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    My 2014 Trip Report

    Day 40 Monday April 7, 2014 Macau Day 2:

    I had lunch at the Red 8 in the Wynn Hotel. The Peking Duck was great! Then I took a good long walk around the older part of Macau. I stopped by the San Paul Ruinas, a local tourist spot where my favorite mango juice stand is located. The juice girls recognized me and gave me a friendly discount on the price of their fresh squeezed pure mango juice. I like to stop here and have a big glass of their mango juice every day while I am in town. I hung around the Ruinas and snapped a bunch of pics of Chinese girl tourists. It was kind of fun. My little Canon SX230 HS compact travel camera has a big telephoto lens so none of the girls got wind of what I was doing.

    I walked to the bay and smoked one of my Cohiba cigars by the water front before I headed back to my hotel where I relaxed until evening time. It was amazing how a night off really did wonders for my libido. I couldn't wait for 8 pm to roll around so at 7:30 I took off for Familia Nobre Sauna. I decided on Familia Nobre because it is one of my favorite saunas and I have had so many good times here. Last year, however, it was a big letdown. For some reason their lineup was really below par last year and I had only one session there. I am happy to report that this time around the quality was much better and more like it used to be.

    I think I will preface this report with a general description of Sauna protocol for those who have never been to a Macau Sauna using Familia Nobre as a generic example. Most saunas follow this formula more or less. The Familia Nobre Sauna is a 2nd floor walkup in a midrise office building in an upscale Macau neighborhood a couple of blocks from the city's finest casinos. A friendly doorman greets the customer and sends him up to the 2nd floor where there is a reception desk. A couple of middle age Chinese ladies behind the reception desk greet customers and hand them off to a couple of Filipino locker assistants who guide customer towards the locker room. One of the assistants assigns a locker to each customer while the other worker assists the customer with disrobing and stowing away his gear. (East Sauna employs cute Indo girls for this task.) The naked customer is then given a pair of sandals, a towel, and a locker key in the form of a numbered rubber wrist band. All subsequent sauna charges are put on the tab and all the customers' belongings are secure. The only personal items I take with me further into the sauna are my watch, my Swan Pen Camera or cell phone, and some scraps of paper to write down the names and numbers of the girls and anything else that I may find interesting and worth remembering. There is nothing awkward about this set up. You are a man. You are here to shag beautiful girls and everybody knows it.

    The locker assistants then point the customer off in the direction towards the showers and the hot pools (saunas). There are usually a few bikini clad Vietnamese girls waiting for customers in the shower / pool area. The shower girls will take a shower with you, play with you in one of the saunas, or give you a wet bikini massage if you desire. The wet bikini massage or Japanese massage costs 200 hk. I tried it one time and did not think it was worth it. After showering and cleaning up, the next station is the change room where, this time, a couple of Chinese (male) assistants help the customer change into a bathrobe and shorts in exchange for his wet towel. There are usually a few more Vietnamese bikini clad girls hanging about here too, but I don't know what they do except act as window dressing.

    So now that the customer is clean and dressed in proper lounge attire I. E. A bathrobe and shorts, he now enters the lounge area. Usually a Chinese hostess girl greets the customer here and escorts you to a lounge chair. Chinese waitresses quickly scamper about to lay down clean towels on the selected lounge chair before the customer lies down. Then the waitresses take your beverage order. Juice drinks, cokes, or green tea are free. There are free cigarettes in fancy holders beside each lounge chair. There are usually several customers already lying about and relaxing. Some of them are being attended to in various ways. I will get to that in a moment.

    Familia Nobre Monday 4/7/2014:

    So here I was relaxing in a lounge chair at Familia Nobre and sipping some honey dew melon juice after being away 10 months. I wasn't alone very long before Mi Mi, a petite Vietnamese thigh massage vixen that I have become very friendly with from many previous visits spotted me and came over to say Hi. We got to talking and it was like I had never been away. She asked me if I wanted a thigh massage (oily hand job) and I told her I thought she was never going to ask. She giggled and off we went to a private room. I like Mi Mi a lot. She is very sexy and has a great bawdy sense of humor. I like the ways she always refers to my dick as a banana.

