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Thread: Other Areas

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    Puebla High Class Escort

    Isabella: I can't afford her. 3,000MN ($230US) one relation in one hour. 3,500 ($268) all pops possible in one hour and 10, 000MN ($767) for 24 hours. But, damn, if I win the Powerball, I am there. For you rich guys and for dreamers and windowshoppers, see her video, photos discussion at her blog spot, http://izziescort.********.mx/ See her attached photo.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Isabela.jpg‎  

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    Awesome time with wife at strip club in San Lucas Mexico Lifestyle friendly

    If you want to go with your wife or GF to a great strip bar in Mexico I suggest you go to San Lucas down town to Cabaret.

    Who would have thought our weekend of fishing and hanging out at the beach would have turned into a really hot experience with the hot wife no less.

    We were curious about the place as it has a sign out front "Husband Day Care". It was late in the evening but we had to go check it out.

    It is a real hidden secret. The place is sorta dark and has sports on the big TV's everywhere.

    They were very friendly and the drinks were reasonable for Mexico on the strip.

    Great for us guys but there was little more.

    I was checking out the strippers dancing as was my wife was apparently chatting with one of the strippers who came to sit with us.

    Before you knew it my wife had me by the hand to go upstairs for a private dance and more area.

    I got a 2 song lap dance and my wife got excited so we moved to one of the more private rooms for a little more.

    It was very hot to have my hot wife and a private hot dancer get naked and give me double at once.

    I got to have the ultimate experience with two women at once and it was not expensive like the states.

    This club is very Lifestyle friendly and they can give you any experience your looking for.

    I recommend checking it out with your open minded GF or Wife or a Couple.

    We will be going back with a couple in December and Cabaret is now on our list of things to do.

    Cabaret in San Lucas Mexico, Lifestyle friendly. October 2012

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    Update on Oaxaca

    At least 2 brothels have been raided (looking for guns and drugs, said news reports) , Foco Rojo and Foco Verde, owned by same family. Also raided were hotels on Prol. De Galeana, a major stroll under the same pretext with the addition of "trata de personas" ([CodeWord908]). The latter has been used across Mexico as an excuse for cops and lawyers to profit from prostitution.

    Mundoanuncio has stopped running ads from girls and agencies. Recently discoverd that the ads have moved to a new site, http:mxmileroticos/escorts/oaxaca.

    This morn I walked to the Zaragoza stroll where I hadn't seen any girls for months. To my surprise, I spotted a 6, and inquiring of the manager of one of the hoteles de paso, was told that more would be arriving.

    Golden Girls / La Casa Azul is still open- supposedly opens a 10:00, but advisable to wait till early afternoon. 211 Prol. De Alamos, Col. Antiguo Aeropuerto.

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    Puebla Sex Scene

    Plenty available in Puebla. Look at classified in "El Sol". The yellow pages lists several agencies under Masajes. Internet has girls advertising on several sites, a lot of them travellers who hit all the cities. Have fun!

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    Torreon or Puebla

    I will spending some time in both Torreon and Puebla in the near future. Does anyone have any info on either place? Escorts, Massages, Casas de Citas etc?


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    For first time in a while have been active in the pursuit of feminine delights. Since advertising no longer carried by major media, Mundoanuncio, Vivastreet and other internet sites are best sources of contact info. Found an operation billed as Eden Sensual, an escort svc. Asked for a slender woman- what I got was Pasion. Not slender, recently gave birth and showed it. Pretty face, and since I'd already sprung for the motel, I was kind of stuck with her. Very good svc, after first nut, tried like a champ to give me a second. $800 hr.

    And then I visited Carla who works Zaragoza. Had seen her a year ago and she remembered me (and I her). Not precisely pretty, but decent bod for a mother of three and good, if uninspired svc. $300 incl hotel.

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    San Luis Potosi

    I checked mundo anuncio and viva street. It seems there is alot available in San Luis Potosi. Happy hunting and please report back.

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    San Luis Potosi


    I have to go San Luis Potosi next week from 30. 1.12- 06. 2.12.

    I need same help to find escort or place with girls in this city.

    Thanks for help

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    Eastern Lakeside area.

    Was told there were 4-5 clubs in La Barca.

    Went. Closed Sunday.


    Then went to Coyotes in Ocotlan.

    6 girls.

    1 looked just OK. Maybe a 6. 5.

    2 who seemed to be in civilian gear looked not so bad from far. They were sitting with a Jefe.

    3 others were not great looking.

    Was told there are 12 to 15 girls on Fri / Sat

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    Anyone have Chapala intel?

    Headed there soon.

    Anyone want to link up to explore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huevonn  [View Original Post]
    Any updated on good (ok good is a relative term for Oaxaca) or not too terrible casas in the city? Preferably day time. I imagine the usual suspects, Foco Rojo, Verde, etc are still going.
    Its been a long time but someone recently told me about a SW scene in the downtown area. I missed it when I was there. Sorry I don't have more info for you. Ask around though.

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    Next stop Oaxaca

    Any updated on good (ok good is a relative term for Oaxaca) or not too terrible casas in the city? Preferably day time. I imagine the usual suspects, Foco Rojo, Verde, etc are still going.

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    RE: Lake Chappala area

    Quote Originally Posted by JHS 42  [View Original Post]
    Anybody know of any options on the north side of Lake Chapala-Jocotepec, Ajijic, Chapala, etc? I pass through here fairly often with work, but rarely have spent much time. A long while ago there was a little bit of a scary "wild west" kind of vibe in places, but things seem to have calmed down and all the ex-pats who live or vacation there would seem to have money to spend on such "luxuries" were there locals interested in providing.
    I am pretty sure there are options out there. I was there once several years ago. I was in a relationship then, and was not interested in mongering. Visited the Chappala area with a group of friends for a couple of days. There was a pretty good expat crowd, I thought. My only suggestion is keep looking.

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    Lumifashion, Oaxaca

    For first time in a long time, went to a place that has been advertising in Mundoanuncio (internet is only place that brothels, escort agencies, etc. Can offer their wares in Oax.). I calls itself Lumifashion and is located in Sta. Maria Atzompa, a small town outside Oaxaca de Juarez. Found the place w / o much difficulty, but was immediately disappointed by the quality on offer, one lady might qualify as a 5, the other perhaps a 3. Had enquired by phone previously, and when the woman in charge asked for an additional 30 pesos (350 1/2 hr. 700 hr) , I turned on my heel and marched. Not too far from my home, but the quality per price doesn't meet my requirements.

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    Okay, maybe I'll expand the question.

    If you were in Chapala, where would you go looking for action? Is it going to require a drive back to Guadalajara, or is there something closer?

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