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Thread: Dubai Reports

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    York Vs Royal Ascot Vs Moscow.

    Hello mongers,

    I had already tried Moscow, so this time I wanted to try a new place. Decided to go to York. From my reading of the form earlier I knew there were Africans, Asians, Russians, Indians here etc. But didn't get that they are in different bars. As I entered the York the First bar on the right side was very pushy for me to get in. So got in, this was the bar with African Girls. I sat down and ordered a beer. This African bird comes and sits next to me doing some opening chat. The beer I had ordered was 42 AED so I gave 50 note and the bird informs me that I will not get the change back. Uhmm OK. I was not into the girl who was talking to me. By this time my nerves were relaxed. So I checked out the other girls sitting not too far. There were may be 5-6 birds. None I would I ever pay for. I didn't even drank my beer yet and this bird next to me was staring at my drink, like she was at refugee camp looking for food. So I asked if she wanted a beer, she was quick to respond yes. So I gave my drink to her and bounced from there. She was surprised, but I did not want to waste my time. Next I went to this Indian pub where there were some girls dancing on the stage and I was asked to sit down. I liked this girl who was dancing. But there was something odd about this place, so I came out and asked what was the procedure here to pickup a girl. To which they explained to me that it was not a pick up place. You have to request songs for the girl you like, which will cost 300-500 per song, after requesting few songs you can ask her to sit with you at your table and she will eat and drink with you. Then after 3 A. M when club closes if you are lucky you decide on a price and she might come with you. I was like F this. Who the hell goes through all this Shi* for picking up a moderate looking girl. May be some Indian friend here will explain to me why the hell spend so much. You could easily pay up to 10,000 a night to take a girl home. I was like WTF. So I bounced from here as well. On the way out there is the 3rd bar on right (right across African bar) where you have mix of Russians / East European / Asians. I stood outside as lot of girls were still walking in. There were lot of girls walking in. But the quality of the girls were nowhere close to that of Moscow. Some of them were downright ugly. So I left York. Next went to Royal Ascot to check it out as it was nearby. I had a really nice room back at the creek with an amazing view, So I was looking for an equally amazing girl worthy of that view.

    Went upstairs Royal Ascot it was again the Indian dance bar with same story as York. So walked out immediately. So now without wasting further time I head to Moscow Hotel. Paid the entrance fee went in. No doubt the crowd here was much better than the last 2 places I have been. Still I waited this time, as I remember seeing this stunner girl there the last time. Although I could not see that chick there. But there was this one other bird dressed in black who walked right past me to the bathroom. So I went closer to bathroom and waited for her to come out. She came out again rushed past me, I followed her and talked to her at her table. She was gorgeous. Exactly what I was looking for. She said she was from Tajikistan, she loved Indian people and spoke some Hindi as well. She looked like mix of Pakistani and Russian. (more on the Russian side) Her assets were too hot. Turns out she has the same Mamasan I had the girl earlier from. We both remembered each other. Also what I had forgot to mention the last time that this Mamasan is also very pretty Russian. Kind I will do any day. We hugged each other and she kissed me. I complained to her about the girl last time for her timing, that she left early. So this time she assured me and instructed the bird to give a good service. I bargained and settled for 1000 for 4 hrs. Also she asked me she could come instead of the bird I picked. I told her that I had talked this girl and now it would be rude, not to take her. As I like my bird better. She laughed and.

    I left with my bird and took a cab. As usual in cab she was holding my hand and playing with it the whole time. I asked what was that all about with Mamasan. The bird told me, she was joking with me. Although it didn't feel like she was joking. But oh well. Then she asked me if I had condoms, Learning from my previous mistakes I had them ready at my place. But I guess all this girls at Moscow don't keep them. So make sure you have them before you go to Moscow.

