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    Ban these cons

    Quote Originally Posted by Roy2920  [View Original Post]
    Found a girl named Evvie. Look exactly like the photo, pretty face but much thinner (look almost like drug addict). Asked to come to my hotel and was charged RM250 for massage and extra service of 1 shot. She came about 20 minutes after deal was finalized. She seems a bit shy, and timid. Born in Sept 1994. She requested to pay the money first, which I did. And then she asked to leave only the bar light on, and wash my dick on my own, that I duly complied. Lie down and she start massaging me. The massage is the worst kind. My 2 years old nephew can massage me better. After less than 5 minutes, she asked me to turnover, and start blowing me with her dress on. This girl is really cold and I feel like having cold twig on my dick. No feel at all. So, I asked her to take off her dress. And she said, the service is only massage. I asked, 'what about the extra service 1 shot? And what she said really pissed me off - 'oh, it is just handjob'! Bloody hell, RM250 for a lousy massage, HJ, with cloth, no touch, no hug. Totally pissed off.
    Tough luck bro.

    Is she the one with some tattoos above her right boob?

    This Evvie girl is also in my friend list and am contemplating trying her out. I made some inquiry and she said she's at Api-Api area, didn't ask about charges yet.

    But reading your comment really put off. I saw the other day she's also using another name & diff account.

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    Fair Game

    Feeling horny as the fubu is one her monthly periodic rollcall.

    I gave Jen a call to check what's in port. A CKT and a PohPiah is in port.

    Upon arrival, found a parking near the Nissan Showroom and gave Jen a call for a quick stock check.

    Chose the Pohpiah named Belle, obviously not her real name. She was probably just a tad over five feet, porcelain fair skin, spoilt by an unfinished tribal tattoo across her abdomen, which at first, I thought was a cover-up of a carsarian scar by apparently not, after I felt my way around her smoothest skin. On her small frame, she bore a pair of perfect 34 DS with small pink nipples which were super sensitive and a nicely rounded butt to complete the package. Oh, forgot to mention, she has great GFE and spoke decent enough mandarin, unless of course 'vous parlez francais'.

    Quick shower with her paying extra attention if your dick is spotted, infested or pussing. Got handed a fresh towel and off I went to bed whilst she had a quick wash. Apparently, this is her second day. Started off with a quick catbath and nipple kissing which I told her was a waste of time and energy. So I yanked her up for some serious DFK, tongue and all. We were at ot for a good 5 minutes befote she headed south to give me one of the best BBBJ since a longtime. Perfect suction, deepthroat, balllicking and alternate ball swallowing. Didn't want her to do the ass rimming shit as I want to DFK her again. Cap on and mounted her missionary for a good 15 minutes before unloading. Full on DFK the whole time till I climax.

    One of the best way to blow 200 bucks. She told me to come by one of the mornings before she start work so that I can DATY her, she didn't felt good today because she had work since noon today. What a gem. BTW, she'll be around for a couple of weeks, so you guys craving for some pohpiah best get your rocks together and give Jen a call. Ask for Belle, just in case they are other pohpiahs in tow over the next few days.

    Oh yeah, she has a pretty face too, even better with her very light make-up. I will probably give her an 8+ total.

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    Any info about lahad datu?

    Hello to all cheongster.

    Actually I want to go to LD to find some pussy. But I don't know where to find it. Is anyone here that willing to share any information about LD location that I can find the FL or any OKT there.

    Thanks guy

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    TomYam Pitstop

    Been wanting to check out this TomYam WL at Sawadeeka Port.

    Having a free afternoon, I gave the OKT a call an set up an appointment.

    Headed to Lintas and up to the boutec, and to the room. Shit, had to climb two flight of stairs and traversing narrow corridors before reaching the room. Rang the bell and a cute 5 footer opened and greeted me in a nightie.

    Confirmed with the OKT on a double shot package and handed over 260 (258 if you want your change) to Kara from Bangkok.

    Standard sop shower and wash of the brother, dried up and headed to bed. Kara has great GFE, speaks decent english and has a nice small framed body with curves in the right places. Firm tits, small nips but a rather large brown areola. Perfect small rounded butt and a tight pussy.

