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    Punting in Ben Tre

    Anyone know if there is any action in this area?

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    Lao Cai

    I found this to be the most rewarding mongering destination that I visited in Vietnam.

    There are many Nga Nghi around town where you can get lady. Normally when you ask they start by saying 'no not possible', but if you are persistent they often cave and call lady for you.

    I went to a Nga Nghi about 5 minutes walk from the train station and described what I was looking for (with the help of google translate). They brought a few girls who were more or less in line with my specification. I went with the third girl, a cute 19 year old slim, fresh-faced, and good skin. We had a passionate session with lots of kissing, DATY, BBBJ and many positions, it was good GFE and she genuinely appeared to enjoy it. Total damage 400 k VND for ST on premises.

    In the main city, over other side of the river, there are a couple of streets next to each other that are lined with lady houses. Main street had approx. 35 houses and second street about 20 houses, with average 3 girls per house. These places are similar to those on PVD in Hanoi, but I preferred them here. The prices ranged from 250 k 400 k VND depending on the quality and freshness of the lady. I tried various different girls on the days that I was there. I always had a BJ followed by FS, it was good fun and the girls are generally very sweet.

    If you need any more info PM me for details.


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    Hoi An


    Hoi An is a touristic city with plenty of non-mongering activities available and some options for ladies too.


    Generally really good in most places I tried. My favourite restaurant was 'Morning Glory' in the ancient town although it is slightly pricy. The baguettes a staple all around Vietnam. Seemed even better here and I was plowing through them at 20 k VND.


    An Hoi Islet has a number of backpacker bars that serve cheap alcohol and are open practically all night, these are along the river front next to the night market.

    For a more laid back atmosphere there are a plenty of other bars in the ancient city area.


    When I'm new in town I take the standard approach of finding a moto and asking for "lady, boom boom". No problem in Hoi An. They all know the drill, but they try hard to get involved in the deal to rip you off. They'll quote you inflated prices and try to get agreement upfront.

    About 5 km from the city centre (Dien Ban, Quang Nam) there were 2. 5 venues. The 0. 5 venue was a bia bar as you turn off the main road. This seems to be where the drivers try and bring you first. When there, they arrange for girls to be carted-in from a nearby massage joint, but only two at a time. If, like me you'the rather see all girls at once, insist on going to the source.

    They'll take you to the massage place see. 200 m up the road. I saw 12 girls or so, ranging from 19 26 (ish) years old. I rate the quality fair to good.

    First time I went my driver really pissed me off. I asked him to stay outside so I could deal with the papa, but this plonker kept following me and interjecting in Vietnamese, trying to hike the prices. They wanted 2 m VND for ST so I gave the driver 60 k VND and told him to eff' off. I then did some exploring on foot and found another massage place between here and the bia bar.

    The venue was a bit run-down, the quality of the girls was average and the young papasan spoke zero English. But the prices were much better. They had 3 girls on site, I chose a keen, bubbly 21-year-old. Negotiations opened at 600 k VND and I paid 500 k VND. You may be able to pay less, but I was bored and I needed to get laid.

    Her performance was good: started with BBBJ followed by various positions including her on top, I finished by whipping off the rubber and blowing on her airbags.

    I remembered I was far from town with no transport so I wandered around for a while and decided to pop back into the other massage shop. They sell drinks so I had an ice-tea to catch my breath. Without the driver the boss was more reasonable he started negotiations at 1 m VND and settled for 800 k VND for the hot 19 year old.

    She was more interested in her phone than in me, but she had a terrific body and a cute face, so I went through with it anyway. She gave me a half-hearted BBBJ, followed by fairly tedious sex which consisted of missionary and a few variations.

    Papa called a taxi to take me back to my hotel.

    On another night, after visiting this area I asked my taxi driver to take me somewhere else with more girls. We drove to another area 8 km further out of town. There are two massage places opposite each other but they were both shut at 1 am when we arrived. The driver was v. Apologetic and wouldn't accept any extra cash for the extra journey. Apparently (when open) each shop has between 5-10 girls and cost 1 m VND for ST.

    PM me if you want any further details including exact names and addresses.


