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    Great stuff!

    Quote Originally Posted by LickedWhat  [View Original Post]
    While I was waiting, a private couple arrived and soon set up a gangbang of their own.
    That must have been the Danish couple MrBallz had told me about. Sorry I missd that!

    Very nice report, I just RODed it: http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...=1#post1666518.

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    Spermagames NRW, 29.12

    I was to the SG party in Wlfrath on 29.12. It was my first time at that location, although I've been to SG parties in Karlsruhe before. Listed were Nadja, Jill, Leila, Jacqueline, Mara (safe, it was announced at the beginning of the party), Adrienne (safe), and Luna. In addition, Linda Lush was there. Natascha visited too, but she wasn't there the whole day and I only saw her do BJs.

    I had set my mind especially on Leila and Jacqueline (both of whom I've had excellent sex with at previous parties) as well as Nadja (who had been strongly recommended by MrBallz). However, I gave in to the temptation of starting off with Linda, who I've not met before. She's a popular beauty, so it took a while before I got the chance, but eventually I got to pump her creamy pussy from behind and shoot my first load for the day. A good fuck but I got a rather weak climax.

    I rested a bit, and then warmed up again with some BJ action by Adrienne. Then I gave Jill a try in missionary, but fully knowing that it was still too early for me to cum again. Still a pretty good time. I decided to recuperate a bit more. While I was waiting, a private couple arrived and soon set up a gangbang of their own. The woman was rather hot, so I watched with interest and saw that they were doing AO. With the hubby licking the woman's pussy clean after each load. I joined in and took her standing from behind, and it was terrific, but I still was not quite ready. I accidentally slipped out after a little bit, and had to give up my spot since lots of guys wanted to get there. Some little while later, when I felt that my powers were returning, I got a new chance. They were still at it (or maybe they too had taken a break), and the woman was now lying on her back and receiving the guys in mish. The bed was a bit less crowded now, so I didn't have to wait so long. I had a wonderful time doing her missionary style until I unloaded inside her. A really good cum this time. I thanked the couple, who turned out to be Scandinavian like me.

    After a longer break and some food, it was finally time to try Nadja. I found her BJ too rough for my taste, but fucking her in mish was nice. Again, however, I was restarting too early and had to give up. While relaxing I had a chat with MrBallz, and he suggested that we should look to see if the Scandinavian couple was active again. They were, and again I got to fuck the woman from behind while the man was lying below her in a 69. She really could fuck wonderfully, and so I shot my third load for the day. Getting better and better.

    By now I was almost exhausted, and coming a fourth time did not seem very realistic. However, I had still not fucked either Leila or Jacqueline. If anyone could make me come again this day it would be Leila, I reckoned, so I searched her out during her last round. She has quite the technique, and she tried eagerly, but now I could only get close to cumming. I would probably have given up and left by now, if it hadn't been for the fact that I was waiting for MrBallz to give me a ride to the nearest train station. So instead I stuck around, and got horny enough to want to fuck Jacqueline too. I did not expect to cum, but she amazed me. After a long good fuck, first in missionary / spread eagle, and then turning into a kneeling position, I shouted out my fourth, final, and best orgasm of the day.

    After I had taken another shower and gotten dressed, I wandered back into the central action room to see Nadja receive some facials. Lovely!

    If I heard right, there were 60 guests at the party. This seems just about correct to me. It was thinning out toward the end of the evening of course, leaving behind a heavy smell of semen.

    I surely count this as the best AO party I've been to yet.

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    The return of Reichelsheim

    It says on the SG-website that the club in Reichelsheim will be for rent from March 2015:

    This means that they also will be holding parties of their own there again. Hoorah!

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    September 13 Jacqueline X, Gundula, Dark Mara, TS Luna, in Karlsruhe.

