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    Quote Originally Posted by RockRider  [View Original Post]
    Anal Sex has been on my bucket list for a very long time. I want to desperately check it off. I have been to Bernd's, Samya and Living Room but never popped the question. It would be great if you gentlemen can recommend me the best FKKs in NRW for an anal sex beginner. It would be very kind of you gentlemen to give me a couple of tips as to how to ask a girl for anal while negotiating the deed. Any anal experiences are most welcome.
    At LR, Manuela & Emily are great anal providers!

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    A humble request to Analists / Anal Connoisseurs

    Anal Sex has been on my bucket list for a very long time. I want to desperately check it off. I have been to Bernd's, Samya and Living Room but never popped the question. It would be great if you gentlemen can recommend me the best FKKs in NRW for an anal sex beginner. It would be very kind of you gentlemen to give me a couple of tips as to how to ask a girl for anal while negotiating the deed. Any anal experiences are most welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amspascha  [View Original Post]
    Want to know if it is possible to buy cialis without prescription in pharmacy in Germany? I think the possibility is very low in such strict country.
    Hi dude,

    I was living in Germany for a few months due to work and I couldn't get cialis at any pharmacy without a prescription. Apparently, it is mandatory there, though you can always inquire at the clubs, just in case they know about a place where it is sold.

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    One day in Germany need advice

    I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow with a friend, I think it will never please me in regard to sex brothels, and I hate the RLD, so I'm planning to have one day off to Germany by train.

    I have the whole day for one FKK club, I'll probably stay for 10 hours++.

    My location will be either Dusseldorf or Cologne.

    Can anyone recommend the best FKK in either of regions, it preferably should be a big FKK (anything like Oase / World / Sharks / palace is cool) with 50+ girls as I will have a long stay, also Pre-July basic service is a must.

    Also is Goldentime still ethnic exclusive? If I had the choice I would go to GL but if they don't accept all ethnicity then they will not permit me for sure.

    Having a Shisha is a great plus but not a deal breaker otherwise.

    Full nude is preferred over non-nude FKK.

    Sex in public is a plus.

    Any information is highly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambo2014  [View Original Post]
    Hi there,

    You mentioned you learnt to enjoy sex with many girls without ejaculating.

    Can you share the details how do you do that?

    I cannot stay longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

    Control your brain and muscles belly if you have. It s your brain which send information to make You cum. If You know your mind and body well, then You should be able to control, not to cum like a rabbit. I can be BBBJ for 1 hour, without cumming, if I don t want to pay extra for CIM, so when You are nearly to cum, so good to have your dick full of blood, then You block your belly and You can enjoy girl working on You all night, staying nearly to cum but not finishing. Same for fucking, controlling belly to stay hard for hours, unfortunately most of girls can t resist to rhythm and size for more than 20/30 mn, they are exhausted with red skin on face and crying make up.

    Most difficult is when you fuck a girl and she kisses you, looking you in the eyes, like did Alice / Katalina / Kate for our first room, so I didn't have time to control my mind, and had to ask her to extend for a second round when I performed better, meaning for longer time.

    Pills like viagra also block rabbit fuckings, but not good for heart.

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    Sex without ejaculating.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raju1974  [View Original Post]
    Recent Frankfurt tour.

    (Reposting it in this forum for the benefit of all, as someone suggested in Frankfurt Forum, where I had posted the FR originally, that it gets lesser attention and I should post it on FKK forum too.).

    Had a recent Frankfurt trip, Before I forget, I thought of penning down the things before it gets faded from the brain.

    It was a 5 night,6 day trip to Frankfurt. Did lot of research online ans RTFF this forum. Thanks to the forum and senior colleagues for lot of helpful information.

