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    Clubs in Danang

    Hey there,

    Does anyone have any current info on the best freelance or P4P clubs in Danang? Last time I was in town, New Phuong Dong seemed to be the place to go, but I was a bit confused by their system, and ended up going home alone. I'd like to avoid that happening on my next trip. Are there other clubs or KTVs that are good and welcome foreigners? Tried searching the thread, but nothing really came up.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Vung tau has a few areas. The Van Thuy hotel (on Van Thuy road, back beach) has a massage joint on the 7th floor, full service. Girls older between 23-30 yrs. 5-7 looks. There's lots of other massage joints along the big road leading through town. Didn't go in but probably similar. Cost for massage place. $300k entry + 40 USD FS = 65 us total, but I bargined the FS down from 60.

    Also the bar area near Palace hotel. Around 8-9 bars and 'discos' with a mix of younger and older but hot girls. FS quoted for 1.5mil for a classic hot girl short time. 300k bar fine if you take out, and if you want to take out before 1230am, extra 800k. Plus short term hotel around 25usd. So at least 1. 5 mil for everything if you bargin. At most 3. 2 mil for everything if you are on a schedule and can't use your own hotel, as in my case. I had a lot of syts in saigon so passed and went to aforementioned massage place and was very satisifed.

    Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ong Tay  [View Original Post]
    While certainly not as ous as Hai Phong, Cat Ba does have it's charms for what is essentially a one-street town. After chatting with some friendly local guys, I was informed that if you walk up Nui Ngoc street, at the top of the hill there are a bunch of massage places with girls sitting outside at night for "boom boom". After quite some time sampling the higher end of what Hanoi has to offer, I was curious to try out the bargain basement version to pass the time in this boring little town, so off I went on foot. On the way, a dude on a motorbike who spoke excellent English offered to take me to meet some girls. So I hopped on and we drove to a series of houses that said "karaoke" out front, but it was pretty obvious that the only singing that would be going on there was "ooohhhhhhh!"

    The motorbike guy haggled with the shop owner for me so I got a decent price. (sorry I forget how much, honestly I didn't care.) I picked a girl (slim pickings outside so she was a 6/10 at most) and got led to a little room just big enough for a bed, and the girl stripped down and lied on the bed like a dead fish. Great. After quite some time she was getting a bit annoyed that I was taking so long, so eventually I lefit without any release...
    Just came back from there paid 250k for a 7/10 good service only thing was she did covered BJ. Talked to pimp supposedly westerners are charged min 500k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old New Guy  [View Original Post]
    Arrived in Dong Ha today just in time for the Lunar New Year, meaning no bus transport and that I'm stuck here until the day after tomorrow at least. Got a cab to Hotel Dong Truong Son, that is some kind of socialist luxury and lonely place not even downtown. Concierge comes to the car and tells me clearly there is no more massage place there. Not knowing where else to go, that was the end of it. I think nothing can be had from this town.
    This is why I do wonder why this forum exist, I posted about this place the guy finds it but can't find the massage and can't get sex, I just recent went back and its exactly as how I found it 2 yrs ago. Sheesh.

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    Day 5.

    I found myself around Hoi an, nothing inside the town but def some things out near TL607.

    I didn't do anything till danang, found 3 FS massage places only tried 1, it was 200k for VIP room, then I tipped 400k for FS, I spoke to a local and I found out I evn tip less than him, he said they tip 500k, the other places were 150-250k ticket 300-500 tip, I'll try return trip.

    The hotel massage I found is has been listed on here need to just research.

    Day 6.

    Drove through Hue, found a few possible but didn't try.

    Stopped by at Dong ha. 80k ticket 300k tip for FS at the large hotel found there I have written about it.

    Spent the night in Dong Hoi, found a small RLD located around a bunch of nha nghi, cost 250k including rooms, quite a few 7's but tried only one. She was cute tiny but complain I was big and was doing the jap porn hurts look.


    Drove past some cafe around ky an, got waved in by a cute girl saw a few others worth trying, she was 19, whilst fucking she was screaming out for me to fuck harder, cost 150, she was a 6. 5pter.

    Drove past Ha Tinh, from past experience I know its possible to get FS cost 100k +300k. Been written about.

    Spent the nite at one of the beach sex areas, prob abot 100girls working there 5-7's cost 150k, I tried 2 girls there, one was a 7 GFE everything I wanted, the other was complaining I took too long I'm too big but still end up doing what I wanted.

    Day 8.

    Stayed there again tried another two girls both 6. 5-7, again good service, tho one asked for a tip for BJ gave her 50k extra so still only 200k.

    Day 9.

    Passed through Vinh, I know from past experience tehre are massages you can get FS for 150+300K tip also been written about, also heard about coffee shops where FS avail didn't try yet.