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    Phu Quoc

    It is hard to put on reports in ISG because we normal do not fuck for hours or even do it every day but supermans they plow on for months. Well this is a report that might be of interest for some. We stayed a couple of days in Phu Quoc when we decided to have a boat trip. During the trip we got asked if we wanted female company and yes, two canoes came to our boat. To make things short they where lovely and we did what we could of the situation. All in all it cost 100 dollar but the girls stayed with us all the time we where close to the island. But since I not superman or his relatives I had a hard time to get off with my island girl even if she was beautiful.

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    An abundance of p4p on offer in Nha Trang

    Day one:

    At 7 pm after taking a shower and getting ready for the evening ahead I asked a moto driver for lady. We went to a lady-house with about 5 girls in the central part of Nha Trang, near all the backpacker hotels. Unfortunately it was down a side street and I didn't get the name, but I'm certain it would be one of the first places they take you if you ask for lady there. The place was run by two mamasans and they insisted on bringing the girls down one-by-one into my room, rather than letting me go up and choose from the group. Don't understand but this seems to be quite common here in Vietnam? I had them bring all the girls to my room before I settled on a cute slim one, but this whole process took about 30 minutes. The girls I saw were all early to mid twenties and acceptable quality ranging from 5 - 7 out of 10. I had a good session with BBBJ, kissing and FS. Cost was 400 k VND and this included the room.

    Once I'd recovered from the first session I asked another moto driver for lady and explained I didn't want to go back to the same place. We drove out of town for about 15 minutes down a main road, he stopped in a couple of local Bia bar places that had 2 or 3 girls each, but I was not impressed with the quality so quickly asked to move on. He wanted me to have a beer in these places but I declined. We then ended up coming back towards the main town and stopped at a short time hotel which I think was on Le Hong Phong road. There were no girls on site, but the lady on reception pulled out a load of business cards and made some calls. Then for the next 45 minutes I waited while various girls were brought to me on moto. I was quoted 350 k VND and there were a few reasonable girls, but nothing that really caught my fancy so I left it at that. I left my moto there. I think he took a liking to the last lady that came. I wonder what he would have paid (he said same price for Vietnam people! I turned left out of the hotel and there was a great local pho stall, so I had two bowls at 25 k each.

    I went to the Booze Cruise bar for a couple of beers, didn't see any working girls, but there were lots of western ladies if you're that way inclined.

    At about 1 am I was ready to head home when a moto driver approached me about lady. I though, ok let see what you got. He dove me down a side street to a ST hotel and we waited outside whist he called someone to deliver the girl. This thing was about 19 and very hot. Nice and slim, with pale, milky skin, probably the best WG I've seen in Vietnam so far. However, they knew it and wanted 1 m VND for ST. I declined, but I'm kicking myself now!

    Day 2:

    I met a fellow monger who wasn't so adventurous as me, but I liked him so I stayed around the main area (on Nguyễand Thiệand Thuật road) to have some beers and look for girls around there. Although I didn't take any girl that night there were a number of options available:

    The Wave Bar had about 8 girls working, one or two who are relatively hot. I asked one of the girls how much it would be, but she said that they are not going for money, but all the girls are single. Sure enough, I got chatting to an English guy on the next table and he had been banging one of the girls for free. In this environment I prefer a straightforward transaction so I declined offers to go out together to another bar.

    Coconut bar almost next door to Wave bar has handful of WGs. There was nothing of interest to me but I had a quick chat with the girls outside out of curiosity. They were asking silly money for ST, 1. 5 m VND. I didn't bother trying to negotiate because I wasn't interested but I guess you could get them down significantly.

    In the meantime my friend had been chatting to one of the older ladies selling cigarettes and negotiated one pop for $20 USD. I don't understand why anyone would want to go with that, but each to there own! They went for their session and we arranged a meeting spot for later.

    Again just slightly further up the road is Why Not Bar. We arrived about midnight and the place was busy with Westerners and a few WGs thrown into the mix. We spotted a cute 20 yo called Lee. Her English was v. Poor which makes me think she is relatively new to the tourist scene, but she was trying to command $100 USD for LT. I'd assumed that the girls were FL, but when negotiating the price with one of the guys in the bar stepped in and refused to let the price go below $50 USD, even though she seemed happy to go lower. In the end I left it, but later some Russian mug took her for $75 USD. I saw him the next day and he said it was a very average performance and he regretted taking her, which made me feel better.

