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Thread: Abu Dhabi

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    Thanks Darknight2016.

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    AMP Delma Park

    Firstly, a big thank thank you to Pallav for sharing the details of the AMP! Reached there yesterday afternoon, around 5 PM. Clean, safe and legit place. Went with wonderland girl, she was very friendly and gave an amazingly good / strong massage.

    Price would range from 100-300, depending on what you want.

    Nice B2 B, decent body on thr girl, however not a big fan of the fake boobs. WIR, most likely, but I would love to try someone else.

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    5 Abu Dhabi bar experience in 3 days.

    This was my first time at Abu Dhabi. I had always believed that Abu Dhabi had less choices, but boy was I proven wrong. So without much delay here comes the reviews.

    1.49 ers.

    - Was disappointed.

    - Probably because expectations were heightened because of past reviews.

    - Great band and music. Not to impressive company.

    2. Tappers bar - 2nd floor on Dana.

    - Lots of black girls.

    - They come early.

    - Friendly.

    - Got a threesome for AED 300.

    - Boy that was a first.

    - Twas memorable.

    3. LE Meridien.

    - Paid 125 AED entrance.

    - Got me 2 drinks.

    - Lots of women from Russian republic.

    - Found 3 from Brazil.

    - Lively place.

    - Worth visiting.

    4. Al Minah.

    - Visit the Ethiopian club.

    - 7 of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

    - They blew my mind.

    - It takes a lot of time to woo them.

    - Tip the Sri Lankan waitress there to understand how to take them home.

    5. Howard Johnson.

    - Ground floor.

    - Mostly black girls 30+.

    - A few gems.

    - Took a Ghanaian.

    - Amazing experience.

    Abu Dhabi is not Dubai when it comes to mongering.

    But its not too bad. Loved my experience. Stay tuned for more.

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    Lisa. Very nice experience

    Lisa is half South African and half Ghanaian and I found her on tinder. She is 27 years old with a decent body, nice boobs and pretty face.

    Picked her up yesterday around 7 pm and she left this morning around 9 am. Great BBBJ with DT and is happy to please all positions. She is fun to be with and not that dumb like some other girls you can pick up from bars where she doesn't go. She asked 500 for the whole time which I was more than happy to pay.

    If you want her contact please PM me.


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    Abu Dhabi - 4 nights

    Just back from Abu Dhabi after spending 4 nights and every night was a memorable one.

    Day 1 - Checked into the Capital around midnight and went to the bar Rockbottom. Decent choice. Choose Ameera from Azerbaijan for AED 400 for one hour. Good BBJ and plenty of kissing. She was enjoying the act and was in no hurry.

    Day 2 - Went to the 49 er about 9 pm for diner and avoided the entry fee. After 10, girls started coming in. My friend met his old flame and wanted to hit home. He got me his girl's friend. Mira from Ukraine. With a sweet face and a perfect figure. The time spent with her was fabulous. Asked her to come back next day evening. AED 300 + taxi money AED 100. She deserved the 100 and her eyes lit at the sight of the 100. God bless her. She is 30, never married, no kids and used to work in Moscow in a factory before. Tries to please, except only covered BJ.

    Day 3 - Had a great time with Mira again. Around midnight decided to visit downstairs. Spend some time in the fillipino bar. That did not seem like a P4 P club. Went to Rockfeller and picked up Gulya, a new arrival from Kyrgistan. Pretty good again for AED 300 + taxi money.

    Day 4 - Started the evening with a visit from Mira again. Later visited the top floor clubs in Howard Johnson. Did not like the atmosphere and left fast. In 49 er picked up Nigira from Kazakhastan for AED 300 for one hour. Good service.

    Overall, I would rate my visit as highly satisfactory. Good selections were limited but just enough to pick up 7-8. Don't know whether just plain lucky or I have become better in choosing and negotiating, but all 4 of my pick ups were very cooperative and GF style. Enjoyed the company of each of them.

    P.S.: There is a health club in the Capital, where they provide non-sensual massage. The Chinese masseur is pretty good. Used her between sessions to get primed up.

