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    Sorry, my mistake, "the chubby one" it was Jeanette indeed. It can be seen below that I referr to Julia as the blond slim Romanian, the most attractive of all the club (in my opinion).

    BTW, looking on the club's program for next week I see no trace of Jeanette. Maybe she went to retirement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LustVampire  [View Original Post]
    Hello dear fellows,

    I would like first to tell that I really appreciate this forum, as passing through Germany it was a real help in finding this place (and others, reports will follow as soon I will get there). Even the reports are quite old and the girls changed ever since (not much though since the last one) , and maybe will change until the next one, I will write here a review.

    I looked on the club's site and I picked a day where the most of the girls that I liked from the pictures were present. Being new to this kind of activities I had a little reserve about getting there, and I got there by 6'o clock (in that day the club was opened until late in the morning) but as soon I was in all of them had vanished. I was received at the gate by a fat woman, apparently the bartender and toe supervisor of the place. Because she did not speak english, she called Merry, a Romanian girl who explained me a little bit the rules of the club, she took the entry fee and gave me slippers and a towel and a locker key. I went to the changing room. I let my things in the locker, I took a shower and I entered the "play" area. I let the key at the bar and I was placed to Julia, the same as in the previous post described as "the chubby one". .
    Thanks for your interesting report. Just one remark: It was not my idea to call her "the chubby one". In fact I think previous reviewers were quite respectless when they described her. And she gave an excellent blowjob, by the way. And as you can see from my report, her name was not Julia but Jeanette. So it is obviously not the same girl.

    BTW, I forgot to mention that one girl tried to "sell" me a drink, too. She accepted a "no" immediately but that is a drawback with the place.



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    Check Party Inn

    hello dear fellows,

    i would like first to tell that i really appreciate this forum, as passing through germany it was a real help in finding this place (and others, reports will follow as soon i will get there). even the reports are quite old and the girls changed ever since (not much though since the last one) , and maybe will change until the next one, i will write here a review.

    i looked on the club's site and i picked a day where the most of the girls that i liked from the pictures were present. being new to this kind of activities i had a little reserve about getting there, and i got there by 6'o clock (in that day the club was opened until late in the morning) but as soon i was in all of them had vanished. i was received at the gate by a fat woman, apparently the bartender and toe supervisor of the place. because she did not speak english, she called merry, a romanian girl who explained me a little bit the rules of the club, she took the entry fee and gave me slippers and a towel and a locker key. i went to the changing room. i let my things in the locker, i took a shower and i entered the "play" area. i let the key at the bar and i was placed to julia, the same as in the previous post described as "the chubby one". she walked me trough the whole area explaining me the things, then we sit at the bar, where i took a cola. she started to play a little bit with me, but because i'm not into chubby girls i told her politely that she is not my type, so i will draw my attention towards other felines. and hopefully there were around 10 or eleven in total, most of them really ok. there were also other men in the club, two younger arabs (i'm almost 40 yo), and around 3 or 4 older men.

    she didn't mind, so i was "placed" to the next girl, a romanian (again) named flori. she was new in the club (as i understood from her bad english). soon we were sit on a sofa, near to another couple, another romanian girl that i don't recall the nameand one guy who were sitting on an opposite sofa. at one moment another romanian girl (adina, also new) joined us and i was between the two. they were talking to each other in romanian, laughing loud. because i'm not bad at all at languages (at least i can understand some "coloured" language in most of the languages) i could catch the sense of the conversation. they were talking about one or another client's performance and making a little fun, thing which is quite annoying. even if i could not understand everything, i found them quite vulgar, but anyway, i was there to fuck so i didn't care too much. one of them (i will not give here the name for not putting anybody into trouble) asked me to buy her a drink (20 euros! which i refused. another bad point, and she made a comment in romanian towards the other girls.

    flori and adina:

    soon i was invited to a trio with adina and flori and we went into the room with the tree. there was another couple, but nobody cared too much, so we undressed and we started the adventure. i had a blowjob with condom from both of them, then flori climbed on me and started to pump in full speed, while the other one was emitting fake pleasure sounds. i was on the point to cum, so i requested to fuck the other one (adina) thing that happened after they changed the condom. this time i was on top, while the other one was faking pleasure. both were hasty to finish as quick as possible, thing that happened very soon. i was invited to the shower and they went to change. a mediocre experience, but yeah, i had all the night ahead. i took a shower and i was back in the lounge. as i needed a break (i'm not 18 anymore) i sat on a couch watching tv.


