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    Rio & Macau

    Hi folks,

    Just got back from a trip to HK & Macau, and got an opportunity to sneak out away for the family for one quick trip to Rios.

    Firstly, staying closer to the older hotels is a better idea, The Venetian was too far away and the casinos around were also limited. The older hotels also give easier access to Divino and Famila Nobre (Which I didn't try, because wasn't sure of the exact location).

    Took a cab from the Venetian to Rio's (got a bit of a look from the cab attendant) and went straight up to the 5th floor.

    Once you enter, you pay nothing, you just walk in and are given a locker and a number. There you undress into a towel and head out to the first room, which is a shower and pool and jacuzzi area. Naked men swimming / resting there. There are also "shower girls" asking if you want them to give you a shower. The line up was about to start in 10 min (every 30 min) so I didn't get a chance to try that out.

    Took a quick shower on my own and walked around a bit to another area which led another changing area, where they give you shorts and robe. The attendant will help you put on the robe and even tie it for you, from behind!

    The next area is where they serve the free food and limited drink (didn't try any) and also where they do the massages, Hand jobs etc.

    The line up soon started and hot girls walking past towards the pool area. Most of them wearing nothing lingerie and thongs. Attendants help you choose, Japanese are the most expensive and Viets are the cheapest.

    I picked a Chinese girl based on the suggestion of the attendant, and was walked up to a mezz floor which is full of rooms, must be 30-40 rooms. My room had a bed and a separate tub area.

    In walks the girl, doesn't speak English at all (my fault, should have checked that), Undresses herself, undresses me and guides me to the tub area. This tub is not the regular deep tub, it is shallow, where you can lie down and get a quick bath, without using too much water. Lie on my front first, starts the process of cleaning, plenty of action on the cock and balls, keeping it well hard. Started to run her fingers thru my butt crack, clean and tease. Then suddenly I felt something hot and cold, she took an ice cube in her mouth coupled with warm water and used that for rimming, truly an amazing experience.

    Turn around, lots of cleaning and lots of attention to the cock and balls. Including some interesting suction which she did all over. Difficult to explain, but gave me a good indication of the upcoming BJ.

    Onto the bed, she dries me up completely and I lie down. She prepares 3 cups just below the bed, don't know what they are. On goes a condom (didn't do BBBJ apparently, again, my mistake should have asked). However, again got the hot and cold treatment with some very good suction.

    On to cow girl and few other positions until I finished.

    Overall, Rio is something that you must absolutely try, but I'm losing my interest in Asian women for Far East descent. Not really working for me. Therefore, I probably will not repeat next time I go there.

    Otw back to the hotel, saw plenty of SW in the area, again think it would be better to stay in the older area or in the Wynn next time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Melor  [View Original Post]
    ... another question though is how much from fixed rate the girl gets and how much goes to sauna.
    What was shared was that it was over 60% goes to management / sauna, and less than 40% to the girl. That's what prompted me to consider tipping. Not sure if this ratio is standard across all establishments or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffZeke  [View Original Post]
    - I never know how or when to tip. They were never asked for, and since all we carry is the bracelet and my wallet was in the locker, there was no access to any $$ to tip the girls, or anyone else, even if you wanted to.
    I understand it is not allowed to tip by cash. I read somewhere here that it was possible to tell managers that you would like to tip a particular girl, then they add amount to your bill which you pay before leaving and then girl receives your tip from establishment. But in Familia Nobre it was not possible for me, manager said that tips were not allowed at all. I don't know about other places. Anyway, price is quite high itself and obviously tips seem to be pretty much unnecessary, another question though is how much from fixed rate the girl gets and how much goes to sauna.

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    General observations

    So from my brief visits at Rio and Familia Nombre, I would like to share the following observations. Hopefully you may find some of them helpful.

    - Facilities of both places are excellent. I like Rio being a little more upscale, but FN is also very nice, and the general lounging area with recliners is very nice in both places. A few large screen TVs there too.

    - The staff usually makes some attempt to ensure you don't run into other mongers, at least initially.

    - Taxi drivers appear to get some type of tip for bringing customers to these saunas.

    - A few staff very fluent in English.

    - I had limited time, but probably should have tried the thigh massages, ear cleaning, foot massages, etc. Those look like good value if you have more time to lounge around.

    - Take advantage of the free food, drinks, fruits, etc. These all cost quite a bit, and a large portion of the menu is free (or included) in the entrance fees, or if you pick a girl.