    As we headed to a room she asked me if we had ever boom boomed. This was strange question and a surprising turn in the conversation. I told her we had not shagged, but she was not that sure about it. I assured her that if we had boom boomed, I would have remembered it. Actually the closest we ever got to sexual congress was when I let her give me a thigh massage to completion after I had a session with a beautiful Chinese girl. I had not seen her before my session and I thought at the time that an after sex thigh massage might be interesting. I knew she knew I was coming off a session because she told me the girl I had shagged told her that she had two orgasms during that session. I think it might have been true because that session with Sa Sa was one of the best shags I ever had. There is a report on that session somewhere. Anyway, I told Mi Mi back then that I was spent, but she claimed she could make me cum if I let her. I took the challenge and said I would like to see her try. It should be noted that thigh massage girls are carefully trained not to bring a customer to orgasm. The whole point of the service is to turn the customer on, to sensitize him, and prepare him for a full session. In other words, it is supposed to be an appetizer, not the main course.

    So Mi Mi began giving me one of her expert thigh massages and sure enough she got me hard in no time. I began fooling around with her a little as was my custom. We light kissed from time to time and I unbuttoned her blouse so I could see her cleavage better and cup her small breasts. These are little liberties I take with her, but generally the customer is supposed to sit back and passively enjoy the thigh massage. Anyway, this time Mi Mi was breaking protocol and trying her best to give me an orgasm. And sure enough, towards the end of the session the feeling started rising inside of me. Mi MI knew what was happening and where she would normally have slowed down until the feeling subsided a little, this time she went full steam ahead and would not stop. I clearly remember shooting off a load. Mi Mi and I both watched as it arched in midair and landed on her lap. Mi Mi then started giggling. She was so happy. She won! I came.

    So now after a 10 month separation, Mi Mi lubricated my dick and started to expertly massage my dick. We joked around a bit as usual. Mi Mi then asked if I wanted to shag her. This was another surprising turn of events. I told her that I did and I invited her to come to my hotel room later in the evening after her shift. But Mi Mi said she couldn't do that because she worked late and she would be too tired. I looked at her a little puzzled and asked her if she was suggesting I take her to a bedroom as full session girl. I had done that one time before with a very wanton and naughty Indonesian thigh massage girl back in 2012. That was another very memorable session and I still keep in occasional Yahoo Messenger contact with Riny. The last I heard from Riny, she was in Paris of all places. Lucky girl! There is another detailed trip report on my interlude with Riny somewhere.

    But Familia Nobre does not encourage such behavior and will charge a customer more to shag a thigh massage girl than to shag one of their top Chinese models. It's crazy, so there was no way I was going to pay that kind of money to shag little Mi Mi. Now don't get me wrong, I love Mi Mi. She is a real nice girl and I really like her, but she is no stunner. She is 6* at best. I am attracted to her because she is cute and she has given me many really erotic hand jobs over the years. More importantly, Mi Mi has a really funny, naughty, sexy way about her. For example, after sensuously massaging my dick for 30 minutes and bringing me to the brink of orgasm several times during a session, I really love the way she will say when our time is up, "ok, now you go and boom boom pretty Chinese lady, yes?" and I respond, "yeah, I go boom boom Chinese lady now. See you later. Thanks. " And she smiles as we share a light kiss and say goodbye. Now that's my kind of girl! So I know I would enjoy shagging Mi Mi like a kind of kinky professional friend, but not as a super star blow your mind PSE.

    Fortunately, I was making the wrong assumption. Mi Mi clarified that what she was suggesting was that next time I come to Familia Nobre; I bring some cash into the lounge area. Then I take her for thigh massage like normal and then she would shag me in the thigh massage room for 1000 hk. Now that was a novel idea I had not thought of! LOL. And I immediately thought that it would be a fun thing to do on many levels so I accepted her proposal and told her yeah, that's what we will do next time I come here. So Mi Mi and I made a pact. She then continued with her very enjoyable thigh massage for the remaining 20 minutes. It was nice to lay back and have my dick caressed by such a talented gal.

