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    Bro, RTFF. No advances at any cost. Once you pay all you can do is wait and forget the monies and 99.99% they won't turn up.

    Quote Originally Posted by DilipS  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Can anyone provide genuine indie number, if possible housewives?

    Duped of 700 bucks yesterday. One talked me into crediting Rs 200 for address and requirement talk, and said she is booked till 12 April. Another, I sent Rs 500 for transportation advance. After around 1 HR I called her up to which she replied that her scooty got punctured and all. I called her up today, to which she replied that she won't be able to provide service for 1 week. Damn I can't trust locanto for Pune services.

    Can anyone kindly help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Any reviews

    Hey guys,

    Has anyone been to Y spa at Nibm newly opened, any reviews?

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    Experience at Y spa

    Recently visited why spa, taking prior appointment of Miss A, must say she's fabulous in her job, was offered B2B, BJ for 5k, negotiated hard enough but could only make it to 4k, but as it was a 90 min session, and as I said she's too good in her job, it seemed to be worth it.

    Guys who seem to get difficulty in getting Miss A, would suggest them to take prior appointment.

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    Please send me Kondwa girl's contact.

    Please send me Kondwa girl's contact.

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    Another encounter with Smita

    Hi folks,

    Have been taking Smita for around 4 years now. Haven't found anyone other than Rati and Simran closer to her as long as service goes. I am a big fan of anal and CIM. Smita is the one who gives this and I like her for her aggressive style. She is on for everything. Here's my FR:

    Called her in the morning and fixed up for afternoon. She was waiting for me at Hotel S (Earlier V). She started with the drinks. A bit of chit chat. Removed clothes. Started with boob sucking and fingering. Gave her good spanking with anal fist. She started foot fetish and then BBBJ with anal rimming. Rolled up the condi. Started with WOT and then WOT Anal. Finished in doggy.

    After some time, she started amazing sucking and waking up the johnny. Johnny in the action again Started with doggy, went on to doggy anal. Then removed the condi and shot in her mouth. She swallowed the entire cum.

    Damages: 1 k room +2 k her charges + 300 for her drinks.

    Service: 10/10.

    Attitude: 11/10.

    Body: 6/10.

    Face: 5/10.

    WIR: Looking for other options in similar budgets and services. Any reference will be appreciated.



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    Ritu validation

    Can anyone confirm please does ritu no ends with 131?

    Does anybody tried her recently. How was the experience.

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    Thank you Shaboink

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaboink  [View Original Post]
    The spa is decent but they have all NEs but no extra, infact the door has a small glass peep hole so no point even asking.

    However since the massage was good you can try, lets us all know if you get lucky.
    Thank you Shaboink. I am new to Baner side, would you be kind enough to share any recommendation? I have tried "Invitation" at BhighS. Therapist was at pple (mind boggling tits, but too expensive!) Any other recommendation bro?

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    So the hunter is back?

    Quote Originally Posted by SambyFun77  [View Original Post]
    Post Dec 16, I have stopped all kinds of mongering for good. Lets see how much I can hold on to my horses.

    However, wanted a body massage badly for removing the knots out of routine running.

    Ventured into Little app and found the prices marginally lower than NB.

    Chose another branch of the spa originally at Warje newly opened on Baner Road.

    Brand new. Clean and tidy ambience. Beautiful cute receptionist.

    Was assigned an old Thai as usual. Massage was average for an aroma worth 937 INR.

    Little bit of ball stroking and asshole fingering. Just a bit to issue an hint. I never went there for any extras but still tried my luck for freebies.

    Nope professional Thais turned down. Though was courteous and respectful and asked if I need a HJ for 1 k.

    Loved the ambience of the room, clean towels, shower and steam. Branded toiletries. But oily floor.
    What's up buddy? Looks like the hunter is back with vengeance! Hope you having a great time. Would be waiting for our message on WA. Lost your number due to some problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JizzyB  [View Original Post]
    Hi Folks,

    Any info or review on this MILF?


    Is this MILF still in business? Would be great if someone PM's me this contact. Thanks!

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    How is BP in Pune

    I am new to Pune and wanted to try out Budhawar Peth area of Pune for mongering. How is the service there? Is it safe? What are the rates? If anyone has been there please contact me via PM. Would be very grateful.

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    More info needed?

    Thanks for the info buddy.

    Can you drop a hint about the name of the spa? Is it or nearbuy and if yes did you purchase the deal from there?

    How much were the damages?

    Quote Originally Posted by Decpticon  [View Original Post]
    This is a newly opened spa but has great stuff and good chicks. Had tried twice already. Miss B and Any are the best. You will enjoy every penny.

    Had B2B and 69 with Any worth every penny.

    Spa is behind BSE.

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    Oldies with Nb

    I was told that they GV oldies when you go with NB there. That happened with me. Try going without NB and see the diff!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deshpander  [View Original Post]

    Today I visited why spa KP today booked nb coupon. Was assigned Miss M (month after April). First she asked how did I know spa, I told her I had a friend who availed service here. Upon listening she started giving hints. Touching / caressing johnny. Made a deal for 2.2 k for B2B, wow she was a milky skin and sexy girl. Tried for 15 min. Took shower together. One thing is for sure, you do get extras here and yes 2nd visit will be done again when possible.

    Damage: 1 k NB coupon+2.2 k.

    Repeat: yes.

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    SP Subhash or other Indie providers

    Quote Originally Posted by Bhaskaruk  [View Original Post]
    Dear fellow mongers

    Anyone tried SP Subhash (number ending with 215). He is asking for advance to make a deal. He said he only deal with Inde.

    Dear fellow mongers,

    I am new to this Forum and will be visiting next week. Any tips on how to find SP above or other Indie SP.

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    Any feedback on attached pics.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_9471.jpg‎   IMG_9462.jpg‎  

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    Nope. !! Dry but good massage

    The spa is decent but they have all NEs but no extra, infact the door has a small glass peep hole so no point even asking.

    However since the massage was good you can try, lets us all know if you get lucky.

    Quote Originally Posted by BabaLoda  [View Original Post]

    I would be trying LE snip (Baner) this Saturday. Any views on extras possibility in the place? Reco on the therapists? New to Pune so would appreciate some help.

    Thanks a ton!


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