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Thread: Sosua Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesPooter  [View Original Post]
    Blackface is not considered politically correct these days.
    Who was looking at the gringo? LOL!

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    Manizales' post

    Blackface is not considered politically correct these days.

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    I am in the process of deciding where to build a villa in Sosua / Cabarete. There is a new small development on El Choco road that is at the top of my list, I know the developer and a couple other people interested in building there. One of the things that attracted me to the place is that it is kind of in the middle of nowhere, nothing but farmland with some expensive homes here and there. Anyway, a recently built villa became available so I rented it for two months to see if I liked living there. Across the street is a ginormous house, the picture doesn't do it justice to be honest. Even though there are other large homes in the area this one stands out. I asked the developer about it and he said that it is the Charlis Angels house. For those that don't know, Charlis Angels is one of those all inclusive over priced wh0 re houses. What surprises me the most is the amount of business they are doing considering the price the cheapest package is $4500. USD per person for three nights! Taxi vans loaded with dudes and girls coming and going constantly, at night it is all lit up music blasting etc. Supposedly he has Russians, Venezuelans and Colombians on the menu. To rent the entire mansion with ladies it is 50,000. USD for a week. Too rich for me, I'll stick to my own little piece of paradise and 3000 peso overnight Puerto Plata girls. Full disclosure, the photo of the rear of the property is taken from their website, other photos are mine.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails B70E1EC1-DFBD-4520-8722-263A5FD24718.jpg‎   E69732A2-98DF-4694-A382-59090930EB14.jpg‎   864CB382-AC51-4A58-878C-0DA360B0EBBC.jpg‎   CE341524-BA11-4ABD-9C88-F348C33616FA.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotch  [View Original Post]
    Take it with a grain of salt.
    Probably exaggerated gossip. Maybe RD $10,000?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotch  [View Original Post]
    It would've been easy to just hire some Dominican police if you need to walk around with that type of cash.
    If I had a large sum to protect, the Dominican Police would be the last people I would turn to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotch  [View Original Post]
    This incident supposedly took place two weeks ago. Take it with a grain of salt.
    Apparently even you cannot figure out whether it is plain old rumor mongering (of which the DR is chock full) or a figment of your friend's imagination. Why not stick to verifiable facts, your own experience or questions? Also check this, which comes out in the English language. If you do not see your story, it most likely did not happen.

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    Tourists lost or was Robbed Supposedly of US$10,000 on Main corner

    I guess the person thought that he was Floyd Mayweather because I don't know who walks around with that type of money without bodyguards. It would've been easy to just hire some Dominican police if you need to walk around with that type of cash. This information comes from a Dominican friend of mine that lives in Santiago but is always in Sousa. He said there's a big reward that will be pay for information and the police will continue the raid sweep in Sousa until they get the information.
    This incident supposedly took place two weeks ago. Take it with a grain of salt.
    Last edited by Scotch; 04-22-18 at 17:08. Reason: Forgot to add something

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubCmdr  [View Original Post]
    Mr. Tempoeorto, you are a serious man in the arena. You going hard on them. Who you representing? Throw up your sign. LOL!
    Hehe, actually, I go rather "soft on them". I told her in a joking manner that I was not a "rich gringo" and of course she could see on the Tinder profile that I was not white. It worked beautifully.

    Speaking of that, I met a 75 year old gentleman this time, dining at my favorite restaurant, who lives in Sosua, was a trucker in his previous life, and described some adventures in the Sosua hinterland that made both of us laugh about the prices we speak of here (including mine). I told him, I am going with him next time. Of course we need a SUV, my sedan would't do it crossing streams and unpaved road, and obviously, "God willing".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankfurt  [View Original Post]
    Despite the warning post about my one bad experience with two girls in Sosua, I had an overall good short visit to DR.
    Another great report about the Sosua that I know and love! Bang on!

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    Mary Jane is cool

    I like Mary Jane but she an awesome partners in 3 somes. Mary Jane is cool with all the girls. My last trip 4 out 5 girls were cool with maryjane.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    I kind a got tired of watching Police clean the streets so I want to take a nap. Woke about 2 and hit the block. The good thing is at this time the police are leaving the girls alone. It was business as usual in the area. I thought Classico would be crowded but it wasn't. The women definitely outnumbered the men. Some few very good choices as far as looks. The chica know when they are 4000 peso material. I was wondering why it was so crowded and my boy remind me it was just Thursday night. Tomorrow the flow starts.

    There are a lot of different choices however; I am cursed with patients. I need to see killer in their eyes. No killers I took an L. At least I have Mary Jane. She is my main thang!