    After my session with Mi Mi, I headed back to the lounge area. Before I sat down, I run into one of the lounge hosts and I told him that I would like to have a line up in about 10 minutes. He told me I could have a line up any time I wanted. So I said, "OK, I want a line up now. I laid back on one of the lounge chairs and one of the female Chinese lounge assistants came by and placed a towel over my legs. It was cool in the lounge area. Then in about 5 minutes the host came back with at least 50 girls in tow. There were so many girls that he had to assemble them in two groups; the "model" group and the "regular" group. The "models" stood around in front of my lounge chair first and on the Host's cue and in chorus they all said, "Hi Boss. " Then the host sat down next to me and described each girl and explained her country of origin. The "model" group consisted of two busty Nigerian girls who gave me big smiles and knowing looks, two demure Japanese girls, a couple very pretty Singapore / Chinese girls, a few sexy Taiwanese girls, a couple of Asian looking Kazakhstan girls, a few CIS Russian girls, and of course many Chinese girls. The girls in the "model" group were all dressed in see through long flowing black or white evening dresses that did not leave too much to the imagination. The girls in the "regular" group were all dressed in bikinis of various colors according to their nationality which was Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. Many of the bikini girls had large breasts (bolt-ons). I thought that a good number of the regular girls were very pretty and totally shagable. But some of the "model" girls were just outstanding.

    Familia Nobre "model" class girls are 1900 hk per session. The "regular" girls are 1500 hk per session. Out of the 25 model class girls, I would say there were at least 7 girls that I really wanted to shag and out of the 25 regular class girls, I think at least 10 would have been really good too. All the girls were smiling at me and all of them appeared to want to be chosen. My impression was that several girls in the bikini group were trying harder to attract my attention than any of the other girls with the exception of one of the Nigerian girls who was really locking her eyes balls on mine. I looked over both groups as well as I could. It is really impossible to make an informed decision on such short notice and with so many excellent girls to choose from. Did it really matter who I chose? Out of the 7 model category girls that I really liked, any one of them could have been my girl, so I more or less randomly selected Thuy, #992 from Taiwan. Thuy had a nice smile, a very pretty face, and firm natural breasts. She wore her black evening dress well due to her hour glass figure. She was around 5"6' and had large natural "see" cups. I liked her looks and the fact that she was Taiwanese helped her selection. She gave me a big sexy smile when she realized that I had chosen her.

    So off we went arm in arm to one of the bedrooms. She spoke only a little English, but she seemed real nice and demure. The first part of the session was pretty much by the book and did not impress me much. She washed me and then gave me a body to body soapy massage on an elevated mattress in the shower room. But when we got to the bed things started picking up. She began by cat licking my back top to bottom paying special attention to my anal area. She took her time and gave me a slow deep rim job. Then she worked her way down to my feet and licked the souls of my feet. The Chinese are such chauvinists to think up technique like this as part of the regular sauna routine, but I have to admit that you can get used to it and enjoy it.

    I turned over on my back and Thuy began cat licking everything from my neck and ears down to my feet. But as she began to lick my neck and ears, I took the opportunity to personalize the action a little by kissing her face. She smiled and pretty soon we were making out. She continued to cat lick her way all the way down to my feet again and then on the way back up she stopped off at my groin. She filled two glasses; one with hot Listerine and the other with ice water. Thuy then began to give me a fire and ice BJ that Chinese Sauna girls are famous for. Her technique was very good, especially with the hot Listerine. She took a gulp of the liquid and then took only my head into her mouth introducing my dick to the hot new environment. Then after a little while she took the entire shaft into her mouth and sucked me off while never spilling a drop of liquid or gagging on my dick. It felt wonderful. Then after a while she spat out the Listerine and took a gulp of the ice water and repeated the same steps engorging my dick in the icy cold water. I can't adequately describe what the pleasure this contrast in temperatures felt like but it was amazing. It has a unique effect unlike an ordinary BJ. Thuy repeated this process 5 or 6 times and then she just continued with a regular BBBJ without the liquid. I got to say, I really felt at home in her mouth. It felt great. I give her BBBJ 9 stars out of 10!

