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    This marks the unofficial start to high season

    I go to Walking Street quite often and tonight was the first night I noticed the Chinese tour groups in droves. I arrived around 8:30 pm and there were group after group after group of Chinese tourists to the point where you couldn't walk. Even last night I didn't notice them much.

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    Pattaya Trip Report, Day 6 Wednesday.

    More people need to post! I hate putting a bunch long posts, one after another, out there at once, but got to catch up!

    The move from Dynasty to Flipper House was surprisingly fast. I went down to check out almost precisely at noon (they had rung me up as I was about to leave my room asking if I was staying or wished to renew). I went down and turned over the key card and that was that. Usually I have to wait while they go up to check for snack food consumption, but today they only asked if I had used anything today, and I had not. I left, rolling my bag and carryon to Second Road and hailed a baht bus. I told the driver I was going to Soi 7 and he stopped there without me having to buzz him. I rolled down the short distance to the hotel. Check in time is 2 PM, but the room, a Superior, was ready and I was unpacking at 12:20 PM. Twenty minutes from room to room. Not bad.

    I may go into more details in a Pattaya Hotels review, but some things I like about the Flipper House is they have a decent free breakfast. What I don't like is that they have no drawers to put clothes in and, this time, the wifi has been horrible. It keeps disconnecting. I have had it stop in the middle of browsing and would have to re-log in multiple times. It was not like that the last time I was there. Wifi at the Dynasty was good even leaving the room I only occasionally had to log in. I mean, I have had to log in more times in one day, in just a few hours without going anywhere, than I did at the Dynasty my entire stay. At least the room I have now has a separate shower with an actual shower curtain. The mini-suite I had before only had a tub and there was no curtain, so water sprayed throughout the entire bathroom. Not cool. Oh, and they have no desks for writing. I am writing this on a circular, solid table sitting on a big chair with my legs wrapped around the table. Hard on the old body to do this! This is a good mongering hotel, but not for one working on a computer or if you have clothes you can to organize for your stay.

    After unpacking and organizing to the extent I could, I headed down to Soi 6, and to be different, chose a bar on the south side to visit. I was drawn in by a girl who had a cute face, but when I saw she had pretty fat legs, and I decided that I just didn't want to waste time and effort on her. I did order my soda water, and she left after a bit, so I simply sat and watched people go by, alone. Soon an older lady there, a mamasan or sorts, tried to look after me and we talked about things. Her English was pretty good and I did see that she actually had a pretty awesome body, at least for her age. I mean, very shapely figure, with only a worn but still pretty face telegraphing that she was not a young, fresh spinner. When she went to the front, I saw her body in silhouette from behind, I was thinking "this woman is hot". She was actually easy to talk to, and we talked mature things and when she asked about my conquests (she knows that the men are there for), I told her about my coming problem and she said she could get me off. I said sure, they all say that! She had no idea the problem she would be facing by taking me on, but I was enjoying the conversation with a mature woman and decided why not? Maybe I need some mental stimulation that the youngsters aren't providing, as well as the physical stimulation, to get off. As many of us know, these older women can open things up in a man the youngsters haven't learned yet.

    So I BFed her (300) and we went upstairs (she was 1000). She indeed have a wonderfully shaped body with the curves and that 20 year olds would love to have. From the front, though, some sagging breasts and signs of childbirth, but really she wasn't that bad. She did get me rock hard but, of course, she failed with her promise to get me off. She then offered bare back. I said no, I don't want to get a disease. She replied that she had the same fear of getting diseases she didn't want one either, but with a very few she had a trust for, she would, and if I said I was clean she would trust me. Hmm, this lady is a fool to trust a sexually frustrated man. She said she has regular blood tests, and while I did not ask if that includes HSV (I am sure it does not), I said, well, OK, but I will be fast (so as to minimize the time any little nasties can latch hold and enter me). She sat down on me and the feeling was quite awesome, but I quickly rolled her over to missionary and, maybe because she was just a tiny bit dry, it took me 25 seconds to come, not my usual 20! Haha. She wanted me to pull out when I came, which I did, and I covered her stomach. She was surprised I could be so fast like a teen, but I had given her my reasons for not trying to go slow. I would have loved to have gone slow and enjoy the incredible feeling of vagina to Johnson skin contact with her, but too risky. I am stupid to be doing this as is, and to prolong the contact would be stupider.

