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Thread: Spermagames Bareback AO Gangbang Parties

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puff27  [View Original Post]
    Are girls eager to do 69 with a filled pussy? It's definitely one of my biggest fantasies to eat out a pussy dripping with loads of cum. Was wondering if girls would be willing to let you lick them clean, or push loads out into your mouth.

    The language. Do most girls speak English?
    There are few men doing this during the SG parties, but it is certainly possible (the girls won't mind, but most men will not like to watch their cum in other man's mouth, so give him time to move on). On the last party there was a Belgian woman who let her husband / friend lick her pussy out in the bar.

    Of course German is the most common, but for sure the non-German girls speak English, and some German girls enough to have a small conversation.


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    Planning first visit. Questions

    Hey guys,

    I'm planning my first visit to one of the SG parties and had some questions I haven't found yet.

    Are girls eager to do 69 with a filled pussy?

    It's definitely one of my biggest fantasies to eat out a pussy dripping with loads of cum.

    Was wondering if girls would be willing to let you lick them clean, or push loads out into your mouth.

    The language. Do most girls speak English?

    I understand quite some German, but I don't speak it very well.

    Can I meet one of you regulars there for an introduction?

    I go to clubs in Belgium a lot, and one thing I learned was knowing some of the regular visitors makes the visit so much more fun.

    Thanks for the answers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwingerLover  [View Original Post]
    And what good did it do her, since she died last NOV as a result of a car accident she had in the spring?
    Anyway, nice belated report about a party at a location that isn't used by SG anymore.
    Thanks for your comment SwingerLover.

    This place has been used only once by SpermaGames. I think that this was the first and only party in this location.

    Note that the report was fully written a few days after the party, but I did not take the time to finalize it for publishing. Shame on me.

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    Very belated report!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gggfan  [View Original Post]
    (anyway Linda is never doing AO I think).
    And what good did it do her, since she died last NOV as a result of a car accident she had in the spring?

    Anyway, nice belated report about a party at a location that isn't used by SG anymore.

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    Spermagames - 21 August 2014 - Heidenheim / Aalen

    Finally finished this report as I am trying to plan my next visit to Germany (so hard to plan in advance not knowing when / where the parties will be in July / August).

    Spermagames - 21 August 2014 - Heidenheim / Aalen.

    Gundula-Nadja-Linda-Anja (No TS Luna as advertised).


    The club is a house in a small village in the middle of other *normal* houses. Only a small paper sticked on the letterbox stating spermagmes party.
    Noticed a lot of cars parked in the street near the house but could not decide if it was just the cars of the neighborhood or the men going to the party.
    Arrived at 2:45,15 minutes before the start of the party.

    The house has two (accessible) floors:
    1st floor: Lounge with sofa and a DJ area, kitchen, smoking area (outside) and indoor pool.
    Lower floor - 'basement'*: two fuck rooms.
    The two fuck rooms which were used (except for the bukkake and the lesbo show) were too dark for my liking: I come to these parties to enjoy the view of the ladies drenched in sperma with their pussies soaking cum.


    Nicely welcomed by a lady (owner of the club?) in German. Got undressed in a fairly small room and put my clothes in a small locker. Went for the testing and got the results within 10 minutes. Then waited 15 minutes before it started. There was a timetable that was hang on the walls with timings and nature fo the events planned (show, fuck, bukkake, break, .) and the ladies taking part.
    I noticed 20+ men and two amateur couples.


    They announced before starting that due to local demand only Gondola and Nadja would perform AO (anyway Linda is never doing AO I think).
    It started nearly on time with a *lesbo* show with Gundula that lasted around 10 minutes. Then Gundula and XXX went downstairs to the fuck rooms and everybody followed.
    The pair stopped after 45 minutes when the other pair came downstairs. Then there were alternating every 45 minutes sticking to the schedule that was posted on the walls. Even though it lacks spontaneity, I liked the fact that you could manage effectively your time depending on which girl you fancied the most. One black girl (amateur it seems) went twice in these rooms: she had two rather long sessions with anyone who accepted to wear a rubber (there was no crowd there).


    Getting sucked for a long time while the girl sucking me got creampied three times in a row by this very pretty slim chick whom I forgot the name.
    My first creampie in Gundula's very sloppy pussy.
    The bukkake: it was very bright (compared to the rooms downstairs) and I enjoyed a heavy cumshot in Gundula's mouth while smearing cum in her pussy with my fingers.


