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    29th. May Bar closure

    29th. May being a religious holiday bars will be closed and sale of alcohol will be prohibited. I would like to know the oily MP scene. Will the MPs be open? I am landing in BKK on 29th. So was curious to know.

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    I didn't rhink that would have the answer. But you are right. It. They are available everyday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mogwai  [View Original Post]
    Or do a Google search. How hard can it be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EBoardbuilder  [View Original Post]
    Why not just fly?
    Or do a Google search. How hard can it be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horatio  [View Original Post]
    Can I get a bus ride from pattaya to phuket any day if the week? I have taken a bus between the 2 a few times but can't remember if it was just on certain days. Thanks.
    Why not just fly?

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    Bus ride pattaya to phuket

    Can I get a bus ride from pattaya to phuket any day if the week? I have taken a bus between the 2 a few times but can't remember if it was just on certain days. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allover  [View Original Post]
    How about Hua Hin? A two hour drive from BKK. Hua Hin has a few tourist sites and some girls as well.
    I agree. I have lived in Hua Hin a year now and there is plenty of lovin: ST as little as 1000, LT 1500-2000, street walkers, semi-pros / part time girlfriend in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Sure, the 20-year-old, top shelf stunner / spinner / model will cost more but even she can be negotiated on a slow Tuesday night. Bars are closing near midnight most nights and the some staff would love to spend the night in a hotel, make some easy money with the potential to extend for a day or two. Oh, and nearly all of them are constantly working via Thai friendly, Tinder, or Badoo. Many bars employ lady staff but are not bar-fine bars. So, you can chat one up, buy a normal drink or two, shoot some pool, and take her home for 1000-1500. PM me if you want more info.

    Good luck,


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    Yes. But.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    Thai Friendly, WeChat.
    WeChat and TF don't have same service provider categories CL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TConor  [View Original Post]
    World wide as of today on Craigslist, It happened a month ago in USA.

    Anyone have suggestions for similar web pages here in Thailand?
    Thai Friendly, WeChat.

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    F why I: Personals Shut down

    World wide as of today on Craigslist, It happened a month ago in USA.

    Anyone have suggestions for similar web pages here in Thailand?

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    Craiglist, what replaces that?

    Hi guys,

    Used that for various reasons to find company to special needs and now gone the personals, any idea what replaces that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkkdog  [View Original Post]
    You will be hard pressed to find ST for 1,500 Baht in Bangkok. 2,500 Baht is the norm now in the Go go bars, Thermae, We chat, Craig's List, Thai Friendly, and most clubs where freelancers are such as Insanity. The price will drop for street walkers and for freelancers in the Soi 7 Beer garden. Prices will go up in Spasso, Mixx, and Levels.

    Most girls will ask for 3,000 and you can counter with 2000 but agree on 2,500. The odd one will go for 2000 on a slow night.
    Yes I agree. While I can get street walkers for 1000 to 1500, I mostly don't, as the standard of the body or the service is generally disappointing.

    Better to take a reliable Oily girl and pay a bit more, or take FS in a BJ joint in order to get a relative cheapy. That has generally worked out better for me than street walkers. As someone else pointed out BJ girls are bored with doing BJs but not so bored with fucking and DATY. LOL.

    In Thermae recently, cannot get 1500. I have paid more and still generally disappointed with the service. Girls seem to want to do relative quickies and not much GFE. Meanwhile I can get really great GFE times from my favourite bargirls, with stunning bodies. So I pay a premium to get a hotter girl.

    I cannot be bothered with discos (maybe I am too old). Mostly just sticking to my regulars these days. It is easier and service level is sure. Tried only 4 new girls this year. LOL One MP girl great but disappeared from the MP, BJ bar girl was also great, and the other two not good enough to repeat. I learn that my regulars are always the best bet. Try something new if pretty enough or I am desperate enough.

    I don't want to choose any new girl in a rush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodEnough  [View Original Post]
    Nice comparison, and especially helpful for me as I live in the Philippines (and can attest to the accuracy of the costs quoted) and will be going to Bangkok for 2 nights next week. I used to live and work in Bangkok, and have made a handful of visits there since moving to the Philippines, but my information and knowledge are well out of date. I did try to PM you with a specific question, but your mailbox is full.

    Indeed, the kind of useful info posted by a respected poster "in the know". Thanks to Natty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EngineDriver  [View Original Post]
    You raise a good point. You can also generalise by saying the Thai girls are prettier, but the Filipinas give a better GFE and speak English.
    True, and there will be those who say the opposite of that. You see that on the Latin American forums, as well. Brazilian versus Colombian. Its all subjective. To be sure, there are plenty of pretty women in Thailand, but there are also plenty that aren't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexInStl  [View Original Post]
    And maybe touch on the violent crime issue in the country as well?
    Don't worry too much about that. Generally speaking Thailand might be safer than the Phils but most people who take the usual precautions, behave normally and don't get (too) drunk never have any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexInStl  [View Original Post]
    So, for go go girls, there's essentially not all that much of a price difference for newcomers.
    No, there's not. Not between BKK and MNL anyway. If you're looking for a cheaper place go to Angeles. Barfines there are around 3000 - 3500 PhP in most bars and they are all inclusive, meaning you don't have to negotiate a fee for the girl seperately. Depending on her service you can give her a small tip (something between 200 and 500).

    The barfines in Angeles are for LT officially, however these days quite a lot of girls will come up with some excuse after one or two rounds and want to leave.
    In Manila you pay more but you usually get better service and LT is really LT.
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