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Thread: Negombo

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    Negumbo and Colombo

    Hi friends,

    I am planning to next week on Negumbo and Colombo for one week trip, if anyone have good contacts.

    Please PM me.


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    Hi guys,

    I went to this place 2 days ago, it is a guest house located in a city in between Wattala and Katunayeka area. I went there with 3 of my friends and got 3 girls aged 18 - 23. The one I got was in early twenties. Had an awesome session. Even though she said she is 20 years. She is a skinny and short girl with very small bust. Little dark color body and a long hair.

    She was excellent, just like a girlfriend she gave everything. Finished up having a bath together. Cost me around 5000 for a hour including room. As I was really in a great mood I gave her 2 k tip, She refused to take it first, but I gave her that somehow. I forgot to take some photos, but surely will share on next time as I am planning to visit there soon.

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    FS in Negombo

    Hi friends. ,

    I am looking for a decent FL for FS from Negombo. My budget is from 5 to 10 k. I hope you guys will help me.

    Please PM me if any of you have a good FL contact around Negombo. Ready to share my contacts in reply.

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    FS in Negombo

    Hi Negombo people,

    Friends I am visiting Negombo for a few days from next 17th.

    Could you people please help me with good FL contacts from Negombo area? Cost must be from 5 to 10 k.

    And if not any MPs with FS? Please PM me if any of you have good contacts around Negombo. I would like to share wt I have with you.

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    Colombo. Negambo road

    Went to this spa yesterday with one of my friend. It is situated in-between wattala and ja ela area opposite to the main road (Colombo. Chillaw road).

    This is a small place. There were only 3 girls to select. Doctor will examine you at the time you enter and then you can select a girl. Girls are aged between 27 - 35. They look good.

    The girl I got was from Negambo. She told that they have moved this spa from Negambo to this area (I didn't ask the reason by the way). Massage was not professional, but after giving massage for like 20 minutes, she asked me whether I want more service. They only allowed to touch and suck, but no f inside the spa. She wanted 1.5 k for this. Even though she is not very professional in massage, she gave me a wonderful sensual feeling. Started with sucking my ears and neck and chest. Wow. That was really awesome. Must say, that she is excellent in sucking.

    Entrance= 1.2 k.

    Tip= 1.5 k.

    Total damage= 2.7 k.

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    Spa at Kiribathgoda

    I went to this place a few weeks ago.

    There were like 3 - 5 girls aged 20 - 35. I got a lady of age 30 and she had a thin body with a average size bust.

    There were more than 3 rooms covered by partitions and the door area covered by a curtain. The bathroom was a public one and it was not a clean one.

    At first she asked me to select a room and I selected the room at a corner. Then she asked me to take a bath. There was a doctor (a young male) who came and checked the room at the time she started the massage. At about 5 minutes later she started talking and asked me various things (mostly private things). She told that she is a married women having a child. She offered a soft and a wonderful massage but I really wanted to go further. I was little shy to ask for more. However when she was massaging my chest area I just touched her back and her belly area. She served me with a smile and I knew she is OK with this. So I asked her for a BJ. She said OK and gave me a nice BJ while I was touching and sucking her bust. She also let me to touch her pussy. I wanted to go further and asked whether I can get more. She told that it is not possible here and gave me her number. She didn't even ask for a tip but at the end I gave her 1 k. When I was to leave, she hugged me and asked me to call her and come back. She was a nice lady, but not really a beautiful one.

    Damage: 1.2 k for the message + 1 k tip.

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    The problem with most of these places are their washrooms and towels are so unclean, you don't want to try it.

    Might take my own towel and give this place a go.

    Quote Originally Posted by Godiwa  [View Original Post]
    Yes they give full access. No proper rooms and simple washroom. Girls are coorperative.

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    Out of Colombo contribution

    In addition to my previous report of a hidden spa in the middle of nowhere. Here are the photo's. I seem to have managed to take the pictures in a manner to give you some insight as well as give the girl somewhat a cover up without blurring.