    The lineup was good but could have been better (Nadja too noisy for my personal taste + only 2 AO girls).
    I really liked Gundula, quite a nice girl, up for it all the time.
    The rooms were too dark.
    Could have been better with a few more men to satisfy the girls hunger for cum.

    A pleasant party. Being able to attend only one or two such parties a year I guess my expectations are lower than some of the senior members here.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 21_08.jpg‎  

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    Coming party in Reichelsheim on SAT 18th

    Well, looks like we will have a little ISG get-together in Reichelsheim on SAT 18th. So far it's Dark Vader, MrBallz and myself who will be there. Anyone else?

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    Indeed Julia is from Romania. She used to be very good (when she still had naturel breasts) but has become less and less the last few years. Same for Salma, which used to be a great girl (more then 5 years ago) but now it is waste of money, there are better parties / girls around.

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    Salma de no-go

    So it's Salma de NO-GO for Carlos as well!

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    Salma de Nora

    This lady is simply a NO-GO!

    Avoid her like the plague.

    I once tried her in Ludwigshafen. Sincerely do not go there!


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    Not SG-party, only SG-location!

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrh  [View Original Post]
    I notice that Salma de Nora and her other Spanish girlfriends are at SG on 25th April for a 5 hour gang bang costing a whopping 150 euros. The other SG parties advertised cost 119 euros and last 7 instead of 5 hours.
    First: I still don't get why Spanish women are supposed to be hot. The Spanish women I met so far where almost all "cold fish" to me. (And Julia de Lucia obviously isn't even Spanish.).

    Second, a little correction: They are NOT at SG, they only rented the SG-location in Reichelsheim for their party, and that's the only reason why this 'event' is on the SG website. This is NOT an SG party! Which explains the different duration and price.

    Same as the event on APR 29th, which isn't an SG-party either, but a Laureen-Pink-party:

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    Spicy Spanish Senoritas?

    I notice that Salma de Nora and her other Spanish girlfriends are at SG on 25th April for a 5 hour gang bang costing a whopping 150 euros. The other SG parties advertised cost 119 euros and last 7 instead of 5 hours. It appears there is a 30 premium warranted for that extra special Latin spice that these Spanish girls bring.

    The SG sites says that there will be 3-4 girls for the Latina party but Salma de Nora's own website confirms that she will be there with only two other girls, Amanda X and Julia de Lucia (who is actually Romanian instead of Latina, so yet more inaccurate advertising). At the price of 150 euros this works at 50 euros per girl or 30 euros for each hour that you will be at the party (assuming that you are there for the full 5 hours) and more importantly that these 3 girls will work for the full 5 hours. I am expecting that they will be taking some breaks!

    For 119 euros at other SG dates you not only get more hours, 7 instead of 5, but also more girls (from 4 to as many as 9 depending on the particular party attended).

    I also noticed from Salma's site that this party on 25th April is just one of many that she and her girlfriends are participating in during April.

    They will be appearing in 5 straight gang bangs in the days preceding the party. With a total of no less than 10 in the 13 days from April 18th to 30th. What is the betting that Salma and her amigas will be less than fresh and bursting with enthusiasm when they turn up for their gig at SG on 25th April?

    Then I seem to remember posts on this forum from a few years ago about how Salma and her other Spanish colleagues kept up a patter of disparaging comments whilst servicing the men at one of her parties cynical in the knowledge that the average German guy knows next to no Spanish.

    Quote Originally Posted by SwingerLover  [View Original Post]
    it's actually about the "don't care anymore" as you put it. that's exactly the point, and it has nothing to do with age or experience. the ones who do it only for the money and no other reason have never been any good, and the worst example of that kind is this forum's common hate "fucktor" salma de nora!

    About your going to sg: i wouldn't place that decision solely on myrrh's (in most parts quite excellent) report. it all depends on your individual taste, on the mood of the day and in huge part on the women that are there. as it does anyplace else too. if salma de nora or jenny-love should appear there again, you couldn't drag me there, regardless of who else might be there.
    Quote Originally Posted by SwingerLover  [View Original Post]
    Don't be sorry. When you're missing Julia de Lucia, you're missing nothing. Mechanical sex with wiping her pussy with a towel after each guy cuming inside her and spitting the cum from the mouth into the same towel is what she did when I met her at Spermagames. (Aside from insulting the guests in spanish with Salma de Nora.) That one is supposed to do cumswapping? Laughable.
    Quote Originally Posted by SwingerLover  [View Original Post]
    What's great about Julia de Lucia? Her fake tits which on her look extremely hideous, compared to how she looked before? Or her and Salma de Nora insulting the male clientele at the parties in spanish, so no one would understand? Well some guys did understand and I don't know why I should spend any money on a party with a woman who does something like that. That's why I boycott Salma-de-Nora-parties completely, and I don't think Julia de Lucia deserves to earn another penny for sex with an attitude like that.