    - Lineups can be a little intimidating, at least for me. Almost all of them are 8's and above, so it can be a little hard to choose.

    - I went with the girls who made eye contact. My best experience was with someone who was practically staring me down, even when I moved around (at Rio).

    - Beware of body type, and make sure you pay attention to that. I concentrated too much on the face most of the time.

    - Even after you pick a girl, their voice may not be the same as what you perceived. I had one at FN who had a low, raspy voice (number 1013). Then another one in Rio (number 831) who had a very high pitched, squeaky voice.

    - After you pick a girl and get settled into the room, I recommend just go with the flow. They all have their routine, and all of them are quite enjoyable.

    - Variables include massage, shower play, some form of suction massage from the mouth (on your back) while she gargles. Also the famous hot and cold BJ. One girl did full body slippery massage, and also extended rimming. Others didn't.

    - The condom one girl brought out was extremely small. I had never seen anything like it. Almost like a finger condom size. I'm of Asian descent, but live in the US. And I'd consider myself to be average in size. Others had normal sized condoms, but this was the first time I saw the extremely small ones.

    - Treat the girls nice, and you will have a great time. Most I've talk to say this is a temporary gig for them to make a quick buck. They will then return back to China and probably never come back.

    - One girl I clicked with shared her phone number and name. She had asked to visit with me after hours. Unfortunately I could not take her up of the offer. But maybe next time.

    - I never know how or when to tip. They were never asked for, and since all we carry is the bracelet and my wallet was in the locker, there was no access to any $$ to tip the girls, or anyone else, even if you wanted to.

    - I'd recommend staying longer, and not be in a rush.

    - Sometimes it's better to pick someone who may not be as popular. A really busy girl will likely be tired or worn out and won't be able to provide as good a session as someone who has been bored all day, and you being the first to pick them!

    - Some of the girls are quite flirty, and many of the Vietnamese ones are this way. I would pick one of these next time.

    - A great time to be had in Macau. I look forward to returning soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melor  [View Original Post]
    Wasn't her nickname Lily by any chance?
    No idea what her name was, I didn't ask. She was fairly tall, huge breasts. She admits to having worked at FN for over two years already, which took me by surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffZeke  [View Original Post]
    Her number was 1013
    Wasn't her nickname Lily by any chance?

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    Familia Nombre

    So after have a good visit at Rio during the first night, I left and tried to "walk" to Familia Nombre with no success. I did not have GPS, and the vague directions I got didn't help. This was around 1 AM, but almost all the stores were still open. I eventually gave up and took a taxi back to the Cotai area and spent some time in the casinos. Lost about $5000 MOP within the hour on roulette and blackjack, and thought, WTF?! No fun at all, and I still had some time and definitely had another session in me, so I took a taxi to Familia Nombre, and made sure to tell the taxi "How Men" sauna, as suggested here on the forum (big thanks!) Arrived at FN, and went straight to the second floor, took a left, and an attendant escorted me in. Everyone has walkie talkies, and they try to make sure the entrance and exits were all done discretely, nice touch. Same routine, I was directed to a locker, stripped down and was handed a T-shirt and baggy shorts. Interestingly, I was also handed some form of paper underwear, as apparently these shorts are not frequently washed, and another layer may be good for hygiene, LOL. I was asked by a male staff if I wanted to see the lineup right away, and which tier, the regular tier, which was $1800 MOP poerr hour, or the model-tier, which was $2200 per hour. I went with the model tier, what the heck, might as well check out the top level. I went into a small room with sofas, sat down, and within a couple of minutes, out came about 12-15 gorgeous ladies, mixture of main-landers, a couple of Vietnamese, a couple of other Asians, and then a very hot Hispanic chic. It was a wealth of riches, and all were 8's, 9's, and 10's so quite honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed. I went with a tall Chinese lady with a nice looking face, and then everyone bowed to me, and said "thank you boss" in Mandarin. I was told to go to the general shower area, since it appeared all the rooms were full (so I showered for a few minutes, and then the lady I chose came to get me. Her number was 1013, and upon entering the room with her, I noticed a couple of things about her which deviated from my initial perception. She was attractive for sure, but not the super-skinny type, and was actually a little more curvy, in a nice way, but her wardrobe during the lineup was not as revealing. Also, her voice was very different, kinda low and raspy, which I did not expect. In the room, she noticed that I had already showered, so we just did a quick scrub down, and began the session with lots of mutual body message, caressing, and some kissing, mostly LFK. She seemed to be into it, but being the later hour (2 AM), she appeared a little tired, with a hint of slurred speech. And BTW, I'm of Asian descent, so I speak some conversational Mandarin. She also gave a nice but short BBBJ, and on came the cover for the main event. She was rather vocal and was uttering some weird Japanese phrases, don't know why, LOL. I was muttering some English, and she then switched to "fuck me, fuck me" in broken English. Anyway, I have her a mixture of hard pounding and slow deep thrusts in multiple positions, but the doggie was what she really liked, and after each round of hard pounding, I could feel her whole body and legs shake in spastic fashion, simulating an orgasm. I always have a hard time cuming with the condom, so she finished me off with HJ onto her huge breasts, all natural the's. We were only about 40 minutes into the session, and I was ready to wash up and leave, but she insisted I stay the full hour, as that was the policy. I would have left very satisfied, but she said she was not allowed to let any monger leave early, or she would get into trouble. So we just laid there for another 20 minutes, watching Japanese porno on TV, and she fell asleep in my arms within a minute. When the time was up, I checked out, got my stuff from the locker, and paid around $2300 or $2400 MOP, and left a happy man.

