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    FN. Early November

    On the way back last night I did a quick stroll along the boulevard outside the holiday inn / conrad / hard rock to check out the freelancers. Not too many girls on a late Sunday night, maybe one or two doable ones, but nothing terrific.

    Day 2 didn't quite go as planned after a nice lunch in taipa I headed back to pool for a little bit and was planning on going to get some takeout at houva. Laid my head down in one of the cabanas and out like a light. Seems that day 2 is always the harder on with jet lag as you get older. My friends plans changed so met up with him for dinner after work and then headed solo to FN as he was tired and had the whole work week ahead of him. FN has been my go to spot for a few years now as I done well in selection, price is lower, the 1 included service, and good staff have made it my favorite. This was a Monday night around 8 pm and like RIO the night before really quite empty and with a more limited selection. The downside to FN is that since lineups are on-demand when it's slow if you want to preview the girls at all it is difficult. After a couple massages and spying 1 or 2 lineups I spied a girl I hadn't seen before. Called for a lineup and chose the new face. She was a funny sweet girl from harbon China where the girls have a distinct look, maybe a little mongolian? Very little english again so google translate to the rescue. Standard service, very nice body and very cute. Unfortunately she was quite tight and got on CG went to town and I lost it way to quick, tried to stop her but she could tell she had me and there was no chance, hahaha. Enjoyed a nice cigarette with her and chat and back to the lounge. Still would have preferred a larger selection, but still plenty of choices at FN. Seems that the decline in business in Macao is definitly affecting the amount of talent at the saunas. Year over year gambling is down nearly 40% which I would say is showing given my 2 experiences. Maybe the saunas will start to offer some discounts? One can dream right? I can't remember the damage at FN cause I paid in cash. Last 4 times I went and selected to pay in MOP on the credit card they charged me an inflated USD exchange rate and annoyed me. My CC company gave me the difference back since I am a loyal customer, but none the less was annoying to have to followup and ask for a correction.

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    Rio. November

    After a nice dinner with my local friend at Wynn's red 8. Try the peking duck, its done sorta like fajitas and is delicious. The xiaolongbao are also excellent if you haven't ever had soup dumplings before they are a must try. My buddy is a bit older and doesn't partake as much as you would think so my sauna experience is actually greater than his. He hadn't been to Rio before and I hadn't been there since my first sauna experience 3 years ago so off we went. Was a Sunday night in early November around 9 pm. Place was really pretty empty, especially for a weekend even if it was a Sunday night. Facilities were well maintained since my last visit and we showered and found some chairs. Took a while until the first showtime and I got the usual foot massage. Soon as they came through with the sign for the first showtime some eager fellas took off and had girls selected before we had even made our way. Selection was really pretty light for a place this size, maybe 30 girls at most and it didn't seem like others were engaged. We both deferred until showtime 2 about 30-40 minutes later. My buddy didn't see anything to his fancy, but I chose a PYT with a very Chinese look (straight black hair, bangs, way she did her makeup). Here english was limited but we got along fine, google translate makes everything easier. 23/24 year old Super nice body and the usual full Bush so many of these girls sport. I used to find the full Bush a bit off putting, but now sort of enjoy the change from what is standard these days. Usually body shower / slide and onto the bed for some fun. The hot / cold BBBJ and a cover and she worked it pretty well. I was either the first or second white guy she had ever been with and I believed it, definitely had to get adjusted to a larger size. Tried for a kiss but only got a little closed lip action which is pretty normal for sauna girls. Some different positions and she was game for everything, showed off her flexibility and really seemed to be enjoying herself which made the experience all that much better. As far as sauna girls go I would rate her an 7/10 looks 8/10 service. I was still pleased with my experience but for Rio prices I expect a bit more of a selection. Total 2500 MOP.

    Question to the forum. Other than FN do any of the other shops offer discount on 2nd girl?

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    Darling 1 - November

    I have a nice ritual of starting my trips in Macao as after the long flight to Hong Kong I find a couple days in Macao a good spot to adjust to the time change and begin my holiday. After being a tourist in HK for the morning took an afternoon cotai jet over and got checked into the Conrad as my Hilton status and points always get me a good room.

    Quick tip: I found that the business centers in the hotels don't overcharge for a local sim and is the same 100 MOP you get most places which with a data code always covers me for my trip and is more convenient than finding a local shop and the business center staff usually speaks english.

