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    Sakura: better than Paradise

    I was there on Saturday afternoon. Many men were watching soccer instead of monopolising girls. There was some queuing for rooms after 6 o'clock but that got better after dinner was served (7 o'clock). Line-up is OK and girls do not seem unhappy. The food is good and the architecture of the club is conducive to relaxation. Reception is very friendly. For a stopover near Stuttgart, Sakura is the place, not Paradise.

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    Second sakura visit

    I have just come back from this club. I spent just over four hours there although I had planned to spend much longer. A throbbing head ache and spending much more than I intended is the reason.

    I have to say that by the time I left the lineup was good and I was tempted to stay but my mind won over my dick! I got there around four and stayed till just after nine. I had gone to see Stella primarily after my last visit. When I got there she hadn't got there yet so I went with an average looking but very friendly Romanian girl called Alyssa or something like that. Great kisser. Had a short half hour session and came really hard after 30 min. Alyssa 7/7/8 (body / face / performance) 50. Showered and spent some time in the jacuzzi. Started getting headache afterwards. I think due to tension. At that time the lineup was not great and I was considering going when I spotted the lovely Stella. So she was so much hotter than anyone else there in my opinion. She remembered me and came to me. I joined her in the smoking room. We had a great chat and feeling horny we initially agreed on a two hour session. I didn't negotiate and it was a rookie error as well as revealing the danger (primarily to one's wallet!) of starting to develop feelings for a working girl. For some reason we hit it off really well last time and she had opened up to me. Similarly this time so off we went. In the room it was very good and she let me do pretty much anything I wanted including rimming me which made me feel like Rocco! Anyway I had only recently come and though she got me hard very quickly again I wasn't able to sustain my erection in doggy and eventually came from wanking as she watersported on me. That was the end of our first hour and it came to 300 . I don't normally go with girls who charge for DFK but like I said pretty faces and feelings are deadly in this hobby! So I had to go to the ATM on site! Paid her and then had dinner with her. My headache was getting worse too so I told her I was going home after dinner. Stella. German. 300 euro. 9/9/8 (minus 1 for DFK charge). Showered sauna ed and left. Total spend was 425 euro. Agreed to see her soon again. Spotted a lot of hotties as I was getting ready to leave!

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    Made it my Sunday stop. I must say the Sunday LU wasnt very good. Seem to me, pretty much Romanians with a a few not so attractive Germans. Finally found a Romanian my type, pretty blond with nice curves, but service was not the best. No interest coming back. Should have checked out Paradise.

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    Just checked the line-up online. Donna half German from Stuttgart is still there. I remember my newbie sessions with her. Ignorance is bliss. Looking at the online line-up, it seems bigger than what I've seen on their website previously. Probably worth checking out. Worth spending a day there I would imagine. Bring something to occupy your time in the relaxation area, and enjoy some nice food. I would think the age range of girls would be mid to upper 20's, and some older ladies and milfs. This could have changed though.

    Lots of Italian girls listed. Are they really Italian? LOL. Actually, it's plausible given Italy is not far from Stuttgart.

    Total of 67 girls listed in the website like how Samya does it. I recall the online check-in system was accurate. Checked the girls present, and it's a good number for Thursday night. Did Paradise take theirs out?

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    Nice detailed report. Probably the best looking, cleanest, and relaxing club I've been. The relaxation area is something else. When I used to go there, I don't recall too many girls during the week, I guess 30 sounds about right during the week, and there weren't that much more in the weekend. 80-85 girls on weekend sound inflated. I'd have to see it to believe it. Things could have changed though. They always had some sort of events, and weekend events are quite fun. Mostly German clientel. There were several nice looking German girls there when I used to go there. Food is German cuizine from what I recall, but very good. Lots of variety. I recall Paradise food being very good also.

    How was the variety in types of girls? I recall Paradise being more varied in nationality with Sakura being Romanians or Germans mostly.

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    First visit to Sakura

    So, after much delay I finally decided to pay a visit to Sakura (the other option was Paradise but I've been there 3 times already in the recent past.) I found it quite comfortably thanks to the directions on here and also Google Maps -- how on Earth did we manage without it?! Anyway, lets talk about the club. I am typing this after literally getting back and am quite exhausted.

    After entering the club. Which is in an industrial estate close to various car manufactures such as Audi etc. -- I paid my 70 euros and was asked if it was my first time. I said yes and so the lady at reception got one of the other girls to show me around. I was very impressed by the facilities. Very impressed indeed. What I really liked was that the Wellness area was on a separate floor to where the 'action' was and so one was never disturbed by girls when all you wanted was a sauna or jacuzzi. The decor was very Japanese -- as the website says --and very modern and minimalist. I loved it. The wellness area was IMHO the best of any FKK I've been to -- not in what it offered-- they roughly all offer the same -- but how it was designed. Very upmarket indeed -- with leather lounge chairs and even a separate resting area with waterbeds to sleep. The 70 euros would be worth it just for using the spa facilities all day. Professional masseurs were also on hand for extra if required. Great so far.