    FN is a fun place for sure, and the strong reputation is well deserved. It definitely provides good value for those seeking more bang for the buck. In comparison with Rio, I'd say the facilities at Rio are significantly nicer, but of course you pay more there. Quality of women is comparable. FN is probably a larger facility, but they also seemed busier, more mongers. Amongst the mongers in FN, I saw much more international clientele, with several Indians / Pakistanis, and a few Caucasian dudes. Rio was predominantly Chinese.

    Happy mongering to all, and I will post another message with notes and lessons I've learned in my two day experience in Macau saunas.

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    Just got back from a day trip to Macau from HK.

    Took the TurboCat from Kowloon to Macau (took about 1 HR), on arrival walked into Macau.

    About 30 min walk to the Rio Hotel and went to the 5th FL.

    Used the spa service for about 1 HR, every 30 min the "Show" begins and all the girls come out for a line up.

    At 3 pm about 15 girls, ranging from 7 - 10.

    I picked a girl that made good eye contact (thanks for the tip from this forum) she was from the mainland.

    They took me back to show the different rooms, trying to up-sell the VIP rooms, I picked the standard room which was great.

    Service from girl was great. As described in this forum.

    Total cost was $2900 HKD. Not cheap but good experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melor  [View Original Post]
    I had same feeling, all girls are very attractive but after the session I was so satisfied and relaxed that was willing only to return to hotel and have a rest, not in mood for exhausting sexual marathon and repeating with some other cutie. It is good that their service brings not only physical but also psychological relaxation.

    Which war, if I may ask? Iraq?
    I felt the exact same way! It's a full relaxation, physical, mental, and spiritual.

    No, Afghanistan. I've been to Iraq also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomKatt  [View Original Post]
    I wish I could session with everyone of these beauties. I decide that I'm fully relaxed, and had a great time, and am ready to leave.
    I had same feeling, all girls are very attractive but after the session I was so satisfied and relaxed that was willing only to return to hotel and have a rest, not in mood for exhausting sexual marathon and repeating with some other cutie. It is good that their service brings not only physical but also psychological relaxation.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThomKatt  [View Original Post]
    (war scars)
    Which war, if I may ask? Iraq?

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    Sup fellas,

    Just wanted to post my FR for my first time experiences in Macau. I didn't have a great experience in Vietnam, so I wanted to have another session with a Viet girl at one of the famous saunas in Macau. After reading a lot of the posts and reviews, I opted to go to Familia Nobre. At first, I thought it was pretty expensive, but having experienced it myself, it's worth its weight in gold. Unless you know where it exactly is, you may have a hard time finding it. I found some maps where they pinpoint the location, but they were all wrong. I eventually found it because of the large brightly lit neon signs. But I probably had trouble finding it because I had smoked some Mary Jane right before heading out.

