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    Quote Originally Posted by Quimper  [View Original Post]
    I kept an ear-bud case along with my phone; I also saw people using a Ziploc baggie type thing. You can also go back to your locker at any time. Very important: if you decide to bring cash in do not make trouble for the girls by attempting to hand them cash in public, even as a tip. It will only cause problems for the girl with management and her colleagues.
    The official and public tips can be given by signing a tip slip. It will be added in your bill and the girl will get her cash. Being an official tip it can't be too high otherwise it looks as a service payment (not allowed).

    Official are usually for the barber guy, the thigh massage girl (with some cushion as the reason why you tip them might be obvious) or the body scrubs, or the attendants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melor  [View Original Post]
    You brought your own condoms, didn't you? Where did you keep them during stay there before use? I want to bring my own as well.
    I kept an ear-bud case along with my phone; I also saw people using a Ziploc baggie type thing. You can also go back to your locker at any time. Very important: if you decide to bring cash in do not make trouble for the girls by attempting to hand them cash in public, even as a tip. It will only cause problems for the girl with management and her colleagues.

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    Flew into Macau from Manila last week and then cab straight to Rio. Got there about 11 pm. They took my hold luggage behind the desk and I put my hand luggage in the locker. Some notes:

    - I stayed overnight, leaving the next day at 8 am.

    - whilst I used a few of the services I didn't take a girl after being drained from a week in Phils.

    - the no-smoking ban was being rigorously enforced! Much to the chagrin of some of the Chinese punters.

    - the thigh massages now take place in the main room. Whilst I miss the privacy of the side rooms, there is a certain joy to having your see&be toyed with for half an hour in the public domain.

    - the place was not too busy it being a Monday night. I slept well between 2 am and 7 am.

    - they did not seem to mind I did not take a girl -they add on $400 or so for the sauna admission in these cases.

    I like Rio, there is a hot selection of girls, the services and the 'wet' areas are very professional. The staff are diligent and you feel well looked after.

    Total bill around $1200 - better for me than a night in a cheap hotel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quimper  [View Original Post]
    I handed her one of my favorite condoms (Okamoto 002 L) and she covered me up.
    You brought your own condoms, didn't you? Where did you keep them during stay there before use? I want to bring my own as well.

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    Familia Nobre #733 Ha Anh Thigh masseuse Phong

    Found myself in Macau with a few hours to kill before my midnight ferry to HK, so I went to the world famous Familia Nobre. The menu was fairly straightforward but between the attendant's crappy English and my lack of Mandarin monger vocab it wasn't entirely clear what was included in which massage package (still couldn't figure it out at the end but I got body scrub, pedicure, foot massage, ear cleaning, facial, head massage, two thigh massages, all the food I could eat and 60 minutes of heaven with #733 for 2958 hkd ($386).

    I found the service impeccable and indulged myself in nearly everything that was offered. Now that I've read some more reviews it seems like I missed out somehow on the veggie massage. Next time for sure.

    Enough said about the facility, dear reader is looking for the reviews.

    Thigh Masseuse was named Phong (sorry, forgot number and it wasn't listed on the receipt) and she wore a pink shirt. I found her to be very cute and she expertly massaged my thighs and fondled my meat for 45 minutes as we chatted away in Mandarin. She offered to release xiao didi ("look, he's crying. I will make him sleep") for 1200 but I declined, wanting to save it for the main event. I befriended her on WeChat to get her photo.