    I have hesitated to mention I went bareback, as I don't want any lectures about doing it (I know the risks and I am single so I can accept the consequences), but also because I don't want to encourage others to do it. But others have discussed the relative good chances of finding a provider who will do it, and I just happened to find one who was willing to offer it up without being asked for it. But since I don't want the lady to have to fend off potential readers to get bareback, I am giving neither the bar nor the woman's names out and, to be honest, at this point I don't remember which one it was or what her name was. This can be a risky business, so please don't let the fact that I did it make it seem any less risky. The fact that I did it means I am a fool, so be certain you want to be a fool too before you do it.

    I went back to the hotel after that, then later that night I returned to Soi 6. I saw Far, though she had to call me out and remind me I had been with her. I simply forget names and faces. The girls can pick me out from a year ago, but I forget by the next day. Sheesh. I BFed her, but I really can't remember anything about the session. I failed to take notes, thinking that I of course remember enough to document the encounter, but I didn't. Sigh. Can you believe that a man can't remember the sex he had just a day or two previously?

    I proceed further down and visit another girl I have seen before. I decline to mention names her. Yes, I got bare back again. Twice in one day. I will spare the details leading up to the event, other than I am having my usually troubles coming, especially since I had come earlier that day. She treid a condomless BJ and HJ, but nothing was happening after a long attempt at intercourse. So I am tired and drained. I am lying on my back and she lies on top of me. Well, she wiggles around a little and sort of dry humps me, and before I know it, her pussy has sucked in my Johnson! I go, "How did you do that?" Well, she is humping me and I am a tad concerned yet she is feeling so good. I go brain-locked with conflicts of 'throw her off' to 'OMG, that feels sooooo good". Well, the feelings of pleasure are growing and I think I will able to come again in short order so I go along for the ride. The pressure builds and builds but the climax is slow to come. My body tenses up to near heart-attacking intensity and she keeps pounding up and down. Just as I am about to erupt deep inside her she pulls off me and grabs hold of my erupting Johnson. Oh my. When done, I take a breath, then jump up and run for the shower! She, too, assures me she is safe, and felt like I was a good person and was safe to be with. I said, well, lots of nice people have STDs, and you really should ask before doing something like that! But, yeah, just using her pussy and no hands, she got me inside her. Never had that happen before.

    That all left me drained and I came back to Soi 7, first to eat at that wonderful Mexican place (highly recommended for tacos, a burrito and their pork ribs), then to the hotel to rest, catch up on things, and finally try to sleep.

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    Pattaya Trip Report Day 5 (Tuesday).

    Today will close out the first half of my 10-day visit to Pattaya. Tomorrow I will also switch hotels from the Dynasty Inn on Soi 13 to the Flipper House on Soi 7. I am not really sure which hotel I like the best. I may do a report comparing the two on the Pattaya Hotels board.


    Today I first spent cleaning up the last few day's reports. Sorry they have remained behind. I also discovered that I have a huge fungal infection on my butt. (You can skip the rest of this paragraph!) I get these types of infections fairly often and simple OTC or prescription creams cleared them up in short order. No longer! I had one a few months ago that required a stronger oral anti-fungal treatment, which started clearing things up, but when the med's ran out the infection came back and the creams wouldn't stop it. The doc refilled the oral prescription, but hauled me back in for an exam. Things had cleared up fairly well when she saw me. I said I would be traveling and asked for a refill in case the fungus flared up again. She refused, citing concerns about kidney issues with continued use, and would only refill the script for the cream. Well, Monday night I felt an itch in my butt area and in checking Tuesday morning, I had a pretty good crop of fungus growing down there! It looked like ringworm again bright red and on both butt cheeks. Previously it has been in the inner thighs. Sigh. I stopped at a Pharmacy on Soi 13/2, the one on the north side, and spoke with a semi-pretty and quite knowledgeable pharmacist. She knew immediately the drug I wanted, but suggested a different one as being more appropriate. No doctor and no prescription and the cost was just 90 baht for a 10 day supply. (Later I went to another pharmacy, the one just west of the Flipper House, midway down (not the closet one), for just 60 be for a 10 day supply. But yeah, heat and humidity tend to make it flare up. I have pretty much gotten it on each trip to Thailand I make, and it often flares up at home in the summer, but the creams always have cleared it up. Note: After several days, the meds have been working great and the redness is gone. I mention this mainly to show that some simple medical issues can be taken care of by going to a pharmacy and talking with a real pharmacist. The one I mentioned is highly recommended. Ok, I am done talking gross.

