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    Do they do BBBJ in all saunas?

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    Boss sauna (not big boss / mona lisa) daytime trip

    Boss sauna only has vietnamese girls from what the lady manager told me. I visited during the daytime. Was show 10 "girls". I walked out tasting puke at the back of my throat. I have never seen a line-up so aweful in my life. I have seen prettier girls working in 20 yuan shacks in jinjiang 6 years ago. For the first time ever, I am rating the girls 1-2 out of 10 stars. The lowest ever. In my mongering years. Oh, the best part. The price was over 1200 hkd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesusMontero  [View Original Post]
    The lowdown on a weekend trip to Big Boss Sauna.

    Great show. The raunchiest (and best show) in Macau, imo. No 10sec head like at East, but much better and the chicks generally look happy doing it.
    The show I received was tame. The grand finale was a slight HK which when I finally got a seat on Saturday night she didn't even touch it. I reminded her where it was in Chinese. She just smiled and didn't listen. The girls are in general 6-8's. Comparable to the girls you can find in shenzhen's Xinxun cun. But at macao prices. Most of the girls were from guangdong which I am really not in to, and the only dongbei girl looked like she was not han but from one of the many ethnic minorities that China has.

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    First time in Macau. A nice afternoon at East Sauna.

    So I come to Macau, walk around the Old Town by the castle, fantastic, like Portugal / Brazil in Asia. Then onto the casinos, lots of gamblers around. Then suddenly when I walk outside the casino in the basement of Hotel Lisboa: beautiful women surrounds me, like they are racing. Yes, it is the famous racetrack. A lot of fun to walk around there and just look at them. (Before I arrived I thought this happened at the greyhound dog racing track.).

    The next afternoon at 3 pm I go to check out the saunas East and 18. First I go to East. Into the lobby of Hotel Waldo I find the elevator and push the right button. Inside the reception I sit down in a couch and they explain the system to me and tell me the prices. "Yes, before 6 pm it's just 1500 for a girl, but just 40 minutes sex, sir. " I ask to see the girls. At this early hour it's just five different ones available, four regular and one "model" (not prettier, just taller). All Chinese. I cannot decide so I tell them I will come back later. Also I am thinking the price is to steep for such a short time, so I hit the street.

    Five minutes walk to Spa 18 in the Golden Dragon Hotel. Up the elevator and in I go. But the prices are even higher here, 2200 for an hour with a Chinese girl. So I head back to East Spa. I decide I will give it a try, it turns out to be the right decicion. "So you have decided, sir?" the receptionist asks. "Yes, I want number 5. " She comes in, and off we go to shower where she gives me wash. A nice girl she is, pretty face, body and boobs. Talks English too. But this experience is a bit strange, because it is like a public bath, around me I can se other guys get washed by their individual girl! All other guests are Chinese.

    Then we head up to the room, and soon the action starts. Some kissing. BBBJ, water-BBBJ, ice-BBBJ, hot BBBJ. Fantastic! Then she rides me, she's really hot, so I don't last long. (She has this real long-haired pussy, BTW.) A real nice experience with a fun and good humoured girl. Down to the spa again to chill out in a comfy chair, food and drinks included. Then it's time to leave, three girls help me get my clothes from the locker, one Indonesian and two Filipinas. They ask me to meet them in the evening. Pretty girls, but I leave the city before that so I have to decline their offer.

    Then I am finished and hit the street clean and happy!

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    Rio Late Monday night

    Arrived on ferry from HKIA and showered. Gambled with a colleague a bit so didn't hit the Rio until midnight. Some food, thigh massage, etc. What you need to know is that #853 or #835 - my apologies I cannot recall but bros will see her, is a keeper. I would guess 23, very nice C cups and beautiful hair and smile. Willing to work with you on what you like. Put one of those vibrating cock rings on me, which was a first in my experience, and I grabbed and massaged the goods and she let me COF. Strong effort.

    Good luck gents,


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    Familia Nobre

    Last Sunday at 9 pm I arrived at FN, nice entrance with big and clean locker, pool and showerarea. Several asian customers were spread in the lounge, but still enough vacant seats available. As the only western guy, I got a lot of attention from the girls. While getting a footmassage and some food and drink, I could watch the parade of the fullservice-girls several times.

