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Thread: Kuching

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    Since I am here already posting one report, I guess I write another one happen sometime ago.

    Location: Mendu.

    Name: Nih__ something.

    Race: Thai.

    Age: early 20's.

    Boob: B cup.

    Face: 2. 5/5.

    Body: Small 1.55 - 1.60 m and thin. Skin is darker type.

    BJ: 6/5 fantastic. Out of this world. Deep throat like nobody else. Without condom. She pushes all the way until it bend and I felt some pain on my base. I had her kneeling me and I hold her head and fucked the mouth, all in.

    FJ: 4/5 she is quite tight and also polite and have good reaction. I think she [CodeWord134] a little halfway through. And she a screamer also. I wonder if next door can hear her.

    Halfway through, I removed the condom and asked her to BJ again because it feel so good.

    Damage: 170.

    Overall: 4/5. Would gave her 5/5 if she was prettier and fairer.

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    Location: Stutong.

    Name: Stein.

    I guess she in Kuching for quite sometime already.

    Race: Thai.

    Face: 5/5.

    Age: 25-28? I forgot ask and I not much good in guessing lady age.

    Boob: 1/5 A to be cup.

    Body: 4.5/5 Tall 1.70 m, good figure and legs. Flexible leg also (u know what I mean).

    BJ: 1/5 uses condom but cannot even feel anything. Notice she has the dental crowns on her teeth.

    F / J: 2/5 tried a few positions, but she too loose and not much reaction. Allow fingering.

    Damage: 190.

    Have trouble communicating with her in English.

    Overall: 2.5/5. Could rate her less but I like her pretty face and sexy legs.

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    Lisa -Fuk Lin Satok

    Field report.

    Fuk Lin –satok.

    When here about 2 weeks ago during one of the rainy afternoon's Kuching has been having recently.

    Was pleasantly surprised, read the directions up on the forum, with some patience found the place.

    Have been on the look out for places that serve up local dishes.

    Located on rubber road, can't miss the sign. Same row as rose valley, might give it a try later.

    Located on the first floor, standard setup up on entry, remove shoes and head to the cubicles.

    Clean bed and sheets, solid wall separations with good natural light and no unpleasant odor.

    Name Lisa, from Sibu.

    Wearing 3 quarter pants with a blouse with a plunging neck line revealing ample size melons.

    Age 30's.

    Stats: 36 boobs with a nice boinkable back, haha.

    Massage: good professional massage, really worked out the kinks in my back and shoulder, really put the pressure on the right places.

    She sat on my back there was warmth from her crotch.

    Proceeded with ass and leg massage with some nice deep brushes and the crotch area that was to my liking, not to brief or too long just nice.

    Flipped over and started with the legs as well, by that time, the towel was barely covering the goods and she massaged my legs while brushing my balls. Could see her tits as she was doing it.

    H. J: started with a standard batin massage, deep pressing at the inguinal area and perineum to ease the pressure before starting the stroking. Since I was nice to her, she let me play with her boobs with her top off.

    For her age, the boobs were pretty solid. Might return to see If I can get them off to munch on hehe.

    After 5 minutes of delicious stroking, I came a lot, more the usual. I think her batin before that really unclogged the pipes.

    Cleaned up and dressed up, as I got ready she was changing the sheets, could see her lovely ass crack peeking at me with a black g string, to which I commented cantik la g string you. To which she replied, lain kali la you tengok. Hehe.

    Price: 40 massage with 50 for HJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackSkin  [View Original Post]
    PRC, age 28, busty full breast like mango, very rare for prc, taller than me 176 cm, long legs, have model / athlete look, have very awesome body, her ass like Nigerian booty big and tight, super hot, she start with massage, okay nothing ordinary, she than pulled my undie, and massage by ass, she grabbed my dick once in awhile, after that she ask me to turn, she offered fuck for rm 100, hand job for rm50,I choose handjob, she undress, was wearing only gesturing, she suck my nipple than put her breast on my mouth, I lick like hell, and bite her nipple, she started moaning and and started handjob, very soft skin, she handjob very nice and slow, I grabbed her pussy and start rubbing it, she moan very loud, than I came onto her, Kena her thigh and leg, she shocked see my cum so much on her leg, than she cleaned me up, and finished. Damage rm 25 +rm50.
    Where is this bro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentNight  [View Original Post]
    This massage place is located beside Kuching Central, if approaching from the direction of the airport it is in the shoplots on the right hand side of the road before Kuching central.

