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    FR on Ritu.

    Met the most talked lady in Pune forum.

    Short, fair, good assets but you can guess her age from her face.

    Her BJ skills are awesome and already discussed a lot before. She will lick your tool and balls like anything.

    But I didn't like something about her and this is never discussed here. She don't feel anything when you work on her. Whether you are Kissing, Licking, Sucking or DATY she don't feel anything. And that will somewhere disappoint you. Overall a OK experience because of her BJ skills.

    Place is safe and easy to find. Charges 5 K for 1 HR.

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    Miss and. S Spa Baner.

    Had the same experience today. Was assigned miss and. She looked disinterested from the start. I purposely left the dispo on the table and flashed johnny at her from the start which she was OK with. However, she kept covering it with the towel during the massage. No hints whatsoever during the whole massage. At last I popped the question and she quoted 3 K for B2B (same what she quoted to David bro). Tried bargaining for 2 k which she flatly refused. Somehow managed to get johnny in control and let it go. I am glad I didn't budge for 3 k offer and skipped B2B session. Massage was decent though.

    Avoid miss and (Ana) at S Spa if you're looking to get some action.

    I need the name of miss L at S Spa with whom another bro had decent fun. Could someone please help with it?

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidP5  [View Original Post]
    This was my second visit to S Spa within a week time as wanted to try this lady, I saw her in my previous visit I. E. 4 days before and thought to try her.

    So I visited again for her, but as said few things are actually good to be true. She started well, a good back and leg massage with lot of hints. After few min I asked her for extras and she said 3 K. I tried to negotiate and told her what is the standard charges there and I gave to everyone else. She did some nakharas but I finally managed to get her to 2.5 K. She asked the payment upfront as it was first time with her. I gave and then she started. But for my shock she was not allowing to touch her, no kiss, very rare sucking, there is nothing which you can do. She said, I will give you service and I don't want your service. LOL it make me laugh but I told her this is how it should go, If I can't do anything then just sleep idle then it is not worth for me. I tried sometimes inbetween but she was very rigid. She tried to make me cum ASAP but I hold it for almost 35 min. Then she said its taking very long doing B2 be and I will do HJ. I told her, I am not happy with this type of service and then she said you didn't give me 3 k. I told her its good, I saved my. 5 K. It was not about money I would have given you extra 500 tip if service was good. But you are after money. And I would avoid you in future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaboink  [View Original Post]
    She seem to have no boobs. !! Check carefully lot of makeup too on the face looks very evident and a potential loot at 6 K / Pop.
    High price bro.

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    KP options

    Hello Bros,

    Never tried KP, please guide what to try.

    Spas? SPs? Heard of lane no. 7 can I get on the spot options there? Please guide.


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    Shangvi lady.

    Writing late about encounter with lady from Sanghvi area claimed to be real estate agent. Encounter was normal not much to write only thing to be noted that she is having a girl in early twenties ready for three some action. I asked her to have action only with the girl but she refused. Asking for three some action 10 k for LT. Her number ends with 324 unable to remember her name.

    Face 5/10.

    Assets 5/10.

    GFE 7/10.

    Damage 7 k 2 hours not time watchers.

    Looking to have action only with girl with her not interested in three some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuneGuy2006  [View Original Post]
    Thanks buddy, I had booked her for this week end, will cancel based on your report.
    Yup! Definitely not worth wasting our hard earned money.

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    Visiting Pune.

    Greetings brethren,

    Revisiting your fine city next week and looking for some good indie ladies. Will reciprocate in kind with Delhi and Bangalore contacts (You can go through my previous reports).



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    Quote Originally Posted by Prayog  [View Original Post]
    Had a narrow escape yesterday with LE action in a P.S. Spa with Thai therapists. Was going to get a massage and noticed chi green spa half shutter down and 2 to 3 plain clothes LE on phones. Was not sure if it was LE or something else them checked couple of other Thai spas nearby and they are closed. Finally went to be spa P.S. And got Indonesian therapist and got to know that all Thais with invalid visa and no therapist certificate have been asked to leave he country.

