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    For escort site in Veneto

    For escort site in Veneto is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sxyman  [View Original Post]
    Is a bath massage worth doing? I'm noticing it seems to be offered in italy, I haven't seen it in AMPs in Malta so far.

    Does she waste a lot of your time filling the bath?
    Definitely NOT worth! It is not only a waste of your time, but it's also a waste of your money!

    Generally speaching, in many of these AMP's there is a continuous request for extra by the masseuses in order to extend the times and ways of massage. So you have the so called "romantic massage" (I mean, so called "massage" and so called "romantic") , or the 20 for HJ, then maybe other extras and other extras again for touching and undressing the masseuse, so other for bath massage and so on. Everything to have more time and mor extras! From extra to extra (including the bath / shower) you can easily come to 90-100 euros for having an HJ! And Pay attention about further requests (and in some cases trying to avoid the HE).

    The best way to avoid being fooled is to know the best centers (there are, just know where to look for). In some cases could be useful also to become a "frequent" customer of the masseuse or the center which one liked (even if often the masseuses and also the center have a replacement rather frequent).

    So it's IMHO, and I write it disappointed because I was (and I am right now) a fan of oriental / erotic massage (but now only abroad!).

    I got to try the massage centers at the beginning of their deployment in Italy, and I can say that the "services" of HE decreased while prices have soared.

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    OOOFH! It is clear nobody read past reports! Italy is not a country for sex! Italy is not a country for lovers! Italy is not a country for wives! Italy is not a country for prostitutes! Of course, any sexual satisfaction is too expensive in relation of the final balance! Even Hollywood stars can't resist to Italian girls' bitchy attitude (and they can spend millions dollars)! Only few mongers can get something good (or extraordinary) for very low price, but I realize 99% members here are just lonely people who think to be mongers just because they have some money to spend! Moreover they don't read the wise reports in all over this forum, too! Money is the world's greatest aphrodisiac when a man is good at dealing few dollars in exchange of everything! Even Berlusconi got a clown show when he paid 4000 euros as a "tip" for an "escort": 150 euros is enough to get the unbelievable! By the way, in Treviso there is one of the greatest prostitutes in world, she makes a deepthroat swallow blowjob (with ball shower in her mouth) for 20 euros, she makes multiple vaginal / anal fistings and very huge "toys" (also the tools of mechanic) for not more than 100/150 euros / first hour, an overnight for not more than 300/350 euros, regardless the number of men, and you could have something much harder than GGG movies. But you can get everything only if you are a real monger, otherwise she eats up you! This is my standard in all areas in the world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit  [View Original Post]
    Found a Chinese massage behind the Plaza Hotel by Mestre station. 60 EUROS for 1 hr oil and bath massage plus tip. Gorgeous Chinese girl who spoke only Italian. Really hard to communicate. I only had 100 EURO bill, so she took 50 for the massage, and later we negotiated for 30 EUROS for HJ and heavy petting. She pouted until I paid for the 1hr bath massage from the 30min oil massage, and after I negotiated up from 20 EURO tip to 30 she warmed up. So I know I got jacked. Oh well a monger got to do what he got to do.
    Is a bath massage worth doing? I'm noticing it seems to be offered in italy, I haven't seen it in AMPs in Malta so far.

    Does she waste a lot of your time filling the bath?

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    I'the lived in Venice for years. IMHO I could say that in the city of Venice (the island) there is nothing, more or less, if you search P4P.

    There was a little brothel located near SS. Apostoli, not so far from S. Marco, but there was a police-blitz and so they closed few months ago. The girl were from local strip club from Mestre and surrounding area. I don't know if I can put here the link from newspaper, but you can search in Internet the news.

    That I know, few or nothing. Incall girl and of course no massage. Maybe some escort, but of course not from Venice but called from mainland.

    If you want P4P, you have to go to Mestre, here you have Chinese massage, loft girl (Chinese, from Romania, South America. But pay attention because there are a lot of false ADS on websites) , escort, and finally SW located in Terraglio road. But pay attention because some City Council decided years ago to fine the poor customers if caught by the police!