    A little background about myself, I'm an Asian-American. The Asian being half Vietnamese and half Chinese. I speak a tiny bit of Vietnamese. I am not fluent, but conversational in Cantonese. I walked up the stairs, and looked at the prices. They have gone up a little from the last picture of the prices, prices are higher Fri-Sun. One of the attendants there immediately brought me in, without asking me anything. They spoke to me in Mandarin (which I only speak a tiny bit of), and I told them I can only speak in Cantonese. The problem I've had is that if you speak can speak Cantonese, then you should know a great deal of Mandarin as well, if you are in China. But most Chinese who live overseas can only speak Cantonese. They tell me to take off all of my clothes, and it was kind of weird, but the attendants there were so cool and normal about it, that they must do it all the time. I mean they hang ALL of your clothes, including my underwear, which is weird. I wrap the towel around me and head to the Jacuzzi area. You must take a shower prior to getting into the Jacuzzi since everyone gets naked and shares it, it's a good idea. I wash my body, and then jump into one of the Jacuzzi in the back, I didn't want to share it with anyone else. Oh my goodness, it felt fantastic, the water level was high, great for soaking your entire body. The temperature hot and perfect to help you unwind. I must have stayed there for an hour. There was a pretty cute girl in a skimpy outfit walking around the area, I wasn't too sure what her purpose there was. I then dry off, and go take another shower. And head into the next room. A female attendant gives me silk shorts and a silk robe. It's orange and brown plaid, kind of ugly, but I don't care. It was weird that a woman was dressing me, and another woman standing behind her watching me. She takes a good look at me, at my junk, and my body, nods with an approving look, and gives me a slap on my ass!

    I walk in and am greeted by everyone. I sit down in the first set of lounge chairs. A lady, who looks like a very dark version of Olivia Wilde comes to talk to me in Mandarin, I don't understand her. She tries Cantonese, but her accent is too thick, so she speaks to me in English. Offered a drink, I ask for watermelon juice. There were a few other guys in the lounge chairs, some look like they were just there to sleep. Throughout my time here, many different customers come and go. I wanted to relax for a bit, and get some pampering and massages. A really cute girl comes and asks me if I wanted a massage. She looked like she was thai, so I assumed she was offering me a "thai" massage, but she could have had a thick accent and asked me if I wanted a "thigh" massage. I thought she said Thai, and turned it down. I wished I got that thigh massage from her though.

    There are about 4 different types of women who work here. The ones in lime green do the dirty work, and are all Vietnamese. They do pedicures, manicures, leg massages, and thigh massages. There's men and women. Many of them learned and can speak Cantonese as well. None of these girls were attractive, but they get the job done, and do it well. The next set of girls wear skirts, with white shirts and blue vests, they are decently attractive and do neck and head massages, with ear cleaning as well. Some of them are locals, some Vietnamese. Not sure if they do thigh massages, they offered it to me, but they could have been selling it for the green shirts. The last set are the "massage" girls, which I will talk about later. One of the cute girls comes and offers me a head and shoulder massage, I say yes. She's from Macau, and is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. She massages me for 30 minutes, and we have a pretty good conversation in Cantonese. I teach her some English as well. I have a thing about boinking local girls, and I think I could have boinked her if I asked, but I wanted a Vietnamese girl more. She was pretty pushy for me to get a thigh massage and to pick a girl from a lineup. It was Friday night and wasn't that busy, so I don't understand why they were trying to get me to rush. I've been watching all of the lineups they've been doing, and there are so many gorgeous women working here. The ugliest girl was probably a 7, and I have really high standards. I tell her that I wanted a foot massage, but all of the green shirts were busy. Eventually all of the green shirts make their way down to my end of the place. I start with a foot massage by an older Vietnamese lady (I'm assuming she's the infamous one everyone talks about), who also speaks Cantonese. She does a great job at the foot massage, but asked to do the thigh massage for me, but for a cheaper rate since she's already doing the foot massage. I agree, but I assumed it was going to be a professional thigh massage. This was not the case. She would work my thighs all the way up to my junk, and constantly brush my jewels and manhood. This was super uncomfortable for me. The fact that she was Vietnamese, older, and spoke Cantonese, reminded me of my mother or aunt. Ughhhh, not how I wanted to get ready. I think my penis went inside of my body to hide. I secretly moved my junk to the opposite side in which she was massaging, so she doesn't make contact with my junk. The massage was good though, when it wasn't sexual. When she brushed my privates, she looked away, avoided eye contact. Another green shirt offers me a pedicure, I agree, and one of the cute girls comes and offers me an ear cleaning, which I also agree. So I have all three women, working my feet, legs, thighs, and inner ear all at the same time. I was in absolute heaven. It was an incredible feeling, I swear my eyes rolled up into my skull so many times. By the way, the cute girls wrap towels around their waist to keep their skirts from getting dirty, not to prevent you from trying to cop a feel, which you shouldn't anyway. Unfortunately, the girl cleaning my ears made multiple comments about how much buildup was in my ears (have been on the road for a month, didn't bring q-tips) and about my inner thigh (war scars). I felt a little embarrassed about both and thought it was pretty unprofessional. Oh well, I got my money's worth and she earned her money. I was able to speak some Vietnamese to them, and had the rest of the conversations with all of them in Cantonese. All of the green shirts were laughing and impressed at my ability to speak broken Vietnamese.

