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Thread: Spermagames Bareback AO Gangbang Parties

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    SG July 11th event canceled

    I booked into this July 11th event and lo and behold it was canceled due to a lack of interest.

    That's too bad as it appears that there were 12 couples booked to go as well. I was really looking forward to this.

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    The shows are a good reason to come to these parties. As good as any.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxime  [View Original Post]
    Wow, months of silence and now this comes out.........?
    At least now I don't get to read Bullshit about a "law" that didn't exist last year.

    Ok, so Jessy Jay, Linda Lush, Gundula, etc DO get paid, but do NOT perform sexual actions with the male guests present? Certainly a reason not to come to these "parties" anymore. Only the amateur couples / wifes who do it for free are available for sex?
    What women do privately on their own time is no one's business than their own.

    Question: Do you think a barkeeper is prohibited from having drinks at his workplace after his shift is over?

    Here's another one: Do you think Gundula isn't allowed to let herself get fucked for free? Nuff said!

    Much like a swinger club, and then indeed this is not covered bu the new law.
    You got that right.

    Or different things happen there than advertised?
    Everything that's advertised happens.

    Happily some organizers have better lawyers.
    I doubt that. GB01 for instance don't seem to have any lawyers at all, judging from their ads. Be careful with having ID shots done; from now on this may or may not make you an accomplice or an auxiliary person / vicarious agent. And speaking of GB01: What exactly happened to the five-figure sum of money they collected 2 years ago, supposedly to be used to file a lawsuit against the ProstSchG?

    Enjoy the non-sex strip shows SL!
    Thanks, I will. They are quite good. And a very nice bonus in addition to all the fucking going on.

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    Body blows

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxime  [View Original Post]
    Wow, months of silence and now this comes out.........?!
    First paid AO sex becomes banned in Germany and now this happens. Two pieces of extremely bad news in the space of just one week. I could understand everyone becoming so depressed over this that they would want to just give up.

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    Wow, months of silence and now this comes out.........?

    Ok, so Jessy Jay, Linda Lush, Gundula, etc DO get paid, but do NOT perform sexual actions with the male guests present? Certainly a reason not to come to these "parties" anymore. Only the amateur couples / wifes who do it for free are available for sex? Much like a swinger club, and then indeed this is not covered bu the new law.

    Or different things happen there than advertised?

    Happily some organizers have better lawyers.

    Enjoy the non-sex strip shows SL!

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    Film productions with paid participants are prostitution since July 1st 2017!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxime  [View Original Post]
    after July 1st, since then GB / parties / flat-rate / etc are forbidden in Germany (regardless with or without condom). Only closed/registered film productions willbe allowed.
    Where in the world did you get that bullshit from?

    As I already told and wrote numerous times on other occasions (not here on ISG though): Show me the paragraph in the prostitutes-protection law (ProstSchG) where it says that Gangbangs and Flatrate are forbidden! I had scrolled through the text of the "law" several times and couldn't find either of those words. Only the first "Referentenentwurf" from August 2014 had contained a ban of R.A.P.E.-gangbangs. But even that is not to be found in the actual "law" anymore.

    As for the closed/registered film productions, you are beyond deluded.

    I predict, that especially GB01 will be the first ones to be ground into mulch. Those guys obviously haven't read a single word of the "law".

    Here's the basic turning point around which the whole thing revolves:

    § 2 ProstSchG: (1) 1 Eine sexuelle Dienstleistung ist eine sexuelle Handlung mindestens einer Person an oder vor mindestens einer anderen unmittelbar anwesenden Person gegen Entgelt oder das Zulassen einer sexuellen Handlung an oder vor der eigenen Person gegen Entgelt. 2 Keine sexuellen Dienstleistungen sind Vorführungen mit ausschließlich darstellerischem Charakter, bei denen keine weitere der anwesenden Personen sexuell aktiv einbezogen ist.

    (2) Prostituierte sind Personen, die sexuelle Dienstleistungen erbringen.

    Translation: (1) A Sexual Service is a sexual act of at least one Person on or in front of at least one other immediately present Person for recompense, or the allowance of a sexual act on or in front of the own Person for recompense. No Sexual Services are presentations of a solely acting nature, where neither of the other present Persons are actively involved.

    (2) Prostitutes are Persons who provide Sexual Services.