    So back to mongering now. I was back on Soi 6 by 2:30 PM or so. I started walking west and soon enough saw a cute spinner smiling my way at the Offshore Bar. I went over and she invited me inside for refreshment. Her name was Far. It was pronounced more like Fa, with just a hint of the AR sound. She seemed nice, being really cute, as I said. The body, in the right clothes, would be stunning, and her face was quite attractive. Body at least a 9, face an 8. Her English was not good, but was good enough. Like all of them, she was from Issan, and had been there for a few weeks. I tried to ask if she had been in Pattaya previously, to get an idea of how long she had really been a provider, but the language barrier was too great. I bought her a drink (she chose a bottle of beer) and decided to BF her. The BF there was 350 and her fee was 1000.

    She pretty much let me shower on my own. When I saw her body from the front, it was not too bad. She is quite flat, and I guess it was hard to tell that she was a mommy. I say hard to tell as she had a flat stomach, but the shape of her breasts, even though flat, kind of looked like they had been suckled on. I do not recall being able to see any childbirth marks, but in dim light they could be difficult to see. Other than that, though, she looked fine and especially from behind, she was smoking hot.

    The session was not quite up to my expectations however. She was nice and accommodating, and she offered a BJ which was done nicely, but still at bit mechanical and by the book. It wasn't done in a fast manner, but she wasn't taking her time either. She was pleasant and a tad bit playful though. She was 27 she said. She said I was big (I am not), and she took me all in easily from her on-top position, then commenced to bounce and grind away in apparent enjoyment. We switched to doggie and back and she really seemed to by trying to enjoy it, with a few squeals. She kept drying out, though, and I had to break out my small bottle of lube. I encourage all of you guys to take over a small bottle as the girls don't always have it, and they do dry out and then they hurt and then you hurt. This has saved me many times from having to continually use my spit. But my condoms continue to stretch and bunch up, which contributes to the poor sensitivity.

    I have been speaking somewhat favorably of her when I originally said she wasn't up to my expectations. Well, she kind of played it by the book, and she seemed to be getting her own pleasures out of it which is great, and even when I, of course, failed to come, she actually lied down with me for while to unwind. So, well, maybe she was better than I gave her credit for. I don't know what it is. Yeah, I do think she had some fun, but, well, IDK. I sensed no affection towards me really. She was nice, but there was no emotion behind the niceness, unlike some of the other girls. So, I can recommend her as she is really cute and will have you drooling from at least the back side view, but there may not be much real emotion there. But we can't expect a bar girl to have too much of that for us all can we? No regrets seeing her, but I won't see her again. (Yes, I know this is strange report for her, but I am running out of time and memories during my review process to dwell on it.).

    Next, and being highly frustrated from no orgasm, I figured I might do another girl on Soi 6, but Ning was out and saw me. I went over and said I would buy her a drink but probably no boom boom. Well, there was boom boom. This time was a different level to GFE. The BBBJ was slower and more sensual and I was really close to coming. When that failed, I just had her lie next to me, knowing intercourse would only frustrate me more at that point. We held each other for a good long while, staying warm in each other's arms as the fan and AC blew down. It was quite nice actually, and she pretty much fell asleep. I did go on and get hard again as her closeness got me horny, and I wanted to enter her again, but when I did I was so upset with the lack of being able to feel anything I gave up and threw the thing off. Sigh. It has been frustrating. I know a certain percentage of the women will do BB, but I have resisted overly even hinting I want it. Heck, the maid-lady last night told me some men have almost forced her to have unprotected sex, which is just wrong. It is abuse.

    But the time together was intimate and nice. I don't know if Ning thinks I am weird or she just is amused, but I suppose most of the ladies would rather take a nap for a while that have some old dude banging hopelessly on them for a long while. Of course Ning has no feelings for me, and I really have none for her, but you don't have to have feelings for a person to enjoy lying naked together.

    But when we were done, I headed back towards the hotel. Though early morning forecast called for high rain probabilities during the day, there had again been none, but when I reached BR, there were storm clouds in the distance, and I see the latest forecast shows a 100% chance of rain in a few hours. But tall that means is that somewhere in area will get rain, not necessarily where I am at. I have actually been thrilled that my fear of monsoon like conditions in one of the rainiest months there has hardly had any rain.