    I think I probably seen about 20 lineups of the girls in traditional red Asian dresses with short skirts and an open chest, and also 10 lineups of the "model" girls, who wear evening gowns. I got plenty of looks from the girls when I was getting massages. Even one of the black girls introduced themselves to me, but I wasn't interested. The Macau girl explained the pricing plan to me, the girls with the green tags were from Vietnam, and were 1700 MOP, but also the cheapest, although that's pretty expensive to what I'm used to, about 3 times the price. I didn't care about the pricing of the others / nationalities, I was intent on a viet girl. Once I was super relaxed and ready to go, I asked for a lineup of only Vietnamese girls. When they brought out the girls, the girls faced two guys who were sitting perpendicular to me, and the girls thought they were the customers who asked for the lineup. Being the young and handsome man, they naturally assumed I was too poor to afford the girls. I felt pretty snubbed by it, but this allowed me to weed out the presumptuous girls. Only two of the girls looked at me and thought I was the one who ordered the lineup. The first girl, 788, made strong eye contact, was beautiful, and was being flirty with me during the whole lineup. Looked like she had a great body. The other girl who looked at me, was also very pretty, and I considered a 3 some, but decided against it instead remembering how expensive it is. After making the pick, she goes to gather the materials for the room. Then she escorts me to the back, during this whole time, other girls who were free were being really fun and flirty during the walk to the room. Some grabbed my junk, and some others smacked my a $$. My goodness, they were all so beautiful.

    Her name is Nga, from Hanoi. 24-27 (I forgot, but could be lying and be older, she looked late 20's to early 30's). No kid. She could speak Cantonese and Mandarin, conversational, not fluent. Very tall 5'7, thick body, and big natural Ccups with a nice booty. She unfortunately tied her hair up into a bun (she ended up looking Japanese), but I would have preferred her to let her shoulder length hair down. But for the service portion, it made more sense, as it looked like she was getting ready to go to work and to town on me hahaha. We start with a shower, and she cleans me thoroughly, giving me a soapy boob slide with my weiner in between in the shower. We head onto the bed, where the TV was playing Japanese porno. She had a cup of hot / really warm water, with I believe mouthwash in it. She does the typical Asian routine by working the nipples, and then moves slowly downwards, kissing every inch of my body. Felt great, like fish kisses. She then starts out with a BBBJ, but with a mouthful of the hot water and mouthwash. Holy crap, I can't describe the feeling, but it was amazing. The hot water felt really nice, relaxed my manhood, but the mouthwash left like a burning sensation on the head. It was like a feeling of pain and pleasure mixed into one. She then spits it out, and does a regular BBBJ, and back to the mouthful of the mixture. It was amazing, and one of the best feelings I've ever felt sexually. I couldn't believe I was inside of her mouth and being on the brink of ecstasy without feeling the need to cum. After 15 minutes, she puts the cover and gets on top doing Asian cowgirl. She rides me for a bit, while I grab her bottom, and cup her breasts. I then went to my favorite position of mish, and drill her while being on top. She's massaging my body the whole time, focusing on my nipples. I then blow my entire load inside of her from the powerful thrusts, until every drop is drained. She cleans me up, and then we lie there and cuddle for about 15 minutes (we sessioned for 45 minutes, you get 1 hour with the girl), watching a Cantonese show, while having a casual conversation. We then have another quick shower and she escorts me back, and other girls once again flirts with me. I wish I could session with everyone of these beauties. I decide that I'm fully relaxed, and had a great time, and am ready to leave. I ask to pay the bill, and I go back to the locker room where they ring up the bill and helped me back into my clothes. The flip flops that I was wearing was put back into the locker, without it being cleaned, which might not be hygienic.

    I spent about 3. 5 hours there, it was 12:30 am, and being a degenerate, wanted to gamble afterwards at the Venetian. The bill was 2500 MOP, and it was one of the most relaxing and fantastic things I've ever done. I highly recommend it to any man who may be in the area. It's quite expensive, but it's the highest form of pampering for a man that I know of, and have experienced.


