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    I believe it was noted earlier that Crystal across the street from Carolinas has 20 chicas. The person that runs the bar managed the ORIGINAL
    Seamans club. If in fact there are 20 chicas in Crystal I would go there first. The OLD ORIGINAL seamans which was located where.
    El Capitan stands now always had the kinkiest full service chicas.

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    Carolinas and Captains

    Thank you Scubatoo.


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    Cruiser Option

    Quote Originally Posted by YellowFever  [View Original Post]
    Arriving some time next week are any clubs close together and are cabs readily available to get back to the ship? Not into DR, more into Colombians. YF.
    Your options are limited given the ships usually arrive in the morning and sail by 5 or 6 pm Carolinas and El Capitan have always catered to the cruise ship passengers and staff by opening by 11 or noon. Carolinas has always been predominantly Colombian girls. El Capitan has always had a mix of girls from DR and Colombia. Not sure what the status is of EC, given the recent immigration issues. Someone needs to update us on that. Taxis are readily available to and from.

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    Cruise time

    Arriving some time next week are any clubs close together and are cabs readily available to get back to the ship? Not into DR, more into Colombians.


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    Clubs in good health

    Just an update.

    Carolinas currently has about 25 girls, a few good ones have left such as Venezuelan Sophia. Colombian Ann Maria has arrived and she is hot but quite aggressive.

    Went to Crystal Club club last week for first and was very pleasantly surprised. About 20/25 girls from Brazil, Colombia, The DR, and some other Latin American countries. Some of the girls there are very hot, remember chatting to DR girl in there who was beautiful, reminded my of a girl I used to see from Bada.

    Bada Bing same old really, mind you the manager told me there some Colombian girls in there now, but I not been in there for about 4 weeks.

    So if you are visiting soon, don't worry the selection in Carolinas and Crystal club should be plenty to keep you satisfied and your dick wet.

    Note clubs are going be rammed between 2nd-6th March as Heineken regatta, could be good atmosphere or the clubs could be empty as the girls maybe out with the yacht crews.

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    First time poster (re-cycled monger)

    It has been decades since I mongered in Thailand. I was there for 6 months with trips to Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mia. My how some things stay the same and others do change over time. (More on Thailand later) Last year I discovered this forum and began reading in preparation for a November trip to SXM. I only read the previous few months before my trip and gave me enough info to go out and stick my toe in the water. It was not until later I RTFF more and found the ways to search a 1,000 posts at a time to get directions, GPS coordinates and even You Tube videos driving to each Casa.

    I am a Morning person and only go out until about 2 PM, but the adventure begins. Went to Hypnotic first at 11:10 AM. Walked up to the front door and two Chicas were just standing by the door. I said Hello and poked my head into the door to look at the bar. Saw a few girls but from a distance, they looked on the plumper side so I started talking to girls out side. One spoke a little English and was OK but the other spoke no English but was a drop dead 9 or 10 (OK, my first time out and my eyes are a bit Bugged Eyed like a kid in a candy shop.) The one who spoke English asked if I wanted a three way and I said no, so she pointed to the other girl. The girl made a motion with her finger to indicate the price was $60. I had read that the going rate was $50, but thought she was just adding a Senior Sur Charge and said OK. Paid the $5 bar fine and went on back. I was to much a newbie to remember her name or room number. Got to the room and she took mine & her clothes off and I almost blew my wad right there. She went right to work putting on the hood and giving my a CBJ. I tried to tell her to slow down but it did not take long for me to get my nut off. After a quick clean up, I paid her and she walked me out. Must have only been in to room less then 15 minutes but I was a Happy Camper (at least this time).

    So, the moral of my story is RTFF. A lot of it. Get some history and current trends / rates so your armed with good Info. Learn a little Spanish, even if it is just catch phrases. It all helps. Know what you want and say No in a nice way. I was there during day light hours and felt at ease both inside and out of the Casa's. During my trip I visited 4 Casa's (Hypnotic, Crystals, Carolines and El Capitan) and had a great time.

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    Hey guys, I am noticing very few posts on this thread during peak travel season. With all the uncertainty surrounding the clubs due to immigration issues, it is really helpful to get up to date info on the clubs. I just want to encourage all of those who use this site and visit St. Maarten to give back to the forum. That is how we all learn and thrive at the clubs. Thanks in advance, and thanks to all those who have contributed in the past and continue to post when visiting.

