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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynolas  [View Original Post]
    Thanks, I was wondering how most people pay for most of these soapy massage places, sauna, brothels, etc. How do people pay and keep their privacy? Besides the obvious pay cash, do people use prepaid cards or is it fine to use credit cards? Since I like to keep private and not have them know my real name, etc. But at same time if I don't have cash on me want to use card.
    Nobody will care about your real name, why should they? Tens and tens of people show up each day in any of this places. Do you think they keep records of names? What for? Discretion is part of their job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynolas  [View Original Post]
    Thanks, I was wondering how most people pay for most of these soapy massage places, sauna, brothels, etc. How do people pay and keep their privacy? Besides the obvious pay cash, do people use prepaid cards or is it fine to use credit cards? Since I like to keep private and not have them know my real name, etc. But at same time if I don't have cash on me want to use card.
    I can't speak for others, but I always pay cash in HKD. Plenty of ATMs in Macau so no problem taking cash in HKD or MOP (Patacas). Credit cards would be accepted, pre-paid cards does not seem likely, but then again I have never tried to use a pre-paid card nor asked about one.

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    Thanks, I was wondering how most people pay for most of these soapy massage places, sauna, brothels, etc. How do people pay and keep their privacy? Besides the obvious pay cash, do people use prepaid cards or is it fine to use credit cards? Since I like to keep private and not have them know my real name, etc. But at same time if I don't have cash on me want to use card.

    Quote Originally Posted by Koalie2001  [View Original Post]
    Generally, tipping is not needed. It is only in exceptional circumstances where someone is doing something they should not that they would ask for a tip. I think one can visit a sauna and safely assume no tipping is needed, and no one will be offended.

    The one exception is for the change room attendants, 10 to 20 HKD will be greatly appreciated by them, provided of course they are doing their job.

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    One off

    Quote Originally Posted by Melor  [View Original Post]
    HKD 3800? Wow. Last April I used to have sex with j-girls in Yoshiwara soaplands in Tokyo for JPY 35,000-38,000 for 80 minutes. Exchange rate at that time was approximately 101:1. Japanese pussy in Macau is so much more expensive than at home fields.
    Clearly a one-off as it makes zero sense to pay 3800 HKD other than as an experiment to see what the Japanese labeled girls have to offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynolas  [View Original Post]
    How much typically tip?

    And how does the tipping work?

    Is it paid all at the end when about to settle the bill or pay the tip before any action happens?
    Generally, tipping is not needed. It is only in exceptional circumstances where someone is doing something they should not that they would ask for a tip. I think one can visit a sauna and safely assume no tipping is needed, and no one will be offended.

    The one exception is for the change room attendants, 10 to 20 HKD will be greatly appreciated by them, provided of course they are doing their job.

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    How much typically tip?

    And how does the tipping work?

    Is it paid all at the end when about to settle the bill or pay the tip before any action happens?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koalie2001  [View Original Post]
    I could not take my eyes off of one of the semi-faux Japanese girls, and thought this might be a nice way to add some variety to the spa experience.

    I told the manager I was selecting her (331, if I recall correctly). He reminded me she was not pure Japanese, and then reminded me that she would cost HKD3800. OK and ok, let's give it a try.
    HKD 3800? Wow. Last April I used to have sex with j-girls in Yoshiwara soaplands in Tokyo for JPY 35,000-38,000 for 80 minutes. Exchange rate at that time was approximately 101:1. Japanese pussy in Macau is so much more expensive than at home fields.

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    Day 2 - Darling 1 and Rio (part 2)

    After the massages, I went to view the ladies.

    My choice was going to be the Chinese girl who was smiling and encouraging me in the previous round of viewing, but she was selected just as I arrived to view the girls.

    I now had to make another choice. I could not take my eyes off of one of the semi-faux Japanese girls, and thought this might be a nice way to add some variety to the spa experience.

    I told the manager I was selecting her (331, if I recall correctly). He reminded me she was not pure Japanese, and then reminded me that she would cost HKD3800. OK and ok, let's give it a try.

    We went to the room. The manager advised her I spoke Japanese and she should do so as well. She listened closely to him.

