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    January 2018 trip

    Vienna: January 18 - 21 (GT. May try some other club).

    Hamburg: January 25 and 26 (Harmony & Atmos).

    NRW: January 27 (GT & LR).

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    Jan 23 - 26 : Sharks.

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    Jan 17-21

    January 17 La Luna: Kathi and Vanessa. Also possibly Cindy in Duisburg.

    January 18,19,20,21 Probably at Dietzenbach for Bianca.

    Other possibilities include Larissa at Villa Venus, Frankfurt RLD, trips to one of Oase, World, Rom. Depending on timings, energy, and mood.

    I am happy to chat with anyone who is around.

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    Artemis Berlin Sunday 4th February.

    I will be making my second visit to a FKK venue on 4th February. I still have a few things to learn before I embark on visiting other Clubs later in the year.

    If anyone will be around on the 4th at Artemis & would like to meet up that would be great!

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    Frankfurt 27 to 29 December

    Short visit to Frankfurt arriving morning of 27th December until the evening of 29th, plan to go to Dietzenbach (my local at this point) and maybe another city based FKK club, PM if you'd like to meet up.

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    January 16-26

    Flying in and out of Frankfurt planning to visit my Princesses in Dietzenbach than exploring unknown territory wherever that may be, happy to meet up with others and discover some new locations not yet seen (by me).

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    Sharks / NRW 12/8 & 12/15.

    I've got two days on opposite ends of travel passing through FRA. Planning to go to sharks Friday 12/8, but am.

    Considering the drive up to GT / LR to check them out. Sharks likely 12/15. Always cool to meet and compare notes.

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    Frankfurt 12/25 to 12/30.

    Going to be in Frankfurt from 12/25 to 12/30. I'm definitely going to Sharks and maybe checking out some of the other clubs around Frankfurt or NRW. If anyone is around, it's always fun to chat and compare notes.

    I met at Qw123 a couple weeks back and wanted to PM him to see if he's around, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. If anyone is nice enough to send a PM to him, I'd definitely appreciate it.



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    Frankfurt area from Dec 3rd to 6th

    Unexpected circumstances led to canceling of my AC trip. , so I'm making a very impromptu visit to Frankfurt. I'm targeting Dietzenbach in daytime first and foremost, but might wander off to bigger clubs for evening entertainment.

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    Dec 11 to 16

    Will be in the Frankfurt area Dec 11 through 13, maybe a day or two longer. Will probably spend most of my time at Dietz, but will likely explore Sharks and Oase.

    Will spend the balance in NRW, bouncing between Laluna, Villa Venus, Grimberg, Freude 39.

    Anyone interested in meeting up, please PM.

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    Will be making my second trek out to Frankfurt on Thursday Nov. 30 until Tuesday Dec. 5th. Looking to hit up Sharks and Oase. Looking forward to sharing some field reports!

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    Mid January

    Looking to go around mid January a few days after the orthodox Christmas so hopefully the Moldovan princesses will be back to work by then.

    Old standbys that I will definitely visit.





    New places to try out.


    Fin Erotica.

    LR. Hated this place when I first visited years ago, will give it another try.

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    December 3 to 7

    Landing in time (if the airline manages to find something other than the 200mph propellor plane it dragged off the rubbish heap last time) to visit Kathi and Vanessa in La Luna, Moers

    Next day on 4th driving three hours or so to see Bianca in Dietzenbach soon after opening. She is worth enduring Koln in the rush hour) Following days Dietzenbach ( Bianca) and maybe one or two other clubs, depending on unknown variables. Staying in Dietzenbach area.

    Will have car and am willing to give lifts.

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    December 5-12

    I am pleased to announce that United Airlines has informed me that I will be getting paroled for my birthday trip from the Maximum Security Sexual Prison known as the United States on the above dates . I will be taking new wives, visiting existing wives as well as duchesses Bianca and Neko, Princesses Karla and Roxana and of course my Queen Nelly at the Creampie Factory in Dietzenbach and possibly visiting clubs scattered throughout Creampie Country in the NRW . I will also be visiting the only Shark-ette that treats me like a human being that I have in Darmsdadt and will also pay a visit to the greedy Asian hunters in Mainhatten. If anyone is around on these dates feel free to PM me.

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    November 4-12


    In Hamburg. I plan to visit Harmony. I may give Atmos another try.


    In Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. I will be doing sightseeing primarily. As I am there I will try to sample some Scottish poon.

    4 and 7:

    In Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am not doing any punting. I plan to enjoy other good stuff the city has to offer.

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