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    NewBie In Sandakan


    I'm new to this and I can't understand all the short form or where to play in Sandakan. Any senior can help me?

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    Typhoon Season

    Strong gale force winds last night at Bandaran, Virgo got raided at 9 pm and sources said the whole inventory other then those on-leave got carted away.

    So, cheong safe & have a nice weekend dudes!

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    Kota Kinabalu

    I was visiting KK with the wife and kids, so I knew my time was short, I wanted to avoid the scams on V chat and stay safe so MP, s seemed my best course of action. It may have been the individual massage lady but I can confirm that De lana, Mango, Jasmine and Helen beauty are all legit MP with no funny business at all, so avoid these. In desperation as time was running out I went to the Promenade hotel, the spa is on the second floor and FS is guaranteed. The mamasan explained its was 98 MR for the massage and the rest is between you and the ML. I went at lunch time (which in hindsight was a mistake) as only 3 girls were on duty. All were about a 6 in looks and whilst I usually pick the biggest tits, this time I chose the one who could speak english. Her name was Apple, AKA no 9 or Orange. She said she was 32 a malay and had no children, which might be true as she had no visible marks and her pussy was tight. We started with a 20 min massage on my back but as soon as the flip came and she started stroking my best friend the negs started. She wanted another 50 MR for a hand job, 150 MR for a CBJ, and 250 MR for FS. I baulked at these prices said I don, t like CBJ and only had 250 RM on me. So a HJ it would have to be. Needless to say she quickly agreed to FS for 150 RM for her and 98 MR for the front desk.

    Massage skills 8/10.

    Body 7/10 Nice tits but stomach getting a bit tubby.

    DFK. Not allowed but closed lipe ok 7/10.

    DATY. Did not bother rarely do with professionals these days.

    HJ - 8/10 nice and slow and effective.

    CBB. Only CBB allowed, not my favorite but she was good 8/10.

    GFE - 7/10.

    Total cost 250 MR.

    Would I return again, probably yes, I am sure that I paid over the odds, but I felt the premium was worth the cost, bearing in mind its total safe, and you are not going to get ripped off, the punter is totally in control of how much you spend. Next time I will try and gon later to see if the quantity and quality of girls improves.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    Virgo Surprise

    Port: Virgo.

    Name: Justine.

    Race: Pinay.

    Age: 22.

    Face: 6/10.

    Skin: Light brown & smooth.

    Massage skill: Shit tier 1/10.

    Body: Slim but with some fats around the tummy.

    Boobs: be, slightly droopy, just gave birth 6 months ago.

    DFK: Lips only.

    HJ: and / A.

    BBBJ: 6/10. What she lacks in skills she makes up for with enthusiasm.

    FJ: 6/10.

    DATY: Nay.

    GFE: 8/10.

    WIR: Probably not, there are many other options.

    Damage: 170.

    After a crappy day at work, I decided to give Jennifer a call and learned that she has a local Kadazan chick stored at Shagrila bandaran. When I reached the venue, I couldn't reach Jennifer's phone for some reason. Since I'm already at bandaran, might as well check out one of the ports around. Decided to venture to Virgo and I was in for a slightly pleasant surprise.

    When I walked in from the rear entrance, I was shocked to see a piece of ply wood is now erected to separate us from the girls in the usual viewing area. In the center of the partition was quite a big piece of two-way mirror. The new OKT and mommy came to greet me. They lead me to the viewing spot and called the girls in. There were about 10 girls in total, 2 of which I have banged before. Both of them are above average fucks, I would actually recommend Jane (iirc) to those who visit the port. I'm not sure if it's due to the new OKT or the two-way mirror, the girls were all smiles. The OKT claims that it's the magic of the mirror.