    From the moment we entered the room, until we left it, she was a perfect Japanese girls. The words and mannerisms were entirely Japanese. Sweet, deferential and obliging to the man's wishes, while speaking softly and courteously, she even called me onii-chan, which technically means older brother but is a name often given to a partner in sex). She did not have a stellar body, but she was easily the whitest girl I had seen since living on the cold Canadian prairie in the middle of winter.

    The rooms had a section for the bed, and a section for the wash area, similar to FN, although the washing bed was better quality in Rio. My Japanese lady (can't remember first name, but she said last name was Miyagi, which can be a boner killer for those who remember Daniel-San and Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies) rinsed me, gave me a cat bath, rolled me over and did the same, punctuated by a short bit of fellatio. We were back on the bed. I looked at the clock and we were not even 15 minutes into the session. Usually the skilled sauna girls will chew up much of the first half hour in preliminaries, to limit the time you can spend actually having sex. Not so in this case.

    Back on the bed, and I began to recognize that her body was much better than what I had thought. Small but decent sized soft breasts, nice thin waist, and a decent ass on a pair of shapely legs. She continued with oral action, also using fire and ice, but the ice was too cold for my liking. She had no problem spending a decent amount of effort and time on oral.

    Soon we shifted to the main event. She was loud from the moment I put it in, until I stopped. Two condoms, multiple positions, lube when she began to dry, and she did not ever ask me to stop, or say I am tired, only a couple of words of (itai. Pain) escaped her when I was doing her from behind too vigorously. Extremely enjoyable ride, and easy to bounce around the bed with a smaller girl (22 years old she said).

    We finished and still had some time one the clock. I tried to get her to resume oral, but without any success given the amount of lube and other sources of wetness on me. I guess we could have washed and come back to the bed, but a nice slow handjob would be good. I asked her, tekoki? She looked at me puzzled, and said hand, and I said ok. She stroked me well, and soon her hand tired, so I positioned her underneath me and asked her 'kao ni kakete mo ii desu ka', which means can I cum on your face. She only understood half the sentence and asked me to explain. When I did, she said no, only on breasts. Damn. , was hoping for that, but did not expect it to happen. Only had that once or twice in FN. She stroked, and I got her to look at me directly while trying to be sexy, which worked and we were done.

    Post-action, I tried some Mandarin on her (she was raised in Beijing) but she would not break character and speak any Chinese. Eventually we were done, and she asked if I enjoyed it. I said yes and thank you. She said good. She said you choose me so I must do everything to make you happy (well not quite everything.). In any case, I thought that was a great thing to say, and more or less summed up the experience.

    I returned to the lounge area, replenished on some snacks (food is better than FN, slightly). Looked at the clock (3 am) and thought time to go especially if I was to get to work the next day.

    Had a shower, and saw the nice pools and thought a short dip would be in order. Sat in the hottest pool for 5 minutes, and was getting ready to leave, when one of the wash girls came up to me and asked if I wanted a scrub in the partially enclosed pool side rooms. Can't deny a lady what she asks, so I said sure. She was VN, but there are also Indonesian wash girls as well. There seemed to be about 5 on duty.

    We went to the room and she began washing me and started to bug me about my very limp penis. Dead I said. She replied too bad. She washed me for another ten minutes or so, and then paid much attention to my limpness, determined to solve that particular problem. Sure enough she did. Some stroking and life is good again. She continued and asked if I wanted to cum. I doubt I could, but said let's try. She said 500. I wasn't sure what she meant, but at that time an Indonesian girl came into the cubicle and stashed some cash in a crevice under the wall. Ahhh, cash tip. I said 300, she didn't like this amount but agreed. She earned the 300 in the 15 minutes she spent trying to coax my to another finish, but no success. Eventually I told her it is fine, no need to try. Being a trouper, she wanted to complete her mission, but accepted my body's limitations.

    I had to return to my locker to retrieve the money. The locker attendant clearly new what I was doing, as no one needs cash inside the spa. I tipped him 20, took the 300, slid it to the wash girl and this time made sure to promptly wash, change and exit the building.

    It was past 4 am, and another four hours had vanished in a spa. What also vanished was 5000 HKD from my pocket, 4700 HKD for the spa and 300 for the girl. Not cheap, but then again, not a typical experience. Is it worth it? Maybe not for all, but I do know that my first stop in Macau in the new year when I am working in HK, while be Rio.

