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Thread: Abu Dhabi

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    Chinese girl's visit

    Saw the famed chinese girl who likes it in the butt yesterday.

    I have been wanting to go see her for a long time, from the posts here everyone had lots of fun with her despite having mentions here and there she's not a looker.

    I've sent a friend her way a while back and he basically didn't go through it when he saw her, anyway I decided to take the plunge and a big one at that, opted for a 3 HR session for 7 reds thinking its going to be worth it and a big show, wanted to take my time and have fun with her.

    She was a hard bargain from the beginning, and didn't want to share any pics before. Arrived at her place and she opened the door and yes she's on the old side, slim body tho and that's a plus.

    We proceeded to wash off like 3 times, she says she likes to be clean. As I entered her room there was a bad smell coming from her bed that put me off a little bit, took our clothes off to find a typical asian girl body, I was anyway excited and couldn't wait to get a nice sloppy BBBJ, I got disappointed there since she uses her freaking teeth. I really wanted to CIM for the first round since I was already horny and felt like I'm going to explode fast despite the teeth, I then asked her to put on the rubber and went at it mish for like 10 seconds before I bursted.

    We then started to have a conversation about our lives the usual stuff for over half an hour, then I started to get horny again got up put on the rubber and I asked if I can stick it up her butt. Without any lube or prep she took it slowly, it felt weird for me since she was tight yes but I felt like she was in pain, slowly she got loose and started to enjoy it but didn't squirt as advertised. YMMV!!

    In the end I left after 1. 5 hours and it was a Meh experience, at least I satisfied my curiosity of her, Again I say YMMV and maybe we didn't have any spark.

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    Tourist club.

    Hi guys,

    Just got contact details.

    Does anyone of you have tried Tourist club, Spar market building. He said Russian, Turkey, Iranian, Indian will be available but after 4 pm.

    I've been to that building 2 yrs before but had came across Asians.

    Please let me knw.



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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanFigueras  [View Original Post]
    Hi everybody,

    I am new in Abu Dhabi and I was wandering if there are some up-scale massage places that would offer a massage with HJ.

    I am a big fun of a massage and would love to get a B2B massage with a HJ at the end, but I do not like dodgy places.

    Is there such a place in Abu Dhabi?

    Also I would appreciate if someone could send me a private message on how to find that beautiful Indian girl that everyone here keeps talking about.

    Cheers and thanks.

    Plenty of massage place in Abu Dhabi that sue when there. And this can be found by RTFF as there is wealth of information once you do that. Indian girls also lots information once you RTFF and look at RODs etc. All is there. Sadly as you are a one poster (1 FR) newbie and this is the UAE.

    Now take Loso69 as an example, first time to AD and he did lots of RTFF and the scene here, PM me with questions clearly showing he had RTFF, arrived and we had a great time. That is the way I think you should try.

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    AMP Updates

    Lola is back in town. Always a treat with the old top floor Al Nasr group.

    Also checked out Blitz last weekend and has some decent Uzbek action. Took a new girl in her 20's. Not sure of the name. Decent girl with a good attitude. Nothing special.

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    Up-scale massage places and Indian girl.

    Hi everybody,

    I am new in Abu Dhabi and I was wandering if there are some up-scale massage places that would offer a massage with HJ.

    I am a big fun of a massage and would love to get a B2B massage with a HJ at the end, but I do not like dodgy places.

    Is there such a place in Abu Dhabi?

    Also I would appreciate if someone could send me a private message on how to find that beautiful Indian girl that everyone here keeps talking about.

    Cheers and thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyForever  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    I'm visiting Abu dhabi for a month. I have been reading this forum for sometime. I visited blitz the ever famous club for mongering here, found nothing for my liking. I'm more into Afro girls than Thai girls, so started exploring more and found a chick in tinder. She quoted the usual 300 for an hour, everything included. Can the girls in tinder be trusted? Please let me know. Thank you guys!
    Be very cautious about Tinder black girls that want to meet you in a hotel. Never enter a dark room where you can't see the girl.

    Best action for black girls in Abu Dhabi is The Trap in the Al Diar Dana Hotel.

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    Need help for a visitor.

    Hey guys,

    I'm visiting Abu dhabi for a month. I have been reading this forum for sometime. I visited blitz the ever famous club for mongering here, found nothing for my liking. I'm more into Afro girls than Thai girls, so started exploring more and found a chick in tinder. She quoted the usual 300 for an hour, everything included. Can the girls in tinder be trusted? Please let me know. Thank you guys!

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    Navy Gate AMP

    This happened a couple of weeks ago.

    Was in the mood for a nice massage and wanted to try the same girl again but she wasn't available, went home for vacay.

    Arrived at the place and asked for a lineup, as usual they called girls one by one, I saw three a bit short and chubby that I don't like.

    I was about to give up when out of the room comes one thin thai girl, it seems like she was cleaning up. She had sort of a cute face with nice lips. Body was like sticks.