    In layman's terms: If a recompense (money or something else) is given for the provision of a sexual act, than that's a Sexual Service to which the "law" would apply.

    Since GB01, Spermastudio, MEGA-Extrem and such have to pay the women a fee / salary / pay of artists (or however it's called, in Germany it's called a "Gage") that's a recompense for sexual acts and therefore a Sexual Service. So according to the ProstSchG, the actresses are prostitutes and the law applies. If the men don't have to pay for participating, that's beside the point; as long as the women get paid, § 2 (1) and (2) of the ProstSchG applies.

    If the women don't get paid, then the "law" does NOT apply. That's the case if a woman invites guys to shoot a film for her MDH- Big7- AC-profile or some other movie-selling platform or her own homepage. Melanie Moon's filmshots for instance are NOT covered by the law, since she doesn't take any money for sexual acts; you only pay 30 € for the test, drinks and snacks and the use of the location, along with towels and showers. Like at this event tomorrow:

    What's also not covered by the "law" is an AO gangbang like this one, where private women also don't get/take any money:

    And SG-parties aren't covered by the ProstSchG either, since they have changed their party concept in a way that gets them off the hook completely. Since there are so many private couples at the SG-parties anyway, they don't employ any prostitutes at all. Therefore the "law" doesn't apply. The only recompense that is paid is the pay of artists for the showgirls and the male stripper. Since "presentations of a solely acting nature, where neither of the other present Persons are actively involved" are explicitly exempted from being defined as "Sexual Services", the "law" doesn't apply to that either. The ProstSchG doesn't apply to SG-parties. So go ahead and bang yourself silly! (The crying shame is that only 16 guys showed up for the party in Mörfelden on MON July 3rd for the 5 couples and 2 women that were there. Report on that will follow in the Bareback AO thread. I'll not post that here, because this thread is dead. There is no Spermagames anymore. It's SG-parties now.)

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    Myrrh report is exactly my experience at SG, and since I refuse to go with old and heavy MILFS, I avoid SG and enjoy the (young) girls with good attitude at GB01 (most of them, at least, Jamie Jadon for instance is never a good bet, even not when at GB01).

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    This time I agree with Myrrh and for me the parties were better with the same old milfs but I was lucky to not find this women togheter in the same party when I decided to go in Germany.

    The good news is that Angelina is announced for other parties after the last in Rheinbach as amateur, I think that for the organisers was easy to see the difference between her, Tara Sky and Roxxy in that party and they made a good move.

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    Letzte chance

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrh  [View Original Post]
    I have been highly critical of Spermagames over the past couple of years or so, much preferring GB01 parties to the 'same old milfs' that SG used to serve up at their parties.

    But I think things have changed over recent weeks. Some of the younger girls that used to perform at GB01 seem to have switched to SG. These include Lollita Devil, Tara Sky, Jessy Jay and Penny Payne. The last two being the most notable in my view.

    I only saw Jessy Jay once at a GB01 event. She is young, slim, good looking and an extremely enthusiastic performer.

    Penny Payne is equally young, good looking and a tireless performer. The guy that runs GB01, Frank, was always fawning all over her at parties putting his arm around her and cuddling her all the time when she was not busy in sessions. You would be forgiven for assuming that she was his girlfriend. The guys would tend to gravitate towards her rather than the other girls and she basically carried the show. So not surprising that he was so fond of her.
    Some time ago I posted that it seemed that some of the younger GB01 girls that used to frequent GB01 were now migrating to SG. I mentioned Penny Payne, Jessy Jay and Tara Sky specifically.

    As SG seemed to at last be changing it's 'same, old milfs' tune I thought that I would give it another go recently especially as I had not been for quite a while. There was one event where the above three women were going to be represented plus a new, seemingly young, girl called Ela.

    First up, a mistake. I had mixed up Jessy Jay with Jara Jay from GB01 when I had posted that Jessy Jay had switched from GB01. One was in her twenties, slim, attractive and when I saw her once at GB01 she was leaping around a bed eager to catch sperm in her mouth or licking it off the bodies of the other girls or lying back with her head hanging off the bed being deep-throat whilst her legs were wrapped around another guy happily being banged. The other is a woman in her thirties, not particularly attractive in body or face who I found out has a miserable, crappy attitude.

    But anyway, Jessy Jay was advertised as doing anal and sandwiches so she was probably worth a try?

