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    Quote Originally Posted by Syzygies  [View Original Post]
    Her name is probably Jiap (sounds a bit like Gee-up), most likely (a common name). Jaeng, Jun, Jane, June, Joop, Jip and Jit are also common names, but Jiap seems closest to the funny spelling Jaeb.
    Or just maybe it was Jeab (not that it matters). I know a few chicks with that nickname.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianG  [View Original Post]
    Smoke & Mirrors? Maybe do you mean Smoke & Kiss!? She could be Jaeb ex Vikings bar.
    Her name is probably Jiap (sounds a bit like Gee-up), most likely (a common name). Jaeng, Jun, Jane, June, Joop, Jip and Jit are also common names, but Jiap seems closest to the funny spelling Jaeb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianG  [View Original Post]
    Smoke & Mirrors? Maybe do you mean Smoke & Kiss!? She could be Jaeb ex Vikings bar.
    You may be correct! Smoke and something! Haha There was certainly both. Thanks for the correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    Soi 6 and was greeted by Jaeb at Smoke and Mirrors.
    Smoke & Mirrors? Maybe do you mean Smoke & Kiss!? She could be Jaeb ex Vikings bar.

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    Ditto. Thanks, FL. I don't know when I'll be back to Patts but it's definitely on the to do list.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blanquiceleste  [View Original Post]
    Great report, really enjoyed reading. Thanks.

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    Pattaya Trip Report.

    Day 4 Soi 6 Marathon.

    I again slept until 11 am today, so maybe I am finally getting acclimated, though I still had a bit of a headache. I downed some ibuprofen and walked down to Subway for lunch, but when I returned I felt tired, so I wrote down the highlights of yesterday's experiences then took a nap. I rested until around 4 then, feeling halfway decent, headed for Soi 6 thinking I would stop by the Full Moon bar and see she big breasted Deah I mentioned on Sunday. I hope that the beautiful Deah will return before I depart.

    BB Deah was there, and there was also a really hot girl there too that, had I not already asked for Deah, I would have chosen in a heartbeat. I will come back for her later, but forgot to ask for her name. So Deah and I go inside and sit down, and this is when I see how tall she really is! She sounds like a girl though, and her face looks like a girl, but I have to ask if she is a LB just to be safe, and she assures me she is. In fact, she later laments that she may lose customers over concerns she is one due to her height, saying both her parents were tall. I think guys might think she is a LB over those huge breasts, as well. Her English is pretty decent and though I am wondering if she will be a good provider, we go upstairs and those DD's are exposed in all their glory. Definitely bolt-ones, but well done, being soft and squeezable.

    She starts off with the BBBJ right away, but my fears she is trying to rush are soon put to rest. She takes her time, stopping only to ask that if I come, to not come in her mouth. I haven't come orally in a few years, so that won't be a problem. Things proceed nicely and I soon discover this session is turning out to be semi-GFE. Lots of kissing and touching and doing the little things that add to the experience that many working girls won't do. The condom goes on and she slips me inside and, for a larger girl (again, not fat, though a few extra pounds in her stomach area), feels pretty good. We do different positions and she is enthusiastic in all. I will say that while I didn't come with her, I came very close and her reason for wanting me to come back to see her again was because she wanted to see me come with her! Haha. And I halfway believe her. She seemed very real and while I prefer the smaller girls, my time with BB Deah was quite pleasant and enjoyable. 300 BF and 1000 for her, plus a 100 tip. Certainly if you want to squeeze some DDs that don't belong to a LB, give her a try.

    My headache was mostly gone (due to the release of endorphins?) and as headed west along Soi 6, as I was passing the Miss be-Haven bar, a cute, dark skinned, petite classic Issan spinner, looking to be about 20, gave me a huge smiled and waved me over. I won't say she was a beauty in any classical sense, but Pa (her name) was darn cute who seemed to have an energetic personality. She started giving me wet kisses in the bar so I was sold and upstairs we went. She started out with DFK and lots of close touching, then got down between my legs and, looking up with me with those big brown eyes, gave a pleasant BBBJ. She may have learned by watching Japanese porn, you know, where the girls concentrate on mainly the head, licking it and not really inserting much more into their mouth? That was her style, and seeing her cute face looking at me while doing it made me feel like a porn actor with a cute Asian girl. This is not to say she didn't go deep some, but licking the head was her favorite and, when you can look down into her eyes as she is doing it, it is hot. The condom goes on she is indeed enthusiastic, relieving me of having to do much work. I am sure she has a kid, as her small, dark breasts are a bit droopy, but her pussy is quite tight and I wondered if I might come with her. I get close, fail, but go down on her clean shaven pussy, and she goes a bit crazy. Nothing is sexier than hearing acute Asian woman saying words of pleasure you can't understand! Not a clock watcher at all and full of effort, she clearly went above and beyond, so I paid the standard 1000/300 and tipped her 200. I would also classify the encounter as a near-GFE as well due to all the kissing, activity, contact and enthusiasm.