    Back in the lounge I had a light supper and a short nap. During this time at least a half-dozen lineups had paraded past my chair (quite a sight) and each time #733 caught my eye and smiled. I signaled to the pit boss and called her number. Ha Anh is 20 yr old knockout from Haiphong and her English was about as shitty as her Mandarin, so there wasn't much conversation beyond Google translated platitudes. No matter, what we were about to do didn't require speaking. Without her parade shoes she was at most 4 ft10 and 85 lbs. She stripped down revealing a tight 20 yr old figure with cute A cups, a belly button piercing and a few back tattoos. I noticed she had also had a fairly big front chest tattoo removed. That must to hurt. I personally think tattooed girls are more fun in bed so I like them, YMMV. She soaped me up on the table shower and soon hopped on for the body glide, which she did very energetically. Her hard nipples and the belly piercing made for a delightful sensation. I flipped and she continued her gyrations, this time rubbing her little Bush on xiao didi. We dried off and moved to the bed. She stepped out briefly for a cup of hot water, poured in some mouthwash and began a slurpy hot water catbath all over my back (very very nice). Soon she was deep between my cheeks and had her tongue all the way up my dirt pipe (also very nice but the mouthwash burned my ring a little). On the flip I too had a shot of mouthwash and spat it out in the wastebasket. She began an excellent deep BBBJ with some gagging. I asked for 69 and she eagerly shoved her crotch into my face. She had a lightly trimmed Bush with shaved lips (my favorite pubic hairstyle) and I began sucking her clit gently. Soon I was tonguing her deeply in both holes while she furiously sucked cock. I handed her one of my favorite condoms (Okamoto 002 L) and she covered me up. I think we both had some concerns that I would fit into her minicunt so we took it slowly at first. Soon she was on top grinding and pounding away at full speed. Between the constant parades, body gliding and general horniness she had exceptional endurance on top and gave no signs of fatigue as she bounced her way to her first orgasm. With my cock still inside her we sat up and started in the frog position. I pushed her onto her back and started kissing her neck and ears then moved to her lips and began LFK and soon transitioned to DFK. Soon we were fucking at full speed in missionary and she came again. Finally she turned around and we finished together in doggy while I rubbed her clit. She pulled off the rubber, cleaned me up with a wet towel and immediately started cuddling with me. She insisted on adding me to WeChat as well. With ten minutes left I gave her a light massage. Was probably a first for her from a customer and she loved it.

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    Paul Kausch
    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianG  [View Original Post]
    Is at the discretion of the girl if do CBJ or BBBJ?? I really hate a CBJ, so do you think is better to ask which girls will do BBBJ before choosing.

    Do you remember how much for FS only?

    I also find a CBJ less than satisfying. I didn't ask about a BBBJ. I learned a lot on my first two visits and would do some things differently. One is to inquire about a BBBJ. At the end of my report on Rio I will describe what I learned and will do differently on my next trip.

    The FS was MOP1554. Other girls were less; I seem to recall they started around 1250. The most expensive girls cost much more. I don't remember how much. There were girls in the least expensive category who were attractive. I didn't think the most expensive girls were that much if any more attractive than the girl I picked. FN's lineup had many attractive girls to choose from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulKausch  [View Original Post]
    Then a CBJ, with hot and then cold liquid in her mouth. This would have been better with a BBBJ.
    Is at the discretion of the girl if do CBJ or BBBJ?? I really hate a CBJ, so do you think is better to ask which girls will do BBBJ before choosing.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulKausch  [View Original Post]
    Then I went into the main lobby and paid the bill. With the foreign transaction fee the bill came to US $319.44.
    Do you remember how much for FS only?


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    Paul Kausch

    A night at Familia Nobre

    On my second night in Macau I walked down the Av. de Almeida Ribeiro from my hotel to the Lisboa Hotel and Casino. After walking around inside the hotel for a few minutes I went downstairs and found a Chinese restaurant in which I could sit, drink some hot tea and watch the young ladies race around the track. Some were okay looking; some were quite attractive. None seemed to notice me sitting idly in the restaurant. After a couple cups of tea I went up to Tim's Kitchen for dinner.

    After dinner I walked up Av. de Lisboa to Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpcao and Familia Nobre (FN). Before heading out that night I used Google Maps to browse the route and locate FN. Even had I not done that, it would have been very easy to find. I arrived around 9 pm.

    Inside I was shown a menu listing services and prices. Then I went to the locker room where I was assigned a locker and a young man helped me out of my clothes. The guy went about his job in such a matter of fact way, even though I lean towards homophobic, I didn't feel uncomfortable. I was given a bracelet for my wrist with my locker number. Every time I ordered a service this number was recorded. When I left I was given the bill. I checked it and asked to see the menu I was shown when I entered. I then asked to have the bill explained. The staff was very patient, pleasant and answered all my questions. The bill was accurate. I then paid with a credit card. My statement showed a charge to SAUNA E MASSAGEM FAMIL, which was described as COCKTAIL LOUNGES, BARS, NIGHTCLUBS, TAVERNS.

