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    Nugegoda small MILF second encounter

    I met the MILF who is around her early 30's again.

    This time she offer me anal and it was so hard initially but fun at the end.

    Had her in different postures and pop the load on her boobs.

    Will share the info only with trusted well contributed mongers.

    Please note I couldn't upload pics due to an error in this site.

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    Recently tried girl

    Recently had a chance to taste this pussy. She agreed to stay 3 hours for 2 shots. Goes as Kav*.

    Came to a Room in Nugegoda area. She came on time and started the session by having a bath together. Then came to the bed and did the first time while having a beer and waited for 30 minutes and did her for the second time. Since I did two times before 3 hours she wanted to leave. She was good on bed. She has a good network of girls.

    Like to share with others.

    Damage- 12 k (2 shots).

    Face- 7/10.

    Body- 7/10.

    Attitude- 7/10.

    WIR. No (For that money like to try a new one).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SanjayaSL  [View Original Post]
    Found these photos from a facebook group. I know some of the girls in that group, so assume these are genuine hookers (not some random girls, like most of photos posted on fb).

    Does anyone have contact details of these girls?

    I don't think these are real photos of hookers. Many images are connect with Indian. I have found some images. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    Found these photos from a facebook group. I know some of the girls in that group, so assume these are genuine hookers (not some random girls, like most of photos posted on fb).

    Does anyone have contact details of these girls?

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    Shanghai Spa

    Have anyone used Shanghai Spa. It is not a Spa but an escort service. They said they have Chinese and Korean girls. Quoting 12 K for 1 hour. Out calls only.
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    Ma. Anyboday knows a dealer who has her?

    I heard that she deals among selected few and couldn't find any dealer who has her. Anybody have details please share it with me.

    Thank you!
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    De--a: Contact?

    By any chance does anyone has the working contact number of Ms. D? I had a good connection with her. But with time she has changed the number. Dunno whether she has left the field. It would be great if anybody could provide me her contact.

    Thank you!
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    Anyone know her? Please PM me

    Someone posted these pictures in Facebook and said that she's into BDSM activities. If anyone know her please PM me the details.
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    Any info about this one?


    Have any of you tried her? Appreciate your comments.
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    Price is tight but is it right?

    Got these pics from a dealer. They look really good but expensive. All of these girls are from 15 K-20 K. I don't think they worth that much without knowing their quality of work beforehand. So I gave it a pass. He has less than 10 girls "Without pics". I don't want to get into a trap again with a 40 year old MILF. So I'm still looking for some good action for a reasonable price. BTW there's another dealer who deliver girl's to famous MOM's place and another place in Rajagiriya. Going to try them soon, quoted 7.5 K for FS. Below are the pics from expensive dealer. I tried to negotiate and he gave me a lecture of Quality and customer retention.

    4th girl quoted for 12 K with the room.

    Last 2 MILF 10 K.

    I tried to negotiate other girls for 10. Didn't work.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 18072768_10212269604352442_797385806_n.jpg‎   18052839_10212269605112461_1485633230_n.jpg‎   18052699_10212269605832479_424090478_n.jpg‎   18072473_10212269608032534_1470067824_n.jpg‎   18053001_10212269608752552_1059600982_n.jpg‎  

    18034620_10212269609152562_1837097273_n.jpg‎   18052693_10212269610392593_1062646574_n.jpg‎   18035530_10212269614592698_1520585929_n.jpg‎  

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    Email girls

    Found a famous dealer who works by emails through a fellow monger. Took forever to verify that I'm not LE. Got some pics two days ago. I was looking for someone younger. So I didn't try someone yet.

    Then I got a number of a FL through a Lankan classified site. True caller says "Ishara M nugegoda Quinlon". Her voice sounded good, said she's 30 and 6 K for FS, 2 shots. Negotiated down for 5 K and went to a place near Boralesgamuwa. She came there right on time. But I'm sure she must be at least 40. Looked Okay for a MILF. I was super horny So did the deal. She was really friendly and did a good job with BBJ, CIM and doggy. But I'm really fed up of MILFs now. I'm sure others can negotiate more if they are interested. I don't have pics of her but I have pics from the email dealer. Will try someone from them if they send me a good on today.

    MILF rating.

    Face 4/10.

    Body 6/10.

    Attitude 7/10 (except she lied about her age and stuff on the phone).

    Damage 5 K including the room.

    WIR: No.
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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because it was an attempt by the author to encourage members to CONTACT HIM on ANOTHER WEBSITE. In the future, please refrain from posting requests for forum members to contact you on another website. Thanks!

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    Is this Kaushi

    Can somebody confirm if this is Kaushi. She charges 15 k.
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    Married woman from Kaluthara

    A woman I met through social media sent me these images, she is from Kaluthara, age is around 30 as I can remember. She asked for 20 k for 4 hours or for an overnight stay. I asked for face images, but she said she can only show the face if we meet. Have anyone tried her?
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    Verification of these ladies

    Seasons Greeting to you all.

    So I was trolling a escort site and found these 03 names:

    - Taniya.

    - Amali.

    - Randy.

    I've attached the pics that were on the site and their pricing is basically 100 U $ upwards. Can you gents give me some feed back or pointers if you know them.

    Thanks in advance.
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