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    Day 2 - Darling 1 and Rio (part 1)

    I wake up at about 9. Not happening. Sleep until 12:30, and finally gain the energy to get out of bed.

    Some breakfast, then a text to the Indonesian massage girl from East Spa to let her know our 5 pm can't happen. She suggests 3 pm, I suggest No, and that's the last I have heard from her.

    Rest, work and gym and it is the evening.

    Time to take a stroll to Darling 1. I noticed the new Darling 1 location, on the taxi ride from the airport to Sofitel. Facing Sofitel, with your back to the street, Darling 1 is to your left, about 2 to 3 blocks. It is only a 2 to 3 minute walk.

    It is situated in a hotel (Masters Hotel? Probably the wrong name). You can go through the front entrance of the hotel, or enter by the side door which is the designated Darling 1 entrance. The elevator to take you to the 3rd (floor is on the far side of the building from the Darling entrance.

    You exit the elevator on the 3rd floor and walk right into the fish bowl area. It is not really a fish bowl, but similar to one.

    On your left when you walk in is the counter for payment, to your right are three round red couches where you can sit and view the girls. The girls are sitting in an open area about 5 m in front of you. I saw about 20 girls when I walked in. I was a bit disappointed in the numbers and asked why there were so few girls. The hostess explained that most were in the room. I thought this was just a stock answer and called her on it, and she pointed to a board by the cashier counter, which showed a bunch of red numbers indicating rooms in use.

    When I walked in there was one other person looking at girls. In the 15 minutes it took me to make my choice, another 5 people walked in, three of whom were Japanese. There was no high pressure to make a choice, only some advice on which girls were from where. There were three stellar Thai girls on the left, a dozen Chinese girls (no models) sitting in the front and the rest were Vietnamese. One tall big breasted Thai girl caught my eye, as did a similar large chested Vietnamese girl. I asked the hostess to ask the girls to come together to stand in front of me so that I could make a more informed choice. The girls did so reluctantly. I selected the Vietnamese girl, and my apology to the Thai girl.

    I paid 1700 HKD for the Vietnamese girl (name she gave was Anne) and we went to the room. The rooms are excellent. Obviously new, with a large round bed, mirrors in all the right places and a large washing area, with a tub for play, same as what they had in the old location. It feels refreshing to be in a place with new and top notch facilities.

    We changed into nothing, and while waiting for the bath tub to fill, Anne gave me some nice tit play on my slowly hardening member. Anne was a bit old, perhaps in her 30's, but with a great natural pair of breasts, a decently trim mid-section, albeit with a somewhat widening butt and legs. She had a constant smile on her face. She mentioned that she had been working here for two years, and she typically worked 13 hours in a day. We converged on Mandarin for communication (most VN girls in Macau speak Mandarin reasonably well), as she did not speak English any better than I spoke Vietnamese.

    Once the tub was filled, we went into the tub where she made a token wash and returned to the tit play. The girls in Darling seem to specialize in this, which emphasizes the importance of selecting a girl with a good, natural endowment. We shifted positions in the tub and she commenced a decent blowjob, after rinsing all soap from me. We continued like this for another few minutes, and shifted to the bed. Tit play and blow job continued until she pulled out a condom. I asked her to delay the condom (as we had 75 minutes in total to fill) and she did so with no visible signs of displeasure. Soon, however, it was time for the condom and we started with the standard set of positions.

    She had no problems with the sex, even when I took her off the bed and did her from behind, while holding her arms, as one of several non standard positions. Often the girls in these shops like to stick to the standard three: missionary, dog style or cowgirl. We continued, changed condoms and continued some more. Time was getting tight so I asked her to finish me, hoping for a blow to finish, but she was not into that, so we went handjob and then tit job and it was done.

    Overall, a solid performance on her part. Not really PSE, slightly GFE as there was some light kissing, but still a sauna / soapy type experience.

    I returned to my hotel, had something to eat, rested and then walked to Rio. It was not getting late, and I did not arrive in Rio until shortly before midnight. I had thought I had been to Rio before, but I did not recognize the inside of the place at all. I guess it was 18, where I had been before.

