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Thread: Perth

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    Cindy. Bentley

    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Had a 1/2 hr encounter with a sexy korean today in a private house in Bentley.

    Punters. Search BC "Cindy" for the listing.

    She was a friendly girl, and from conversation she has only been in the state for 3 days (from the 22nd / Jan). Warm personality during conversation, large scorpion tattoo above her hip. Long, bleached hair and an awesome lingerie get-up for greeting as per the BC ad.

    Looks: 9/10 (she wasn't wearing makeup)

    Size: Slim

    Conversational skills: 5/10 (medium English skills)

    Photos are real. What is of particular interest is the butt implants. I've never come across this in my adventures so safe to say that this was exciting. As with many koreans in this line of work, her large titties (yes, they are large!) are blatant bolt-ons.

    She slapped on some lube on her slit, and began with a 3 minute CBJ. Low pressure BJ.

    At this point I found out some rules that she quite quickly enforced:

    - NO touching pussy why.

    - No kissing.

    Ok, I thought that I could live with that. Thought process was that she looks good so I'll probably blow quickly.

    After this, I hopped on top and banged her missionary. Pretty stock-standard. Pu$$why hair was trimmed into a small triangle but the actual pu$$why wasn't tight. After 5-10 mins, I asked for her to go on top and got the good old "I don't understand, do you mean doggy" schtick. Whatever, I took the opportunity to take in the curiosity that were the butt implants. It was a good job but there was something that just boggled my mind. Wasn't too sure whether to laugh or lick my lips.

    Anyway at this point I was keen for her to jump on my dong. But she flat out refused to go on top."No, I don't want to. No, I'm not going to." Doesn't get more rude than that. As if there wouldn't be any repercussions. This was the catalyst for this post. Grrrr.

    Finished off with a bit more missionary and a covered HJ.

    Damage: $120.

    Full service: 2/10 (She did nothing at all, #lazy. Points are for hygiene and just the novelty being able to play with the boob and butt implants)

    WIR: NO. Sorry but I've locked the implant memory away in the jack vault and would rather spend my moneyz elsewhere. No GFE, no enthusiasm, no massage or back rub, or an offer of a glass of water at the end. Shower was filthy.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Bear3  [View Original Post]
    Would you please send me the contact last year I took break and want to re start mongering PM me.

    Kiwi babe sounds up my alley. Don't suppose I could have the details PM'd too.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Finally some good luck!

    Would you please send me the contact last year I took break and want to re start mongering PM me.


    Quote Originally Posted by RedDragon64  [View Original Post]
    I spent some time over the weekend checking out both the newspaper and internet adverts to figure out if there were any ladies that looked like they were worth taking a gamble on. Out of curiosity I also checked out a few adverts for western women but they were mostly too expensive, or too old, or both. Then I came across an internet advert for a 24 year old Kiwi lady. Her pics looked legit and her price was $250 / hour which was higher than the Asian women, but low for a western woman. I haven't been with a western woman for a few years so I decided to take a risk and try her out.

    I had a huge shock when I stepped in her door. She was nearly 2 meters tall with long brown hair, and was wearing a full set of lingerie including stockings, corset, G-string and high heels. I find that a lot of tall girls are too skinny, but she was curvy as hell in all the right places and looked to be at least a 36C cup. I don't normally lose my cool, but I made a complete idiot out of myself for the first couple of minutes when I tried to chat with her and all I could say was 'wow are you ever tall', or 'wow you look really good' (she was that distracting).

    Attitude: 9/10 (Very friendly. I was surprised how down to earth she was. A lot of hot women tend to be arrogant)

    WIR: Definitely! I am going to try to sneak in another visit this week before my wife gets back.

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    Puffy nipple find

    One of my fetishes / quests is puffy nipples.

    Found a girl this week with the real thing. No sucking your screen when you view these little babies. A real pair of real life puffies.

    Awesome, not far from city.

    Any other puffy nipple fans out there that want a handful of these PM me. But only in the next few days.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg‎   image.jpg‎   image.jpg‎   image.jpg‎   image.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinezumi  [View Original Post]
    As I was leaving and chatting to papasan on a previous visit, I spotted this girl and asked papasan her name."Alecia" he said, and I am back a few days later to try her out.

    Very young and pretty Korean girl, just how I like. She is small, maybe a size 6, and very, very friendly. She strips down to show me her tight small body, and tiny A cup tits. I suck on those for a long time, trying to get the whole thing into my mouth.

    My cock is super hard and long, becoz this is a quality girl, and she sucks it down deep BBBJ, all the time she lets me touch anywhere, her pussy, her arsehole, and lets me kiss if I like. After a while she mounts me CG, and her shaven pussy feels nice and not over used. I like these small tits and play with them all the time.

    I flip her in to mish, and rub her clit and I push into her fully. At time I let my cock slip out and then enter again, and it makes a farting sound=). At times I have her feet up over my head fuck her hard and deep, she is ok with that and then lets me fuck in any position I choose, on her side I watch my cock slipping in and out of her pussy and rub her arsehole at the same time...
    Where in Beaufort St? If you can't post the address, can you please PM me?


