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    Will be in Odessa for a week in last week of July 2017. Anyone wishing to share a drink and a girl is most welcome to contact! Will reciprocate with help in India.


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    Lviv Now


    40 year from USA in Lviv till May 25th. Anyone else here now? Or anyone have any tips on incall / outcall or brothels? Or girls / students you'd recommend? Not into massage or strip clubs (unless they're specifically more than a strip club.) Healthy, handsome, nice guy, laid back. Meet for a drink?


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    Planning to visit Odessa with friends June 21st to June 26th if anyone would like to join or just hangout please let me know.

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    In Kiev from the 24 of May to the 6 of June

    If you like to grab a beer and share information. End 30's. Western European. Please PM.

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    Drink together?

    I will be in Kiev from May 27th to June 6th. Been there already many times. If you like to have a drink and like to share info, let me know!

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    In Kiev 29th April to 2nd May.

    First time to Ukraine so no experience, but can share tips for London, Germany, Thailand, HK and Australia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butch145  [View Original Post]
    Going to be in Kiev from May 2 to 4.
    I was going to send you message but looks like you don't have a subscription. If you will get subscription please message me via Forum's Private Messaging system and we will plan something.

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    Visiting Kiev

    Quote Originally Posted by Samcik  [View Original Post]
    Will be in Kiev May 2nd to 6th. Have tons of contacts looking to exchange.
    Going to be in Kiev from May 2 to 4.

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    May trip

    Will be in Kiev May 2nd to 6th. Have tons of contacts looking to exchange.

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    I am in Kiev.

    I am in Kiev till March 25. Its my 10 trip to Ukraine or so over the last 5 years. If you want to meet up for a drink and some clubbing please write me. Mid 40's. USA.

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    I will be in Kiev from the 24th, been there half a dozen times in the past.

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    I will be in Kiev from April 5th to 10th. Let me know if you would like to hang out.

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    In Kiev. March 14 to 18

    Let me know if anyone wants to meet up for drinks, etc. PM me.

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    Drink together?

    I arrive today in Kiev, anyone who likes to have a drink send me a PM.

    Stay here till Tuesday.

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    I will be in Kiev from March 18 to March 28. It is my 6 trip to Kiev. If you want to grab a beer, meet girls or share info. You can pm me. End 30's. Western European.

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