    At this moment it is 8 PM and no rain. If that continues, I will probably go to WS again. I may even stop by to see my leaching friends at the Peppermint. Fon works there again now, and we have been in contact, but I have the feeling we will fail to meet again. I have had the hots for this beauty since my first visit, but she was then a classic star fish, then she has twice again underperformed, both of those times with no sex in two subsequent encounters. So I know what I am getting myself in for. I know this is a girl to not spend time and money on, but dang if she didn't steal a tiny bit of my heart. No, guys, I am not in love with her or any of that, I need no lectures, but she has indeed been intriguing to me over the years.

    So, after a short nap I was walking on WS before 10 PM. It was busy, but not overly so. The rains have not come and radar shows the existing rain far away. To ensure the rains stay away, I bring my small umbrella. Once arriving, I decide to go on and hit Peppermint gogo. I am seated and one of the girls who remembered me from before comes over, then Luk the mamasan finds me and comes over and, to my surprise, introduces me to her daughter who just started working there as a dancer who, yes, goes out with men. Yes, I bought LDs for all but I did limit it to just one. I joked with Luk about shooting me if I wanted to BF her daughter but, no, she wanted me to go out with her. No, the girl is fine looking, but not quite to my gogo girl standards. I inquired about Fon, but was told she does not now work there afterall. After a bit, with the drinks consumed and everyone departed, I paid the bill. Luk saw me leaving and advised I come over Thursday to see the rest of the gang, but without Fon I did not intend to do that. The "gang" are nothing but leeches, and I let them leech.

    I left the club and thought I would send Fon, wherever she was at, a Line message saying I was there, and to my surprise she promptly replied that she was now there too, and that she was not working. She said she would meet me back at the Peppermint. So, I met her back there and she was with her two roommates, one who was 19 but, hey, they know how to get drinks, so I bought them a round. She said her mates wanted to go out drinking and would go to I-Club and did I want to join them. It was shere coincidence they were arriving on WS the moment I texted her.

    She gave me a good hug when she arrived and we were able to converse a little. Notable to me is to learn her age, 22. I thought she was more like 24, though she will turn 23 in a few days. We first met 2-1/2 years ago when she was 20. I thought she was older. Anyway, I bought a round and when the girls finished their beers we all left together. I was going to let them go on, but Fon motioned for me to follow them. They wanted to go to I-Club but first they went to the other side of the street to a guy who sells alcohol along the side of the road. The girls ordered a bunch of shots, offering me two and insisting I take one. I did. Tequila is horrid stuff. Just horrid. Fon explained the shots there were half what they cost in I-Bar, and I was pleased that no one seemed to think that I would be paying for everything. I handed them money to pay, but it was unexpected.

    With that, they headed to I-Bar. I hung back, but again Fon motioned for me to follow. I am really not sure why. I don't think any of them really wanted to hang with an old dude, but what was their purpose for being out? Just to drink? To pick up customers? Now that I was there, to pay for all the drinks until they got picked up? To their credit, they took care of themselves inside. I only paid when I offered to, which was in Peppermint and then on the street. Fon did give some effort to sit close to me and she called me over to look outside (we were on the upper floor) and sit there by the window with her. But I was still uncomfortable being there and after 30 minutes or so I told her I left so they could have fun without me.

    I was kind of sad to leave and walking down WS to go home, I passed Bee, the FL girl who has tried many times to latch on to me. She was standing there waiting to get picked up. Cute face, as I have said, but I noticed she, too, had put on a couple of pounds and she looked sad. I can't imagine her life. I was sad, but she may be wondering where she will be able to sleep that next night. I have no idea. I told her I was going to get some ice cream and would she like to join me. She did, and was happy for a few moments. She asked if she could go with me and I said no, but as I left her, I wasn't quite as sad. I hope she had a few minutes of happiness.

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    Pattaya Trip Report Day 4 (Monday).

    Sorry I am running late with these reports guys. I am trying to step it up!

    I slept later today, not waking until 10:20 AM, and that was with a headache. I managed to get up and put some dirty laundry together to take to the laundry place. I thought of getting breakfast. I have been eating at a hotel buffet just north of the Dynasty, but instead walked around a little. I decided to get an internet plan for my phone, and went up to Central Festival to check on plans. I found a place but they would not accept a photocopy of my passport. While there, I decided to have lunch down in the basement food court, having rice and chicken. Not too bad for 50 be. I then went back to my hotel and prepared to head to Soi 6, packing my passport with the intention of returning to CF after I returned from Soi 6.