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    Reichelsheim APR 2nd

    FYI: Rinata will NOT be there on the 2nd, and Jacqueline X will be replaced by Bitchy Jana! Linda and Juicy as scheduled.

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    I'm happy about the return to Reichelsheim!

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrh  [View Original Post]
    There is no getting away from the fact that Reichelsheim is a real b of a place to get to unless you hire a car or are happy spending a fortune on taxis and spending time waiting around in rural train stations with absolutely nothing to do.

    The nearest train station is a 15 - 20 euro taxi ride away and the trains are only one an hour, are non-direct and there is considerable waiting time between connections. Total journey time from the nearest airport, Frankfurt, is 2 hours one way.
    Well, that's true. But one could get the idea and actually CALL them for help. I happen to know that they not only provide shuttle service from the parking lot in the forest down the road from the building, but also pick up people from the Frth train station if the need arises. And for getting back there after the party: Well there's ALWAYS someone who wouldn't mind taking you there and dropping you off, since almost everybody passes this train station on their way home. (When SooNice had asked me about this 3 years ago, I did not only take him to Frth, but dropped him off at Hahn-airport (from where he flew home) since this was only a 15 km detour for me. So we took the scenic route, at the airport he spilled me a 20 out of his own volition, and everybody was happy. So if you ask people, it might actually help!

    And driving there by car takes me 2 hours as well, so the 2 hours from Frankfurt by train aren't all that bad either.

    When I visited it was possible to stay overnight in the club as they had a 2 day weekend event otherwise you would have to take a taxi to find a hotel somewhere. Bearing in mind that you are in the middle of a forest.
    Ah, that brings back memories! And very good ones too!

    But again: Asking might help! Because you didn't need a taxi to find a hotel, there is a guest house within 10 minutes walking distance from the club down the forest track going downhill towards the guest house.

    SG made a decision to move away from Reichelsheim for almost three years to other venues like the one in Karlsruhe, which I have visited and it is as nice on the inside as Reichelsheim, but is far easier to reach by public transport.
    There can be no question about it: The locations in Karlsruhe and Rastatt are very easily reached by public transport.

    I was hoping that we had seen the back of Reichelsheim for good but now they seem to have returned there big time. I have seen a couple of events on their website which have some interesting women with 5 to 7 present. However these events unfortunately are happening in Reichelsheim and I really do not want to go through the whole expense, hassle and travel time again that I experienced when I visited this place.
    And I'm happy as can be that they returned to Reichelsheim! For it is such a great location! The only thing I need now is a decent party schedule that will allow me to go back partying there again. But since Karlsruhe remains as well, there are now 2 great places to enjoy Spermagames parties. I don't know if I'll make it to REI next SAT, but I'm looking very much forward to the KA-party on the 26th and the following parties in KA and REI. And I'm curious about how this new location in Belgium will turn out. But that's almost 3 hours away for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leifeide  [View Original Post]
    Let me start with the location. An old house in the forest, renovated to a high standard. Very nice, but too much for my personal taste.
    I'm curious about the renovations. I haven't seen those yet.

    On the door there was a hand written paper with schedules for the different girls. 3 sessions each 45 minutes with 2 and 2 girls. During my 100+ parties in Germany, I've never seen it this formalized before. I got the feeling of a factory plan. What happened to spontaneous action?
    I'm not too happy about that either. But others, such as Melanie Moon and Gangbang01 do it that way as well, only they don't put it in writing for the guests to see. I liked the 'spontaneous' action better too, but the 'factory plan' has his upsides too. It was best at the party in Karlsruhe where Rinata and Gundula were active all day long (with only insignificant minute-long breaks) and everybody else was working the schedule. THAT was one of the best parties, I think it was the one back last SEP.

    Samy Saint did not permit AO as the other girls did.
    This is something I very much dislike: Condom-girls at an SG-party! Especially when they did AO before, like Vicky did. Let's hope for more AO women in the future. From what I'm hearing, some private Swinger AO couples show up in Reichelsheim as well, and one private AO woman has been at the Karlsruhe parties numerous times, but I think only on Thursdays. So if there are 5-6 AO women there, then I can propably tolerate 1 rubber-girl.

