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Thread: Valencia

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    Return to Valencia

    My friend went back home after Malaga and I Continued on to Valencia by myself. I was here once before two years ago so I know the two spots I had to revisit.

    Felina Valencia, Carrer del Naturalista Rafael Cisternas 6 be, (it is by the stadium and close to the Aragon metro station. It is around the corner from a BMW dealer). It is also open 24 hours a day. Last time I came here it was 60 E for 30 minutes, this time it was 70 E for 30 minutes. The line up was very good on a Thursday night around 10 PM. There were probably 12 or more girls and about 4 of them were very tempting to me. I chose a short girl with glasses named Aisha. She is on their website, but with no pictures. She is from some town in Spain I never heard of. She was 153 cm or about 5 feet tall. Very nice body and cute face that looked like a mix between Mila Kunis and Katie Holmes. She was 22 I believe. I would definitely recommend her. Felina is a great place to go to in Valencia and it is pretty close to the city center.

    Even Once, Carrer del Pare Ferris 11, (Unless I went to a different place two years ago, I believe Even Once was on Avinguda Franca before.).

    It is a few blocks away from the Bus Station by the Turia stop on the metro. I went there on a Friday night around 11 PM. There were probably 10 girls in the line up but I was hoping to get Ariana. Sure enough, she was in the line up and she was Russian, blonde, and short. She said she was 28 although she might be a few years older than that. I had a good 30 minute session for 60 E. This place is also open 24 hours and has nice rooms with showers in them.

    Conclusion: Valencia is also a good city to visit for the beach and tourist things, but it also has two very solid casas with a very good line up of girls that is easy to get to.

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    Latin girl with a good-girl-like face

    Although it is relatively easy to find Latin working girls in Spain, it's not always a simple task to find girls with a good-girl-like face. I was with Ana yesterday. She works in collaboration with Felina Valencia, a select house close to the Mestalla. After my experience, I think she deserves a few words. She has a very beautiful and youthful body. She is slim, short, has long brown hair and a suggestive gaze. She doesn't have big boobs, but they are firm and natural. (You can check out her pics here]</a>). She was both loving and passionate in the bed. She kissed me a few times and always knew what I wanted, though she didn't want to give me a blowjob without condom or perform anal sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickhead  [View Original Post]
    Getting kneed in the nuts twice like happened to me this afternoon at Even 11. Chose a good looking chica, who turned out to be a colombiana, which I don't like, and to have fake tits, which I also don't like. So right away I'm not doing too well. Got in the room, got naked, and every time I tried to touch her anywhere but her fake tits, she put my hands back on her tits. OK, so much for foreplay, might as well start with the blow job.

    Before I could brace myself, she rolled over to get between my legs and landed directly on my right nut with her knee, with all of her 48 kg or so of weight behind it. I yelled and she said I had scared her, and what was the problem? The problem, you silly puta, is you just crushed my package..
    I feel sorry for your bad experience and you certainly should have asked for some sort of a compensation for the poor service. I am sure this girl is new in this and you had to pay for her lack of experience. But if she has been working for a while now, I can just thank you for letting us know. Such situations make you feel very livid.

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    Jessica, - Nice girl

    Quote Originally Posted by Admin2  [View Original Post]
    I was downtown and I was feeling a little of that special feeling so I decided to go back to Felina.

    My future ex wife Debora wasn't there so I had them spin the line up, asking as is my custom to only see chicks that do BBBJ.

    I looked through the whole rotation and it came down to two, Thalia and some other chick with no pictures named Jessica. Jessica intrigued me because she was pretty enough but more so by looking me in the eyes and miming sucking a cock. Thalia was this hot tall spinner with long curly hair. As anybody who knows me is aware my love of spinners is second to no man so I went with Thalia..
    At the line out, she told me she did "everything' including, and especially 'anal'. Normally these come on's don't impress me, but I kind of liked her, perfect body despite her 28 years, (and has had a child). I tried to anally do her, but as usual, they are too tight. However, when I asked for some dildos to help, the house expected me to pay an extra 20 Euros. As I had already spent all my cash, it was a no go (perhaps an excuse from Jessica to avoid anal service). Also, I heard from her that if in the future I wanted a lesbian duo, - apart from paying the girls, I was meant to pay another extra to the house! It seems whenever to ask a little more, Felina will make sure you pay, and pay! Kind of greedy, not impressed!