    1st Night: Reached FRA Airport at 7 pm, went to the train station Airport and got the ticket from the ticketing machine to FRA main bahnofsviertel and got the train to FRA hbf. Checked in the nearby hotel, whicj I had booked online (Easy Hotel). It was a nice hotel with all good basic facilities, neat and clean. Had a shower changed and the plan tonight was OASE. Again catched the train to Friedrichsdorf Bahnof, from there got a cab to OASE. The taxi drivers are super friendly when destination is OASE, as I think they get some commission for bringing customers here, as I saw him queuing up in the club. Anyway the entrance was impressive, after paying 7 E entry got the towel, bathrobe, went to locker room, had shower and went inside. My first FKK experience. Was amazed at the things, the beautiful naked women all around. Had few drinks, some snacks from the restaurant, and lied in the lounge. Had two nice sessions there one with an Italian lady (do not remember name was ok in the room, wanted to complete in the room quickly and leave) and one with a Romanian lady (was better). Food was good, Rooms were good (mirrored). Left at 4:30 am. Taxi from Oase to Friedrichsdorf Bahnof. And catched the train to FRA main Bahnof. (Starts at 5 am) (Note travelling by train the RMV app was immensely helpful in planning, and ticket information).

    2nd Day / Night: Woke up at 12 Noon and went off exploring at 1 pm had an Indian lunch at a nearby Indian Restaurant-Indigo, then had a round of the famous RLD, to feel the experience. Went up and down all the floors of those 4-5 buildings, was quite excited, but did not venture in as I was planned for Sharks today. So got the train from FRA (main) Hbf to Darmstadt Nord, and after getting down (at 5 pm) , switched on the google maps and went for a small walk, within 10-15 minutes walk Sharks was there. Entered, same formalities here. Ambience was good. There was warm water Jacuzzi on the 1st floor after climbing few steps. Had again 2 good sessions there (One from Italy and one from Spain). All 50 E,as I don't know what do do for 1 hour and they give you only 1 shot as a rule so 50 E seems Value for money. Although few girls try to upsell to 100 E for the same or little betters ervice but as a rule BJ and FS all positions are included in 30 minutes. 50 E sessions. Left the place at 9:30 pm, walked down again to the train station and a train back to FRA hbf.

    After coming back went to RLD, visited few places and selected a sweet Polish Girl named "Natalia"in Haus 43 1st floor. Had a nice good session for 20 minutes. In 25 E (gave her 5 E tip for her real sweet nature and good service) Totally value for money-I think there are gems and the RLD is underrated, while FKKs overrated. Visited the surroundings-Dr Mueller shop. Also visited the Table dance venue-Pure Platinum: It was a unique experience in itself. Some some 10 E entry (exactly don't remember the figure), inside had two drinks 40 E, gone for a private lap dance 35 E,in a private room. Girls were cooperative. Good sexy beautiful Romanian girls, get completely naked in the room and one can touch them while they do the erotic lap dance. Had to have the experience, one won't get in either RLD hauses or the FKKs.

    3rd Evening: Went in the day timefor a Hop off hop in Bus tour Frankfurt city to have some pics to show back home What I did in Frankfurt travelling more than 6 k kms away! Evening dedicated to World-FKK. Got a train from FRA main to Giessen and a connecting train to Garbenteich. From there again Google map and a short walk. Ambience was good. Food was good, Girls were ok. The spider web concept in the interiors. Had 2 good sessions again one with a Romanian girl "Gabriela" and the other Romanian too don't remember the name. Nothing so special- the standard suck and fuck for 50 E /30 minutes till you last, which ever is earlier. Had a massage to in the basement massage area 30 E /30 minutes. Left the place walk-train (Garbenteich to Giessen) Train Giessen to FRA Main Hbf.

    4th Day / Night: Woke up at 12 noon, after getting ready, got the train to Dietzenbach for the Aldi FKK. Wanted to experience that too. Again a direct train from FRA main to Dietzenbach. Google maps and a small walk. Liked the place and its is affordable. Large lounge with multiple TVs playing porn, dim lit, basic snacks and soft drinks. Entry only 40 E, and sessions 30 min /30 E. Had a nice session with a Bulgarian 20 why cutie. Girls were less in numbers may be around 10-12. Left early as went there to have an experience. Options of girls are less, food is basic. But I could see public action only at this place and not in any of the FKKs. They start BJ there itself on the sofa and I saw two full Fuck sessions there in the public. It was a nice and different experience. For me too the girl started BJ there only then we moved to the room. Walked back to Bahnof and train to FRA.

    Night: Palace FKK: Train from FRA main (change at Bor. Warte) -Ubahn-to industriehof --Nice place good food, Girls and customers both were less although. Few upscaling girls. One said to me "I am not a 50 E girl"Name: Salma. Another one tried to upsell me saying lip to lip kiss will also cost me 50 E extra. I dumped all these and went with 2 Romanian beautiesLori and Anya, 2 std. Sessions. Both were performing good.

