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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRed  [View Original Post]
    Where is this? Is this current or last year as the year is 2014.
    It's from a few weeks ago. OKT (RS Escort) stock. The date indicator is stuffed up.

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    Where is this? Is this current or last year as the year is 2014.

    Quote Originally Posted by GemTiger2012  [View Original Post]
    Sweet young thing. Really enjoyed her "one-dragon" service, so tender and loving unlike the robotic PRCs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GemTiger2012  [View Original Post]
    Sweet young thing. Really enjoyed her "one-dragon" service, so tender and loving unlike the robotic PRCs.
    Nice Girl. Work must be nice too.

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    Sweet Sella Part 2

    Sweet young thing. Really enjoyed her "one-dragon" service, so tender and loving unlike the robotic PRCs.
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    Sweet Sella

    Am posting this for SlowReloader. Sorry, didn't realise you can't view pics on DPF.
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    101 Simon

    Just went to 101 simon, saw 2 uniform dudes doing checking, looks like from imigresen, not very sure.

    Immediately walk away.

    Anyone knows more information?

    Cheong Safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowReloader  [View Original Post]
    Can't believe my luck today!

    My good FR meant that Sella had been too busy, hence sleeping and unavailable during my usual hour.
    Hahaha, I received so many PMs regarding Sella as well after posting. Anyway, thanks for your initial FR and also the heads-up about Angel. Was tempted to try her out too.

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    A good night out

    Was surveying my usual hunting area and came across an ML from a MP I had visited in the past.

    Slim pickings so decided to give her a go. Turns out it was a pretty good night all things considered.


    PRC ML.

    Age: MILF spec, late 30's I am guessing. Voice was a bit raspy. OL dressing. You get the idea.

    Looks: 6. 5/10 MILF spec, had dyed hair tied up, decent make up.

    Body: 6/10 petite.

    Boobs: A cups.

    GFE: 9/10 - playful, intimate and didn't rush.

    Massage: 7/10.

    HJ: 6/10 nothing special but it was the GFE and overall session that made it fun.

    Damage: 1. 5 hour. RM60 + RM50 for extras.

    WIR: Probably for more as promised.

    So the massage and HJ wasn't spectacular but there was plenty of boob caressing (not naked, just unhooked her bra and lifted up her top), nipple sucking (both ways), finger rubbing her pussy (didn't want me to finger her directly).

    Kissing (she was reluctant at first but after a while we started making our. Proper) dry humping. Only reason why we didn't do the deed was because I didn't have a rubber with me. Otherwise I am pretty sure we would have gotten it on.

    I guess next time I will find out, she swears she won't BJ though LOL. Pretty fun night all in all.

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    FR: Angel

    Can't believe my luck today!

    My good FR meant that Sella had been too busy, hence sleeping and unavailable during my usual hour.

    So chose Angel out of the lot.

    Looks: So so.

    Language: Poor English.

    Build: Small and slim. No tattoos.

    Boobs: Handful. Original. Dark nipples.

    DATY: (Luckily) didn't try. Half shaven.

    FK: No. Barely pack on lips only.

    Fingering: No.

    Sound system: Nil.

    Started with shower together after she helped me out of my shirt. Nice slim body. Cuddled but no FK. Dried and went on the bed. She can over and gave me a peck on the lips and straight to a body cat bath. Gentle and OK technique. Moved down to balls area and gave them a good licking. Showed her my appreciation by moaning. Moved to my brother and licked shaft. Her BBBJ technique is different. Started with kinda small random suction all over the head before engulfing my shaft fully and deep throating. Went on for a while. Then gesture it was her turn so got her to be over me so that I could suck her tits while I fondle the clit and asshole with my 2 hands. Nice tits to suck and lick with no rejection of anal tickling but she indicated no insertion into her oyster and backdoor. I think she enjoyed it a bit with some gyrations but sound systems was spoilt! Only deep breathing. No moaning at all. Loosing steam a bit. She reached over to grab my condom (brought my own this time as was looking for Sella). Brother at this time wasn't fully paying attention but she capped it, applied KY over it (rather than on herself) and mounted my for CG. Not bad, she knew which direction to move at the start as not to hurt. When action was smoother, she leaned back for the leaning back and rocking back and forth type of CG, giving me full view and access to her handful of boobs. On and off got her to lean forward and I banged hard from below. Did elicit some barely audible moans from this but definitely no auditory stimulation here.

