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Thread: Minsk

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    How about Boyle for the new "most interesting man in the world"! You did pay too much though dawg.

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    Thank you for the reports SgtBoyle2!

    Minsk is still on my list and I hope I can visit it soon.

    Seams like that Black House, Rich Cat and Bar. Dot xxi are the right places to pick up girls.

    Did anyone have experience on Ulitsa Zybitskaya Street? Are there any bars which are worth to visit?

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    Amazing report. Got horny by reading that hehe. Just a few questions. How much is 500 roubles there in Eur or dollars?

    I know you were in party mood and last night you said? But why offering them those money before knowing the price?

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    Excellent report! Much appreciate.

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    Day 3: I strike likely.

    Black House.

    When I jumped into the taxi just after midnight I had intended to go back to Rich Cat but I struck up a conversation with the driver who suggested Black House instead. He said that unlike Rich Cat men under 24 couldn't enter Black House and so the girls there (who can get in at 18) tended to be looking for older men. Well how could I refuse especially as I'd laid down some cash at this place the previous evening and thought the staff would remember me. They did.

    I paid 500 roubles and got a big sofa front of house. Not the best position to see the stage but then this wasn't the show I had come to see.

    In truth Black House is a bit grungy and a few notches down from Rich Cat in terms of girls but there are still lots of 8's and 9's albeit their dresses are just a little bit cheaper.

    As I sat on my 500 rouble sofa contemplating this fact I couldn't help but notice that two girls, a blond and a shorter raven haired girl had turned away from the bar and were now just staring at me. Even at that distance I could see they were no more than 6's and didn't make a move to get up but a few minutes later Blondie had slipped past the bouncer who was guarding the VIP area where I was sitting and was by my side. She leant over real close and shouted something in my ear as the music was very loud. I didn't get a word of it; mainly because I don't speak Russian but also because my mind was thinking: "g*the you look just like the pornstar Xandy Holes. Now Xandy was never the cutest of Russia's many starlets but she was certainly one of the most accommodating. I smiled and signalled her to sit down and as she did so Blackie almost immediately appeared on my other side. I ordered them whiskey cokes and even before the drinks arrived they were both getting mighty friendly. Now those of you who've read my previous (recent) posts will know that I had also spent a good part of the previous evening in the company of a blond (Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich) and a Blackie (Ness from Gavin & Stacy) that had ended in nothing so I was not entirely sure where my current situation was going. It seemed however that Xandy was equally unsure as a heated exchange followed between the two girls during part of which they got up and left me for a few minutes. Now, as I've said I don't speak Russian but I understood enough to know that Blackie was trying to persuade Xandy of something and that one of them had definitely used the word "troika".

    Eventually Xandy took out her phone and with a translator app wrote:

    "What are you planning to eat later?

    I decided to play along and wrote back:

    "I have already eaten and do not want to go to a restaurant".

    Xandy looked worried and confused. Blackie grabbed her phone and tapped out the single word; "money". It was on!

    Now before the usual suspects start up with "how much? "you're pushing up prices for the rest of us" "they'd have been happy with 50 roubles and a bag of crisps" I would ask that account is taken of my situation. It was my last night in Minsk, I'd not shelled out the previous night on P4P and I really, really wanted to f**k Xandy who was clearly unsure of the situation. I bet the house and replied as follows:

    "I have a beautiful hotel room and $470 dollars would you like to come back with me to see it?

    Xandy kissed me and Blackie raised a toast. The deal was sealed.


    A threesome is a lot of fun but it's also a challenge. I had had a hard on in the night club owing to the tactile caresses of my two companions but sustaining that for what was certainly going to be a marathon would be difficult. I slipped to the bathroom well actually I was accompanied there by our VIP bouncer who for a 5 rouble tip cut me a path through the crowd and gained me some approving stares from the girls at the bar. Once in the lavatories I downed two 100 Viagra tablets whilst contemplating if priapism was really true.