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    AMP experience

    Had a memorable AMP experience recently. Got into contact with alice via wechat. Drove down to a hotel spa near a park and street starting from the. She is stunning Thai. Paid 160 for outside. And had a great timein for a damage. But no FS like other AMP. But besides FS, everything was on menu but expenses was slightly higher compared to ordinary AMP. But she was stunning with great services. If anyone with FRs need digit can pass on.

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    Afternoon gents,

    Hope you are all doing well.

    I used to go to the KIA MP during my visits to Abu Dhabi but it seems LE have closed down the place. I don't ask for directions or leads normally, but Abu Dhabi is quite secretive compared to Dubai. Would anyone be able to direct me to some decent MP in Abu Dhabi.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RaulGc  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Going to be in AD for a few meetings. Should be done by 1 pm. Will be in the mazyad mall area or nearby. Would love to sample some nice delights in the AMP scene with FS. In all my years of living in dubai, have been to AD probably 4-5 times only. Please do pm me with details if anyone would like share details of some nice places with good services.

    Thanks a lot.

    Stay safe guys.


    There is not much going on in this area. You need to go to downtown AD. Lot's of massage places with FS. PM me if you need more details.

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    AD tomm afternoon

    Hi guys,

    Going to be in AD for a few meetings. Should be done by 1 pm. Will be in the mazyad mall area or nearby. Would love to sample some nice delights in the AMP scene with FS. In all my years of living in dubai, have been to AD probably 4-5 times only. Please do pm me with details if anyone would like share details of some nice places with good services.

    Thanks a lot.

    Stay safe guys.



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    Club PSA

    There is some oil / gas event in town. The clubs have been packed this week with horny guys from overseas. They are spending big money and the girls are holding out. Nice to see local guys taking a pass after talking with women.

    With F1 next weekend it'll be even worse. Good luck to any man out there.

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    After entertaining too many normal girls on a weekend night I decided to hit up an old spot. Quickly headed over to Blitz for shits and giggles to see what the scene was like. It was near closing time as I entered. Quickly saw a nice Uzbek with an older, in-shape gentleman. Thought for sure she was taken.

    Made a pass at an uglier, yet still attractive, Uzbek girl. She was wanting 1000 but quickly came down and left it up to me if I wanted to take her. Saw her saggy tits in the light and decided against taking her even for a decent price.

    The usual cadre of black women and older Chinese was present. Many familiar faces. Talked with the one young slim Chinese girl that guys from here have taken before. I have wanted her several times but never got with her. She refuses to go below 400. She includes another Chinese lady, two for 400. But all the other Chinese girls are so old and / or fat there is no way I would take them for free.

    It was a standard for the Blitz so this did not shock me. But I have hit some bullseyes on late weekend nights here with absolute stunners either in looks and / or performance. As I start to walk away from the persistent Chinese crew trying to get me to take a group of them, with only one hot girl, for 400 total in front of me walks that hot Uzbek blonde.

    Why did this girl leave that guy? She must know a young guy like me can't compete with the money. This girl had daggers in her eyes, like a lion spotting a lone deer. Quickly she introduced herself and asked what I thought about her. Let her know she had a good body. An odd thing was she asked and swore that she saw me in several porn videos. She told me she knew what I had and the curiosity of how it would feel was driving her crazy.

    She spoke near perfect English and was easily in her early 30's. No babies and a slim, petite figure. All natural. White skin with a mixed face. She looked like Shakira. Also likes to drink a fair bit.

    I told her I wanted her. She asked how much I would give. I think she would have accepting literally anything at this point. She gave me a look I get every now and then from a working girl.

    She just wants to fuck to fuck. The money is irrelevant. Needless to say I told her 300 and off we went.

    When we got back she immediately ripped my pants down just enough to swallow my cock. Not five seconds in and already a BBBJ. This girl was on her knees eating my dick like a starving animal. She spat her chewing gum out on the floor. No fucks given. She maneuvers around my cock while she is undressing herself and myself. The whole time she has the cock in her mouth and will not let it leave. Needless to say I am piercing her deeply.

    She spends a few more minutes sucking me and licking my balls. All tongue and mouth action. She does this so well like a pro. No regrets or nervousness from her. You can tell she loves this.