    There have been some comments about the sound Nadja makes and some guys don't like it. I found it both exciting and nice. Nadja is truly dedicated to sex and it was a great pleasure to party with her. My absolute favorite. Love her!
    YESSSSS! I totally agree and I don't care what other guys might dislike about her raunchy and noisy attitude: Nadja is absolutely gorgeous! She's one of my 3 favourites, the other 2 are Rinata and Sabine; I wonder what has become of the latter, I last saw, fucked and butt-fucked her at the KA-party in SEP.

    All in all it was an ok party, but I have had much better parties with Spermagames in Karlsruhe. At this particular party, it seemed that the guys were a bit lame. Too many guys kept the girls busy without being able to cum. Meaning that it was a little hard to get access.

    In my opinion there should be more focus on sperm, and not so much cleaning up after the shots.
    Well, not every party can be the best. If the guys are lame, then that takes the fun out of things too.

    Who cleaned up after the shots? That's new to me too, except for that one time a few years back with Salma de Nora and Julia De Lucia. Aside from that, I'm used to cum-dripping and overflowing pussies where you can do heavy-duty creamwhipping!


    And finally one more thing about the raging "German Angst" regarding AO and flatrate bans:

    I'm very glad to see that SG does NOT act stupidly about what was written in the newspapers and clearly states on the website: "With us, everything stays as before!"

    "Hello guys, at our parties, nothing will change. We will continue to celebrate erotic parties. And as usual, the tabooless and hot SpermaGames Girls will visit us, as well as the 'Security girls', who all want to outlive their sexual appetites."

    I'm sure that Spermagames will continue beyond any proposed AO and flatrate bans. If all else fails, they can simply change into a film production and no AO and flatrate ban will apply. So let's party on, dudes!

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    Worst SG-party ever on FEB 24th

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyO  [View Original Post]
    In the locker room I met the legendary Swinger lover. We had a brief chat.
    Most likely I would not return simply because of the venue. I would love to compare this to the other locations though which are a bit further away.
    Well, I wasn't going to write anything about this WORST of all SG parties ever, but since JohnnyO mentioned meeting me there, I guess I have to drop a few lines.

    First: Everything Johhny wrote is true. Seems as if he got lucky enough to get laid. I got only half-a-fuck with no cum with the female company I brought along, that was the "another swinger couple in a room that was almost in total darkness". And while SHE fucked over a dozen guys, I did not get anything further at all from this "party".

    The Dutch girls Linda and Juicy were ONLY active in the most impossible place of the building (as Johnny descibed it). I was standing in line, crouched down underneath the narrow ceiling, standing in the draft of a fan which let to giving me an ear inflammation. Fucking was impossible, because the girls didn't become accessible until my back hurt too much from standing there so crooked.

    The first Swinger woman seemed to have given BBBJs with CIM only, the other one on the couch was surrounded by guys in triple rows with no access possible at all.

    The place was so cold and drafty that I couldn't get it up half the time. When I did, then it was "Pause" for both Nadja and Gundula at that time. (Thanks to the new time-table scheduling.) After a few frustrating and freezing hours, I was totally demotivated and nothing was possible anymore at all for me. If I would have been the all by myself, I would have left screaming after 2 hours. Instead I waited on my female company until she too had enough of the shabby place and the cold food. (My 3rd time there, 3rd time the food was cold!

    So: If Johnny got lucky, then I'm sure he had a good time there as he described. I had a horrible time! And that's all solely because of the lousy building and it's management who aren't even able to keep the food warm. I'm done with THIS place for good now!

    It's hard to believe that SG Wülfrath and SG "anywhere-else" are the same organizers.

    The parties in Karlsruhe were always good to very good, no exceptions. But that's a decent location for partying.

    Parties in Reichelsheim used to be good to one-of-the-best-parties-ever (with only one unfortunate miss at all) in a location that is among my 3 favourites of all.

    Scheiß-Wülfrath is total crap! It doesn't even help having favourites like Nadja and Gundula around, since they're not reachable.

    So here's my recommendation: Whereever you come from, rather travel the extra distance to Reichelsheim, Karlsruhe, Belgium or anywhere else and forget about Scheiß-Wülfrath! I hope they change the NRW-location very soon, which I suggested to them already numerous times.

    At the other locations, there are parties for EVERYONE, just as JohnnyO descibed his good luck at this worst of all SG parties ever.

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    Wulfrath Tue 25th Feb

    Delayed report as I have been so busy.