    The main action area included the obligatory bar and cigar-bar (a nice touch of luxury) within a long room with rectangular black leather sofas everywhere and a nice dining area to one side of the bar. (The food was superb.).

    There is also a kind of partition which leads to the smoking lounge and a lot of girls are there too. One can join them. The floor above this is where the rooms are if you wan to go for a girl. The changing rooms are on the underground level with the wellness center. The entrance and reception are on ground floor. Action area and dining area / bar on first floor, zimmers on second.

    Anyway being very very impressed with the facilities (the marketing on the website - 'FKK Sakura. A premium FKK club' or something like that is spot-on; it looks and feels premium.).

    Okay, now to the main thing. The girls. I went on a Tuesday evening which is generally a quieter day in most FKKs compared with Thu to Sat and it also happened to be dessoustag where the girls are in lingerie / underwear. I wasn't aware of that but I don't mind it as often less is more.

    At a rough guess I'd say there were around 30-40 girls I saw although not at all times as some were in the rooms working. One girl told me on Saturdays you can get around 85 girls-- which is a lot. The quality of the girls seemed slightly higher than in Paradise although not as high as in Palace or Artemis or Oase. Still there were definitely at least 3 9's I spotted in my time (only 3 or 4 hours) there and if you go by the website (BTW it has the best website of any of the German FKKs I've been to -- each girl working is listed with details and photos) the quality of the girls is much higher when all are working. There were a lot of 7's and some 8's, maybe some 6's too. These things are all down to taste. I prefer the slender, tall, young girls and for me it was okay though the number of optificks wasn't as high as in Palace, for example.

    I was lucky and after being given the tour I showered and sat at the bar and just watched sipping a coke. I then did a walk around the action area to get a closer look at the girls on show. I went into the smoking area and spotted the hottest girl of the night by far -- IMHO. She was tall, slender, with good sized natural breasts, dark haired brunette, and a pretty face with smoky eyes and a great ass and legs. Body was easily 9. Face was a 9 too. Body has tattoos on chest and on her belly. I knew I wouldn't find many hotter girls so I spoke to her and we had a good conversation whilst she smoked. Her name is Stella and she is German. I liked that as in my experience German girls are firecrackers in the bedroom. She wanted to eat first as dinner was about to be served and go to the room after. I agreed. We negotiated and to my slight disappointment she said DFK was not included in the base 50 euros for her. I didn't bother to argue and said OK due to her hotness. We settled on 150 for the hour including DFK etc.

    After the excellent dinner I joined her and we went to a room on the top floor with a shower in it and a circular bed. In the room she was excellent and lived up to my expectation of German girls. She did everything I asked of her so that extra 50 was worth it for sure. She was the first girl for a while -- since one girl at Colosseum- who happily tossed my salad. It felt amazing. I also DATYed for a very long time and when we fucked she was so horny that she bucked and squirmed and admitted afterwards that she came. She actually came before me and I was tired so I wasn't able to come until she squatted over me and. Did an extra whilst I wanked. I came! Performance 10.

    We had real chemistry and a lot of fun together in the room. She told me things about her I won't repeat but I haven't clicked like that with a girl since my time at Palace.

    Stella, German, tall leggy brunette. Face / Body / Performance 9/9/10. Definitely worth a repeat and we agreed on a meeting time in the near future.

    After paying her 250 euros (the 100 extra for the extra at the end.) -- there is luckily an ATM on the premises at reception! Great idea! -- we kissed and I promised to see her very soon. I then spent a good hour or so in the jacuzzi - it is awesome -- and the Finnish sauna and was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep. If I didn't have to catch an earlier train I could have slept in the rest room adjacent on the waterbeds. I may do so in future and stay till 4 am (on weekends.).

    I had 50 euros left but I didn't want to spend it so I looked around the other girls and spotted another 9, a leggy blonde this time whom I'd seen earlier, and at the very end a German dirty blonde called Vanessa who had a fantastically round ass and who seemed really nice. I was too tired to go with her though and told her I was leaving soon. I ate some salad and then left. Stella waved to me as I did so and we agreed to meet soon.

    I also spotted a cute black girl and some other nice girls. The outside area is fantastic too with a well manicured garden, Japanese style, with lounging chairs, a shower, a bed. And a huge TV screen. In good weather it'd be awesome.

