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Thread: FKK Sharks - Darmstadt

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    Tommy. Again, your reports are the way to go. Really helpful impressions and info. Thanks.

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    TR FKK Sharks May 2017



    Just passing through FRA, I had an overnight stopover and decided to spend a day at Sharks. Connected with Breadman and had a good time despite the scarcity of my regular favorite girls.


    See my previous reports for details about transportation and logistics:



    I took the AIRliner bus directly from FRA--because of my layover was just under 24 hours, my airline would retain my bag so I could save the baggage storage fee at the airport, which was nice.

    The bus took a slightly different route than usual, evidently this is a temporary change, but still stopped at the same stops. Nothing worth buying in Hornbach this time but their free WLAN still works.


    As I walked up the parking lot driveway around 1315 I noticed that there were already 20-25 cars alongside the fence--pretty busy already. I lucked out, or the front desk girl remembered me, and I got one of the last full-height lockers.

    I did my usual shower / eat routine; the lineup already seemed pretty good but only Mia and Lara stood out in the daytime crew--most of the other girls were not familiar.

    Anka recognized me and said Hi, I noted her new blond hair which makes her look great. But she is a bit big for my tastes, and I never take her up, and she is politely always accepting of that. I think that's pretty cool--when girls know they aren't really your type, and accept that. I guess if I was a girl and threw myself onto a guy I'd expect to be taken up, as all guys are horndogs, but in an FKK with so much variety and choice you can just pick exactly what you want.

    I hung out at my usual spot in the front sofas; the same German guy from last time was holding forth in his usual spot, with his usual slim cutie in his lap and all to himself.

    Sometime in the late afternoon Breadman introdouced himself and we chatted for a while, comparing notes on his recent visits. I had been watching the new arrivals and really wasn't seeing any of the old guard of stars showing up. Like I didn't see Evita until perhaps 7 or 8 pm, as she must've been snapped up immediately after arrival for multi-hour sessions.

    The lack of familiar girls meant that I would have to try some new girls for a change. I did 30 min sessions with Emma, a Magda / Sylvia duo, and Elisa. I suppose turnover is good for a club, as older stars retire or whatever, but it was a little disconcerting to not have as many of them around as usual. I guess my underlying fear here is that the upcoming law change is prompting the better girls to seek greener pastures, as the new crop of girls seem more mercenary.

    It was quite a while before I found a girl, and I kind of just bumped into Emma, who was sitting at the bar on the tank side. She got up close and personal and I liked the feel of her butt cheeks as she put her arms around my neck, so I took her upstairs.

    EMMA cute GND, Cara Delavigne.

    My session with Emma was a good club standard session; she was a little detached but took my first-cum-of-the-day CIM finish like a champ. About 5 or 6 spasms in she gave me a look like "what, you saved all this up for a month or something?" but still held on and took the entire load before spitting in the trash and rinsing with Listerine. 50 + 50 bonus.

    When I went to get food they were out of my usual oversalted roast chicken, so I made do with the ham slices and potatoes and veg. The nice weather and late sunset made it nice in the sunroom and outside on the terrace, and some guys were hanging out by the pool. Still too cold to swim I thought. Breadman had told me it was super warm when he went to Oase and the girls were outside playing, which was one of the things I missed from the old Oase days.

    I hung out at my usual spot in the front sofas for a while and chatted with a couple of guys, comparing notes about girls. Sitting in the big chair-and-a-half that faces the bar, I met a bunch of new girls--some who I saw at my last visit but mostly weren't longtime Sharks girls.

    I had put petite cutie Magda, who reminds me of Julie at Mainhattan, on my to-do list from my previous visit, and she was hanging out with petite tanned blond bolt-on girl Sylvia at the sofas next to the front stairs. During my screening interview with the two of them standing next to each other I decided to take them both up, as the contrast between the two (blonde vs brunette, big bolt-ONS vs naturals).

    I haven't had a double in almost ten years; when I started going to FKK it was such a novelty and as a newbie I took advantage of all the wonders of FKK early on. CIM? Anal? Two, maybe three girls at once? All for the trivial sum of 50 EUR / option? Woo hoo! Tick all them boxes baby!

