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Thread: Pune

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    Fresh FR on a wakad

    Hello brothers,

    I'm was a silent observer here and purchased the subscription 2 days ago. Thinking that atleast people here will reply soon with genuine contacts, rather than getting cheated by SPs. Maybe it's the trust factors which will take time to build. Anyways I will share my FR now.

    Reached the city yesterday night and since got no response for fellow members, tried an SP digit ending 567 from skokka instead of loc. We bargained on the price and he arranged few birds near wakad and chose the one with good looking features. I was expecting something pathetic like ravet, but this collection was good.

    Though a problem which I've always faced is with the price, as the delivery guy will quote something different than what was decided on phone and then you waste time first to get things clear.

    Took the girl to my friend's house which is always empty as he's abroad and the home is at my disposal which I use during my visits to Pune.

    Coming to the girl, she was very cooperative and had just left from my place while I'm typing the FR. Insisted her for a pic but she's not comfortable. Also she's a student in Mumbai and don't work without SP. Anyways we reached home last night and then the action started in the elevator itself with DFK, grabbing and some mild spanking. Within the flat, we wasted no time to shed the clothes and hit the showers. Got a nice BJ in shower and came on her face. No CIM though. We took rest while doing some foreplay and getting ready for further actions. In total it was a superb experience with everything except anal on the plate. I'm wondering whether she is new in business or is quite generous with service. Details follows:

    GFE: Yes almost like a GF.

    DFK: Yes.

    Spanking: yes but not hard.

    Boobs: small but firm with long and sensitive tits.

    Pussy: tight and also allows you to finger her unlike others I tried.

    Anal: No.

    Attitude: best so far I've seen. She was equally involved in the act.

    DATY: yes and she enjoys a lot too.

    Damages: 8 k to SP for LT + 1 k to bird as a tip.

    WIR: yes without any doubt.

    I insisted her to share her number explaining she can keep all the money to herself but she didn't buy it. Alas! Was thinking to have her today as well with less price.

    I'm planning to check Ritu today if anyone can share the number. In return I can share the SP's number or you can check in skokka with name starting with are and digits ending 567.

    Thanks and play safe.

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    Check your PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by StormShadow23  [View Original Post]
    Old observer and a fairly new member. Have visited a few spas but haven't really got any good options from any SP and have been trying and looking for a long long time now. It would be great if someone provided Ritu's number. I will surely reciprocate with any help you need with Spas or anything else.

    Thank you.

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    Visiting Pune, need contacts. Please help.

    Hello bros,

    I'm visiting Pune for few days. Any help is appreciated. Read a lot about Ritu, please share her number. If few others can be also shared then it will be a great help. In return I can provide my share of contacts and spa info. Looking forward to you PM's.

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    Old observer and a fairly new member. Have visited a few spas but haven't really got any good options from any SP and have been trying and looking for a long long time now. It would be great if someone provided Ritu's number. I will surely reciprocate with any help you need with Spas or anything else.

    Thank you.

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    Ritu's number

    Dear all,

    I lost Ritu's no please share with me.

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    I think it is still on, I saw one news in today's newspaper in TOI.

    Quote Originally Posted by SittingDuck  [View Original Post]

    I am getting messages on WA from some SPs offering either Indians or Russians but at their normal inflated rates. Has LE action subsided now? Is it safe to get someone outcall to a decent hotel room?



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    Yes, she can come to your flat, I had her once in my flat, same price.

    Quote Originally Posted by IAm1984  [View Original Post]

    Does Ritu comes to own descent flat? Any one took her and what is the price tag if so?


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    Help required

    Hola Seniors, regulars.

    Would be great if someone can provide some good contacts near Viman Nagar for hotel call.

    Also ID like Ritu's number if someone can PM.

    Thanks and cheers.

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    Need some Pune contacts.

    Hello mongers,

    Hope you all are doing good.

    I need some contacts of genuine indie and SP.

    Please PM me the details. Also if anyone has Ritu's number then send that too.


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    No thais at spas?

    Called a spa in KP for an appointment and the receptionist mentioned that they now only have Indians (don't know if locals or NE) and not Thais.

    I don't think the dark period is over yet. It's been happening in multiple cities for about a month.

    Saw on another city's page that this usually happens at this time of the year before the LE starts their renegotiation. Was this true with Pune?

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    Pune Calling

    Mongering brothers of Pune, I would be there in next week, any help would be appreciated & reciprocated in Mumbai.

    Looking to a have good time with a chic with nice BJ & WOT skill.


    Quote Originally Posted by DeshRaj  [View Original Post]
    Pune trip escapade, this is about a fortnight old FR.

    Thanks to our ISG brothers, Ferguson, Arvindbash, Honeydewsmooth, Class Man, had a slew of contacts to choose from, went through the reports and finalised on much talked about Ritu.