    When I entered, the line-up was taking place already. As the change room is close to the staging area, I poked my head in while still fully clothed. One of the managers did not like this and he encouraged me to change first as the girls would still be there after I had changed. I came out in a towel and viewed the 30-40 girls on display for choosing. The majority of girls were the standard Chinese category. He mentioned that one girl was from one of the Stans, but I could not recall which one. There was a Chinese model or two, a couple of Vietnamese girls and four Japanese girls. I was speaking with the manager while viewing with the girls and he was giving me a frank rundown on the girls. I asked him about the Japanese girls, and said they are not really Japanese are they? He said yes and no. They are mixed but have a Japanese passport in some cases, but were mostly raised in China. Indigenous Japanese are just too difficult to get to come to Macau, he said, especially given their aversion to frequent sex with non-Japanese. This story seemed reasonable especially considering the closed nature of the Japanese sex industry.

    Although a couple of Chinese girls were smiling strongly at me, I selected no one.

    I went to shower and changed to the robe and entered the lounge. Wow, the lounge area is much nicer than any I had previously visited. The TVs are close to you, the chairs are not too close to one another, and furnishings and floor and wall coverings look new.

    I sat down in a lounge chair and was soon approached by a cute young lady, maybe in her mid 20's. She asked if I wanted a leg massage. As I had to wait about an hour until the next show, I said sure. I heard her talk to one of her friends, yep Vietnamese, so I threw a couple of Vietnamese words at her. She was delighted that I knew a little bit of VN, and told her friends. Being a slow Sunday night, soon I had several VN lounge girls hanging around my chair.

    The leg massage girl removed my shorts, covered me with a towel and began the leg massage. It was more alternate rubbing of the leg then light handjob, then any kind of massage. Soon another VN girl came to the chair and asked if I wanted a arm / shoulder massage. Only sensible answer is Yes.

    The other ladies were still hovering around my chair, which made for a unique experience, having my junk rubbed by one, my shoulders massaged by another, while chatting and staring at another 3 girls. This lasted until the boss came and scattered the crowd encouraging them to find work elsewhere in the lounge.

    The time soon finished for the massage and the leg massage lady begin a more vigorous pumping while asking me if I wanted round 2 for the leg massage. She knows her stuff, I thought to myself, giving me maximum reason to say yes, which I did. The lady at the top shifted to a head massage. Another 20 minutes of this, then I saw the girls walking to the pool area for the next viewing and selection of the ladies. I said thank you to the two massage girls and went to make my choice.

    (continued next report).

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    With apologies to the poster who first posted this map, I find this google map particularly useful for getting a general idea of where the various places of interest are situated in Macau.

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    Day 1 - FN and D3

    Continuing after the massage, I return to the main lounge area.

    Almost immediately after sitting down, I was approached by one of the leg / foot massage VN ladies. She remembered me from my previous visit, a few weeks ago. I had spoken a few words of Vietnamese and she now assumed that I was perfectly fluent and hit me with full flow Vietnamese, of which I understood less than nothing.

    From here, she proceeded to give him a very pleasant leg massage. While massaging my legs, one of the managers came up to me and said this leg massage was on the house. Why, I don't know, but maybe it was because the lady doing the massage remembered me from which he must have inferred that I had been here a few times. The leg massage continued and we moved to banter in easy VN, English and some mandarin, which was a nice accompaniment to the leg massage. After one course of leg massage she asked if I would like another leg massage, and I said sure, why not. But only one more as I wanted to select another girl after this. She noted I had gone once and was surprised to hear I wanted to take a girl again.

    As she did the leg massage (it was now past 1 am) I noticed the lineup of both regular and model types become thinner and thinner, as this must be the busiest time (it was also a Saturday night). With no appealing girls (to me at least) left in the line-up I switch my attention to the thigh massage girls and noticed one with the breasts spilling out of her top. When the leg massage finished, I asked her if she could do a thigh massage for me. The answer was Yes, as one might expect.

