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    Bangkok end October


    I am in Bangkok for that week. I enjoy swingers clubs and partner swapping. Any pointers to good places, would be very welcome.

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    Visiting Phuket september 15-19th bkk September 19-21 may extend to 23rd

    Hi guys we are a group of friends from different parts of the globe coming for bachelor's hope to meet some like minded guys we can party as we have a private Villa with a pool in Phuket.

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    Visiting Pattaya on 27th - 31st October. Info requested

    Hi all,

    I am planning to visit Pattaya from 27th October to 31st October 2017. I heard that there is a royal funeral from 26 to 29 October; Would all establishments will be closed? Should I change my travel plans? I am really confused because I am getting mixed information. Some are stating that only Bangkok will be closed on 26th and rest of the country will be OK. Others are saying that everything will be closed from 26 to 29. Please provide some guidance.



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    Bangkok Sept 21-27

    I am in BKK Sept 21-27, send pm if up for any fun together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishingForSome  [View Original Post]
    Headed to Pattaya 15-20 Sep. Anyone want to meet and stroll give me a shout. 3rd trip so not entirely new.
    I am there at Pattaya around the same time. But cannot PM you. Let me know how to contact you. My PM is open.


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    Pattaya 15-20 Sep

    Headed to Pattaya 15-20 Sep. Anyone want to meet and stroll give me a shout. 3rd trip so not entirely new.

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    I'll be in Pattaya 9/10 - 9/13. Pm me if you want to meet up or hunt together. I might go to bkk for a day or two, but we'll see.

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    Bangkok September 18 to September 22

    I'm in Bangkok beginning from September 18 to September 22.

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    Traveling to Thailand for the first time on Sep 10th. I appreciate the info on the site and look forward to sharing my experiences.

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    17-20 Pattaya, 21-24 bkk

    Well traveled Indian guy, have been to Thailand many times before. Looking for a wingman to hit the bars. I'm easygoing and drug free, PM me if anyone wants to grab a drink or two.

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    Upcoming Pattaya Trip

    Wheels up on 22 Aug. I will be in Pattaya till 30 Aug.

    This time I plan to pick mainly from beer bar complexes. I also plan to try the disco scene, though I am not a fan of staying up till 3 am to pick a chick. During the daytime I plan to split my time between online picks and G clubs. Should be another rocking time in good ol' Pattaya.

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    Bangkok Aug 25-28 Pattaya Aug 28-Sept 1st Sept 1st-4th at whichever place is better

    I'm coming to Thailand for my first trip. Traveling alone I decided to research as much as possible and have a blueprint of a plan. I intend on having a very active time while in Thailand so I have a list / Map from a variety of sources / reviews / ratings of well known and not so well known massages (all varieties even down to the top notch authentic Thai massages), beer bars, gogos, gentlemen clubs and even some great reviewed restaurants. Hope to find a few diamonds in the roughs for the veterans when I report. Just got my ISG membership so feel free to PM if anyone wants to join in on the hunting adventure.

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    Arrive Bangkok Oct 17 to Nov 19

    Plan on possibly visiting Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam and Philippines during stay. Using Bangkok as home base. Of course, must hit Pattaya. Old Central / South American traveller, first trip to Thailand.

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    Bangkok 30 June to 5 July

    I'm in Bangkok 30 June to 5 July, pm if anyone up for any fun.

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    Bkk - 26th June to 1 July


    I will be making a short trip to Bangkok on the 26th June. Will be staying around sukumvit near nana. If anyone is keen for a cold beer and partake in hitting the bars, clubs do drop me a line.



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