    Flipped her over for missionary. Leaned over to lick her ear. Moved to change position and noticed dark blood on condom. Shit! Another girl with period! (This is my second one! First one in another FR in another forum). Straight away lost steam and took off condom and showered. After that thought I was going to leave but the girl asked me to pay 150. Called OKT. Kinda pissed. Paid RM100 and left.

    Damage: RM100.

    WIR: NO!

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    Cat city stutong

    Cat City stutong.

    Did my usual lunch hour hunting in this area.

    Noted a few MPs here; Venice.

    Mcity, Cat city, Snow white all in the same road with their back enterance avl.

    Forbidden city wahhh the name oso very power- between Jun. Rong and unaco.

    Jun rong MP: yup there is one behind Jun. Rong shop itself. What the irony.

    Standard setup.

    Entered was served by a tall petite MILF. They wear uniforms here like a coat over their clothes. Blue coat with white lining. Guess to make it more professional.

    She was wearing a black dress.

    Name: huang yin? I think.

    Origin: PRC, Hunan Been in kuching 9 months.


    Height about 5 feet 8.

    Weight 40 kg plus.

    Looks: Normal.

    Boobs 34 be.

    Massage: SOP back and front. Sat on my back for awhile. Since she was wearing a short skirt. Could feel her panties and crotch on my ass. Nice.

    H. J: normal. Said I was big and it felt good in her hands- standard response. Closed her eyes while she was jerking me off. Touched her arse and boobs form the outside. Shot my load across her hands and it hit her face a bit. She was shocked but took in her stride.

    Extras: didn't ask.

    Damage: Massage 28, HJ 50.

    W. I. Are not for now.

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    Sandra revisted

    Decided to go back and have a second try with this busty pinoy spinner.

    Name: Sandra.

    Origin: pinoy. Living in Kuching for the past 5 years.


    Height about 5 feet 5.

    Weight 40 kg plus.

    Looks: has the CFM nice lips.

    Boobs 35 see.

    Massage: SOP back, this time however, she stood much closer to me, when she was standing at my head her crotch was so close I could feel the heat from it.

    She sat on my back and could feel the heat from her crotch on my ass when she was massaging it. Damm that was good.

    Talked with her a bit more to build up chemistry. She likes to drink after work and og swimming. Hence the rocking bod.

    H. J asked her to see the jugs of hers. She said I'm shy dowannnnn. But she didn't resist when I put my hands in to her top and squeezed her breast.

    And at the same time I cupped her ass. She was wearing a black g string. She leaned over so I could see it.

    But still no honey, load shot quite a bit 2 weeks of stock.

    Damage 28 + 50.

    WIR: Well guys. Do you think I should try again and think that third times a charm?

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    Wxxdxxx at MJC

    Yesterday, went to this MP.

    Venue: Wxxdxxx at MJC.

    Name: N/A

    Number: 5.

    Age: Didn't ask. Little bit chubby with MILF look.

    Origin: PRC.

    Looks: 5/10.

    Massage: 4/10. Oil massage. Seldom met masseur who uses little bit of oil to massage body. Except those real traditional MP. Anyway, massage technique just a little bit below average.

    HJ: After body massage, ask me whether I want to do this. Well, I took it. Performance is food.

    Damage: 35 massage + 65 (including some tips).

    They are quite a few ML there and looks OK. You can also order beer and drink together with ML over there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowReloader  [View Original Post]
    1. Where is GS Thai?

    2. I think I 'did' the Vietnamese lady in Bintulu. She can speak Mandarin and some Cantonese. Her written English is not bad. Happen to see her profile / advert on WeChat. LOL. Plenty of tattoos. Prefers doggy as she claims this makes less sound. Quite fun. Says I'm 'geng'. Price was highish compared to local FJ only places.
    Golden sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantit  [View Original Post]
    Which Ling Ling's sisters? Is Xue Lee still there?
    Just saw one of her sister, but is not Xue Li.

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    Need recommendations

    Been missing the spider lady who has been my "regular" provider.

    Need some info on any Ang Pai around.

    Anyone tried Ayumi? She has been here for the longest time. If she is a student, sure has been a record "ponteng". Anna has also been back repeatedly but I don't find anything outstanding about her service.

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