    I arrived on the soi around 2 PM I guess. Lots of ladies though fewer gentlemen. I was called over by a lady outside Foxy who I had briefly met when inquiring about Noi previously. She was an older lady who started to introduce me to some of the other ladies, pointing out one who was new. She was not quite my type. A tiny bit chubby, perhaps, certainly not my normal spinner type, though young and pretty. After my night with the funny FL lady from Red Car however, I was more open to the non-spinner types. So, I accepted this newby's offer for a drink inside and we go sit down. Her name is Nam, from Issan of course, and she claimed to be 23. I believe the age. She had two kids which almost turned me off, and her English was practically nonexistent, but we managed to communicate with the Google language app. Not really sure how it would go with someone who had a few more pounds that I cared for, I decided to go on and bar fine her. She seemed like she would be good in bed for some reason.

    As she had only been there 5 days, and the implication was that she was totally new to this, I wondered how the session would go. But sometimes you ask a girl how long they have been there and they say "two weeks", it can mean they have worked in a bar for years, only having just returned from a visit home two weeks ago. This girl, I believe, literally just started screwing for money, or at least screwing for money in Pattaya, a few weeks ago. My expectations for newbies is that they will either be like girlfriends, as they know no other way to have sex yet, or they will freeze up in fear and be duds (but God bless them as I cannot fathom what it must be like to start off in the sex selling business). At this stage, I did not know which type she would be. She quickly let me know which she was.

    Before we started undressing prior to the shower, she started kissing and touching me standing up. This had only happened with one other Soi 6 girl, Noi. Nam had only done some light touching in the bar, so this caught me by surprise. We basically undressed each other standing up, then we started into many minutes of hot DFK action and major groping. Like with Noi 6 months earlier, we skipped the shower to engage in some hot foreplay. I laid her down with her feet still the floor. I explored her V and found she was dripping and inviting. Oh man, she would feel so good bare back. Sigh. With more DFK and lots of touching and groping and probing, I put on my Aoni condom and entered her with her feet still on the floor, lying back in bed. With my entry, she became a bit of an animal. Except for no bare back, this was a pure GFE. She was wild as well as delightful. Her larger body felt fine and only now that I am writing this report did I really notice that she had a couple of spare pounds. Again, she was not obes, as she had no fat hanging down or anything. Her breasts showed signs of suckling by being a tad bit droopy, but not too bad. Eventually we moved fully to the bed, we did doggie and back to missionary. For a while I thought possibly I could come but, of course, I often feel that and nothing happens. Same here. But her bucking and moaning seemed legit, and I was exhausted when I finally pulled out. One gem is at one point I said I was slowing down, she said that she wasn't! Wow. But with me spent, she went to work orally again, then manually, until I finally grabbed my phone with the language app to tell her my problem and to stop. She still wanted to try, but I calmed her down and for a good long while we simply cuddled with slow kisses and light kissing until the shower. Her being a bit overweight was not a factor at all. Nothing mechanical about her and no rushing at all. So, other than no bare back, this was the epitome of a GFE. I mean, she spent longer than an hour with me and was in no hurry to leave. But yeah, to me it seemed she felt closeness to me and wanted to experience the positives of what the business can bring. Not for certain she came a time or two, but I think so. Anyway, after Pop and Nam, I think I have represented my fellow sexagenarians well! Well, except for the inability to come part.

    As she was so sweet and caring I gave a 200 be tip on top of the 1000 fee and 350, I think, BF. Maybe it was 300. Who cares, the difference is small! I may see her again if I don't hung up with her her full body.

    Leaving her behind, I was debating about stopping to see another Soi 6 girl. I knew there would be no hope of coming after the Red Car girl last night, but as I was walking west, a really cute girl at bar I forgot the name of called out. I will get the name for you guys, if I can remember to do that. She was a cute, young spinner, the kind I have generally liked. I went inside with her. She spelled her name as Pur, but it is pronounded as puri, accent on the ri. Her English was better than Nam's, but not by much. She got out her phone with a translation app and I saw a picture of a kid, so I knew she was a mama. Well, she seemed nice and her body was still slender and seemingly hot, so why not? Some of these ladies can have a kid and you can barely tell.