    We got to my place. We stand at the large window cuddling kissing enjoying the view. It was everything I dreamt of. She was so into it and was also the fan of view like myself. We were so into each other so much that about the first hour and half all we did was kissing hugging talking laughing etc. This was totally my idea of a good time. Then we got into our birthday suits. I asked for BJ to which she denied, which was a downer for me as when I asked her in the club what she does? To which she had replied everything. Oh well. But we were having such a good time before this so I let this one slide. Then She came on the top and was moving greatly, I could see her assets flying and was a great view to see. We then proceeded with missionary, then doggy and again she came on top. Fucked her brains out. I could see her getting tired and we came together. It was great. The we again lay hugging each other both gasping. After 10-15 minutes I tried again, to which she denied saying she had a strong orgasm and she couldn't continue, she is tired. Which was a again a let down for me. So just lay there talking. She informed she is coming to Mumbai in June and gave her number to me. We talked about her parents and stuff. She then fell asleep. I woke her up. She asked me she is exhausted and sleepy, if she could go, still 1 hour was remaining. And asked me not to get angry. I was like ok and she off she went.

    Overall I was satisfied, but it seems whatever you discuss with mamasan, it doesn't matter. It's all on the girl.

    In the end she did show me a great time. She was worth every penny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nik7500  [View Original Post]
    Willing to share the Ukrainian girls number in exchange for a similar CIS girl if anyone wants.
    Please share the UA girl with me via PM. Thanks big time.

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    First time mongering in Dubai.

    Hello gents,

    Been reading the forum for a while so of course mist share my experiences here as the others have shared and helped. Was there for an entire week in March and decided first to stay at A hotel. After 2 nights changed my mind and switched to an airbnb. First night in was in the mood to just get plastered while seeing some girls so went to Rockafellas. Quite a decent turnout if I may say so.

    Ended up grabbing a few phone numbers for the following day. Eventually zeroed in on a Ukrainian girl called Kamila or so she said. Finalised her for for the night over whatsapp during the day.

    Was originally planning to take her out drinking somewhere to get into the mood but she said she isn't into that so just got her to the apartment around 11 at night.

    Well safe to say to quote from Basic instint it was indeed the F at ck of rhe century. She had a superb figure, some might critique a few pounds extra but I like something to grab onto.

    Great GFE and at one stage she was going to bring the house down. BBBJ, Mish, Doggy, Cowgirl you name it she was fantastic. Special mention to the BJ though. She was outstanding especially for the preferential treatment given to the balls down under!

    Face 8.5/10.

    Figure 8.5/10.

    Sex 10/10.

    GFE 9/10.

    WiR. Hard to say just because one is spoilt for choices here.

    After a couple of days I went with some friend to a KTV bar where he was entertaining some clients. I hung around and met this CIS chick. For some reason we got along like a house on fire. She siad the next day was her day off and lets meet then. Why so I want to waste money. Well Hello, fine by me.

    Messaged her in the morning no reply. Thought to myself looks like she has blown me. Early evening shay replies saying she was asleep but lets meet. Agreed to pick her up at 10 at night she said she will bring a friend along. Was cool with that. Took them out to a popular bar on SZ road. Couldn't keep our hands off each other and finally an hour or so later I told her either we leave or O get busy here.

    We left immediately while her friend said she will hang around there. Got her to the apartment. Dove into each other as if we were long time lovers meeting after a year! Fantastic sex, GFE and no money exchanged. Spent the night with me and beyond expectations GFE. Everything was a 9/10 and WIR is a hell yeah because she was so much fun to be with. Probably planning a small holiday trip in SE Asia together too if things move nicely again next time I am in Dubai.

    Unfortunately had to fly out the very next day due to work and she was surprisingly sad to not meet me. Go figure! Anyways that's my experience and apologies if any typos or not following the regular way of posting as this was my first report.

    Willing to ahare the Ukrainian girls number in exchange for a similar CIS girl if anyone wants.

    Stay safe guys and keep sharing.

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    The advice below is an excellent reminder of ensuring safety in this hobby. So in light of my recent African altercation, I am re-posting with thanks to Golfer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Golfer12  [View Original Post]
    Even seniors get caught out, so maybe a checklist for fellow mongers to avoid the scams would be helpful and posted in RoD? Other members please add to the list.

    1. RTTF.

    2. Avoid CL / Backpages. If the need is urgent go to an AMP. RTTF - you will find same service at same price in a relatively safe environment.