    After a while I began thinking I couldn't take too much more of this or I else would have an orgasm. Thuy must have sensed that too, because at this point she asked, "condom?" and I said yes. She put it on and then she mounted me. Thuy's pussy felt real good and she was very skilled in cowgirl. She had about 5 different cowgirl moves which she rotated every few minutes before switching over to the next one. We went through her cycle two or three times. She almost had me climax a couple of times. Her last move was what I have been calling "peasant cowgirl" where she supported herself on the palms of her feet while my dick was buried deep inside her. I looked down and could see my dick going in and out of her hairy pussy. Very nice! After a while I sensed that Thuy was getting a little tired in her peasant cowgirl position so I rolled her over and finished her off in mish. I have a few missionary moves myself so the 2nd act with me on top was very pleasurable too.

    Afterwards, I lay on top of her until my dick shrank down to normal size. Then I rolled over and Thuy carefully cleaned me up. Then we took a shower together and dressed. My only disappointment of the session, although it was not unexpected, was that she would not let me take a photo of her. She was very nice and polite about it as she practically begged me not to take the pic, so I had to put the Swan Pen Camera away. So far I have never succeeded in taking a single picture of a Macau Chinese Sauna girl. I wish it weren't so. But the Sauna girls are so well trained and managed that it's the one thing they never permit and I can't force a girl to do something she is not into. That would not be any fun. So I have to do without, but it is a damn shame because I would really like to see a pic of my girls 6 months or a year down the road just to confirm in my own mind that they are as beautiful and sexy as I think they are.

    I have taken some pics of the thigh massage girls, but only the ones that I have arranged to bang outside of the saunas, but that is another story. Thigh massage girls are mostly Vietnamese and very horny. They speak English which makes hooking up with them outside the Sauna easy. If I spoke Mandarin, I am pretty sure I could arrange dates with the Chinese girls as well. But without a common lingo it is hard to say, "hey, meet me at the Holiday Inn at 3 am. " Oh well.

    Thuy walked me back to the lounge area and we said goodbye with a little kiss. She was a lovely girl and she was my first girl from Taiwan! Would I repeat with her? Yes, but there were at least 10 other girls in the lineup that I would like to try first. After my session I was suddenly hungry so back in the lounge area I asked one of the waitresses to show me the menu. The menu was divided in two parts; in one section all items were free and in the other section all items were priced out. I ordered some crab fried rice and a fresh orange juice from the free part of the menu. The waitress rolled up a portable table next to my lounge chair and in a few minutes she brought me my dinner. It was good.

    After dinner another girl came around and asked if I wanted a complimentary foot massage. She was Vietnamese and kind of cute so I said sure. Some other Chinese gentlemen lying down near me had asked for a line up so the host brought back the girls. I looked over the group intently making mental notes for my next visit. Thuy rated pretty high in the group, but I noticed a couple of Chinese girls not present in my original lineup that were really hot and that one African girl continued to devour me with her eyes and smile. Damn! I bet she would be something in bed, but I am devoted to Asian girls. Only an exotic beautiful Ethiopian girl could sway me.

    It was now around 11:30 pm and time to leave. I had spent a little less than 4 hours in Famila Nobre. On the way to the shower room I ran into Mi Mi. She winked and asked how my shag had been. I told her it was great. She said, "don't forget me". I smiled back and said I wouldn't forget her, but whether that means I shagged her secretly in the thigh massage room or just let her give me another great thigh massage remains to be told.

