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Thread: Pune

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    Quote Originally Posted by JingeRat15  [View Original Post]
    Hello Senior members,

    Any indie contacts in Pune? Will reciprocate as and when I build my expertise.
    I am in the same boat. Any help would be very helpful.

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    Priya Ranjan

    Has anyone tried Priya ranjan. 7. 5 k for 2 shots without place. She does not have her own place.

    Feedback appreciated.


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    Thanks for the info.

    Quote Originally Posted by SwatKat132  [View Original Post]
    Looks like someone maligning her actual identity.

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    Same here.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMongers  [View Original Post]
    Does anybody tried Suhana recently. She is not responding these day.
    She told me she is in Mumbai.

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    I have place in Aundh. You can reach me with proposal [Telephone Number deleted by Admin].

    Quote Originally Posted by Baazi  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Can any one please suggest any place to have sex with a girl. I am in search of a safe place in Pune. Or can any one provide a room.
    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove personal telephone numbers. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Looks like some maligning

    Quote Originally Posted by MagGotAtHeart  [View Original Post]
    I have added her, will check her out and let the forum know, what she's up to.
    Looks like someone maligning her actual identity.

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    About Suhana

    Does anybody tried Suhana recently. She is not responding these day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuv1911  [View Original Post]
    Took a nearby voucher went to Mera Spa P.S. Nice chubby cute NE girl came in for the massage. Very nice massage done. I asked her to massage my ass she said no. Understood that no extra. Told her about her cute smile and her good hands.

    In the end asked her politely again can you give some extra she said a no. She said she does not give anything else also no one else gives out there. Because of the very nice massage gave her a tip in end. She took me in the room where other 4.5 girls were chit chatting. She just introduced and I left.

    WIR: Only if I need just a massage.

    Try only for massage no extra on the offer.

    Note: Mera Spa Bavdhan girls give HJ nothing else.
    Can you give damage?

    Also when I used nearbuy coupon for 500, they said I need extra money for female therapist.

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    Could you please share digits

    Could you please share digits of Parihar chowk girl, I want to try. I will reciprocate with contacts I am having.

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    New Therapist.

    Hi everyone,

    As the Pune is going dry was off from action few days. Yesterday jhony was hungry so wanted to try out something. SP I don't wanted to go as it is bit risk and I don't wanted to take a risk so decided to visit spa. Went to my regular Spa I. E A spa in S mall as it was a week day slots were available asked for miss A she wasn't available and was assigned miss L. As usual finished the formalities at the counter and waited for miss. After few min she came and then guided me to the room. She seems to be in her early thirties slim typical features of Thai. I didn't wear disposable she was fine with it and had a laugh then she started with massage at the back as usual I must say I had better massages in past. But the main point is she is very friendly and co-operative while she was massaging I was touching her thighs and back she didn't object for it then came the q the extras. She quoted high but I said I have only 1.5 k and said her I always get extra at this cost in this center but she didn't budge I told her to continue with massage. It was very tempting by seeing she is really beautiful smooth hands nice skin so finally she agreed with a condition that only this time she will do for less cost. Deal was fixed for 1.5 k with TL. Then she started massaging jhony it was a bliss then I told her to remove her top which she did wow she had soft medium sized very good boobs I played with them for sometime. She has a nice soft skin & flat stomach curvy figure. After 10 min I released. Then cleaned and washed. She was very friendly and co-operative and sexy figure. Everything is on menu except FS. She said she gives CBJ if I get condom and she told me to bring next time but quoted 6 K which is very high I didn't say anything as next time when I visit I will bargain. She is very good but she quotes high so need to keep check on that otherwise she is gem in all other aspects.

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    GF hotels

    Quote Originally Posted by NightRider12  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know how girl friendly is Marriott suites (previously oakwood premier) in KP?

    Did you get any responses to your query? I would like to know the same, if anyone can post here or PM me suggestions?

    I'm looking for girl friendly hotels in the approx 5 k or less cost range (for AC rooms) in or around KP or Kalyani Nagar area, if anyone can suggest here or via PM?

    NOTE: that I do not check-in together with the girl (s), I usually checking first then call the girl who comes later on (they have ID proof) to join me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett21  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Need to know if VITS hotel in Balewadi near hHngewadi is girl friendly?

    Yes, its is girl friendly.

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    So many like that


    There are so many girls on locanto like that. Shweta Vyas, Aditi Sharma to name a few. These gals advertise on locanto and provide link of their facebook page. Usually their FB page is full on with beautiful photos. Are these real indes? Or they just want to enhance their followers base s that they feel proud while speaking with their friends? Can some seniors throw some light on this?


    Quote Originally Posted by SniperDude  [View Original Post]
    Guys. Came across adv in locanto her name is shewta vyas. Asks to connect via fb. Have anyone tried her or she is fake.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NightRider12  [View Original Post]
    I have been a lurker for very long time but never posted, as I didn't get any opportunity to start the game. Now that I have some time, I thought of trying it. So bought the nearbuy voucher for a MP in KP main Road (there are lot of reports out there on this spa), was bit skeptical if they would give appointment for nearbuy voucher. But to my luck it was immediately available. Went there, very nervous as it was my first time on the hobby. I was assigned a young therapist (should be around 25 to 30, couldn't be sure as its difficult to guess the age for most Thai). Went inside, asked to change into dispo, I did as I was very nervous. She came back after 5 minutes and started the massage. Very nice massage for the next 45 minutes, really enjoyed it. At the end, she said its done. You can go take a bath. I popped the question, that's it, nothing extra? She asked me how many times I have been there, I said its my first time. She giggled and said 1000 rs only for hand job but I can touch her boobs outside, I said I want to touch inside, she said no sorry. I respected and asked her to continue. She had a very smooth and soft skin, I was already in mood. She applied the oil and started caressing, my hands wandered towards her ass, she didn't say anything but moved closer towards me, I grabbed her boobs. Had a thick padded bra but I can feel inside. I didn't last for more than a min, I shot. She cleaned carefully and gave me a towel to take bath. Well done interior, I don't even mind paying the full price. After the bath, she came back, I gave her 1100 (100 extra for her great massage), she was very happy and thanked me the Thai way. I asked her name, she took my phone. Punched in her name / number and saved the contact. She asked me to contact her through whatsapp. Don't what that means. Can anyone explain?..
    Would be grateful if you could name the spa. I am also new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightRider12  [View Original Post]
    I asked her name, she took my phone. Punched in her name / number and saved the contact. She asked me to contact her through whatsapp. Don't what that means. Can anyone explain? And keep this as a secret (is this what they say to everyone? I thanked her again, she gave me some herbal tea, I was not mood to drink, I left quickly as I could. In the end, it was a great massage and HJ and had a good time....
    It means that you can chat regular with her, build your rapport and she might be ready to come out. Do visit her couple of more times along with the WhatsApp chat and ask for a dinner / coffee etc. Try your luck!

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