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    Rio Aug 23-29

    Heading down to Copa if anyone wants to meet up for the Usual Shenanigans and Fun.

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    A month in Brazil

    I've been in Brazil about 10 days already. My first time. So far my remaning plan is:

    -Porto Alegre 16 - 20 August.

    -Curitiba 20-24 August.

    -Sao Paulo 24 August for 5-7 days. Depends on how I like it.

    -Then Rio about 30 August and stay about a week or more.

    - Not sure after that. I'll probably leave Brazil after this, or stay in Rio longer.

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    In Rio July 5-20

    OK, now I've learned that I have to join to post messages and get PMs here.

    I'll be in Rio for the 3rd time in July with a novice buddy. Would love to connect with other aficionados while there.

    Especially want to connect with Brazil Specialist due to prior exploits.

    PM me.

    Guilty Feet

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    Rio July 5 to August 6

    Back at it again. Taking in GDPs, Non-pros, GFs, Ex-GFs, Termas (mostly cheap ones), After hours spots, VM and everything in between.

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    Rio July 5-20

    I was last there about 10 years ago. A memorable experience. Older guy, but completely healthy. Speak some Spanish, zero Portuguese, but I always seem to manage wherever I travel in the world. Prefer afternoon and early evening activity, but an occasional late-night could be good.

    Looking for occasional wingman, maybe even a room. It looks like Copa near a metro station would be a good location.

    PM me if you see some compatibility.




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    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    SP Jun 15 til Jun24th

    PM me if anyone wants a wingman. Would like to try some non-clinica stuff at night.


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    Rio 08/14-08/22. Skiplagged Rocks!

    I just got a great deal on a one way flight to Rio for my Olympics trip. Most people would think I was crazy for building in two overnight layovers ahead of landing, but given that one is in Bogota, Colombia, I think it would make you smile. The other is in Lima by the way. I got the one way through for only $489! I've got Olympics event tickets on 7 of my 9 days there. The return flight is being paid with frequent flier miles!

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    In Copa 5/4-5/7

    If anyone wants to meet up for Terma runs and night outings, PM me.


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    In Rio April 18th-May 4th

    Will be in Rio, staying in Centro, during this period. If anybody wants to meet up, please PM me.

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    Going back to Rio April 7


    I am arriving in Rio April 7 for a little are&are. Been 3 years since my last visit. Always appreciate connecting with fellow adventurers. PM me if your around and if your up to share any favoritas info that is appreciated. Drinks and dinner on me. Would be great if there are any suggestions or locations which have becoming "go-to" over the past few years.

    In general looking forward to re-connecting with the scene and have a relaxing fun week in Rio.


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    Centro Termas Rio

    I am going to visit Centro tomorrow to visit some termas. PM me if you fancy doing the same!

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    Going to head down March 30-April 2 for a quick trip. If anyone wants to meet up to do terma runs, PM me.

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    Planning on heading to rio over the easter weekend. Thursday through Monday. PM me if you will be there. Its going to be pretty dead but we can mix in some non-pro action and pro.

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    Coming in for a very quick stop late Friday night. Will likely hit Scandalo if anyone is interested. My flight home is Saturday evening. Basically a 24-hour connection. ABG, might be interested in hitting a couple clinicas on Sat early afternoon if I have the energy. Will have to see how Friday night goes.

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    Sao paulo

    I'm in sao paulo this weekend from the 11th to the 14th. PM me if you anyone wants to link up and do some mongering and have drinks. I speak fluent Portuguese but haven't been to sp in over 4 years.

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