    We went up stairs to another dump of a room and each undressed. No shower. She has me lay down and almost immediately she started rubbing on me and when I am half hard she puts on the condom. Oh great, this is not going to go well. I could have slowed her down, but I am not having a good feeling about this. For one, she reminds me of the daughter of someone I know, and I am slightly freaked by it. I get over it mostly, but things usually don't go well when the woman rushes (though I have been proven wrong on that blanket statement). I never really got hard and while she got me inside her, it was indeed a disaster. I gave up after a minute or two. Apcalis can't get one hard when they are not aroused. She offered a HJ, no oral, and I let her try rubbing for another minute or two just to make her do a little bit of work, then I told her to stop. We sort of cuddled for a minute or two, but it was awkward so I gave up on that too. She did indeed have a beautiful body with very few signs of childbirth. Her breasts were small but fine and her body was firm and tight, and she smelled nice with nice makeup applied. She said was was 26, but could pass as 21. She was smiling and was friendly, but when I said we could end it, she hopped right up and herded me into the shower, washing only my genital area. Maybe for a younger guy just wanting to screw a sweet young thing she would be very good, but not for an older dude who needs to take things a little slow.

    Needless to say, no tip for her. Pretty girl indeed, but a total disaster for me.

    I headed back to CF to eat a bite, then returned to the hotel to catch up on my reports. I also tried to take a nap but was largely unsuccessful, finally heading out to WS at about 11:30. BR was again busy, with FL girls just 10 yards / meters from the police outpost. WS was not quite as busy as yesterday, but still doing well. I get my exercise by walking back and forth on Walking Street. There was not much going on that I could see, and I really have no reports on any of the gogos. IBar was not even overly packed at 1 AM.

    I went into Red Car a couple of times. The DJ had a very nice looking blond Thai woman up with him, with live video of her signing to the music, karaoke style. She was quite sexy indeed. I left and soon returned and as I was walking around, a mature woman caught my eye but I exited again after a few minutes. It was never packed, but not until a bit after 1 AM was just beginning to clear a little where there may have been a free seat to be found. When I came back later the mature lady was there, and she sort reminded of a lady I might have been with there in the past. She was alone and had definitely been looking at me, so I walked over to ask if we had met. She said no, but that her name was On and she was a maid. Hmm, I had a Red Car maid yesterday. Would it be two maids in a row? We continued with some small talk for just a minute or two then she asks if I am ready to leave with her? Well, um, I guess that saves me from having to buy drinks. What is with maids that let them skip the small talk and get down to business? Oh, maybe the fact they have to be at work at 8 AM? I really was not looking to give up on my searching back on the street, but I consented as I was a bit tired.

    We left and headed for the motorbikes. I used to prefer the baht buses around the corner on 2nd road, but with transportation for 2 for just 100 be, I came to like that better. So, we go over at the WS entrance and ask for a ride. The chosen driver comes over and as we are about to get on I confirm the price, asking "100 Baht for both, right?" The driver looks at me and says "no, 100 Baht each". I say no, the last two nights here it has been 100 for two. " he refuses so I find another guy who will do it. I showed him!

    At the hotel, I asked if she wanted to take a shower first, and she asked why don't we shower together? Wow, this was starting off good. The shower was ok but nothing special. She asked my age and she thought I was 4 years younger, saying I had a good body and that is what she liked when she saw me. She also commented I have the body that many of them (mature Thai ladies) liked. I am a few pounds overweight now, but I guess I am still holding it well, but I am right on the border of having developing a gut. I am walking a ton here and trying to control my eating to get a start on losing some weight. I think what kills me is I eat little during the day at home, but pig out at night. I will have a self-cooked dinner, then I feel hungry a little while later and will have a snack, then maybe a big bowl of cereal before bed. Cereal, of course, is low in calories. Yep, that is how you get fat over several years.

    Anyway, sorry. I asked her age and got two answers. She said 50 at first, then she said 38. Well, the Trophy Wife was 37 and On looked decades older, so 50 might be closer to the truth. But you never know. On has probably had a hard life with her 3 kids and a deserter for a husband and got stuck working as a maid. I would have though mid 40's. Her body, for that age, wasn't too bad, but I did have some regrets about acting so quickly to bring her back. Money is not much of an object, so why settle for a mature woman, even if more age-appropriate for me, when I can have young hotties? Well, I do like a little variety. And, too, I remember a lady much like her who gave the most incredible BBBJ of my life, so I was still anxious to see what would happen.

    The experience was so-so. She just wanted to screw, and she enjoyed herself, no doubt. Some nice touching and kissing started it off. Her skin was soft at least and she did her job to get me hard. I pulled out a condom from my drawer in the dark, only to find out I had chosen the last of my skin condoms from my last trip after I opened it up. I was saving that one, but whatever. I have only used a couple of these, and last trip didn't really feel much difference when using them. I have to admit that this time, I do think they may have been a little better, and after entering her and after she starting bucking and moaning I, again, thought maybe I would release with this one. Perhaps I could, but I also wondered if I wanted to expend a rare release with an older woman, or should I save it up for a cutie? OK, I think too much! I didn't really hold back, but I didn't really try to come either after that. We bumped and pumped and grinded in missionary, doggy and then missionary again. She was seriously into it, later confirming her own orgasms. I tried to hide the fact I didn't release, but when we were done (me exhausted) she checked the condom. I assured her it was ok, as she wanted to continue working to get me of.