    Spoke to her on the day of the deed and fixed up, started out to her place on Paud road as per her guidance, reached easily, greeted by a 30'ish fair looking short MILF like woman, not great on looks but was decently dressed, smelled nice after a bath (checked up while hugging).

    Had a chat with her about life, weather, traffic and finally started with a brief kiss. Was comfortable with her maybe because of my seamless Hindi.

    Lead to a long deep DFK, was surprised with her tongue play, as no FRs mentioned much of DFK from her, then we began to strip each other, she had a stringed bikini bra, with decent be cups and nips peeking out! Was sitting on the bed, and she was standing in front of me, Went after the fruits for quite sometime, firm tits with sensitive nipples, she was enjoying my tongue and fingers on her nips, she was playing with my hair all the while, then with my mouth on her top half, my hands were busy with her bottom half, nice cute Venus mound with a small navel, decent ass without much fat, was busy inserting fingers in her navel, had thin transparent undies, with her stubble pubes coming out to prick mildly.

    Made her to lie down and went after her clean non smelly pussy, started with fingering her clit and thereafter with my tongue, could hear her hissing sounds, love the sight when a woman whom you are eating starts pressing her boobs herself, went heavily on her with both tongue and fingers together, she was groaning and guess she came as could feel her shudder and her cunny was sloppy with fluids.

    She thanked me for the pleasure complimenting me on my oral skills.

    Saying it was her turn, she removed the remaining clothing on my body and took out my engorged cock out of my neon green jocks, she commented on the size and shape of the circumsized member positively, and started a BBJ, did it quite well and long, slurpy, non toothy, with enough attention to the nuts too. Guys any female who has a hanky, or a small towel ready with her during the act normally means she knows the art of BBJ, using the cloth to wipe out the excess saliva and precum before start.

    After about 10 to 15 minutes felt like on the edge, asked her to put on the condom and start riding, she was really good at it, did real rapid strokes with her petite frame, pussy was fairly tight, went on till she was breathing heavily, asked her to stop and moved on top in mish and continued to bang for some time, since she is short, I can't get to suck her tits while fucking, had to DFK instead, she was enjoying by the look on her face, continued to romp while tweaking her nipples and after some time, she had that glazed eye look on her face with shallow breath, when I continued to DFK, she closed her eyes was moaning very mildly, after some time asked her to turn around in doggy and started banging away, she has a lovely petite ass and slight bulk on her hips for love handles, was trying to spread her ass cheeks to watch my brother working, the condom was coated with her foamy love juices, this triggered my last lap, as it was the first round could not hold long, orgasmed with a final heave and fell on her back for a couple of minutes for both of us to recover. She made me lie down on my back and removed the cover with care and cleaned the willy with a clean towel, she went for a wash and change, I followed later and washed up myself.

    Handed over the damages, which she pocketed without counting, kissed her good bye and started back to my hotel room.

    It was really a bang for the buck.

    Not putting out ratings as many have penned before.

    Thanks for my friends again for sharing, also pl feel free to revert on any help from me, class man bro did you do the Bangalore visit and the option I shared?

    Happy mongering guy's.


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    Bless Spa Hpsr

    Today visited to Hdpsr bliss spa. There were 5,6 Thai therapist. This was my sixth visit to this spa. Assigned Thai named Nany. She is good looking with huge melon. She gave lot of hints during massage. She quoted 3 k for full service. Enjoyed her with wot position. As there is no doors she was bit hesitant for FS. She was ready to meet outside. I was in hurry so forget to get her digit. All girls from this spa gives extra. Out of six visit two time got FS,2 time B2B and HJ 2 time.

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    Ritu Outcall


    Does Ritu comes to own descent flat? Any one took her and what is the price tag if so?


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    Rightly said bro

    Quote Originally Posted by Kkarunkk  [View Original Post]

    If your question is from a genuine concern, and if you are really honest and wish to follow our advice (which is based on how we have burnt our pockets earlier), then the advice is a strict no to advance payments, however small or big the amount may be. Even if it is a 100 bucks, when you lose it, you will realise that one or two pegs are lost, saala you could have enjoyed a small drink with it than losing it.

    Whether it is Akshita or Aishwarya, no one knows who the F is actually on the other side of the chat name. All advance payments are frauds.
    It's always fraud when it comes to advance. Make it as a rule in mongering world here. Also don't get fooled by so called friendship clubs. All are fake operating from west Bengal. Stay miles away from fraudsters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PleasureForYou  [View Original Post]
    On okc got connected to this one chick Akshita Sharma asking for 1000 advance is she genuine?

    Attaching the photo claims to be an event management chick always in some or the other emergency. Please confirm attached pic. Or is it some random pic. 5 k demand.
    This is a fake pic. Please do not pay advance. I was asked for the same. I did some more talking to realize she was lying. Safe mongering.

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