    Tara Sky was overweight when I saw her at GB01 but was friendly and willing. As for Penny Payne, she was a star at GB01. Young, slim, attractive and taking cock after cock without stop under the watchful, approving gaze of Frank. I was looking forward to seeing her again.

    The event that I attended recently at SG unfortunately was a crashing failure.

    Jessy Jay was the only one of the girls mentioned who ever went up into the spacious, open area at the top of the Karlsruhe event. The others all went into one of the smaller rooms downstairs where they could only have sex with one or at most two guys at a time with a large crowd of frustrated guys unable to participate. In the good old days, in that upstairs area, I would watch 3, 4 or more girls at a time simultaneously taking on many guys.

    However now in the upstairs area I watched Jessy Jay on her own surrounded by a crowd of men somehow managing to keep them all at bay. Snarling, snapping, barking at them and only taking one guy at a time for what looked like brusque, rough and perfunctory treatment. She seemed to be spending the whole time grumbling and complaining whilst servicing each guy. Sometimes even slapping other guys hands away when they reached out to touch her when she was with a particular guy.

    I don't speak German so I don't know what she was complaining about the whole time. Although when one guy mentioned 'Arsch' (she was advertised as doing anal and sandwiches that day) she gave him such a scolding look that he almost jumped back one foot.

    Strangely, the nasty attitude of JJ seemed to have been transmitted to the other girls. Tara Sky was not the smiling, bubbly blonde girl that I remembered at GB01. Instead frowning, irritable and seemed to have adopted the JJ approach of sitting on the bed having on-going, waspish conversations with the guys around her, snapping at them, slapping hands away and only doing what she felt like doing at the time. So only doing blow jobs if she felt like it otherwise hand jobs, only one guy at a time, only moving into the positions that she wanted to move into. Also her thighs had now spread to such generous proportions that they made Roxxy's seem slim.

    Worst of all was my disappointment with Penny Payne. I almost did not recognise her at first. She had cut her hair brutally short and had filled out so that her figure was now blocky rather than slim and curvaceous. She looked like a butch lesbian tennis player tbh. Also, she seemed to have been infected by the same lethargic attitude of the other two mentioned. So doing one or two guys at a time very unenthusiastically. Taking long breaks and having on going conversations even during sex. At GB01 she didn't talk as much as her mouth was full of cock most of the time.

    It was strange that a girl could transform in appearance from something attractive to not particularly attractive in under a year but worst of all was the unenthusiastic attitude and poor work rate. I have criticised Frank at GB01 a lot because of his unsmiling, stern attitude but I don't think these girls would be so indulgent and lethargic at a GB01 event, as they were at this place.

    I mentioned Roxxy because she was also present and seemed to be the only one behaving as she normally would. So lying back and taking cock in her mouth and pussy, guy after guy, with the minimum of fuss or back chat. I have mentioned many times before that I don't find her attractive in face or body but given the poor attitude of the other girls I was tempted to try her.

    Ela, who was supposed to be the new young girl, didn't turn up at all.

    There was one other girl present. A chubby girl with round shoulders and a pot belly. So not particularly attractive in my eyes. She had not been advertised so I don't know whether she was an amateur swinger or had been brought in to replace Ela. However she was noticeably keener than her colleagues. She was always crashing in on the sessions that the other were having and trying to initiate a bit of lesbian action and more than eager to by banged by the guys without complaint. I just hoped that she got a share of the money because was a lot more enthusiastic than the jaded 'professional' porn stars that were billed.

    It was the first time that I have been to a gangbang by one of the major providers, SG / SB / GB01, where I was thinking that I am at a really at a loss as to what to do and that I am not sure whether I am going to bother to try any of the women, mainly because of their crappy attitude.

    It was too late to change my day ticket into a '2 stunden' ticket to at least try and save a few euros and it was a long, 4+ hours slog back to the NRW area where I could have a more enjoyable AO time at an RTC with better looking women, and more importantly, women with at least a modicum of enthusiasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatStroke  [View Original Post]
    I checked their Twitter and they tweeted on 18th that post 1 July the parties will continue at SG. Still waiting to see any update on their site though.
    Indeed they seem to continu, this is the message on their current website:

    "Liebe Gäste, ab dem 1 Juli 2017 findet Ihr alle Infos / Termine unserer Events auf:

    Wichtig: Ab Juli theürfen nur noch angemeldete Gäste unsere Partys besuchen. Deshalb meldet Euch über die Homepage oder telefonisch an. Neues Forum".