    To return the favor I position her away from me so I can make out with her from behind while I am grabbing and pulling her nice perky be sized tits. Then I throw her down and jam my tongue in her ass while swiping my tongue between her pussy and ass. Sucking pussy and licking ass. She is perfectly waxed and clean. Pussy tastes good. Everything looks good. Does she do BBFS often? Hope not.

    Without worrying she sticks her pussy out and guides my cock into her pussy. A few minutes of slow working and finally I am in. This girl wants to feel it and I give it to her. I am bashing her insides, which feel perfectly adjusted to my cock. Her pussy is not too tight or loose. Just right. I am filling her up and she is screaming in her language. I am going methodical and deep deep deep in her pussy. Not a frantic pace but at a rhythmic rate which amplifies the feeling of suspense which is repeated every half second. She is so wet and loving it.

    We go at this a while before I unload deeply in her pussy.

    She goes to clean up while I relax. She immediately starts with BBBJ again. I am not fully soft yet and she told me she wants it again. Crazy!

    She starts working it for a few minutes, with pleasure. Nothing quite like seeing a girl looking up at you as she tries to stuff your cock into her mouth. She is a pro at not choking too much on the cock. She knows how far she can push it without causing herself problems.

    Amazingly she gets me rock hard again. This is very rare and only works when the body and chemistry is just right. But here I am about to rail this chick with no rest. I enter her in missionary. We are kissing passionately. I am just drunk enough to where I can do whatever and feel high energy. I am pounding her with full force as I support myself in a static position with arms locked out. All girls love this if you can hold for several minutes and really pound them. Again she was gushing and was screaming in her language. Moaning. She is in love.

    I finish in her again. I am spent. She goes to clean up and asks if she can stay the night. She is worried I'll try to kick her out in the morning. This is unreal. A total PSE.

    We go to sleep with each other at our side. She wakes up and we cuddle for some time. She gets dressed and says she hopes to see me again.

    This girl is incredible. One of the best I have had in Abu Dhabi. I plan on seeing her again.

    Gave her 300 AED for the experience.

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    Met a new girl named Rafa from Kyrgyzstan in 49 ers. She was in her early 30's with one child and and a good figure. Excellent English. Had a slim figure and short hair. Light skin with a Chinese face. We talked for several minutes and had fun flirting with each other. She decided to leave with me quickly.

    We started making out after putting on some music. Soon we were taking each others' clothes off. She had a slight bit of belly fat but otherwise maintained a good figure. Her ass was strong and tits were average.

    She was stroking me as we continue to make out. I threw her down on the bed as I grabbed a condom. Entered in doggy. What a sight. Took it to her fairly hard here for a few minutes before flipping her over.

    There I went at it for a good while until I finished.

    Let her clean up and she left happy. I'd see her again. Great smile.

    Gave her 300 AED for the hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PallavSinha  [View Original Post]
    Got number of this pinoy girl from a social app. She does outcall only. Booked hotel in hamadan, picked her from Tiurist club, checked into hotel without any hassles. Had good fun. Great uncovered blowjob. She has lots of tattoos which adds to her appeal with her great boobs. Good vakue for money.
    And how much did you pay her?

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    Visiting Cards are Reliable

    The cards are fairly reliable. In most cases the number of cards are many but end up pointing to 3 4 locations.

    (You can actually pair them up very quickly if you run them on excel or decent contact list management on your phone!

    I do it the other way round, find the decent location with good supply and zero down on the number which is willing to give updates on the changes in the line up (Smile). By the way Abu dhabi is playing fast catch up in the number of locations and supply lines are getting better post the Eid holiday.

    Maybe a run up to the Formula1 season?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gladiator666  [View Original Post]

    How reliable are all those AMP Cards we find on the street underpasses and car windows? Are these scams or monger AMPS or. Legit AMPS?



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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliTexMex  [View Original Post]
    Before the weekend started had not been out in a while. Decided to hit a few of the usual spots. Started with Capital hotel. Many of the girls from Dana have moved here it seems. Perhaps it's a better spot for them? No idea. They are charging cover again. Business must be really bad.
    I wonder if the Capital hotel has improved from the summer. Last time I was there I couldn't find a single girl who looked under 35.

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