    Can't miss it can see the name from the road.

    There is actually 2 side by side on the same floor.

    Went to the one on the right.

    From my observation most of the ladies here are local with the odd Filipino or PRC.

    But since one can get them at any other place, why not try the local delights after all they are know for their charm and skills.

    Here is my F. Ron both of them.

    I have been visiting them on and off for the past 6 months and hence have built a rapport with them.

    The center is self is average.

    2 sections, one is with curtain and the other with cubicle.

    I tend to take the one, or rather the ladies take the cubicle cause it offers more privacy.
    Quote Originally Posted by SilentNight  [View Original Post]
    Name: Rozie.

    Age: 30's.

    Looks: Fair Average. Always in short skirts or dresses full lips and CFM.

    Body Size: Petite.

    Boobs 34 B.

    Massage skills: same as Linda but since she wears skirts more the access is better as well as the grinding on the back. Can feel the heat of her pussy on my back, or when she stands at my head. Usually her panties are down to her knees and I'm caressing her tights and her cute butt.

    H. J same as Linda but less batin.

    B J: her best assets. Wet, slow and slurpy BJ with the sound effects and look to boot. She looks you straight in the eye as she does it. She cleans the crotch area before she starts. Tongue licking at the side with intense ball sucking. Starts with flicking at the tip of the penis before she takes a deep draw while moaning. While she is doing this I would be playing with her boobs or fingering her.

    The sucking is really out of this world cause her lips are amazing.

    I once had a BJ w her twice cause we were both horny as hell and there was no one in the shop besides her. I think it was a public holiday.

    As I came more regularly by the (7th or 8th visit) there will be 69 going on though she prefers I eat her first before she sucks me off.

    DATY: tight pussy with no hair or smell. She shudders when she comes and grabs my hair..
    Hello bro,

    First of all I apologize if I'm necroing this FR.

    Which MP bro? Is it SK9 or L L?

    Living nearby there BTW, so your cooperation will be much appreciated.

    Happy Cheong.

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    Zhi ling

    Was looking for Xiao ling but she is back already, so choose Zhi ling.

    Name: Zhi ling PRC.

    Age: 25.

    Language: Mandarin.

    Looks: beautiful, big eyes.

    Body: nice boobs, slim.

    Pussy: hairy.

    DATY: Didn't try.

    Kiss: refuse.

    BBBJ: Yes.

    Accommodating: not quite.

    Friendliness: 7/10 very talkative.

    FJ session: 6/10, only missionary, don't want to do other positions.

    Rush: a bit.

    Damage: 200.

    Going back for her: nope.

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    As luck would have it again, Gigi was taken just a few minutes before me. Was instead introduced to a new girl called Miss Star. Initially kinda pissed off as I thought I had a confirmed booking.

    Door opened. Very tall girl with big eyes. Beautiful office lady look. Game on!

    She is tall and fair. Skin was smooth. She was wearing strapless which showed some nice cleavage. Tried to start some small talk with her but she only had rudimentary English. Tried to be playful and grabbed her hips from the back while she was putting her hair up. This elicited some chuckle but no conversation. Oh well. She undressed and wrapped a towel around her and brought me to the shower.

    She showered me first and washed my did well and offered me Listerine. I dried myself up while she took her shower.

    Laid on the bed and waited for her. She came out with her hair down and gracefully dried herself up. Nice fair skin with no scars or tattoos. Boobs were nicely and naturally shaped. Nipples were pink. She wasn't shy but certainly avoided intimate eye contact.

    Came over me and started licking my chest and nipples. Slowly she moved down to my did and gave a good and long BBBJ with deep throat. There was a lot of tongue play with her half swallowing my dick. Her BBBJ effort was tireless. Motioned her to towards me and I cupped one of her breasts indicating it was my turn to feast on her beautiful natural breasts. I savored the left on greedily. She moaned softly in return. I reached down with my right hand to search for her clitoris. It was easily found as she was trimmed. I parted the lips slightly and circled the clitoris gently. She had put some gel prior but I could feel her wetness increasing and her moaning increasing, She was occasionally sucking air in while moaning. I ran some the the pussy juice over her anus and reached down with my left hand to circle her sensitive anus. No protest from her and she was really enjoying the simultaneous stimulation of her sensitive parts, including her nipple. I could feel her hips moving more and more and her hips suddenly tightened with a brief shake. I stopped the clitoral circling motion immediately and just gently pressed on it. She held it there motionlessly for a few seconds to let the wave pass. Not a whooping big orgasm but it was nice. No scream but she showed her appreciation by giving me a DFK. We tongue fought for a while before she reached for the condom. She gave my didi another brief CBJ to get it really hard.