    Had to meet a local buddy for dinner so moved pretty quick to freshen up and get a taxi to the sofitel so I could hit darling 1 at the masters hotel and get my holiday started. Was 4 pm on a Sunday last month. Good selection of girls, only a few in the higher "model" category. Decided to go viet and chose 332. Nice slim frame and legs and a good smile. Fare was 1750 MOP I think, I used my card so I backed into the math for this report, got to love those frequent flyer miles. Off to the room for around 90 minutes. Enjoyed that she was a light GFE and would kiss which is a big plus for me. Quality wash and BBBJ, multiple positions and my holiday had started. I don't visit darlings as much as I should, but I think I am going to make this a regular stop for at least 1 visit in all future trips. The quality of the girls and facility for 1750 MOP is a good deal comparably and haven't ever felt like I wasted my time here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianG  [View Original Post]
    I read that Sanado change name in East Castle Spa. New address: At the Casa Real Hotel, 1118, Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau, PR China. +853 2872 6288 _‎.
    Thanks for the heads up, will try to find next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianG  [View Original Post]
    For me East Spa is a waste of money, I don't know about other saunas but I don't think I'll be back in Macau for Saunas.
    All of Macau has become a waste of money for big spenders.

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    East Spa. Thumbs down

    I was in Hong Kong for my first time and I really want to check the famous Sauna in Macau. So I took the MRT till Sheung Wan, Exit D and I bought a voucher in Shun Tak.

    2168 HKD including ferry ticket a/r, 60 min sex one shot with a regular girl, and one of this lounge service: body scrubbing or 2 x20 minutes massage (head, foot, leg, ecc.) or 1 x45 min body massage.

    Immigration was very quickly and in 5 minutes I jump on a ferry and we leave HK at 10 am. One hour and I was in Macau, in front of the ferry many free casino shuttle waiting for customer. I took a Lisboa shuttle and walk around the city all day.

    6:30 pm I decided that it was time for Sauna, so walk till Waldo Hotel and go up to the 6 Floor.

    Give my voucher in reception and move to locker room, took off my dress and two assistants help me and arranging my clothes. Towel on and go inside the SPA, very nice. I had to choose one regular for free shower, I choose number 7. This shower is very ridiculous service, she don't take off her dress for take shower with me, just put some soap on her hand and wash my cock, than I sat on a little chair and she gave me a 10 seconds BBBJ with some liquid in her mouth.

    I was very tired and I relaxed for 20 min in the jacuzzi while looking one asian guy have some fun in a jacuzzi next to me behind transparent bead curtains.

    When I enter in the lounge room I can see that is real small, I read about it but don't thought that was too small like this. Only 5/6 asian guys around, so I orden some juice and plate of mixed fruit. And now the nightmare it began. Massage girls was incredible pushy, I thought that romanian gilrs in FKK was pushy but htey are nothing compared to the massage girls here in HK.

    7:30 pm was time for showtime, another ridiculus service. Girls enter in the lounge room they wear only lingerie without underwear, 4 girls took turns for every customer, 1 girls just let you touch her boobs, second and third just rub on your body and the fourth have to give you a short BBBJ. All ladies seems a robot no one looked me in my eyes and girl that gave me BBBJ seemed disgusted, she wait long time before took 1 cm of my cock in her mouth for 5 seconds.

    Showtime finish and all girls come in for lineup. OMG, and this was a famous sauna in Macau, never saw a collection of ugly girls like this. Regular were more nice than model! The manager told me in a very bad english that have 1 japanese girl +1600 HKD, 1 korean girl +2000 HKD and one top model (I don't remeber from where but she was the most ugly for me) +3000 HKD. Model +300 HKD. I looked all girls and said to him that at the moment I don't pick any ladies. And I want 20 minutes foot massage but can't enjoy because the lady gave me a massage was pushy for give 40 min and others girls come to me and offer their service. I really can't tolerate this place and can't understand how people enjoy it.

    8:30 pm I was very bored if I hadn't a Voucher sure I would not choose any girls (so guys avoid voucher!!!) But I must to fuck, so I call the line up (only regular girl) I choose one little viet girl with big and soft silicon boobs and horny face (number 10) . She show me a menu with 3 different service (but can't recognise too much difference) A B C and she told me that she like A, ok deal.0

    Move one floor up to the room, very nice big room. Shower together, she massage me with her boobs and gave me a boobs job, BBBJ and move on the bed. Fist she gave me a rimjob and then it was time for Hot & Cold BBBJ, my first time and was great, she sucked me for more that 20 minutes and after move to 69 where I licked her pussy and ass. Condom on cowgirl and doggy till I cum. Few minutes of relax, shower and go down. She gave me a bill where I have to assess her service and I gave her "very good". Because her BBBJ skills was great, but sure she wasnt a beauty that I thought to find in Macau for this expensive money.

    Come beack down, order 3 sandwhich, french fries and a tea. I leave around 11 pm.

    For me East Spa is a waste of money, I don't know about other saunas but I don't think I'll be back in Macau for Saunas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DickieRobert  [View Original Post]
    Overall, great experience; the price is a bit more expensive than FN (about HKD300 more) but well worth the attention, cleanliness and service, IMHO. Will definitely return to East and maybe tryout East Castle tonight where I heard they have cosplay!
    How much you spend at East Spa?

