did a crawl on the first night after getting a taxi down town where all the banks are.

    Started at the Do Duc Pub and ended up in the Offshore, after visiting about 3 or 4 places, where my wingman took a girl from, 1. 5 M all night until 7 am.

    I went back to the Do Duc as I had noticed a girl there from earlier and she was still alone but then there was about 4 girls to every customer and some very nice ones too.

    Bought her a few drinks and her English was first class so no problems on that front and was happy to go.

    Got her back to Macca's and she was ripping my shorts off before I had even closed the door, sucked like a Dyson and was totally into it, any position you liked except no anal.

    I kept her on for the other 2 nights at 2 M VND a day, she popped home a couple of times to get new clothes and was back each time after an hour and her returning gift was more BBBJ each time.

    My wingman took another girl from the Do Duc for the other 2 nights as his Offshore girl was already hooked up by the time we got there, he paid 1. 5 M again per night.

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    Anything out here? Where should I look? Any freelancers?

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    How bad is the drought?

    Reports say that the Mekong is drying up. I wonder if this has raised the desperation level such that we see more recruits into the ranks of our providers?

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    Recent Danang action

    If you're in Danang and don't care about the price, I suggest you try Spa Mekong. The one on the east side of the river, not the one on Nguyen Van Linh street. It's located on the river road somewhere between the Dragon Bridge and he Han Bridge. Their cheapest massage is 300 vnd ($15), but it's more than sufficient. The price include a sauna and refreshments if you want them. The guy who escorted me to the room spoke great English, and I tipped Hi, 50 vnd asking for a young girl who was very beautiful. He did mention that if I didn't like the girl, I could just ask for anther one. The girl he brought wasn't particularly beautiful or young. 23 years old, and about 7 in terms of body. But I took her anyways.

    The massage was exceptional. No slapping. And she knew exactly how to make it sensual. Lots of ass touching, balls brushing, and letting her smooth legs linger all over my body. So by the time she was finished I was already rock hard, which is pretty rare for me.

    She asked if I wanted boom-boom, and immediately quoted 1 million. I laughed, and countered with 600, which she accepted immediately. I think I could have gotten it lower. Oh well, I;ll try next time. Sex was pretty good. She gave a amazing BBBJ. Tried multiple positions, and even let me finger her ass while doing doggy. However, she wasn't too excited about being on top and asked to switch back after only few minutes.

    I think the best thing about the place is they have multiple options, but they get really expensive. 300 for normal massage. 400 for Thai massage. 600 to enjoy a sexy dancer before the massage (the dancers are extremely sexy, but when I asked if I could have her, they said no). 800 for Korean style bath bed (something a little like a soapy massage, but I'm not sure if the girl is naked while she gives it because I haven't tried it yet. And 1,000,000 for VIP massage. I have no idea what this VIP massage is, but for 1 million it's got to be exceptional. I would love for someone to try it and report back. I'm tempted to try it myself. My guess is this is where you can get the absolute hottest girls available.

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    Can Tho Update

    OK all, went back to find some more details about the location for my previous post. The place has a sign outside with a coffee cup and reads:

    Ca Phe, Massage, Huong Tham 24/7. Sorry couldn't see any street signs. Went in again, same as before except asked for DATY and negotiated 50000 extra, so damage for DATY + BBBJ 150 k.

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    Can Tho

    Just found this site so joined, am staying at the Nguyen shack just outside Can Tho city. Anyway borrowed a bicycle from the shack and went in search of some fun and found a pace about a mile away, I don't know any street names (will add some in another post if I can find out) so I'll just give directions from Nguyen shack and hope it helps someone So you head from the shack to t junction, turn left go until you come to a major dual carriageway (to the left is Can Tho city), go straight over to another t junction, turn left and about 500 yards on the right is a little massage place, 1 guy who speaks a little English says price is 100 k dong, I agree and he shows me to a small room no frills or shower but clean. Young girl comes in 6/10 face 8/10 slim body gestures for me to undress and leave reg grundies on starts 5 minutes crap massage with lots of pummeling and hand clapping then says turn over, pulls undies down and starts to wash lb with wet wipes then without any negotiations gives very nice BBBJ, after about 5 minutes I'm allowed limited access to hairy pussy and ass. Only last about another 5 minutes before I part company with my tadpoles, she cleans me up and I get dressed go out to boss man and expect to be asked for more wonga but no just the 100 k So a nice BBBJ for just over 3, bargain!

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    Cat Ba

    I was in Cat Ba few nights. There are few "karaokes" in Nui Ngoc street (the street is really short, you can go through in 5 minutes). Its costs me 500 t Dongs, girl was beautiful, enjoyed it, but she wasn't used to to cuddling. Just, fast in, fast out. And, ofc, no shower.

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    I am new here.

    I am in the Nang also at the moment for awhile, if someone give me some help with some pm's. Doesn't matter about the price, if hotter the more better thanks.

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    I don't often post, but I've been a member here for about 8 years.

    I'll be going to Danang for about 10 days from April 9th. , getting away from Thailand during Songkran. Would LOVE to get any help via pm on where to get some decent priced FL's, or better yet, some hot tocs, or something similar.

    I have lived in Phuket for 12 years, so would be happy to share any info.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeSkywalker  [View Original Post]
    I don't like the structured and regimented services in hotels' massages by girls who look frightened like they are enslaved.

    I prefer to deal with freelancers who work on their own free wills and keep all the money for themselves.

    There has to be a fairly active system to supply freelancers to those who want sex in that beach town.

    Where would you go and How would you find local contacts for freelancers?

    Would appreciate some tips, PM if appropriate.
    I am afraid that VT has not developed much as a place for freelancers. The monger scene in VT is fairly muted. There are some bars owned by expats that cater to the oil-rig workers. Some were mentioned in the post that I replied. You can find some FL in those bars, but they are far fewer than the bars in Saigon.

    There are also some freelancers on the web like, again far fewer than Saigon or Hanoi.

    The plus for VT hotels with in-house massage is, after couple days, some smooth talking and flirting, I can call for room service, and the girl come to my room. To me that is as close as you can get to a freelancer. I know what you mean. When they come to my hotel room, the girl seems a lot more relax than in the MP setting. Some even asked me to keep them over night, especially when I am in a nice suite.

    The are some HTGD and Karaoke similar to Saigon, that after a couple times, the girl get to know you, they will go out to your place. Some told me they ask the boss for a day off, then go with me as almost a FL. I like that too.

    It takes a little bit of time, and of course, knowing a bit of the language will help.

    Bonne aventure,

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    Quote Originally Posted by NguyetLang  [View Original Post]
    Good to hear you find Vung Tau to your liking. There are many hotels like Sammy with in-house MP that offers FS. The following are some places that I had experienced similar to yours, except that I know the local language so I can be picky and insist on my right of refusal. If you just asked to see another girl, chances are that they will call for a higher quality merchandise to please the customer. You can even asked to see a small lineup. They don't do 10 girls in a row, but 2-3 girls at a time is pretty common.

    Hope you have a chance to visit Vung Tau again and sample additional places like these, some are even state-own-enterprises (SOE) - take that you capitalists!

    The last one is the Sammy you visited, included here for the convenience of those who bother to RTFF.

    Many thanks for this info, off to VT next week so will be out to enjoy these massage places and the bars mentioned.

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