    She mounted me in a squatting position. She is a large size girl (NOT FAT) so I was just a tad apprehensive. She did the squatting up and down cowgirl for a while, going really deep. Very nice and smooth feeling and the "phiak phiak" sound was exciting. She rested and I offered to do the work so supported her hips and both hands and pounded from below. Reached around with 1 hand to feel her juice and some ass toughing while steadying one of the greats for licking. Then I went really fast with short strokes. "Ahh ahhh ahhh" she responded, matching my strokes. She collapsed on me and kissed my neck. I kept pounding and we DFK some more. Rested while she moved her hips in a grinding motion before motioning me to go on top.

    She bent her knees high up and spread herself. I used my didi to rub her clitoris, giving it a few bang before entering her smooth passage. She was wet so wasn't super grippy but gosh could she bend her hips! Her knees were almost to her ears as I leaned forward, supporting myself on outstretched arms behind both her thighs. I pounded deep in this position. Could feel our pelvic bones slamming into each other. I pinned her left arm down and leaned forward to kiss her inner arm. She was; t too ticklish here and there was some "oohhhs" from here while I slowly kissed from arm to side of the breast and then nipple. She was much more ticklish when I tried to kiss her neck region but she didn't protest much so I held her close and kissed the side of her neck near the hairline. We DFK some more but she had her eyes closed. If her eye contact was better with some CFM look, I would have blown my wad a lot faster. LOL. I did some planking with her legs over my shoulder for a short while. Impressed with the way she could bend her hips to receive me, I pressed down both her thighs onto her chest. Her weight and the springiness of the mattress meant that I was able to set a bouncing motion going. It takes a perfect combination of weight and springiness to achieve this and it is damn fun. It was like me bouncing her up and down on the mattress. The momentum was perfect and enjoyed this position for quite a while, varying my bouncing speed occasionally. This also took while a lot of strain from the back during the pounding. She had her eyes closed looking to one side. Very beautiful blush line and I must say she did look a bit like Emily Blount from the side. It was one of my long stamina day (Have been having a few sessions lately as could be seen from my FR so I need to take a break). I think thinking about the bouncing motion and concentrating to keep it going also kept me going. She was just so beautiful I didn't want to end up with a frustrated fuck like when I did Kelly.

    Flipped her over for doggy. Her hips were nice round and beautiful. Just perfect for Asian. I couldn't resist giving her ass a brief AR, eliciting some giggle protest from her. Pounded her in standard doggy for a while. She gently refused me fingering her anus so I didn't insist but I did briefly rimmed her with my fingers without much protest. Grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her while gently pushing her forward. She understood that I wanted her to lie on her tummy for my current favorite position. I moved both my thighs outside of hers and pushed her legs close while I pounded her in this rather dominant position. Fuck it was nice. Her ass was a sight to behold. If only her back garden that was pointing upwards offered entry.Hmmmmm.

    Amazingly I could set up the bouncing motion in this position by timing the thrust of my hips, Really nice momentum and took a lot of strain from my back. I could even plank while entering her.

    Again decided I wanted to finish in front so flipped her back. I was worried I had to HJ myself to finish this time. Tried a few variation, both legs over 1 shoulder then the other, feet on chest etc. Didn't know what to try next so swung both her legs to one side with the hips flexed and entered her. It was nice as the grip was better and I had access to her boobs and clitoris. Played with both while pounding and eventually unloaded. No rush from her although the session almost reached full time. She held me in until I was satisfied and pulled out. In that position it was impossible for her to milk me. She wiped me clean and took her shower. She offered to shower me but I said it was OK as the time was almost up. Left really happy.

    Name: Miss Star.

    Age: Probably mid to late 20's (I think it is damn rude to ask.