    Drove past 2 more sex beaches, tho less numbers of girls 1-2 possibles 6.5 cost again 150k, heard about a sex beach with over 1000 girls, will check out later.

    Stopped by at a random massage and got a massage 100k ticket, the girl wasnt great and wanted 300k for FS she prob a 6, so just tipped her 50k for the massage.

    Spent the night in thanh hoa, saw a few massge places which I assume will have the extras will try out next time. At my hotel was offered girls to be called to my room cost 300-500. But I was told prices was 200k range, so prob negotiate for next time.

    Got pulled over by police for turning left on a red light, which is perfectly legal in most place she clearly wanted to make money was threatening to keep my bike 10days, I keep about 200k in small change in my other pocket and I sweet talked him to letting me pay 100k fine. Damn bastards. He clearly was hoping for a few 100 USD.

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    Tuy hoa

    Mutant, I visited a brothel located in a small nha nhi not far from th co-op. Price 500k FS. Couldn't find in on my own as I was brought there by a local. SYT who wanted un covered.

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    I keep on posting but its not going through but most massage in Phan Tiep is 100k and 200k for BJ but also found chicken farms 150k FS for girls early 20 6-6. 5/10 also in Phan Rang on Tran Phu massage 100+200 for a BBBJ.

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    Day 4.

    Tuy hoa, nice town but didn't notice anything.

    Quy nhon.

    I went to a massage place 80k ticket, HJ was available but the girls all older or 5/10. So I passed and left after using the sauna and showers.

    I went to another massage where via the Vietnamese language gravevine I heard FS was available, ticket was 100k, and some decent looking girls, my girl told me only HJ was available but if I wanted FS then go to the hotel next door it was owned by the same people, so I tipped her 100k after getting a HJ not to completion and after fingering her wet pussy and A cups.

    Went next door and paid the 350k up front, the called girls the first 2 was unacceptable, the 3 girl was mid 20's prob a 6. 5, with see cups. She gave a BJ though it was barely passable, but sex was fine, she was also very willing to please even when I couldn't cum after 30mins of fucking I told her to suck my balls whilsted I jacked off, and she was fine. Afterwards she asked for a tip and I gave her 40k, so total cost 390k.

    Day 5.

    Stopped by at Quang ngai.

    Found a massage with VIP rooms for 120k, found a girl thats a 19yr old 7, aafter she bathed me, a decent massage and she started the HJ, I asked about BJ and it wasnt avail. She HJ too fast so had to slow her down, but she kissed, let me suck her pink nipples, and finger her wet pussy, I also pulled down her skirt to have a good look and grope her pussy and ass. After I finished I handed over 100k, to see what she would say, she asked for more, normally I know 150k would be enough but I didn't have small change so I handed over another 100k, so 200k+120 ticket.

    Later I stopped by at nam phuc just outside of hoi an, found a place 70k. 300k for FS but as the girls were prob just a 5/10, and because of my quang ngai HJ I declined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Enternational  [View Original Post]
    I told him that I want only boom boom. We rode back to the tourist area. When we got close to my hotel there were other guys on motorbikes. We all pulled over to the curb. One guy spoke damn good English. I told him I did not want a massage, just boom boom. He said he has never seen anyone get boom boom for less than 500K and it would have to be at a hotel. I told him that I was willing to part with 400K all in. He spoke to my motorbike guy and we were off. We went to a hotel that is down the alley next to 30 Hung Voung.

    I went in and the manager told me to have a seat on the balcony upstairs. There were 3 other Vietnamese gentlemen already sitting there. I made a seat by stacking 3 plastic stools and made myself comfortable. Soon another Vietnamese man came from upstairs and joined the other 3 and they all left. An older lady came to get me and took me upstairs. She sat on the bed and asked for the money. Huh? Surely I'm not supposed to be fucking your 60 year old ass. Is this what 400K gets me? Just then a much younger girl comes in the room. Thank god. The older lady wanted 400K for the girl and 100K for the room. I told her all I was paying was 400K and she was fine with that.
    Day 3 continued.

    I went to another hot toc in Nha trang around the 320 le hong phong found another pretty syt 7/10. BBBJ tho more hand than BJ, still only 150.