    But I found after a while that doubles weren't really that great from a service standpoint--I would consistently get better service during one on one sessions, even with the same girls I did a double with. Maybe I'm not alpha male enough to always figure out what to do with the girl that I currently am not penetrating in some way. More likely I got acclimated to having sex with two hot girls (how's that for a dilemma to have?) and the novelty wore off.

    MAGDA petite brunette cute and SYLVIA petite boltons blonde.

    My double with Magda and Sylvia was pretty much in the same way. Nice eye candy as I had been ogling the both of them for a couple of visits. They took turns blowing me, then I started with Sylvia in mish. Fucking both was nice, each in their own way--I'd do one in one position, then try the other one in the same position. Like an A / be test for you tech geeks. Hmmm. Which port is giving me the better user interface? Lining both the girls up doggie and doing one while fondling the other (albeit with a condom change) was the highlight of the session. Of the two, Sylvia was definitely more into it, and was the one who got me to come shortly after switching to cowgirl with her.

    I relaxed for a bit and chatted with Breadman and the other guys I met this visit. It was great to compare notes as it makes it easier to pick if you can consult rules from trusted friends. Not like on Amazon where vendors will send free product to reviewers in exchange for posting an Amazon review.

    Actually I could support such a model in the FKK industry--if I could volunteer to be such a reviewer. I'd might even do some of the be-team girls that way.

    I know, it'll be a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

    Lots of the usual Sharks stars were not present, and it was a bit odd. I hope this doesn't mean they have moved on. And if they have, where hast they gone?

    There seems to be an end-of-days mood in the air--perhaps it is from the chatter on the boards about the upcoming July law doing away with BBBJ. The increased mercenary nature of the girls seems to be a byproduct, as they seek to optimize their earning capacity with each new customer. At least I can provide them with CIM bonuses for the time being.

    I was also dismayed to see so many girls wrapped up in towels. What the fuck? One of the pleasures of FKK is the spectacle of so many young naked girls wandering around, tits and pussies in plain view, and this new towel wrap trend is not cool.

    It took me a while to find my 3rd girl--I had my eye on a few new hotties but either they got snapped up before I could make my move or didn't pass my boner test in our screening interview.

    I lucked out in running into a pretty blond German girl who I met at the bar earlier in the day although I wasn't ready at the time. Elisa was a little thicker than my usual petite slim things (meaning not fat, just a bit more whooty in the rear). I had a good feeling about her at the time, but having just done that duo I needed a bit more time to recover. But I shouldn't have waited 4-5 hours, especially because the girls got pretty scarce late in the evening as they got snapped up for sessions.

    ELISA blond German girl, big tat on left ribcage and some on knuckles. Looks like Jennifer Lawrence meets Jennifer Aniston.

    As expected, my session with Elisa was great. I'm always wary about picking girls later in an FKK day because I do not want to end the day on a bad note. But I wasn't disappointed. Elisa's blowjob was soft and smooth and deep, reminiscent of fellow German girl Mina at Bernds. Is it a German girl thing or just their experience because they're a bit older? After plugging away for a while in doggie I switched back to oral because it was so great. Finally I came in her mouth after quite a bit of oral satisfaction.

    I didn't hang out much longer; I knew I wouldn't get back to my Darmstadt hotel until 2 am, and I was feeling a bit tired. So I showered and dressed and took a 10 eur taxi to my hotel.


    Although my visit to Sharks wasn't spectacular, I still had 3 good sessions and experienced 4 new-to-me hot girls, so I can't complain. As I mentioned to one of the guys earlier in the club, we really have to be thankful that these clubs exist and we get to partake. I'm not giving up on the whole thing--it's too early to say, "yeah, we had a good run, too bad it's gone". But I do notice the changes.


    SORANA "Spain" red bow tie hair up pale skin.

    ANKA blonde now still cool.

    CATALINA shoulder length blondish hair black tat right forearm black thigh highs.

    RHEA not sure of spelling? Tall slender blonde big neckline tats pretty cheekbones blue eyes Nicole Simpson / Bo Derek.

    ANITA friend of rhea dark hair Andie MacDowell.

    POLINA thick glasses older bulg brunette.

    SONIA chubby petite dyed blonde.

    SELINA auburn hair to butt.

    *EMMA no tats arrow / heart pendant CIM ex Feigenblatt.

    JULIA saggy Angelina Jolie intense big eyes.