    Hope more of you would contribute on some new findings.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1.JPG‎   2.JPG‎   3.JPG‎   4.JPG‎  

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    Out of Colombo contribution

    Hi fellow members.

    It was recently discussed that we have insufficient info regarding places out of colombo. There are few boards we have all seen in our travels, but do not know much about them. I myself told some of you that had mentioned, to "take one for the team" and drop into some of these places and see what its like. To "practice what I preach," recently, I took a dive into the unknown.

    While driving to Puttalam, I had a glimpse of a spa board on the main road, somewhere near Muhudukattuwa, Naththandiya area. I thought of exploring it further and turned onto a by-road. The small tar road, then turned into a gravel road. Middle of coconut lands and small houses. It was secretly hidden. Middle of nowhere. For me, it was a fantastic, discrete location.

    The doctor took my pressure, (useless exercise), then cashier asked for rs 1200 and asked me to select. I chose RaXXXX, a small made fairly young girl from Katana or Kochchikade. She was decent in massage and extra services. No mention of tip, but I didn't want too many things on the first trip.

    I took a few photos to post, and will do so soon.


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    Old Teaboy is absolutely right. She also knew you were insisting on it, so the negotiation power was with her. By the way, there are much cleaner places than what you described I am sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheOldTeaboy  [View Original Post]

    Nice report, but you are crazy to go bare-back in Sri Lanka (or anywhere else for that matter). This woman has probably been "round the block" many times, possibly with unsavory characters such as drug-users. The fact that she negotiated hard for 7000 indicates that she has plenty of experience. The average earning of a working class Sri Lankan is about 12,000 a month.

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    Totally agreed with Coolnilesh.

    We have all taken one for the team. I too have seen this board Nimasha but have not had the chance to visit. Will try to explore and report for the sake of all.

    I encourage others to try these places out of Colombo and report. It would be nice to have a wealth of knowledge outside Colombo.


    Quote Originally Posted by CoolNilesh  [View Original Post]
    Dear Carracosta22;.

    Reporting mongering activities were very minimum outside Colombo. So there is minimum chance that you get a report on the place you have mentioned. Best thing is to try by yourself and update a report. I know it's a gamble / risk. We all suffered the same not once, but many times.

    Happy mongering.



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    Yes they give full access. No proper rooms and simple washroom. Girls are coorperative.

    Quote Originally Posted by CarraCosta22  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    Fairly new to this game but when I was driving from Colombo to Putallam I came across a board saying Nimesha Ayurveda? Anyone have any information about this place?

    Is it worth going in or do they allow full access?


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    Hi Chris,

    Agree with you, its a place to select from a range of treatment options, but strictly 100% no for any sort of extra and no expectation of tip. Been there twice and really great treatment for some pain in knee joints, and result is great. Therapists from Indonesia?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisMonger3  [View Original Post]
    Ananthaya resort has a beautiful spa. Amazing surroundings on top of the water. The girls are foreign and pretty. Very friendly. However the treatments are expensive. I didn't ask for extras as I only wanted a massage. If they do give extras, it's a fantastic location.


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    Ananthaya resort has a beautiful spa. Amazing surroundings on top of the water. The girls are foreign and pretty. Very friendly. However the treatments are expensive. I didn't ask for extras as I only wanted a massage. If they do give extras, it's a fantastic location.


    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingBoldly  [View Original Post]

    I'm a newbie here. Just wondering if there are any chicks with extras I could reach around Chilaw. I'm planning to visit Ananthaya resorts this month.


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    First post

    It looks like you are trying to get the best info from your first posting!

    This is a forum for exchanging information. There is a give and take.

    Quote Originally Posted by AceMaldives  [View Original Post]
    Travelling to Colombo in couple of days. Wanted to make of use of the time without experimenting. Experienced seniors, please share the contact nos of agents / girls.

    Thanks in advance.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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