    Anyways we spent an hour or so in the club with me ordering more drinks to ensure that Xandy was truly drunk before falling into a taxi where they both proceeded to grope me much to the amusement of the driver.

    Back at the hotel the girls had to sign in with their passports (a requirement of Belarus) but fortunately reception made it as quick and discrete as possible. Then we were into the lift which I discovered we were sharing with a really cute Asian (Azerbaijan etc). I couldn't decide if she was working or not but she gave me such a shitty look that even my two girls were embarrassed.

    Once in the room (a nice suite) I got them drinks left the cash where they could see it and put a music channel on the TV. They started dancing and began to take each other's dresses off followed by their bras. I dispensed with my shirt and we began to caress each other's bodies. My dick was now so hard I thought my pants would burst. We moved to the bedroom and they both popped to the shower. I followed shortly so they would know I was nice and clean.

    Cloaked in our towels we all got on to the bed and it began.

    Now I am a relatively fit guy who has just turned 50, I am quite thin but no body builder. However I've always made it my practice to be waxed and moisturised for these sort of adventures and boy did it pay dividends. The girls loved the smoothness. Blackie swooped on my cock and began sucking before I could even say condom while Xandy and I began some really heavy kissing. They swapped and I began to realise that Blackie had the younger body with the loveliest tight skin despite a smattering of tattoos. To stop myself coming to early I pushed them off and went down on Xandy who stated moaning before her stomach thumped in a manner I've always associated with an orgasm. Blackie seemed a bit miffed with this but contented herself with sucking my parts as I was sucking Xandy's. Eventually Blackie insisted I f**k her in a missionary position to which I duly agreed. I put on a condom and lubed up and was glad I did because Blackie proved to be extremely tight so tight in fact that she screamed a little at first. I took it slowly and gently eased her open as she clung to me and began moaning. Her lips caressed my neck. This was not sex this was making love. We continued for as long as Xandy would let us before I was finally pushed off and told to lie on my back so that Xandy could get on top. Now I've always tried to practice safe sex but having taken off the condom I had used to f**k Blackie (I didn't think the girls would want to share) I was then pinned down by Xandy who began a body to body massage in which the lips of her clit began to brush my dick. I've had this done to me before by h**kers in London and thought that this is where it would end but I was wrong. Xandy just grabbed my unsheathed dick and stuck it inside her. I was f**ked but there was no going back now Xandy was on top and in charge and rode me without mercy. Blackie rolled over to join us and massaged my balls with her hand as Xandy bore down on my cock. Whether Xandy came again I couldn't say but she certainly screamed a lot. I struggled but managed to keep up with her athleticism which wasn't easy as her vagina was surprisingly loose and I had to really concentrate to keep my dick inside during some of her heavier bounces. Eventually she rolled off and before I could grab even a wet wipe Blackie's lips were round my moistened dick sucking up Xandy's juices. It took all my composure to stop myself from cumming in her mouth but I wanted Blackie to come on top and she duly obliged. She was still tight and we had to go slowly but it was a beautifully intimate experience. So intimate in fact that Xandy left us to it while she went to explore the mini bar.

    Later we took a communal bath and a shower and had more rounds of sex including spoons and doggy. They acted like a tag team and on each occasion Blackie proved the better of the two. We cuddled, they smoked and after more than two hours had passed they put on their dresses and went for their cab. I attach a photo of their final moments as they take in the view and puff on their fags.
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    Day 2: Kiss me Kate.

    It took most of the day to recover from the night before and I only managed a stroll to "My English Granny" restaurant opposite the Embassy which was ok but not really worth the walk. No menu in English and the staff were some of the unfriendliest waiters I've ever met. Only the old lady who ran the cloakroom seemed pleased to see m.

    Although I had decided to reserve my energies for a further trip to the Clubs I couldn't resist having another punt on Back Page and that's where I found Kate.

    Back page again.