    After undressing I went into an area with showers, a large warm soaking pool, a small hot water whirlpool and a small cold plunge pool. There were also a dry sauna and a steam room. There were a few other Asian men in this area. Even though I was the only Caucasian, I was made to feel very comfortable by the staff, most of whom spoke at least some English. The other men seemed to care less that I am Caucasian. I showered and spent a good thirty minutes enjoying the different temperature pools and the steam room. In this area all the men just threw a towel over their shoulder and walked around casually, paying no attention to each other's nudity. I felt completely comfortable and enjoyed the sensation of freedom and lack of inhibitions. I saw three or four average look young ladies in this area. They paid no attention to me or any of the other men. I assume they were there to offer some sort of service, bathing or something; but I have no idea what it was and didn't bother to ask.

    After the showers and soaks I walked into another room where I was given a pair of shorts and shirt. The clothes were comfortable enough, but hardly fashionable. No matter, I wasn't there to make a fashion statement. Now clothed I walked into another room lined with many large comfortable reclining chairs and large ottomans. There were many more chairs than patrons, so other than men who arrived together, there was plenty of spacing between everyone. I was shown to a chair. A towel was spread out on the chair for me and another towel placed over me when I sat down. Immediately a young lady asked if I would like something to eat or drink. I order some complimentary watermelon juice. While I was waiting for my juice an attractive lady approached me and asked if I would like a thigh massage. Having read about these I knew this was something I definitely wanted to experience. I said yes. She took me to a private room with another large reclining chair for me to sit on. Moments later my juice was delivered to this room. The young lady proceeded to pull down my shorts, apply generous amounts of oil to my thighs, scrotum and cock, and proceed to give me a very sensual massage. As I had expected, this lady was very skilled at slowly increasing my arousal until I was close to an orgasm, but never allowing me to cum. I believe the session was for about 20 minutes. It may have been half an hour. At any rate, I was enjoying it so much I asked for a second session. I believe I spent about forty-five minutes building almost to an orgasm; then being drawn back; then building again; over and over. The young lady said she was Vietnamese and spoke some English. While she massaged me I fondled her body some through her clothes. I told her she had lovely breasts. Her top showed a fair amount of cleavage. I assume she was wearing a push up bra. I asked if I could see her breast. She answered I could pay extra for a tit job to completion. I said nothing. After about forty-five minutes of bliss I thanked her and went back to the main lounge.

    I was shown to another chair. I made myself comfortable, reclined in the chair, closed my eyes and relaxed. Occasionally I opened my eyes and noticed young ladies in various colored costumes walking around the room. They were approaching men, explaining the service they offered. They were very good at sensing which men, like me, wanted to be left alone.

    Throughout the evening I was very impressed by the level of service. The staff were very well trained, very pleasant, eager to please, but not at all pushy.

    After relaxing for about 15 minutes, I adjusted the chair into a more upright position. A young lady approached me and asked if I would care for a beverage or some food. I declined. Another lady asked if I would like a neck and shoulder massage. I accepted the offer. Almost immediately another lady appeared and asked if I would like a foot massage. Again I said yes. The ladies offering these massages were pleasant looking, but unlike the lady who gave the thigh massage, I would not describe them as particularly attractive. None the less they did their job well. The shoulder massage was a massage of my scalp, neck, shoulders, upper back, chest and arms. The foot massage included my calves and ankles. I'd guess these lasted fifteen or twenty minutes. Afterwards, I ordered another glass of watermelon juice.

    By this time I was completely relaxed and felt like I was in paradise. FN is obviously very well managed. The staff is excellent. They offer great services and are very adept at making you feel like they are really there to serve you and make sure you are happy. And I was!