    Started off with catbath and proceed to the longest BBBJ ever. Graduating to 69, when I tasted the sweetest pussy and naturally wet when you find her G spot. Coming up for air, we DFK, cap on and she ride me crazy, finishing off with me mounting her missionary to an explosive end to round one. We were drenched in sweat. Rested awhile and headed to wash-up and quickly back to bed where we cuddled and DFK some more. We talked some more whilst she was playing with my dick and me here titties. Gradually, she moved down when she sensed that the brother was responding to her fondling. She began BBBJ again to what seemed like forever, with loud slurps and just as we were getting to rhythm, her phone 'buzzed' and she stopped and took a quick look at the message from the OKT. Her face changed color and her smile nolonger apparent, she started mumbling in half thai and half english at the same time apologizing for the intrusion. She got back to bed and continued blowing my semi-flacid dick. As we once again got into rhythm, the silly OKT messaged again. She frowned, and I kinda lost it. I told her its ok, we kissed and headed for a quick shower and got dressed. She kept apologizing the whole time till I exited her room.

    Was she a good lay, yes, damn good. Great assets, no plastic, real genuine GFE. Sweetest pussy and perfectly rounded ass. Nice skin color in my opinion, as I'm not one for porcelain China dolls. WIR: Yes, if she finds a new port and ditch the OKT.

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    Season Greetings Bros!

    Been off the grid lately, pretty tied up with biznes developments and post-GST stress in the company.

    Not that I've gone limp altogether, just been cheonging more sparingly thats all.

    Lately, I have been on the prowl for the sixers at MPs lately, rather than than the money faced 7's & 8's.
    Especially, with the crappy exchange rates for RMB, all the PRCs are screaming for top-ups.

    However, I have found some pretty decent cheongs at the less frequented locales. Case-in-point, a smallish MP in Taipan called Averest Reflex on top of KFC. 3 Thais and 2 PRCs there at the moment. Saw two thais, both milfs with heavy racks, tried one #5, that gave a superb massage and great head with CIM. Not sure if the other two matches up. Damage; 66+100.

    Tried a PRC lastnite #8, chubby chick, dreamy eyes. Just search on wechat when you are in the area. Excellent massage, nice roaming of her rounded ass and ample tits with small pink titties. DATY, BBBJ, FJ (if you bring a CD). WIR; 80-1. 5 hours +150 tip. Hell yeah.

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    Re: Asking for info

    Quote Originally Posted by SingSing86  [View Original Post]
    Anyone can help me to get any contact number or place where can I get girls? Anyone that willing to help me?
    First you can try reading through other bros. ' FRs on MPs they have visited and gave their comments. Next you can sign up as a member here, pay the necessary contribution and be able to use the private messaging facility to ask the fellow members for the info. You required. Remember bros are not allowed to give info. Freely here as other eyes (MIB) may also be watching.

    Good luck!

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    Helen beauty

    Hi all bros,

    Does anyone know about this MP? Is it a full facilities and FS MP?

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    Queen spa

    Hi guy,

    Did any big bros here, know about the queen spa at bxxxrly hxxl?

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    Can someone please PM me the number of OKT D* at SOH?




    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Wang Wang

    Quote Originally Posted by Ironmen  [View Original Post]
    At Millienium centre. At the end block. You will see it on your left hand side! Corner lot!
    Thanks bro I found it the, I will go and hav a good and real massage, report will follow soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyaleMan99  [View Original Post]
    Delayed report of last week action, its been raining last week in kk as the Taiwan taifung swirle across Borneo, heard is the strongest one in decade, so after attending meeting in town, avoid the raining jammed, sudently think of re-visiting this old place one again after so long hibernate, OK after small brain decide it, drive through the area and park the car. Goes up the second floor and open and great by the middle man.

    Environment wise nothing much changes accept anit quite since is raining, business seem still good as I can see from the note book quite a lot of session done by the ML. So asking for any others choice apart from prc, boss said all prc, the pinoy sexy lady no more working there.

    Name: no 13.

    Origin: shichuan.

    Age: around 25-26.

    Hair: long hair.

    Body: 5/10 (medium fatty)..

    Can you tell me where is this place?

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    Anyone can help me to get any contact number or place where can I get girls? Anyone that willing to help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SicoKK  [View Original Post]
    Hi bros! Anyone here know where is wang wang MP, just need to hav a good and real massage, mind to share or just give some hint. Tq!
    At Millienium centre. At the end block. You will see it on your left hand side! Corner lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuloong  [View Original Post]
    Visited KK last week & found so many shemale there on wechat.

    Suggest checked again before do that.
    But where are the ladies?

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    Be careful

    Visited KK last week & found so many shemale there on wechat.

    Suggest checked again before do that.

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