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    Any info about this one?


    Have any of you tried her? Appreciate your comments.
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    Any Model dealer contacts

    Hi fellow members,

    I'm back in the country after several years and looking for some solid leads.

    Hoping some of you guys can help me out, not knowing the market I would like some advice on going rates as I would prefer not to help jack prices up.

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    Price is tight but is it right?

    Got these pics from a dealer. They look really good but expensive. All of these girls are from 15 K-20 K. I don't think they worth that much without knowing their quality of work beforehand. So I gave it a pass. He has less than 10 girls "Without pics". I don't want to get into a trap again with a 40 year old MILF. So I'm still looking for some good action for a reasonable price. BTW there's another dealer who deliver girl's to famous MOM's place and another place in Rajagiriya. Going to try them soon, quoted 7.5 K for FS. Below are the pics from expensive dealer. I tried to negotiate and he gave me a lecture of Quality and customer retention.

    4th girl quoted for 12 K with the room.

    Last 2 MILF 10 K.

    I tried to negotiate other girls for 10. Didn't work.
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    18034620_10212269609152562_1837097273_n.jpg‎   18052693_10212269610392593_1062646574_n.jpg‎   18035530_10212269614592698_1520585929_n.jpg‎  

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    Email girls

    Found a famous dealer who works by emails through a fellow monger. Took forever to verify that I'm not LE. Got some pics two days ago. I was looking for someone younger. So I didn't try someone yet.

    Then I got a number of a FL through a Lankan classified site. True caller says "Ishara M nugegoda Quinlon". Her voice sounded good, said she's 30 and 6 K for FS, 2 shots. Negotiated down for 5 K and went to a place near Boralesgamuwa. She came there right on time. But I'm sure she must be at least 40. Looked Okay for a MILF. I was super horny So did the deal. She was really friendly and did a good job with BBJ, CIM and doggy. But I'm really fed up of MILFs now. I'm sure others can negotiate more if they are interested. I don't have pics of her but I have pics from the email dealer. Will try someone from them if they send me a good on today.

    MILF rating.

    Face 4/10.

    Body 6/10.

    Attitude 7/10 (except she lied about her age and stuff on the phone).

    Damage 5 K including the room.

    WIR: No.
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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because it was an attempt by the author to encourage members to CONTACT HIM on ANOTHER WEBSITE. In the future, please refrain from posting requests for forum members to contact you on another website. Thanks!

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    Is this Kaushi

    Can somebody confirm if this is Kaushi. She charges 15 k.
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    Married woman from Kaluthara

    A woman I met through social media sent me these images, she is from Kaluthara, age is around 30 as I can remember. She asked for 20 k for 4 hours or for an overnight stay. I asked for face images, but she said she can only show the face if we meet. Have anyone tried her?
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    Verification of these ladies

    Seasons Greeting to you all.

    So I was trolling a escort site and found these 03 names:

    - Taniya.

    - Amali.

    - Randy.

    I've attached the pics that were on the site and their pricing is basically 100 U $ upwards. Can you gents give me some feed back or pointers if you know them.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Anjee girl

    Met this lady recently at mount. While I was waiting in the hotel Rd She came in a tuk. Well dressed and with shades she looks like a posh MILF. Bit chubby but very nice skin tone and features. We went to a place near by and got down to usual business. Nothings extra ordinary but must say she's got a very good attitude. After the 1st round we sipped a beer and then moved to the 2nd round. For 6 k she's worth trying. Neat and clean lady. Will share with trusted members.
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    Amaya K

    Anyone tried her? Found this girl on a social media site. They seem organized with a website and all.

    Let me know if anyone tried her.
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    Met her at Maharagama plc

    I got a call from the rest house owner which I got hooked up with Ch** in Maharagama (see my other post in Colombo thread) that he is having a young girl.

    So I wanted to try another girl so went there to see in Friday eve.

    She is very young and have wide laps and nice booty. Bit of chubby and avg. Looking girl. But she looks young so wanted to take her anyway since I haven't got experience with young girl long time back.

    My ratings.

    Face: 5/10.

