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    I'll be in BKK may 19-26th. Always interested in sharing notes and mongering together.

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    Ord to bkk June 18

    Landing on June 18. Thinking whether to halt in bkk or go to Pattaya for a few days.

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    29th March to 2nd April

    Want to hit up some bars? Punter here.

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    In Pattaya Friday Saturday night 24th and 25th. Australian guy on a short trip. Anyone want to meet to cruise a few bars together then have some fun together with our choice of girls? PM me.

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    Pattaya until 3-21

    Monger in Pattaya until Tuesday of and one wants to get a drink and chat about places to go.

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    Songkran 2017

    Bi-annual sojourn coming up. Apr 12 - 16 Pattaya. Looking forward to celebrating Songkran with the cuties. Can't wait.

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    Visiting Pattaya, Phuket in April

    I am visiting pattaya on 6th April and will be there on 6th,7th and 8th April. Afterwards will move to Phuket and will there on 9th and 10th April. Anyone there for teaming for fun or cpl for group fun.PM me the details if any one interested.

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    Lets chat up with beers.

    Hi guys,

    I am visiting Thailand from 10th March to 17th.

    Let me know if anyone wants to chat up and share experiences with beers.

    Pattaya 10th - 12th.

    Phuket 12th - 15th.

    BKK 15th - 17th.

    PM me and we will share experiences.

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    I will be in BKK March 9 - 14. Have my own plan in place, but if someone wants to team up, PM me.

    I am an experienced monger in FKK clubs in Germany, but have limited experience in BKK.

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    Pattaya and Phuket

    In Pattaya nights 24/25 March and Patong, Phuket nights 31 March - 2 April. Western guy early 50's. Been there before. Want to have fun in the gogo bars. LK Metro I like in Pattaya as not many tour groups and Suzy Wongs in Patong (guys say it is expensive but last time I was there the girls all went naked dancing and they were awesome). Someone to join me after hours with some girls. Drop me a message if you will be around.

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    Phuket April

    I will be in Phuket from the 12 to 18th of April. Happy to catch up for a beer etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    Solo in Pattaya November 6 - 20. Not much of drinker and pretty laid back. Will operate alone much of the time, but willing to help out a newbie, and would appreciate help from the old timers.
    How does mongering in Pattaya works? Are there brothels? Or need to barfine girls from Walking Street?

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    BKK March 3-10

    Will be staying somewhere between Nana and Soi Cowboy. Can meet up over a beer to share experiences. PM me if interested.

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    Looking for wingman


    Will be in Pattaya Feb 19-21, BKK 21-23, maybe Koh Samet- 23-25. Let me know if anyone wants to head to the bars together, maybe even tag team. Have been going to Thailand for 5 years.

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    Travel Dates: Bangkok and Pattaya

    American, 60, returning to Thailand after many years- traveling solo. Will be in Bangkok 2/17-21 Nana area, Pattaya (Jomtien) 2/21-27. Any interest in meeting up, having a beer, breakfast, and comparing experiences please let me know via PM.

    Cheers and be safe.

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