    Back Page really is a throw back to the old days of mongering when there was no Internet just random telephone numbers in cheap newspapers and phone boxes. Once you've established contact most girls will send you their photos by WhatsApp but before you get that far you'll have to send a lot of messages and make a lot of calls because most girls don't answer. It's sought of a reminder of why we have escort agencies. Also don't expect a bargain because the girls who do answer and speak English expect to be paid in $\.

    So what to say about Kate? Well nice legs but not more than a 5 in the face and a few years older than her photos. Her performance was enthusiastic but covered although she did stick her tongue up my arse at the end when she wanted me to cum. Not really worth $150 and certainly not in Minsk but, as they say, "she got the job done".

    Bar. Dot xxi.

    I've previously commented on this place but decided to go and check it out on my own as it were.

    It gets started a little earlier than most clubs and unlike some other institutions it has a high percentage of Minsk glitterati on a night out which can make spotting the pros non pros complicated. In fact the distinction is not even a good one because the issue is not so much pros versus non pros as who's available and who's already committed (bought) for the evening. From what I could see a lot were.

    There are certainly some stunners but in general the demographic is slightly older than Rich Cat.

    As per usual I ended up having a very nice conversation with a small brunette who had a lot to say about the building industry in Minsk but didn't make any for offers of p4 p. I still don't know if she was a pro or semi-pro and we ended our meeting by exchanging business cards. Costs me just the price of one martini and it was nice to have someone to talk to while I waited for the Night Clubs to open.

    Whilst chatting to my Belarusian builder I did however take the time to observe the modus operandi of the many Turks who were in the bar.


    You can't go mongering in Minsk without coming up against Turks. They're everywhere; some are young well dressed and handsome but most aren't and it makes no difference.

    Several times I got looks of rescue me from some cute young girl in the clutches of some overweight Neanderthal but the truth is money talks. Fat, naff and persistent these guys succeed because they understand the simple truth that every girl has her price. I witnessed one girl expressing her displeasure at who she and her friend were leaving with but leave they did. On another occasion I saw a girl blow smoke in the face of a fat guy who was gyrating by her side only to leave with him 30 minutes later.

    They also are utterly shameless in touching and even slapping the *rse of every girl they fancy pros or non pros in a way which I've never seen in Kiev.

    Of course it's all conjecture but my own take is that as Turkish men are the only foreign men most girls meet in Minsk they assume that their behaviour is normal. This is good news for the rest of us as (I) it may explain why the girls I met were so much sluttier in the bedroom and (II) everyone is pleased to see you from the pros or the bouncers.

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    Day 1: A tight hole and two night clubs

    Just returned from a very short (36 hour) sojourn to Minsk where I took the operation to go exploring without my Belarusian LTR.

    Back pages.

    After checking into my hotel My first off was with Elena. Booked her off back pages using a previous poster's helpful advice before I flew out. A small but athletically built young lady she turned out to be Russian not Belarusian. No more than a 7 but a very willing and athletic girl who had just the most perfectly gaped *rse. Initially she sought to decline "A" despite the fact that I had paid for it but I wasn't going to be told "it hurts" when her little hole was practically winking at me. My perseverance was rewarded with nearly 10 minutes of tight energetic A levels with us taking it in turns to be on top. In the end I could hold out no longer and whipped it out and the condom off and finished in her mouth. Me standing and her kneeling on the floor as in all the best porn movies.

    Paid $270 with extras which I'm sure was too much but it was great service and slightly cheaper than Gia in Kiev. So not really a Belarusian experience (not quite sure why Russian hookers are working in Minsk) but I can at least confirm a positive result from the pick and mix that is back page. By way of advice I would suggest asking for real photos by way of Viber. Elena provided hers and they were accurate.

    After a pleasant supper and a drink at the bar of my hotel (Double Tree Hilton) I then headed off to Rich Cat Nightclub which I had previously visited with my LTR but now wanted to see on my own.

    Rich Cat.

    So Rich Cat? My first observation is that nothing happens before 12 literally nothing and very little happens before 1 pm. Problem is the later you get there the bigger the problems with queues and security.

    In a similar vein there's a tension between being close to the bar and the action and getting a table and thereby standing out from the crowd.