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    Frankfurt's report

    Many thanks, Frankfurt. Another detailed and complete report (not that I would recommend first time visitors to follow in Frankfurt's footsteps).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    Look at it this way. Girls at Pica Flor cost $100. For $100 you can keep her up to 4 hours. You are welcomed to let her leave anytime before that 4 hours is up. Although I have never had $100 worth of pussy myself, I think it is a great deal when you compare it to Crystal in Puerto Plata and the casas like Oasis in Santo Domingo and La Pasion in Santiago where you get to go in the back room for an hour at the same price.
    Mr. International,

    Please do not inflate the pussy price. The most I paid for all night is 3000 pesos.

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    Good Friday and beyond.

    Despite the warning post about my one bad experience with two girls in Sosua, I had an overall good short visit to DR.

    Arrival / airport / ATM / taxi mafia.

    I was in Boston area for business trip and added Sosua as a side long weekend getaway trip before returning to Europe. Arrived in POP on a bright sunny afternoon -absolutely stunning scenery from the left side of the plane while approaching POP.

    Exited the plane to 3 guys playing traditional music! You will never have that greeting in Europe of USA! So enjoy it and give the guys a buck or two.

    Paid $10 landing fee and breezed through the customs.

    I didn't see any ATM inside the terminal but right after the exit, on the left side there are two ATM machines close to each other. I initially had problems as the machine kept spitting the card out. It turned out there is a limit on how much at one time you can withdraw. If I recall, I ended up taking out only Eur 100 or less.

    I knew ahead that Taxi is expensive given the place and distance but I had just arrived from Europe to USA to DR -I wasn't going to try to find bargain or haggle over $25! I crossed the street after dealing with ATM and sure enough the taxi mafia has the signs posted for USD 25 to Sosua. Hopped in and headed to my hotel.


    During pre trip planning was rather surprised to see that most of the hotels in Sosua had no availability for the weekend. Even directly called New Garden and Casa Valeria but still had no luck. Even farther away from Dr. Rosen, hotel Europa was also booked. Despite the warning from this forum, ended up staying at Urban Cabana and didn't regret it. Taxi driver didn't know where the hotel was but we were able to locate it in no time. Hotel is in middle of the action and has a nice lobby. Rafael at front desk is absolutely pleasure to deal with and he was the one to check me in etc.

    My room was big with nice big bed, AC, TV, fridge, WiFi, free water and bathroom with hot water. Rate included free breakfast from restaurant right next door. What else a guy could ask for?

    The only drawback would be noise esp if the room dead on faces Dr. Rosen street. My room was on to the side of the main drag but still noise was a factor esp if you want to get a good night sleep. All day and esp at night you will hear music blasting and of course the traffic sounds. Part of the allure I suppose if you are just cruising by or crashing for couple nights.

    Main course (food and chicas):

    Day 1:

    The fun began or rather the process started even before I had stepped foot outside the taxi! While making payment and dealing with change, a chica sitting at the bar / restaurant right across from the hotel was waving and smiling. Welcome to Sosua I suppose. I just waved back as had other things on mind such as changing out of dirty airline clothes, shave and taking a hot shower -sometimes these necessities take precedence, don't they!

    After settling in, making some mandatory business / family phone calls -headed out to get some lunch. But wait! The chica that was waving to me was now in the lobby -hate to presume but I think she was getting closer to her prey. Still primarily driven by desire to get some food in my stomach, briefly talked to the chica -she spoke good English and claimed she was from SD. I asked her for some restaurant recommendations and she suggested Terra Linda and Baileys.

    Ended up at Terra Linda -was late afternoon, almost early evening and only couple of tables were taken. If not mistaken everyone dining there was American and in groups. My experience was rather lame -food was overpriced and not that tasty. That was the only time I ate at Terra Linda.

    Afterwards, went out for a stroll to get lay of the land. Ended up at Alicia Beach -very nice indeed. Lot of families and chicas around. Still not in hunting mode, walked around some more, came back to the beach for stunning sunset and walked back to the hotel. Things were starting to pick on the street -several girls hanging outside the ice cream shop across from El Conde. Got propositioned while passing by New Garden and in front of hair salon across from Terra Linda. I think I really wanted to fell prey to the first chica as I ended up back at my hotel. She was back at her previous spot of across the street and came running over as she saw me walk past the grocery store couple doors down.

    We chatted in the hotel lobby and had a drink. Body wise, she obviously had kids but came across as chilled, no nonsense and rather charming. I started talking business and in few minutes headed up stairs. The hotel kept her ID. In the room, she was laid back, no rush, showered, took her time and never rushed. I had a great time and next day ended up repeating with her for TLN that just happened naturally without any business talk.

    The night was still young -went out to check out the bars / clubs on Clisante and get some dinner. Outside of BKK and MNL, rare to see that many girls clustered around less than three block radius ready and willing to go to bed with you. It was basically point and click situation. Ended up picking a long haired bleached blonde with a wonderful attitude. She delivered as promised and no up sell. I had an early AM departure for a tour so called it a night afterwards.