    We went to the thigh massage room, and she began pleasantly enough. Light massaging of the thighs with some playful activities in the areas of central interest. After about 15 minutes, she asked me, do I like her. There is only one answer, yes, I said. Next was, do I want her, she said she can come to my hotel tonight. This seems to be a common action by the thigh massagers, try to upsell to full service at the hotel. I declined, then she asked if I want a handjob. I said sure and she said you must pay 5 times. What is five times, I asked. Five times she said. Five times what? Five times, she answered with some aggravation. This continued for awhile until it became clear that she wanted to book me for five thigh massages. I said no. She asked, how many. I said three, as we had passed 30 minutes in the room already. She agreed, and shifted from titillate and play mode, into direct pump action. Not exactly what I expected, but she wanted to get the job done, once negotiated. It was still pleasant, but now I wanted to see just how much time the 3 x could buy me. I kept her at it for about 15-20 more minutes, until she started to become visibly exasperated. We focused to the finish, and we were finally done at the correct time for the price she requested.

    Happy at finishing, she walked me back to the lounge where I had some fruits (always fresh at FN) and other small snacks.

    I wanted to go to D3 so I soon removed myself from the lounge and went to have a short soak in the hot pool to help rid myself of the oil spread all over the middle part of my body. While soaking in the hot tub, the body scrub girl that I knew came by and asked if I wanted a body scrub. I said sure, since she had a big beautiful, silicon set.

    Off to the body scrub room. The body scrub is not that sexual generally, it is more about just getting nice and clean again after all the activities in the lounge and other rooms. The body scrub girl does spend some time giving you a tit slide and this time she always went to stroke me for a bit, but could readily see there was little to no life in that part of my body. Scrub finished, it was time to shower and go.

    Total bill was surprisingly only about HKD 2600 or 2700. This time I looked closely as I wanted to make sure there was no mistake, because I had expected more. For some reason the 2288 girl was priced at 1900, the two leg massages were free, and I paid normal price for the 3 xthigh and body scrub. No idea why they had decided to cut the price, I never asked for such, but I guess this is part of their way to support repeat and return business.

    I walked outside, and it was now past 3 am, perfect for going to D3. First, I went to the AIA Tower to check out a new pole dance club, whose name starts with an S, but I can't recall the full name. Nothing happening inside, few if any customers and some European pole dancers standing around. I took a taxi to D3, which is in the Fisherman's Wharf opposite to the main ferry terminal. You must walk inside for one minute and turn right and follow your ears to D3.

    I paid the 100 HKD entry. The place was full. Half the crowd were young (18-22) Macau people, there was a smattering of filipina, about 8 dances of modest to good levels of attractiveness and a smattering of people of all other sorts. The music was loud dance music as would be expected, with the music not as loud and the lights coming on when the dancer's dance. Given my activities to now for the night, there was not much to pull me to try to pull someone, as essentially it was a whole lot of average that might be available given the right set of circumstances. I stayed for about 45 minutes, spoke to a couple of filipina, gave them my free drink coupon and caught a taxi back to Sofitel.

    It was now between 4 and 5 am. Attendance at tomorrow's conference was looking unlikely, especially as doing such might drain energy from the pursuit of tomorrow night's action in Darling 1 and Rio.

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    Night 1 of 2 - East and 1/2 of FN

    I was in Macau in early December for three days and two nights for a conference.

    I decided to stay at the Sofitel Hotel as I wanted to be distant from the conference and I wanted to try to stay in a new area in Macau. The Sofitel Hotel is excellent. The location is a distant (20 minute) from sauna central, although it is only a two minute walk from the relocated Darling 1 (more on that later). The rooms have been renovated recently, and the gym is similarly filled with new equipment (cardio, free weights (minimal), cable machines and a good core center), a clean changing area, that also includes a sauna and a steam room. The price was HKD 1300/ night, but booked well in advance of the trip.

    The first time I visited Macau was about 7 or 8 years earlier, during a side trip when working in HK. I did not enjoy my sauna experience on my first trip to Macau. The reason for this is that I did not understand what the saunas are about in Macau. I was expecting an experience similar to what one might have in Bangkok when visiting a massage or soapy. It was only after reflecting on the sauna experience in Macau and subsequently making a few more visits, was I able to work out a plan and expectations that permitted me to enjoy the experience for what it is, and not what I thought it should be similar to.

    Critical to enjoying the sauna experience is to appreciate the amenities that surround the core reason to go to a sauna. This means enjoying the baths, steam rooms, food and other forms of personal service provided in the sauna, instead of trying to get in and out of the sauna paying as little as possible for a session with the girl of choice. The consequence is that the experience will last for several enjoyable hours filled with various kinds of attention, pampering and pleasure.