    Second problem is that there are lots of non-pros at the Club who are basically looking to cadge some free drinks and have a good time. Management actually lets these girls in for free and then assigns them to particular stools / tables even giving them free drinks. Their purpose is to get you to spend money on them and to be frank it's quite fun and, by Western standards, not that expensive.

    Anyways it was a ploy to which I fell victim not once but, as you shall hear, twice and in away I'm not that sorry. It all made for an interesting evening.

    So mistake number one. I've taken a table for 300 roubles deposit and find myself sitting next to a bunch of nice (non pros) 20 year olds who seemed to be sharing a single coke. Well it's actually hard to spend 300 in a Minsk Nightclub so I, unprompted, bought them drinks and suddenly I was their new best friend.

    It was a lot of fun dancing with my new harem and one of them spoke excellent English but suddenly I was out of bounds to all the P4P ladies who passed me by with only the occasional glare. The situation could not continue and after a couple of hours I made my excuses and left them to continue dancing. I could of course have simply started bidding with the pros that were still present but, to be honest, I would have felt bad doing so in front of the teeny boppers and besides most of the available talent had by then been bought. So there I was at 2.30 am outside Rich Cat negotiating with the cab drivers to take me back to my hotel (the Double Tree by Hilton) where I hoped to pick up a left over from the bar (Bar. Dotxxi) when the unexpected happened.

    The drivers bless them were trying to get me to pay 40 roubles to go back to my hotel which was ridiculous seeing as how it had cost me 10 to get there when a blond intervened on my behalf. I'd noticed her in the club together with her tattooed mate; they always have a mate. She was over 30 tall and still relatively thin with the most kitsch curly blond hair. She wasn't a stunning Devushka but, here's the thing, she was an absolute dead ringer for Julia Roberts. Not Julia Roberts as in Pretty Woman but as in Erin Brockovich. White trash certainly but still cute and so so sexy.

    So anyways, Miss Roberts starts giving it large to the taxi drivers who respond by calling her a working girl (you really couldn't make it up) and she then turns to me and says: "we're going to Black House Club: want to come?" Well what had I got to lose?

    So there I was squashed in the back of the smelliest and cheapest taxi in Minsk (4.50) between Julia Roberts and Ness from "Gavin & Stacey" who, it became clear to me were both pissed.

    Black House Club.

    Black House is darker and dirtier than Rich Cat but follows a similar format. I took us a table and bought us some champagne and what followed was one of the most erotic evenings of my life. Miss Roberts was all over me. It was like making out as a teenage. We danced as if we were having sex, we deep throat in fact we did everything we could without taking our clothes off. So you're thinking how did it end? Well I was thinking exactly the same. To be fair to the taxi drivers Julia had all the accoutrements of a pros (including two phones) even if she wasn't one. I was expecting at any moment an offer in dollars to be made but none came until by 5 pm we were all so drunk that none of us, I've included Ness, were up for it. Indeed had we not all clutched on to each I'm not sure we would have made it into a taxi.

    So there it is, my first evening ended without a score and the fault is entirely mine but it was a hugely enjoyable night all the same.

    Now I know the purest amongst you will say that I could have just bought some entertainment for what I spent and got laid but I doubt it would have been as entertaining.

    Of course if there is a moral to the story it's to walk into the bar / club buy a single drink and immediately start negotiating with the p4 p that is arranged before you but that's not what I'd come to Minsk to do.

    For the avoidance of doubt I never for one moment thought I would get a freebie with Julia for the reasons set out by other posters. I was just enjoying the moment which for me at least is part of what any trip is about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtBoyle2  [View Original Post]
    Sorry Sharron,

    Is there more to this message? I'm certainly musing something.
    It's just spam Sgt. Glad to see things are working out with the Belarusian model!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharron  [View Original Post]
    I received a message saying Victoria had blocked me on Mamba. It turned out she was angry because horse racing betting websites
 I hadn't sent her any messages, even though she was online. How could I? I was travelling! When she cooled down, Victoria agreed to meet me the next day. After confirming our date, I asked Victoria if she wanted money.
    Sorry Sharron,

    Is there more to this message? I'm certainly musing something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneV  [View Original Post]
    Hi SgtBoyle2,

    Thanks for your posting. I really liked what you talked about. I am looking for a long term relationship too. Can you share how you got connected with the lady you spent the weekend with.

