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Thread: Pune

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    Quote Originally Posted by ButniDa  [View Original Post]
    Got pics from SP Raj from locanto. Providing service near Sentosa. Has anyone tried these birds attached here? My past experience from the SPs operating in that area is pathetic. Anyway these pics are new. Any feedback will be helpful.
    Ok ALl SP's in that area are circulating same set of pics. Basically of the entire set only 1/ max 2 girls are available and present. Rest all are pics of girls who had worked with them in past. They just post remaining pics to attract client. Once you go there, they will tell only2 are available. SO please check with him in watsapp the exact girl you want, then only start to his place. And tell him, if that particular girl not there, you will not do it. Be rigid.

    My experience form these sentosa girls was not good in past either. Photos are heavily photoshopped. Girls attitude also not so good generally. I tried some 1 year back. Of late also it must be the same.

    One SP named ankit From Locanto thought I was a newbie and sent these pics last week. THen when I called him, he is explaining as if I'm doing it for first time. He says the girl will give one shot and little bit of romance and it just costs 10 k only. I was about to slap him in the phone itself! Then I told him directly that 3 times quality I get at 5/6 k in VN etc etc, then he just cut the call halfway. People like him are middle men, who direct us to main SP and they just take 5 k out of 10 k for a shot as profit. Rest 5 k goes to main SP / girl. So always better to check if person is main SP / some middle men.

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    VN / Kharadi SP Contacts


    I am looking forward to sometime alone starting Saturday for the next 5 days, would really appreciate if I can get help with trusted SPs who operate out of VN and Kharadi area.

    I am not very keen with Spas as this a good time for me to explore beyond spa.

    Looking forward to PMs soon.

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    Thank you for feedback.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deshpander  [View Original Post]
    Yep I been there. They don't show the lineup, door have big hole where person outside can peek in, the therapist was old. And extras are there but at higher price. Massage is 3.5 star out of 5. So do share your experience.
    I couldn't visit the spa that day due to my flight delay and was thinking to go some other day.

    Thanks for saving me the trouble.

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    Y spa above crossover -Aundh.

    First of all thanks everyone for helping each other. I was out of internet so I have replied all my inbox messages.

    I google this WHY spa in Aundh and I got this spa above crossover, 5th floor. They accept coupons. I told that I am an old customer and returning from foreign, but still they do not care. They told I can't choose therapist. They assign a Thai, she was good, slim have nice firm body.

    Dry massage started, after sometime, I asked what all service she can provide and she told B2B and HJ. My Johnny was on fire, so I told her immediate start the B2B, She asked 3 k, which I tried to negotiate but no help.

    She started a good B2B, allow kisses all her body, while she started B2B was kissing all over my body and sucking my nipple which make me in heaven, I started kissing her all over body and bite on her back which she told do not do.

    Later I ride on her and my johnny was rubbing near her private area, which she was enjoying and I was in heaven, as I was trying to touch her pussy but no help. Later she started kissing on my nipples and did a good HJ and came over her legs.

    While leaving, I see 5-6 therapist, all are good and thai well maintained, nice ambience.

    Damage- 999 at counter + 3 K NiNi, Thai she told me her name.

    Boobs. Soft firm 8/10.

    Body- 7/10.

    Face- 8/10.

    B2B- 8/10.

    Repeat. Of course but with other bird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajDesai69  [View Original Post]
    Hey bro, I tried replying to your Delhi query but your inbox is full.
    Please clear your inbox Apollo sir.


    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was originally written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING and thus was edited to normal case text. Writing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING in the internet equivalent of shouting and is thus is prohibited on this forum.

    In the future, please do not write reports in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING. Thanks!

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    Check PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by RohanDe  [View Original Post]
    Hello bros,

    I will be visiting Aurangabad city for work next week.

    Spa, Indie contacts would be helpful, I can reciprocate with Pune ones.

    Check your PM bro.

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    Need feedback on SP.

    Got pics from SP Raj from locanto. Providing service near Sentosa. Has anyone tried these birds attached here? My past experience from the SPs operating in that area is pathetic. Anyway these pics are new. Any feedback will be helpful.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20180322-WA0029.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0018.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0019.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0028.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0015.jpg‎  

    IMG-20180322-WA0004.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0025.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0014.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0009.jpg‎   IMG-20180322-WA0022.jpg‎  

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    Pointers for the girl.

    Great FR mate. Can you please provide pointers for girls name, face and age?