    Day 1 in the books and not bad at all.

    Day 2:

    Spent all day touring around doing what tourists do. Had horrible traffic getting back to Sosua -just from the airport area to Dr. Rosen it must have taken over an hour. There were cars and bikes everywhere in a cluster F of a traffic jam. To their credit, there was traffic police trying to help to the extent they could.

    Made it to the hotel rather later than expected. After cleaning up headed out for dinner. Again was rather surprising the touristy prices in Sosua -ended up eating at small restaurant on Clisante. This is where I met the two girls with whom I had a bad experience (see my other post).

    Despite the bad experience, was able to salvage the night by hooking up with the Dominican chica from previous evening. I think when we went out for a stroll and stopped by couple bars, she got rather tipsy on just 2-3 drinks and ended up staying for TLN.

    Day 3:

    We ended staying up in bed way past my normal get up time of 6:30 AM, 10 AM to be exact! I gave her equivalent of 50 euros which she took without counting or complaining and I offered her breakfast which she gladly accepted. Rafael at the front desk was kind enough to bring breakfast trays from Rocky's to the hotel lobby -great guy and excellent breakfast.

    My last day was a bum out at the beach day- went to Alicia beach but they wouldn't allow people near water maybe due to high tide. No big deal, walked around town, did some shopping -used every (well almost) bargaining technique that I have mastered over 30 years of bouncing from one continent to another. Ended up at Sosua beach -walked around, got propositioned, ignored, walked around some more, had some lunch, got propositioned again, ignored and headed back to the hotel.

    Back at hotel took care of mandatory work crap (love it when customers create an artificial crisis on national holidays to look busy or important) NOT!

    Plan for tonight was to hit Sosua Lights (SL) for a Haitian dessert on my last night in town. After another dinner at Conde, walked to what appeared to be rather dead Sosua Lights at 10 PM. Didn't step in, poked my head inside, only couple customers and virtually no chicas. I asked the security guard WTF -he said come back in an hour or so. Ok no problem, back on street patrol -walked past Sosua Lights and stumbled upon hotel Europa -kept walking and found mostly handful of empty bars and restaurant. Made a you turn after street got virtually dark and not much foot traffic. Several chicas walking and propositioning on my walk back near SL -ignored all as wanted to check out SL itself. Now around 11 PM things were starting to pick up -chica after chica coming in and going straight to bathroom to fix up their makeup and hair. I grabbed a table in front of the bar with a great vantage point. Very loud music made difficult to hold a conversation beyond the mundane chatter but isn't that why we are here anyways!

    Talked to three Haitian-a-s -all doable, bought drinks to the 3rd one only as my choice was starting to narrow down. She said she had a child although it was hard to believe given her physique. I was getting a good vibe and around 1 AM decided to head back to hotel with her. Agreed on 1500 DOP and she delivered as promised. I had an early flight and didn't want to get into TLN situation as all my valuables now were out of locker and packed.

    Had a taxi lined up to take me back to airport for $20. I am sure you can negotiate that further down but WTF.

    This and that:

    1. While out and about -several moto-bikes dudes wanted to take me to Pica Flor and I wasn't interested. Maybe some day but not right now.

    2. Can't count on the ATMs as they were mostly out of service or out of cash. I went repeatedly to one ATM so many times in vain that the security guy with shot gun at the machine started waving to me a 'no sign' 50 feet away. I am talking about the Popular ATM on side of Bailey's restaurant. I ended up exchanging at a decent rate from the small travel agency attached to Rockys.

    3. Noticed some dislike between the Dominicans and Haitians -somewhat along the same lines between Paisas and Venezuelans in Panama.

    4. Still don't understand why flights from US to Santo Domingo are outrageously f'and expensive -anyone care to explain?

    5. Attaching couple pics from the trip -cropped due to privacy.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sou1.jpg‎   sou4.jpg‎   sou5.jpeg‎  

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    Sosua- avoid these two girls and warn others.

    I will be posting TR shortly but wanted to warn fellow travelers to absolutely avoid these two girls that stroll the main strip on Clisante and warn your friends as well.

    I had one too many drinks, while having dinner at the small restaurant ran by a Spanish guy and in retrospect I could have used better judgment. I don't recall the name of the restaurant where I was dining but it's few restaurants down from Classico. Long story short, while I was having dinner on the sidewalk, these two as a duo and many other girls were walking up and down the block. I had few girls sit down for chit chat and had these two sit down as well. I was only interested in the girl in the long skirt but she won't go alone. Negotiated twelve hundred each and off we went to hotel after dinner. I am not a big fan of three some as I never recall having a good experience except couple of times in BKK or HKG.

