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    Who wants to party?


    I'm arriving in Bangkok on the 15th with plans to go Pattaya in the next few days. It's my first time in Thailand so any recommendations for how long should I stay in each city would be great! Anyone else going to be in BKK around then?

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    Bangkok Feb 7-14 first time looking for people to hang with.

    I'm in Bangkok for the next week. Will be hitting up the bar scene starting tonight with Soi Cowboy and then Nana plaza tomorrow.

    Looking for folks to grab a drink with, check out bars, trade stories, the works.

    Been to a few different places, German FKK, Montreal, Tijuana, London, Amsterdam so happy to share stories of what I've learned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LovePalace  [View Original Post]
    I am staying in Hua Hin. I think you should drop HH if mongering is the issue. See other areas about Hua Hin. If you decide to visit, use the ferry (2 hours) from Pattaya.
    Where is a good place to stay in Hua Hin. I want something on a nice beach.

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    In Pattaya Feb 6th to 16th

    I'll be there with another friend from USA but I'm sure that I'll have time to meet up with someone for drinks.

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    In BKK from now until Feb 6th

    Just hanging out the last couple of days. Would like to learn the BTS, markets or just someone to drink with. I'm late 50's if that matters to you.

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    Visiting BK Feb 22-24.

    I will be in BK on Feb 22-24 first time to visit, would enjoy learning lay of the land.

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    Layover in Bangkok.

    I will have an 18 hour layover in BKK, tomorrow at 10:30 PM until the next day where I fly out to Dubai. On my previous visit I have tried [CodeWord900] and I have booked a hotel near Soi 7/1. Any recommendations where I could go?

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    Touchdow Phuket (maybe here until Feb 10th)

    Depending on how it goes. Feel free to message if you are interested in hanging out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBoi  [View Original Post]
    The order you go to these clubs is VERY important. I did not list the clubs in chronological order. I'm finding many clubs are opening later and later with some not opening now until 8:30 pm and girls still drifting in after 9 pm. Also, the new disturbing trend I have been noticing is anyone decent has been barfined by around 10:30 or 11 pm. I hate high season!

    Someone else can correct me but the only half decent options before 8 pm now are Windmill at 7 pm (all girls there but not the best lookers), Happy and Baccara have about half their girls there before 8 pm, and Sensations is ok at 8 pm. Are there other good options before 8 pm?
    Baccara opens at 7:30, but only 5-6 decent lookers at the time, maybe. If you are able to find a girl by the name of Piano there #110, she is the probably the hottest girl in the club. Taller for a Thai girl, has long blonde hair (now), slim with nice ass, 400 CC silicone boobs (DD) and tattoos on her body. Her body and face combine are about a 9/10 for a Thai Go Go bar girl. But be careful, she has type and doesn't go with all customers. I've taken her about 5 times and have stretched all limits with her, and all being LT experiences. But that's because her and I have an understanding on what our relationship is. For me she is great in bed and does everything I want. She works off and on, so if she is there, she will be gone before 10:00 I think. Another girl that is nice as well is Ana #108. She is also picky with her customers. Ana will flat out reject a drink if she doesn't like the way you look. But sometimes to avoid dancing and wait for their appointments (bookings made ahead of time), these girls will sit with you for drinks. Those who have had sex with #108 and #110 should consider themselves lucky when it comes to Walking Street girls. Those who have access to their LINE and Facebook, are legends in my book.

    Girls flock in at 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00. By 10:30 they will be at full force, but you probably will not find a seat. Come early, and watch them trickle in to work. Palace is okay by 8:30 and so is Sapphire, Sensations, Happy, and Fareinheit.

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    Pattaya February

    I will be in Pattaya 3 February to 8 February and then Bangkok 8 February to late afternoon 10 February. I am travelling with my brother but the more the merrier. PM me if interested.


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    Currently in Bangkok Jan 24 until 27 and then again in February. Phuket next week.

    Message me if you are interested in hanging out / mongering. I have a female friend with me from the USA. She is mongering (and poly) friendly! (BTW I'm straight.) Staying near Nana station. (I'm a "frequenter" of German FKK. 2nd trip to Thailand.) Cheers!

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    Angeles City Feb 16 - 19, Pattaya Feb 19 - 25, Phnom Penh Feb 25 - 28.

    I have booked my travel. If you are interested in meeting up, PM me.

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    Will be in Pattaya 18-20 Feb. Have had great fun with board members during my earlier visits. Would love to team up again.

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    I'll be in Thailand. Mostly Pattaya but maybe a couple of days in BKK 3/12-3/20.

    Met up with a couple of board members last trip and had a good time!

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    Jan 22 - 25 BKK; Jan 26 & 27 Pattaya; Jan 28-31 Samui Phuket.

    Heading to Thailand for January. This is my second visit so I'll be jumping around looking for play more than sights. Last vacation I only had time to experience Patpong and got a 3 some in BKK, but I hope to get around to Nana & Cowboy for the first time. I also had some action in Chang Mai and Phuket, this year I also hope to see what Pattaya and Ko samui got to offer. I usually travel solo but wouldn't mind a wing man for mongering nights.

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