    So believe me, if you come to searching for P4P. STAY AWAY from Venice and generally from Italy!

    In the past (in 1500-1600) , Venice was called 'the city of the working girls' but now there is NOTHING!

    Of course, talking about cultural tourism and cultural heritage, Venice is a unique city in the world.

    I hope that this post could be useful, especially for those (maybe strangers) who are looking for news on P4P in Venice.

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    I strongly suggest not to pay any amount for a massage or a handjob for more than 20 euros, otherwise it is a fraud and it is very much more "male" to make a handjob ourselves instead to waste a lot of blooded money for no sex!

    Italy is not a country for real sex! Even Italian husbands have no sex with their bitchy wives! Change country for something spicy! Save your money and choice wisely a good country with true geishas! In Italy there is no real sex, even if you are ready to tip 4000 euros such as Catholic Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (by the way, now you know how the European debt was increased).

    Romanian are the worst of the worst, and when they say "we don't want to do what you want, otherwise we phone our friends", their friends are not their pimps but they are the policecops. That's incredible: Italy is the unique country where prostitutes have the same credibility of our mothers who chose to have a regular life instead to deepthroat cumshots. And by statistics, there are more job opportunities in Romania than in Western Europe now.

    But anyway you want to try the "Italian" thrill indeed, then you should try prostitutes on the Terraglio road, between Mestre and Treviso. Prices more than 20/30 euros for a deepthroat swallow blowjob is a fraud. And Romanian are hard to deal with. No surprise if you get a bad service for high price because it is simply you are just a wussy pretending to be a *****monger.

    And your half paid cash goes to the narcotic trade: in fact drug demand has never crisis in schools and discoteques.

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    Chinese massage in Venice

    Found a Chinese massage behind the Plaza Hotel by Mestre station. 60 EUROS for 1 hr oil and bath massage plus tip. Gorgeous Chinese girl who spoke only Italian. Really hard to communicate. I only had 100 EURO bill, so she took 50 for the massage, and later we negotiated for 30 EUROS for HJ and heavy petting. She pouted until I paid for the 1hr bath massage from the 30min oil massage, and after I negotiated up from 20 EURO tip to 30 she warmed up. So I know I got jacked. Oh well a monger got to do what he got to do.

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    Where In Venice???


    Thanks for your information. I am going to Venice this weekend and would be interested in finding some company. Can you tell me the best places to locate ladies in Venice (or Murano)? I do not like using Internet or newspaper ads, so want to find them in person.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Market Prices At Nowadays:

    I strongly suggest to avoid advertisements on newspapers and on Internet, expensive advertisements and advertisements by South-American or Spanish girls, because they are just cheats.

    Below there are market prices at nowadays. Of course, like in any kind of markets, sellers (prostitutes) try to sell their own services at five times more expensive prices. Please, don't expect prostitutes are professional (or women with feelings!).

    Unfortunately, pimps (because each prostitute has her own lover-pimp!) kick Hungarians out the market, and it was much easier to negotiate with Hungarians.


    A fast pussy fucking "quickie" is not more than 20 euros.

    A well-done deepthroat swallow blowjob (with balls licking) is quoted between 20 to 50 euros by Romanian girls on roads (and in flats).

    Half an hour with mouth-vagina-ass without condom is 50 euros.

    N.B. All prostitutes, with no exceptions, are used to have sex without condom. For prostitutes, life is falsehood and money only.