    soon i was invited close to the bar by another romanian girl, merry. she is nice looking, a bit over 21, dressed in a t-shirt and bikini. under the t-shirt one could guess a pair of big breasts. she's also nice-looking at face, speaks better english and way more polite and less vulgar than the other two. we could have a decent conversation, joke a little bit. she explained me some things about romania, why she is working in such a place and about those kind of bars in general. i asked her about the big bed in front, and suddenly she invited me to go there and have a round. i asked her: "where, in front of everybody? she said "yes, it's fun, you will see. " ok then, let's see. so we went in the big bed and started the action, but nobody seemed to care or to look too persistent. it was a little bit too fast after the last round, so i could not cum, at at some point my "soldier" quit the "field" of battle. she kept on saying "concentrate" and trying to revigorate it, but it was useless. i told her not to insist anymore and i went to the shower. nice first performance in front of everybody, i think i couldn't put my cv for a pornostar job. but anyway, nobody seemed to care, s i was a little bit conforted about it. anyway, it was a cool experience, we had some jokes and two classes over the previous one.

    because i really needed a break i entered the jacuzzi, which was functioning at full speed and i stayed there for some time, to recover. because i did not cum i hoped that the next performance would be better, just need a longer break. it seems that the jacuzzi helped, so i wiped the water from me and i was back into the lounge. i ordered another cola and i sit on a bench, watching tv. some girls were hanging out with the clients, some were at the bar, some clients were talking to each other.


    soon i was approached by this blonde romanian (too) that i spotted from the beginning. i find her the most attractive girl in the club, but until then she was hanging with the other clients, especially with the two arabs (yeah, they have a crush on blonde girls, i know) so i just waited and hoped to be free. and now i was the lucky one. she was dressed with a pair of shorts and a bra, very sexy to my tastes. so we chat a little bit, then she invited me to join her in a room. it was a smaller room and she locked the door so nobody coud disturb us. we stayed side by side and we talked, i found her a very pleasant person, she told me about her a little bit. i suggested her to start with a massage and i made her one first, thing that she enjoyed very much. then she returned me the service, and even she was not very good at it, i enjoyed. then we passed to more serious things, she offered me a covered blowjob, then she climb on me and i succeeded to finish at some moment. the experience as nice because of the communication and the lack of hurry. i went to a little shower, then jacuzzi, and i also tried the sauna that started to heat at the request of another client.

    kira and lina.

    as soon as i recovered (i stayed longer in sauna and jacuzzi) i went to eat something. there was some hot and cold buffet, not very fancy, but enough to satisfy the hunger, so when i finished i was to the bar for a little refreshment and i sit again on a couch. nothing special was happenning in the club, just the usual chit-chat. i was took by surprise by the two above-mentioned hungarian girls, kira and lina. without any prelude they took me to the big bed on the stage, both smiling at me and making me advances. kira was more attractive, dressed in a black t-shirt and bikini, plus bonus a pair of long superbe legs. the other one was not so much on my taste, chubby, but i took her as a bonus. i explained them in a mix of english-german that i don't feel myself capable of another successfull round, but kira said "egal". of course, they were interested to take another chip from the bar, which is a kind of couter. i imagine they are payd per chip, so that's why that rush to fuck more clients, but not to waste too much energy for one. i understand the concept. so i was heading for the second pornstar show of the evening (and my life also) with me as an actor and doomed to failure. kira sat over me and i started playing with her small but firmed tits, while the other one was blowjobbing me. i don't remember anymore if was with or without cover, i was erect for some time, after my soldier was down again. as expected. the two girls laughed and joked about that, i said "i told you", than we split for the usual shower and changing.

    this time a took a longer time in jacuzzi and sauna, hoping that i will resist for another round. i was feeling tired, it was about 12 and the atmosfere was a little bit boring in the club. while i had my sauna, a couple formed by the greek katharina and some turkish guy joined me, and we started a conversation half english half german. she was really sympatic, not so attractive to me, but really cool girl. she speaks a lot of languages, so she was talking fluently in turkish with the guy. apart she speaks some serbian, russian, deutsch, but no english. anyway i felt good with them, but soon it was getting too hot for me and i had to leave for joining the lounge. because i didn't cum last time i was hopping to have a more successfull 5'th round.