    Outside it was cool and drizzling again. It always rains in Macau. I did not mind. I walked over to the MGM and had a Grey Goose on the rocks at Lions Bar. There were a few Indonesian FL's hanging out and the band was playing. After my drink I took a spin around the slot machines. I did not see any FL's. I smoked a Cohiba mini outside by the Bay and then I headed back to my hotel and I had a good night's sleep. Tomorrow I will visit Rio Sauna, the classiest sauna in town.
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    My 2014 Trip Report

    Day 39 Sunday April 6, 2014 Macau Day 1:

    The good thing about going to Swampy International Airport early in the morning is that there is no traffic. My taxi ride took approximately 25 minutes. I checked in for my Thai Air Smile flight without a hassle and even immigration was easy. With plenty of time to spare, I had a double skinny café latte and a croissant while waiting for my flight. It was then that I had some time to reflect on the great times I had in Thailand this trip, but I also realized that I was really looking forward to Macau.

    Two hours and some change later I arrived in Macau. The air temp 26 degrees cooler than in BKK, the visibility was 15 feet, and it was drizzling. It always rains in Macau. I was the 2nd or third person off my plane so I breezed through customs in less than 5 minutes. I waited a few more minutes for my suitcase and then I was off in a taxi heading for the Holiday Inn in Macau City. Being an Intercontinental Priority Club member, the Holiday Inn upgraded my reservation to a deluxe room on the 25th floor. While I really liked the new Holiday Inn in Pattaya and the high end Holliday Inn in Singapore, all I can say about the Macau Holiday Inn is that it has a great location near all the saunas and it is utilitarian, clean, and priced right. I used to stay here for $87/ night and that was a very good deal. Then in 2014 they upped their price to $118 which I no longer consider such a great deal. I might stay at the Lisboa Hotel in 2015 for roughly the same price.

    It was around noon so after I checked into my hotel and deposited my suitcase into my room, I headed over to the Rossio restaurant at the MGM Grand for their sumptuous Sunday Buffet Brunch. It was great! They have a sushi / sashimi station, a crustacean station, a Chinese Dim Sum station, a carving station, and antipasto and salad station, a wine and champagne station and a desert station. The highlights for me were the KC style BBQ ribs, the whole roasted baby suckling pig, the razor clams, Maine lobster, and yellow fin tuna sashimi. I have tried a lot of 5 star Asian Hotel Buffets. This one is one of the best. Naturally I ate way too much. So after lunch I wandered around town with the cool wet wind slapping my face. I borrowed an umbrella from my hotel and I was wearing a lined light weight fall jacket. It felt great to be back here and I wondered who I should thank for turning on the AC? I stopped off at a tobacco store I know of and bought a couple boxes of Cohiba Mini Cigars for a ridiculous low price. Apparently Commie China and Cuba have special trade relations.

    I continued walking around for a couple of hours. It was around 4 pm when I eventually got back to my hotel. I took my shoes off and conked out. When I woke up it was already 7 pm. Despite my nap, I felt a little spent thanks to all the action in Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Jakarta so I decided to relax and take a night off from all the girls.

    Around 10 pm I went out and walked over to the Lisboa Race Track. It never fails to amaze me to see these super sexy Chinese FL's walk around a fancy shopping arcade in their evening dresses and high heels. Surprisingly a couple of very pretty ones gave me the "I want to take you up to my room" look, but I stuck to my decision to remain celibate tonight. I made plans to make a video of the Lisboa Race Track with my Swan Pen Camera later on. The race track is a sight to behold. I want you guys to see it.

    Since I was so close, I went over to Congee and Noodle Restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Grand Lisboa Hotel across the street to have some spicy noodle soup with minced pork. After dinner as I was walking on the overpass between the Grand Lisboa and the Lisboa Hotel, two Chinese working girls bumped into me. They were very friendly and appeared overjoyed to meet me. After a small attempt to converse, they indicated that they wanted to take me upstairs to their room. I was kind of intrigued, but I felt my batteries still needed to be charged so I let them go about their business.