    5th Day / Night: Day time: Went to Paushalclub Treff 188 at Eschborn. Train to Eschborn Sud from Fra Main, then a small walk. Took the 5 hours ticket 95 E entry. It was a small place not airconditioned. 2 heaters were there. Place was quite cold. Food was average. Girls were below average. About 6 girls were there, 2 young, 3 middle aged and 2-3 old ones. Customers were around 15. Anyway had to take a dip. Took 2 of the young ones one by one (1 Romanian and 1 from Dominicana), standard service-suck and fuck. Those looking for quantity over quality should go for this venue. If you can fuck 6 girls with a single entry without considering the quality it is the place for you, otherwise not recommended..
    Hi there,

    You mentioned you learnt to enjoy sex with many girls without ejaculating.

    Can you share the details how do you do that?

    I cannot stay longer than 5 to 10 minutes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pistons  [View Original Post]
    I see it is good unless doing drugs like Pantani. You know I asked some otalians anout Zoncolan, and Pantani was the first thing they could think of. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I want my mojo free of drugs when I am in the zone.
    Marco Pantani was a idol for Italians, but not sure he ever climbed Monte Zoncolan on Ovaro side in Giro of Italia. Now racers ask for no more Zoncolan in Giro, Mortirolo from Mazzo is difficult enough. Most difficult climbings don t make anymore big time differences between racers because it s too difficult for them.

    As we say in this sport, only who don t take products are those who are not caught. Lance Armstrong was the perfect example for years.

    On August, I was in same hotel on top of Passo Stelvio than a Italian professional racer who finished with Cannondale to go to Bora with Peter Sagan, he finished 10th on last Giro, he never climbed Zoncolan, only Mortirolo, he was said by hotel boss, there was a Zoncolan "specialist" in hotel. A professional racer came to ask me about mythic Zoncolan, if I use 34/32, no I climb with 34/36 when more than 25% climbing. He asked me my climbing time and also to climb Mortirolo. Of course they are faster, but I explained him I can compete with electric bicycles in Zoncolan because they have to save battery. Funny, how he looked at me. As said a football specialist journalist, super climbings like Zoncolan or Andliru are not for humans. For racers, it s their job, for me it s passion, like when jumping for free riding between rocks or iceholes, sometimes without knowing what may happen, but ready for passion.

    I would not drive to Wellcum or Andiamo, but as long I will be able to climb it, most often nobody else climbing, only motos who understand what it is, because if they stop to climb, they fall, I will go to play with this wonderful hell. Hell is for devils.

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    Tnttwo: you could alternatively learn a few German phrases, and get in on the Oceans offers. Also, I all the girls you met were romanian, LOL. And thirdly, YMMV with some of what you said.

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    Wife and I just got back from NRW where we stopped by Oceans and Goldentime. Quick impressions of both places from a foreigner with bi wife's perspective.

    Oceans. Friday 8 P-12 A. Special offers not valid for non-Germans, so stuck paying full admission with food, cash only. The largest size of their comfy robe doesn't fit that great for a 195 cm tall guy. Relatively quiet all night, plenty of gals though, the layout makes it easy to find space. We didn't get a chance to try one of the Brazilian ladies and a few didn't do couples, but there were plenty that would. None would perform oral on my wife, and the CBJ rule was being followed as well.

    Ada. Blonde Croatian. Wife was into finding a Scandinavian looking lady and Ada fit the bill. Went back for an enjoyable threesome (100 E).

    Bianca and Georgia. Blonde and Brunette Romanian. I was smitten with Georgia (tall, athletic) and my wife with Bianca (short, busty) since we walked in but had some trouble negotiating. They wanted 400 E total for a 1 hour foursome which was excessive for what would have been our first session of a very full weekend. Once we had Ada and about 45 minutes left till we needed to leave we agreed on a 150 E total session where I would play with Georgia and wife would play with Bianca. Had an amazing time, they were really amused by how much fun my wife was having and we spent the last 10 minutes just chatting.

    GoldenTime. Saturday 1 PM-10 PM. Really nice reception, getting us comfortable and having a lady show us around. Absolutely jam packed bar even at one, that was probably our main complaint. Talent seemed comparable to Oceans which I thought was odd. Definitely seemed like more of a theme park than a club. CBJ rule was not being followed or even mentioned.