    Boobs: 6/10.

    Legs: 8/10.

    Pussy: 8/10.

    Booty; 8/10.

    Attitude: 8/10 (you have to get friendly with her).

    Service; 7/10.

    Very good BJ skills. Had her in many positions.

    Damage: 5 k with the room at Maharagama.

    She said she is doing outcalls in CMB but price has to be negotiated.
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    Nimmi Madam

    This lady is on social media and apparently offers a femdom service. I have not tried her. If you have contributed to the forum, PM me for her web address.
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    Anyone knows her.

    Sorry couldn't attached the picture of the post I put before.
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    My overseas experience

    I am posting this for two reasons.

    A. I want to contribute because I used ISG (and WSG) for below mongering and I want local guys to get a taste of what is on offer overseas in comparison to SL.

    B. I want senior members to know that I am genuine and for them to open up and share some contacts in CMB for emergencies. (I rarely monger in CMB due to workload).

    Bragging is not a reason because I am beyond it, age and money wise.

    Attached are pix of girls I had in BKK, Kathmandu and Barcelona.

    BKK was the best. We were returning from OZ which was a desert for us in terms of mongering, my friend and I was dying to get some pussy after looking at all the sexy air hostess for 8 or so hrs. We got off the plane took el-train went to a small hotel in Pratunam threw the bags in the room and immediately set off to find a fish tank. Google fish tank if you don't know. An old tuk tuk driver first took us to the Ramada where we found movie star quality gals but cost was 4 K bhat which we cud not afford, then he took us to a smaller place close by (in Phetchaburi itself) where it was only 2 k bhat entrance. That's where I got the 2 gals in the attached pix. The tall girl who I took on the first day thought I was Indian and did not like it at first. I was filthy after the long flight and she told me not to touch her till she gave me a bath. Yes she washed me in a hot tub after undressing herself and me. Then she gave me the nuru massage. The room had a hot tub, inflated plastic massage mattress and a very clean bed. Then she toweled me down and took me to bed. She put a lot of lube on her twat and then a cover on my stick which was now in full salute and dripping. She found it funny that I was dripping. Then I went to work (I do not enjoy BJs). I busted my load just when she was about to come. She was a very tight one. Took the number of the Mamasan on the way out. Next day went to explore the red light area in Patpong and almost got ripped off and assaulted by dance girls. Guys do not, I repeat, do not go to touristy red light districts alone unless you know the place well. I was still hungry for pussy so called the Mamasan and arranged another girl named Jacky. She had breast implants that were like rocks. She told me it was to make the massage experience feel good. She also had a small puss. She faked one orgasm hoping I wud bust but I went on for almost 30 minutes and she came twice. I unloaded while on doggy position. Then she gave me an unforgettable massage that left me feeling like a rubber band. Yes this time it was on reverse order because I was clean when I went there and Jacky suggested boom boom before massage and I said hell yeah. Tip is usually 1 k bhat.