    At about 4 am on the way home a group of 5 older ladies (40's) approached us and were trying to tout BJs and FS for $10 USD. They were not my scene at all, but again, my friend was in his element. One of them was on a moto and the others were grabbing our the**ks and flicking at our wallets so we told them where to go and turned in for the night.

    In summary, there was no lack of options in Nha Trang and although I didn't find anything spectacular in the two days I was there, I believe there would be some gems lurking for those with more time who are prepared to put in the groundwork.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongering1  [View Original Post]
    Anything to do there? I'm going there by bus from Saigon. Any info would help, even if not mongering related. I'm going to Cambodia next week FYI.
    I'm here now. It's very nice here with a great beach and clean. So far I found a happy ending massage place. I'll post locations when I'm leaving. Does anyone have any places that I should check out. I googled massage and there are several nearby. I'll check those out in the next few days.

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    Quy Nhon

    Anything to do there? I'm going there by bus from Saigon. Any info would help, even if not mongering related. I'm going to Cambodia next week FYI.

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    Hue Massage

    If you go off the beaten path North of Pham Van Dong past the Pac Bo cross street a little, there will be a tall light green building with red neon lights at night that says massage. It's somewhat secluded, but it's the place to go for a cheap happy ending massage.

    The ticket is 80,000 VND for an hour massage and tip is 150,000-200,000 for HJ. I never negotiated anything more, but I'm sure you can. There is a small selection downstairs and they avg between 5-8 in rating. Mine went a little longer at 1. 5 hours.

    Massage consists of a sauna, a shower, and the girl taking you to a room where you can lock up your stuff in the safe before you start the massage.

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    Danang Report

    Well, as my vacation comes to a close, I must say, I remain not very impressed with what Danang has to offer these days. I'm here about 2-3 a year and while it's never been particularly amazing, something about this trip has really bothered me. I've had a really hard time finding anything to do. New Phuong Dong is terrible for a single traveler, and the two other "clubs" I went to were even worse. I felt really out of place and no one came up to my table to offer me "company" at any venue. For a city with so much R & R history, it doesn't give up much to those not in the know.

    I went back to Hoang Sa hotel for a massage, which was decent, with all the trimmings, but nothing to write home about. Very mechanical and boring with the extras and I felt like we were both just going through the motions. I also went to Blue Beach hotel for a massage, but walked right out once I saw the facilities, which were unkempt and dirty. The rooms were tiny and hot and smelled like mold. I don't know if they offer extras because I didn't stay around long enough to find out.

    So that's my lame report on Danang. I wish I could be more helpful in pointing people to some good spots, but I really have nothing. Ah well. It would be interesting to hear from anyone with a different (good?) experience.

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    Bored in Danang


    Not really sure what's going on in this city right now. Maybe it's just me or maybe things have really changed and gone downhill here in Danang, but I'm bored out of my mind! Does anyone know where the good pickup bars are these days? New Phuong Dong was terrible, and so was 17 Saloon, which I guess has never really been a pickup bar. I'm here on vacation and I just want to find a hostess bar with some decent quality women, but I'm having a hard time finding anything online. Anyone able to help or have ideas? Don't some of the hotels have clubs? Where are all the girls working these days? I'll keep hitting the pavement in the meantime!

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    Hoi An PM?


    I will be visiting HoiAn in a few days and would like to hear about your experience as you said. But I am new here and don't know how to PM you? Is it a feature available only when you are online?



    Quote Originally Posted by QuangNamGuy  [View Original Post]
    Hi Guys,

    I live here in Hoi An, I have found several "spas" that offer some good services, most with cute Vietnamese girls. One I go to regularly the girl will give you an excellent massage finishing with a good HJ (only) but she gets her gear off for full play including eating pussy. Full price 250,000-300,000vnd.

