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    Hats off to you rastogi bro! Good that you showed them they can't cheat over the prices.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rastogi  [View Original Post]
    I recently had not so good experience with VN SP. He sent few pics and I selected one. He initially quoted 6 K but I negotiated hard and brought him down to 4 K. He was my regular SP and guided me to a flat in Viman Nagar. The person there asked for money before start of deed as usual. I transferred 4 K through Paytm and went into the bird's room. He however knocked the door within 2 minutes and said the deal was for 6 K and I should pay 2 K more. I denied and asked him to return my money. He kept on saying give at least 1 k More. Girl is good etc. I however was very much annoyed and said no in stern voice.

    He them said that he could pay only 3 K as he wasted time with me and 1 K is charge for the same. I accepted this and took 3 K from him. After going out I immediately came to security guards and called SP that I am making a registered complaint about a prostitution business in residential society.

    He succumbed to by trick, came down and returned my 1 K.

    Called another SP. He had a great bird in one of the star hotels. Enjoyed.

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    SP John experience

    Visited this SP in VN.

    The girl was in hurry.

    Looks: 6/10.

    Boobs: 6/10.

    Service: 4/10.

    Not a clean place.

    5 k for ST.

    WIR: No.

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    S Spa NIBM Road


    I had been there few days back.

    Nothing great to mention.

    The woman assigned to me was in her 30's. Not great looking. Saggy boobs.

    But she knew how to give HJ very well.

    Opted for B2B for 3 k.

    WIR: Only for HJ.

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    Back after a break

    Hi guys,

    Was away from forum for some time, was anticipating free fuck from dragon county but could not manage much. Recently had a funny experience at a2 z spa. Booked an appointment in advance with chosen therapist miss M as I've good equation with her, watsapped her too about my appointment asking to keep herself available. Unfortunately counter guy over booked her as I was little delayed. Expressed my disappointment at this and was ready to walk out but was offered discount price 1 k so, thought of giving a try. Was assigned another therapist, more like maid looking aunty, massage was equally pathetic. At the end asker for extra which she gave reluctantly. Top access was allowed with nip sucking as well but no GFE. Funny thing started from here as this therapist left the room miss M enters and offers apology for not being available, I said it's OK and pulled her in for DFK and she did not resist. Had a passionate one till other therapist entered with juice and was furious to see us in compromising position. She asked for tips, I handed her 500 (more than what she deserved) and she went crazy, kept the note and left throwing some tantrums. Looking at this behaviour miss M picked the currency and kept it back in my wallet and went to reception and started hurling abuses at the behaviour, I was like wtf. Put my shoes on and asked the counter guy to hand over 500 + 200 (that's all I had in wallet) to therapist which he denied. I left the place with 2 ladies arguing.

    Total damage: 1 k for massage + HJ + top access (not bad).

    WIR: never to this spa.

    Trying to score with miss M at her place.



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    Any dance bar in Pune?

    Quote Originally Posted by Atrimat  [View Original Post]
    I have posted a couple of FRs in Mumbai forum on ladies dance bars. Here we have choice of girls. They are dressed at their best. Be it traditional Indian or western. However, the common factor is the dress is exposing the body. Young girls. Different ages. Sit with you for GFE, chat in our ears (loud music is excuse) and can dance for us for tips and satisfy us. Some girls give number and can meet outside. The bar staff also acts as SP for other SP / girls. The ladies dance bar is a very good experience. Are there any such dance bars in Pune? Seniors and experience persons. Kindly provide your guidance and FR.
    Any dance bar in Pune?

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    Locanto user Samsam134713

    This post is for asking the masters if they have inter acted with locanto user Samsam134713. I have interacted before some time, she also had an ad for "job for girls" but now removed. She mentioned that they have some college girl for encounter. I have more info, please send pm. She also shared attached pic.

    Can anybody throw some light if anybody have interacted with Samsam134713.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisHamilton  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys. Lately I found a long number of different Afro girls ads in Locanto. Spoke to couple of them and they all seem to be settled in P gurav. Has anyone here tried any of them. Is it safe and are the girls whose pic is there in the ad actually available in real?
    The girls are old age in P. Gurav, pic are fake in locanto and service is very poor, on call they told you will provide unlimited shot but only 1 shot is there, they are in hurry while giving service. Please don't go such place, it's not a safe place.

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    Afro query

    Hi guys. Lately I found a long number of different Afro girls ads in Locanto. Spoke to couple of them and they all seem to be settled in P gurav. Has anyone here tried any of them. Is it safe and are the girls whose pic is there in the ad actually available in real?

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    A spa S mall

    Going to keep things short.

    Have visited the spa many a times and it has never disappointed me. Extras are very much on the cards.

    This time got lucky to get a thai's private number.

    Took her out for LT and had an amazing time. Unfortunately she has left the country to be back in a few months again.

    This FR is not to make anyone jealous or envy about, but to help them score similar opportunities.

    Tips -.

    1. Don't wear disposables.

    2. Always mention that you are a regular.

    3. Always study about the ongoing rates and stick to it. They are more in need of the cash if not more than you needing fun.