    Next one was in Kathmandu. It is not a clean city. Dusty. Water smells like shit. Have to drink bottled water. People also did not smell that good. The whole city smelled quite unpleasant to me for 48 hrs till my nose got used to it. Hotel was clean. Night temperature went down to 10 C. I was not interested in mongering in such a filthy place but the women there were like angels. I understood why lord Buddha was such good looking (he was born there). After a few days of seeing all the beautiful women I cud not hold back any more. So two days before I was to leave I talked to the bell boy and told him that I need a girl. He brought one of the tiniest and best looking girls I saw in a long time. A bit flat topped but heavenly pair of legs all the way up to the butt. One USA guest in the hotel saw me taking the girl up to my room and his eyes popped and he gave me a sheepish nod. She did not speak a single word of English and I didn't know Hindi. But we managed to communicate to get the job done somehow. She smelled a little so I told her to take a bath. She refused because she did not know the hotel had hot water. I turned on the hot water and almost gave her a bath. After that she smelled good and I was all exited. I fondled her tiny boobs and found a big clit for her size. Had to struggle a bit to enter her because she was small and she did not assist (she was more like a DFF) but after few minutes of slow slow strokes in the prone doggy position she started to make tiny noises and get real wet. A few more minutes and I felt her insides turning and abs tightening. I think she came a few times because after about 30 minutes she pushed me away and passed out. I got scared and checked her to find that she was lightly snoring. ***** had fallen asleep and I haven't even busted my nut (I find it difficult to blow my load in cold weather because I do not go in to full salute in sub zero temperature). I got really disappointed. I thought my 8000 went down the drain. I gently started to rub her tits to get a second chance but she angrily pushed me away and went back to a deep slumber. I tried to jerk off but it was too cold and I kept going limp. So I went to sleep which did not come to me well. She woke up around 5 am and went to the bathroom and came back to bed. I went to work again. This time she had a smile on her face and she also assisted. Guess the orgasms turned some switches in her. She looked gorgeous in mis position and I just cud not hold back and busted a fabulous load within minutes. She was a bit amused at my speed, got off, got dressed and left without even mentioning a tip. I cannot wait to return to that place again. I researched ISG, WSG and Craig's list before I went there and even got a contact of a pimp who offered movie star grade girls like Manisha Koirala at rates above 18000 Lkr, but I was not ready to risk such an amount on my first trip. Guys you have to try this place if ever you visit there. It's quit cheap and worth every cent. See attached pix I took before we started.

    My last overseas adventure was in Barcelona back in Dec 2014. Again I researched and found a place called Apricots for my budget. 100 euros entry + tip for 1 HR. It was balls freezing cold. I was attending a tight workshop and found it very difficult to get away to go mongering. Finally a window opened up on the day just before the last day and I took a bus and then a walk to find the place. No signs or boards. Found the place with the help of google maps and street view. It was well worth it. I was escorted to a small room with a rexin covered bed (sheets and pillow covers come with the girl in a sterilized cover) and attached wash room. Place was not extra clean but way way above SL standards. One by one the girls came in. Started with MILFs and went lower (age wise). I liked the 3rd one with big boobs and nice curves. Others were big women. Next came in the madam who escorted me to the room and she asked who I wanted. I said I wanted to see more and she said that I would have to wait longer. I did not have the time so I opted for the 3rd one. She was a little grudging at first since she thought I was Pakistani who does not tip well. She had a worried look all through the session. But I saw the fabulous smile you see in the attached pic when I tipped her 50 euros at the end. In EU a service is a service is a service. You get what you paid for. No cheating. And I got my money's worth. She had the most attractive body I can imagine on a Caucasian woman though she looked much older than the attached pic which must be an old one taken when she was in her early 20's. She did not allow me to take her pic and so had to copy from the web page of Apricots. Boobs were saggy but felt quite firm. Very clean. She was of Romanian origin. Again it was cold and I struggled to blow my load. I wish I had Viagra or had a few shots of whiskey. The cold was freezing up my legs and they were starting to cramp. Guys if you ever go mongering in sub zero weather, I advice you to do warm ups before you go in. Anyhow, she started with cowgirl and I had an eye full and a face full of those fab tits. Then we went doggy and I started to feel her tighten up. After a few minutes when we realized that both of us are not going to finish we switched to mis. There I started to see light at the end of the tunnel because of her bouncing boobs. Finally I busted a huge thick load in to the cover after more than a half hour struggle with pleasure.

    Above were true adventures (obviously with pictorial evidence) and I hope to have many more overseas and maybe in CMB if I find the time and space.
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    Value for money contact

    This one I tried few months back. Most people might already know her since she was popular among social media people.

    Body: 8/10.

    Pussy: 8/10.

    Attitude: 10/10.

    VFM: 10/10.

    Face; 5/10.

    Cost: 3 K to the girl and 800 for the room. Hours spent 3 hours with 2 rounds of crazy sex.

    Picture is not mine. It's belong to my social media friend who set it up her. He told that she sometime goes for 2 K even due to money urgency. Anyway, she is sexy tall girl with good figure. Unmarried and has very very tight pussy with lot of juice. Due to distance factor, I didn't try her after that.
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