    Later that night I found 2 massages that supposedly offered FS accourding to the xe om, but after talking to the attendants it was confirmed it was only BJ I have the name cards if anyone interested. The xe on was useless finding FS options but the attendant sent me to a place where you can find FS, it operates from a nha nghi, the staff will call over free lancers cost is 300+100 for the room which I confirmed with the lady there however I don't understand why locals would tell me it was 500-600 even though they werent going with me to get a commission? It was pretty hard to find what the previous poster wrote as I was expecting girls to hang around or there was a vibe that would automatically call out sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quang Nam Guy  [View Original Post]
    Hi Guys,

    Outside of Hoi An, about 15 mins is the town of Nam Phuc, a bit of a shithole town but has several MP's close to town, went there 3 days ago, place is full of young cuties (18-23) who offer 4/10 massage but HJ, BBBJ & more. Ticket 70, 000, HJ 100, 000 BBBJ with CIM 200, 000, have not enquired about FS but sure its availabe, would rate most of the girls at 7-8/10 Any mongers coming here contact me for details.
    This is the place I trieds, in a small street, it was 70k ticket, the attendant told me full sex was available and costed 400k, I spoke to a local and he paid 300k, however I found the girls very average prob a 5 to 6 if I was generous, although they are mid 20's late 20's. But I didn't find them that attractive so I didn't try. I don't think this is what you wrote about even though this is found in the heart of Nam Phuc and was 70k ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quang Nam Guy  [View Original Post]
    Hi Guys,

    I live here in Hoi An, didn't see any hottiee found several "spas" that offer some good services, most with cute Vietnamese girls. One I go to regularly the girl will give you an excellent massage finishing with a good HJ (only) but she gets her gear off for full play including eating pussy. Full price 250, 000-300, 000vnd.

    Outside of Hoi An, about 15 mins is the town of Nam Phuc, a bit of a shithole town but has several MP's close to town, went there 3 days ago, place is full of young cuties (18-23) who offer 4/10 massage but HJ, BBBJ & more. Ticket 70, 000, HJ 100, 000 BBBJ with CIM 200, 000, have not enquired about FS but sure its availabe, would rate most of the girls at 7-8/10 Any mongers coming here contact me for details.
    I just was at Nam Phuoc only found one massage ticket was 70k didn't see any hotties tho there are ones early 20's I rate a 5/10 5-5 max local pay 300k for sex. Found off main road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDizzle  [View Original Post]
    I'm in Hue for several weeks now,

    There is a place very close to the Brown Eyes Bar in Nguyen Thai Hoc street. The San Mai Hotel. When you start from Brown Eyes bar heading east it's the second Hotel on your left (30m-50m). It may seem to be a strange place because usually there are no lights on and if you don't know the place seems like closed. As soon as you approach the building an old lady sitting outside will shout for someone to "help you" in. Or one of the motorbike drivers which are all around is willing to help you.
    Sorry, the name of the Hotel San Mai is wrong! It is the hotel left to San Mai hotel and I can't remeber the name right now. The rest is correct.

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    Hue. Rang Dng Hotel in Hai B Trung street / warning.

    There is a Massage place inside the Rang Dong Hotel in Hai Ba Trung street on the right side when you go south (Parkview Hotel Hue would be north). It has a big Massage sign on the outside. I make it short. Don't go there at all cost.

    When you enter the lobby some guys will call another to guy who leads you to the elevater and takes you to the fifth floor (I think). They want 300k for the ticket. I wanted to see the ladies first. I had to aks about 10 times. So he showed me a room with 3 uglies girls watching TV shouting "boom boom" at me. I wanted to leave but than a quite nice girl around 30 years showed up, so I paid the 300K for a shitty massage in a shithole of a massage room. After 5 mins massage she wanted 1 million for boom boom. I bargained her down to 800k, but that was still too expensive as I already paid 300k. And I didn' want to fuck on that 80cm dirty massage bed anyway. Than she said 500k for a blowjob, still too expensive. I gave her 200k for a handjob, but no touching. Worst handjob ever. I had pain for 2 days because she was so brutal that I got bruises and blisters on my cock. The rest of the time she insulted me in vietnamese with an angry face. Nothing to add.

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    Hue. Khach San Mai Dao / San Mai Hotel

    I'm in Hue for several weeks now,

    There is a place very close to the Brown Eyes Bar in Nguyen Thai Hoc street. The San Mai Hotel. When you start from Brown Eyes bar heading east it's the second Hotel on your left (30m-50m). It may seem to be a strange place because usually there are no lights on and if you don't know the place seems like closed. As soon as you approach the building an old lady sitting outside will shout for someone to "help you" in. Or one of the motorbike drivers which are all around is willing to help you.

    Most of the drivers are real dirtbags but they can be very helpful because they have the telephone numbers of the girls and if you make it clear that you only take their help for a tip they can help you a lot with the translation and usually drive you home (Don't tell them where you really live) for free. I give 50k-100k which seems appropiate. I always take the same driver his name is Hung ("Humh"). So you enter the hotel and wait on first floor which has large open area where you can drink a beer and wait for the ladies. They can call about 20 girls for you. But usually you will only see 2-3, otherwise you have to wait long time. Because of the police the ladies wait somewhere outside the hotel and don't' come together because they don't want to arouse suspicion.