    Larissa. Redhead Romanian. Really cute pale skinned gal helping us round out finding girls with different hair. A good time.

    Janet. French Cameroonian. While laying in the kino with the wife Janet walks around and hops on my wife. Wife had been talking about grabbing one of the African girls all day and reciprocated the affection. Janet jumped up laughing when she didn't find a dick (It was dark, wife has short hair). She was down to play when offered and they ended up giving a nice show on the beds in the back. I wasn't involved until then end where I got called over to finish the wife off.

    Jenny. Brunette German. Shortly after Janet I was on the prowl to have a session while the wife watched, found Jenny. Minimal English, and a bit confused about the request. Should have pulled the plug there, but went back anyways. Overall uncomfortable session, she wasn't really into it. Ended up having the wife join in and helping.

    Vanessa. Blonde Lithuanian. Snagged Vanessa before we left, great decision. Fun girl for a finale threesome, tanned skin covered in that lovely blonde peach fuzz.

    Overall I see good and bad things about each place, can't even say which I would go to if I only had one visit. Probably Oceans at night if it were just a few hours, Goldentime if we had all day because the facilities are better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraHappy  [View Original Post]
    It's too bad that there's no FAQ that we can refer people to for these frequently asked questions. Oh wait, there is.

    Here it is: http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...p?2601-FKK-FAQ (although you could probably refer to several other threads as well as this topic has been endlessly and frequently discussed in these forums).
    Grumpy old man! Go tell at a cloud!!

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    Lalabo, if you go to a tourist club with mangement that tells you straight up what is their standard and extras are, you are pretty much guaranteed to run into a different standard of pricing. If you are looking for package deals involving big sums of cash, there's rooms for negotiations, but I bet the extras girls charge in general are pretty consistant(in the case of Bab and Atmos). If you read their threads on the service pricing, there shouldn't be surprises in their standards.

    Globe maybe high consistancy, but if you compare just numbers of pricing of what are included with extras tacked, not really better at Globe(ruling out optics of the girls though, how you see if pricing is worth it is based on your taste). Maybe more assuring of expectations in what is included for the higher pricing. I will say with Globe's standards there's the less liklihood of less than their standard though, but that comes at a higher cost. There's more of a leeway for girls(and chances of running into those types greater of course) not doing the extra services with their standards at Bab for example.

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    For a 13 yr old horny French teenager, probably true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirioja  [View Original Post]
    Go to run 15 kms in 1 hour, I already did when I was only 13 yo, then 15 mn in hot jacuzzi to relax muscles and you will be a sex terminator without pills..
    Well that's just not true. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PussyLiccker  [View Original Post]
    I visited during the weekend so can't provide regarding LU differences. I will say though visit Harmony earlier on and Bab gets going at night.

    Harmony was pretty dead when I visited late night even on a weekend.

    By 8pm at Bab should get the LU going, but do not know the transition of LU at Atmos.

    I assume Harmony would be the best option for service, and then Atmos, with Bab being most costly per offerings by girls for fuller services. Assuming least upsells at Harmony.

    Semi upsells at Atmos with Bab full.

    Bab has the most diversity of LU with Atmos more Ro, and Harmony would probably be mainly Ro.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sirioja  [View Original Post]
    Not only Romanians at Harmony Seevetal. Russians, Kazakh, Polish, German so pretty face Bambi.

    Superstar is Nicole. Ro.

    Entry 50 , can pay with credit card. 60/30 mn with girls, only cash.

    Beautiful quiet small club above little river.
    Thanks for your quick response PL & Sirioja.

    PL, You have hit lot of points I would have liked to know before visiting those clubs. It is good to know Harmony is a daytime club and Barb is night time. I can hit Barb at night if Harmony's lineup is disappointing.

    It is going to be interesting experience to negotiate prices for services that were part of standard session in many of the clubs in other parts of Germany and Swiss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirioja  [View Original Post]
    like when bicycle climbing Zoncolan with more than 25% climbing parts, Andliru or Mortirolo.
    I see it is good unless doing drugs like Pantani. You know I asked some otalians anout Zoncolan, and Pantani was the first thing they could think of. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I want my mojo free of drugs when I am in the zone.

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