    My intention on this trip was to visit all of the big four touted on this forum (East Spa, Familia Nobre, Darling 1 and Rio). My first stop on this trip was East Spa.

    I arrived in Macau at about 4:30 pm and after a slow tortuous drive from the airport to Sofitel, I cleaned up and was ready to walk to East Spa. 20 minutes of walking and I found the Waldo hotel and made my way up to East Spa. It was 8 pm when I arrived and the show was getting ready to start. Unfortunately, the 32 or so seats that are found in the main lounge area were completely full. The manager suggested I stand and watch the show, but I wanted none of this. Instead I retreated to the dining area. While sitting in the dining area, I was a familiar face: Thigh Massage Girl number 667. In 2 of my last 3 visits to East Spa this same thigh massage girl had taken me to a private room for a massage. She is a round and pleasantly endowed Indonesian girl. We had exchanged numbers on my previous visits but nothing had come of it because I was only in Macau for a few hours, as a diversion from some work in Macau.

    I said Hello, she said thigh massage and I said sure. We went to the room, and spent the next 40 minutes engaged in a thigh massage. During the massage she kept asking me, do you want to invite me or should I invite you. I had an inkling what she was suggesting, but I did not follow up. Finally, she laid it out in the open and said she could come to my hotel. She was finished at 11 pm that night, but I declined suggesting the next day. She worked late the next night and offered an afternoon visit, to which I said Yes.

    We completed the massage and I returned to the lounge area. 667 joined me there and gave me an arm massage. It was now about 9:20 and I was waiting for the next show to begin. I though they might stage the show at 1 hour or 90 minute intervals to keep the girls working at a reasonable pace, but I had to wait until 10 pm for the next show. The show started, and it had four acts. First was a girl sitting on your lap where you could fondle her breasts. Second was similar to this, but the girls leaned forward so you could see their pussies for the girls opposite to you. Third I don't recall and fourth was a quick and all too unpleasurable handjob. After this, the girls paraded, but nothing appealed to me. The girls were reasonably young, ranging in the 5-8 scale (only a couple at the top and they were selected quickly). Nothing bad, but for a sauna experience, one would want more, especially more shape. The girls here were almost all Chinese and absent curves in the right places.

    Knowing that it would cost more, I decided to leave and go to FN. The cost for East Spa was HKD 1700. If I had selected a girl it might have been HKD2500-2700. Whether I took a girl or not the place was getting its money from me.

    The walk to FN was ten minutes. I arrived changed quickly, saw a familiar body wash girl from Vietnam, but declined her offer. I wanted to make a selection quickly. I went into the room, sat down and was approached by a VN leg / pedicure girl who recognized me from my previous visit. I told her later, as I wanted to select. I vicariously watched a couple of line-ups before calling for my own line-up. Even at about 11 pm, there were still 25 girls to select from mixed between the standard VN girls and the model types. I saw an intriguing looking woman who was ostensibly a Singaporean model. Accepting the lie, but accepting that she looked great, I selected her. Price was to be 2288.

    When I spoke to her it was obvious she was Thai, but I think a mix of Singaporean and Thai, as she admitted to. She had a great false rack, and a face made sexy by its mixed Thai and Chinese blood. We got to the room, which had the normal soapy mattress set up. She left me in the room and took her time getting her soaps, oils and lubes. We went into the shower room and she gave me a soapy body massage. This is where the plastic tits are inferior to real ones, definitely not much pleasure in being massaged by compressed silicon.

    We moved to the bed, where an excellent but all too typically short blowjob (fire and ice) ensued. We moved to the main act and she was ready for some significant action. No complaints or no hints of concern about how long or how I decided to do it with her. Soon I knew the reason why. Her breath absolutely smelt of alcohol. I guess she gave her self some Singha courage for this work. Finally, I tired of the sex and asked her to handjob me to finish. This is where the big breasts and her exotic face play to their best effect. Positioned above me, I could enjoy the site of both, until their inspirational factor led me to the desired end.

    We finished, and said our sawadee kup / kas, and it was back to the lounge.

    More to come in the second 1/2 of the report on this night. FN and D3.