    From time to time a group of two or three dozen ladies came into the lounge and walked around. They wore different costumes, some more revealing than others, but all very sexy. The costumes signified the nationality and price of the lady. Most of the ladies were Asian. A couple looked to be Russian or Eastern European. One lady looked to be Sub-Sahara African. I did not find them very attractive. The Asian ladies were of a variety of skin tones heights and shapes. All were attractive. Some were very attractive. At their third appearance I selected a Vietnamese lady. She was pretty, fairly tall, I'd guess around 5'5" in her bare feet, slender with small breasts and very white skin. She spoke very little English, less English than any of the massage ladies. I chose her by pointing her out to a young man who stood with them. My number was taken. The lady sensually took me by the arm and escorted me to a room. It was very nice, but not plush. Everything looked clean and new. There was a tub, a bed, a small table, a TV, hooks for hanging clothes and mirrors on the wall at the head of the bed, on the side of the bed and on the ceiling over the bed. I sat on the bed and the lady left me alone for a few minutes. When she returned she took off her clothes, undressed me and gave me a bath. Like I needed another bath. I was then dried and taken by the hand to the bed. The lady then bathed herself and joined me on the bed. The session consisted of a bit of a massage, caressing of the crack of my ass, scrotum and cock. Then a CBJ, with hot and then cold liquid in her mouth. This would have been better with a BBBJ. The session was concluded with covered FS in any position I wanted. I didn't ask about anal. Throughout the session the lady wore a constant smile and kept asking if I was pleased with her. She definitely was highly motivated to please me and ensure I had a good session. My only problem was I found the session to be too scripted and mechanical. I've been spoiled by the ladies in Bangkok, some of whom I've seen many times and have developed a friendship with. Sex with the best Bangkok ladies is much more fluid and adventurous. The good ladies in Bangkok are able to deliver a real GFE or PSE, depending on the lady; and some ladies can deliver both in a session. I would not describe my experience with the young lady at FN as GFE or PSE. Regardless, it was a very pleasant hour or so.

    When we were finished she escorted me back to the lounge and thanked me for letting her give me a BJ and fucking her. Though that is not literally the way she put it. As soon as I returned to the lounge a young man approached me, asked if everything went well and if I was happy with the lady. I said yes.

    I returned to one of the lounge chairs, relaxed, ordered some complimentary fried rice and a beer for a modest charge. I was offered more massages, manicures, pedicures, ear cleanings and thigh massages. I declined all offers. About 1 am I decided it was time to leave. I had spent about four hours there.

    I took one last shower, availed myself of some of their toiletries and went back to the locker room. Along the way everyone asked me if I was enjoying myself or if there was anything I would like. As I've already written, this place really understands good customer service. In the locker room I was helped back into my clothes. Then I went into the main lobby and paid the bill. With the foreign transaction fee the bill came to US $319.44.

    I was now a devout fan of the Macau saunas, or at least Familia Nobre, and was eager to visit Rio Spa the next night.

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    Natty Bumpo
    Quote Originally Posted by HornyCock  [View Original Post]
    Hi, where is East Spa? The address given in the URL is Hotel Casa Real? It's completely different direction from Waldo Hotel which is in Taipa.
    No. The Waldo Hotel is in Macau City across the Avenida da Amizade from the Grand Lapa Hotel. You are thinking of the Grand Waldo Hotel, on the Sul da Marina Taipa-sul. All the Sauna action is in Macau City and I repeat East Spa is at the Waldo Hotel. East Castle Spa is at the Hotel Casa Real. You will be much better off staying in Macau city rather than Taipa, Cotai, or Coloane.

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    Natty Bumpo
    Quote Originally Posted by HornyCock  [View Original Post]
    Hi, where is East Spa? The address given in the URL is Hotel Casa Real? It's completely different direction from Waldo Hotel which is in Taipa.
    East Spa is in the Waldo Hotel. Its sister operation, East Castle Spa, is in the Casa Real. East Castle Spa replaces Sanado which the group closed down in 2014. East Spa is the flagship of the group. Go there and Rio and Familia Nobre first.

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    I didn't get an answer in the general info, perhaps someone might have an answer here. Any luck with local girls? I've only heard from one person that they've met a local girl, but she only offered above the waist service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyCock  [View Original Post]
    Hi, where is East Spa?
    Maybe this map could help you.

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    East Spa location. Waldo or Casa Real hotel?

    Quote Originally Posted by NattyBumpo  [View Original Post]
    Day 43 Thursday April 10,2014 Macau Day 5:
    ... East Spa is on the 5th or 6th floor of the Waldo Hotel.
    Hi, where is East Spa? The address given in the URL is Hotel Casa Real? It's completely different direction from Waldo Hotel which is in Taipa.

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    Golden, Fortune & a little Rio and Eighteen

    Recent reviewers did updates on Golden sauna, which is not often reviewed here.

    I thought I would add to this, and also say something about*Supreme Sauna at the Fortuna*hotel. Also, at the end some comments on Rio and Eighteen.

