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    Mui Ne and Phan Thiet

    Anyone have any good massage with extra's experiences in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. I'm there for a few days and looking for some action!

    Location, address and good service providers name would be awesome.

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    How is Freelance Scene in the Nang Area

    Hello gents. I have had good luck meeting FLs on Tinder in HCMC. College girls and hookers looking for cash. Curious how the freelance scene is in the Nang and surrounding areas? Doesn't seem like there are too many hooker bars, so wondering where the best place to meet girls looking for sex in exchange for money. From RTTF it appears that this area is a bit more conservative than big cities so might be hard to find action. But would appreciate any advise on where to meet girls in the Nang, Hoi An, Hue, et al.

    Thanks and stay safe.

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    What's the address?

    I'm in Hoi An and want to check out some places.

    Quote Originally Posted by QuangNamGuy  [View Original Post]
    Hi Guys,

    I live here in Hoi An, I have found several "spas" that offer some good services, most with cute Vietnamese girls. One I go to regularly the girl will give you an excellent massage finishing with a good HJ (only) but she gets her gear off for full play including eating pussy. Full price 250,000-300,000vnd.

    Outside of Hoi An, about 15 mins is the town of Nam Phuc, a bit of a shithole town but has several MP's close to town, went there 3 days ago, place is full of young cuties (18-23) who offer 4/10 massage but HJ, BBBJ & more. Ticket 70,000, HJ 100,000 BBBJ with CIM 200, 000, have not enquired about FS but sure its availabe, would rate most of the girls at 7-8/10 Any mongers coming here contact me for details.

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    Moonlight Hotel

    I swear this will be the final time I post on Moonlight hotel. As mentioned before, I have a regular (Ny, although no one seems to know her by name there, I grabbed her phone number the first time) who gives possibly the best lingering service I've ever experienced and had her twice since my last post (it just gets better and better) but I've also tried two others there as well.

    Girl #1 (name forgotten) tall, slim, bad teeth. Smiley but hustling for more money. 7/10 body. 5/10 service. Probably around 22 years old.

    Girl #2 (name something like Huong) tall, model face, bigger than average breasts, said she was 20. Really cold attitude (even with a bit of Vietnamese) if she was warmer and more adventurous then I would definitely go back with her. A brief BJ. Willing to take all positions but really restricting to my hand movement. She opened up once we'd finished and was much friendlier. Despite her 8. 5/10 body / face I won't be requesting her again.

    I admit I'm absolutely hooked on Ny here and sometimes I just want her to show the others that work there what 'good service'. I doubt this is a business that concerns itself on professional development but if the level of service was consistent, I'm sure it would be the best place in town.

    Anyways, thanks for the other recommendations below. I look forward to trying something new soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsianLoverOz  [View Original Post]
    Ok gents, here's my contribution for Danang.
    Another one I remembered: Gold Hotel 3 : 27 Vo Van Kiet St also near the beach. I can't remember exactly what happened here. I went there as soon as it opened around 1 pm. I think the prices were reasonable but for some reason I didn't stay. I'm a fussy bugger, so if the girls are not up to scratch or there is a bad vibe, I have no hesitation to walk.

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    Danang Massage List

    Ok gents, here's my contribution for Danang. There's no point hiding the hotel names on this forum. If a white guy with no Vietnamese skills on a few days visit can find these places then they are not exactly under the radar. This country works on payoffs to the senior people, places don't get raided if they appear in some English based forum. They get raided if the money stops, or to set an example.

    Danang overall was a big let down, I would not venture back there specially for any action. I had much better quality and options in Saigon. English is extremely poor and often leads to misunderstandings and frustration. Whilst there isn't much traffic in Danang it can get expensive taking taxi everywhere as I don't ride a bike (crazy dangerous intersections, I'm surprised there isn't crashes there every few minutes with cars speeding through and just blowing their horns to warn).

    Full list of places found / some also reported by other people.