    I received a message saying Victoria had blocked me on Mamba. It turned out she was angry because horse racing betting websites
 I hadn't sent her any messages, even though she was online. How could I? I was travelling! When she cooled down, Victoria agreed to meet me the next day. After confirming our date, I asked Victoria if she wanted money.

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    Preliminary observations.

    Quote Originally Posted by AntonySun1996  [View Original Post]
    It seems that there not many fresh reports on this forum, as Belarus is not a popular mongering city. Any ideas of how to find girls for sex there? How is the quality of the girls in comparison to girls in, for example, Kiev?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Just returned from a weekend in Minsk and as I was with my LTR what follows is entirely observational.

    Grand Cafe:

    If you can afford the prices and are suitably booted and suited go to the Bar at the Grand Cafe after 9 pm on a Friday or Saturday. The selection is small but high quality and seems to be acting with the approval of management.

    Also great place to eat if you're interested.

    Rich Cat:

    Currently popular nightclub although there's no where to actually dance. Got the come on stare from at least two really cute chicks despite being with my girlfriend. From what I could see lots of girls of varying quality who were definitely looking for business as well as some who were just on a good night out. The competition is almost entirely Turkish and didn't look that numerous.

    No idea of prices but my general observations were that the talent looked younger and slightly fresher than Kiev. I also noticed a few girls who were really drunk which I've rarely seen in Ukraine and added to the amateur feel.

    The place has had some mixed reviews and you want to watch out for the bill: avoid the champagne ($500+). However the entrance fee is only 30 BR ($15 ish) and the show is usually rather good.

    Security is less tight than with places like Skybar in Kiev although I understand there have been some complaints about racism and heavy handedness. Not experienced this myself but I tend to arrive early and am always polite and tip.

    Bar. Dot xxi:

    Bar / restaurant at top of the Double Tree by Hilton. When I went there it was so crowded you could barely move and so didn't get a chance to check out the action but there was definitely some and it is supposed to have a reputation for the ladies, albeit expensive ones.

    Hope that assist will be in Minsk 23/24 March if you or anyone else is around.

    Sgt Boyle.

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    Any scene in Minsk?

    It seems that there not many fresh reports on this forum, as Belarus is not a popular mongering city. Any ideas of how to find girls for sex there? How is the quality of the girls in comparison to girls in, for example, Kiev?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    3-4 days in Minsk

    Any good alternative to the usual Mamba / / Next type of action? Mind that I will spend some 3-4 days, fancy apartment in good location (AirBnB), that I live in Vilnius and that my Russian is quasi non-existant. But I am willing to take along a translator / driver.

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    Can you give us rates please?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jojosun  [View Original Post]
    No trouble whatsoever as I really enjoy prior research and following the recent trends and sources for our hobby.

    If I were you, I would obviously think first of a nice hotel with on-site upmarket Nightclub with a sexy atmosphere. Following an easy romantic dinner in or out, a few slow dances and you should be able to gauge her mood, response and interest. I always go for Hotels with Nightclubs on site in EE countries as its still a legacy from the olden days and its still popular with women late 20's / mid 30's.

    Is Italy her desired holiday destination still on your Plan?

    Re traditional entertainment?? It depends on how long you're there for and what you're looking for as best entertainment is Thursday through / Saturday but hoes are always around to be found at Hotel Bars, Clubs. . Hotel Planenta and Hotel Yubileiny to name few but the quality isn't that great..

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    Legality of paying sex in Belarus?

    I know prostitution in Belarus is illegal but does the police really care about this? I mean can you just do it like you how you do it in Ukraine or Russia?

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