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Thread: FKK Sakura - B÷blingen

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    Saturday 3:30 - 7:30 pm

    Even before I had time to undress I had spotted (and been spotted by) thin-waisted, swivel-hipped, small-titted, narrow-shouldered, snub-nosed Nicola whom I'd sessioned at FKK Paradise a couple of days earlier. She told me she'd not found Paradise to her liking and was back at her former place of work. Nicola is endowed with a daintily pear-shaped ass and instead of filling all the space, her thighs curve concave inwards to leave a lentil-shaped void between her legs that seems to invite exploration of the inner female sanctum. Otherwise the LU was not abysmal but it again failed to convince, especially so on a Saturday.

    The deservedly famous Sakura dinner had fallen victim to the gorgeous weather, being replaced by the outdoor burning of animal flesh in propitiation of the Gods of Olympus.

    My sex day in Boeblingen was not over yet, for I later picked up the courage to explore a piece of the local non FKK action (more on this in the "Germany, other areas" thread).

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    Nice club

    Very well designed club but the LU isn't great imo. I prefer Paradise in Stuttgart.

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    Sakura still on the run

    Aida I did not see, but still a good line up in Sakura this time of year (today and December 31st closed, but open for remained of the year) en happily still no signs of any DDoS attack (see Oase thread) so all girls will to offer decent service (including DFK and BBBJ), also for half hour or more if you want of course.

    Hannah, the beautiful girl with classic Italian looks, is back and again a gem in the room. That applies even more for Bianca, who now has darker hair, that looks even better. Also some newbees, one of which is Maddy (no, not the one from Finca) who is 1 m80 without shoes, as well is her friend (Jana / Lana? Both speak perfectly English and have good performance in the room.

    Catering and wellness is on par with the entrance price, so all and all good place to be.

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    Missing girl-Aida from Bosnia


    If anyone have experience with Aida, from Yugoslavia, in Sakura's website announced from Bosnia.

    She is very pretty, big natural tits and young.

    But seemed not announced anymore in attendence list she was working in Frankfurt before.

    Would like to know info about her.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think I saw Latifa, looked good. But, I had about 3 other choices out of the bunch. Supposedly about 50 girls peak on my visit. Dunno about that, looked much less than count I see at Aca which is typically 40. I didn't think the LU was good. Few potential picks, but no real stunner, or many good optics. Paradise had a better LU.

    When I arrived, I was pleased to find out the entry will be 50 Euros instread of 75 (which is quite high for what you get there). Winter special was what I was told since I visited on a Thurs.

    It was nice to be able to nap in the sleep room they got there as I needed some shut-eye.

    There was a blond I spoke to earlier with glasses that was ex-Oase who was a candidate, but I ended up opting for 2 other girls in the end instead of 3.

    Alison, long straight black hair, slim, be-cups, pretty face. Service was a bit restrictive with proposals for extras for certain things. Pretty avg session.

    Maya, black hair, see-cups with a slight droop. Nice slim bod. Prettiest face there with nice smile IMO. Ex-Sharks. GFE. Nice girl. Highly repeatable. Would recommend.

    What I like about this club compared to Paradise is the approach of the girls are better. Chat up with a girl a bit on the couch, etc.. instead of Paradise girls interaction being baby baby, I want chu, etc.. LOL. Perhaps there is quality control in what talent is allowed to work there compared to Paradise.

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    Anyone experience with Amanda here in Sakura? Looks like an ex-OASE girl too (like Latifa).

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    Sunday visit

    Decided on sakura as my destination for Sunday, GPS found the place with ease. 45 possible girls working so it looked promising. Oh how looks can be deceiving. Their website is pretty much worthless, their 19 year old latifa is really 22 and the photos show the rest of the girls in unbelievable light. Photoshopped by professionals. Yeah you could tell it was the girl in the photo but I doubt they ever looked that good.

    Onto the lineup, it wasn't too bad, I recognized half the girls from old lu's at oase, world and sharks. Only girl worth repeating was latifa, service and attitude were worth the visit. Hot little body, not as smoking as the website photos but still rock solid. And she sucks non stop, no upsells.

    Would I bother coming back to sakura? Unlikely.

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    No dessous day in Sakura anymore

    They have stopped it. Everyday FKK. All girls in shoes only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breadman  [View Original Post]
    When is dessous tag at Sakura?
    Tuesday according to my notes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breadman  [View Original Post]
    When is dessous tag at Sakura?
    It was Tuesdays, but looks like they are not doing this anymore.

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    When is dessous tag at Sakura?

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    Hannah (ROM / ITA) is a real beauty, with natural see breasts and good attitude and service on the room. Nelly is from Kazachstan and some of you might know her as Svetlana (from long time ago Freude, GT, etc) but now with blond hair and silicones.

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    I don't go there anymore. I used to go there for business quite often. Back then, Paradise had generally the better LU, but Sakura had the favorites. In the area, those are the two were the best options with Safari as third, but Safari didn't compare(may have changed, dunno). I barely visited Safari once, and quickly left. LOL.

    Did Sakura's lineup recently pick up to top shape and good talents leave at some point? When did it pick up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PussyLiccker  [View Original Post]
    Yeah, I saw that under gallery. They got a written statement at the bottom probably to avoid legal run-ins if it happens.

    I didn't notice Jeanette from Munich or Donna half-Syrian is still around, although it's been years. As a newb, it was a regular club because of those two. Jeanette mainly as I was hooked. LOL.
    Where do you go now if you're in the area?

    Looking for other alternatives, not a fan of Paradise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pistons  [View Original Post]
    Is the girls LU gallery updated biweekly? Or even daily?
    I think Daily, it was right past few weeks, but this weekend a lot of faces added that I didn't see last week. So have to check.

    But all lot of the best talent left recently it seems so maybe the owners noticed and did something.

    I always thought it's a well run place.

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