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    Sao Paulo

    Will be in Sampa and likely going to Scandalo on 22nd and / or 23rd if anyone wants to me there for a bite to eat before watching the parade go by. Hit me up with a PM.

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    Patmarbeleza in Rio, 4 Apr to?


    Found a low cost flight, and most distracting activities are over or winding down.


    Max CPF / Bunda.


    PatMar will be in Rio / Brazil, 4 April onward.


    Shit, Shower, Shave, Sleep. Looking for apt in Botafogo or Largo do Machado, apt / hotel preferred; trying to work some local contacts; any leads welcome?

    Sex. Going for the prive girls to overnights.


    PM me your whatsapp to be added to a group.


    Is the attached worth going to SP for?

    Looking forward to catching up with AZN, FUKAMEFDIG, CARTMAN; Sperto, thanks for the excellent reports.

    Patmar Sends.

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    Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada, Rio: Mar 26 - Apr 5

    Ola amigos, fellow punters if you are in the neighborhood and want to join my merry go-round? PM me.

    Fortaleza: Mar 26-28, Apr 2nd.

    Canoa Quebrada: Mar 29 - Apr 1.

    Rio: Apr 3-5.

  4. #1289
    I'm here right now couple of days PM me if someone wants to link up.

  5. #1288

    Back to Rio

    Will be in Copa 3/11-19 if anyone wants to meet up for the usual nonsense.

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    Visiting Sao Paulo

    Sao Paulo.

    I'm will be in Sao Paulo this weekend from the 21st to the 23rd. PM me if you anyone wants to link up and do some mongering and have drinks.

  7. #1286
    Back in Rio de Janeiro.

    If anyone wants to meet up for some drink, just PM me.

  8. #1285
    Just touched down in Rio here couple of days maybe go to Sampa as well before I head back to the states.

  9. #1284

    2017 Trip

    I will be in RIO January 10 - 27. If anyone is there hit me up. This is my fifth visit.

  10. #1283

    2017 trip

    Anyone going after Jan 4th let me know.

    Also are the flights usually packed?

    Anyone leaving from Houston.

    Recently got a friend to hook me up with the airline buddy passes.

    Want to know if it usually a big crowd going down to Rio.

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    Quick trip

    Heading down for a long weekend 12/1-5 if anyone wants to meet up for the usual fun.

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    Rio 17th Dec for a couple of weeks

    Hey guys,

    I arrive in Rio 17th December. Anyone want to join me in hitting all the usual spots? Will be staying around Copa. Can't wait!


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    Back in Rio

    I'm back to hit Rio hard from 27th of Nov to Dec 21st and do my usual mix of non-pros, cheap ghetto dimes, suburban natural beauties from the communidade who don't charge alot, don't know better or.

    All of the above.

    Of course hittin all the trash spots in Centro and lower tier termas on the hunt for great ghetto girls.

    I go where white men dont go!loool

    i enjoy being the only gringo-its great.Find the real local talent and bang the shit out of them.Blend in.Enjoy the real,raw culture as it should be enjoyed-straight no chaser.

    Fluent or quase fluente is a necessity for non-pro action of any real meaning,with pros as well it helps because it lifts you out of the realm of tourist vs puta...more understanding..more familarity..more relatablility.

    All in all,please learn some portugues because they dont speake engelishe and it heightens your enjoyment here and opens up many more options.

    Then its on you whether you wanna indulge.Nowadays im probably 75-25 to 80/20 non-pro vs pro.

    No dip in performance .

    Might relapse to VM and also go back to Black & White. I mean who can resist a Friday bingo where you win a program or see a local pensioner who clearly cant afford the 150 for the hour win and high five the entire boate with his hands in the aiiiiir screaming...that shit is priceless.

    Occasionally will splash on a Cancun if I'm feeling weak and if theres a real stunner up for grabs.

    Cartman and Patmar pricked my interest about privees so will have to do a couple in Centro for the hell of it and.

    Organize the cupid girls in rio and outside.

    It will get ugly.

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    Here for the next month or two. If you want to hit a clinica, or boate let me know. If your Portuguese is good enough, I'm up to check out some of the trash houses. Cigars and scotch are good, too. So is being a wingman in pursuit of civilians.

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    Rio / Sao Paulo trip

    Will be in SP 10/4, Rio from 10/5 to 10/15, and SP from 10/15 to 10/19. Happy to meet up with any members to visit prives, clinicas, termas, and VM.

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