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    Quote Originally Posted by RahulMe1981  [View Original Post]
    Buddy, damage and pic?
    Damage was 7 k for the night. I could not take a pic of her my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praks111  [View Original Post]

    I need to share something with all of you here. While scanning locanto I found an ad which said couple looking for genuine guys. I causally tried contacting the couple. Finally got a response but it turned out to be a girl that to a college going girl. She gave her number and we exchanged messages.
    Hey buddy,

    Does her number by chance ends with 131. Can you ping the contact.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praks111  [View Original Post]

    I need to share something with all of you here. While scanning locanto I found an ad which said couple looking for genuine guys. I causally tried contacting the couple. Finally got a response but it turned out to be a girl that to a college going girl. She gave her number and we exchanged messages. Finally called her to my hotel and since it was a 5 star hotel I had no issues with the girl getting into the hotel if she was presentable. But I didn't get the pic of the girl as she refused to send one but kept on saying that she is a simple college student.

    Finally she came to my hotel and I asked her to be at the lobby I saw her from distance and it was a slim innocent looking college girl and she had her school bag with her. Observed her for sometime but found her face was not so great. But having a young girl for an overnight meet was what little brother was bothering me. So didn't want to disappoint little Bro. Spoke to the girl and took her to my room. The moment I closed the door she hugged me and I took her to the sofa she start moving her fingers on to my cock saying wants to see it. Felt she was rushing but still gave her the darshan.

    Asked her why did she put the advt. As couple looking for guys and couples. She said her boyfriend started this and both of them started enjoying this stuff. She said that her BF stole her virginity a year back and thought her different deeds. But today she was feeling horny so wanted to venture out alone as her BF was not around. While interviewing her she was playing with my dick..
    Buddy, damage and pic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullsye  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Received this profile from SP, quoting 6 K. It seems the pic his 2-3 months old of the gal, but SP said that she is much beautiful if you look her in person.

    Can anyone who has availed her services share their feedback? Planning to try her tomorrow.

    Can you please PM me SP details.


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    Here you go

    Quote Originally Posted by ClassMan  [View Original Post]

    Need your help if you have availed services from any of the girl. SP quotes 7/8 k for 1/2 pops. Will try to negotiate.

    This is the first time I spoke with any SP for service. So inputs from seniors are most welcome.

    Class Man.
    Had experience with the second photo. But would negotiate at 5 k max for the service.

    Hope it helps.


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    Pooja Bold

    Quote Originally Posted by PoojaBold  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried Pooja from SP Subhash. Hot girl. Awesome GFE. Dance very well in pubs. Nice figure.

    Figure - 9/10

    Boobs - 7/10

    Ass - 10/10

    BJ - 7/10.
    There are 2 Pooja's with Subhash that I had tried. So I can give you feedback if you can confirm which Pooja you are talking. One is from Hadapsar, She usually goes with Payal in pubs. She has awesome figure. Not sure she is the one you are talking. I think she is no longer working with SP, has she rejoined him?. Your PM is not active. So share the pic you have so I can comment.

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    Groupon for MPs?

    Hi guys,

    Any MPs offering extras also accept groupon coupons? I don't mind paying the 'therapist' more, but why pay the owner of the MP? Ones on groupon are:

    Aroma Thai. Phoenix market city.

    Touche. Yerawada.

    Osense wellness. Aundh.

    Nirvana. KP.

    Qii spa. Kondhwa.

    Innocent spa. Hadapsar.

    Whatever we save because of groupon, we can give the therapist and get better service.

    Thanks guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaboink  [View Original Post]
    Had written to SP Subhash that I need service in Baner area and he sent the below two pics.

    The girl in black is with a lot of make up and has masculine looks. Other lady seems good.

    Any feedbacks and reviews please??
    She is much discussed Snehal. But she is having very loose body. Try her friend DIA. She is awesome in service as well as have awesome figure.

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    I have checked

    Quote Originally Posted by AkashMal  [View Original Post]
    Girls in second pic, by any chance you check her price?
    I have checked, its 5 k for one pop.

    2 pops - 7 K.

    Night - 12 K.

    But she has loose body. Try her friend DIA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaboink  [View Original Post]
    Was trying hard to get a fuck.

    Just managed to contact this Prakruti Massage who provide ladies at home.

    Busy scheduled preventing the travel to Vngr and KP areas.

    Well called this girl Samiksha, she came with a guy on bike. Which made me a little worried. Discussed the terms with her b2 b+HJ at 1500.

    This was the rate also given on ISG by one of the members.

    Tiny boobs, light body and massage was like as if she was giving me a bath.

    Asked me turn around in 15 minutes. Started with HJ. I was fingering and sucking on tiny mini boobies.

    After 10 minutes I splash and we wash off.

    And that's it she gets dressed and leaves. I was like wtf waht happened to the massage.

    30 minutes she was out of my place with 1800+1500= 3300. Thats like more than 300 rs a minute.

    Did not want to argue with her since her guy was on the bike below the building and did not want to create and scene.

    Since I am new to pune from blore.

    Pune folks haven't been helpful as yet but have managed to get help from old blore.