    BRENDA boltons black hair & fishnet stockings.

    SYBIL glasses fatty "from France" with friend.

    RALUCCA reminds me of Ivy but thicker.

    LINDA 19 baby fat ponytail GND.

    AMALIA blonde GND friendly but later mercenary--must do 1 HR for kiss.

    ELECTRA big tit dyed blonde Greece via London. Looks half-asian tons of makeup.

    PERLA fat Afro-Dom Republic.

    ENYA prettty blonde black garter with her friend.

    ALEXANDRA linebacker friend of Enya.

    ESTHER didn't remember each other's names at first even though she's recognized me for a bunch of visits in a row.

    *MAGDA petite brunette & SYLVIA petite blond boltons double 30 min.

    STELLA boy cut short hair teeny.

    JESSICA German looks Latin. I thought there was already a Jessica?

    *ELISA pretty blonde de black garter then sea foam green top big tat left side J Law meets Anna Kournikova big whooty butt CIM finish.

    STEFFI blonde 24 ro good English friend with.

    ISSA green eyes short blonde hair glasses tubby.

    PAULINA bul hardbody spinner Mexican look good English. Put my arms around her and there is not an ounce of fat around her waist.

    ANNABELLE camera tat left thigh Caterina Zeta-Jones.

    JENNIFER 18 ro blonde.


    Beef gravy stroganoff / goulash?

    Vegetarian penne.

    Turkey in gravy.

    Roast chicken all taken, replaced with ham slices but back at 9 pm.



    White rice.




    Evita busy all afternoon.

    Jessica boltons.














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    Any of these gals around?

    I'm back in town and hoping to see these faves or missed-and-follow-ups. Have you seen them around, and what day is best for them? I'll be around for a week:



    Madi / Jessica.



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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleOx  [View Original Post]
    Regina (or Regiana) Hu came back. She recognized me immediately. But she was also very busy on Monday. I didn't find her the rest of evening.
    Anyone describe what she looks like? I've seen her getting brought up a few times before but I don't think I've seen any description or "behavior" in room about her. I'm always on the market for new Hungarian to try.

    Might make a day trip this Saturday.

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    Sharks day 4 (Thursday, May 17th)

    Drove from Frankfurt after work. Arrived at 14:00.

    Almost at same time, I saw Dina came in. She then disappeared quickly. I got used to that.

    Amalia approached me. I remembered my yesterday's promise. So we went upstairs together. I didn't see any other of my regulars at that time.

    1). Amalia, 14:25-15:40, 150 E.

    She is a real stunner. The more sessions I am with her, the more I like her. Enjoying the great feeling of caressing, petting, and kissing her. But she never allow DFK. It is ok to me. The only annoyance was she checked my condom every 5 minutes. I told her she should trust me, because I care about my safety as seriously as she. After sex, we spent about 20 minutes to talk. She asked me take her sister next time. I was not sure if I want. I had to leave before 16:00 to attend a conference call from my company. Amalia demanded I should come back later this evening for her.

    When I came down stairs, I saw Dina happened to stand somewhere near me. I went ahead to tell her I would be back in two hours for her. But to my surprise, she said no. I then knew she might be in bad moods today. I ran away immediately.

    Coming back 18:00, I met Dina again. She said she was ready for me. But now I had cold feet. According to my past experience with her, she was moody at this moment. It would mess up something. So I would rather to wait for a while.

    2). Regina, 20 yo brunette Hungarian.

    18:30-19:30, 100 E.

    Finding the new Hungarian girl Regina sitting around bar. She was always busy in the past few days. She was supposed to be in Dina's crew. She had some language barrier, but we still can communicate. She is a nice girl, and she must be very smart. She has very good memories to remember her customers. I saw Dina had been with another customer, so when Regina asked me to take her to room, I did.

    She is a beginner, however she worked very hard to please me. Although her beauty is not in the first tier at Sharks, her innocent big eyes attracted me very much. If she could work longer at Sharks, she definitely would become a new star. After sex, surprisingly, Regina told me that she would leave soon. She said she liked here, and guys were nice to her. However, some girl was very angry with her, and even scratched her today one time. I had no idea what she said. I asked if she knew where Nicolette was, she just told me Nicolette would not come back anymore. So sad to hear this.