    i sat again on a couch watching tv. it was some match, i'm not very interested in football, but what else to do? i was soon approached by the italian georgia. she is a bit older (35), but in good shape for this age. she also has big breasts and she speaks reasonable english. we stayed close to each other a bit, we cuddled and we went again in the room with the tree. we were alone in there. she started with a not covered blowjob, which i enjoyed very much and i found it the best blowjob of the evening. she was also not hasty, thing that turned me on. we exchanged 3 or 4 positions, i was erect, but i couldn't cum, because at almost 40 the "refill rate" is slower. so it was a sort of cumming, but without liquid, and then my erection went off. but it was really like a 95% success.

    after that i went again into jacuzzi, sauna, then to the bar where i had one beer and 2 cold glasses of water, to re-hydrate. i was quite tired and thinking about leaving, but it was only 12:45 and the club was opened until 4'o clock. so i calculated to stay more, maybe-maybe i can perform one more time for the 110 euros. at least a blow or handjob if it's included. too soon i was joined by the greek katharina, the sympatic one. she was dressed in a short black dress, i should say more sexy dressed than undressed, but i don't want to be mean, so i will not say. with regret i explained her that it's way too soon and i really cannot perform right now. later it will be fine. i stayed on the bench looking tv, the atmosphere was increasingly static. i think the guys didn't had very much of the beginning spirit, and the girls were increasingly tired. some of them went to eat, others were just hanging on the sofas with the guys. i just stayed and admired some legs, asses, and suddenly i felt some lust. it was really surprising for me, because i was thinking that leaving was not a bad option. so i looked around and i put the options into balance. there was the blonde julia which i really enjoyed first, but also the long-legged kira which i did not really fucked last time, and there was also simone that was a little bit retired all the evening, or we did not intersected much. julia was occupied with other guys, so i tried to approach kira, but she was just heading the kitchen. simone was talking with another guy, so i decided to wait. suddenly flori (or adina) came near me and just stood in my arms. i did not like her from the first round, so i really did not feel like consumming my last "bullet" on her. but she was just staying, so it was ok. i stayed there just reggarding the entrance, then i excused myself and leave the place for a tour to jacuzzi. when i came back i intersected myself with kira and thought that it was the moment, but unfortunately she was heading to the rooms with another guy. bad luck for me. she told me "later". i had no energy for "later", i just wanted to give my last shot and go home. then i noticed.


    she was no longer retired, but she was staying on a bench in a middle. dressed with a little black dress, she was quite sexy. so i approached her, and she didn't say no. everything under the disapproving regards of flori, who was staying just in front. this was my little "revenge" and i felt gooood. after the presentations we went "backstage". she wanted to take me again in the room with the tree, but i said i would like to change, and there were a bunch of people inside. so i said i want to go on the big bed which is in the middle of the rooms and the lobby. we undressed, and she started wit a not bad not covered blowjob. i was erect again to my joy, but it seems the blowjob was a little too agressive, so when she put the condom (with the mouth) i just came in. epic fail. because i wanted to fuck her. in that moment merry showed in (it was kinda public space) and they started to talk between each other in romanian. apparently simone told her of our little incident, so merry jumped on me (in joke) and she asked me "why 'ma' apparently "ma" is a kind of familiar "you" in romanian, and they use it as an appelative. well, we joked a little bit in 3, and because i understood and could repeat some romanian words they started to suspect me that i'm an undercovered romanian and in fact i understand everyting they say. they started to "test" me, and of course i failed the test.

    it was really enough, so i just went to the shower, said hello, to the available girls at that moment, took my clothes, get into the car and headed hannover, where i live temporarly at the hotel. it was about 1:30, so i spent there more than 7:30 hours. enough for one evenings and for my sexual capabilities.

    i really enjoyed the evening, the club is ok, the girls are the same as in pictures, you don't get hustled or have unpleasant surprises, so it's more than good value for the money. i was really pleased, except the small incident from the beginning. the two girls i understood are there since 2 weeks only, so maybe they will learn the rules of the club and how to behave, or leave it for a brothel.