    Picked Justine from the pack as she had a great smile and the rest of the girls were sent away. She was brought behind the partition to where I was and she had a really cheerful personality. She lead me to the rooms and boy was I in for a surprise. The rooms have received a slight face lift, with new wall paper, new aircond, new water heater and new mattresses. But the biggest part of the surprise is the new TV set that is in every room. You can choose from a play list of porn videos / movies to view during your short stay. The let down is they did not do anything to the shower are apart from the new water heater.

    Justine helped me clean we dick before we proceeded to the bed. She brought some massage oil and was eager to give me a massage and I let her. It was crap. After that, she took off her clothes and she had a good looking 1 liner pussy and decent looking be cup tits unlike some of the new mothers I have fucked before with their melted cheese-esque titties, despite the fact that she still breastfeeds her child. She tried really hard to please me with her mouth but her oral skills are just lacking. However, she had great enthusiasm and it turned out to be an okay BJ with me giving her instructions. I was fingering her hard while this was going on and she got really wet.

    Told her to put the cap on and we went into missionary position. I was surprised by how tight her pussy was even after giving birth just 6 months ago. Banged her hard for a couple of minutes and she was moaning like a ***** in heat. Then, I flipped her over for doggy. We started slow, with me easing my dick in as she was real tight from this angle. In less than 5 minutes we went from snail pace to me almost having an abdominal cramp. Flipped her over once again for some. By that point both of us were panting heavily. Feeling that I just couldn't cum, I upped the pace a little and came.

    All in all it was an above average experience with the girl. Another interesting aspect is that they now have some sort of loyalty program. I'll recommend this port to those who like Pinays and aren't clean freaks.

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    Went out hunting a couple of night ago, strayed into Inanam and had my Vchat on. Found a PRC girl whom I added and got a response instantly on and was redirected to new place behind the commercial centre, somewhere around the big roundabout. Place named Neo. Place looks new and stock with PRC.

    Name: number 18 (didn't get the name).

    Origin: Panda, north side.

    Age: 23, not sure but looks like it.

    Face: 8, Gua Zi (guaci) face, with make-up on so looked nice.

    Body: 7 nice and skinny, but no butt.

    GFE: 4, explanation below.

    Boobs: 7, B cup the most.

    HJ: 9.

    BJ: 7.

    Roaming: N/ A.

    Damage: 69 + 200.

    WIR: go back the place for sure but not the same girl.

    Place looks new and tidy. Went in and felt instantly close to those PRC Spa overseas, only smaller. Told boss have a time booked with number 18 and shown into a room. She came in, and by the time we had our first five sentence, immediately felt that she is very Kiasu. With fully make-up on, she looks quite nice. But as soon as you want to chat it up, she just answer yes or no, or shrug her shoulder as in IDK. Even I spoke to her in panda tongue she also felt cold. At the end, she said 50 for HJ and 100 for HJ plus north. I told her that I pay her 200 for FJ she say no cause not feel like it but do BJ. Took it and really really SOP, with CD on. Nothing special at all, regretted it a lot as it's not comfy at the end. Paid her and left as soon as it finish. On the way out, saw some girls chatting up happily and seems more friendlier. Will definitely come back and go for those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olders  [View Original Post]
    I will be visiting KK at the end of Feb with the wife and kids. I may be able to get away in an afternoon (definitely no evenings) can anyone suggest a place where I could get FS or at least a HJ, close to city waterfront. Is the promenade hotel still worth a visit.
    Most reflex place, with PRC WL offer HJ for sure. Went so many times and was offered all the time. If you can nego in panda language with them you sure be alright and potentially being offered more than HJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olders  [View Original Post]
    I will be visiting KK at the end of Feb with the wife and kids. I may be able to get away in an afternoon (definitely no evenings) can anyone suggest a place where I could get FS or at least a HJ, close to city waterfront. Is the promenade hotel still worth a visit.
    You couldn't go wrong with Promenade, plenty of choice.

    Alternatively, if you have time several 'reflexology centres' can be found around Api Api Centre. Many WL offers HJ there. You nego inside the massage room.