    3). Steffi,

    20:30-21:30, 100 E.

    Finally I saw Steffi sitting around bar. It seems to me she was talking to a girl with glasses all the time. I felt I had obligation for her. I approached her, standing her right side for 5 minutes. She kept talking to the girl without even looking at me. I could not bear it, I grabbed her arm and told her I was ready for her. However she still kept me distance until I begged her. Then we went to room.

    I was her first one on Thursday. In the room, she ridiculed me with irony. I swore that I came here everyday to seek her, but she was absent on Monday and Wednesday. After sex, I hugged her and told her my obligation for her. She seems to be indifferent. She was weird. I am not sure if she really wants my business. I just want help out. I could not believe myself that I only gave her one hour.

    4). Amalia. , 22:00-22:30 (courtesy session).

    I saw Amalia and her sister Elif were sitting in sunroom and eating. She waved to me and asked me sitting near her side. Amalia is a sunny girl, she always makes me laugh and happy. She told me today was so slow, she only got two more half-hour sessions besides my sessions. I knew it was not true, but I still offered her half-hour "courtesy" session. Inside room, she said "honey, you promised three hours for me today". I said no, but I would like to offer her a session every time I visit Sharks. She always kissed my body. I enjoyed that.

    Left around 23:00.

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    Sharks day 3 (Wednesday, may 17th)

    Coming back from a business conference at Frankfurt, I arrived at Sharks at 13:00. While I was waiting for Dina, a tall blonde came to me. She is Esther. She complained that I always took Bianca, without giving her any chance. I apologized to her but told her I was waiting for someone else today. Realizing how sad she was, I changed my mind. I decided to offer her half-hour "courtesy" session before My appointment with Dina.

    1). Esther, 24 yo, RO. 13:30-14:00, 50 E.

    In the room, we just talked most of time. She actually was very nice to me. I think I need to offer her more sessions in the future. She is more pretty than I thought before. Repeat in the future.

    2). Elizabeth, 35 yo brunette, RO, very classic and elegant.

    14:30-15:00, 50 E.

    I saw Dina arrived around 14:00 and went into locker room. I am not sure if she saw me or not. When I saw her again, she was talking to someone else. I had to sat on the sofa opposite to pole. Meanwhile, Elizabeth sat near me. We started to chat. She was nice and friendly. Although she is 35 yo, I found she was a very attractive lady. After 10 minutes, I felt Dina would go with the guy she was talking to. So I decided to take Elizabeth to room. I felt it was my duty to at least give her some business. She always reminded me of some classic nineteenth century beauties. She looks like a 25 year old girl. I really enjoyed time with her. We also shared some personal life stories with each other. Must repeat.

    3). Dina, Queen of Sharks club.

    15:45-17:40, 200 E.

    Finally, Dina had time for me. Please, your Highness.

    Dina always thinks she is a princess in Sharks. Some her sugar daddies always catered to her narcissism. I don't mind doing this either. Sometimes men need a fantasy. If you have choices, Whom do you want to have sex with? A exquisite elegant princess, or a unkempt shabby gypsy girl? The answer is obvious. Dina not only provides regular service, she also gives you a package, a memory, a life story. In real world, if you were lucky enough to have a such beautiful and intelligent young lady like Dina as your girlfriend, you would definitely treat her as your princess! In Sharks, Dina offers this in very cost-effective way. This one of reasons even if she pissed me off twice before, I still go with her. Dina claimed she had magics to take her alienated clients back. Of course, she needs my business too. We laughed together. I told her "you are princess of princesses." She said she should be a queen. OK, Dina's new title, Queen of Sharks.

    I offered Dina a package: anytime if she lacked business, she could go directly to me, I would offer her at least one hour session every time she asks. She said I am so sweet to her. I know I would never need to do that. One reason is she has large numbers of sugar daddies. The other reason is her pride would prevent her from begging anyone for business.

    Dina told me that the relationship between Nicolette and her had been broken up. She has no idea where Nicolette is now. This worrisome news made me a little bit nervous. I had a strong intuitive feeling that Nicolette would not come back anymore. So sad. Nicolette had been my dreaming lover for long time. I could not imagine that I would never see her anymore.

    4). Amalia, 20 yo blonde Romanian with Greek descent.