    Jessica was hot in bed, and friendly and talkative outside in a sexy intriguing way. But still Felina is worth to go to, just be careful about those extras!

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    Okay, so I'm lazy and I was out for a walk and my dick got hard so I went to Even Once again. This time I told the madam not to send in any colombianas, dominicanas, or fake tits. This is who I ended up with:

    She might even actually be only 20 years old. She's got a banging body, that's for sure. Nice young lady, service was a bit mechanical but with that body I fucked her hard with my eyes wide open and I came like a hound dog at around the half hour mark of a 45 minute session (€ 90 as previously stated). Then I gave her a back rub and kind of gave myself a dick rub on her ass at the same time but given that I am pushing 60 nothing really happened with that. She said she was from Mérida and I was just there a couple of weeks ago so we had something to chat about while I was massaging her. But I think she might have been bullshitting about that because she did not seem to know the city. I know this will probably disappoint you guys, but sometimes these chicas don't tell the truth about stuff.

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    What's worse than getting a kick in the nuts?

    Getting kneed in the nuts twice like happened to me this afternoon at Even 11. Chose a good looking chica, who turned out to be a colombiana, which I don't like, and to have fake tits, which I also don't like. So right away I'm not doing too well. Got in the room, got naked, and every time I tried to touch her anywhere but her fake tits, she put my hands back on her tits. OK, so much for foreplay, might as well start with the blow job.

    Before I could brace myself, she rolled over to get between my legs and landed directly on my right nut with her knee, with all of her 48 kg or so of weight behind it. I yelled and she said I had scared her, and what was the problem? The problem, you silly puta, is you just crushed my package. Took several minutes to recover and then she would not use the condoms I brought, but instead her own which felt like plastic. She started sucking on the head while jerking the shaft with both thumbs and index fingers. If I want a hand job I will give it to myself. I explained that to her, so she started sucking on the head and popping her head off, sucking on the head and popping her head off, etc. , etc,. It was making a sound like unclogging a toilet with a plunger. Cannot remember the last time I had such an inept blow job.

    So, trying to salvage something for my 90 euro, I said let's fuck. I've had a back problem the last few days so I wanted her to get on top. The silly puta then grabs my shoulders to pull herself up and knees me right in the balls again. Ripped the rubber off, slammed it to the floor, got dressed as fast as I could and left.

    I've had some bad sessions over the years, and walked out on a few, but this is the first time I walked out in extreme physical pain.

    Fuck this place. They have a lousy selection anyway. BTW this chica is not in any of the photos but I think she said her name was Tamara and she is from Cali. Bring your cup.

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    Felina part duex

    I was downtown and I was feeling a little of that special feeling so I decided to go back to Felina.

    My future ex wife Debora wasn't there so I had them spin the line up, asking as is my custom to only see chicks that do BBBJ.

    I looked through the whole rotation and it came down to two, Thalia and some other chick with no pictures named Jessica. Jessica intrigued me because she was pretty enough but more so by looking me in the eyes and miming sucking a cock. Thalia was this hot tall spinner with long curly hair. As anybody who knows me is aware my love of spinners is second to no man so I went with Thalia.

    Speaking of blowjobs all around the world there seems to be three levels of service, covered (yuk), uncovered no CIM, and CIM. It has been my general experience that chicks who do BBBJ but not CIM give shitty blowjobs because they are always worried you will spew in their mouth. Sadly, Thalia was in this group and it was performed in the classic "don't come in my mouth fashion; really good BJ, stop. More really good BJ, stop, go, stop, go, stop ad fucking nausium.

    At the end of the day, nice girl, fucking awesome spinner ass and legs, momma always said if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all so I won't mention her boobies, pretty face, great hair.

    The job got done so I won't slam her too hard but it was pretty obvious that this was a job which she didn't have much desire to do exceptionally well. I didn't feel slighted, I got value for the money and I enjoyed the pre and post garch chat, but I wouldn't repeat nor recommend.

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    EvenOnce, maybe twice

    So, seriously, I wasn't planning on doing a lot of mongering while I was in Spain. It absolutely was my plan to take a break from the limitless pussy in Buenos Aires but as the old yiddish saying goes, man plans god laughs because, well, pussy.