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    Is this massage place still open?

    Thanks mate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinezumi  [View Original Post]
    Its Saturday morning, and I decide to treat myself to a massage. This shop I choose has a long row of booths set up, each has a locking door but the walls do not reach the ceiling. This shop has been here for some time.

    I choose a slim Chinese girl named may dressed in a white shirt and black mini skirt, and we retire to one of the rooms, the room has a massage table set up, and I remove my clothes completely and lie face down on the table. I have paid $50 for 1/2 hour massage and may asks what type of massage I would like, and tells me my options."this not sex massage but a bit sex massage" she says. My options are BJ $90, topless +HJ are an extra $50. It seems expensive, as I have already paid massage fee, but I think its about the going rate for R&T, I decide on a topless HJ and she takes her top off to reveal a tight set of small titties which I can touch, and as she starts her massage she lets me feel under her skirt and rub her pussy and arse through her panties. While she massages standing in front of me, I push her pantie aside and rub her arsehole directly, and she does not complain.

    After a back rub, where this small girl is sitting on top of my upper legs and bum, she occasionally reaches under and rubs my cock and balls, and then asks me to flip over, where she rubs oil onto my cock and starts to wank me...

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    Something different

    Finally have a day of freedom few days ago and decided to look around online and decided to spend a bit more then usual this time and went and see a western girl name emma who is located in cbd.

    YES I pay 400 for the hr but HELL YEAH its worth every fucking cents (lets just keep all the suprises and let you all discover urself eh). We had so much fun in her apartment and she's not a time watcher at all. After all the fun is finish, she head in the shower and asked me to join her and keep asking me to stay because somehow I good at licking haha and she can't get enough and want me to keep lick and have sex with her for the rest of the day hahaha. A very fun girl to be with.

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    Sue at Dreamlane

    Went back to Dreamlane. It was a random thing as I happened to be in the area. Apple was busy so I saw Sue. Sue is a bit older, late 20s I guess, tallish, nice body and quite cute. Unlike Apple, she doesn't kiss and does CBJs but every other department was great. She really gets off on DATY and unusually for an Asian allows fingering. I thought it was a great service. She is here only for few more days. By co-incidence, I thought I'd seen her before and I did at Tope St in Sth Melbourne earlier this year, that too was a great service.

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    Apple at YU / Dreamlane

    Good to see that Dreamlane has decent Korean girls again with good service. Saw Apple the other night, the same "Apple" from Canada who worked there a year ago. Petite, attractive face, with nice (albeit fake) tits. Very nice lady, speaks English well, GFE accommodating type service. I think she is here for a few weeks.

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    850 Beaufort St. Massage

    I dropped by at 850 Beaufort St.

    Place is a typcial Asian massage place which I was led to believe offers more than massage.

    Paid $55 for the hour, no wondering fingers, no hint of any extras, just a typical honest massage.

    I can't remember the lady's name, but as I left the place, she gave me a bit of a hint that a revisit would be rewarded.

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    New Massage Place

    There's a new massage / beauty shop opposite Wembley Hotel with asian staff. Anybody tried it out yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinezumi  [View Original Post]
    Alecia GFE.
    Sounds delightful. Can you advise the fee involved and maybe a number in that street?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Switched  [View Original Post]
    Appreciate the tip. Made it to Mount Lawley before I turned back into the city and thought the trail had ran dry.
    Keep going down Beaufort, there's one opposite the Inglewood library. THe next corner has one. 914 I think. Another minute or so down the road there's another one with a green sign. Keep going and believe it or not there's one more at the lights next to a tax place. I make no claims as to the quality though. The one opposite the library was the #1 spot a few years ago, had some good times there LOL.

    There are a few more in Morley as well. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jestered  [View Original Post]
    Inglewood / Morley seems to have the largest concentration of are&t joints around. Inglewood is fairly close to the city, just continue down Beuafort St. Morley is a little further. Large range, but quality varies a lot.
    Appreciate the tip. Made it to Mount Lawley before I turned back into the city and thought the trail had ran dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by switched  [View Original Post]
    hi all,

    can anyone suggest a good place / area for a rnt? happy to move in a 5k radius outside the city

    i've had the impression on this forum and speaking to people that beaufort street was the place to go. was there about 6 months ago and went to a chinese massage place next door to a club x that was open fairly late. whilst i received a fantastic massage that i would not necessarily discourage, extras were strictly off the menu. peen pretty far north of that area and didn't see alot of potential from the street.

    i've also walked around northpoint a fair bit and found a couple of other places, but they look fat too legit.

    appreciate any advice. please pm if you would like to protect the innocent.
    inglewood / morley seems to have the largest concentration of are&t joints around. inglewood is fairly close to the city, just continue down beuafort st. morley is a little further. large range, but quality varies a lot.

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