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidP5  [View Original Post]
    Went to why spa Aundh. They assigned a petite and cute Thai, was meeting first time to her as she is new there and recently joined. Regular massage started, she was doing it very passionately, and I was just trying to hold her legs though we didn't discuss for any extras. She came in front for giving back massage and I was feeling her Cups as she was completely lying on me. I touched her near thighs and ass and she was just quite. She was asking me for pressure and if I want she can give deep tissue but I said I want B2 be. She agreed, finished the remaining massage and undressed herself. I get up as she asked me to pay first, I paid her and then didn't go back to desk but hold her there itself. It was in slomo, we were caressing each other, and she was liking it too. Then we started DFK, OMG she was totally into it and it was going and going and going. I took her towards wall without removing the liplock and it was deep deep french kiss. I was playing with her body and she was with mine while our lips were completely locked. She really like DFK and we were on the same for almost 15 min. Then she asked me to go back to desk, and she came on top, started with a sensational B2B and she started DFK again as soon as she reached at top. She was completely lying on me, I locked her with my legs and a sensational DFK was going on and on. It was like almost 15 min we were in the same position. I asked her to lay down near me on table, as I thought she was little tired. She played with my hair and I with hers while lying in same position..

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    Been there, not much on offer. Only HJ.

    It's run by a lady and she seemed to question a lot, where did you get to know about the spa. Have you been here before.

    The room is also not completely closed even though there is a door.

    Quote Originally Posted by GarySadu  [View Original Post]
    Hi there,

    I have fixed up an appointment today with K spa in Viman Nagar. Does anyone has any experience with it?

    Please share.



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    DFK at Y spa.

    Hey dude,

    Will you elaborate the name of spa and location. Please do PM.

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    I am from Aurangabad and there is no action going on here unfortunately.

    On lighter note, bring a bird along with you, have fun and make bird available for other members in Aurangabad for the short time you are here.

    Quote Originally Posted by RohanDe  [View Original Post]
    Hello bros,

    I will be visiting Aurangabad city for work next week.

    Spa, Indie contacts would be helpful, I can reciprocate with Pune ones.


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    Hello everyone,

    Can any one please share Ritu's or any good indie 's number?

    Will return the favour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RohanDe  [View Original Post]
    Hello bros,

    I will be visiting Aurangabad city for work next week.

    Spa, Indie contacts would be helpful, I can reciprocate with Pune ones.

    Aurangabad is dry. Recently there were two Spas they also shut down due to LE. And whatever is available is worst quality.

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    I think he has not operational since few months.

    I also tried but seems like he is not available since few months

    Quote Originally Posted by ButniDa  [View Original Post]
    Hi folks,

    Is there any update from SP Max? Has anyone recently tried his service. I'm trying to WhatsApp and call him but no replies. Can see that he reads the message.

    Wondering if there is any change in protocol to connect.

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    FR. O Spa in KP.

    After months of quietly following this forum, I finally took my first mongering plunge this week. As was mentioned in earlier posts, the O spa in KP lane 7 is a sure thing when it comes to extras.

    I bought a nearbuy coupon and took an appointment over phone. When I arrived at the appointment time, there was some confusion over the time limit on the nearbuy site (90 min) and at the spa (75 min). I just let it be and went for the massage.

    There was a young, slim and petite Thai therapist assigned to me, who I shall refer to as miss and. We started with the massage, which was okay. To calm my nerves, and to try and break the ice, we made some small talk. 20 minutes in I asked about extras. HJ, B2B and BJ was on the menu. She offered 4 k for B2B + BJ, and agreed to 3.5 K. Soon after we got into the deed. We got into the shower room, where she cleaned Johnny. It was quite mechanical, but guess that is expected. She stripped down and we made out a bit standing up. She insisted on no DFK so that was a bit of a turn-off. Her boobs were tiny, but she had an extremely tight body, which drove me wild. I was kissing her all over, and even planted a few on her pussy standing up. She was responding reasonably although not very expressive.

    I laid her down and continued kissing and licking her all over, and slowly moved down to her pussy, which was genuinely porn star pretty. Smooth, hairless and a perfect pair of lips. For all my fears of unprotected sex, I could not resist giving it a few licks, with her moans giving me more encouragement. My fear however took the better of me and I stopped soon and went back to fondling and kissing her.

    She came on top and went straight for the prize, and to my utter surprise and joy, went for a BBBJ. I was too far gone to say anything and just let her do what she willed. Starting with a few licks across the tip, she then proceeded to slide straight down. And that is when tragedy struck. In my tremendous excitement, I could not hold it in any longer and gave miss N a 3 second warning, before erupting all over myself.

    Sadly that was the end of it and miss and went straight for a shower.

    The summary is below. As this was my first experience, I will probably be a little more generous, so please excuse that:

    Face: 7/10.

    Boobs: 3/10 (not there at all, but went well with the rest of the figure).

    Body: 8/10.

    Ass: 8/10 (Round and firm, beautiful).

    Pussy: 7/10 (lovely to play with, but dry).

    DFK: 0/10.

    GFE: 6/10 (not mechanical, but not super into it either).

    Overall: 7/10 (good for a first time).

    Damage: 1400 counter + 3.5 k for extras.

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