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    Will visit Kiev in December.

    Will visit Kiev from Dec. 14 to Dec. 23. This will be my 4th visit. If someone likes to have a drink and go hunting together, just let me know.

    Chinese 35.

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    Right now in Kiev for one week more.

    If somebody likes to have a drink, just let me know.

    35 years old and not my first time here!

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    Hello from Kiev!

    Hello to everyone,

    I'm in Kiev and looking to check out the city.

    How is everyone doing out there?

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    Going to Kiev in Nov

    Hi guys,

    I will be in Kiev from the 1st to 18 of Nov. It will be my 15 time for the past 3 years.

    Anyone want to meet for a drink and hit the clubs.

    Male, 45 USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterinusa10  [View Original Post]
    In Kiev October 20 (night) - Oct 24. Anyone going to be in Kiev?
    I had a change of plans and leave the USA on the 20th and arrive early evening on the 21st. I am there till the 30th so would def be opening to meeting up and sharing stories. I have been to Kiev twice. Let me know.

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    In Kiev Oct 20-24

    In Kiev October 20 (night) - Oct 24. Anyone going to be in Kiev?

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    Kiev October

    In Kiev this week. You can contact me if you want to have a drink and share tips and stories.

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    In Kiev the first two weeks of November

    I will be in Kiev the first two weeks of November. Been there twice and would be keen on hitting some clubs and chasing tail. 40 year old male from the states. Send me a message if you are interested.

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    Sept 22. -23.

    I'm in Kiev next weekend and would be happy to join someone to clubs. PM me.

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    Will be in Kiev all next week, send me message if you would like to hangout and exchange contacts.

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    Kiev in October

    I'll be in Kiev all October and keen to share local knowledge or practice day game.

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    In Odessa


    I will be in Odessa from 23rd August for few days. I would love to hang out. I am 35 well traveled professional and interested in exchanging notes.

    Please PM if you want to hang or if someone can pass on contacts of nice / young girls who speak English (at least a bit).


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    I will be in Kiev late July and early August. If anyone would like to hangout and meet girls let me know.

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    A regular in Ukraine here for the most of July. Will both be in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnepr. Write me if you want to meet up for a beer or some skirtchasing.

    I speak some russian.

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    In Odessa 15-27 August. American but speak some Russian. I'm late 40's, not very pretty, but tall and more fit than most guys half my age and confident. Let me know if anyone will be around. love to get together for beers and to chase some ass.

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