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    Familia Nobre

    On the advice of Natty Bumpo and others, I went to FN for my first sauna experience. It was flat out awesome and I learned a few things in the process. After entering around 10:30 pm, I relaxed in the pool, hottubs, and sauna. I was quite tired and napped briefly on the chaise lounge by the pool before heading to the main room. For whatever reason, I was only given a pair of shorts and robe and did not have to don the ridiculous panties other customers were wearing under their shorts.

    I was quite pleased to see the very comfortable barcolounger chairs in the main room where I relaxed and observed for a while. About 15 minutes later, I went to another section of the rooms where I watched some of the girls come through for a display.

    One attractive Vietnam girl came over to offer me a thigh massage and I knew from reading prior reports that it was not their intention to make you come during the thigh massage in order to save for the main event. In my case, I told her that I wanted relief as it had been a while for me and did not want to explode prematurely with whoever I selected and judging by the girls that would be easy to do. After going to a private room, she easily accomplished my wishes and also said she was available. However, I decided that I wanted to see the complete lineup before moving forward with a girl.

    It was almost overwhelming when the girls came out -- so many gorgeous girls. I actually found the non-models and less expensive girls more attractive. It appears the models are determine by height but in several instances they seemed to have rather lumpy bodies underneath their tight cocktail dresses.

    I selected a girl from Saigon after locking eyes and getting a nice smile from her though several girls offered the same smile and amiable behavior. We immediately proceeded to room where I was given a rock star experience from a cute and vivacious 21 year old. There was no rimming, however, we immediately engaged in DFK and she was completely agreeable of DATY and I slipped a wet finger into her little hole. She got very hot and at least appeared to enjoy my 20 minutes of DATY. I also rubbed my cok against her clit for quite a while, which a sensational feeling.

    Total cost was about $233 USD for the thigh massage and FS. This was for one hour.

    I also decided to stay here at the FN for my next trip. It is easy and very relaxing to sleep on the lounges. You can save a lot by skipping the overpriced hotels of! Acau. Also, next time I need to remember to bring my reading glasses so I can read the all important menu of services and food service in the main lounge.

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    I was quoted $3 k HKG by Sofitel for Saturday night. Masters Macau just down the street wanted $1200. Hotel Lisboa on Friday wanted $1600. I checked out a total firetrap guest house near the Cathedral and they wanted $600.

    Exchange rate to USD is $7. 75. Do the math.

    I like Macau but the hotel prices are out of sight. I ended paying $1000 hongkong for a room where the bed felt like a box spring.

    Not coming back. It's just not worth the expense.

    Quote Originally Posted by WildHawk  [View Original Post]
    Fine enough; you may be more current on pricing. I was thinking more along the lines of about USD 180 for the Sofitel and at least 240 for The Venetian. Places on the upper end. If you've gotten rooms at the Rio for HKD 800, then that's an exceptional deal. The rooms there are big, but I think the place has long seen its finest days. And, yes, HK hotel rooms are tiny. I'm just not seeing Macau as a great place for value, lodgingwise, or pussywise, relative to LOS and AC.

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    As an add-on, I walked by today and barely noticed the sign attached to the overhang as it is quite faded. I was looking for the street number of '19' and once I saw that number above the door, I noticed the barely legible sign. Since it was Sunday morning, I did not bother going in though I may return later. Place look quite dodgy from outside so that explains the inexpensive price.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sympalogy  [View Original Post]
    I found this information about it:

    "HouVa is another great place which is very close to Royal Hotel. I know it may be hard, but go to any major hotel and get in taxi queue and have doorman tell taxi driver to take you to Royal (This way, the doorman may be able to act as your interpreter, but most taxis will understand). When you get off at Royal, wait until taxi departs and walk directly across the park that is front of hotel. On the street after the park will be a small boulevard. Look for sign that says "electro massagem hou va". Make sure you tell mamas an, no taxi. She'll actually open door to see if cab is waiting outside.

    Don't go directly to HouVa via taxi or your rate will go up 30. HouVa provides a line-up an it's 90% viet. You can go as cheap as 400 for 45 mins FS to 700 for 90 mins (unlimited shots). The general feel is GFE and PSE in many cases. You should be able to find something to satisfy you. They open at 3:00PM but best time is after 5:00PM. This place is very close to Sanado Square."

    You can find it on this map:

    And I attached a picture of the entrance that I have found.

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