    After the energetic Pa, I continued walking towards the beach on Soi 6 and was greeted by Jaeb at Smoke and Mirrors. Jaeb was more like the girl next door, in not being a beauty necessarily, but yet very attractive. I mean, she was not petite, but had nice legs and a decent figure, but with a light skin and a very pretty face. I mean, body a 7 but the face a 9 she looked relatively classy and more mature. I had a feeling she would be fun, too. I was sold and upstairs we went. Unlike Pa, she took me in all the way with her wonderful BBBJ. She had a nice set of Bee cups, soft skin, she offered lots of kissing and, again, provided a near GFE but in a more calm way. After three wild girls, I was now somehow able to come with her. Standard 1000/300 and I tipped her 200 I think. Any girl that can get me off deserves a tip.

    I did go to WS but was sufficiently satisfied / tired that I did not go actively looking for a 4th encounter. Heck, I can't even remember what I may have done on WS.

    Of the three girls on Soi 6, Jaeb is one I might see again. Well, all would be worthy of a second trip, but Jaeb would be at the top of the list as I found her combination of looks, performance and maturity to be the best. But any of three are highly recommended. Heck, most every Soi 6 girl I have been with has been great. I am sure I will find a dud here, but no complaints so far, and note that I am avoiding the fatties and uglies. These girls may not be 10's, but they are all above average. And how many 10's do you see on WS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefeu  [View Original Post]
    Can you please be more specific about which shopping center you are talking about. Is it Central Festival? I use the Sagami 002 but ran out. I checked several pharmacies and none of them carry the 002's. Thanks.
    I always find it most convenient to order them online. The package is packed and labelled very discretely. And they are far cheaper than buying OTC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    Pattaya Trip Report, Day 1 (Sunday).
    Great report, really enjoyed reading. Thanks.

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    Sacrifice a day. I know it's not optimal at all but sometimes it's worth it to sacrifice a day (or afternoon / evening). Don't force it. Let your body re-adjust itself and go from there. You'll find yourself with much more energy and make up for the loss time. Isn't the saying for every hour change in time zone you fly it takes 1 day to recover from your jet lag? Something like that.

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    Pattaya Trip Report

    Day 3 (Tuesday).

    Day 3 has been a bit of a downer as I suffer from insufficient quality sleep and lingering illness or, worse, a new one. I woke up several hours earlier that I should have, so I started the day sleep-deprived. I went out for breakfast but felt so tired when I got back I took a nap, but it was a fitful nap and I think it left me worse off. I worked on last night's report then felt like I needed another nap. It, too, was fitful, and I think got up to go Soi 6 more because I felt I needed to before it got too late than really wanting to. Walking down Soi 6, without really intending to, I ended up with Noi again. Noi's appearance on Sunday was more sophisticated, as she was wearing a long black dress, split down the sides. Today she wore simple jean shorts and top, and when I first went over to her, I didn't immediately realize it was her. Up close, I remembered, and in her short jeans, her being a mommie was more obvious. But her face is so cute, and that is why I went over. I stood in the street talking to her still refusing to be lured inside. I wanted to move on, but I was also feeling so tired and I had a slight headache. I really just wanted to lie down and sleep. I gave in after some chatting, thinking I could lay back in the bed and let her do the work. With a repeat girl you have been with, you can do that. With a new girl, you need to be more engaged, and I think that is the rational for going with Noi.

    After the shower I laid down to let her just do her work, and the session turned into one of the best GFE's I have had for a while. She started off with a slow BBBJ which was no nice and I could lay still. She licked her way up to my face, then back down again. All was slow, and while I originally had not felt all that horny, Noi was waking some things up inside of me. I took more time to look at her body. Her breasts were small, but did not looked suckled on, so their appearance was fine. Free of the tight shorts, her body actually looked pretty good for having two kids with really no excess fat or sagging and, of course, her face was lovely to look at.

    She was no clock watcher. I was really surprised how long things seemed to last. Noi truly seemed to be having fun and doing all she could to enhance my enjoyment. I used my fingers to rub her clit as we did a variation of the scissors position, and she was in cowboy then she turned around, keeping me inside, and did various forms of the reverse cowboy, some that I have never done before. She did everything possible to get me off, but it was too soon since the last time for me. Age is taking a toll. She was sad she couldn't get me off, but I rewarded her with a 500 baht tip on top of her normal 1000 fee. She performed way beyond reasonable expectations, and even at 1500 baht she was underpaid for her efforts. I am sure I will see her again. I generally don't like repeating more than twice, but I am pretty sure there will be a third time here.