    The hotel rooms are really nice and quite clean. They want 100k for the room and then you are asked for 800k for boom boom. It is easy to get them down to 700k including room and one hour with the girl. Locals still only pay 400k-500k plus 100k for the room. But I think 700k is quite okay if you ask me because I've been there three times now and and all girls offered good service. Sadly I haven't found one that is above a 6/10, all in their twenties. But Hung will find me one next time.

    What I like is that they don't do this fake massage bullshit which is just a waste of time. You pay the guy at the room door (again the motorbike driver can help you here, because they will ask you for 800k or more) , the girl locks the door from the inside and everybody knows you are not here for a massage. You undress, have a shower, you or the girl can brush their teeth with the available toothbrushes and then you can choose one the two big beds in every room to play. Don't forget to bring you own condoms, theirs are to small.


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    Dan Nang. Luxury Hotel Massage

    I was in Hoi An for the weekend a few weeks ago and had a few hours to kill in the Nang before my flight so decided to go check out the action at Luxury Hotel. I went over to the elevators and said "massage" to the attendant. He took me up to the top floor where I expected to be greeted by an old lady as per other posts. Instead I was met by a real stunner. Definite 8/10. In a tight blue dress. I was hoping that she would be the one providing the "massage", but no such luck. She took me back to one of the rooms and told me to get undressed. I stripped down to my briefs (I left them on as there was no towel, robe or shorts available and I wasn't sure who would be coming in next). After about 5 minutes another chick came in. She was wearing the same outfit as the first, and had a nice body, but her face wasn't all that attractive. Maybe 6/10. She told me to lie down on my stomach and began a half-hearted massage. She pulled my briefs down so as to ne able to massage my upper buttocks, but nothing lower. After about 5 minutes she told me to turn over. She started massaging my chest and stomach and then leaned down and began to suck on my nipples, which got me hard. She noticed and asked "massage baby"? I replied "boom boom". She said "boom boom 3 million". I laughed and said 1 million (which I had understood from other posters to be the going rate at this place). We went back and forth for a bit but she would budge below 1.5 million, on which I eventually agreed. Off with my briefs and she with her dress and panties, but for some reason she left on her bra. I told her to take it off too and she reluctantly obliged. She climbed up on the massage table with me, bent over and began BBBJ. I was hard again pretty quickly and she lay back and spread her legs. I was expecting her to apply a cover, but to my surprise she grabbed my head and pulled it down between her legs. Now I happen to enjoy DATY, and it is usually part of my repertoire, so I was cool, but still surprised. She had quite a Bush down there; not at all like the shave or partially shaved pussies one usually finds on Asia women. Smell was OK, so I went for it. She immediately started to squirm, raising her hips to give me better access. Nest thing I knew she grabbed one of my hands and guided my finger to her pussy. I put the finger inside, found her G-spot and she gasped and came almost immediately. She sat up and leaned over me again for BBBJ, getting me hard again. She reached over to her dress and found the condom she had inside of it. Then the strangest thing happened. The chick couldn't manage to put the condom on me. It was as if she didn't know how. She tried several times, turning the condom over on either side. I was initially quite hard, but as she struggled I lost my erection. She went back to BBBJ and I was soon hard again. She spread her legs, grabbed my cock and positioned it next to her pussy and motioned for me to enter her. Now to be clear, I was uncovered at this point. I shook my head no, and she pulled my head down between her legs again for another round of DATY. She moaning and squirming again and after about a minute pushed my head up and again motioned for me to fuck her. Fortunately I had some condoms in my bag, so I started to get up off of the table to get one. I think that she was worried that I was going to split, as she pulled me back and pointed again to her pussy. I shook my head, said not without condom. She looked desperate at this point, but smiled when she saw me taking a condom out of my bag. This time she didn't have any trouble putting it on, and again lay down on her bag and motioned for me to enter in mish. I motioned for CG, but she shook her head no, so I figured I'd best go ahead with mish. She was very wet, but also very tight, so I entered very slowly, putting in only the tip of my cock. But she very quickly reached around and grabbed the back of my ass and pulled me in all of the way. She was moaning and lifting her hips to meet me; almost to the point where she was in a bridge position. I wanted to go slow, but she would have it. I was only able to last about 4-5 minutes at the pace she was dictating. I pulled out, she cleaned me up, and I figured that was it. But she again grabbed my head (this time by my hair!) and pulled it down for more DATY. I obliged, and again added a finger which resulted in her coming again. She pulled my head up and gave me a DFK. We both dressed and I got ready to leave. We parted with a big hug and DFK. Not a bad afternoon experience. All I can figure is that some other western guy had introduced her to DATY and as she obviously is into it, figures that she'll go for it with every other western guy she sees. All I can say is that I'd hate to be a guy who doesn't like DATY, but ends up with this chick.

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