    I went to Golden mid afternoon on a Saturday, meaning to leave before 10 pm and get back to HK. This was partly to avoid the usual Saturday night crush in most Macau Saunas. (Only FN seems to cope with this well.).

    I had a shower and then asked for the Japanese / Korean wash down: or whatever it's called. Like the previous reviewer said, it's rather public (unlike Rio). Nice friendly Viet, who cleaned in all the right places.

    There is an area for a body scrub, but this also looked relatively public. Unlike *other spas.

    The lounge was, despite my hopes was busy but not full. I found a place to settle down. The difference here is that the working girls hang about and chat with the clients. They are not closeted away and th appear when asked in a lineup. This means that you will get "drive by'ed" and will probably get sat on, with a 'I will not take no for an answer' attitude. Actually, this was not unpleasant and done with a sense of fun.

    (Next time I will try to find a place far left corner facing where you enter. Probably see most of what is going on from there.).

    I had the usual foot massage, a manicure and also a thigh massage under the towel. The are some grey uniformed girls who appear to do this in a private room, but they where busy most of the time.

    There is a 'show', with girls rotating around seats, much like FN and a few others. The girls can miss you out on their rotation, and I got the impression that they rather disliked the whole routine.

    However, given that you can choose without a lineup, which I prefer, it's easy to make a choice. They where very clear on what I was expected to pay. I chose a tall Chinese girl, who was very friendly whilst I was reclining. I will not go into the details but I really enjoyed the session; wet bath, lots of BJ and some rimming. She enjoyed DATY to the point she would not let me stop. Very skillful application of the condom, I was really concerned I was bareback. She had a really good laugh at me.

    When I returned to the lounge, I was thinking of a Shanghai massage but "very busy", so left after another thigh massage.

    I really liked this place, despite it very up front vibe (I typically relax with a Kindle), and will definitely return.

    Prices where on a par with FN, not as expensive as Rio.

    A couple of weeks later, I decided to try the Supreme Sauna at Fortune Hotel. Same time and day as I had visited Golden. Very, very different.

    I had a body scrub, after waiting about 20 minutes. Dis-interested Viet girl. Took her top off near then end, but that was it. No idea why she bothered.

    The lounge is dark-ish, and how shall I say "subdued". The layout is also rather strange: kind of narrow rows of lounging chairs. Had difficulty getting a foot massage, and ended up with a bloke doing it.

    Management seemed very intent on customers selecting off a lineup, and then out as soon as possible. I found I was resenting this.

    Decided to forgo the lineup, and asked for a Shanghai massage. This was actually quite good, the masseur (Chinese) very friendly and pleasant.

    Also tried the thigh massage, it's in a private room. Girl quite bored, and I did not even suggest anything else. OK though.

    Found the place rather depressing. A bit it like the strip bar on the same *floor.

    Prices are similar to Golden.

    Finally, a recent reviewer (VagigiLover) regarding Rio and Eighteen mentioned a "Facial and Thigh massage Combo" at both Rio and Eighteen. I have had a facial a few times at both these saunas. Rio is better, but my favorite in FN. But never been offered the thigh massage combo. It's not in the menu.

    So maybe it's an occasional special or you just need to ask?

    Also, strange experience at Eighteen last week; girl doing a thigh massage offers me a BJ in a private room. I think, why not? I get taken to some small rooms behind the kitchen, where they also do the facials. Very noisy. Girl towels me up, sits down, and with door open proceeds to give me a BJ. There are people walking about outside, they just ignore us. Then her thigh massage friend appears hands her a warm tea, which she starts to use. Kind off half a 'Fire & Ice' thing. I found it both strange and rather amusing. But would not repeat.

    I still like Rio, it's modern and clean and the services are good. I seldom take one of the girls, however.

    Especially now that they do the line up on the spa area, similar to Eighteen. Which I do not really like. It feels to much like a meat factory, and I am lazy. Better to just choose from the comfort of your lounge chair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianG  [View Original Post]
    This reports don't answer to all my question, for this I ask here, also many report are near one year old or more.

    In the website they don't report exact price!
    You may wish to read amazing report made by Natty Bumpo recently, just start from here and go up:

    Quote Originally Posted by NattyBumpo  [View Original Post]
    Day 39 Sunday April 6, 2014 Macau Day 1

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