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    Golden Sauna and Familia Nobre

    Second trip to Macau this year, and this time I went with a friend, so always nice to have a wingman! He did some research and recommended Golden Sauna. Was easy to find, and on a Friday night, was quite busy when we arrived at 8 PM. Ushered upstairs, and was hit up by some middle-aged Vietnamese girls for some massages right away. Reasonable deals, 30 min massages around HK $170 I think.

    Golden Sauna has become popular because it differs a little on the format. The girls here actually roam around and solicit business. So instead of being the hunters, you are being hunted, LOL! There's good and bad, with the positive being you can get to know the girls a little before you choose. The negative is that some whom you would not have chosen might come across as being kinda "pushy" as they solicit for your business.

    What's fascinating about Golden is periodic "shows" where they have all the girls come out and rotate giving you a strip tease, breast play, licking on your inner thighs, etc. These small shows happen almost hourly. Apparently, there are a couple of BIG shows, where the girls will all come out and give each dude a rotating BJ, but we weren't able to get any seats for that. By 11 PM, which was showtime, the entire place was full of mongers.

    I got one of the Vietnamese girls who was paying quite a bit of attention to me. She was very flirty, nice MMs, and gave good overall service, with nuru massage (extra $), great BBBJ, lots of rimming, covered FS in multiple positions.

    We had a bit of time so went over to Familia Nobre next after a few hours of casino play. FN was not as crowded, and the lineup shown was very good, lots of 8 and 9's. I chose a tall Chinese girl, and the service was likewise very good, full body massage, great BBBJ, lots of rimming again, and covered FS in multiple positions.

    We stayed at the Rio Hotel but didn't even have time to go check out the Rio Spa, which I really enjoyed during my last visit. Maybe next time!

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    Familia Nobre and East Spa

    It has been quite a while since I have been back to Asia and was in Macau for the F1 race this past weekend and had a horrible experience at FN. Has Macau sauna services gone down the toilet or just my unlucky experience?

    Got to FN around 8 pm and was greeted at the lobby by a female hostess. She was OK friendly and then led me to the male locker room where I was greeted by a male attendant. He led me to a locker, opened it and took out a bunch of dirty towels and indicated that I can use that locker. I looked at him incredulously and ask for a clean locker. He said no. There was plenty of empty lockers around. I insisted that I get a clean locker and he kept saying no. So I just got up and walked out. Don't think I will be back to FN anytime soon.

    Went to East right after FN and found their services to be much more friendly and personalized. It was my first time there so was kinda weird to strip in front of female locker room attendants but since everyone was doing it, I figure why not do as Romans do in Rome! Was led to shower room where I got to pick a lady to help wash me down and a BBBJ with mouthwash. It felt good; got me excited but didn't let me pop. Stayed in the bath area while they brought in a lineup. Picked a nice, tiny spinner from Vietnam. Into the room, she did the regular nuru, cat bath, BBBJ, rim, and then pop on the raincoat for the little man and off we went. Quite a few positions and she had her eyes on me the entire time. Very GFE. Popped in reverse cowgirl position and she cleaned me up.

    Overall, great experience; the price is a bit more expensive than FN (about HKD300 more) but well worth the attention, cleanliness and service, IMHO. Will definitely return to East and maybe tryout East Castle tonight where I heard they have cosplay!

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    Sanado is closed. The company that owns East Spa also owned Sanado. They opened up another sauna in a different location called East Castle after Sanado closed. I have not been to East Castle yet, but I hear is is pretty good. East Spa is one of my favorite Saunas in Macau. Rio and Familia Nobre are my other two favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AussieDoug  [View Original Post]
    Went to Macau yesterday, but could not find Sanado.
    I read that Sanado change name in East Castle Spa. New address: At the Casa Real Hotel, 1118, Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau, PR China. +853 2872 6288 _‎.

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    Where is Sanado?

    Went to Macau yesterday, but could not find Sanado. I thought I found the building, but it looks to be taken over by some restaurant, so off to 18 (I think that's name, across road from Fortune Hotel) No chinese chicks, and no indo girls either, all Vietnamese and no English or Chinese spoken, have app on their phones for translation. How the boss thinks this will work I don't know. No acceptance of bareback at all, bummer, previously a chinese chic and an indo did oblige.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigstud  [View Original Post]
    Thanks PC, sounds like fun hunting grounds for my next visit to Macau!
    Macau is like a box of chocolates you never know what V gal will fuck you bare long time.

    PC out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pcpc1688  [View Original Post]
    These are massage places around GD. This one is in the allyway and dunno name. The fun is in the hunt so do some hunting folks.

    PC out.
    Thanks PC, sounds like fun hunting grounds for my next visit to Macau!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigstud  [View Original Post]
    Hi PC, could you kindly provide details (e. G. , names, rates, locations) about the VN joints near Golden Dragon? As an alternative to FN, Hou Va, Darling 1 & 2, I'd like to check them out the next time I'm in town as I really like sweet young VN chicks! Thanks in advance bro.
    These are massage places around GD. This one is in the allyway and dunno name. The fun is in the hunt so do some hunting folks.

    PC out.

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