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    Party INN. July

    Was at Party Inn some weeks ago. Had been there a few years ago and it hadn't change much. This time I was received by a man. With a very positive attitude and somehow he set a good atmosphere. The place looks like a kind of disco but with a strip pole and a little stage.

    The buffet is rather good and somewhat more healthy than the usual German food. There is a sauna and a Jacuzzi. Most of the girls were good looking but noone was fantastic. There is free food, soft drinks and five (I think) free beers. The "rooms" are original. There are no doors but if you want to be undisturbed you can go to the innermost rooms.

    A good-looking Serbian girl showed me around. But my first session was with the "chubby German one", Jeanette, that some of the contributors on this forum try to avoid. She started a conversation at the bar and then asked if we should go to a room. Maybe I am not tough enough but I cannot refuse when a girl asks me to fuck. Anyway I was rewarded with a very enjoyable blowjob and a pleasant fuck. I literally drowned in her bosom when I layed upon her. So I don't regret the session. She also had humor and we connected quite well.

    After the shower I sat by myself at a small table with a beer when the Serbian girl joined me. We talked for a while. Then she asked me to come with her on stage and we started a 69 with her on top. I have never performed like that in front of an audience but I did not complain. In fact I was getting quite horny. But it shouldn't last long. Another guest came up on the stage and insisted on taking part. He wanted the girl to give him a blowjob. She was evidently annoyed but he didn't notice. The situation turned me off.

    Just before closing time I asked an Albanian chic to come with me. I don't really know why but she started immediately to give me a handjob. Probably most guys had no fucking spirit left at this time."Hast du den ganzen Tag gesprizt?" she asked.

    Party Treffs are not my favourite but I think this was worth the money (99 Euro). However, one thing that annoyed me was when a girl asked me to buy her champagne. I said I did'nt have cash enough and she did'nt insist. But anyway such a thing shouldn't happen.

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    Visit on March 9th 2013

    First impressions of Hildesheim are not good. The area around the railway station is really grim. Some dodgy looking pick-up bars and an Erotik Kino are next to the dimly-lit bus station. The few people I saw on a damp Thursday evening were limping, talking to themselves and rummaging in the bins.

    Later I discovered that the town centre is much nicer!

    Party Inn is next to a motorway junction, and it's pretty easy to get to by bus (to Pappelallee, Sporthalle or a few minutes walk from Dammtor bus stops). It's not immediately obvious that the entrance is behind the sign at the front of the building.

    I was met by Janette, a chubby blonde who spoke fair English and showed me into the changing area. After a decent shower I went into the bar where about 8 girls were sitting around. The way things work is you sit next to a girl, chat for a bit and have a drink, then head off to one of the rooms. The rooms are the best bit! They are very imaginative, with all kids of strange shapes, colours, lighting & decoration, really quite fun.

    First up was Luna, a slim (Spanish?) girl who spoke good English. In the room she seemed intent on making things go as quickly as possible, so I received very vigorous covered oral for a couple of minutes before she jumped on top. After a while we flipped over before finishing in doggy, then up and out, no hanging about!

    Next was Michelle, a very pretty young Italian with sweet round boobs and bum, and a lovely big pussy. We shagged vigorously in numerous positions for 20 mins before I realised I wasn't going to come before wearing something out, so we called a halt.

    I sat around with Janette and another guy for a couple of drinks. Some reports have been quite rude about her; she's not great looking, but she's not that big and is very pleasant and friendly. I would have sessioned with her if I'd stayed longer.

    Next up was Tamara, a very tall blonde with an amazing body, clearly an ex-model type. She spoke good English so we chatted for a while before heading off to a room for a nice session.

    It was about 11pm by now and I'd had enough, so I headed home.

    Overall Party Inn is a very well-run place, but it suffers from a bit too much efficiency, lacking the relaxed atmosphere of Erlebniswohnung I'd been to a couple of days earlier. The girls take a shower after every session, which is a good thing I guess. Another thing I noticed is that the girls collect a poker chip from the bar after each session, so there is clearly an incentive for high turnover and short sessions. Simona made the best of this by walking through the bar naked to collect hers each time! I can definitely recommend Party Inn for a clean, straightforward time, especially if you're new to partytreffs. I think the girls at Erlebniswohnung were better looking and more up for it, and it's cheaper too, so I know where I'll be heading next time.