    Language: Rudimentary English.

    Looks: Classy office lady look. Looks just like her in her photos. As you can see she is rather classy. Has a bit of orang ulu look I think. Pleasant character,

    Body: Perfect medium size tall lady. Not athletic but damn flexible! Nice boobs BTW. LOL.

    Pussy: Trimmed, Nice and clean.

    DATY: Didn't try.

    ANAL: No.

    DFK: Yes.

    BBBJ: Yes.

    CIM: Not sure.

    Accommodating: Yes.

    Friendliness: Not top notch.

    FJ session: Wonderful.

    WIR: Yes.

    Damage: 190 + 10 tips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blowpipe  [View Original Post]
    Plenty of Filipinos ML to pick some pretty and some so and so. Nothing much to shout about except they do give good massage for RM50 per hour and RM60 for one and half hour. Extras come in the form of HJ and ML will suck your tits while you auto roam ML. No FJ as the massage bed is only closed via curtain and you can hear what your neighboring booth is doing.
    Try Pending one, you be surprise.

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    Is been a while

    Is been ages last post FR. Cause was to stuck with work for months.

    So, back to Kuching, first thing is go massage.

    Visited a few parlor (101, song, stutong, mjc. Bored).

    Below is one I find OK to share.

    MP: LiaXNiXX, Jln Song.

    Number: 18.

    Name: din ask.

    Race: PRC.

    Age: my guess is 30+.

    Body: Thumbs up. 34 C I guessed.

    Massage: 5/10. So so.

    Look: just like her wechat.

    BJ: 5/10, I had better before.

    FJ: 7/10, she banyak pattern.

    GFE: 8/10, talkative type.

    Damage: RM 50 + 150.

    WIR: Yah, start with standard SOP. But she got a good body to make you happy!

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    Wechat Scammer

    Hi guys,

    There's a Wechat OKT Scammer running around Kuching, thought would be best to share with you guys. A friend got cheated by a Wechat Escort ID: missz_cutez and bibykiutz96. They offer dead cheap rate for FJ with local NL, rm100 per session. The boss will ask you to go to an inn in mjc, conveniently located not too far from maybank. Bank the money into his maybank account, take a pic, write a code by him on the receipt and send the pic of the receipt to him. He never reply afterwards. The account belonged to Tham Tuck Weng.

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    Was high on Gigi and wanted to do her again but alas she was out on outcall (You lucky bastard! Only another girl around and she didn't look so hot so left.

    Checked out WeChat moments on stocks. Vesa and Kelly kinda look OK so drove to GM. As today is really not my lucky day, Vesa was taken just ahead of me due to some mix up in booking (The OKT offered to ask the other guy out. I shocked and quickly said 'No'! WTF! Anyway, my other option was Kelly so checked her out. My eyes must have been fooled by the lights at that corner room as she kinda looked OK in that dim light. Dressed in hot pant and showing her cleavage she looked young! LOL.

    Went in. Friendly enough. No kiss from my attempts despite what was advertised. Shit. She helped me strip and we showered together. Little bro was horny for no good reason and was erect. Noticed she had an over the hill body with slightly saggy breasts (downwards pointing nipples although they were fresh pink in color). She was slim but had some wrinkly bits. She showered me nicely with a few rather erotic moves such as using her finger nails on my inner thighs and stroking my brother from front and back with fingers caressing the balls and anus in passing. Hmmm. Is there something nice in store? Little bro sure did think so.

    Dried myself while she took her shower. Noticed a bottle of baby oil at the bedside table. She motioned for me to lay on the bed after applying some KY jelly after shower. First thing she asked was whether I wanted special services. This is an immediate put-off. The specials are for an extra RM50 and included BBBJ and some other. Not sure. Could be CIM. Didn't ask about anal. I just said normal service will do and little bro kinda lost interest. She then applied some baby oil on her chest snd asked me to relax while she performed some frontal B2 B, rubbing my chest with her oily breasts before going down for some tit fuck. Little bro was half asleep and she was trying hard to revive it with some boobs massage. At some stage she expertly and speedily capped me and started her CBJ. She was blowing quite hard and fast and little bro managed to pay some attention and she quickly wanted to mount me. I stopped her to indicate that I wanted to lick her boobs to get my self aroused. She must have misunderstood me to mean I wanted to lick her down there as she asked me to get on top and at some stage tried to position herself for a 69. I refused and motioned her breasts. She offered them and I kinda licked them a bit after rubbing some baby oil off. Try to rub her clit with my finger and she was gyrating a lot.