    Anyway, on the advice from a fully qualified expert monger I thought I would check this place out.

    Time was Thursday about 1430. Ring the bell, wait for the elevator, nothing doing, took the stairs. Was met by the same jolly madam, I think she said her name was, fuck I don't remember, anyway a really nice lady. We went to the bar and I told her, before you bring the girls we have to talk about a serious problem my friend had here. She looked at me and said "what problem" and I told her that he had been here a few days ago and the girl he was with wouldn't suck his dick without a condom. I asked if there were girls there that do, she said yes, I asked if it would be possible for me to only meet the girls that do and she asked if I needed to cum in their mouths as well and I said no and she said fine. I then commented that it's always been my experience that talking about things like this before always leads to happier times for everybody to which she smiled and held out her hand to be shook.

    Anyway, 4 chicks presented. First was a Dominican, I used my peremptory challenge for that one, second was a tall spinner, kinda my thing but short hair, third was a lady with way too much junk in the trunk, last was a tiny little Colombiana with hair to her waist, bingo.

    Went to the room, paid the fee (I passed over 100 for a 90) she took off, I got nekid. She came back, didn't offer change, I didn't say anything (yet).

    Great session, shower (though I had to pi$$ in the shower because of no toilet with her permission) great mic skills, though kinda manic, which if I have to choose I'd take a manic provider over a lethargic provider anyday. Tiny, tiny, tiny, really fucking tiny, spinner body. Nearly too tiny but I got lost in all that hair. Asked about CIM, she told me it was an extra tip, I asked how much and she said "however much you want" to which I replied, "ok, what about one Argentine peso?" Then she told me 30 Euro, that seems like a fair number to me to allow some stranger to spew in your mouth. Didn't happen but the charge was reasonable.

    Anyway, end of the day her name is something like Jhudute or something, I don't remember, but you can't miss her, about 4'11" with long hair to her ass.

    No pics so can't say, didn't seem like anything was off the menu for the right money, it was all done very well though she did start out a little strong with the blowjob but languid blowjobs are my preference. It was a stylistic issue not quality.

    Between this one and Felina I'd probably go to Felina because the facilities there were worth the 10 Euro but I was in no way dissatisfied with Evenonce and would recommend it.

    Oh, I almost forgot, the change. Had she offered it I probably would have let her have it as a tip. I waited until the end of the session, she never offered it so I had to ask for it. She gave it up without a fight claiming to have forgotten. She seemed a little scatterbrained (in a nice way) so that very well may have been true but one can't let a latina think one is fucking stupid or weak with money if one might return.

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    Took a walk to Even Once (11) today. Got there around 1400 hours (2 PM). The buzzer is clearly marked and then you enter a dark lobby and since I did not know what floor to go to, I took the stairs vs the lift (elevator) and at the first floor (for Europeans) or the second floor (for North Americans), that is where reception takes place.

    Jolly 45 ish madam welcomed me cheerfully and led me to a nice room with a bar. After asking me very politely if my Spanish was reasonably good (it is, so I don't know what would have happened otherwise), she offered me a drink, which I declined in case I decided not to partake. She asked me where I was from and if this was my first time in the place. When responding to this latter question, I often lie and say I have been there before, but in this case everything seemed pretty above board so I replied that I had not. She then explained the pricing, which was as previously reported:

    €70 for 30 minutes, €90 for 45 minutes, and €120 for an hour.

    I had a list of about 8 prospects from the website, which I proffered to her with no success as she said she would bring in the chicas. I was shown 7 chicas, of whom only one, a Spaniard, was on my list. My list contained 2 brazileñas, a China, a paraguaya, and 4 españolas. The española on my list, unfortunately, had way too much junk in the trunk. The remaining six were: 2 white brazileñas, 1 brown brazileña, 1 really hot young blond whose origin was not disclosed, and two older españolas who were not attractive.