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    DaveGermany visited this cluib last month but posted his report in the main Germany forum. Here is a link to his report.


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    Big pornstarparty

    They advertise a big pornstarparty with 6 pornstars and around 20 girls as the "mega event of the year" on their website for SAT, November 24th.

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    Public transport

    Go here:

    In START type: Hannover Hbf.

    In DESTINATION type: Hildesheim, Schützenwiese 25.

    Select the time and press SEARCH.

    It about one hour by public transportation. And the price is less than 10 Euro.

    Happy hunting.


    Quote Originally Posted by Tomrifle  [View Original Post]
    How can I get by public transport from Hanover to Party Inn in Hindelsheim? Is it practical or is better to go with taxi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomrifle  [View Original Post]
    How can I get by public transport from Hanover to Party Inn in Hindelsheim? Is it practical or is better to go with taxi.
    It could be a long ride an expensive fare with a taxi from Hannover. It takes 25 km from downtown Hannover.

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    Public transport from Hanover to Party Inn

    How can I get by public transport from Hanover to Party Inn in Hindelsheim? Is it practical or is better to go with taxi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanking
    Myrrh that was a great report and I really enjoyed reading it. I will ROD it now.

    I wanted to visit one of those Barbara Devil gangbangs last year, but never got around it. Seems like she gives mediocre service and is not too friendly.
    King,. Thanks for the kind comment mate.

    Yes, I was less than pleased with the whole evening but it is a little harsh I think to say that she gave mediocre service as there were some guys, especially those young guys who filmed themselves getting a BBBJ COF together from her, who thought she was absolutely fantastic.

    I did a search on the internet and came across a couple of reports roughly translated from German which seemed to indicate that she did do group alles ohne including anal at similar events. At the particular event that I went to guys were not offered testing en masse and so this cut down the opportunities for Devil to indulge in alles ohne on that night.

    However, she is clearly a big name American porn star who is well aware of her reputation and knows that if she carves out this niche for herself in the market as being the worlds premier no limits porn star then she can bankroll a lot of money.

    She seems to live in this world of hype that she has created for herself as this 'bad ass' porn star that she inevitably starts to believe it and develops a bit of an attitude. Hence what I witnessed at this event of her not worrying too much about turning up on time, not bothering to mingle with the punters between shows, seeing it as important to have an on stage body guard and showing impatience with guys who were not already 'rock' when they presented themselves in front of her.

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    Wonderfull report!

    Myrrh that was a great report and I really enjoyed reading it. I will ROD it now.
    I wanted to visit one of those Barbara Devil gangbangs last year, but never got around it. Seems like she gives mediocre service and is not too friendly.

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    The Devil in Ms. Barbara

    i had heard much about barbara devil's fabled appearances at the partytreffs. even reading one rumour that at a partytreff she was supposed to have been witnessed taking many cocks in every hole, alles ohne (ao) i. e. bareback. so definitely an act apart from most other girls.

    for those who don't know, barbara devil is a slovakian born porn star, based in the us who markets herself very agressively as a porn star who pushes all of the boundaries, going much further than her peers.

    when i read that she was appearing at the party inn i was keen to go along especially as i could not find any first hand accounts to debunk the stories that she was an alles ohne extremist. i should point out at this stage that my visit dates from november 2009 during devil's last tour of europe.

    the party inn website said that the action with barbara devil started at 8pm but i thought i would turn up early to be on the safe side and was there by 6pm.

    as others have pointed out the club looks small from the outside which is off putting at first. i was met by the manager, a youngish looking german guy with over-highlighted blond hair. after changing he got one of the house girls to show me round, a tall blonde german girl called jenna who i found reasonably attractive. i followed this statuesque german around wearing just a towel. she had a thin scarf tied loosely around her lower half. this got me slightly horny and i suggested to her that i could take her to a room and shag her straightaway. being german she said matter-of-factly "yes, that is possible as long as you have had a shower first".

    to be honest, i wasn't in that much of a rush as i wanted to save my self for ms. devil!

    it was fairly quiet in the club and so i had some hot food to eat and had a couple of beers.