    Once we got to the hotel, had the manager on duty check their IDs to make sure they were legit. The hotel also had the policy of keeping ID's at the front desk which he did.

    Once in the room, I had a suspicion that things may not go well when they were reluctant to take shower (I had hot water in shower!

    I had to take a shower and didn't want them out of sight so kinda gently forced them to f'and clean up as a team before the act. While three of us in the shower noticed some 'red' trickle down the drain -and knew right away that one or both were on their monthly. My luck, turned out the one I wanted was on her period -she never mentioned that earlier. A big no no for me and a huge turn off. Dining was out of the question of course.

    The overall situation slowly deteriorating, made to bed, laid down towels to limit damage from aunt flo. I am thinking to myself that worst case, I am talking about less than 45 Euros down the drain.

    Surprisingly the girl I wasn't interested in, had a tight body and willing to do oral sin condom. She was doing OK until she started playing the up-sell game. To make matters worse, the other girl who was on her period, started up selling too. The only positive during constant up-selling was that I learned a new word for baby 'bambino'! Because when they were non stop yapping in Spanish bambino this bambino that -for a minute I had no f'and clue what they were talking about. While all this is happening, I wanted to leche and get done. Started out with the girl on her period but she wouldn't S T F you about up selling and bambino. At this point I pulled the plug (literally and figuratively) as I totally lost interest and had them immediately get the hell out of the room.

    If the situation ended here, I won't be posting this as I am sure one time or the other, most if not all of us have been in such a situation. You cut your losses and live for another day.

    Ten minutes later after they left shouting and screaming in the hallway, I hear knock on the door. It was hotel's front desk guy. He tells me that (1) he won't return the girl's IDs because he didn't know if everything was OK -bonus points for him for that (2) he said girls are claiming that I had session with them but did NOT pay and that they will call the police. In my 30 years of doing this, never once has anyone blamed me for not paying! Let's just say I have always paid my bills -doesn't matter for what but have paid up and done so on time.

    I told the manager that the girls are lying but he should give them their IDs and get them the F out of the hotel and if they bring the police then let them do so. To his credit, he believed my version of the story but the whole situation in the middle of the night was rather unsettling to say the least.

    You'd think this is where this story would end -no!

    While I am still talking to the manager in hallway outside my room, the two girls come running up the stairs and shouting in Spanish that I could not understand but they came up to threaten me with making signs of stabbing with a knife and pointing outside etc. Perhaps a warning that if they see me outside, they will kill me or something along those lines. I told them to F off and hotel guy forced them both downstairs and eventually out.

    However despite all this drama -I was still able to salvage the night by hooking up with the girl I had earlier seen in the day. I actually had her come over and we went out to get some fresh air, had couple drinks at the place across from Alicia hotel.

    And no, I wasn't looking over my shoulder for two crazies running with knives towards me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sou2_avoid.jpeg‎   Sou3_avoid.jpeg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    I'm pretty sure if you wanted to buy you a girlfriend you should be able to purchase one. However the GFE is a gift. It takes skills, luck and / or money.
    You should have put money first! LOL!

    Money is always the big driver in DR especially Sosua! Without it you'd both be hungry, LOL!

    Aside from the money, girls enjoy being around guys who are happy and enjoy being with friends. With a big age difference a sense of humor is essential, and a self depreciating attitude. When my chica introduced me to her momma, husband and aunts who were younger than me I said, with a laugh, that she is just my good friend, my amiga.

    It was she who corrected me to insist to them that I was her corozon, LOL! But everybody understands what's going on and everybody is cool with it!

    One thing I learned that you can't keep them too far away from their family and friends. You can't keep them cooped up for your own private pleasure. If you don't have an appreciation for the culture and weird family values, you don't need a real local GF. (I'm an atheist, but spent two hours in a remote local church on Sunday, saw a wedding anniversay re-dedication, a baptism and joined in the karaoki like singing with 2 guitars and a keyboard).

    Everybody in the village showed up. But how we all held hands and shook hands with everybody around us at the end, reminded me what community was all about and the cold place I left in NA where I lived for 6 years and never knew my neighbors, and never got a "hola!" on the street!

    So if you want a real Domincan GF, pay your respects to her family and friends once in a while. She'll love you for it!

    I never had a real GFE for an hour, or an overnighter! Takes a little comittment, or don't bother with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norbert61  [View Original Post]
    OK- so. Been to Sosua at least a dozen times. Never went to Picaflor. Do I really hafta sign up for a 4 hour outcall. I'm more of a 20 minutes in a backroom guy. I would have a GF if I wanted one.
    I'm pretty sure if you wanted to buy you a girlfriend you should be able to purchase one. However the GFE is a gift. It takes skills, luck and / or money.

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