    Moonlight Hotel. Perhaps the most well known place. Facilities are at least rated as good. $400 K entrance and I paid an extra $1. 2 M for a 7/10 girl. Included BBBJ and FS. I caught a glimpse of around 5 other girls walking around near reception, there was nothing over a 7, most 5 or 6's.

    Eden Plaza Hotel. I don't think this has been mentioned before. Amazing huge 4 Star hotel with fantastic facilities. I'll upload a few photos later on that. Ticket $500-600 K and then negotiated BBBJ an FS for an extra $1 M. Both girls I tried had a bit of an attitude, asking for extra tip etc. Both were early 20's but one had a kid. Lot's of potential here to maybe find a gem.

    Thu Bon Hotel: 08 Ly Thuong Kiet. Really run down 3 star hotel but has a Spa facility. Ticket Price $200 K. BBBJ only, I think I paid $600 K tip, clothes left on. A bit similar to a Hot Toc very basic setup but with showers in the room.

    Luxury Hotel: As reported by Mman69. I went in but didn't try as there was no girls around.

    Serene Hotel opposite the beach: Spa available but ticket price is $1. 6 M and they wouldn't show me the girls. Too high a price to risk. Leave it to someone else to explore further.

    Phu My Xuan Hotel at 81 Ngyuen That Thanh: Another basic 3 star hotel with Spa. They showed me 4 girls with a price of around $1 M for FS, but I walked as they were 5 or 6's only.

    Mekong Spa: Previously reported as FS and BBBJ avail. I paid the ticket price I think $400 K, average room with shower, but girl wanted boom boom straight away quoted like $1. 5 M and no BJ, so I walked out.

    Maya Foot Massage: 215 Tran Phu Street. Damn this place had so much potential with the masseuse wearing small school uniforms really thought something extra would be available. But NO!! No extra's avail.

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    Midnight hotel

    In Danang now went Midnight hotel yesterday 4th floor spa. 400 k for massage but I now know just pick cheapest think it 300 k. Nice room with complete bathroom attached.

    Pretty cute girl. Wanted 2.5 mill I laugh say I'm not new don't be silly end up at a million said ID give extra 200 k if was GF exp.

    She pretty enthusiastic, Start BBBJ then mission finish doggy.

    Overall 7/10 gave her extra 200 k.

    Went luxury hotel on st behind bamboo 2 bar same deal top floor spa boss man wanted 500 k I tried real hard to get down but no budge, not as nice rooms or spa as midnight, girl not as young or cute but OK how ever price to girl only 700 k and she was GFE.

    So to round up Midnight cleaner much nicer better girls total price with haggling 1.7 mill.

    Luxury bit dirtier girl not as pretty but maybe bit more keen total price 1. 2 mill.

    Not sure which I prefer. Maybe luxury over all cause girl much more into it and bit cheaper.

    Really want to find HJ / BJ massage but tried 5 so far no go and a HOT TOC prefer the good massage with happy ending I think than FS you can have bit more rapport if keep going back bit more thrill FS clinical. So any recommendation appreciated.

    Got 2 more night danang.

    Hope this send some you in right direction.

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    Nghi Son

    Hey bros.

    Has anybody a recommendation for Nghi Son Area? Looking for good massage and so on.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrumLov  [View Original Post]
    Can't find a "midnight" hotel in Danang. Did you mean moonlight? I can see that one
    Of course. I actually did go there at midnight last week. But the original poster did include the correct ID. In some cities (like this one) not being too specific may help local businesses too. There's more than one Moonlight, so do make sure you go to the right one on your visit and enjoy yourself.

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    Can't find a "midnight" hotel in Danang. Did you mean moonlight? I can see that one.


    Quote Originally Posted by HuskyOne  [View Original Post]
    Midnight Hotel and the setup they have there has always been fine for me. Nothing at all like your experience Tramzo. More similar (and much better in one case!) to the experiences shared by LetThemEatSake. There are lots of places in DN where the experience can be better than HCMC in terms of the girl involved / amount of money exchanged, but in DN, it takes longer to work it out. Everything is a lot more below the radar in DN and if you don't speak Vietnamese, then that adds to the difficulty.