    3. If it looks too good to be true, it will not be true. Market law prevails.

    4. Never take more money with you, than you are planning to invest for the deed.

    5. Leave credit cards / ID in car or at home.

    6. Call or use whattsapp voice message to confirm the origin of the lady by voice.

    7. Ideally ask the lady to meet you in reception or definitely in the corridor. If she says no. Walk away.

    8. Never enter the room until you have seen the lady.

    9. if caught in the scam pay and get out. Expensive lesson learnt.

    Others please add to this list. Maybe worth posting in RoD?

    Have fun be safe.

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    Dubai after a long time away.

    Had a good experience a few days ago at Jules with a nice 29 year old Viet called Monica. Arrived at the hotel late around 01:30 and after freshening up went straight to Jules. As I walked in I could see a group of Africans but they are not my type and a group of Viets with Monica catching my eye as she was a bit curvy with some work on her boobs that looked very nice in her very low cut black top. Talked to her and had a drink and spoke numbers and we agreed on 1000 for 3 hours with 2 shots. Went to reception and she gave her passport and up to the room no questions asked by reception staff so definitely a green hotel the LRM next to the airport. We showered together and played under the shower and she got very wet and horny and she made sure my friend was hard and ready. After 10 min of DATY and BBJ we got into missionary, her on top and doggy. She gets very wet and her pussy is fully shaven and smells wonderful, a very clean girl. I couldn't hold it anymore when in Doggy seeing her nice round curvy ass and my cock slipping in and out of her very wet pussy and shot a huge load. After that we showered to clean up and lied on the bed speaking a bit which is easy with her as her English is better than some other girls I have met in Jules before a few years back. After a while I got hard again and went for the second round again starting with FK, DATY and BBJ then her on top, missionary and then doggy but this time I asked her to finish me off with a BBJ which she gladly did and I came again with a big load all in her mouth. She was a wonderful experience for me after such a long absence for me from Dubai. I highly recommend her and would do her again if I see her the next time I am in Dubai. Unfortunately could not get her number but she said that she will be out for Ramadan and be back after.

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    Mint, York, but Moscow does it.

    So I've visited Mint yesterday afternoon. Probably around 17 h. Not so many people and certainly nothing that caught my interest. Indeed, it's very similar to Panorama on terms of atmosphere. However, it's bigger and less easy to have an overview of what's on store. Panorama was small and easy.

    After finishing my drink went for dinner and then York. Merely because it's walking distance. I didn't have to pay any entrance (does any of you have to pay? Me never) and had a drink and watching the goods. There were some pretty ones, but I'm quite picky and I didn't bite. Spoke to a pretty girl from Seychelles, she was smart and good. But not enough to go with her. By the way, there were not many people. Never seen so empty before. I was there around 23 h which is quite early, but nevertheless, it was more quiet than I'm used to.

    Then I went to Moscow. I hate to pay that entrance fee, but once inside I forgot about that immediately. Enough quality. Sure not all, but more than I can handle. Spotted a blonde RU / UA girl standing with a group of colleagues and her manager, opposite of the entrance. Talked to her (well, actually her manager) and quickly made a deal for 2 h 2 pops 1 k. Yes, I could have brought it down to 800 k but it feels bad haggling over 200 with the girl standing there.

    Now she was really really pretty. 100 girl next door type. Nothing very sexy (like big boobs or extreme high heels or heavy make up), but just completely normal standard girl. But very pretty, except for some dead teeth. She was happy with me (I'm a normal guy too) and I was happy with her.

    Brought her to my place and had perfect service, best I have experienced in months. Covered BJ was the only drawback, but she was active and willing and encouraging and didn't mind me banging her hard, or even really hard. Several positions, and I like the fact of two pops. Then there's no stress on the first one, as you know the best is yet to come.

    I've been traveling many USSR states and had visited her place before which gave base for some nice conversations. I'd fully recommend her, if you're into these types. She was in DXB since 5 days and staying for 3 months. English basic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RunMarathon  [View Original Post]

    Now I went to Cavalli Club and Cin Cin Bar together with business friends, so no chance to speak to the ladies, very sad.