    Play safe and stay away from Thai spas in P.S. For couple of weeks.
    Where is the indonesian? Some clues please?

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    Help for Pune.

    Hello brother,

    Just came across your post for that needy beautiful lady in Pune.

    It will be of great help if you can help me with her no. I am Pune now. I will be happy if I could also be of any help to you in future.



    Quote Originally Posted by HotPussyEater  [View Original Post]
    My friends has moved out to Pune. She is Divorcee with one kid. Mind it dear she is an ultra beautiful girl. Looking for some job, so I suggested to go for this. She is not pros. She is a homely girl without place but she needs someone who can help her with money. She can come during daytime only.

    So guys who want to try a new food can ping me.

    Only 4 entries per week will be accepted.

    No pics can be shared. But trust me guys she is the best girl in town.

    She desires to take a donation of 10,000- for few hrs with 2 shots.

    Ping slowly slowly.

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    Need some contacts ready for 3 some and Anal.

    Hello all,

    I would be vising Pune in June. Do anyone have contacts who are ready for 3 some or Anal. Want to strike it off my bucket list.

    Can share SP contact in Kochi.

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    Send number please.

    Send number please. I will make sure to help her properly. Waiting for response.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:


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    BP. Best pocket friendly option.

    BP is one of the best pocket friendly option available in Pune.

    If you spend certain number of visits to same brothel and same girl and create a repo they will treat you as god.

    I remember the days in 2009 - 2011 where I was regular to one brothel 2-3 times week. They had treated me like reputed customer and there was no time restrictions for me. They offered best if their girls to me. Even they offer snacks and allow you to have drinks there. And all this was for RS 130 per visit. I really enjoyed best of sexual activity that time.

    On the other side there is also risk of LE which roam there all tine to catch visitors but if you handle them confidently you can settle for RS 100 and that's it. I had faced many such incidents and learn over the time to handle them. LE there just try to get money as much possible from you. But if you carry limited money they take what ever available and let you go.

    Hope this will help.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaddyPatil  [View Original Post]
    In BP you can for for 1-hrs service for 1000- to 1500- depend on the gal you choose, but don't expect good service from these gal many of them have very bad attitude. There are very few gals who really for their clients. But all are time watchers. If you are their regular clients and if they trust you, then only you can take them out to lodge for night.

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    Thanks for genuine post.

    Thank you Bro for your FR, I was planing to meet her tomorrow, you saved my 3 K.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaddyPatil  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Yesterday I met Peehu she is a very fat & ugly looking women. Africans gals is much good looking then her.

    I have read few post before people said she is not good looking, but none of them told she is ugly and cheap.

    She has very loose boobs, loose pussy, big ass, she has big stretch mark all over her body, her tummy is like a 9-month pregnant women.

    He service was very flat and slow total waste of time and money.

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    Pune college girl.

    Thanks buddy, I had booked her for this week end, will cancel based on your report.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaxkaary  [View Original Post]
    Further to my previous post about her high prices.

    So, after negotiating for 3 days & being cheated by an Wakad SP the previous day (Will write about this in a different post), I finally struck a deal with her for 12 K (3 hrs).

    That she is a college student (Engg. HAHAHA) & is having her exams are all lies because her exam dates keep on changing as per the client's convenience.

    Booked a KP hotel, checked-in, she arrived 15-20 minutes later. Short girl (good for me), pretty face, great shaped body, good upper rack & a great booty. But sadly, that's where the nice part ends.

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    Is she is looking for some more guys. Please share her digits.

    Quote Originally Posted by R2612  [View Original Post]
    So this is exactly how it went down last night:

    Location: Acolade, off Chandannagar Hadapsar bypass road.

    Arrival: 9:30 pm.

    Damages: 6 beers, 1 pack of protection.

    Things I carried: A red nylon rope (bought from a hardware store), a wooden bat I just shaped into a flogger (took a good 2 hours to do that).

    Her flat: 3 room mates, all out for the night. 3 BHK, open for play.

    Act: I reached, we gulped 4 beers while just chatting...

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