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    SXM Return Trip

    Recovering from surgery and should be at 100% soon so I'm heading back to SXM on March 24th. Anyone going to be in the area and wants to hang out let me know. Also anyone with updates on chica activity are always welcome to post here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Number2227  [View Original Post]
    Hey all,

    I'll be on the island this week for a quick trip. Going to enjoy the sites and see some girls. Quick question. I never tried to do to DIA before but I'm staying in the oyster bay area and mint be nice to have a hot girl spend the day and the pool or beach with some action here and there. How does it work? Like what tone does it start and end (4 hours or more)? Do you arrange the night before? Any suggestions for athletic girls with real boobs? What's a realistic rate for South American vs. European girls. Sorry but I did RTFF but had specific questions.
    DIA or TLD (sic) TED is more like it = "todo el DIA" is a grey area you need to work out with the girl at the club. Some girls if they dig you and you have a car would love to go to backstreet and buy a few things they need, spend some of the afternoon napping on the beach at your hotel and some nookie. What's the cost? Maybe free, maybe a bottle of $70 perfume.

    I would suggest session with a girl a few times, one that you build up a good rapport and have chemistry with. While in the room ask her if she likes the beach, of course she will say yes, ask her if she has gone to the beach here as there are so many beautiful ones, she willl probably lie and say "no" with a pouty face, tell her the beach at your hotel is awesome and make her an offer telling her, "I'll pick you here at 4:00, we'll go to my hotel, sit on the beach have a few drinks, take a swim, we'll go back to my room for a little hanky panky and I"ll have you back at the club by 7:30. ". Something like that.

    If it goes well I'd offer her the usual $50 or whatever you pay in the room, if she hasn't negotiated a price diring the initial offer. A lot of girls just want to GTFO of the casa and will do so free of charge. Note: Some women really treasure their beauty sleep and missing that between 4 PM-8 PM window might be a grave sacrifice.

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    Hey all,

    I'll be on the island this week for a quick trip. Going to enjoy the sites and see some girls. Quick question. I never tried to do to DIA before but I'm staying in the oyster bay area and mint be nice to have a hot girl spend the day and the pool or beach with some action here and there. How does it work? Like what tone does it start and end (4 hours or more)? Do you arrange the night before? Any suggestions for athletic girls with real boobs? What's a realistic rate for South American vs. European girls. Sorry but I did RTFF but had specific questions.

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    Later tonight I entered Carolinas--again the place was jumping jammed full of guys and chicas at 11 PM.

    I was looking for one of the chicas mentioned in a previous review I saw an athletic chica and nodded to her. There were a number of heavier chicas, but I am sure the best were in the back.

    When she came over I asked her name and she said Sophia. OK this must be one that was mentioned in a previous report, and we chatted. She asked if I wanted a drink and I declined I then asked if she wanted a drink and she said a water. We continued to chat and she started LFK in the bar and said she gives a great BBBJ and would I like her culo. Wow that's a lot for conversation for in the bar. That is usually reserved for the room. So we went back to room 8.

    I eventually found out she was from Cuaca? Sp Venezuela and had arrived 3 days ago. There must be 2 Sophia's Or at least that is how long she said she was there. To get the truth I always ask when is she leaving and then do the math. She truly was there 3 days. Seems like there are more chicas than rooms downstairs- so she is in a dormitory on the second floor and uses room 8 , When we got to the room its door was open and had nothing in it. Sophia had all the necessities with her.

    She washed my hands and we kissed for a long time. Then on to the bed. I immediately started DATY. She was really into it and after a while took my hand and stuck my finger in her culo. She was going crazy in the bed and then she started masturbation along with my tongue-- a loco chica. She finally had a big no faking O.

    She thanked me vigorously and immediately started a first class BB different speeds great suction lots of spit--she had me on the edge so I had her stop. I passed on her culo as I was not in the mood, EVERYTHING was available. Giving a chica a big O definitely has benefits. Nice tight pussi, I wound up spending 1 1/2 hours with her, ending with a very acceptable massage I would definitely repeat

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    Carolinas is a zoo. Incredible number of guys and too many chicas to count--FYI.

    I was walking towards Carolinas as I had to park by the youth center.

    There was a very white chica standing near the Chinese Restaurant in street clothes. As I walked by.

    She said hola mi amor--strange. I stopped and chatted with her. Seems that she just arrived on a tourist visa from Colombia and was trolling the bars.

    She was perfect for me Nice boobs 5 feet tall 95 pounds. Named Marisol.

    We chatted and ended up coming with me back to my boat. She left late this evening to go back to trolling -she was with me 4 days--amazing spinner open for anything.

    If she is not out somewhere she is a definite must do. When she was with me she said she doesn't have a room yet and is only doing TLN and TLD.