    20:00-21:00, 100 E.

    Amalia is my little cutie in Sharks. She started to work about 4 months ago. Since then, she gained more and more popularity, especially among Asians. She is very nice and friendly to me. She could always figure out how to please her customers in her special good manners. I felt I did fall in love with her. Amalia is a rising star. Must repeat. I promised to give her a sessions the next day.

    I didn't see Steffi on Wednesday. I tried to find her. Maybe she was busy at that day. I left around 22:00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadinSweet  [View Original Post]
    Steffi - I have not been with Steffi since I started to go with Evita but now I know why I really liked her in the past. We picked up where we left off in no time. It was a slow weekend that I was her very first customer on Sat and I arrived very late.
    Steffi is very good looking IMHO but I also find Steffi very moody, and she started giving me the 'Dina-treatment' of acting all jealous (deliberately avoiding eye contact etc.) when I don't pick her.

    A few weeks ago I approached her, intending to ask her to go to a room, and asked her how she is doing. She acted all aloof and told me she was waiting for a pizza. I got the message and I wished her a bon apptit, but of course I never saw her eating pizza nor did I see her going with other customers. 😂 🙄

    She only seems to be interested in sitting around wearing a towel around her waist and talking to other girls. I've seen her many times at Sharks, and she's just sitting around for hours and hours and hours without any customers.

    P.S. What's all this bullshit with wearing towels? If they're cold (as Steffi always claims) why not wear some sexy stocking and lingerie? I've seen another (also quite good looking) blond Romanian girl with a towel around her waist all the time, she usually hangs out near one of those couches in front of the stripper pole.

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    Sharks day 2 (Tuesday, May 16th)

    Arrived at 14:00. Lineup was even worse than Monday. Lavinia didn't work that day. I hoped Steffi would work that day. So I came to try my luck. Amalia came to ask if I would like to go with her. She is very cute, we had a session in January. But I told her I was waiting for Steffi. She was very disappointed. In order to please her, I told her if I come here tomorrow, I would offer her one hour session. She hugged me and kissed me then went away.

    At 15:00, I was very excited to see Steffi appeared at the front desk. I went there directly and told her I was waiting for her. She smiled but called me"liar". Then she asked me to wait for her ten minutes. When I sat sofa outside locker room, I saw Dina with street clothes at Front desk. She looked at my eye, so I had to go outside to say Hi to her. I asked if she would work today. She said she would work tomorrow and asked me if I would like to come seeing her tomorrow. I said yes. Then we set an appointment at Wednesday 14:30. She left.

    Steffi- 23 yo blonde, a girl star at Sharks.


    Steffi came out in 15 min. She didn't even looked me. I followed her to bar and told her I was ready for her. She said "you are liar. How many girls you go with today?" I said "only you". She smiled again. I begged her to go to room because I had to leave early and would have a conference call from the states that evening. I tried my best to please her. I treated Steffi like my girlfriend, my princess.

    In room, massage, petting her, kissing her body, caressing or tickling her sometimes. After sex, we sat together to talk. I hugged her just like hugging my girlfriend. Two hours passed very quickly. If she came earlier, I would like to give her three hours that day. My lovely Steffi, must repeat.

    I left before 19:00.

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    Sharks day 1 (Monday, May 15th)

    Arrived Sharks club around 16:00 after a business meeting in Frankfurt. Lineup was extremely poor. All my regulars were not there at time I got there. I had to try a new girl.

    1). Sonia, 21 yo blonde, RO, about 155 cm.

    17:45-18:40. 100 E. Face / body / service, 7/7/7.

    She tried four times to persuade me to take her. I just didn't want to hurt her too much, and there was not many choice at the moment, so we went upstairs. Massage, DATY, caresses, kissing, etc. Nothing special. After sex, we chatted ten minutes then I closed the session. Might or might not repeat.

    2). Lavinia, 23 yo blonde, half Ro half Hu. One of famous girls at Sharks.

    21:00-21:30. 50 E.

    When I decided to leave, suddenly, I saw Lavinia. She was one of my favorites last year. But today I was not sure if I really want her. After she told me there was no much business for her today, I decided to offer "courtesy" half-hour session due to our long term friendship. To be honest, I should spend more time with her, but I wasn't in good mood today. In the room, Lavinia told me that Bianca, another my favorite, was on vacation. And she also told me that the blonde Steffi was still at Sharks. I was glad to know that. Lavinia is my friend. She knew whom I liked. Good girl. Must repeat.

