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    Vung Tau Massage

    In Vung Tau for a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for FS massage?

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    Arrival in the nang


    Did arrive in this big city with loads of pretty and sweet ladies.

    Visited my favorite barbershop in dong the Street but there is a new staff member that cannot be compared to the rimming queen I met there last year several times. So will not return.

    Next day the massage shops in Ngyuen tri phuong Street. First day a small pretty girl (Asian Street meat type) barely legal looks. Only HJ and lots of efforts from me to make her undress. End result just touching her perky tits. But it was her looks that did trigger my load LOL.

    Next day. Also nice looking one but she would not undress at all so I did stop after a few minutes. Try to explain to the two smart guys downstairs I wanted a girl that I could touch. Finally they understood, they showed me a pretty girl with a handful of Tits. I did succeed in getting her underwear down to her knees so I could play with her pussy. Never did have a girl fully undressed, they always behaved like someone could open not the door at anytime. Did not get her name, just the number on her shop card so I managed to explain the guy downstairs I will return for her tomorrow.

    The place is very basic. Downstairs there are some showers. I told him I need to [CodeWord134]. He opened the shower and I made a sign of peeing. I understoodjust [CodeWord134] in the shower LOL.

    Upstairs there was a WC but it was kind of inundated because of pouring raining for several days.

    I wonder if the local guys are also just getting a HJ?

    So far the girls are prettier than the ones in npk in HCMC but their service is rather basic. The last one did have a nice attitude so it did rock my boat. Would not mind to pay double or even triple if she could do snow white level.

    I think the Vietnamese girls have real good looks. Visited several coffee shops and restaurants and wow these big cellphone shops they have real gorgeous staff.

    BUT lots of them have poor English. I mean it is actually no English.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfly22  [View Original Post]
    I've hit quite a few BJ spots along the river road heading south to Hoi An. Basically Bach Dang st but beyond where it runs only one way. One bridge beyond the Dragon Bridge I believe. Both sides of the street, multiple "Massage" places. 300 k VND and have only stopped at one that didn't do BBBJCIM.

    Will be going to Danang next week. I remember some shops in town but they looked really rundown so I will try this other places you mentioned.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Hai Phong FS

    Hi all,

    I posted the info below before in the Hanoi section. It was a reply to one of the postings there. I thought the information should be in "Other Areas" section as well. So here it is.

    I know at least 2 places in Hai Phong which offers FS.

    1. Thai Massage place at Duong Ven Song, entry VND180 K. FS depending on your negotiation skills, around VND400-500 K.

    2. A massage place in one of the alleys of Tran Phu (between Pham Ngu Lao and Tran Binh Trong, follow the sign). Entry VND200 K. FS depending on your negotiation skills, around VND400-500 K.

    There is a 3rd one:

    NGO 254 Van Cao (side street from Van Cao, part of a hotel, follow signs). Sauna, bath and massage 200 K. FS is 500 K-600 K.

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    Mui Ne

    Anyone have any tips on where to go for a massage with extras in Mui Ne. Any enthusiastic girl recommendations also appreciated. I am here for two nights only.


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    DaNang BJs

    I've hit quite a few BJ spots along the river road heading south to Hoi An. Basically Bach Dang st but beyond where it runs only one way. One bridge beyond the Dragon Bridge I believe. Both sides of the street, multiple "Massage" places. 300 k VND and have only stopped at one that didn't do BBBJCIM.

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    About Samdi hotel in Danang

    Hello, everyone.

    After some research I got an idea that Danang maybe a city that with enough and good girl resources.

    But with lower prices than Hanoi or HCMC.

    If anyone have been to Samdi hotel in Danang? I got info that there are good ladies for 1 million.

    And have checked the hotel is luxury, so believe it maybe a better idea than go to fortuna in Hanoi or.

    Other expansive premises in HCMC.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I did ask him for information by PM or just by asking it here but if I remember well I did not get an answer. Hoi an is not a good place to find someone to have sex. It is a small town with loads of tourist and 90 % of the Vietnamese people living there are after your money. Because they have a business to run! There are very nice looking ladies there but it looks like they are all related so they will not go back with you to your hotel afraid of gossip.

    I had more luck in the nang but the Vietnamese men working in the sex trade are real crooks. BIG problem their English skills are very average so lots of misunderstandings. Some girls will use that as a big benefit because after some time with her you could get tired of using sign language.



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    Hoi An now


    Are you still there. Does anyone have nay updates / info as I will be there in a few days with limited free time.


    Quote Originally Posted by QuangNamGuy  [View Original Post]
    Hi Guys,

    I live here in Hoi An, I have found several "spas" that offer some good services, most with cute Vietnamese girls. One I go to regularly the girl will give you an excellent massage finishing with a good HJ (only) but she gets her gear off for full play including eating pussy. Full price 250,000-300,000vnd.

    Outside of Hoi An, about 15 mins is the town of Nam Phuc, a bit of a shithole town but has several MP's close to town, went there 3 days ago, place is full of young cuties (18-23) who offer 4/10 massage but HJ, BBBJ & more. Ticket 70,000, HJ 100,000 BBBJ with CIM 200, 000, have not enquired about FS but sure its availabe, would rate most of the girls at 7-8/10 Any mongers coming here contact me for details.

