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    Who is this girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuwan89  [View Original Post]
    All the girls are 5000 upwards. I tried few of them. Superb.
    Nuwan89, I cannot PM you. If you can read this please reply. Otherwise anyone else. Please please let me know how I can contact the girl in blue with white dots sitting on a stone. I will give in return to the kind hearted sole that can help me out.
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    [Non-English text deleted by Admin]

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    Anyone tried these girls?

    I got these two pics from a pimp and was quoted $150. Is there anyone who tried these girls?
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    A new model dealer has offerd me attached girls? Anyone who has taken serivce from them who can give me any review.

    Girl in blue has caught my eye, name given was Christina, price is 20 k.
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    I got the contact of this lady. But it was a huge turn off after seeing the colour difference between he feet and face. I will upload the pics so you guys can decide. She's not currently in Sri Lanka. If really interested I like to share with trusted mongers for curvy girls.
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    Found this girl on another escort site. Listed price is $80 for one hour. I haven't tried her yet. PM me if anyone want the contact.
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    Rehana 22 YO.

    Met this chick through a provider and managed to get her details for a private meet up. 7000 rs for a short time. But I'm sure you can negotiate. Contact will be available to members who provide a valid contact of equal quality in return. She has some friends as well she's willing to set up, showed me a pic of her friend who's 23 and looked kinda cute, ill be trying her out later this week. This girl gives total GFE and is not a clock watcher. Had a baby at a very young age but still very tight. Give me a good young confirmed contact and I shall reciprocate with an intro. She's in the Thimbirigasyaya area and will travel to nearby hotels.
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    MILF from Kuliyapitiya.

    Met her few days ago when I visit there. She have me a number but it doesn't seems to work now. She is working in a hotel closer to the town. Perfect GFE. Just cost me around 5 k for 2 hours.
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    Looking for reviews.

    My dealer has offered Sapna Fernando, a see grade model for 15 k.

    Looking for anyone who have taken her service before to understand her service and attitude.
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    Udahamulla girls

    These girls are said to have been working in a brothel in Udahamulla. I don't have the contact.
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    Does anyone have info on this girl? I was quoted 16 K.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BantyBanty22  [View Original Post]
    I got these pics from a dealer. Really appreciate if you can let me know their attitudes if you tried before.

    Can someone kindly PM the details of the attached girl or the dealer? Would like to try her.
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    MILF Suz.

    Has anybody tried her? Please PM me if anybody has this MILF contact.
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    Remaining pics.
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    She pimp.

    I got these pictures from a she pimp and the price is 20 k for 1 HR. This price it way out of my league and just posting for anyone who's interested may try and put a review.
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    received_1721469914554590.jpg‎   received_1721469817887933.jpeg‎   received_1721469934554588.jpeg‎   received_1721469884554593.jpg‎   received_1721469894554592.jpg‎  

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