    Cin Cin had some moroccans when I went there. It was awhile ago so I am very hazy on the details. I remember them being stunning. I have generally had good experiences with Moroccans. They are really great in bed and if you get one which speak with a french accent that's the hard on right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewManAndRew  [View Original Post]
    Hi members,

    Travelling to Dubai in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if there any specific hotels with clubs near Jumeirah where you could easily pick someone for a good time?
    Yes there are specific hotels and clubs near Jumeirah where you can pick up someone for a good time.

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    Newbies need to read the Forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandv39  [View Original Post]

    I am travelling to Dubai next week, staying in Moscow hotel (staying solo but booked room for 2), planing to visit red square club, need some tips about how are girls there, what will they charge and is Moscow green hotel?

    Please help as I am new to this forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gandv39  [View Original Post]
    Could you please give some advice in current situation it will be really helpful, at least could help me with what type of girls are available over there and how much it might cost, please.
    Quote Originally Posted by NewManAndRew  [View Original Post]
    Hi members,

    Travelling to Dubai in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if there any specific hotels with clubs near Jumeirah where you could easily pick someone for a good time?
    Gandv39 and NewManAndRew,

    You both need to read the forum. There is tons of information here discussing Moscow Hotel, Jumeirah, and costs. Please don't ask anymore questions until you've read the forum.

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    Nice experience near Al Qiyadah Metro.

    Sharing my first FR!

    It was in Sep-2017 when I visited Dubai for few days. I am sharing it now because I am a new in this forum and didn't know about it earlier.

    This an AMP inside a hotel, near al qiyadah metro station, name of hotel starts with a name which is a flower name. So it was very discrete, clean & nice rooms. I booked a Turkish bath only and I chose Egyptian lady, she was mature MILF type but very nice attitude and pretty friendly. She gave a very nice Turkish bath and since it was my first time only HJ was offered but she did it really good and she allowed me touch her anywhere. Unfortunately that was my first and last time. I will see if I can visit that place again on my visit next month. The lady was really pretty with nice curves, would definitely like to see her again. Damage was very less as I bought a deal from website & 2 reds inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BionicMan  [View Original Post]
    He might try to PM Mr RTFF, mind you!
    I wouldn't bet against it. Hahaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazySummer  [View Original Post]
    Visited Mint again yesterday! I am discovering that the quality is improving, even though it can still be a hit and miss affair. Time to be there is 4. 30 pm onwards when the younger ones with tighter bodies come in. Picked up a 23 year old Kazakh dyed blonde. Very tight body and pussy. Excellent BBJ. Could have done a CIM but wanted to pound. Going rate is 250-300 for 1 hour or 1 shot, whichever comes first. But on repeat you can get them for 350 for 2 shots in 1 hour.
    I'm planning on checking it out soon, and will share my experience. I'm a bit surprised (and reluctant) based on the prices you tell. Either it's very cheap, or quality is poor.

    I remember Panorama quality was mostly not my level, though I have seen one or two beauties. Let's see what mint brings us.

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    Hi all,

    I'm staying a few days on Dubai. Below my experience.

    Before arriving I was in touch with UA WG that I had met before in Moscow. I told her I was arriving that night, picked up her up on my way from airport to hotel and had a good chat and bang. Nothing special, just fine.

    Next day a girl from Thailand was arriving. Had met her a few months ago in Thailand and I didn't shag her then, but still wanted that. So I lured her in with a trip to Dubai, me paying her flight and visa etc. She had never been outside Thailand before.

    She was nervous but during the 3 days that followed, she got more relaxed. However, banging was a disaster. She's very inexperienced and tiny, while I'm a bit bigger than average maybe. There's no point in enjoying if she doesn't enjoy it. So all on all it was fine. It felt good giving her this experience, but I was hoping for more return on investment.

    Tonight will visit York or Moscow, to see for some more. Looking for a young nympho from UA or Ru. Let's hope for the best.

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    Hi members,

    Travelling to Dubai in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if there any specific hotels with clubs near Jumeirah where you could easily pick someone for a good time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonMous  [View Original Post]
    Only Mr. RTFF would've been able to help you, and that too, had you sought help prior to booking. Now, I think, the things maybe beyond redemption.
    He might try to PM Mr RTFF, mind you!

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