    Very belated and other members have reported. Very good party and I confirm what everybody else says. Jacqueline and Gundula were working hard with only short breaks. Smiles on their faces all the time and no problem handling several guys at once. Luna, who is very nice personality started off working hard but later seemed to have a problem and took a long break. I left after only three hours, so am not sure if there was any anal action. Although it is advertised I'm not sure it happens very often at SG. The location is good (as long as you park in the shopping centre area) and internal layout very good, with a nice rooftop area and a Wintergarten. Was nice to meet other ISGers.

    A small point - condoms can be used.

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    THU, SEP 25th in Karlsruhe

    The party was good but I can't agree with SwingerLover about the replacement because when I saw Nadja, TS-Luna (with clothes is impossible to see that isn't a woman and she is the most beautiful on that day except Heidi) and Sabine (for sure isn't a beautiful woman) I wasn't happy because Dark Mara was good with me in the previous party, I was interested to meet Susi Star and I wasn't interested to fuck a trans.

    For the fat girls I can say that one of them made nothing for all day, the other after a long time of waiting fucked her partner and other two or three man with condom (at the end of the party she smile to me when she waiting another man for fuck, but my german isn't good to speak wit her and I didn't have too much time for waiting and see if was possible to fuck her).

    At the beginning the party started with a lesbo show with Nadja and Sarah Ann while Heidi Hills go in the Wintergarten.

    I was in the party especially for Heidi Hills but I decided to watch the show for fuck Nadja on my first time but her with her attitude like Hitler decided that I had to go with Sarah Ann that made me a BBJ and when one other man finish I fuck in a missionary position and I finish in her pussy soon.

    I reached my objective to waste my first fast cum with one of the two worst girls of the party and I was ready to go with Heidi Hills.

    For my surprise she was on the bed with only one man (she made a BBJ to him) and I joined them but I didn't want to disturb and wait a moment and an other man started to fuck her, I touched her beautiful and big tits and after she made me a long BBJ until I can fucked her in a missionary but I couldn't continue for a long time because I had like a sensation to have an orgasmus without cum, I was empty of energy and I had to stop also because I had pain on the right leg.

    Heidi said me something in German but I didn't understand, probably she asked me why I stopped to fuck her but when I said that I didn't understand she let me go away (now I think that I was stupid, because maybe if I ask her to change position I could continue to fuck).

    I was very tired and I had bad sensation for this party and after I ate something (the food is the worst thing after Nadja in the Spermagames parties) I return near Nadja and I see for the first time SwingerLover in his first session of the day and I take his place after his CIP, but Nadja as usually start to talk in German and wasn't satisfied about my performance and despite I try to do my best, after few minutes I had to stop the session and I start to ignore Nadja and Sarah Ann for the remaining of the party (for the first I 'm sure that hate me and I had the proof after my last party in Radolfzell, the second is only my sensation that she didn't like me and this time she made nothing bad with me but she made nothing also during the sex and she worked everytime in the same room with Nadja that for me have the opposite effect of Viagra).

    After the sex I talked a little bit with Swinger Lover like some other times during the day and I'm happy that I met him.

    The AO-MILF was the same that I had already fuck in August and this time sex was good but not like the first time that was fantastic and was similar that the first session with Heidi (without BJ and with a long FK) and I had the same sensation that made me stop the session when I could continue to fuck.

    Except for Nadja the party was ok but for sure not like my first when I could fuck without stop and my mood wasn't the best because of the replacement that I didn't like, but after I tried to eat everything for recover energy I made one of the best decision of my life that change my party, but I can't write nothing about that in ISG.

    Kitty was the only replacement that I like at the beginning, especially for her beautiful ass, but I could fuck her only one time without cum and wasn't nothing special.

    During the day, I think in the third round with this girls, I tried to fuck her another time but I can't touch her tits, when I was in position to fuck she told me "pause"and after she fuck another man, didn't make me a BJ and after half hour of waiting I tried to fuck her in doggy but I had difficoult to put my dick in her pussy and instead of help me after two second she told me that I needed a break, after that I start to ignore also her.