    So they will have a new website and you need to pre-register.

    If this legally is enough, we will see (only closed film productions where actors don't pay for sex (but for other things) and are registered with FotoID are allowed from July onwards).

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    They will continue

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxime  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the report TG, good stamina!

    Will be curious if / how SG will cotninu after July 1st, since then GB / parties / flat-rate / etc are forbidden in Germany (regardless with or without condom). Only closed/registered film productions willbe allowed.
    I checked their Twitter and they tweeted on 18th that post 1 July the parties will continue at SG. Still waiting to see any update on their site though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerGenius  [View Original Post]
    Jessy Jay was surrounded by men at the beginning of the party, I tried one time later but my dick wasn't more ready; I don't like her attitude at the end of the party when she didn't help the men to made something with her and stopped two round before the end
    Her attitude usually stinks from beginning to end. I wouldn't go near her if she was by herself and the only one available. I would just cut my losses and leave.

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    Thanks for the report TG, good stamina!

    Will be curious if / how SG will cotninu after July 1st, since then GB / parties / flat-rate / etc are forbidden in Germany (regardless with or without condom). Only closed/registered film productions willbe allowed.

    IntimDreams, LauraPink, GinaBlond, etc already confirmed stopping. I assume for SG this is the same? No more parties announced after June 30rd on their website.

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    4 parties in 10 days part 2

    Rheinbach 6-6.

    After 3 days without sex I recovered energy, I had a fantastic day at Mega Event at Dolce Vita in Wagenfeld and the day after another good party at Partytreff Schwerte to meet again Rinata that unfortunatly isn't more in SG parties, therefore after another day without sex I decided to stay in Germany for this party and for sure I was in a better condition than in the first two also because the temperature was good.

    Not too much men,4 pros (all present) and 3 amateurs were in the party that started with Tara Sky that confirmed the bad impression that I had in the first time with her and probably also the other men tought the same because she was never sourrounded by many men during the party; I tried to fuck her from behind but her pussy was full of gel and my dick slipped everywhere, I cleaned my dick and I tried again but after one of the worst BBJ of my life followed by an HJ I had an orgasm, then I decided to ignore her during the rest of the party.

    I had another great day with Dacada (3 orgasms), with Gundula (only 1 orgasms but as usual was my favourite) and with an amateur Angelina (black, slim and Young) that will be a new SG women in the next parties.

    Angelina was fantastic, when she was in the same room with Roxxy all the men waited for her and Roxxy was completely ignored therefore she called me and this time she had to made a good and long BBJ then I fucked her but I stopped before to cum because I wanted Angelina and after a shower she made me a great BBJ and I CIP from behind and after another time in missio.

    Morfelden 7-6.

    I was a little bit tired but I had a 10€ discount for a party in Morfelden, I made the test the day before (20€ saved) and maybe was the last chance to meet Gundula and Melanie Moon, therefore I went to my Sixth party in 10 days, the fourth in the last 5 days.

    This time the party was full of men from the beginning but more women were active and for me is better because I like to choose my favourites while in the party with less men only 1 or 2 women were active and sometimes I didn't like them.

    This party was the only with one absence Ela but the replacement for her was Sexy Juliana one of my favourite and I was happy for that.

    Gundula was the first of the party but was sorrounded by men all day long, I could fuck her only from behind but I had my first orgasms after with Celine, I CIP in missio after a long BBJ (in Wulfrath she had sex only with Condom but I don't know why and after a week she returned AO like usual).

    My second orgasm was with Gundula, in the only moment of the day with few man around, after a long BBJ and sex with her on top while she kissed me (everytime that we made this position with FK I had an orgasm and all the orgasms with her in this trip after this position, my favourite).

    My third orgasms was with Juliana in her first round, I CIP after a good BBJ and sex two times; I was near to my fifth orgasms in her second and last round but this was one of the few times without orgasm after sex with her.

    My fourth and last orgasms was with Petra (CIP) in the only time with her during the day.

    I tried 3-4 times with Melanie Moon but after some BBJ I never found a good position to fuck her and I couldn't cum like I couldn't pi ss in the pis sing round but I couldn't say nothing bad about her.