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    Kota kinabalu

    I will be visiting KK at the end of Feb with the wife and kids. I may be able to get away in an afternoon (definitely no evenings) can anyone suggest a place where I could get FS or at least a HJ, close to city waterfront. Is the promenade hotel still worth a visit.

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    Pertaining to naming places of 'interest', I've got sarcastic reply when I omit few letters in the hotel name when posting at KL thread. But here, we are inclined to keep it coded in the interest of protecting our hunting grounds. Anyway, I think the MIB can decode it in no time if I'm to be honest.

    OK, so, I had to log my activity immediately otherwise I'll forget the details after some time.

    Went to SOH during break today and asked OKT David for mirror. He said its early still and only have 2 Phils and 1 panda available. Hate to wait so just choose the PRC girl named Tuo Tuo.

    She speaks some English and claimed to be 18 yo; I tend to dispute it due to her big frame and a she's chubby so I'd think she'd be 20 or 21. Everything is sop and she only give me bit of help when showering in comparison to full body rubbing by others I've sampled. Quite good GFE despite the language barrier and she actually has a cute smile.

    Pussy was tight but she put too much lube, it was kind of slippery tunnel there. WIR? Maybe. But would be looking for others. She'll be going back to panda land in a week's time. Damages RM230.

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    Homecoming after hiatus!

    Almost been a year since I last posted my FR here, went overseas for 9 months and I am finally back! But this forum seems a bit quiet, so I shall share my FRs with my fellow cheongs brothers.

    Arrive last week, got on Vchat and started the local search as I go through immigration. Nothing much as most on people nearby are tourist. Anyway, did my second scan when having lunch at S Harbour and found a cute PRC ML from BZL. Just landed so didn't mind a relaxing massage instead of FJ. Added as friend and got a reply ASAP. Very up front with the price as well, said 100 for HJ and Roam north. Booked time for later that night. ML info:

    Name: Qi qi (no: 8).

    Origin: Panda, one of the southern provinces.

    Age: 29.

    Face: 7, cute, not sharp or sunflower seed face. But I like it round and cute.

    Body: 6, chubby with a bit of love handle.

    GFE: 8, if you speak mandarin than its alright.

    Boobs: 8.

    HJ: 9.

    Roaming: North.

    Damage: 72 +100+ angpau.

    WIR: Likely, but maybe to try with others.

    Started like usual, ML came in a bit shy, and tried to speak Bahasa and Eng (but shit as). Replied in Panda language and she brighten up instantly. Seems like they haven't been getting a lot of decent customer recently and she is eager to chat away as she start my back rub. Got plenty of info from her about the place as she's kinda a dozy and will just chat away. Anyway, everything SOP with plenty of health massage on the eggs, sausage and Chrysanthemum. Not a bad start with the price since I got offer same service with a higher price before, but seems like the low economy made them drop their price too. Gave her a small angpau as it is still CNY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julroy  [View Original Post]
    Went here today and the relatively large parlor looks decent. Asked if they have batin and was replied in the negative. Has any bro ventured here and had a happy ending?


    Can't attach a pic from my hand phone now but will send it later.
    The place I was talking about. Offers clean massage.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails nano.jpg‎  

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    NanoAir, Penampang

    Went here today and the relatively large parlor looks decent. Asked if they have batin and was replied in the negative. Has any bro ventured here and had a happy ending?


    Can't attach a pic from my hand phone now but will send it later.

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    Keningau info

    Any bro would share some good info at Keningau? Stay at queen hotel that have spa.

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    Federal Territory

    Quote Originally Posted by BungeeMan  [View Original Post]
    Heard that Fe*e*al is now back in business after it was closed for 2 weeks after being raided. Looks like they have new PRC mls judging by the postings made by some of them in WeChat recently.
    Bro, seems like its same old, same old at Federal. You made any new encounters worth their salt lately?

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