    For me Nadja is the worst girl (maybe old woman is better) in the party and in the world but the bad attitude of Kitty is with almost every man and seems that she don't like to be in the party.

    In the first round with this three girls I couldn't fuck Sabine because many men was uninterested to fuck TS-Luna and the girls were more busy.

    During the day I had other 3 long session with Heidi, I cum twice with her and the other time I was near to cum but I didn't have energy for continue to fuck.

    For me she is one of the most beautiful girls in my life, is very nice and was absolutely the best girl on the day and I was lucky to find her because is the only girl possible to fuck for me, because the AO-MILF was available only one time in the round with other girls but I couldn't fuck her because I was near one wall and wasn't impossible for me fuck and she didn't understand soon that I needed that she move a little bit, unfortunatly after this waiting time my dick wasn't hard enough and SwingerLover take my place but I find a better alternative.

    I fucked Sabine in her second round, in doggy and missionary position but I couldn't cum.

    Unfortunatly I wasted many time with Kitty in the third round and I could fuck Sabine another time only in the last round in the Wintergarten and was good but I decided to stop the session for made the last time with Luna after a shower, but I wasted time to drink a coffee and when I return in the Wintergarten Luna wasn't more available and only SwingerLover and Sabine were there; she could tell me that the party was finish because I had already fuck her 15 minutes before but come to me for a BBJ and drunk my sperm until the last drop.

    I can't say nothing negative about Sabine and I was happy with her but for me was only the third best in the party and unfortunaly I didn't know that she made anal sex.

    After my Sixth cum I and SwingerLover were both happy and we talk until the end of the party.

    If I see the good part of the party I can say that was fantastic, I cum 6 times, I had at least 10 good session but with some different girls could be better (for sure with Dark Mara instead of Nadja) because after the session with Heidi I couldn't made nothing until the girls changed.

    I will be in the next Spermagames's parties in Stuttgart and Heidenheim and I hope that the line up of Jacquelin X, Rinata, Dark Mara, TS Luna will be confirmed and especially I hope that Nadja will be not there.

    The only good thing that Nadja made for me is that I changed my mind because of her and I went only in Radolfzell and not also in Rastatt for going to Pauschalclub Dortmund and Totalclub Selm for two of my best day in Pauschalclub.

    Now is not announced on website, but I read in Radolfzell that the next party will be on 6th November, if I like the girl advertised maybe I will go also there.

    When I have time I will write a report about my party in Radolfzell and my other three day in Germany.

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    Belated report about the party on THU, SEP 25th in Karlsruhe

    Arrived half an hour late due to the lousy traffic conditions. Only 2 of the advertised women were there, (Sarah Ann & Heidi Hills) but that didn't matter because the replacement crew was batter than the original one: Sabina, Nadja, Kitty & TS-Luna, plus the private AO-MILF who I already liked since I met her first back in August. (Plus 2 private fat chicks, who as far as I can tell didn't do anything other than eat and drink, except with their partner.).

    This was one of my 5 best SG-parties ever, if it wasn't even the second-best one. A lot of guys were there, a lot of creampies were produced, a lot of Schlammschieben was going on and everything ran smoothly. Kitty was her usual self, so I humped her once without cum and that was that. Heidi Hills reminded me a lot of Melanie Moon, although of a somewhat minor version. Three of the women did a sparkling-wine show during the day, I believe she got most of the stuff on her and went to a room immediately afterwards without showering. The whole room smelled like an Austrian winery, as did she. I fucked her once in that room on th eleft side and later once more on the round mat next to the bar, both times with heavy duty creampie-fucking, but no cum of my own. Sarah Ann made 5th place for me, with 2 fucks in the Wintergarten upstairs, but no cum either. TS-Luna (Hold, stop, one is not allowed to write on ISG about having fucked a tranny twice during a party.).

    The MILF got one of my cumshots, when I had fucked her in the left side room, right next to the crowd who was doing Sabine at the time. The first of my two rounds with the MILF was very early in the party in the right side room, on the crappy mattrass, which had forced me to stop that session because the springs started to hurt my knee again.