    Chose her, paid the regular amounts, then in the room she proceeded to do a decent massage coupled with a lot of pressing herself with her whole body that hurt. Kept telling her to take it easy but I guess she didn't understand me the first 6 times I said it. .

    Finally comes the flip, then proceeded to my legs and hips again with a mix of pleasure and pain, when finally I stopped her and told her it hurts and I don't need that kind of massage. She was bubbly and trying to be funny all the long, even if I didn't like the massage her attitude was nice. She then proceeded to ask me if I like "special massage" for which I'm like of course, asked me what I want and I said everything, she offered it for 250 then I countered with 200. She agreed.

    Went out of the room to freshen up and brought back her bag, started to wipe me with those wet wipes (so uncomfortable), even tho I wash thoroughly in the bathroom and bring my own soap every time, I still let them do the wet wipe turn off thing. But it was all worth it, she began a nice deep throat BBBJ with lots of eye contact, shaft kissing and a little bit sloppy (on that she hit the spot). Loved it! She was great at it, told her to put on the cover and then proceeded to let her climb on top, her movements were great we changed in mish, doggy then spooning. Opening her ass cheeks and thrusting her deeply while she moans in pleasure that might have been fake since after a while she noticed I was stalling and didn't want to cum fast: the. Then I hear the words " can you finish" whispering them to me. I was like damn, now you're going to have to work for it.

    Told her to take off the condom and finish me with her mouth, was a bit hesitant but went for it, wiped me with those wet wipes again (ouch) while I was rock hard and pulsing, proceeded to do her amazing BJ for about 2-3 more minutes then done, not in her mouth but rather all over the floor.

    Face: 6/10.

    Body: 6/10.

    Massage: 4/10.

    Fuck: 8/10 (little more enthusiasm required).

    BBBJ: 9/10 (Fuck wet wipes).

    WIR: Yes, for some other girl.

    Damage: 80 + 200.

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    Behind Honda showroom.

    Building D. Only 2 thais available when I went, Neither that appealing. Took the slimmer of the 2. As she started on my legs she asked HJ or B2B, quoted 100 and 200. Asked if I wanted now or later. Opted for after. Finished massage asked for money, took top off and kept panties. Nothing appealing, offered a thigh fuck, doesn't do for me, the B2B was just her lying on me. HJ worst ever by a Thai.

    WIR not for her.

    An indian had arrived in the meantime and she showed me out. Looked early 30 not chubby, so might try her next.

    100 45 mts, 200 tip.

    Building C- went with a chubby Kenyan, her massage, well she knows nothing but I will give her an A for effort. B2B negotiated down to 250, I had 300 she bought me back 50 in change. Very unrushed B2B and again an A for effort plenty of erotic ass balls and knob play. Very nice I must say. Unhurried HJ to finish though she got called out for exceeding time.

    100 for 1 HR and I ended up giving her 300 just for her attitude and effort.

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    Antelope Hotel Massage.

    I think this might have been mentioned a long time ago but I was a regular back in the day and used to enjoy some very thrilling sessions there.

    250 at the door was somewhat steep, but it was definitely worth it and I tried to visit a couple of times a month.

    The hotel is located in Khaldiyah and the hotel's name is an animal in the Antelope family group.

    I have only ever tried two ladies at this place, and I don't ever want to try any others because they made me feel weak after leaving them.

    Lady 1: R (Name is a type of flower, usually red).

    This woman had the best knockers ever. She was so gentle, so kind, delivered an amazing massage, and had great assets front and back. She is very very slightly on the heavier side, but it does not show or matter at all. No FS is allowed in this establishment, but her technique feels very much like the real thing. She takes off her panties and squeezes her amazing ass cheeks together while you pump away between her thighs / ass cheeks. She is the only one I have ever managed to finish this way with. She once gave me a BBBJ because she 'missed me' but it was nothing noteworthy. I would go back just for her tits and ass, and her thigh fucking 9.5/10.

    Damage: 250 + 250 tip.

    Lady 2: M (Name sounds very similar to Mickey Mouse's wife).

    This lady was very naughty. From the first session I tried her (when are was unavailable). She closed the door and came and sat next to me and simply said ' I hope you are ready'. Taking no notice of what she said, I lay down and proceeded to enjoy 25-30 minutes of a very decent massage. As she was finishing up on my back, she started tickling in between my cheeks and that's when I knew it was about to get naughty. Then without any warning whatsoever, inserted a finger in there! I don't know what kind of feeling it was, whether it was pain, or euphoria, or feeling uncomfortable, but I let her go about her business. And for the first time ever, I came without any stimulation to my penis, which was a feeling like no other. Right after I finished cumming, she started again and made me come again within 10 minutes of stimulation. After this I was completely KO'd and slept throughout the rest of the massage.

    The following sessions with M were pretty much the same and sometimes she would literally force me to make her cum while she was playing with me. No FS or DATY, just fingering. 9/10.

