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    In Sao Paulo this week from 11/22 - 11/28. I lived in SP for a month earlier this year, and 5 months total all over Brazil. My portuguese is good enough to pick up non-pros, so I know a lot more about pickup spots than I do about pro spots. There is a huge Country Music festival on Friday 11/27 and Saturday called Brahma Valley that will be real crazy, but until then, I'm down to meet up to go to the prives.

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    Rio for Christmas and Ny

    I will be back in Rio from December 20th till mid January.

    Long time Rio regular with semi fluent portuguese and a big Terma fan.

    If you are around and want to meet up send me a PM.

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    Change of plans

    Slight change -.

    I was unable to get a Visa in time for my trip, so I have pushed it back to the next lease expensive time and interesting enough it's during Carnival. By all accounts Carnival in Sao Paulo is more subdued, but because of the city's wealth more upscale when it comes to the balls and parties.

    I am going to see a bit of both and then from there I don't know. I am staying an extra eight days this time for a total of 20.

    I will still be based out of SP.

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    Visiting Curitiba 24th Nov for 8 nights looking for a wingman

    From England, I am flying out to Curitiba on 24th Nov for 8 nights, staying in Centro seeívico area, looking for a wingman to go out and visit some hot senhora's.

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    In Rio to 21 Dec


    Let me know your whatsapp if you are in Rio. Sunkistday just landed, and there are a few ISG mongers here. Honestly, it's better to hang out with guys except for banging the hot women. These women, especially on cupid, and the non pros are attention working girls. Jeez, I can't believe how high maintenance they are. It was never more true: pay them to leave and shut the fuck up.

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    Rio November. December


    Coming to Rio November 24 and stay to mid December. My Portuguese skills are low, and would like to meet some to hit the the places in Centro together with.

    I will stay in Copacabana area, and will also like to hit some action there. I have been in Brazil more than 20 times and may be 5 or 6 times in Rio. Mostly in the Copacabana area.

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    A long time in coming: I will be in Sao Paulo starting Nov 27th!

    I don't know where I will staying yet, but I imagine somewhere downtown.

    My return flight is Dec 9th.

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    Rio 3 Dec - 10 Dec

    Hi guys.

    I've been to Rio 9 times. Making it to double digits this December. Coming to Rio after about 4 years. Staying at Astoria Copacabana. Pretty close to Monte Carlo and Metro. Will be hitting all the termas, some massagems and centro. Would love some company. I am from Toronto. In late 30's. Veteran of over 40 trips in 20 countries in the last 9 years. Already booked to go to Thailand for 3 weeks in January. Anybody wants to get together, PM me.

    SM1 (Paulo).

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    Rio all of November


    I will be in Rio in November and looking for wingmen. I was there twice last was about 5 years ago so its been a while. Also both times there I hooked up with Don and Kenn does anyone know if they are still around and how to contact them? Need some help and advice on accommodations, I'm planning on using airbnb or similar just not certain about the best location. I am fairly street savvy after all I'm a Nyker (please don't hold that against me) but my Portuguese speaking abilities are pretty much non-existent. Please PM me if you are looking for someone to hangout with (I have whatsapp), I'm in my 30's easy going and looking for like minded guys.

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    PatmarBeleza1: How long into December will you still be in town? I MIGHT be in Rio Dec 1 - 14.

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    Rio, Botafogo, now to December. PM your whatsapp

    I am in Botafogo now to December. If you are coming in, I suggest you get an apartment (airbnb, homeaway, etc) in Botafogo, as close to Rua Sao Clemente and Rua Bambina as possible. I am looking for wingmen with a CPF (Cost Per Fuck) of about 75 reais (2 shots on a 1 h program at a prive nearby) to 200 reais (2 shots on a 400 program at a top terma nearby); with the goal of overnights, and mini relationships with the pros, but also the non pros. My preference is, look up jazz duro, nacho vidal Brazilian scenes.

    Please PM me your whatsapp# and dates.

    These are the mongering routes I plan:

    Copa to Centro: link up at 502. Via Metro.

    Terma Runs: 502, Cancun, 4 x4.

    Prive Runs.

    Copa to Largo do Machado: link up at Hotel Bras / JuPanteras.

    Copa to Norte Shopping / Cartago Hotel:

    Copa to VM:

    Overnight at Malaga Motel; patrols to VM, Mosaico.

    Copa to Tijuca: Metro; Prive Runs.

    Copa to Buzios: Bus to Rodovaria; Bus to Buzios.


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    Rio Aug 19-23

    Going back to Rio, staying in Copacabana. If anyone wants to meet up for some beers and hitting the clubs, PM me.

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    PM me whatsapp if in Rio to October


    Here in Rio to October. If you want to hook up for some prive / terma runs in Centro and or Zona Sul (Solarium, MC) please PM me. Also looking at trips to Minas Gerais and Porto Alegre.

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    Sao Paulo & Rio 8 August to 13 August

    I will arrive into Sao Paulo on 8 August and will stay until 11 August. Then, I will drive to Rio until 13 August. On 13 August, I will drive back to Sao Paulo to fly out.

    I am searching for a companion to act as translator, guide and date for the duration. Unless the team has other ideas here. I am wide open to suggestions.

    PM for personal details, comments, suggestions, etc.

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    Rio now to October

    PM me your whatsapp, we can link up and do some termas, prives; I can even bring by some of the top prive girls to your pad for a party.

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