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    Mongering in Italy

    I agree that Italy is not the best place for mongering, but if you spend some time searching, there are many opportunities. The girls listed in are not only for Milano area, but actually for all Italy. I was active in Venice area btw.
    I contacted two girls of Rosa Rosa, but I didn't finally met one of them, since my schedule was very busy and I preferred to go for the apartment girls. The RosaRosa girls quoted prices between 300-500 Euros for 1 hour, while the apartment girls start already at 100 Euros.
    The biggest problem with the apartment girls is that they don't speak English!!! I had to remember my basic Spanish knowledge to communicate with them. Most of them are South American, some Chinese and some of them from the East European Countries.
    I called a few of them till I decided which one I will meet for the first "date". It was not the same girl as the picture (as I expected) but she was a very sexy Panaman girl. She quoted 100 for a "normal" service, 150 for extended but still one service and 300 for an hour!!! I went for the extended version, but it was still a bit rushed one. No BBBJ unfortunately.
    Next night I called another one and she could speak English. It was already a good start. I drove to her apartment and I was surprised to find out that the pictures were hers and she was gorgeous!!!
    She was an absolute 10, face, body and service. We had a very good time and the communication was also good between us. Unfortunately still no similar services with escort girls (Kissing and BBBJ), so next time I will go for an escort service.

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    Who see real blue-eyed Ukrainian prostitutes in Venice and surroundings?

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    Incall Escorts in France and Italy

    Normally I can slip away from my travelling companion in the afternoon for some mongering. But in Italy and France this is a challenge because they don't have anything like Germany's FKK clubs.

    I used free online announcement services (like craigslist) to find sex workers who host in theiir apartments. Try, vivastreet and kijiji and - Collected a list of phone numbers and called in each place until I found someone with a common language, enough to get their address. Standard asking price for an hour was 200 euros in all places.

    All the girls were basicaly as advertised. Services varied but were basically acceptable.

    Venice was the most difficult, so I will describe the process in more detail. Little or no activity in historical Venice, in the lagoon, where the tourists are. Lots of ads for Mestre, the first town over the causeway on the mainland. You take the 1 or 2 vaporetto to Piazza Roma and the 2 or 4 bus to Mestre, using the same IMOB transit card that you bought for the vaporetto (water buses). Get off at the train station. I went into the hotel across the street from the terminal and asked for a map of Mestre, then sat down in their quiet lobby and called numbers until I found one that sounded nice (in Spanish for me) and whose address I could understand.

    I couldn't find the street, so I asked the hotel clerks. They found it in their directory and showed me on my map. It was off Via Miranese, a main cross street a couple of kilometers from the hotel. I started walking in that direction, then jumped on another bus and got off at Via Miranese. Walked the 3 blocks to the apt building, called again and said I was there. She said wait a minute and then buzzed me in. Most of these girls had the first ground floor apartment just inside the entry, in buildings without a porter or guard.

    The girl was young, Colombian-Spanish, big naturals, cute, friendly. However,she was not the girl whose photos were in the ad, nor was she the girl who answered the telephone! I tipped her 50 eu for a BBBJ.. The hour was enjoyable, if not one of my great memories.

    It took about an hour each way from my hotel in the tourist area of Venice. I walked about 10 minutes total and spent about 20 minutes waiting for buses and boats.

    The interesting part happened a few hours later. I was chatting on with a woman in Bogota. I mentioned that I was in Venice and she said she had lived there for 3 years and loved the city. She mentioned Puerto Guardo, near Mestre, which was another place with a lot of working girl advertisements. Talk about coincidences! She is now 35 and a doctor, so I wondered if she did sex work in Italy to make the money for medical school.


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    Real Russian and Ukrainian girls have moved elsewhere, but who knows where?

    Now just few Nigerian and Romanian, please, avoid Romanian for sure cheat and rip-off. No nice girl, no cheap price and, above all, no real sex! Just for wussy husbands.

    About girls in advertisements and flats, they are like above written.

    Most Italian men have lost the concept of real sex. No wonder if Italy is not definitely a country where people have sex, in regular relationships too.

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    Is there ANY Action in Venice?

    I will be staying in Venice from 1/31/09 - 2/8/09. Is there any action left in Venice? Seems like this forum thread is mostly shut down. Anyone with information on the mongering opportunities in Venice, please post a reply or PM me.

    Thank you!

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    Who can give me information on Treviso?

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