    Outside of Hoi An, about 15 mins is the town of Nam Phuc, a bit of a shithole town but has several MP's close to town, went there 3 days ago, place is full of young cuties (18-23) who offer 4/10 massage but HJ, BBBJ & more. Ticket 70,000, HJ 100,000 BBBJ with CIM 200, 000, have not enquired about FS but sure its availabe, would rate most of the girls at 7-8/10 Any mongers coming here contact me for details.

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    Da Nang

    I never went for an action in the nang but the nightlife is good. There are multiple bars along the riverside road but New phuong dong is the best. Which has pole dancers and there were 3 types of girls. The girls with green uniform will be the one taking the order. People serves the beer that is another group which is easy to identify. Another set of high quality girls with a floral cloth uniform.

    The girl took order from me told she can arrange a girl for me for some fun. But I politely rejected since I had no clue who is who because there is a price difference between lady drink and normal drink that we all know. Beers are around 5 $. I heard in addition to drinks, people tip the girl, one dude told me 500 k is normal! The bar is so big, I guess that would be the biggest among Hanoi, hue, hcmc. So if you are going to the nang, check this bar out.

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    Hue; Juicy Viet pussy and some blackmagic

    I came to hue late beause the Viet airlines was late by 2 hour. I have seen couple of bars on the way to hotel. Got freshed up and went out to party. A 1. 5 l tiger beer was 110 k only. Went to another bar just 5 minutes walk and a moto driver shown up offering nice girls. Passed and went to the bar and party there until 2 am. While coming back, the same motor guy came and I decided to try it. He first told ST 800 k an negotiated down to 600 k. Went near to my hotel and it was my mistake to deal at street. The guy came with a nice girl and they were fine for 1 million until morning. They asked me to pay upfront. I rejected. Then they asked to pay half to papa and half to girl after action. I gave 500 k to him. After sometime, he told I have given him just 20 k. Somehow he hide the 500 and replaced it with a 20 k! Lesson learned don't do transactions at street The girl was OK to come hotel for 600 k ST. Went up to the hotel, her pussy was awesome! Fucked her for quite long time because I was drunk. When playing in doggy style she paused and went to restroom. I wasn't come at that time but it came gradually when she was at toilet. Decided to cheat them because they cheated me. Removed the condom and put on a new one. When she came back started to complain I didn't come lolz. Then about one hour she sucked and jerked my cock while I was taking rest. Finally she got angry and asked for money, I told her to make me come. I was dead drunk and I can't come anyway. She tried to threaten me calling their friends etc. I was bold enough and asked her to call. After sometime she started weeping so I felt sorry. Talked her in a nice was that I must pay her money but help me to come. She agreed and tried for another 20 minutes without any luck. So I agreed to go her. For me I don't mind spending 1. 1 million for a 2 hour playtime so I don't think it is a loss.

    Next evening while going to bus station, the motor bike guy offered me a massage with nice girl. Decided to take up the offer. 300 ticket, 100 tip. So pretty girl; I am not sure she turned 18. Super nice boobs awesome pussy. Hmm. She was just doing hand job. So tried to change the girl; she was a bit**h. Was also doing the same jandjob after some seconds sucking. I lose 150 k there. Decided to call the first little girl and she managed to make me come. Give her additional 50. She gave me her phone number to hotel. She quoted 700 k without negotiations. But I guess, can get her for 500-600 k. The acceptance of moto driver's offer was a suck unless I come back Hue again. Total damage was 300+ tip (150+150). And the fuc**ing moto driver needed 200 k at least. Gave him 100 k and asked him to F off.

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    Thanh Hoa

    I have been lots of time in Thanh Hoa but never really taste the scene over there.

    You can have FS in thanh Hoa in a nice nha nghi for only 300 k / pop (No time limit)!

    I just ask the taxi driver and he bought me to a nice nha nghi outside the city for 60 k!

    It worth it if you pass by thanh Hoa!

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    Went to massage 2 times and both times legit massage. 150 k each, at first shop paid tip second didn't. Seems like there are available actions, a massage shop owner told he can get me girl for 1 million and finally he agreed for 800 k. He asked me to come with him but I wasn't comfortable at midnight so passed.

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