    I walked over to the Wynn and through their casino. The Wynn is a very elegant and expensive hotel. Then I walked next door to the MGM to see if any FL's were hanging out by the slot machines. I did not see any. It was probably too early. I had a Grey Goose Vodka on ice at Lions Bar at the MGM. The house band was playing some popular cover songs. There were only a few, what looked to me like, Indonesian FL's. I think 11:30 pm was still too early for this bar. At times, I have seen this bar rock with so many FL's that they could not hold them all and the girls spilled out into the atrium. Note to self: write a comparison on the 5 Star Asian Hotel bars that I frequented this trip namely, Bats at the Shangri-La Jakarta, Brix at the Hyatt Singapore, Darling Darling at Naga World Pnom Penh, Spasso at the Hyatt BKK, and now Lions Bar at the MGM Macau.

    After Lion's Bar I walked across the street to MP3 bar. A number of friendly Filipinas were sitting outside shivering. It wasn't that cold although it was still raining. LOL. I walked inside and ordered a beer. There was a DJ in the corner and a large fake breasted CIS dancer with peroxide blond hair was pole dancing center stage. A couple of Filipinas came by to say Hi. I invited the prettiest to sit down and I bought her a drink. After a while she started rubbing my cock under the table. Even though I wasn't really up for sex or I would have gone to a sauna, it felt good, so I suggested we go to a booth in the back of the bar for more privacy. I was straight up with her and I told her that I wasn't going to take her back to my hotel tonight. She said she was ok with that and she just wanted to keep me company for a little while. I told her I was flying to Clark on Friday. She said she was from Cebu. I told her I liked Cebu and that I thought Cebuanas were the prettiest girls in the PI. We started making out and I was hard. I caressed her breasts and she unzipped me and began rubbing my cock. So my night of rest was very pleasant and I stuck to my original intent of no sex tonight. We had a couple of shots each of Tequila and then I took my leave. She gave me her cell number and asked me to call her tomorrow or drop by MP3 again as she would wait for me. I gave her a 100 hk tip.

    I walked past Familia Nobre and Rio Hotel on the way back to the Holiday Inn. I could easily have gone into either establishment and had a great time, but I continued walking. I saw a couple of SW's hanging around behind the Landmark Hotel. They gave me an "are you interested look. " Back at the ranch I watched a bad movie on Fox Movie channel and fell asleep. I woke up late the next morning. I guess the colder weather was good for sleeping. My batteries were now fully charged and I knew I would be stopping by one of my favorite Saunas later on in the evening.

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    I too like to avoid weekends in Macau, but most times my vacation starts in the weekend to make the most of whatever little time I have. Starting in the weekday means spending the weekend at home (and less time with the girls). Occiasionally I get lucky and it is a detour from a business trip.

    I like to avoid the traffic between AC and Manila, not to mention NAIA is like one of the worst airport out there. Filipinas are my favorite since I am not multi-lingual.

    I have had great service (especially the way many of them scream with pleasure) from PRC in ChangPing before the crackdown, but stopped going there, just too much work, language wise and the Chinese was a bit more reserved. PRC with a pierced tongue, I have never seen in the hundreds of girls screened there. Indonesia is a bit better. Once of the best service I ever had were from a Thai in Phuket and a Thai SW in Geylang but the ones in between was not great and inconsistent.

    CP used to be a pain when paying flights by credit card, had more luck in recent times. The CP flight from HK is consistently late usually de-prioritised by ATC.

    I have never had much luck at Havanas Makati (too expensive, inconsistent, too standoffish), Burgos & EDSA more pricey, but prefer AC because of the "health screening" no matter how lame it is, its better than nothing. Also great thing in AC, everything is for sale, even the waitress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poopbunny  [View Original Post]
    Arrived in HKIA i...bought the Darling1 return ferry package.

    After our session she wanted to give me her number but I did not have my phone with me, ...So as she saw me out, she got a piece of paper from the reception and wrote down her contact and gave it to me there and then. I will send her a text to keep channels open...