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    SXM Update

    Been to Carolina's about 10 times so far this year, quite a good selection of girls. I would say the top 5 IMO are:

    Alexa (only Dominican in Carolinas I think).




    The small Colombian who is an amazing dancer on the pole. (did not catch her name).

    I have only been with Alexa (about 8 x plus a few overnight stays) though on this trip, I also had Vivienne a few back and remember her being good, Joanna is also a good ride too.

    My friend says that Sarah and Vanessa are amazing and are both very passionate and give good massages, but Alexa satisfy's me so no need to look elsewhere even if she has been very hard to get hold of this year, so far as she has been out like 8/9 times since New Year Day. She was in the club Friday just gone wearing a Green one piece though, trust me you would not fail to notice this girl.

    Alternatively Bada Bing has some absolute stunners, purely based on body and looks Alexa would just about make it into top 3 there (and that would be a hard call) , but the girls have worse attitudes and $100 only gets you 20 mins plus tip and and drinks you are looking at almost 130 which is two nights in Carolina's.

    It is possible to get pally with Bada girls though and if they like you they will hang out with you for less on their day off's, like $100 for 4 hours of their time but it can vary. However the initial outlay will be high. Most want $500 for a night with initially plus 150 to the club. The club is quiet though so I would offer no more than 200 plus 150 to the club if you want an all night out with one.

    Platinum girls are obviously the best, the ones you want are the girls that don't leave immediately if you refuse their initial first question of "You want Sexy Dance". There is a really nice Argentinian girl in there and a girl from Kazakhstan, both really good personalities and will most likely stay and chat with you for 10/15 minutes or so if you buy them a drink. Would give their names but only know their real ones and not stage names.

    Sexy dance in the back can be pretty good though, you can suck tits and sometimes kiss them on lips plus DFK, some will even play with your cock, they don't like you fingering their pussies though.

    To take them out they always ask for 1 k but if they like you, I know you can get them down to 500, maybe even less on their days off or quiet nights.

    With regards to Hypnotic, I miss that place, I hear different stories about what happening to it each week, but it ain't going be open any time soon.

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    First Review

    I went over to suckergarten last night to check out the action.

    Carolinas was incredibly full of guys and the parking was difficult.

    I had heard from friends that there were some nice chicas at Carolinas, however with a line of guys almost out the door the picking.

    Was poor. I passed and decided to try Hypnotique, it was mentioned it was closed and it is definitely Super closed.

    I went to El Capitan and met one of the staff who I have known for years, he steered me to Romina, I believe in room 20.

    Small Spinner body nice natural boobs, Morena from Cali. She was up for anything I wished. I got it all possibly since the staff member spoke to her about me before we went to the room.

    I bought her a whiskey and red bull and off we went. She had a few toys that didn't interest me, however BBBJCIM was on the menu and many positions. 2 pops did not watch the clock, I believe I was there for over an hour, She never asked for $$ I gave her $120.

    Would repeat. Going out again tomorrow night to check out Carolinas.


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    Great trip this month

    Hello everybody,

    2 more days left here, I'm winding down after 17 days on the island. Business at Carolinas has been great with a large contingent and variety of girls for everyone. Theres even a couple decent looking Polish girls in there which is odd, I get the feeling they are not well received by the Colombians. I ended up having multiple sessions with Johanna a great looking Colombian, wide tailgate, fake tits, no kids-tight pussy. As expected each session got better and better as she provided lots of extras without request or cost. I really enjoyed being with her and it was difficult telling her I wanted another chica one night however she was extremely gracious about it.

    I had my eye on a cute spinner and excellent dancer named Karin, 5 ft, handful size breasts, small firm frame. She speaks decent English. I must get lucky with my choices because this girl really put on the charm and simply was a pleasure to be with before, during and after.

    Last night I finally caught up to another that had caught my eye Teresa, taller thinner frame "not skinny", natural see cups. Speaks a little English but can communicate well. Good word must be getting around about me because this chica was 100% customer satisfaction with me. This one is a must see again, she is here for one more month so if you guys are around look her up.

    Some side notes, I brought 3 friends who arrived on cruise ship there Tuesday. I had never seen the place so busy but then again 6 large ships were in. Each of my friends got the chica of their choosing and reported back with a 2 thumbs up. All of them have decided to plan a return vacation to SXM in the near future. On this day as well as we started to a leave a seemingly alarmed girl ran in a grabbed a chica relaying something about the police. In an instant there was a flurry of activity, told my boys shit is about to go down, outside the police had at least the rear and youth center side surrounded. I didn't stick around for the show but was told later that night it was just another "routine" inspection. Perhaps directly related to this is the fact many of the girls working there are not living there at this time.

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