    This was by far the best day I have ever experienced. I never thought anything could top my day at Elebniswhonung. There was wild action that I hoped, but never thought I would experience. Sadly this was all severely let down the rooms being in almost total darkness and a terrible venue. The main reason I wanted to try spermagames was to see overflowing cream filled pussies which was not going to happen here due to the lighting issue.

    So I was waiting in the bar for the action to start and there was an intro by the theke frau which I have never seen before. Standing next to here I recognised Nadja wearing a mask and wrapped in a bed sheet. How weird?

    After the intro Nadja had this bonkers routine where she would dance around the bar area and give different guys an end of the sheet and unravel herself with this loud background music. I kept thinking, what is this crap let's just fuck.

    The action. Linda lush and another girl (young slightly heavy set brunette) who I have no idea off, had the biggest crowd. First problem with the room they were in, the bed structure came so far out to the walls that if you were to stand around the bed and watch the action you would have to crouch over because of the sloping ceilings. The girls were easily able to handle 3 4 guys each but then with the way the room was, it was difficult to get in and watch, if you did then you would hardly see anything because it was so dark.

    This was a really shame because the girls were rampant completely wild. They were taking so many guys. Lots and lots of deep throating and girl on girl action sucking each other's pussies. It was easy enough to session with them. I unloaded in the brunette. I came across the one and only pushy guy of the day. After he finished with the brunette he immediately pushed his way to Linda L despite other people waiting patiently.

    In the central room was a blondish safe only girl heavy set. I slapped on a rubber and unloaded.

    Then there was blond Vicky, she had an amazing body and the idea of dumping by seed in her was extremely horny. Unfortunately she was safe only. Another cum, it was a good fuck.

    At this point the girls never complained. They were just taking cock like no tomorrow. Now comes the swingers. Oh my. I never thought there would be a bunch of hot eager swingers to top things off.

    There was a slim black haired swinger. Nice body. They were lurking around. After a while there was group of guys huddled in a corner. The swinger was sucking them all off one by one. I don't know how, but I managed to get in. To me this was extremely horny to have a non-working girl on her knees sucking cock like her life depended on it. It was one of the best blows I had. When came she took every drop. I didn't imagine the day would get any better but it did with the next set of swingers.

    In the locker room I met the legendary Swinger lover. We had a brief chat. By now there was another swinger couple in a room that was almost in total darkness. So I didn't bother.

    Resting in the lounge and a swinger couple with a serious hot MILF comes in wearing a low pvc skirt. Within minutes her partner starts eating her pussy. Then she is surround by cock. While she is on the sofa the guys pound her and fill her with cream one by one. After each one her partner sucks the cum out. He would also take pictures which would light up her over flowing pussy. My god if only this place actually had reasonable lighting this would be an incredible scene.

    Her partner called a pause but she obviously could have taken and wanted a lot more cock. After a few minutes she starts to ride him cowgirl. The she takes his cock up her ass reverse cowgirl. I had a prime front row seat on the couch opposite. I was waiting for the signal, then I got it. We DP'the her. Unfortunately the position was very awkward so it was only a few minutes. No cum this time.

    A while later I decided I'the to give scary Nadja a go, as she was screaming like a demon all day. In the room she was bent over some sort of platform and screaming like a nutter for guys to fuck her harder. She was insane. I banged her with no cum. I also found her screaming very horny.

    Linda lush and her partner were back on. Then the brunette starting sucking guys off at the same time as they were fucking Linda. I could not believe it, as I seen this in the porn movies and had always dreamed of trying this. As one guy pulled out of Linda in a doggy position the brunette climbed underneath to collect the dripping sperm. I seized my opportunity and started to pump Linda with the brunette underneath. Every now and then I would pull my cock out of Linda's creamy pussy and shove it in the brunette's mouth. I could not believe it, it the best fuck I have ever had. I wanted to spray them both with cum but the brunette got out of this position. No cum this time.

    Gondola was also very active. Twice when the light was slightly in my favour I got a glimpse of her cum filled pussy. She had a really good attitude and seemed insatiable. At the end of the day I had my last cum with her and it was an incredible fuck.

    I left at about 6. 30 as I had a long journey ahead. As I was leaving another ok looking swingers couple came in.

    Conclusion. There was some incredible action here but I cannot emphasise how dark it was. Even when I was dipping the brunette and banging Linda I could not even see her collecting the spunk below. If the low light was slightly in your favour you could get a glimpse of their pussies otherwise nothing. What is the point in all of this action if you cannot see it. Most likely I would not return simply because of the venue. I would love to compare this to the other locations though which are a bit further away.

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