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    2nd visit

    As I promised to her, I visited her again yesterday. She was happy when saw me and I told her I keep my promise. Last time, I didn't took her HJ. This time, yes.

    Into the room, asked whether the temperature was ok. Since it was raining. Just to make sure both are comfortable. Then dimmed the light.

    Face: 6/10.

    Body: Slim.

    HJ: 7/10. Slow and sometimes a bit faster and slow again. She said, just like when FJ. Yesterday, she wear spectacles, so before HJ, she took it off, tied up her hair then start.

    Massage: Good massage just like first time.

    Damage: Total RM90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnriqueI  [View Original Post]
    Kxxx at Mxx.

    Name: Mxxxx.


    Face: 8/10 slutty face.

    Body: 7/10 slim, fit, around 155 cm.

    Skin: 7/10 tanned amd smooth.

    Service: FJ any position, BJ, cum in mouth, foot fetish (foot job me and allow me to lick her feet).

    Anal sex: no. She allows me to lick and suck her ass hole. But no ass hole fingering.

    Pussy: shave clean. DATY yes.

    Damage: rm150.

    Wir? May be. I fuck her 3 times. She will blow me until I cum in her mouth.

    Special mention: BJ 9/10. Patient, gentle, no rushing.
    Bro, PM me the place.



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    [Indecipherable Text deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because the text contained so many strange abbreviations, misspelled words and local slang that it was literally unreadable. It was so bad that the only way I can describe it was that it looked like English translated into Chinese, then translated back to English, with every third letter subsequently deleted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowReloader  [View Original Post]
    Probably need to pay GST for MP service next year. LOL.
    That's true bro. But in all seriousness, the smaller ones probably won't be affected. It's those larger establishments or those MP with branches that will probably have to register for GST. Imagine asking for receipt.

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    I'm quite new in Kuching

    Quote Originally Posted by EnriqueI  [View Original Post]
    Name: YL.


    Place: rxxxbxx.

    Age: 22

    Face: 7/10 ,girl next door type.

    Body: 9/10 about 165 cm.

    Skin: 9/10

    Massage: 1/10

    HJ: 1/10.

    I'm quite new here.

    May I know where exactly is this place. Would love to give it a try.

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    MTX at BK

    Name: Mei.

    Origin: Vietnam.

    Face: 5/10.

    Body: 6/10 average.

    Massage: oil massage. Quite good.

    HJ: 5/10. A bit rush.

    Damage: RM43+RM50.

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    Going To Kuching soon

    Hi bros,

    I'm new here, will be going to Kuching for few days next week, any nice out-call massage to intro?

    Thanks a lot bros.

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    Name: Didn't ask.

    Face: 6/10.

    Body: Slim.

    HJ: Didn't take.

    Massage: Good massage.

    Damage: rm50 with tips.

    Remark: Her massage was good and play with bro and ask me for HJ. However I decided not to take as I was too tired and just want for a good massage. She's not mad, and yet still touching my bro for many times. I told her I will get back to her some other day.

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    H. X. Z.

    Name: Siaw Ling.

    Status: back to China.

    Type: MILF.

    Face: 5/10.

    Body: 6/10 average. Firm boobs w / tattoo.

    HJ: 7/10.

    FJ: Didn't take.

    Damage: RM40+RM50.

    Massage: Not bad, not bad at all. During HJ, she was surprise with my huge bro. She said she really love it and enjoy a lot with HJ my bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnriqueI  [View Original Post]
    Name: Sze jxx.


    Face: 7/10 slutty face.

    Body: 7/10 just average. Firm boobs.

    HJ: 8/10, good balls massage.

    Kissing: yes.

    FJ: 8/10 : missionary, cow girl, reverse cow girl, doggy.

    BJ: no.

    Foot fetish: nice clean feet. Allow me to suck, lick each and every toes. I rub my dick on her feet.

    Ass rimming: yes, I lick and suck her asshole. Nice, clean asshole.

    Damage: rm200. I visited her twice already.

    Massage: 9/ 10 nice erotic massage.
    Bro, mind pm me the details. Been looking for good ball massage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by William83  [View Original Post]
    You means above a electrical shop one? Can I know the ML name or work no?
    Yes. Sorry, I don't think that it is proper to reveal her name. Start with M.

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    Best of the best

    Fxx Fxx, PRC.

    Place: rxxxbxx.

    Age: early 30's.

    Face: 8/10 . Typical come fuck me face.

    Body: 10/10 . My type. Around 170 cm. Fit.

    Boobs: 10/10 pinkish nipple.

    Balls massage: 8/10

    BJ: 10/10 slow and patient.

    FJ: 9/10 any position. Missionary, cow girl doggy, reverse cow girl, 69 man on top, 69 woman on top.

    Foot fetish: Yes! Prettiest feet among PRC. Clean, fair skin, polished nails, long toes. Always lick for 10 minutes.

    Damage: rm200. Plus tips rm100, she was too good.

    Ass rimming: yes, I lick and suck her asshole.

    Fingering: yes. I sticked my finger to her asshole.

    Kissing: yes, deep french kiss.

    WIR? Fuck her 5 times already. Going back to China.

    P / s always rub delay cream before fuck her.

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    Best GF experience

    Name: YL.


    Place: rxxxbxx.

    Age: 22

    Face: 7/10 ,girl next door type.

    Body: 9/10 about 165 cm.

    Skin: 9/10

    Massage: 1/10

    HJ: 1/10

    BJ: no.

    FJ: 9/10 : missionary, doggy. Pumped her for 40 minutes (with delay cream).

    Pussy: clean, delicious! Wet and juicy!

    Foot fetish: allow me to lick and suck her feet.

    Feet: 9/10 clean.

    Deep french kiss: yes. Suck my lips like crazy and bite my lips. I don't like that, too aggressive.

    WIR? Fuck her twice. Not sure went back to China already or not.

    Damage: rm200.

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    Worst experience

    Name: can't recall.


    Face: 9/10

    Skin: 9/10

    Body: 8/10

    HJ:1/10 rough.

    BJ:1/10 just suck my tip.

    Remarks: bad attitude, ask me cum faster, Cibai face.

    Damage: rm150. I didn't even cum and just throw the money to her. First that treat me like that.

    Place: Man Tian Xing 2 fuck that place. Will never visit again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnriqueI  [View Original Post]
    No problem. Mjc.
    You means above a electrical shop one? Can I know the ML name or work no?

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