    Nadja was only my number two this time, which should in no way deminish her. She was as horny and loud and raunchy as always, it always a pleasure partying with her. I fucked her only twice and came once, but it was great as usual. The reason why I didn't go after her (and Sarah Ann) more often was that I got to do her and Sarah Ann at Sexy-Susi's AO-gangbang in Mörfelden 4 days later again. So I strayed more towards the others at this SG-party.

    The star of the show was of course once again: Sabine. She's still my number one AO-Gangbang woman, (again, after this party) but with almost no distinct distance to Rinata (who wasn't there this time) and Nadja. Put those 3 plus AmelieO (who fell down to 4th place because I haven't fucked her for so long; time to remedy that very soon) in the same party and I think you might have to carry me out of there afterwards.

    I think I had 3 sessions with Sabine, and they were 3 incredible ones. First one was upstairs in the Wintergarten, when I switched from Kitty's pussy to Sabine's pussy and then to Sabine's ass for my ass-fuck premiere with here, where I offloaded my cum. Second round was in the left side room after a whole crowd had already inseminated her and she still couldn't get enough. Here I didn't cum with her, that was too shortly after I had inseminated the private MILF. Nevertheless it was a very, very hot session, not just the sex, but the heat as well. Sabine herself was glowing like an oven and still crazy about getting fucked some more.

    My last session for that day was also with her and yielded my 4th cum, this time inside her pussy when we had a goodnight-fuck in the Wintergarten when it was already dark outside. I didn't think I would be able to do anything anymore, but she blew me hard again, so I could give her another great fuck, which was a great end to a next to perfect party day. Thank god for so many cancellations from the original line-up, I don't think that they would have made for such a great party as the replacements did, especially Sabine and Nadja.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxime  [View Original Post]
    This is not the only mis-information by SG: on October 9, 10 and 11 Luna TS will be at a different party, so not present at SG, so if you want to meet her, see other thread.
    I hope that Tomorrow I will find the girls announced, especially Heidi Hills and Susi Star.
    If Sarah Ann will be not there i will be not sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxime  [View Original Post]
    This is not the only mis-information by SG: on October 9, 10 and 11 Luna TS will be at a different party, so not present at SG, so if you want to meet her, see other thread.
    Yes, you're right, she's advertised at SG for the 9th and 11th and from 9th to 11th for GB01 parties in Hannover, Mörfelden and Stuhr. So whoever doesn't like trannies should call and make sure where Luna will actually be, if you want to avoid partying with her.

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    This is not the only mis-information by SG: on October 9, 10 and 11 Luna TS will be at a different party, so not present at SG, so if you want to meet her, see other thread.

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    No fingering

    Quote Originally Posted by LindaSahne  [View Original Post]
    Just want to set something straight: my absence at 28.8 in Karlsruhe had NOTHING tto do with somebody scratching me open while fingering, I know this is what you've been told, but everyone who has met me before, knows I don't let people finger me, let alone, destroy my pussy while fingering.

    I simply wasn't able to reach Karlsruhe due to organisational problems. Don't know why you've been told otherwise.
    Thank you for setting this straight.

    I can only imagine that they thought "being injured" would be a better excuse than "organisatorial problems", although I do not know why. If they would have just said "Unfortunately Linda had to cancel. ", that would have been just fine for me. Giving a bogus reason pisses me off a little.

    On the other hand, they just might have used your absence as a reason to point out once more that fingering isn't wanted and that those guys who don't listen to reason might listen if you tell them that somebody (in this case you) was hurt.

    I will definitely ask about the reason for the misinformation when I'm there the next Thursday! I suppose you will be there too, since you're advertised?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveSands  [View Original Post]
    I was at this event and it was pretty good. The Venue is not ideal (I feel like if I go to many events here I will walk around like a hunchback due to the.