    Seniors in pune. Will contact an SP today I Vngr and lets see how it goes.

    Girl: Samiksha.

    Looks: 4/10.

    Body: 5/10.

    Boobs: 5/10.

    Ass: 7/10.

    Pussy: 7/10 (Seemed Tight).

    Never Again Prakruti Spa.
    Bro. Sorry to read your unfortunate experience. Pm me in case you need help. And welcome to pune.

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    One more FR for the day

    Today in the morning I had posted one FR on my activities of yesterday night which is still under moderation and as said there in the earlier FR. I carried out my second activity with an inde. She was one person who got in touch with me after I posted an ad on loc. We met earlier at my hotel 2 months ago. Thinking a known person would be better I sent a text message to her and she dropped into my hotel had a DFK to begin with and then some mis and doggy later had a shower together. Some chit chat. Terrific GFE. She says that she is not full time into this and works Ian decent job but does this as she doesn't get it at home. Claims to be not married but few marks of past pregnancy appear on her body.

    I am not sure if anyone has tried her her digits are 655. Fees was 10 k but then a well educated one with good assets and awesome attitude.

    I found 10 k to be good for such an inde. Has anyone tried her do let me know.

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    Hotel P

    Hi fellow mongers,

    This is my 2 months old FR. I was visiting Pune for official meetings. There is a hotel in [Names in Code Deleted by Admin] area whose first name means kingship and last name is [Names in Code Deleted by Admin]. I knew this hotel since 1 years when I took one of SP Rahul gal there. Anyway I called Hotel manager and asked availability of gal / aunty. Hotel staff arranges local gals / aunties on demand discreetly. He confirmed about availability. I reached hotel in the morning around 8 am and ask for the girl. He said girl will be available at around 11 am because most of them are locals.

    I took a room and it costs around 800 for 6 hrs. I waited till 11 am. At around 11.30 am a girl of about 22 yrs age with average look but with nice figure came in my room. Deal was fixed for 2.5 k for 2 hrs. LT rate is 4.5 k. In that hotel Girl does not demand money upfront.

    Girl was wearing T and Jeans and she has big buttocks which was nice to see. Girl was busty having good large perky boobs and Buttocks. I started to chitchat her and inquired about her family. She lives in Hadapsar area and she works in a beauty parlor. She is unmarried and has a boyfriend. I asked her name to which she said I think Rehana Sheikh. She is a Muslim. Girl was having some attitude problem so it was a put-off. After chatting I pulled her towards me and started to kiss which she put her neck for kissing. She does not do DFK and also does not give BJ which was a turn off. She loves fucking. However I kissed and licked her neck and then suck her earlobes. She gets excited and then I undressed her and press her boobs. Her boobs are very attractive and handy. Then I put my mouth and sucked her nipples. Though she was not very co-operative but she did not resist and I continued sucking her boobs. Then I pressed her buttocks and I moved her in doggy which was nice to see because of large buttocks. It was a nice view. I put condom on my tool and inserted. She loves hard fuck but since I was very excited after seeing her buttocks in doggy I could not hold for long time and came within 5 minutes. We washed ourselves. She wrapped a towel and then I took her in my arm while watching 'Savdhan India'. She loves this serial a lot. I don't know why.

    After one hour, johny again became hungry. She was lying in my arm then. I put my hand on her boobs over towel and pressed slowly. She was getting disturbed and annoying which was again a turnoff. I think she will provide good service in absence of TV. Though I go ahead and started again to kiss her hand and neck. After some time she removed her towel and became naked. She was lying on bed on her back. As she has good smooth skin and good figure I started to kiss and lick her body. I wanted BJ and to do DATY but she refused. She is good for hard fuck in any position. I undressed myself and lie on my back and took her over me and grabbed her boobs. She became horny and I told her to ride me. She is heavy built and she is also a good rider so we started our fuck fest again in cow gal position. After some time our bed was vibrating with heavy sound. We fuck each other in this position for ten minutes. After that we changed our position to doggy and again I could not hold my juice while seeing her in doggy and cummed in 2 minutes. It was a good fuck. Though my opinion is mixed because girl does not provide BBJ and kissing but is a good material for hard fuck.

    After washing We separated and paid her charge.

    Manager of hotel is a south Indian and is a good man. One may visit and politely asked him about service. He will respond positively. He provides services discreetly. Someone may visit and write your experience for Pune folks.


    Face: 6.5/10

    Body: 8.5/10

    Boobs: 9/10

    Ass: 10/10

    Service: 5.5/10

    Damage: 4 k total.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Abhijeet25  [View Original Post]
    Got the following snaps from my regular SP in KP. Has any one availed the services of any one of these? Any inputs would be of great help.

    I got same pics and SP is quoting 5 k for 2 HR.

    Any suggestion / review from seniors.


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    Travelling to Pune

    Hello members,

    I keep travelling to Pune and am looking for contacts of private inde or h / w. Can share contacts from Delhi in return.

    [Email address deleted by Admin]

    Thanks in advance.

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    Neha vm ngr

    RTFF the forum she also is known as Zoya. Very avg and has attitude.

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