    I saw Dina Hu. She was still very busy. She just said Hi to me then disappeared.

    Regina (or Regiana) Hu came back. She recognized me immediately. But she was also very busy on Monday. I didn't find her the rest of evening.

    Left at 22:00.

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    Maybe you can ask Dina about her "sister" Nicoletta.

    For her fans, Megan on second Globe tour.

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    Slow weekend at Sharks

    Was at Sharks over the weekend. It was a very slow weekend. On Sat, I didn't see the line for the room at all, if any. VIP sections were all closed. On Monday, I felt like it was more girls than the guys in the club! Better for me, as everyone is available. But I also feel bad for most of the girls sitting around doing nothing. I am pretty sure a few of them went home without any rooms.

    A lot of girls were missing. Nicolette, Roxana, Carolina and many others were not there. If someone knows about Nicolette where about please PM me.

    Anita - long brunette, beautiful blue / green eyes, a little white / pale skin, she likes to wear a towel around her waist, likes to sit on the single couch facing the bar by the locker, nice and very sweet girls, highly recommend her.

    Steffi - I have not been with Steffi since I started to go with Evita but now I know why I really liked her in the past. We picked up where we left off in no time. It was a slow weekend that I was her very first customer on Sat and I arrived very late.

    Everlina - she is becoming a little busy so it's getting harder to grab her when I wanted to. I like the no pressure and no drama girls and she is one of the girls that will not give you any dramas. Plus I find her pretty.

    Amalia - after rejecting her so many times and she was very cool about it every times, I promised her on Sat that I will take her on Mon, and actually shook hand with her. She was very surprised when I went to grab her as I guess most people don't keep their promises? I like her. She is nice and good in the room. Will definitely try her and her sister next time.

    Lavinia - I have been with her long time ago and always find her attractive with a very nice body that is just my type. I wanted to take her many times in the past few trips and Everlina even went in the locker to look for Lavinia for me. She was not so busy so I was able to grab her. Wow, what have I been missing all this time. I had a great time with her. She is very funny and the room with her just flew by. She is also one of the girls that won't give you any dramas outside the room. Will definitely take her next time I see her again.

    Madalina - she came back from ROM on Sat. I always try to have the very last session with her as for some reason, not sure why, I always able to finish and had a great time with her, even after multiple days trip, while with others, eventhough I really like them, I could not finish.

    Some of the girls that are mentioned lately, I saw: Dina on Sat, Sidonia and her buddy Sabin (only on Mon), Amalia & Elif, Patricia (Mol), Jnpr30 your Magda was there, not so busy, and many others (ask and I will try to answer if your girls are there).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takedown  [View Original Post]
    In what world is P cleaner than semen?
    I believe he is talking about peach juice.

    The other p is filled with toxins the body wants to get rid of... while cum is filled with lifegiving entities... but he could be from imaginationland (the one they visit in that double episode in south park)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AznHotBoy  [View Original Post]
    Not lecturing. If you blacklist her that's your choice. All I'm saying is if your only reason to blacklist her was for her taste in p then you should blacklist a lot of these other prostitutes as well. Personally I rather have them taste p then cum. Much cleaner.
    In what world is P cleaner than semen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jnpr30  [View Original Post]
    Are you a mind reader? Never said any such thing. I simply said I put her on my black list.

    Safe to say, we are all aware that girls do a lot of things behind the doors; thanks for the lecture however.
    Not lecturing. If you blacklist her that's your choice. All I'm saying is if your only reason to blacklist her was for her taste in p then you should blacklist a lot of these other prostitutes as well. Personally I rather have them taste p then cum. Much cleaner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AznHotBoy  [View Original Post]
    You think sperm is cleaner than p? All these prostitutes takes CIM. Which is more dirty than p. They are prostitutes, they do dirty stuff for money, chances are low to find some clean princess. Even the most arrogant princesses at these FKK will do the most dirty stuff for money.
    Are you a mind reader? Never said any such thing. I simply said I put her on my black list.

    Safe to say, we are all aware that girls do a lot of things behind the doors; thanks for the lecture however.

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