    I really didn't want her to stay the night, and politely hinted I wanted to sleep alone. She would have been happy to stay but, as I told her, you need to get up early to go to work, so she left. We took our shower together and, clean, dry and dressed, I gave her 1000 and she seemed reasonably happy. I mean, we had not been together much longer than an hour so I felt that was quite adequate. I hate to judge her looks being a mature lady, but for her age she was maybe a 6 or 7. Not really proud to have been with her, but the deed is done and her performance was acceptable. No BJ, but I didn't ask for one, so I am not able to rate her performance compared to the other lady who blew me away with her blow job. I will not give On a no rating, but I will not see her again. My Pattaya trip is now half down, and I can't waste time on the mature women unless they are Trophy Wife material.

    I can add I have been in contact with a few Tinder girls. Haven't set up anything yet. And there is a cute young professional lady I met on Thai Cupid who is too young for me for a romantic relationship but for some reason keeps chatting with me. I have thought several times she was putting me off, especially after we video chatted, but each time she would keep the conversation going. She, I am sure, is a good girl. No hint of wanting to make some money in her spare time, so I have kept the conversation innocent, and maybe that is why she keeps texting me back, thought at a slow pace. As I don't consider my relationship with her to be a relevant to this report, I will only hit the highlights as, and if, there are any. But it appears we will meet soon, thought I doubt I will be even able to score a kiss with this one.

    So, three girls today in a repeat encounter, a very nice encounter with a girl larger than I normally like, but full of passion, and then an older FL Red Car lady whose performance fell short.

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    A disastrous night on Walking Street tonight. Other than Sensations, Baccara, and Tantra the clubs I visited were running very low on girls. All my girls were missing.

    Big rain tonight. On the bright side I visited a club I never go to, Lighthouse. I met a very pretty young one in Simon Complex. I also met a very cute one while walking in over knee high water along Soi Diana. We were taking photos of one another.

  6. #23696

    Sabaidee massage, and a touch of paranoia

    Given the nature of the service in soapies, spelling the Thai currency "bath" is not such a bad mistake as in other venues.

    30 years or so ago with wife in Thailand I had escaped to a massage place called "Sabailand". I remember the girl I had back then quite well. She had a Swiss boyfriend. She was curious about go-go bars but she was proud of working in a soapie because "here I can earn in a hour what a go-go girl earns in a whole day". Swiss boyfriend, struggling go-go girls, things have changed huh? I also remember Sabailand as a big house surrounded by trees and Pattaya as wall-to-wall beer bars, no tall buildings. From what I've read Sabaidee is not even the ex-Sabailand but the location is very similar.

    This Friday early afternoon Sabaidee had no more than a handful of girls on duty. I picked the taller of the lot. She was also among of the more expensive ones (yellow badge, 2400 baht instead of 2000). The "helper" said "no tip?" as I pocketed the whole change at the cashier.

    The girl had a good slim figure. Her triangular nose was (had been?) raised at an angle of 50-60 from the horizontal. Her nostrils were two circular gaping wholes looking at me like the 2nd pair of eyes of a spider. The room had a mirror and the bed was good. The faking was professional and there was no complaint at my pounding. I went without tipping. This is the closest I've had in this Thailand trip to the German FKK experiences I've grown accustomed to.

    Now for the paranoia: this girl was the tallest of the lot available, she insisted on "look not lick" in 69 position, her breasts were perfect but come to think of it somewhat artificially rectangular shaped, don't tell me she could've been a transgender!? I could find nothing on the internet suggesting a place like Sabaidee would employ TGs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    Great time to bring this up. Can anyone explain this catastrophe? This is transcribed into English nothing like it is spoken. When I first saw it back in March I was like wtf. Surely they could have found any random bar girl that could have done a better job.
    Problem is that you cannot have the same sound by using English words so you can write it anyway you want, it will not sound as it is spoken in Thai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday ckecked several massage shops on 2nd road northward of Central Festival until I spotted a masseuse with some looks. After some misunderstanding I understood she was not available. "Holy shit" I thought to myself. "Now even high street masseuses keep themselves for Japanese and Coreans!". Then it turned out the girl I wanted was "the boss" and that's why she was not available. Note that a younger and better looking girl being the manager of a place makes sense. Looks will attract money and position.