    In hindsight I should have taken the hot blond, but blondes are not really my thing and I am down with brown so chose the mixed race brazileña for 45 minutes. Laura was her name. Sex was unremarkable and consisted of an immediately covered BJ, cowgirl, missionary, and then more CBJ to completion. Laura was very nice and is a well-traveled young (ish) lady. A gentleman does not ask age but early 30's. Had been all over Europe and several places in Asia and expressed a preference for Asia, for the food. She was quite slender, and I said so, and she said yes, but that she could really eat. The sex took up about 30 minutes and the rest was chat as I did not want to waste another nut on her.

    Facilities: 9.

    Good rooms, mirrors, showers, fresh sheets and towels in a sealed package, condoms provided, nice bar, sign on wall indicating free drink included with any 'room rental. ' Pay the provider and not the madam as I believe is legally required. Laura had good etiquette as far as handing me the towel, removing the condom, etc.

    Line up: 6.

    All three brazileñas were doable from an appearance standpoint but only two of the españolas were.

    Specific provider: 5.

    Nothing special, fake moaning, too much teeth in the BJ.

    WIR? Yes with place, no with provider. Nice woman though. This is the closest brothel to my apartment so I will experiment once a week with some different times of day and different chicas, and report back.

    Here's the link to the website. Any rookie or veteran monger should feel pretty comfortable here.

    Listed chicas who were presented: Sol (the Spanish Sol), Marcela (I want to fuck her because she gave a good vibe), and Lola (too much junk in trunk). The other four presented are not shown on the web page, and in two cases I can sure see why.

    Overall: Moderately disappointed but probably did not pick the best time to go. It definitely beat a poke in the eye or fucking some fat woman from the US.

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    Sooooooooo here I am in Ethpania

    Our beloved leader, el jeffe, Jax gave me some time off so I decided to come to Thunny Ethpania! Spent a couple days in Madrid, liked it though I was jet lagged, then came to Valenthia.

    Been hanging here for a couple weeks, having a good time, getting some work done, eating lots of tapas and bocadillos. I wasn't really planning on banging any hookers while I was here. I've lived in a town with 30,000 sex workers for six years and I was honestly thinking of taking a break from the hookers. I had gotten to the point where it was like "ok, what am I going to do this afternoon?" I could get some hottie to suck my dick or maybe I could take a nap. What to do, what to do?" No kidding I knew it was time to take a break.

    Anyway, two weeks went by and I just really wanted to fuck today so I checked out the ISG. I'm sure there are lots of options here but the three major ones I was interested in were the brothels, (privados we call them) because they are always simpler. I checked out the three mentioned here and went with Felina for two reasons, it was close and it was the middle priced one. Ok three reasons, I like lean, long haired chicks with titties bigger than my head and Debora is fucking EXACTLY my kind of thing. I liked their site, I liked how they were open about what the chicks do and don't do and while the prices were fucking NUTS compared to Argentina they were in line for what I have seen here.

    Sent an email, they responded quickly. Made a reservation arranged the payment, put the address in goggle maps and off I went. For reasons I won't go into I'm heavy on dollar bills here in Spain and I paid a shameful premium, (100 euro, was 130 dollars) but I needed to shed the dollars, there were no cambios open today and I wanted to fuck so I took it. If I went back I'd take the haircut at a change house and be better off.

    Place wasn't hard to find, it's just a couple blocks for the metro. One note for anybody going there, security is at the inner door there is no buzzer at the street door, just push that open and walk in and hit the buzzer inside.

    I was met by a very nice receptionist who speaks some, but not great English and she escorted me to the room I had requested. I told her it was my first time there and asked if I pay her. She told me no, pay the girl. I liked that because if it was bait and switch then I hadn't paid the money until I saw the girl. The room was nice, big bed, big fucking mirrors (fetish) love seat, nice bathroom. The only thing missing was a towel so I got nekid and laid on the bed. After a couple minutes the chick came in. She was the girl in the photos though she wasn't quite as hard bodied as the photos but close enough. She had a sheet for the bed and a couple towels. She took the money, left for a minute then came back.

    I told her about my specifics and asked all the standard questions. Anal was available, 60 euro more. CIM, 50, COF 50 though if you paid the 50 you could do half and half on the CIM and COF. I initiated the conversation and she was able to have it without being too mercenary. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower. I told her I was a professional and always showered before a date but if that was the custom I would be glad to do so. She said, if you're clean you don't have to, I invited her to check and I guess I passed muster. She told me that she wasn't comfortable starting without showering and I said that was fine. I was impressed that she was able to use the shower as a bit of foreplay AND kept the shower time to less than 3 minutes. I was wondering if she would use the shower to avoid time spent working. I would say no. Once she took her dress off you could see that her body was a little softer than in the photos, she actually commented on it as well, but IMHO completely acceptable. I would always rather fuck a 7 that performs like a 9 than fuck a 9 that performs like a 5.