    4. Respect the lady and don't start touching at inappropriate places.

    5. Start with small general talks.

    6. You share a few of your issues. Personal / professional (faking is your choice) and talk thru hers.

    7. When opened about extras, ask for FS options. You would always get a no for an and. But persists on your request. Quote a price she can't refuse if open for outside meeting. Make her comfortable to look at that as a regular situation. Be open to share your contact number and make sure you get hers.

    8. Keep your word and call her on her weekly-off day or a day before.

    9. Book a decent place (double occupancy) and instruct her to carry a ID (passport for foreign national).

    10. Treat her well and she will reciprocate.

    Have a good time fellas!

    Be open to share your experiences (good / bad).

    Helps each of us to learn something!


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    SP Experience

    This is a week old FR. I had contacted few guys but no one had replied by then. Started searching other avenues and surprisingly was able get SP contact with some local support. As usual he shared pics. Shortlisted 3, others were cheap BP types. He said all 3 are available, I can select when I reach.

    Next came negotiation part, he quoted 6 for 1 HR. He was not coming down below 5 k. So finally agreed for 4 k + 1 k for A/C room. I know it is slightly on higher side but he said service will be really good.

    I was thinking of 2nd girl in attached pics.

    He called me to famous octroi post on Bangalore highway. Reached there and called him. He said his guy will come. I was expecting someone to come on bike and take me to hotel nearby. To my surprise there came a car (Ertiga), two guys got down and asked me to get in. I was baffled. Told his this was not agreed, he gave some lame excuse. He said girls are also in the car. So finally got in on front seat. Girls were on back side so couldn't clearly see who they were. Then he took me to a shady lodge around 4-5 km from there. And said will drop me back. Asked me to select the girl. With lights in the car turned on when I took a good look, in came a second shock. Out of 3 I had shortlisted only 1 was present, rest all were those BP types which I had rejected. Argued again and again some lame excuse was given. Looking at this I should have backed out, but I didn't (you all know why). Handed over 4k to him and he asked to give 1 k to lodge manager. Manager asked for ID, girl gave hers and I denied. After short discussion he allowed us to go in.

    After some chit chat started getting cozy with the girl, kissing and cuddling. She said no DFK. Moving on striped her necked. She has nice but soft tits. While playing with them I realized that she is a dead fish. I asked her to be reactive but was of no use. This followed a ok type BJ which at least made me hard. Took her in Missy and finished it. While we were getting dressed she asked me for tip. I laughed on her face and told her to forget it. After I was dropped back called SP and conveyed my feedback. He said next time he will take good care blah blah. All in all bad experience not worth even 2 k. I had first girl, any of you tried the remaining 2? If yes please share feedback.
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    Been hearing (reading) a lot about this girl Ritu. She is a nice find if she really is half as good as a few mentioned. Can anyone please share her details and a photo (if possible)?

    Happy to share the contacts I have. Independent scene in Pune is not that great, but having said that a few ones popping up is a boon.

    Recently bagged a contact of a Thai, when went for a massage. That calls for a different FR which I would write soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaggs  [View Original Post]
    Guys I am traveling to the UK for a week. Can anyone share any experiences contacts or tips please.


    Post from London monger in Delhi forum. Have fun in UK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmHunter007  [View Original Post]
    [QUO=Praks111;1785309]I had also in past posted about this Miss K whom I fished from loc. Her number ends 884. Let me tell you guys she has small top assets but an excellent body. If you are looking for a perfect GFE it's this one. I called to my yesterday after exchanging messages. She came right on time in office formals. Hugged and kissed me but excused her self for a shower. Changed into a transparent outfit which 2 as a turn on. Had some beer a smoke and then bed had everything on the menu except anal and CIM. Perfect flexible body but she screams a bit loud. I had to switch on the TV with some volume to cover up the screams.

    Expense: 6 k.

    Score 9.

    WIR yes already repeated this was the second time.
    Hi bro,

    I know it's too late from when you posted about miss K.

    Can you please give link to locanto ad or any other help will be much appreciated. [ / QUOTE].

    Those who tried her will agree that she was like a jackpot with a nose ring. Unfortunately out of business now. Settled and we must respect her decision.

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    Paris fun

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSnow12  [View Original Post]
    Thanks a lot brother for your information. I know that Pigalle area is fraud area. However read your FR in Paris forum. You got nice experience. I will not get that much time to go Belgium or Amsterdam so will see if I can get my first experience with white girl in Paris only. BTW girls in Paris looks mind blowing. Last time when I visited I just enjoyed to see them.
    In Paris you can say every women is model in shape, size and height. Even beggar women / girls looks Katrina. Only major issue is french language. Anyway happy mongering. If you incall girl to hotel they will charge you extra Uber. It's better to go at their place. Install google translate Apps this will help you much.

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    VN S Ngr

    Went back to my trusted SP. He did not have anything impressive in KP tonight, so he suggested for a bird in VN. I saw the options and was not too keen, but then he threw a good price.

    Went to the den in S Ngr inside VN. It was past midnight so nobody was awake enough to pry.

    Was showed 3 girls. Choose one of them whose pic was not sent earlier. She is a bong with sweet voice and attitude.

    Boob 8/10.

    DFK. Denied.

    CBJ- 7/10 - not deep but she tried till she was tired.

    Deed- 7/10 - She moaned, but seemed like she wanted to get it done either to satisfaction or soon.

    Overall good experience. Much better than many, including CIS.

    Sorry, don't have pic.

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