    Mounted me for cowgirl. Some sliding, some humping and some leaning back style. I could finger her anally without protest but she will hump hard. Went on for a while. Switched to missionary. While switch she presses the front of the condom as if checking if I had come. WTF! Entered her and started humping her in missionary. Leg together, over the shoulder, planking etc. Then I hugged her tightly and went deep, thrusting my hips. Real close and personal. I don't know if she was enjoying it, faking it or hating it but she started moaning and bucking under me. It was either she was really enjoying it or like a wild horse who refuses to be ridden and trying to buck me off! LOL. The bucking banged my little bro a few time and I was worried it would get hurt so I changed to doggy.

    Banged standard doggy for a while then changed to lying flat with pillow under the tummy doggy. Again some bucking. Quite bloody painful is what it is with the bucking! Changed back to standard doggy and banged hard until I came.

    She quickly dismounted, wiped me dry and showered.

    As a show of my displeasure, I purposely gave her Rm200 and asked her for change back.

    Name: Kelly.

    Age: Over the hill. At least late 30's.

    Race: Thai.

    Looks: Old. Does not resemble her photos.

    Body: Saggy. No tattoos.

    Service: Well.. Good for some frustrated hard banging.

    WIR: Not for her.

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    Name: Gigi.

    Race: Thai.

    Age: early 20's.

    Looks: Exactly like her pics.

    Language: Reasonably good English. Some words in Mandarin and Korean.

    Body: Slim. Perfect for me. No tattoos.

    Boobs: Artificially enhanced but very nicely done and nicely shaped. Erect dark nipples. Trimmed pussy.

    Attitude: Very sweet and genuine. Not money face. Service oriented.

    Damage: RM190.

    WIR: For sure!

    Went to the new place specifically to try as she looks sweet in her photos. She was available and had a sweet smile. Game on.

    New place is nice although price is a bit higher. Clean with nice shower. Mirror on the ceiling but in this case I was too fully occupied to look at it. LOL. Privacy rating for the new place is 0/10 though.

    After some niceties, we stripped together with her helping me with my shirt while I groped her nice boobs with both hands. FK was on which is nice but initially she requested that I wait as she wanted to brush her teeth first. Her boobs are obviously artificially enhanced and a tad too big for her but they're beautiful and firm. Nipples were dark and erect. She was slim with no scars or blemished on her light brown skin.

    Showered together and my brother was already erect. He was really pleased with her attitude. Used her listerine while she brushed her teeth. I dried myself and while waiting noticed that she had some Thai-Korean workbooks and dictionary on her table. She has been studying.

    I waited on the bed. Between looking at myself on the overhead mirror and her, the choice was easy. LOL. She came over and we kissed first. She has good eye contact and at certain point I swear they were CFM looks. I licked her tits while reaching down to touch her clit with one hand and circling her anus with the other, No protest and she responded with light moans. Told her I wanted to service her first and she said it is OK and straddle my face. She has a tiny pussy. The lips and clit are small. This is going to be a tight fit later! She leaned forward with the face against the wall at the bedhead and closed her eye, enjoying my licking. Since I have been reading up on some sex positions, decided I wanted to try some variations on DATY, so I moved her on her back to the edge of the bed and kneeled in between her legs. I initially grabbed both her hands and interlocked our fingers together while she had her knees up. She gave me a surprised look which was pleasing. Licked her nicely on the clit and the vagina opening to some nice moans. I could taste her wetness but she is no gusher. Clean pussy with trimmed hair. Nice. Released her hands so that I could spread her pussy lips to target the clit. Gave it some intense licking before I went down and gave her pristine anus a nice rimming. She uttered something in Thai and moaned while squirming her lips. Could have gone on a bit longer but the thing with DATY for me is that I get soft. Think I think too hard how to please a woman! As I finished my DATY, she got up and kneeled down for a BBBJ.