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    Haiphong again

    Quote Originally Posted by Fordmustang  [View Original Post]

    Where did you stay in Hai Phong? Was it close to all the action?

    I go to Haiphong for about 3 weeks twice a year. You guys are welcomed to PM me for the name of the hotel where I stay. Its reasonably priced and includes good wifi, laundry service and breakfast in the price (about $50/ night or less).

    I have had good luck with we chat, have only been to ONE massage place, but was with my women colleagues so could not try "full massage" (although they said I should do it). Hehehe.

    There is a bus to DoSon from haiphong.

    Not much english correct. I use my google translator (get a 3 g Sim card they are cheap and good service all over the place), and if I want to go somewhere, I write it down and I keep a card from my hotel with me. BUT, if you go to somewhere out of the way, it can be challenging to get a taxi back. Because none of the taxi services I have used speak english so you can 'summon" them. No LYFT no UBER.

    Now. DoSon ladies are said to have a higher incidence of HIV infection. FYI. I prefer "regular girls" honestly but takes some work to find them. I have one VN cutie (age 24, see pics I have posted) who is happy to take load after load of cum from me. But she IS a regular girl I met in my first trip a couple years ago.

    But, I have had some fun in Haiphong for sure and have drained my balls many times!


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    Nha Trang v Ho ChI Minh

    There are really only 2 difference. The girls in Nha Trang seem much more like the girl next door. They are friendly and sweet. Next would be the price. I'm Ho ChI Minh they asked for 1 to 3 million. In Nha Trang they asked for 500 k to 1 million. I think the girls are prettier in Nha Trang.

    If you need help a motorcycle guide will help for 30 to 50 dong. Also don't hesitate to go to a spa. Even if it looks closed knock on the door you will probably get a response. A lot of the little ugly looking hotels will be happy to assist you. Accidentally walked into Han Dang guest house at 11/7 C Nguyen Thein Thuat and I was blown away by what they offered. Nha Trang is better than Ho ChI Minh if you have the time and it has a beach.

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    Going to Hai

    Quote Originally Posted by OneUw84  [View Original Post]
    Instead of going all the way to Do Son (kind of a hassle to get there) I would recommend staying in Hai Phong. Plenty of options available. Check my previous post about Hai Phong.

    Where did you stay in Hai Phong? Was it close to all the action?


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    You're right. I guess I would just like someone to share advice with other than paying for a membership! I have checked out some of the Vietnamese massage parlour forums.

    Thanks for that tip.

    Quote Originally Posted by HuskyOne  [View Original Post]
    Naming places (online) may end up causing problems for them, as DN never will be HCMC in terms of local law enforcement levels of what's acceptable! Midnight had already been named, so I replied. Dragonfly22 already posted earlier about various places he'd visited without naming any but it's easy to search for VIP massage or normal massage places online and then just visit in person. As well as search engines (& Google Maps) there are VN massage forums. Some places advertise on WeChat / Zalo. You'll find others just by chance, when on a motorbike & speaking a little VN. This has always worked for me in DN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freezone  [View Original Post]
    I'm reposting here as I realize my initial post might be in the wrong thread.

    Love to explore Do Son and Quat Lam, but since I'm no expert with no language skills, will need at least some info to go on. Some hotels, prices, locations, how to get there etc.

    Any links, suggestions, other forums I could read up on will be helpful for planning the trip. If anyone has done the trip in the past, then past along the info so I could also plan ahead. I will probably visit Vietnam in Oct or Nov if all goes well.

    I will report back about my experiences but have to somehow get there first.

    I know some of you have no problems just picking up and go but I prefer to plan ahead so not be ripped off upon arrival or wasting too much time heading in the wrong directions.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    PM me with info if you like.

    Instead of going all the way to Do Son (kind of a hassle to get there) I would recommend staying in Hai Phong. Plenty of options available. Check my previous post about Hai Phong.

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