    She came back to the bed, spread the sheet. I had told her that I like it when chicks start out like girlfriends and finish up like pornstars and she did just that. Spent some time together kissing, touching, getting a little comfortable. Then she reached for the lube and started giving me a truly inspired blowjob. I like chicks that are skilled with mouth and hand. I'm not exceptionally large but neither is it small and she seemed to be 100% with her nose squashed up against my belly. She also wasn't in any rush. I honestly felt that her priority was my pleasure not simply getting my dick hard to fuck.

    Did some DATY, it was either very well received or "the oscar goes to. " either way is fine with me. Part of the particulars I told her about was how much I hate chicks who turn on a fake moaning soundtrack, I just hate that, she didn't. She spoke some, "madre dios" mostly and towards the end was bucking pretty hard against my mouth and her pussy was pretty wet, seemed like she dug it. She was a lot more kissy after for sure.

    We took a little break to rest up then she told me she wanted some dick and started sucking my cock again. This time it was absolutely intended to get me ready to fuck and it didn't take long. And when I was ready I was really ready. I slid the cover on and engaged the jackhammer and she was just fine with that. She didn't try to limit penetration through positioning (I fucking hate that) or with her legs. She angled her pelvis up and opened her legs pretty wide and I hit it hard. It had been a couple weeks and when I nutted I nutted pretty hard. When I opened my eyes she was smiling so I think she's a hooker that takes pride in her work.

    When I read a review there's always 5 things I want to know.

    1. Is she the chick in the pics? Yes.

    2. What does she do? Pretty much everything from what I could tell.

    3. Did she do those things well? Yes, exceptionally well.

    4. What did it cost? 100 Euro for 45 minutes (130 US).

    5. Would you repeat? If I lived in Valencia absolutely, no question about it, probably twice a month. I may repeat with her but I'm not really planning on doing a lot of mongering here so I don't know but that's not because I found fault.

    Thanks to the guys that posted about this place.

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    Evenonce visit

    Thanks everyone as the process was just like you guys described. Great selection that night like 10. I chose Julia a 28-30 Bulgarian with her beautiful black hair and blue / green eyes which complemented her lovely face and attitude. Her tall pale, fit frame excited me. Paid for an hour, but her wonderful in missionary made me come a cup load in that condom in 45. The following night with the same girl was okay, but not her fault the room was too hot (should have asked for lube as I was scared the condom would break if I kept pounding so hard). Please advise me regarding my next visit.

    Cheers all.

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    Bombon Escort

    This place was Valeria Ferrer's seaside branch when SkittenBrever wrote a review of it a few weeks ago, now it has changed it's name to Bombon Escorts. The address is still Calle Isabel de Villena, No. 99 D. If you're using public transport then it is a few minutes walk from the La Cadena, La Marina or Eugenia Viñes tram stops. The prices are now €80 for 30 mins or €130 for an hour.

    I went on Saturday having phoned ahead to check that Zaira was due to be working. She was meant to start at midday and I got there just after she was supposed to have started. Unfortunately she hadn't turned up and the maid said that she hadn't had any luck contacting her. I was shown to a room and after quite a wait 2 other girls came and introduced themselves. They were both attractive (it was Elisa and Ainhoa who matched their photos) but I decided I'd wait for Zaira instead. After another fairly long wait the maid came in again and said she still couldn't get in touch with her so I gave up and left intending to return another day.

    I decided to try an independent instead and settled on Susana who is located in Av de Francia. She turned out to far better looking than the photos suggest and was a first rate performer. It really was €120 well spent. I immediately booked a second appointment for a couple of days later.

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    Valeria Ferrer- 'Luxury' brothel at Valencia city center!

    They have a fantastic web site. With some stupendous looking women on it! I took the trouble to go there just to have the pleasure of selecting a woman of photo model level of beauty!

