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    Riya Locanto Kondhwa

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone tried Riya (SP) from locanto, he sent me 4 pics and quoted 3 k for st and 6 k for 2 sessions. Accommodation included. Is it safe? And is this SP genuine?

    Any pointers in this regard appreciated.

    Happy mongering!

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    Golden Palm society Wakad

    Yes, I live there. Why asking? Any opportunity there?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ujwala  [View Original Post]
    Let me know here is anyone fro8 m Golden Palm society Wakad.

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    Any existing or known girls is open to 3 some? Wud like to know and try if possible. Do suggest if someone has tried it already.

    I myself have never done it but wanted to know if it's possible in Pune or other city and the weirdness that associate with it?

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    After my earlier FR about her, my inbox is full with requests for her details and its still going on. I have shared her details with few on FIFO basis. I would like to request all of you to have some patience for getting her in bed otherwise it will again creat a Girl-in-demand-attitude.

    She didn't even picked up my calls today. Other mongers might have faced similar experience and they might have felt cheated by me.

    Guys please relax for few days and show some patience. Don't raise her limits and arrogance.

    By the way almost all MPs are closed expect near BOI laxmi Rd.

    Indies are not picking up call or beyond connectivity so remaining options will raise their bars so be aware. Negotiate hard.


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    Financial Year End and Escorts

    Quote Originally Posted by Pcock  [View Original Post]
    All SP's barring a few. All MPs except 4-5 have gone out of circulation. MP shut down till 4 Apr I was told. On phone. LE visible. In town too. What's up?
    Its not only because of year ending. There is some different reason to it which I came to know via some sources. Hopefully you all have seen the news about Kirkitwadi on Sinhgadh road. LE had raided 2 days back. Caught the main man. He has connections with many around VN and other areas. Thts the problem.

    P.S.: I had also tried one item at the said location in Kirkitwadi. Have in one of my post. Do check.

    Thanks. Views open to all.

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    Went to a MP near Swargate (above hotel Panchami) where I used to get good service from a girl named Salkshi and found it to be closed. Then visited another MP in Sohrab Hall which also was closed.

    So looks like all MPs are either temporarily closed or permenantly moved to some other address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pcock  [View Original Post]
    All SP's barring a few. All MPs except 4-5 have gone out of circulation. MP shut down till 4 Apr I was told. On phone. LE visible. In town too. What's up?
    I noticed and observed the same, also had posted the same earlier on Pune forum, but that post is somehow vanished from the forum (will contact admin separately for that).

    Anyway have been observing this increased LE for last few days. Also one new contact from locanto asked me whereabouts and then said 'sorry we do not have service available'.

    Hope things get back to normal soon.

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    A pic along with the post would be icing on the cake.

    Quote Originally Posted by RjToons  [View Original Post]
    I came to know from one friend about this pro. Booked her for night and guys it was one of the most memorable night (off course we did not sleep for whole night). Unfortunately that was her last night in Pune. She came from dubai to cater few of her customers in Pune & Mumbai. I came to know, she regularly visits India once or twice a month. She is perfect pro man.

    She came to hotel at around 9 pm, she had small peg and then we were in shower, bath tub etc. I could not stop fondling her body / boobs / booty, it was smooth soft and gentle. I fucked her 4 times till morning 9 . It was awesome guys. Every thing is perfect.

    Look - 10/10 (beauty, presentable in 5 star hotels).

    Body - 10/10.

    Boobs - 100/10.

    Pussy - 9/10.

    Service - 100/10 (did not sleep for whole night and till morning same passion even for 4th FS; knows what MAN wants).

    Charges - 2. 5 L / night.



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    Re: Nikita

    AH, can you share Nikita's digits with me. I don't see your pm active.


    Quote Originally Posted by AngelHunk  [View Original Post]
    I had good time with her at a place in KP.


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    Yearly closing

    All SP's barring a few. All MPs except 4-5 have gone out of circulation. MP shut down till 4 Apr I was told. On phone. LE visible. In town too. What's up?

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    Based on RTFF visited the spa. Allotted yen by default. Pretty babe. I neglected the disposables. She was quite fine with that. And then the massage. Massage was just about OK. I think ohm in HL is twice as good at message. But she I went in for a TL and HJ I felt yen balanced out in the other department. And a good head massage to top it up.

    Boobs- 9/10 p small but firm.

    Body- 9/10

    Attitude- 9/10

    Damages. 1800+2 k.

    A bit high.

    But I think I will stick to HL.

    Planning to try out Kin spa. Any advise anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyCreative1  [View Original Post]
    Planning to fix up a timeslot next week. Will post the FR. Thank you for the details.
    She is a BBW but fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyCreative1  [View Original Post]

    Read reviews about her but not able to make a call on her. Can someone advise if the costing of 6 k for 1 hour is worth the service? Anyone has her pic?

    Thank you and looking forward for a friendly advise.
    If you consider hygiene. Locality. No hurry. And English speaking girl. She would be worth 4 k. Stretch a bit. 5 k. 6 is too. Much. Ask 4 she will agree.

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    Has Kavita stopped her services or need special reference?

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    Marketing lady

    Let me know does any one have experience of getting free sex in offer against purchase order to some firm whose owner is lady. Means offered a free sex by marketing or trader in return to purchase order in company.

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