    Finally someone next to me and I made our choice at the same time. About 15 models and one ebony dressed in black, and 15 regular girls dressed in pink arranged themselfs in a halfcircle around us. It felt like a candystore of my own! The girls next to me whispered I should take the one in their middle. She smiled and seemed to like me, always a good sign. Maybe I was her first western customer, I could not ask her as she spoke no english; but I found out she was from Vietnam.

    Her service in the room was enthusiastic: table shower with bodymassage and blowjob in between. The fun-part on the bed was not quite a GFE, but very enjoyable.

    Be careful about the extras which the girls try to sell in the lounge, it can get expensive fast!

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    Darling 1

    I had a similar experience as Tubbyone last Sunday about 6 pm, 15 girls available. Mamasan explained the colourcode: red for Thai, green for Chinese, blue for Viet, stars for models. On Mamasans advise I also chose a Thai-girl for best chances of speeking english. Nice rooms, big and clean with mirrors on the ceiling. For the GFE fun-part read Tubbyone.

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    Darling 1 No 38 Pop

    Thank you to all previous posters.

    I had a couple of free hours when visiting Macau last week (23/7-28/7) so after RTFF I decided to go to Darling 1 in The Master's Hotel building. For the record when you get there and look at building from the road the entrance to Darling 1 is on the left, down the driveway. I got there at 4. 00 pm and there was someone there to direct me to the lift at the far end of a passageway.

    On entry at the 3rd floor was greeted by a hostess who explained rate (1598 HKD or MOP) (about $US200), time (75 minutes) and girls normal on the left and "models" on the right.

    There were 30 or so girls ranging across nationalities and all shapes and sizes and 3 "models". The models looked OK but too much make-up and eyeliner for me so I didn't get a price. The hostess was helpful and asked a couple of girls to stand for a better look. In the main the girls were smiling and inviting. I chose Number 38 as she seemed quite cute and had the body style I like.

    Off to the room. Directed to disrobe and lie on the bed for a massage Her name was "Pop".

    And she proceeded to start filling the spa and then took her clothes off. In what seems standard for Thai girls she was "shy" when I said I wanted to look at her. This always surprises me seeing what is going to follow! She was very slim, say 33 B-24-34, about 1. 5 m, light tan with a closely trimmed pussy. She said later she was 23.

    She started an oil massage, was actually quite competent and after a while commenced a bodyrub with tackle tickle. In the face down position I was able to rub her legs and around her bum lightly touching her pussy which she was quite willing to move to assist me. Turn-over time and I half turned over to look at her and caress her breast and legs. Her nipples were not large but did respond well to touch, hardening up. She was kneeling and sitting on her feet such that access to her pussy was very easy. I was able to start some gentle clit stimulation to which she responded and became very wet. She then went on all fours while I caressed her, I was able slip a finger in and was rewarded with squirming and internal contractions as well as a dreamy look. She did like to watch herself in the mirror.

    All the while she was giving lots of hand stimulation to little tubby.

    Time for the spa, which was all suds and no water the plug had fallen out. So we washed each other well, dried off and headed back to the bed. Nice BBBJ licking, DT as well as sucking my balls. Again, she "attacked" from the side allowing me to keep touching and stimulating her clit. She was wet, wet, wet. My turn for DATY. This really turned her on and a little digital penetration assisted. I needed to fuck her, she was ready. No lube required. I rubbed little tubby along her slit and between her legs which she closed tightly. I forced them open (gently, playfully), on with dom and enjoyed a slow and fast fuck in Missionary. She said "I'm coming and panted" and feeling her tightening around me I did also!

    We lay for quite a while and she just held on.

    The spa was again ready and we played in there and talked. No seconds for me, I was spent but that time in the spa was good.

    Pop was an absolute gem, a great girl to be with very responsive and made me feel pretty good. She even asked if I would come back the next day!

    Obviously YMMV but I hope she gives this service to most.

    Totally recommended.

    Posted on ISG and Syd99.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunMan13  [View Original Post]
    I will arrive in Macau around 9 PM in the evening in the last week of June. Then I have to go to HK late the next morning. From reading this thread, it looks like a better deal to spend the night in a sauna than paying for a hotel.

    I am looking for a sauna that has a private room or at least not bunk beds, also with locker facilities for my suitcase, and of course great girls. Can someone advice me on which sauna I should go to?

    Is there a possibility that one of the girls will LT with me in the room until morning?