    Face: 8.

    Body: 8.

    Service: 8.

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    Review on Rio Sauna

    I've recently completed a 2 night stay in Macau, and had a great time mongering thanks to all the valuable information from contributors on this forum. I'd like to share my brief experiences from my visits to Rio and Familia Nombre. First stop was the Rio for me, since it was easy to get to and all the reviews here were excellent. I took a taxi from my Cotai area hotel, and the cost was $75 MOP, approximately $10 USD.

    Arrived at the Rio and headed to the 5th floor, and as everyone has mentioned, the facilities are indeed very sophisticated and "high-end". There is someone to escort you around every corner, and then a male attendant helps you to your locker to store your clothes and other belongings. I was given a towel, and then guided pass the shower area. The next attendant immediately asked me if I was interested in picking a girl, as the lineup show was in progress. I walked to the swimming pool area, and there were about 20-25 girls already there. Their attire is reflective of where they are from, and most were Chinese with a few Vietnamese mixed in, along with one or two Japanese, who were wearing the traditional kimonos. There were about 10 other guys looking over the lineup and picking, with some of them chatting and commenting with friends they came with. Most of the dudes were Chinese. I have a difficult time choosing since all these women were quite attractive, and I was not use to this type of set-up. Eventually, the line-up selection time was over, and I picked someone but misquoted her number, and was eventually led to another private lineup in a living room / lounge area. As per advice from other mongers here, good eye contact was an important part of this selection process, and I ended up picking the girl who was basically eyeing me the whole time as well. In the room, the Chinese girl I picked seemed relieved that I spoke some Mandarin, and we immediately had a good conversation and ended up really clicking, much to my surprise. She was a young, petite Chinese girl from Hubei, who had a beautiful face, slim waist, and large natural see's. The bath was enjoyable, and we had a soapy full-body massage, along with body-to-body rub, and different variations of tongue massages on the back. She also provided some rimming, which was an unexpected surprise; this was not something I am particularly interested in, but it was fun nonetheless. There was also some nice BBBJ action, and then the cover came on, and we went through all the regular positions, including MISH, K9, ACG, and I ended with COB. We seemed to have clicked well, and she asked where I was staying and offered to meet me after she shift. My travel situation ruled out this option, but it certainly peaked my interest. All in all, a very pleasant experience from a high-end provider, and I would recommend Rio without reservations. Well managed sauna with all the amenities, and the overall price was in the 2500 MOP range, or a tad over $300. I went back the next night and hooked up with the same girl, and had a great time again. She gave me her phone and wei-bo chatline, so I guess she also felt like we clicked well. Too bad I live so far away in Texas, otherwise this chic would be good company for special occasions. Familiar Nombre review to following.

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    Darling 1. I haven't been to 2 so can't speak as to its setup.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger888  [View Original Post]
    Is that darling 1, or darling 2? Many thanks BTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelSamuel  [View Original Post]
    Fairly sure you are talking about Darling at the masters hotel. Meets about the 10 min mark, 3rd floor as I recall, fishbowl, cost is right, and the large tubs in the rooms. In November the CIS selection was excellent.
    Is that darling 1, or darling 2? Many thanks BTW.

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    Fairly sure you are talking about Darling at the masters hotel. Meets about the 10 min mark, 3rd floor as I recall, fishbowl, cost is right, and the large tubs in the rooms. In November the CIS selection was excellent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger888  [View Original Post]
    Hi all.

    Have been to macau many times, but I'm struggling to remember the name of a sauna. Basically when taxis have taken me there in the past its a good 10 min drive from wynn. When you pull up. Walk up some steps and into a large building (usually a tout outside too). On the right hand side there are some lifts and it was on the 3rd floor. On the 4th floor is a older casinos which was in need of a clean and a facelift. In the sauna on the 3rd floor. It was more like a fishbowl setup, with all the girls sitting around the room, mainly chinese and vietnamese, plus a handful of CIS. Cost was about 1600-1700 iirc and in the room there was a jacuzzi where you would take a bath together and get a scrub and then the bed for action. Last time I was in macau, I was searching through maps and couldn't find the name of the sauna, and I've searched the forum high and low. Any ideas would be much appreciated (as the CIS girls were the best I had come across in all my trips to macau).

    Thanks tiger.

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