    I prefer BJ on my back so I jumped back onto bed and she thanked me with some DFK before going down to give me a cat bath and BBBJ. A lot of tongue action on the penile frenulum. Lifted my legs higher and she intuitively went for my balls. I moaned to indicate my appreciation and enjoyment but no AR. She capped me and sensibly said she will use some gel. She was on top and slowly rubbed my penis at her opening and let me tell you I could feel the heat of her vagina as my little brother went in. It was a very nice feeling as I rarely feel such heat. She cowgirl me expertly with variations of sliding and up and down. Quite naturally she offered her prominent boobs for me to taste and slurped each one like succulent peaches. She didn't mind some light fingering of her anus as I was doing this. She has the right body size for cowgirl. I stilled her movement by grabbing both hips and then banged from below, eliciting some nice gasps from her. She leaned back while grabbing my forearm indicating it is time to change position. I held her halfway in a sitting position but with my weight shifted to my right and body supported with my right hand while my left arm was around her hip. I was able to get a rhythm going with her briefly for my most successful attempt at lotus position to date as I was able to push her hip down while I thrust upwards. LOL. Not really my usual cup of tea so repositioned for missionary. Some more DFK while I reentered her. Again I assumed the dominant position by grabbing her wrists over her head (Again eliciting a surprised wide eye look from her). I bent down and gently kissed the inside of her left forearm, armpits, breast and then side of her breast as low as I could reach. She didn't fight me much and instead just closed her eye and moaned with enjoyment. Switched to planking with her legs high over my shoulder, Always scared of causing pain with such deep penetration so after a few thrusts I asked her if she was in pain. "It is OK" she responded so I continued my pounding for a while, alternating with some deep strokes.

    I resumed the kneeling position and bent both her knees so that her feet are on my chest with legs squeezed together. Nice variation. I pounded for a while then grabbed both her feet so that I could massage her soles with both my thumbs in front of my chest. Again a wide eyed surprised look from her. I like this position so it went on for a while. On trying to suck her toes she quickly exclaimed "dirty! So I backed off and continue this style.

    Flipped her and said "Doggy". Kneeling style at first. I resisted fingering her anus and pushed a pillow under her tummy. She intuitively lowered herself onto the pillow and I changed my angle of entry. I slowed down my pace as the change in angle made my penis hit the front of the vagina and I slowed down to enjoy the grind of the friction. Initially I had my thigh inside hers then I moved them outside and pushed her legs together. I really enjoy this dominant flat rear entry. Supporting my upper body on outstretched arms, I lowered myself to kiss her neck and back. I felt a rush of orgasm coming and quickly decided I wanted to finish with her facing me so I pulled out to flip her over her back. I "pre"-came a bit but use all my effort to hold on (thank goodness she moved fast also) and reentered her for a last few satisfying thrusts before I whispered "I'm coming" into her ears. She held onto me when I came and I milked out my last drop. She cleaned my up and kudos to her, instead of quickly jumping up for a shower, she laid beside me and caress my body.

    We chat for a while. She is studying Korean language and is doing this to get enough money to further her studies in Korea. It is an expensive place (I know, I was there). She started her course for 1 month in Bangkok and stopped to look for more money. At least this girl has some future plans. We showered together again and I paid her. I know she is not money face as she hurriedly went to get an RM10 change instead of asking for a tip.

    She is a gem. At least I know I'm supporting her in my own little ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GemTiger2012  [View Original Post]
    Sweet young thing. Really enjoyed her "one-dragon" service, so tender and loving unlike the robotic PRCs.
    Thanks bro! Damn! You got dragon service from her? Meaning AR right? How did you convince her to do that?! I haven't had that from Thais before. For that I have to seek out CKY MILFS in KL. LOL.

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    PM me this place happy world. Look for your PM

    PM me this place location.

    Quote Originally Posted by Foon96  [View Original Post]
    Place: Happy World 101.

    Name: Didn't ask.

    Nationality: Vietnam.

    Language: Hard to communicate because she only know Vietnam and a bit of Chinese and English.

    Age: 20++.

    Face: 7/10. Beautiful. Get a bit pimple.

    Body: slim around 160.

    Boobs: 2/10.

    Pussy: a bit bushes.

    GFE: 5/10..


    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Taboom  [View Original Post]

    I want to know places where I can find prostitutes in Kuching.

    (Is Blue sky opposite Seberkas a good place? If not tell me some other places).

    Blue sky extinct for a millennial already.

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