    Today as I write I'm being footmassaged by a quite cute young thing. I'm propositioning her for tonight but she says "cannot go hotel". She won't say why, just "cannot", then she suggests her one of her coworkers instead, the latter not ugly at all but much less feline, in fact no more than the typical soi 6 girl. I surmise the "cannot" girl has some man providing for her and she's only allowed to do legit massages. Without any common language it's difficult to dig any deeper.
    Taking into account the language Barrie, the limited English wording most of them have, there could be many reasons or explanations. Behind.

    "Cannot". - Surely the less likely is the one you mention, unless the man is sitting at their flat somewhere in Pattaya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    I had given up on soi 6 and its herds of interchangeable 5 feet tall cheerleaders and I was preparing to go without sex tonight when a Beach Road girl whispered "500 short time". This was such a ridiculous price I took her up on her offer.

    She had an ugly cesarian scar. She must have had a beautiful face when young.

    Could this open up new vistas of affordable sex fun in Thailand? Slumming it with wretched sex-starved souls?
    When was the last time she was young?

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    I knew before heading out last night many girls have gone home this week anticipating some gogo bar closures and being with family for the King's funeral. Walking Street was very quiet last night for both customers and girls. Every gogo bar I hit there were about half as many girls as a normal Thursday evening.

    I was told by one gogo girl that her bar will be closed on October 25 and 26. Let's hope others only close on October 26.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    Could this open up new vistas of affordable sex fun in Thailand? Slumming it with wretched sex-starved souls?
    I have gone this P4 P route once or twice where you are the hotter of the pair, and she is the desirous / grateful one. Think of it as a pity fuck that is giving her the cheap thrill; although being with a less attractive woman can be drudgery akin to the dreaded NWE (near wife experience) 555.

    In other words: You know what you got to do, Cowboy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    I was preparing to go without sex tonight when a Beach Road girl whispered "500 short time". This was such a ridiculous price I took her up on her offer.
    500 baht is the normal price for ST on Beach Road.

  13. #23689

    Cheap Beach Road girl, with a twist

    I had given up on soi 6 and its herds of interchangeable 5 feet tall cheerleaders and I was preparing to go without sex tonight when a Beach Road girl whispered "500 short time". This was such a ridiculous price I took her up on her offer.

    She had an ugly cesarian scar. She must have had a beautiful face when young. She was undisputably the least sex-appealing lay I'd had for years. What I hadn't reckoned with was that she was going to respond to my somewhat mechanical pounding like she hadn't had sex for months and her life depended on it. If I ever had a case of P6 where I equally deserved to get paid that was it. Not the best fuck of my life but one of the most memorable all the same.

    Could this open up new vistas of affordable sex fun in Thailand? Slumming it with wretched sex-starved souls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    I surmise the "cannot" girl has some man providing for her and she's only allowed to do legit massages.
    Why would you surmise that instead of thinking maybe she is just not a hooker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefeu  [View Original Post]
    Could it be because they cost quite a bit of money, when you add the LDs for the girl, her friends, her mamasan, etc.

    One could easily pick a FL from Beach road for a lot less money, and that's exactly what I have been doing recently. Unless she is really pretty, I have generally no interest in a Go GO girl.
    When you talk about looks it is endless but what I noticed those who preaches it never seem follow their own advice. As you indicate you have no interest in Go Go, I have no interest on Beach whether they are good looking or not that is because I never walk the beach. If that is your things I say more power to you and no one should knock it, nor should anyone be knocking those who enjoy Go Go, but drinks or not!

    Everyone has their own taste and their own agenda, I'm not knocking you whatever you do and want to pay that is up to you as they say. But I rather seat in a A / C in a Go Go than be hot in the heat. I'm as black as a Thai, after a long day when I go out it is to eat western food and relax in a Go-Go. See I've been here too long and see it this way it is a matter of time my number is coming up? So when it comes to "Cost" as I noted if you go to a Go Go, expect the best and maybe the worse and if the worse is you get caught off guard and end up buying drinks $$ that is life. People talk about the " price police " but refer to only the girls and then get bent over a few ladies drinks. At this point in my life I say do as you please, everyone is going to pay their dues and I don't care if you live here or been around the block a number of times. In the end, be consistent to what one preach.

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