    Low vaulted ceilings). It also seems way to dark in there. It feels sort of seedy, unlike the GB01 event the following day in Hannover, which was well lit). The food was OK, and the girls were all good. Linda Lush in particular was incredible. When she was working I spent as much time inside her as possible. She has such a lovely nubile body and is much cuter in real life than she is in pictures and videos. She is also a fuck machine, and she took a LOT of extremely horny guys very gracefully. I saw a lot of sperm leaking out of her. I was really disappointed to hear that someone "clawed her" with his fingernails. I heard a warning about this before the GB01 event started but not at Wulfrath (I might have missed it though).


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    If you are adding these hard returns at the end of every line by using the ENTER key, then please stop. Instead, when typing simply allow the text to "wrap" automatically at the end of each line. The ENTER key is only needed to separate the paragraphs.

    However, if the unnecessary hard returns were the result of you having pasted the text into the forum from another source (such as a news wevsite), then your option is to either edit out the unnecessary hard returns or don't post the text.

    Please do not post text with unnecessary hard returns in the Forum. Thanks!
    Hey, Linda here! First off, thank you sooooo much for the compliments. You made me blush!

    Just want to set something straight: my absence at 28.8 in Karlsruhe had NOTHING tto do with somebody scratching me open while fingering, I know this is what you've been told, but everyone who has met me before, knows I don't let people finger me, let alone, destroy my pussy while fingering.

    I simply wasn't able to reach Karlsruhe due to organisational problems. Don't know why you've been told otherwise.

    I just don't like the image of me being fingered to death being out there, didn't happen, never will.

    See you at the next event!

    <3 and XX.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SwingerLover  [View Original Post]
    So that was you who had prepared her so well when I started the party with whipping the cream inside her pussy. Thanks!
    You're welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by SwingerLover  [View Original Post]
    Hahaha, that's a very nice detail. Was it that one cum-puddle which was already foaming?
    Could be. I saw at least one more big puddle, where Gundula was, but this one was near the centre and had surely been running from Jacqueline's pussy.

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    Nice details

    Quote Originally Posted by LickedWhat  [View Original Post]
    I waited for the guy to fill her with spunk, and finally I got to do her. First in mish, and then in doggy until I shot my five days worth of semen up her.
    So that was you who had prepared her so well when I started the party with whipping the cream inside her pussy. Thanks!

    (with my knee in a puddle of cum).
    Hahaha, that's a very nice detail. Was it that one cum-puddle which was already foaming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwingerLover  [View Original Post]
    What's not to like about Nadja? Like a pal said recently: She's the only newcomer this year who is really, truly a star; she's just excellent. So what do you not like about her? Is she too demanding for your taste?
    Probably she don't like me and she talked too much (when I said that I didn't understand well german, she didn't stop to talk then I tought that she had a problem with me and I finished to fuck her very soon).

    After in the bukkake session she made a BJ at every men except me and she insisted that I had to cum on Sarah Ann's body but I wasn't interested; she didn't let me go away and I had to wanking myself before that she tried with an HJ (if she made me a BJ, maybe I would be more interested to stay in the bukkake session, but I'm happy because when I could escape I had one of the most intense orgasm of my life in Gundula's pussy).

    Maybe if my German was better, I would not have any problems with her but my sensation was that she didn't like me and I didn't try to fuck her another time.

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    Spermagames Karlsruhe, 14.6 and 13.9

    Hi all,

    I'm rather new to the world of AO gangbangs. Past weekend I paid my second visit to Spermagames in Karlsruhe, and that will be the main subject of this report. But first I'd like to report my first visit there, on June 14, as well as I can remember it.

    June 14 Angi, Aymie Eng, Dark Mara, Kitty, Anja Wild, Leila, in Karlsruhe.

    I was the first to fuck Anja this day, doing her from behind in the Wintergarden while someone else banged Aymie in missionary in front of us. I didn't need very much time to fill Anja's pussy with cum. It was an al-right start, but it was Aymie I really wanted to stick it into. I figured I'd do her later on, but I never got the chance. Aymie and Mara were sitting in a sofa smoking and talking to each other almost the whole day (after that first round), and that eventually got on my nerve a bit and dampened my mood.