    I was now looking forward to my Cebu Pacific flight from HKIA which will take me to Angeles City. I will post a separate report in the Philippine forums.
    Hi PB, I liked your trip reports on AC + Macau. We follow similar travel paths, Macau to AC or for me sometimes AC to Macau. I always check into Macau on Sundays and check out on Fridays avoiding the weekend crowds and higher hotel fees. Last time I flew CP to Clark it was a cluster fuck at the airport with another international flight arriving 5 minutes ahead of my flight. It took an hour to get through immigration and it spoiled my first night back in AC. For my next trip I have scheduled a Philippine Airlines flight from Macau to MNL instead. I will arrive around 6 pm and have plenty of time to make the most out of Makati.

    BTW, I commend your efforts to build LT relationships with the girls you like, especially in AC. Me too. In Macau I am on very friendly terms with an Indonesian thigh massage girl at East Spa. I spend most of my time in Rio, FN, and East although I like D1 too. The language barrier prevents my establishing long term texting relations with my favorite Chinese sauna girls although they consistently have shown me a real good time. I love Chinese girls, but then again I love Filipinas, Thais, and Indonesian girls as well.

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    Arrived in HKIA in the wee hours of the morning and proceeded to the Ferry desk only to find out the morning ferries have been cancelled. This means at least 5 hour wait in the terminal, so I proceeded to immigration and the Shun Tak. Having an EChannel really helped, no long queues. Since I was at Shun Tak I bought the Darling1 return ferry package. My first time doing so. In the morning, there were only 2 or 3 outlets opened (1 of them sold many others but not the Darling1). They gave me a ticket with a perforated stub (the stub for the return ferry ticket) and a TurboJet ticket for a sailing (that departs in about 40 minutes). Again the EChannel sped me through clearance and I was at the gate early. One of the staff directed me to stand at the "Standby Queue", there you can catch the earlier ferry if space was available and there was. I think the savings for the Sauna package was about HKD200-300, ferry tickets cost more in the weekend.

    I returned in anticipation of meeting up with "Aa" again from my last review but she was nowhere to be seen. I counted at least a good 50+ girls on display and probably at least 10 busy in the rooms, this was on a week night.

    I decided to take a seat in case she showed up but she never did, I was about to pick a pretty Viet # 325, but just as I was about to, someone else beat me to her. A Thai model # 776 with big boobs was giving me the eye, she was also recommended by the pimp over the one I finally settled for Thai model # 762 as her face appealed to me more as she reminded me of an actress (can't remember which now). When she did sit next to me and saw her side profile, I was a little disappointed, she did look good as some angles. Also spotted a regular PRC #22, she was so petite, she looked like an Asian elf. Great for guys who have small didi, or if a regular guy impaled her, it would look like she had grown a third leg.

    It turned out that #762 was new on the job, I think it was her 3rd day or something, usually the girls here have a routine to give you the max pleasure and get you off with ruthless efficiency. I did not get it with her. Still my time was OK but nothing like Aa. I should have taken the pimps advice and gone with #776.

    The next day I returned for standard Viet #325 after midnight but she had just left 15 minutes earlier, she would return at midday the next day, hours before I was due to leave, so I went for Thai model # 776. I asked her about Aa and described her, but she believes that Aa is long gone as she has been around for a while and have not met her. She told me her name was Annie and she provided good service with DFK (which was lacking in #762).

    She said I should have gotten Aa's contact which I did not think was allowed. After our session she wanted to give me her number but I did not have my phone with me, I didn't see any point carrying one. So as she saw me out, she got a piece of paper from the reception and wrote down her contact and gave it to me there and then. Everyone there seem's OK with it. I will send her a text to keep channels open, in case she bumps into Aa. Although remote, it is still a possibility as I did give repeat business to a good Viet performer a year later.

    My third and last day, I returned for Viet #325 and my last chance to use my prepaid ShunTak voucher. She was ok, nothing to rave about, my half loaded chamber, emptied just hours before into #776, probably did not help.