    Anyway overall I am hugely impressed with FKK Sakura. Will definitely come here again.

    Total damage: 320 euros (70 entrance and 250 for Stella.).

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    Stuttgart-area Explorations Day 2

    After a night at (but not exactly in) Paradise back in mid-August, I was looking forward to another first-time visit to a club known for its high standards of facilities. Sakura did not disappoint, with its classy decor appropriately displaying the clean lines of Japanese modernism. (It reminded me in this way of Circolo Passion in Innsbruck). It had been an easy 20+ minute ride from Stuttgart on the S Bahn out to the Hulb station, beyond Boblingen, and a short walk from the station.

    The number of girls on hand was larger than at Paradise, with a slightly better level of quality. That said, I still had to do some careful consideration to come up with my to-do list. This could have been because a number of girls were sitting in the smoking room, separated from the main lounge by dark glass, and not so easy to spot, but for whatever reason few of them stood out. And the ones that literally stood out by making an approach were not appealing.

    One that did stand out was a petite, blonde girl with big tits sitting quietly outside the smoking room entrance. Optically she was about the best I saw that night, but I was wary when she offered a very restrained response when I sat down, and misunderstood a joke about getting a tour of the rooms. I think this was ultimately just a temporary language issue for Vivian, who was the only Hungarian girl in the club (her English was actually pretty good). When we got upstairs I warmed her up with some DATY, while stroking her substantial round (and fake) boobs. She kissed lightly throughout, which my ego would like to attribute to her enjoying herself, since at the end she explained that I should have asked about extra services at the outset since she normally does not kiss. I think she said all that to be conscientious and businesslike in a consumer rights sort of way. She was good about telling me about time left and giving the full 30 minutes if not more. I had suggested an hour, encouraged by her responses and my own pleasure boning her in missionary, enjoying her ride me, and especially watching down and in the mirror at her fantastic ass as we did it doggy. She declined the extra session though, claiming it was a girth issue (I was sad to cut things off, but took that as a compliment).

    Another girl definitely stood out at Sakura. As soon as I entered I noticed a fine black girl sitting at the bar. My typical modus operandi is to go for black girls as soon as and whenever possible, but in the time it took me to get a drink this girl had a customer. The same thing happened again later in my visit, so when I saw her enter the ladies locker room on the ground floor after a trip to the very nice wellness area (also downstairs), I rushed up to the bar and set up an ambush for when she would invariably return.

    This worked; as soon as she sat at the bar I approached and we moved over to a couch. Bentley came from Nigeria, though she had lived in Germany for over 15 years in the Hamburg area. A question that came to mind when she introduced herself: If you are going to choose a car name in the club in Stuttgart, why not make it "Mercedes".

    As we began to chat, she asked for a mixed drink, which are not cheap at Sakura (15 Euros or so), and while it put me off a bit that she did this so quickly, I saw it as an investment as I was not sitting with her in "interview" mode: there was no way I was not going to the room with this hottie. Her ass was incredible. Sitting, chatting, and indeed sharing the sweet vodka drink was fun, and we eventually moved upstairs to a room. That's where things disappointed; Bentley kissed a little, but contrary to her vivacious personality on display downstairs, in bed she was kind of passive, her overall performance lackluster. I chalked it up to the alcohol and her having been pretty busy over the course of the night.

    From this point, say 9 PM, I struggled to choose another mate for the night. There were several true Milfs (over 40 years old, probably), who were popular and I wondered about how their experience would translate in the room. I did not ultimately go for any of them, though. There were a couple of very slender girls (Romanian, like most at Sakura from what I could tell) who got up at the pole and danced to Romanian music. The glisten of perspiration on their slim bodies and small breasts temped me, but they were either spirited away or I lost interest.

    As a couple of other prospects disappeared up to the rooms I had thoughts of leaving, until I saw a cute short-haired blonde wearing high stockings and of all things a bow tie, sitting alone. She gave me such a sweet smile when I sat down that I knew I had struck gold. Joia was Romanian, with a delicious body: the only way I can describe her is very grabbable. Not chubby but not slender, with perfect handful boobs. A little pre-session kiss didn't prepare me for the passionate tongue kissing when we were in the room, which set the tone for an electric session. It was GFE all the way from the wet blow job, ass-squeezing doggy, to her riding me to climax. Sadly, I stumbled on Joia very late in the evening, and I needed to make it to the S-Bahn station for the last train home half past midnight. I would have happily gone an hour or more with her, but I consoled myself by thinking that I would return the next night. I never did get back, but that's the story of another pleasant surprise continued on the FKK Safari Fellbach thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McAdonis  [View Original Post]
    Maybe I just end up picking smokers, but I can only think of like maybe one amongst my "mongering career" who were non-smokers. I will caveat that my FKK career only goes back to about 2009, which was already dominated by Romanians by then. But I'd say I have Czechs, Poles, Ukrainians in my favorites list and they all smoked as well.
    I look at it as a built in restraint. Nobody likes kissing an ashtray. It prevents you from giving in to the DFK fee.

