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    I will be in Frankfurt from from 21 to 25 Oct. And 30 to 31 Oct. Any mongers interested in company pl be free to pm it will be great to meet like minded mongers and also save some euro on taxi as cost can be shared with company between sessions.

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    Frankfurt area in late Oct

    Will be in Frankfurt area from Oct 21 to Oct 28. Mainly for Oase and Shark but open with suggestion. PM me if you want to meet. It will be great to share our notes to pass the time between rooms.

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    Frankfurt visit from Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November, current plan is a mixture of FKK Dietzenbach, Mainhattan and Sharks. PM if you'd like to meet up, Cheers.

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    Frankfurt November 6 to 14

    Will be in the area those dates, looking to visit Dietzenbach and Sharks. Maybe Oase.

    I will also likely spend a couple of days in NRW to visit La Luna, Villa Venus, Grimberg, Bernd's, and / or Finca.

    Dates are firm, but which club I visit will depend on my mood and whether anyone else is around and willing to trade stories between sessions. Please PM if interested, as I tend to find the clubs fairly boring while I'm recharging.

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    I'll be in Frankfurt Friday 13 until Tuesday. Mostly hitting sharks and oase.

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    November 3 to 9th

    November 3 evening Kathi and Vanessa at La Luna Moers.

    November 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Bianca at Dietzenbach plus maybe a visit to Oase.

    November 9 starting at Dietzenbach, ending up in NRW.

    Of course plans can change, but this is pretty firm.

    If anybody is around then PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuber19  [View Original Post]
    18 to 21 October. Maybe Sharks for 3 days, or maybe will try oase for a day.
    Changed plan!! Maybe 25 to 28 October.

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    18 October

    18 to 21 October. Maybe Sharks for 3 days, or maybe will try oase for a day.

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    Visiting Frankfurt

    Hi guys,

    Posting here for the first time. I will be visiting Frankfurt Sep 21st through 24th. I have to visit Neckarsulm on Sep 22nd Friday, but will be free to move around during the rest of my visit there. Haven't been to FKK's at all. Thinking of staying in Mannheim for now. Is that a good location to experience the FKKs in Darmstadt and Frankfurt?

    Thanks much,


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    Trip booked

    Hi folks,

    Will travel to FRA on 17 Sept, and will go to some of the clubs. Most likelly Sharks, but not decided yet.

    Anyone else who want a wingman on Sunday?

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    Trip scheduled

    Sept 29th. Oct 4th: Frankfurt. Oase (Fri / Sat / Tues), Sharks (Sun / Mon), Rom (Wed).

    Oct 5th- 6th: Dusseldorf. GoldenTime (Thur), LivingRoom (Fri).

    Oct 7th- 9th: Frankfurt. A bit open depending on how the earlier 3 FKKs stacked up.

    Then back again 2 weeks later for another week of fun. No set plans for that week. Will depend on how the earlier visits go.

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    Upcoming trip

    My initial plan was to visit during the second half of the August but moved my trip to September hoping lineups would get back back to normal levels. I hope some of the hot girls come back from summer vacation by the middle of this month.

    Sept 16-19 - NRW.

    Sept 20-22 - Hamburg (planning to visit Harmony, Atmos and Babylon).

    Sept 23-25 - NRW.

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    September Visit

    I will be passing through Germany in two weeks (16 September to 20 September) and plan to make the FKK rounds again. Here is my tentative plan.

    16 September: Frankfurt area (Sharks or Oase).

    17 - 19 September: NRW (GoldenTime, Living Room, YY and / or Acapulco in no particular order).

    20 September: Frankfurt area (Sharks, Oase or World).

    If anyone is interested in meeting up, PM me.

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    Frankfurt 31st August to 2nd September

    Gents. I'll be coming from the US to Frankfurt, planning to be in the clubs Thursday-Friday-Saturday, 31st August to 2nd September. I will probably focus on Oase and Sharks for those three days. Interested in meeting in the clubs to pass time between sessions and trade notes on the girls, if others are there and looking to meet. Let me know.

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    Next visit

    Hello Guys,

    I'll be in the NRW area from 11 to 14 Sept., planning to visit Goldentime, Samya and Acapulco. And maybe go back to Giessen to visit the World.

    In case you are around PM.

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