    Damage: 250 + 250 tip.

  11. #5356

    Lyra 49 ers

    Met this girl named Lyra recently. She was alone and approached me. I had not seen her before. She was from Kazakhstan and looked more Chinese with darker skin. She was shorter and had an athletic body. She dies her hair blonde in a more natural-looking way. Her English was good and said this was her first time in Abu Dhabi. She had the cutest freckles on her face. Said she was mid 20's and was believable.

    After confirming that I was looking to take a girl that night she started dancing for me. Very seductive and wish she could have taken some clothes off. Anyway I feel her body and she is indeed tight. Said she works out. Her ass was very muscular. Asked her about babies and said she had two. We continued to talk a bit about her.

    She finally asked if I wanted to take her. Told her I wanted an hour. Ended up with her agreeing to 300 AED for the hour. We left quickly.

    Upon arrival we started listening to music. She took a quick shower and came out. We kissed deeply for a minute as she undressed me. She was wearing a nice thong which showed her perfect ass off. Her small tits did not bother me as she kept her bra on. Her stomach was tight and toned. No signs of child birth. She had me sit down on the bed as she begun licking my ears, neck, and shoulders. Using her tongue all over the place. It was so sensual she got me rock hard.

    She was not done as she threw a pillow on the ground to get on her knees to give me a proper BBBJ. Whole package and under was all given great service with her tongue. She enthusiastically sucked while showing off her ass in that thong.

    After a few minutes she was killing me with her skills. Wanted to lay pipe to her. But first I had to return the favor and licked her holes thoroughly with her screaming into the sheets. She was already wet, but I had to do it for good measure. Then put the condom on and entered slowly in her. She was a bit tight and hit her bottom slowly. Spent some time working her up to the bottom where I pounded her with light intensity. Switched to doggy and back again. Finished in missionary.

    She wanted another round and I obliged. We kissed some more like she sucked me while I assisted her. Got hard again. Went into doggy first this time. I pounded her here for several minutes to her delight. Flipped her around to finish in missionary position. Her face is cute.

    She quickly cleaned up and got dressed to go out again. Gave her some extra money as tip for her enthusiasm.

    Hope to see her again.

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    Combodian gem

    Send whatsapp to one of the operators whose number was there in mobile for long. He sent some pics. Went to his location near to Ramee Rose. On line up chose the combodian girl Annie, who had arrived same day on a three months visit. She proceeded to massage, but realized that she is not for it. Then both of us laughed. She grabbed my cock and told she knows to massage only the dick. Then I grabbed her boobs, removed her top, sucked the nipples and the boobs for quiet long till she started moaning, then inserted finger on her clitoris to discover, she was quiet wet, then rubbed the clitoris with thumb and kept on rotating the index and middle finger in the vagina. Once she couldn't bear then she grabbed by cock and proceeded for a BBBJ, but I couldn't last long and indicated my desire to cum, she took tissue and wiped my cum. Then, in her broken English, she told that she needed fuck and took out the condom. Obliged her by fucking in differenet position till she came and squirted. One of the best feeling ever I had in such place.

    After she came, she wanted me for another session, but I had disappeared from one of meeting only for an hour, so was not possible to oblige her more.

    Face: 7/10.

    Body 9/10 (no scar on abdomen, perfect boobs).

    Massage: 2/10.

    Fucking: 10/10.

    BBBJ: 7/10.

    WIR: Definitely yes.

    Damage: the operator was asking for 400 but paid 300.

    I love Combodia.

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    Sorry Snow.

    During my hunt for the Indian gem I came across this place and there were women wondering around the appartment, I assumed they were the masseuses. I did a you-Turn as soon as I found out there was no Indian masseuse, little did I know it was male masseurs!

    Sorry snow, I guess now we know LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedRoger  [View Original Post]
    LOL this is so funny Snow given we know each other and I can imagine your reaction. They are very likely pinays but with the odd twist LOL.

    'Just like a lady' LOL.

    InterFan? Am concerned now that you did not mention this as Snow nearly had a heart attack.

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    Can you please send me PM.

    Hi all,

    I have been reading in this forum about some Indian beauty giving massages.

    I would really appreciate if someone could send me a message with instructions on where to find her.





    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


  15. #5352

    AMP. WTC area.

    I had stopped FR's for AMP's but this one had a terrible massage.

    This new place is very near the WTC.

    Carded place. Indo, Thai and Indian ladies.

    The Indian lady seemed eager. Fair and short.

    Took the indo lady. Older end of spectrum speaks arabic but no english. Name is of the fruit you eat with champagne.

    The massage is atrocious. More like rubbing a lot oil persistently all over you. Terrible.

    B2B and HJ on offer.

    I was just in the mood for a massage and that went south. Tipped her 50 (which I usually give) and got a mechanical HJ without asking for it.

    Small and clean place though.

    Best to avoid the place if in mood for a good massage.

    WIR: Maybe the Thai or Indian. No guarantees if they is any good.

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