    Unfortunately, the quality of women was definitely mediocre. None of girls of the web site were present. It looks like very much a bait and switch situation. The girls were OK looking (6 to 7's).

    But for slightly less money you get a selection of up to 10 women at Felina (depends on time), most of them 7, or 8's. In addition at Valeria Ferrer there was only 4 girls to chose from.

    The place is easy to find (carrer Conde de Austria, 11) just behind the Corte Ingles on Av. Colon. It's on the 4th floor. There is even a bell outside on the street, with 'Valeria Ferrer' written on it, so you don't even need to ring them first- you just go there unannounced. But that's the only positive thing about the place. A couple of girls acted bored and unfriendly, during the presentation. I chose a tall girl from Almeria (southern spain), friendly enough. The room was overheated, causing me also to have difficulty to perform (I was sweating profusely).

    Overall, a negative experience, - their beach branch place, at Malvarosa, provided a better experience.

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    Valencia report Latin Marcela

    Hi my friend,

    It's true there are sometimes negative experiences but when I've been working in Valence I found a really good sex, just like you have told us.

    I remember a horny Latin escort at a club at the city center. I was really hot at the end of the day and I needed a sexual night.

    Some of the girls have dark haired, of course artificial, they are in good shape and nice looks, one of them stunning (the dark haired one) but that was the one that picked my fellow.

    That girl I would say she was above 25, but had great attitude for sex and sympathy. We started going to the lavatory for cleaning us both, she helped me to undress, touching me everywhere for warming up things.

    After being refreshed and clean, then we gone to a generous size room, no air conditioning but a fan. The room was appropriate for our hobby an clean.

    She offered me a massage, which I accepted in order not to rush straight to sex. She wasn't particularly skilled at massage but not painful though, so I ask her to finish it and start fondling and kissing.

    She then showed a great attitude doing French kiss, maybe to deep and overacted as if she had to prove that she does so. She also rubbed and licked all over my body, including my balls. Then she started a BBJ, I was very happy to notice that she put all his sense on that, very slow and sweet and with no fear whatsoever to make it till completion.

    Before that happen I made her change and penetrated her on different positions with no complain or resistance at all. Finished on a missionary position, and during all the session she seemed to enjoy too.

    I then took my coke, and sipped while we were making the typical humorous remarks and jokes. She kept touching all over my body and keeping me warmth and excited. Then again resting and rubbing each other, french kissing and still was a quarter of an hour left, but I decided to stay that way, till the end of the hour, as I felt really well and done.

    Really good time with her, she has a professional profile here

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    Valeria Ferrer - 'luxury' brothel at Valencia beach!

    I was at Valeria Ferrer a few days ago, at the start of the rainy weather. The brothel is right on the beach front. But the beach couldn't have been bleaker with gray skies, large crashing waves and shuttered down (closed) beach restaurants. She or they, have two brothels; one at the city center right near Avenida Colon, while the other at the Malvarosa beach resort. I chose the later because, it was, well, at the beach. More relaxing place, despite the weather, compared the difficult to 'park car' place at Av. Colon. The address is.

    See / Isabel de Villena 99 the (paseo maritimo Malvarrosa).

    The 99 the is a house nestled among a series of other ones, obviously (at least originally) catering to the monied middle class and their week end beach needs. From the outside it looks like a discrete comfortable little Hotel. Inside I was quickly ushered into a room on the second floor, tastefully decorated, clean and with your own bathroom. Obviously an ex Hotel. Perhaps it's still registered as one. It seems it has 'only' 4 rooms. But the girls during the day time at least, number maximum up to 4 or 5.

    I was unlucky, there were only two. Elisa and Sarah. But quality of looks is so high that it doesn't really matter. I'm kind of tired of being paraded a series of mediocre looking girls, with only 1 or 2 gems among them, which happens at EvenOnce and other lesser brothels. I took Sarah, a busty Venezuelan with dark Latin looks and a kind smile. Good sex, nothing to add. A bit more expensive compared to Felina- 150 an hour, 80 half hour.

    Worth to go, if your keen about class and good taste, it's beach location also a bonus, - come summer there'll be plenty of other distractions there too, restaurants, bars and top less girls. They claim that things get really busy during the summer, which is why they also increase the number of girls!

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