    whilst sitting by myself i was approached by jenna who had brought along a colleague called janette. a plump unattractive german girl. they could speak reasonable english. to be honest it was nice to have some german girls for a change instead of the usual romanian, polish, etc that i had found in the clubs.

    the fat girl began playing with me under the towel and the two of them were very keen that we adjourned to a room. however i was resisting because i was saving myself for you know who. for me 2 pops is a good evening and i rarely have more than 3. but i had been off the girls for a couple of weeks so being fussed over by two girls brought a reaction. something that did not go unnoticed by the fat girl.

    she asked me what job i did and i joked that i was a porn star. withoug a smile she lifted my towel and looked at my dick briefly and announced matter-of-factly "no, i think that is not possible". being typically german she did not realise that i was just joking. however, being blunt about a punter's perceived lack of credentials for a porn star job is not the usual thing that a working girls says to get a punter in the mood!.

    the girls kept persisting and eventually under duress i agreed to accompany them to a room and got down to action. with the fat girls boobs buried in my face, i felt the tall blonde german girl playing with my willy and then her mouth round it.

    she was given me quite a good bj with simultaneous use of mouth and hands that i felt like just off loading into her mouth but then the fat girl asked if i wanted sex with her. at this point i looked up and noticed that i had a condom on my dick.

    i protested but both girls insisted that everything had to be with condom. i certainly didn't want to have sex with the fat girl or come inside a condom with a bj so i made some excuse about not being ready yet and we went back to the bar. the girls didn't seem to like that and avoided me for the rest of the evening.

    i asked the manager when barbara devil would be here and he said it would be 9pm instead of the advertised 8pm. it was 6. 30pm and i had one and a half hours to kill. i decided to explore the rooms and they had a maze like structure of many different rooms of many different shapes and sizes on different levels.

    many of the rooms were occupied but i eventually found a small space where i had a kip for a while. it was also useful to keep out of the way of the house girls so that i could save my spunk for the main event.

    i woke up at 9. 10 pm and realised that i had overslept. rushed down to the bar area and saw that the show had already started. they had a small stage area with many cushions on it and well lit by a battery of stage lights. a woman in a white dress was on the stage surrounding by guys who were groping her and she was wanking off and sucking cocks. i pushed in and got a bj off the woman who seemed to answer ms. devil's description. big hair, lots of make up, with heavy tan. it felt good to off load over her mouth and cheeks.

    during the interlude i spoke with the manager and he had a surprise for me. that wasn't barbara devil but her support act. sexy susi. ms. devil had been held up and was turning up "soon".

    i decided to stick around in the bar because i wanted to be one of the first to have a go at barbara and then just before 10pm the background music was cut and then a blaring soundtrack of aggressive hip hop music started accompanied by a booming, gravelly american guy's voice saying

    "ladies and gentlemen, it's show time. you have entered the world of barbara devil. relax, enjoy and be prepared to be amazed. barbara devil, barbara devil,. the no. 1 gang bang porn star in the world. all the way from the usa. barbara devil, barbara devil. for one night only. etc, etc. "

    then in marched susi who i had seen earlier and now barbara devil. she was equally glossy hair, lots of shiny make up.

    after parading around for a while both of them got on the stage area and soon were surrounded by guys. i managed to get a brief bj from ms. devil before she pushed me away and turned to other guys.

    i noticed that one guy got behind susi and started shagging her from behind while she was on all fours giving a bj. she immediately looked round with an alarmed look and the guy stuck out his arm to show her that he had a red arm band on it.

    he wasn't wearing a condom. he then went round later and slipped into barbara devil. i noticed that there was only one other guy who was wearing a red armband and the guys without armbands were having bbbjs or sex with condom.

    almost as quickly as it began the gangbang was over. it lasted maybe 20 minutes. i noticed that the house girls didn't join in but instead sat legs crossed and arms folded on the sidelines observing the event in a detached manner. then guys would take them off to the private rooms during the interval. to be honest the stage area was quite small and so could not really hold many people.

    after the gangbang some of the house girls obediently got up on stage to put back the cushions from the stage which had been knocked off during the furious action.