    Thank you in advance.
    In Familia Noble they gave me a private room. I only had a small bag so I was able to use the locker in the change room. Not sure were they put bigger luggage.

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    Its still the best deal around for 80-90 minutes 2 pops and 710 MOP on site.

    PC out.

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    Weekend in Macau

    Spent two days in Macau and used the map of Gherkin. Thanks a lot!

    First evening I went to Darling 1, I know it is not a Sauna. The amount of beautiful girls was amazing.

    Also I liked the friendliness of the staff. You sit down, get a drink offered and look at 30-40 beautiful ladies.

    I chose a girls, paid, etc. After the session I sat down again in the hall with the ladies and had a drink, nobody tried to "kick" me out.

    Second evenig I thought I have to visit Rio Spa.

    Maybe I am spoilded by saunas in Switzerland and Germany and one should not compare.

    The line up was not so impressive as you would expect for the spa Nr. 1 in Macau.

    I think Rio Spa is overrated. I read this comment before on the board, just wanted to confirm.

    Spas are fine with me and a great way to relax but the prices of Rio are too high.

    I left the place without any action (had to pay my entry free. Oh well.).

    After a few drinks in a bar I stopped by at Darling 1 again and love it.

    Lots of beautiful ladies, smiling, no hazzle, perfect, I can highly recommend this place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EscortFan  [View Original Post]
    I visted the Victory Sauna in L'Arc Casino (across Wynn Encore).

    It was a last minute choice as the Sanado was closed. (are the renovating it, or is it permanent?
    Heard the place got rented out to a HK tea cafe.

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    Need Advice

    I will arrive in Macau around 9 PM in the evening in the last week of June. Then I have to go to HK late the next morning. From reading this thread, it looks like a better deal to spend the night in a sauna than paying for a hotel.

    I am looking for a sauna that has a private room or at least not bunk beds, also with locker facilities for my suitcase, and of course great girls. Can someone advice me on which sauna I should go to?

    Is there a possibility that one of the girls will LT with me in the room until morning?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Victory Sauna at L'Arc

    I visted the Victory Sauna in L'Arc Casino (across Wynn Encore).

    It was a last minute choice as the Sanado was closed. (are the renovating it, or is it permanent?

    The sauna entry is discreet on the side on the building.

    This sauna is rather expensive. It's on par with Rio, if not more expensive.

    This sauna is very small. The pool / sauna, is rather tiny.

    The main room where you sleep eat is build for 40 customers max.

    It runs like any Macau sauna, you arrive put your things in a locker and wrap a towel around your waist.

    One of the positive things at this place is that 70% of the employees are from the Philippines so for us western men, this means English is not a problem at this place!

    I asked for Japanese shower / baby shower, that's my favorite service in Macau spa. Nobody have a clue about I was talking about. I was shocked.

    I showered myself. So sad.

    I proceeded to the main room, got the usual service, pedicure, manicure etc.

    Then I asked the guy in charge to get me a line up (it was Friday, it was 6 PM). The line up consisted of 5 girls! .

    WTF! Only 5 girls on the most busy evening of the week!

    (when I left at 8-9 PM there was maybe 10-15 girls available).

    Anyway I picked one a Chinese model the cost was around 2 K HKD.

    The service in the room was the worst I ever received in Macau.

    First in the shower part of the room there is no space / no chair to do the usual body body routine that exists in pretty much every Macau spa.

    So the session is a very boring suck and fuck. Clearly for 2 K HKD you don't get the Macau experience.

    Shower, "go the bed mister" , below average oral (I think I had to insist to get BBBJ which is normally standard in Macau), then she spread her legs and don't move during the deed.

    Pretty pathetic if it was a 50 service in Amsterdam, so imagine my feeling when I went back to the main room!

    On the bright side, there was almost no customer, so it proves that aside from me, Macau punters have some common sense. This makes this sauna the perfect spot for those who don't want to get a service. A boutique sauna, with no clients, is the perfect place to sleep and eat for those who don't want to get an hotel room on a Friday or Saturday night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NattyBumpo  [View Original Post]
    Nice review. I believe you are writing about Darling 1 at their new location: the Masters Hotel.
    Natty. Tried to PM you but your inbox is full. More FR's from me will be on the way, but I need lots of help on planning.

    I sent you a PM a couple of weeks ago with where I'll be in a few weeks.

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