    There was a stub attached to the ShunTak voucher which was swapped at Darling1 for another voucher I had to present at the Macau Ferry Terminal, where your TurboJet ticket can be redeemed.

    I was now looking forward to my Cebu Pacific flight from HKIA which will take me to Angeles City. I will post a separate report in the Philippine forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddylane  [View Original Post]
    Yes, it's 90 minutes. The HK coupon is 1860 which includes the return ferry fares. It has moved to Master Hotel which is closed to Sofitel. So you take the shuttle to Sofitel and walk about 100 meters. Went there at 2. 30 pm yesterday. Only about 20 girls, only Vietnamese and Thai. Chose a Viet with good body. Standard service but pleasant. May be I am not the demanding type. Darling always does not disappoint, but probably not the best choice of service providers.
    I have bought the package. Its maybe a $40 savings as it all costs real money. The most you save is a few HKDs off the boat ride, you can believe that. These greedy folks are not giving shit away.

    PC out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stinkyfeet  [View Original Post]
    Boss sauna only has vietnamese girls from what the lady manager told me. I visited during the daytime. Was show 10 "girls". I walked out tasting puke at the back of my throat. I have never seen a line-up so aweful in my life. I have seen prettier girls working in 20 yuan shacks in jinjiang 6 years ago. For the first time ever, I am rating the girls 1-2 out of 10 stars. The lowest ever. In my mongering years. Oh, the best part. The price was over 1200 hkd.
    Try the hookers in front of the Sofitel. I have had a few for 300 mop and very nice.

    PC out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NattyBumpo  [View Original Post]
    That there were not any big girls when you were there. No disrespect. I take your observation as 100% factual.
    Sorry Natty, I read your post hastily, misunderstood and thus a bit aggressive answer. My bad!

    Cheers, FF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABCinLA  [View Original Post]
    I haven't been back to Macau for like 8 years but have read overall very good reviews on Familia Nobre from more than one board. Just curious is it possible to purchase a session ticket

    there from the Ferry Terminal at Hong Kong Island?
    Yes, you can. After all, they are there for business. If you meant to ask whether you can buy your session coupon at the Shun Tak ferry terminal in Hong Kong, the answer is probably yes. I was there early this year and I purchased my session ticket from there, at a discount.

  10. #1975

    Familia Nobre

    I haven't been back to Macau for like 8 years but have read overall very good reviews on Familia Nobre from more than one board. Just curious is it possible to purchase a session ticket

    there from the Ferry Terminal at Hong Kong Island?

  11. #1974
    Quote Originally Posted by NattyBumpo  [View Original Post]
    That there were not any big girls when you were there. No disrespect. I take your observation as 100% factual.
    Don't take my observations 100%, you know us nordic guys, we tend to bullshit a lot.

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    Senior Member

    Natty Bumpo
    Quote Originally Posted by FinnishFucker  [View Original Post]
    What is amazing Natty? The fact I did not find busty girls in FN as everyone else did or that I found them in Darling1?
    That there were not any big girls when you were there. No disrespect. I take your observation as 100% factual.

  13. #1972
    Quote Originally Posted by NattyBumpo  [View Original Post]
    That is amazing!
    Well the busty ones were not there in FN in July as I visited. Maybe a wrong night, who knows. But after stepping into Darling 1 the scene changed a lot and big boobs were there.

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    Natty Bumpo
    Quote Originally Posted by FinnishFucker  [View Original Post]
    I must have been there on a wrong night because there were no girls with big boobs. Darling 1 was much better.
    That is amazing! Situations change I guess. I was there is April 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and there were always a lot of big girls there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NattyBumpo  [View Original Post]
    Familia Nobre: There is a high ratio of naturally stacked and bolt-on bikini girls in the regular category, but there seems to be a higher ratio of "natural" girls in the model category although still a number of bolt-ons.
    I must have been there on a wrong night because there were no girls with big boobs. Darling 1 was much better.

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