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    AC Nov 27th to Dec 6th

    I will be in AC for nine days to pursue some genuine unmodified pinay pekpek. PM me, if you need a wing or just want to trade stories.

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    Coming for SRRV

    Hi guys.

    I will be arriving Manila 9 Sep and staying to get SRRV. Forst two weeks in Makati then looking around for long term stay.

    Anyone want to meet and chat?


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    AC 13-20 September

    Hi Guys.

    I will be in AC from 13 to 20 Sept. Will be staying at walkabout hotel, as usual. My wing can not make it this time so if anyone is there during the same dates and wants to get together, PM me.


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    Makati 7 - 11 August

    In Makati 7 - 11 August if anyone fancies hitting a club and hunting for talent.

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    In Angeles until 11th July

    In town doing some more night time interviews of pinay pussy.

    Let me know by PM if anyone wants to catch up and get a tour.


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    In AC from Friday

    Hi guys,

    In AC from Friday for 2 weeks, anybody want to meet up?

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    Will be in Makati tomorrow evening for a few days then off to AC, if anyone would like to grab a beer or two!

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    In AC until Monday 12th. Anyone for a beer or two?

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    First time to the Philippines. Flying through and have long layovers (8 and 19 hours respectively) in Manila. Staying in Cebu City (near Ayala Mall) for 6 nights.

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    In Makati mid June 2017 for 2 weeks.

    This will be my first visit so need some guidance guys. I will be staying on Burgos Street / Makati. Also thinking of heading up to AC for a few days.

    I am mid 50's, great shape, very very very tall white boy. Drop me a PM please.

    Thanks all.

    The Tall Man

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    In Manila and other cities

    I'm leaving tonight for Manila and will arrive June 1. I'll be in the Philippines most of June, but travelling all over: Coron, Dumaguete, Bohol, Baguio. About half the time I'm in Makati. I'd love to treat one of you find fellows to a San Miguel, tell war stories, and compare scars.

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    AC 4-9 Jun 17

    Will be in AC for a couple of days of are&are.

    Would like to catch up with any visitors 40 years old.


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    In Manila now

    Hello guys,

    I am in manila now. Will be here till 30 April then 5-12 may. Hit me up for some beers and let's hit the roads to find some cute.

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    4 days in Manila

    Staying in Manila May 5-9, close to P Burgos St (but free to move around). PM if interested in meeting for a few beers or some action.

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    A short visit to Manila.

    Going to be in Manila just for 2 days Apr-30 (this Sunday) and May 1st and staying at Burgos. Feel free to PM me if you want to catch up on drinks or compare notes.


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