    After that, it was getting late and I headed back to the hotel. I still felt tired, especially after the sexual exercise, so I took yet another nap. It was dinner time, but I was more tired than hungry. I woke up from the nap, noticed the time, then took another nap. I have never had jet lagged like this coming in to Thailand. I wanted to sleep more but was concerned if I did I would really screw my internal clock up. I feared if I slept too much would end up waking up at 6 AM, a really horrible time for mongering! I had been forcing myself to stay awake, but found would doze off and have strange mini-dreams. That, for me, means I am sleep deprived. Finally at 11 PM I got up, composed myself and headed out, but I took some Motrin as I was getting a headache. I walked to WS, passing up some pretty FL girls on BR, and headed to the Peppermint. Fon is still working there and I thought I would go see her. I like the Peppermint, but it is expensive for me as I have so many "friends" that all want a piece of me. I enter, and the waiter is happy to see me, duh. He gets me a top seat next to a real cutie. She is hot! I think her name is At, number 810. She becomes a new instant friend. Then the regular "friends" see me and come rushing over for the free drinks and tips for doing nothing than sit next to me rather than off on their on. But it is my own fault and I could stop it at any time. Can't blame them, it is me. My head is actually pounding now, but only sweet At cares, and she begins to rub my head for a few minutes, which I thought was very nice. I am thinking I might want to BF her when I feel better. I do not ask her rate, but I think her BF is 1000. Rates here I remember are expensive, but I don't want to make my headache worse by asking! I am told Fon in not working today, but that is ok. I have her Line ap and hope to meet up with her off line once my health has returned.

    So I leave before draining my pockets too much, and head back to Red Car. It is around 1 am I guess. A Motrin I took is kicking in so the headache has eased, otherwise the pounding music in there would have killed me. Actually, I put in some noise suppressors those foam things that make you look like a dork. It helps. I see Pat there with a fat old guy. She skipped on me previously with a coughing fit that I figured was fake. I didn't really care, but I gave her too much money to skip out on me like that. She sees me looking at her and I wave. She smiles back. I bet she would rather be with me that that fat geezer. She is really slumming it tonight, haha! The nerdy girl is there but I am in no condition to party tonight. I have not eaten in over 12 hours and really want to just leave and sleep. But instead I order a non-alcoholic Bangkok Breese, made of citris and fruit. It is very acidic, but maybe the fruit juice will help Well, after drinking half I start to feel like I might throw up. Nooooo. I haven't had a drop of alcohol and I will not throw up like that girl who projectile vomited pink foam! I quickly leave the bar and go catch a baht bus to take me home, fortunately not losing any fluids.

    Ando of course, getting home and crawling in bed, sleep eluded me. Sigh. I think there is some truth to the statement that one can be too tired to sleep. Right? My headache became quite painful and I had to deal with some matters back home that kept interrupting me on the phone but, eventually, I fell asleep and slept until 11 AM. This is actually time I want to wake up, so might my jet lag now be over?

    To conclude the day's events, today was a down day due to some combination of jet lag and continued illness. I was with just one girl today, and her a repeat, but what an experience! Still, I really need a solid 6 to 8 hours of sleep and a good dump. Not that the beds at the Dynasty are exactly comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuriB  [View Original Post]
    A number of years ago (my last time in Pattaya) I also liked Soi 6 the most and had the most success there. But I was amazed how this place changed every day (and sometimes from afternoon to the night) with the different girls available. So how will you be looking for Ploy, if the memory of her wakes up the strength of your little friend?

    Also, I was very alarmed with your.

    -- ah, WTF?! LE got into action?? Anyone knows about this? Should I worry next week? .
    No, no worries. This is from the past. I really have no idea why she mentioned it. If she didn't want to be with me she would have not have gone to ask the mamasan. Or maybe she at first wanted LT so she could leave that place. This was a girl who almost married an American and thought she would be having a better life, not stuck prostituting herself to go to school and take care of her family.

    How will I find Ploy again? Go back to the bar and ask for her! Hmmm, I have not done that yet.

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    Royal garden

    Quote Originally Posted by Lefeu  [View Original Post]
    Can you please be more specific about which shopping center you are talking about. Is it Central Festival? I use the Sagami 002 but ran out. I checked several pharmacies and none of them carry the 002's. Thanks.
    I was perusing the condom section at Boots Pharmacy yesterday in Royal Garden when I noticed some Sagami branded products. One small packet and another larger packet. Boots is on the floor one level up from the ground and at the beach Road end. Middle aisle. Can't say if it is the size you are after though. Maybe not.

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    Where please

    Quote Originally Posted by YetAnotherGuy  [View Original Post]
    ... Sagami 002 large is a good option, and can be found in some pharmacies in Pattaya (such as the pharmacy in the shopping center).

    Try more / better lubrication.
    Can you please be more specific about which shopping center you are talking about. Is it Central Festival? I use the Sagami 002 but ran out. I checked several pharmacies and none of them carry the 002's. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    I showered but she curled up to sleep. After not too long, she started coughing. It sounded pretty real, but who knows? Then after a bit she said she needed to leave, that she would see a doctor in the morning. Ok. Fine. She doesn't want to sleep with me for whatever reason and, really, I didn't care if she left or not.
    They all catch that dreaded cough when they want to head home. Last one that did it to me had to go to the hospital, 20 minutes later she was alright. Must have been a hospital really close by with alot of doctors on call at 4 am. In my mind that voids any negotiated price you may have worked out beforehand. Pay her what you think is fair and call it a night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuriB  [View Original Post]
    -- ah, WTF?! LE got into action?? Anyone knows about this? Should I worry next week? .
    Well documented, Yuri. Pattaya trying to clean up because of some stupid British tabloid no one in the world reads other than Brits. Everything is back to normal now. You can bring your Soi 6 girls back to your hotel.

    Always fun reads, FL. Thanks for the effort you put into this board.

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