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    MILF Suz.

    Has anybody tried her? Please PM me if anybody has this MILF contact.
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    Remaining pics.
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    She pimp.

    I got these pictures from a she pimp and the price is 20 k for 1 HR. This price it way out of my league and just posting for anyone who's interested may try and put a review.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SLMmonger  [View Original Post]
    This was shared by a dealer, looking for verification if someone has met her before.
    Bro you have the contact of this girl? Can I get her number. I have taken her back when she was in orchids.

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    Hi can you refer me to her

    Quote Originally Posted by BantyBanty22  [View Original Post]
    It was really disappointed that only one member genuinely replied but even he was hesitant to provide the details. Rest of the replies are just asking about dealer number or any of their contacts.

    Anyway good news is I tried the girl with white top today paying 19 k through the dealer. After reading the post you can decide whether it is worth or not yourself. Arrange the time and place over the phone around lunch time today and then called her just before leaving to meet her at 6 pm. She refused to come to any of the hotels I suggested because this is our first meetup, so I had to travel to one of her usual place near Jayawardanapura hospital. She sent me the hotal details so I booked a room and waited for her to come. I heard a guy in the hotel received a call from her (guessed initially, but she confirmed later) and she checked about me with him. In 5 minutes she came to the hotel driving her own car wearing a jean & a blouse, very decent. We got introduced and went inside the room. With some chit chat we both had a wash and she allowed me to wash her and viceversa. She is an above average girl with nice clean fair skin but bit of shaggy boobs. Started with kissing and she gave a wonderful cat bath before wearing my protection. She had a shaved lovely pussy. We tried several positions and finally ended up with cowboy though it was felt bit lossen. She didn't complain for anything other than when I wanted to take a picture of her. I asked for a second round but she politely refused it saying she will only do once for 1 hour session which we agreed beforehand. I was not in the mood again after playing almost half hour either. So we washed and got dressed. Then started talking a lot explaining things happend to her and bla bla. So I got to know that she is 31 years old married women with 2 kids. Most important thing is she agreed to meet me again next week for much cheaper than the dealer price in my own place.
    Hi bro.

    Can you please recommend me to her? If yes my name is lahiru and would be great if you can share her phone number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuwan89  [View Original Post]
    All the girls are 5000 upwards. I tried few of them. Superb.
    How can I get in touch with any of these girls?

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    New beauties.

    All the girls are 5000 upwards. I tried few of them. Superb.
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    IMG-20171102-WA0023.jpg‎   IMG-20171102-WA0020.jpg‎   IMG-20171102-WA0019.jpg‎   IMG-20171102-WA0011.jpg‎   IMG-20171102-WA0016.jpg‎  

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    Anyone tried her?

    Quote Originally Posted by NoMoreNonsense  [View Original Post]
    Anyone tried her?

    Report? Details via forum posts or PM?
    Yes bro, I tried her like 2-3 months back. She looks exactly like in first 2 photos.

    Pros: Very friendly, slim body.

    Cons: small boobs, not into different positions.

    Overall Rating: 7/10.
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    Far eastern girl.

    Anyone tried her? She looks like far eastern girl.
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    Recognise her from anywhere?

    Anyone tried her?

    Report? Details via forum posts or PM?
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    Clarification please

    Quote Originally Posted by DJForFunSL  [View Original Post]
    2nd one is Sandiya. She is back after her first baby and so will not be having much access. Top restrictions most probable. 3rd one was offered to me but did not take yet. What is the price range quoted??
    Hey buddy,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Can you brief about your previous exp with her. You can either post or PM.

    BTW, I think the price range is 8 k-15 k. , not sure though. Did not ask yet.

    There are two others seem worthy, I'm attaching them here.

    If any of you have had them, please give a review.

    Thank you.
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    Anyone tried?

    A dealer guy sent me some pics. Have any of you tried these girls. Let me know your reviews please.
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    This is somewhat unrelated. But Does any of you mongers know who this is?
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    Looking for details?

    This was shared by a dealer, looking for verification if someone has met her before.
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    Girl from the Female Dealer

    Few weeks back I was so stressed with the work and badly needed to have some action. So tried few contacts I had and since none of them worked out called a dealer girl I knew (Her name is A**sha and probably some members might know her already). She had sent some photos via viber and I've chosen one and arranged a meetup.

    Quoted price was 12 K and even though I felt it's too much, my junior has taken more control by that time. Went to the pre-agreed place and got a room, dealer girl came with this particular girl after few minutes. As I remember, the girl goes by the name 'dinu'. Then I realized the looks in the photo was quite misleading. I don't say she's not pretty, but doesn't look good as the attached photo in real life.

    How ever went into the action and she spent quite a lot time on sucking the junior and balls. Su**the the balls so hard so that I felt like it's a vacuum cleaner. Then moved in to action, after a while she just asked whether I would like to CIM. I have never had that experience so wanted to try it out. So then I was standing and she was kneeling infront of me su**ng the junior. After a while I've release my load in her mouth and then we parted our ways after the shower.

    Not a great body, but I would say a good attitude and a relatively good service.
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