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    Vung Tau. Massage Sea Breeze

    Vung Tau is best known among local hobbyists as the place for massage FS. Just about every massage offer some kind of service, and over 50% of them offer FS.

    I visited Sea Breeze this week because I heard through the grapevines that they have recently remodeled and took on some new recruits. You can find Sea Breeze on the back beach, Thuy Van street, one of the few hotel massage located on the beach, versus most other hotel typically locate on the opposite side of Thuy Van street.

    Selected Ny, a SYT and a spinner, about 18-20, be-cup but very firm and perky, very nice to the touch, I can play with those for hours.

    Her massage skills was none, but makes up for it with other skills, enthusiastic, wet, and this girl work hard for her money.

    Ticket was 250 k for the place, 800 k for her, FS with GFE, DFK and BBBJ. Ny told me that not all the girls will kiss, and she herself do not kiss with every customer. It is the girl's choice to offer DFK, so if kissing is important to you, then you must ask before hand if the girl agree to DFK.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gajith  [View Original Post]
    If you drive from Han River bridge to My Khe beach direction....
    Great post but confused by those directions (I travel there regularly).

    Tran Thi Ly Bridge (South) leads you directly to My Khe beach, whilst Han River Bridge (North) leads you directly to Pham Van Dong beach and the Dragon bridge (Central) takes you in between both those two beaches, but slightly closer to My Khe. You can get to My Khe via Han River Bridge sure, but you'll need to hit the seafront first and then drive straight down Vo Nguyen Giap. I was trying to figure out which actual road (area) you were posting about as there are lots of massage places, both sign and no sign, but many visitors just don't see them as there's lots to see and do besides!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExInNang  [View Original Post]
    I think the best thing about the place is they have multiple options, but they get really expensive. 300 for normal massage. 400 for Thai massage.
    If you drive from Han River bridge to My Khe beach direction, you will see MASSAGE written in capital letters on buildings & bill boards on both sides of the main road. The lady from massage parlor told me, that is the common signage to find a joint where we can find the girls. I paid 100 K for massage & 600 K for FJ. Hand job costed 100/200 K if I remember correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyIndian  [View Original Post]
    Anything out here? Where should I look? Any freelancers?
    Been there, there was a pub 'V club' if I remember correctly. I had girl I managed to find from Viet Cupid, try follow the same way.

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    Nha Trang massage & hooker

    I was on holiday in Nha Trang recently and I have visited some places.

    - 4 Seasons massage in front of the Havana Hotel and next to the Zima Club. The place is nice (about 12 girls) but not calm, very noisy because of the club just next to it. I went there at 10.30 PM and it was full. The girl who came wasn't really pretty but had a nice body, she was dressed like a Japanese school girl.

    The service was bad (BBBJ, CIM) and her massage was probably the worse ever. I pay about 700 k (500 k entry + 200 k tips), she was not happy about the tips but never mind she doesn't deserve more.

    - Hoa the 4 14 A Trầand Văand Ơand Nha Trang.

    The place is very nice and the service was pretty good. The girl who serves me was about 24 Yo, a little bit chubby but had very great boobs (85 C-Cup). I took the VIP room with bath with the girl. She was naked with me, you can touch everywhere and finger every holes. I paid in total 450 k for the room, 50 k for the manager and 400 k for the girl.

    I have seen few other girls, they are more pretty and slim but I'm still happy with the massage provided.

    - Hooker on motorbike: A moto taxi called her for me. 26 Yo, not the most beautiful girl but nice body, I just wanted to get laid anyway. We went to the tiny hotel which cost me 200 k. The service was very bad (she answer her phone, ask me to finish faster, .), she had bad attitude after I paid her (800 k for ST). 1 min of BBBJ but can't finger her, she had pain when I fucked her. After 30 min I kick her out, no way to finish.

    It's easier to find a girlfriend in Nha Trang.

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    Vung Tau 3 nighter

    Stayed at Macca's place, nice and quiet backwater GF hotel in Ward 2.

    Did a crawl on the first night after getting a taxi down town where all the banks are.

    Started at the Do Duc Pub and ended up in the Offshore, after visiting about 3 or 4 places, where my wingman took a girl from, 1. 5 M all night until 7 am.

    I went back to the Do Duc as I had noticed a girl there from earlier and she was still alone but then there was about 4 girls to every customer and some very nice ones too.

    Bought her a few drinks and her English was first class so no problems on that front and was happy to go.

    Got her back to Macca's and she was ripping my shorts off before I had even closed the door, sucked like a Dyson and was totally into it, any position you liked except no anal.

    I kept her on for the other 2 nights at 2 M VND a day, she popped home a couple of times to get new clothes and was back each time after an hour and her returning gift was more BBBJ each time.

    My wingman took another girl from the Do Duc for the other 2 nights as his Offshore girl was already hooked up by the time we got there, he paid 1. 5 M again per night.

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