    For my second go, I wandered into one of the small rooms, where Leila (who I can confirm was listed as Merinda / Merlinda on the website, but hadn't been announced for this party beforehand) was being banged by a bunch of guys. After some waiting, I got to fuck Leila's cum-soaked pussy, and that was fabulous. She has a way of doing sudden, hard thrusts that felt better than anything I've ever encountered.

    After this followed a few hours of fucking Kitty (a few times), Angi (once), and Anja (once more) without cumming while waiting for Aymie or Mara to finally become available. Alas, they didn't. I was feeling disappointed and near giving up and leaving. But before I did, I got another chance to do Leila, this time in front of the bar. It was just as amazing as the first time, or perhaps better since I lasted much longer. After I'd creamed her pussy I was of course in a better mood again, but still a bit annoyed that I didn't get the chance to do either Aymie or Mara even once. I knew I wouldn't be able to cum another time in the hour or so that remained. I took a shower, then went upstairs to get some BBQ before I left. Well, what do you know, at last Aymie and Mara had ended there pause and were in full action on the mattresses. Typical.

    In all, a fairly good party for me thanks to Leila. Kitty and Anja were pretty good too, and Angi gets an A for effort but is not really my type. Decided to try to avoid parties with Aymie and Mara, at least if both of them are listed.

    September 13 Jacqueline X, Gundula, Dark Mara, TS Luna, in Karlsruhe.

    I had signed up to this party and made my travelling arrangements before I knew that Mara would be there. Got a bit disappointed when she was listed, in light of how the last party went down. But she would get a chance to improve my view of her.

    The party started with Gundula and Jacqueline in front of the bar, giving blowjobs. I joined in and got my cock sucked by Gundula, and then I fucked her from behind for a while, with Jacqueline now being ploughed in missionary on our right. I wanted to do some sloppy seconds before I came, though, so I pulled out and went off. In the small room with the creaky bed, some man was fucking Mara in missionary. I waited for the guy to fill her with spunk, and finally I got to do her. First in mish, and then in doggy until I shot my five days worth of semen up her.

    Mara was active much of the day this party. At one point she was even begging for guys to come fuck her, but all guys around were exhausted right then so she had to go without. A total reversal of how she had acted at the previous party, so now I consider her good and she's off my personal "blacklist". I never did her again during this party though.

    A while later, after I'd gotten some rest, Jacqueline and Gundula were being fucked by a decent amount of guys in the Wintergarden. Both girls' pussies were overflowing, especially Jackie's. This got me extremely horny, and I got into the action and fucked Jackie mish style (with my knee in a puddle of cum). She was warm and tight, and even with all that cum as lube my dick didn't slide too easily in and out. It was glorious. After I'd filled her with even more cream, it was pouring out of her. Easily the best fuck of the day for me, and one of my best bareback boinks yet, and I usually don't even like missionary all that well!

    After this I was starting to get really tired. I had had to get up early for a flight, and hadn't slept much. So I tried to get some rest now, and even fell asleep briefly sitting in a sofa. I fucked both Gundula and Jacqueline a few times more, but had to give up without cumming each time. Gundula came near to finishing me at one point, but I was just too tired. I left with about an hour still remaining, knowing that there just was no energy left in me that day.

    This party was clearly better than the last one I attended. Great attitude and service from all providers, and not so many men that there was any real waiting times for the sex (nor in the bar or to take a shower). A damn shame I was too tired to make the best out of it, but I still enjoyed it plenty and the image of Jacqueline's and Gundula's pussies drenched in white stuff is etched into my memory.

    Also nice chatting with the other ISG members I met. Thanks for all the helpful reports you've posted! It's about time I start returning the favors. I went to FKK Dietzenbach the next day and had a great time there. I will post a report about it soon.

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