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    LN at 101

    Just went to LN (not sure if this LN was the one I've asked earlier).

    Went up bunch of PRC from 30's. Near 40's was sitting minggling. Lead by a mid 30's to cubicle follow by massage and asked if extra is needed. FJ extra 100! HJ 50. I said I wanted to try out as my 1st time there so op for HJ was awefully bored by her "pure work" attitute ended fail to eject my load. Paid 50+50 (failed HJ).

    ML: Xiao qi.

    Origin: Hu nan.

    Massage: 4/10

    HJ: 3/10

    Body and face: 4/10 hence no mood for others.

    Please tell me this is not the "LN" mentioned by senior Kenneth.

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    FR for Kiki's stock (TomYam handbag name)

    Tried LV the other day.

    Service was quite ok.

    Overall 7/10

    Boobs: As advertised, but I doubt it's 34. Definitely enhanced, not natural.

    Hips: Small. Not to my taste, I like big butts.

    BBBJ: Not too bad, I had better.

    FJ: I was horny and fucked her quite roughly. We did cowgirl and doggy, finished in 45 minutes just in time with a cumshot on her boobies.

    WIR: Yea, sure why not.

    Just a note, the stats for the girls as advertised on the website is not real. Photos are genuine though.

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    Where is the place bro. Please let me know.


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    The Kxx Lxx branch at 4th Mile closed down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackRacing  [View Original Post]
    Hi bros,

    Its me again. Been lazy to post up FR. Sorry about that, been cheonging around. So just a few short FR.

    1. Cat City. Previously, PRC now Viets, mostly MILFs. Some is okay looking, dmg 50-50 HJ. Recommended: Cindy.

    2. MC. All PRC, matured looking. Knows how to massage and provide superman / ass massage (some are really good). Dmg 60/50+50 HJ. Had few fj / BJ session with ex masseurs there. Too bad they went back. Recommended: 88,28.

    3. Red Stone. Viets & PRC, some good looking. Normal massage & HJ. Nothing to hoo hah about. 50/50.

    4. Forbidden. Went once, saw 3 viets. Quite good, didn't tried as only 2 working. Sometimes not opened.

    5. LN. All PRC, mid 20-30's. Good service..
    Quite new here. Read through threads and found this as a good starting point.

    May I know where is.

    5. LN.

    6. Tropicana.

    7. Universal.

    9. YJ.

    13. TZ.


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    Subscriptions for PM


    Is there any other ways for me to pay the subs fees beside using cc. If there is paypal, I'm would like to use it.



    Please read the subscription FAQ.

    There is also an option for purchasing a subscription using currency via the postal mail.




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    This is my first report after being one of the member here.

    After class feel a bit horny so call ah be stock. Said got thai and local so I check the local but too old for me so I check thai. Wow damn sexy. Very friendly and cute. After bath we stand up and kiss each other for quite a long time and then she push me to the bed and all happens. Heheh.

    No 303 if I'm not forgotten.

    Pussy nice thin Bush but not tight.

    Boobs too big for small and cute body. Full see cup maybe. Obviously fake since it is so tight and firm.

    Ass for ass lover don't go to this stock.

    Blowjob slow and nice. I love the texture of her mouth.

    Origin Thai.

    Damage 160+ 20 because she likes to kiss like real GF.

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    Hey buddies,

    I'm newbies here, is there anybody here know Japanese fl in Kuching area?

    Please PM me and lets have a try.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

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    Kiki offers mostly Tom Yam Stocks. However, lately start to have Pho Noodles.

    Stocks are relatively young, mostly 30 or below, but definately above 24 (IMHO) . Although they say younger.

    Stocks figure statistics are not bad, mostly slim with big boobs. (this is their plus points) face is not too bad looking.

    Most of the time the service is SOP with average rating of 7/10.

    However, I think the price is getting pricier RM188, it will be easily be RM200 if you didn't bring small change.

    Also, once a while, they have super stars stocks which will cost RM250 and above.

    Having said that, its a good alternative from the usual PRC stocks, but do NOT keep expectations too high and do watch and take care of hygeine especially during BBBJ & shower first before FJ and make sure the towels are fresh and clean.

    Hope that helps. If you need more info, better to PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Member#2177  [View Original Post]
    Dear Bros,

    Just wondering. Has anyone here tried the services of OKT Kiki? Any good?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    OKT Kiki

    Dear Bros,

    Just wondering. Has anyone here tried the services of OKT Kiki? Any good?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Try MPs or OKT

    Just try any MP at 101 and they should be plenty of girls offering extras if they like you.

    Quote Originally Posted by QKing89  [View Original Post]
    Hey buddies,

    I am new here.

    Currently in Kuching for training.

    Any recommended MP which have nice looking gal and provide BBBJ?

    Can get strip one.

    Last time always tried XMT in jln song. After few times feeling thr service and gals getting poor.

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    Any kantao?

    Hey buddies,

    I am new here.

    Currently in Kuching for training.

    Any recommended MP which have nice looking gal and provide BBBJ?

    Can get strip one.

    Last time always tried XMT in jln song. After few times feeling thr service and gals getting poor.

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    Service 1009

    No. 9

    Origin: Vietnam.

    Age: 20++

    Body: 7/10

    Boobs: 33 B

    Pussy: untrimmed.

    Skin: 7/10

    BBBJ: 6/10

    FJ: cow girl for 20 seconds and asked me to run the show.

    Came after 3 minutes because too tired just want to let it go.

    Damage: 160 standard rate.

    She has a sister working here too. Should have called two in one package.

    WIR: no because want to try others.

    Recently mostly Thai and Viet in this outlet.

    Reasonable priced and girls overall average to good. So business I think is ok also.

    Recently don't know where to go because I saw many MPs closed.

    Hero behind HSBC closed.

    Xmt long time didn't go anymore because don't like the boss way of treating gals.

    Red Ruby also nothing special.

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    Tantric massage

    Went to MC last Friday for shaft overhaul.

    No. 8

    Face / body: 5/10

    Back massage: 7/10

    Tantric massage: expert level made me cum three times but stopped my ejaculation 2 times.

    She told me she learned from Thailand. Really a tantric expert I can say.

    HJ: 9/10 using her hands can also produce pussy sound effect when HJ me.

    Attitude: very professional and chat throughout the session.

    You can request her to stop ejaculation before you want to release. This is to train our dick and durability.

    Paid 50+50+ 20 tip since this is the first time I had such a tantric massage.

    WIR: at least once a month for the sake of increase sexual performance.

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    Nice bonk bonk

    Quote Originally Posted by Fajktwod  [View Original Post]
    I'm eyeing on Natya.

    She is going back in 3 days. I was there to try her but she was booked. So make my choice to try out Jessy. BTW Jessy is good in services minus look.

    Oh Natda. Missed out on you. Hopefully can get a slot before she leaves. Really need to bonk her. Hehe.
    Hi guys, I managed a slot with natda. Here is a brief FR on her.

    Age: 26/27. Looks younger in real person. (for me).

    Body: petite, quite fair and smooth skin.

    Busts: BIG. She told me 36 see. (quite firm, maybe enhanced).

    Face: 7/10.

    BBBJ: 9/10 sensual slow and slurpy, and a lot of eye contact.

    DFK: 8/10. WOW, a lot, she LIKE. Me LIKE too.

    Fj: 9/10 good on top, she likes hard rough doggie, and myself enjoy missionary with her.

    GFE: 9/10. Plus around 10 minutes of body massage.

    Damage: 220+tip.

    WIR: a BIG yes if she comes to kuching again.

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