    Jessy Jay was sourrounded by men at the beginning of the party, I tried one time later but my dick wasn't more ready; I don't like her attitude at the end of the party when she didn't help the men to made something with her and stopped two round before the end (the last I don't know because I left the party after the last round of Gundula) while Gundula made everything was possible to satisfy the remained men.

    The second half of the party for me was very difficult but I'm happy also for this party and this is one of my best trip in Germany, for sure the longest and most tiresome.

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    4 parties in 10 days part 1

    Morfelden 29-5.

    All the girls where present in one of the hottest day in my experience in Germany and probably this is on of the reason because few men were in the parties, especially at the beginning and I had sex or BBJ 4 time with Dacada in the first round and a lot of time with her during the party (3 orgasms).

    The main reason because I decided to go to this party was to meet Gundula in my first day in Germany but, despite she was as usual the best of the day for me, I had only 1 orgasms with her because I was very tired for the temperature, I needed more time than usually to recover between two orgasms and she left the party at 6 p. M (with her and Dacada also my dick left the party).

    I tried 2-3 times with Bitchy Jana but she wasn't able to do a good BBJ for made me very hard, I tried to fuck her but I wasn't never near to cum and I'm not disperate that this week was the last in SG parties for her.

    A good surprise for me was Squirty Alice, I CIP after good sex 2 times, the first after a good BBJ and the last of the party when my dick came back hard again for the last time.

    She always speaks, it seems that she complains abuot everything but this time I understood that probably sometimes joke with the men however despite the good sex I don't like her attitude especially in her last round whe she said to the men "fuck me, fuck me" but didn't make nothing to help the 7 men around her to be hard enough to fuck and I needed half hour and a miracle to be enough hard to fuck when a BBJ could make everything more easy.

    Nothing happened with Roxxy that in the last round of the party looked like a corpse when the remained men fucked her.

    Wulfrath 30-5.

    I was very tired but I couldn't return at home after one day and the day after I went to Wulfrath in a party with 6 pros (all present) and a lot of amateurs.

    More men where present than the day before but more women were active at the same time, unfortunatly after my first CIP with an amateur I had some difficult hours, I tried here and there with pros and amateurs but I wasn't never near to cum but the arrival of Linda Lush and probably the less hot temperature changed my party and I had a very good end.

    The biggest reason because I went to this parties was to fuck Jessy Cumbitch, hoping to made anal again but she was a delusion, in the first round I tried to return hard near her, she didn't made me a BJ and she moved me away despite only few men was near her and I didn't disturb them, I had sex a couple of times in the next rounds but for sure wasn't good like the first party with her.

    In the first round with Linda Lush I didn't cum but her BBJ help me to finish in the mouth of Celine in the following round, in the second round she swallowed my sperm, in the third I CIP when she used a vibrator during sex (a new sensation for me) and in the fourth round and the last of the party she made happy all the men remained but despite a long BBJ, good sex and another long BBJ after a break I couldn't have another orgasm.

    I had another long BBJ with Celine but without orgasm and the same happened with Dacada despite good sex and good BBJ.

    I ignored Jana and Alice because were in the party in the day before and weren't the right women for help me to came out of my difficult.

    Linda for me was fantastic and probably without her my party could be a disaster but if I was less tired could be one of the best parties because of the number of good women present.

    I could skip this two parties and start my trip in Karlsruhe 2 day after but, despite my tiredness, I'm happy for this two parties.

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    Be gone, Jadon

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxime  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the report TG. Mercedes Bode is already active since long time (few years ago also at GB01) but always with condom. Therefore I was surprised to see the announcement of AO with her, but now I understand: marketing purposes only.
    This is a trick that GB01 used to play with regularity with Jamie Jadon. Take a woman who is more pleasing on the eye, also in person, compared with the others and regularly post her appearance at events even if you know that there is a strong likelihood that she won't turn up (like Linda Lush) or will switch from AO to non-AO just before the event starts (which happened 3 times in a row with Jamie Jadon). Totally reprehensible and unpardonable. Click bait, jail bait, whatever bait you want to call it but this bear will no longer be snared by these traps.

    Given that Jamie Jadon also turns in a deliberately disinterested, contemptuously cynical and laughably, ludicrously lackadaisical, lacklustre and lame performance at these events I now avoid like the black plague any slate that has her name on it even if I like the look of most of the other performers. Hard to avoid as she tends to attend gigs with different organisers but not another cent of my hard earned money is going towards her greasy pockets.

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