    during the next gangbang, which was again announced by the corny voice over from a machine "you have entered the world of barbara devil. " i noticed that barbara devil would overlook some guys and was quite agressive in her manner. brushing aside guys that she wasn't interested in and shagging and sucking furiously the ones that took her fancy. i was one of the guys who was overlooked and i am not sure why not. probably because when i went near her i was only semi hard whereas other guys were already fully hard and therefore ready for her attention. of course being overlooked totally in this way when you are semi hard is not conducive to getting harder.

    anyway, susi saw me standing on the sidelines and motioned me forward. even though i was semi-flaccid she sucked me until i was hard again but at this point that gangbang session was called to a close.

    one thing that i noticed throughout the gangbangs was that there was a guy in a black t-shirt with the words 'body protection' written on the back. he stood close to the action with his arms folded intensely monitoring the action and it turned out that he was barbara devil's personal bodyguard, there to monitor that no one took any liberties with his charge and he would hustle her off stage after each and every performance to a private room.

    i went for some food and noticed that susi was there along with one of the guys who had a red bracelet. susi was quite down to earth and the guy she was with was her soon to be fiancee. he was polish like she was. he apparently accompanied her on most of her gang bangs. i began to suspect that this was not really a free for all alles ohnes event but one where the only guys who were given bracelets, and so were getting bbfs, were the two guys known to the two porn stars.

    anyway, there was a slightly comical moment during the wait for the next gangbang when one of the house girls whilst stretching over the bar for something accidentally flipped a switch on the dj's turntable and that corny american voice. over started "you have entered the woooorld of barbara devil. relax, enjoy and be prepared to be amazed. barbara devil, barbara devil. the usa's no. 1. blah, blah. " i found that funny as hell!

    well, i had drawn two blanks during the two gang bangs that barbara devil had featured in and so decided to go for it during the fourth gang bang of the night (actually the third featuring devil as she had missed the first). but again barbara devil seemed to ignore me when i tired to get close.

    however there were a couple of young lads who had their cameras out and were filming themselves during the gang bang using the video mode. filming was apparently tolerated to some degree. at one point barbara devil was sucking off both of these guys who came almost together over her face continuously filming the whole time. they loved it and devil looked pleased that she had given them such a great memento of the evening. however, as mentioned she wasn't that generous to every one.

    i suspected that this might be the last gang bang of the evening, so when devil was busy giving blow jobs, i masturbated, got close to her and tried to cum over her face but she moved her head at the last moment and i came in her hair. she looked a little annoyed and waved me away whereupon her body guard stepped in to usher me back. so much for being alles ohne!

    but there was one interesting incident during that third gangbang. susi was on all fours giving a guy a blow job and there was this turkish looking guy behind her pumping away furiously. as i watched he withdrew from behind her curvy ass and his dick was glistening with fluid. i noticed that he was wearing no condom. so i checked his arm and there was no red bracelet on either arm. clearly this guy had managed to gain entry without permission. anyway as he withdrew he seemed to raise his eyes heavenwards as if giving to thanks to allah or whoever his god happened to be for his good fortune.

    the third gang bang had drawn to a close but just a that moment a guy stepped in front of devil hoping to get his cock sucked. "it's over" she snarled at him. "finished. do you understand? finito! ". the guy seemed a bit put out.

    i personally don't think devil is blessed with naturally good looks she has big fleshy cheeks and thin lips and at that moment with the snarl on her face she looked a bit like that doll chucky from the bride of chucky.

    although the sex was over, devil had not finished. as the music continued she got up on stage to gyrate shaking her hips this way and that as though she was some crazed doll powered by duracell batteries. for minutes on end she danced. i would say that she probably had taken something as she seemed aggressive during the whole evening.

    then her body guard escorted her off back behind the bar. in fact, unlike susi, when devil was not on stage she would head back to some private room behind the bar and would not mix with the guys e. g. in the dining area.

    so that was that for the evening. it was all over by 12. 30am and devil had only arrived at 10pm. i didn't fancy going with any of the house girls for an encore and so had a few beers before heading off. meanwhile i got talking to this old guy who was in his late 60's and noticed with surprise that he had a red armband on.

    he explained that he had gone to the bar when he came in and asked about a test and they had taken him behind the bar to a room to have it. the results were ready within 20 minutes and cost €25. he had bonked both of the porn stars without condom but said that he had found susi's pussy to be the sweeter. i was a bit annoyed by this because i was certainly not told about this when i had arrived and nor had most of the other guys because they didn't have armbands. '

    as you can probably guessed i wasn't too enamoured with the whole evening. here are some reasons why:

    1) the house girls insisted on cbj's

    2) there were only two girls participating in the gang bangs. the house girls sat it out.

