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Thread: FKK Colosseum - Augsburg

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    Another worthwhile visit at Colosseum this Saturday afternoon. I had sessioned Sherry over one year ago when she was still working at Cleopatra. She must be the tallest girl in Colosseum, a tall gazelle if ever there was one. Impeccable service. She's one of those tall creature that appear from a distance as though they might be arrogant and full of themselves but when addressed turn out to be pseudo-shy and eager to please. Not many countries in the World where you can fuck such a white girl for 50-100 euros, only one I know of to tell the truth.

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    Colosseum this Monday afternoon

    I was driving back to Munich from Frankfurt through Stuttgart but decided this to stop-over at Colosseum rather than at Sakura or Paradise Stuttgart.

    No more than 25 girls in attendance this afternoon but about 12 or 13 available at any time. That's more than I found available yesterday at Sharks at the same time of day!

    Colosseum is good value for money on account of the 40 euro entry if you stay no more than 2 hours and arrive before 5 pm, and also on account of its very decent collection of good-looking girls providing good service and no holds barred blowjobs.

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    When I visited Stuttgart I met lots of bavarians as well. It is slightly closer than Hessen, but they all said they mixed it up. Sometimes going to frankfurt and sometimes stuttgart.

    Colosseum was just soso. It was the only option in bavaria, but just below average in any aspect...

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    You are right, got the day wrong. Wednesday it is.

    Most guys I know from around Munich drive to Hessen to visit Sharks, Oase, World. That probably says a lot about it.


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    Only one visit to this place for me back in 2009, on a Wednesday and it was Dessous Tag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyyRanger  [View Original Post]
    1. How has the Colosseum been lately? Not much discussions here somehow.
    By comparison to the FKK & Sauna Clubs in Hessen and NRW (also Berlin) there is never all that much discussion about their Bavarian equivalents, of which Colloseum is preeminent.

    Reason probably being that most of the members reporting on this board primarily frequent clubs away from Bavaria. There are more club choices in NRW and Hessen.

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    If I remember right dessous day is Thursday.


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    Colloseum is Ok

    Standard price, ie 50 euros for standard service (intercourse in all positions, mutual oral, good no-nonsense blow-job). Good service on the whole. I was there one week ago and they had only 20 girls on duty but the quality is good IMO. A plus is that the club has a short-time option (40 euros for 2 hours provided you arrive no later than 5 pm). Girls are completely naked. I've never stumbled upon any lingerie day but then again I always visit on Saturdays and Sundays afternoon.

    On the whole I would say this is an FKK that doesn't change much. Some girls leave but they're replaced by other girls of approximately the same quality.

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    A few questions

    1. How has the Colosseum been lately? Not much discussions here somehow.

    2. How much do the girls charge?

    3. Do they have a lingerie night? Somehow I am not turned on by the lingerie, prefer the girls to be completely naked, so I would try to avoid that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HydroPumper
    Last visit, "K" performed something not negotiated or asked for and then demanded extra money back in the locker room!
    If "K" is Kerry, she did this not the very first time. Kerry is good, but also extreme business orientated. Also, her inner clock is overspend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HessenBub  [View Original Post]
    Did you see Sibel / Sybel, the small blonde Romanian?

    No. I don't remember seeing any really small blondes today.

    I went with a rather slim (neither tall nor small) Rumanian who's just had a tit-job, don't remember her name. She was quite proud of her tit-job (no scar, silicaon through the armpits).

    The two new girls I spotted are brunettes, one of them quite sun-tanned (could be from South America).

    I'm planning to hit Colosseum again next week-end.

    Note that the "Heute Anwesend" list on Colosseum's website is fairly reliable but not their "Abwesend" list because that black Brazilian I mentioned who now works at Prestige told me she had to call Colosseum to remove her from the list as clients were texting her to ask when she would be working again. I guess keeping girls who've left on their "Abwesend" list is a way of making the potential line-up look bigger than it really is.

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    Did you see Sibel / Sybel, the small blonde Romanian?


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    Good-quality girls right now

    I'm back from a pit stop at Colosseum. Not many girls available this Easter Monday afternoon, but nearly all of them doable. I saw two of their new girls and I put them both on my to-do list.

    A check of FKK Hawaii (Colosseum's closer competitor) is long overdue but my last three visits at Hawaii were such a disappointment I couldn't resist going to Colosseum instead.

    For the afficionado: no trace of the new "Prostitutionsgesetz" at Colosseum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HessenBub  [View Original Post]
    Did she tell you if she's going to stay in Neunkirchen for a while? Thanks.

    Yes she did say she would stay for some time. She considered business in Prestige not bad at all ("da pra tirar algum dinheiro").

    She also mentioned she had become bored by Colosseum's no approach policy which forces girls to wait on their own if no customer takes the initiative to come up and do small talk.

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    Did she tell you if she's going to stay in Neunkirchen for a while? Thanks.


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