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    Czechs, Poles, and Ukes

    Quote Originally Posted by McAdonis  [View Original Post]
    Maybe I just end up picking smokers, but I can only think of like maybe one amongst my "mongering career" who were non-smokers. I will caveat that my FKK career only goes back to about 2009, which was already dominated by Romanians by then. But I'd say I have Czechs, Poles, Ukrainians in my favorites list and they all smoked as well.
    Hey McAdonis.

    If you want these girls now, you will have to visit them on their home turf, as they are few and far between. I have met girls that do not smoke in each and every one of the countries that you listed. Nothing worse than DFK with a girl that smokes. If you are ever in Prague, look up Carmen Firestorm. She is a health nut and does not put anything toxic in her body. I can honestly say that her pussy tastes sweet! PM me, if you want the details.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Manny51  [View Original Post]
    And being the many of the girls are Romanian, and thus smokers, many hang out in there. Its not a deal breaker by any means, but a small annoyance.
    Maybe I just end up picking smokers, but I can only think of like maybe one amongst my "mongering career" who were non-smokers. I will caveat that my FKK career only goes back to about 2009, which was already dominated by Romanians by then. But I'd say I have Czechs, Poles, Ukrainians in my favorites list and they all smoked as well.

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    Pleasantly surprised.

    I visited FKK Sakura about two weeks a go during a Germany trip, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

    In regards to the women, it was average. And I don't mean that in an insulting way. Look, anyone who has been to at least a few FKK's knows the score. Lots of Romanians and Moldovans. Most thin and generally attractive. Most smoke. Most have detached attitudes, but you can find some gems. That's just the way it is, that's the way most FKKs are, and that's what I mean by average. Some places are superior in terms of girls, like IMO, Oase. But average is to be expected and that's what you get here. FKK management can't completely control the women; they are free individuals. They look for pretty girls, and throw out the ones with complaints.

    One plus, however, is that the girls are tested here. Depending on your risk assessment curve, this can be of great value. It is to me.

    It's in every other regard that I was pleasantly surprised by Sakura. First, the facilities. It is obviously Japanese themed, with lots of space and teak wood accents. The furniture and lounge area is nice. A previous poster commented that the smoking area is basically a curtained off area in the main space. The curtain is opaque. You can see through it enough to know that they are people in there, but not enough to see if this girl or that is attractive. And being the many of the girls are Romanian, and thus smokers, many hang out in there. Its not a deal breaker by any means, but a small annoyance. The front desk staff is nice and helpful. The sauna facilities are nice, with multiple temperatures, as well as a jacuzzi, and a good sized wading pool. Outdoors, there is a giant screen tv, like the kind in Times Square. I imagine it would be great for sporting events. There is a bar and grill outside, but it wasn't open when I was there. The food was above average, and the alcohol was reasonably priced, about 4-5 euro each. In terms of the "spa" aspect of the FKK, Sakura is very nice. I haven't been to tons of FKKs, but of the ones I have been to, it is definitely the best in that regard.

    Its not Oase or Globe. But if you are in the area, and after a long day of work or tourism, are also looking forward to the "spa" aspect of FKKs, its a good value.

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    Visiting Sakura next Friday

    Hi all,

    Thanks for this thread, its indeed very informative.

    I'm heading to Munich next Friday (for an Oktoberfest weekend, of course) and will stop by Stuttgart, so obvious choice is between Sakura and Paradise. After reading the reviews, I'm thinking Sakura is my first option. So a couple of questions from a relative newbie (just a couple of FKK experiences at Samya) to the more experienced guys:

    1) What's the lineup like on a Friday afternoon? I think I'll be there around 2 pm.

    2) Looks like some public action could take place at Sakura, in the lounge or kino area. If this is the case, does the girl claim this as part of her "time"? When does the clock start? Seems like a grey area to me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I believe they have a doctor come by once a week (Tuesday?) and men and women can get tested for free. It'd be stupid not to make use of the opportunity.

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    Hessen Bub
    I know they did regular check ups. If they still do. Guess so, if advertised.


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    On their website, Sakura advertises regular health / STD checks for their girls. Can anyone confirm this as fact? Or just a marketing ploy? If true, its a big plus. I'll give up a little hotness for more security anytime.

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