    3) the gang bang stage area was small and could only hold about a dozen guys at once

    4) it was hardly a mass alles ohnes event. the possibility of bareback sex by taking a test was kept quiet and you needed to ask. if barbara devil was an extreme alles ohne girl who liked cum dripping from all her holes then she would have asked for management to tell the guys about the testing so she could get as much spunk as possible cumming her way.

    5) the main act, devil, turned up an hour late and left after 2. 5 hours.

    6) the ticket price was €130. the most expensive porn star gang bang that i have been too. i have been to the 4 dutch girls gang bang with wendy somer and co and this cost less even though there were more porn stars present.

    7) devil had her own body guard standing by the stage the whole time. how off putting is that? also showed the woman was totally up her own arse in thinking why she needed one. probably, explained why the tickets were so expensive as well.

    8) the gang bang sessions lasted less than 30 minutes each and when she wasn't performing devil hid away in a private area and did not mingle with the punters

    9) what was with that corny, over the top voice over which she played before each gang bang?. again showed that she was totally up her own arse

    10) she was clearly choosy, ignoring some guys and even being rude to one.

    as for her looks, i just don't get why some guys think she is sexy. certainly not a pretty face, see me comments re resemblance to chucky above, and her body is not naturally sexy. she is not blessed with big tits, curvy hips and long legs. instead she seems to have the sort of body that tennis players tend to have. thick thighs and over developed stomach muscles. but it not so much her appearance as her attitude that is a turn off.

  14. #17
    Great report Creature of your time at Party Inn.

    It was thanks to your recommendation of a few weeks back I payed a visit.

    Aylin is certainly a bundle of fun.

    Gabriella came and went so quickly never saw her again, have to sample her next time.

  15. #16

    Party Inn - Day three

    Party Inn again

    This was a Monday. After the slow Sunday I had in Lengede, I decided to repeat Party Inn, which I liked better. As it was a weekday, I paid 109 Euro. If you want a bathrobe, you pay an additional 5 Euro for that. I guess one of the best day to go to Party Inn is Tuesday, they have more girls for less money.
    I saw some of the same girls I had in Saturday and some new faces, as well. That day, Aylin returned back to work, she quits her job in Bielefeld and started again in Hildesheim.
    First session with ugly Romanian dog Johanna (she was undoable but she insisted too much to do a session with her and also Gabriella. Gabi was a real nice surprise in the room (I guess she came from former Jugoslavia). I fucked both girls over the big bed in the alley, Gabriella was wil as described intheir web page, highly recommended.

    Second session with Katalina from Kazakhistan. Again a nice sessison from a Russian girl, they are all reliable.

    Third session with Aylin. Again, a real nice surprise in the room, she was too energetic, dynamic and agile in the room. This was the best session I had in this club, by far and she was the best fucking Turkish girl I have ever tasted.

    Fourth session started with blond Russian girl, Katalina. Then later on, another Russian cuttie, very beautiful young girl (I can easily pay for her 300 Euro for a private escort service) joined us. It was like I was in a dream. But as I didn’t cum easily after so much session, they started to do a forced handjob which wasn’t that fun, in the last part.

    I had also the Bulgarian girl, Jessy. She just lay down, very mechanical service, won’t recommend. They described her in their web page she was nymphoman but I see no sign of it. Maybe it wasn’t a good for her.

    I also sampled the Hungarian chubby girl, Sandra, she was also plain and flat in the bed, not recommended.

    Aylin requested a massage in the room. We went to a small place where you climb to a funny stairs. Afterwords, she said that my massage was shitty, where afterwords, we started our second session which was worse than the first one. Maybe she was tired.

    I ended up the counting of cumming, left the club at 9ish, in order to return the rental car and reach my plane to get home.

    Fazit: I believe Party Inn is a well maintained club. It should be a though mission to fly to Hannover just for this club. But I guess, it is easy to combine it with a jurney to PT Dolce Vita and Bielefeld or Bunde.

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