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    Busti and the Albercada girls.

    Busti and His Albercada girls.

    I was invited to a pool party, and met Andres Busti, Gus, maybe 20 or so cool, local guys from a secret forum and 8 or 10 girls reviewed by Busti. I was over eager and arrived at the scheduled 11 am starting time. Only Busti, myself and another guy were that early but it gave me a chance to meet, chat and give thinks to "the master". We got to chat and share the low down on the very many girls that Busti knows and input from others of the group before Renny arrived at noon. I took her photo, below, the only photo I took at the party. Pretty face, good conversation, the warmest smile, but no BBBJ, a deal breaker for me. At about 2 pm a few more came but it wasn't until 4 or 5 that most of the girls had arrived and a few even later.

    Service was upstairs for $500 pesos and once the girls began to trickle in there were as many as three couples at a time sharing the bed upstairs. I didn't get a chance to speak much with all the girls, but met and hugged all, and got a chance to chat with many. Present were RennyLoop691, Sharon aka Valkyria, Brissia, Malu, Luna Amor, Crystal, Roxana Boots, Valentina and perhaps a few more. Some, like Renny didn't do BBBJ so they were reluctantly dismissed.

    I wasn't into the shared bed upstairs and age has slowed me down to the extent that I reserved myself for one date. Valentina has arrived late, announced she couldn't stay long and hadn't been in the sloppy bed upstairs. I left the party early with her and took her to my room at the Amazonas for $1,200 an hour. She wasn't the prettiest at the party but her service was very good with DFKs, BBBJ and I will keep her on my "Plan B" list.

    That stinker Busti- I am so jealous- has such a reputation that girls do him for free in return for his review. His good looks, youth and charm probably help as well. I am sure they are on their best behavior with him. For that reason he hasn't tried Julieta -maybe I am not that jealous- who told him that she didn't require reviews or need more customers but that she would see him at her regular rate. He declined, his loss.

    The most popular girl at the party was Roxanna Boots. She was upstairs with a waiting line as long as that of Erendira (Gabo literary reference). One of her devoted fans told me she is notoriously late and flaky but that she is worth the wait. She took a break and I was able to speak with alone with her for a few minutes and we agreed to discuss BBBJ (she is not enthusiastic about this) when I am next in CDMX. She is nice and pleasant. She was in her bikini and is beautiful in face and form. Also new to my do list are Crystal, Sharon (Valkyria), Brissia and Malu. Not yet at the party when I left, but highly praised by attendees, were Aliera and Cerezita Arroyo.

    I promised Gus and Andres that I would not reveal their secret review forum to anyone I have not yet personally met and can recommend as worthy. If we haven't shared tequila, don't ask.
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    CDMX rocks!

    I just read JarvisQ's evaluation of the mongering scene over in the "Queretaro City" forum. Posted a couple of months ago but I just found it. Read it if you want to understand where he's coming from. Most of what he reveals is what I suspected was going on in that city.

    I've only found a few independent escorts advertising on Twitter in Queretaro area and I've my suspicions they mightn't really be independents. They tend to go inactive quickly. The only explanation I've come up with is that the pimps have a large measure of control over prostitution in the area. Several agencies in Queretaro do their pimping openly on Twitter. QRO isn't a mongering-friendly place which is why I travel to CDMX.

    And just when it sounds like thing couldn't get much worse, it gets worse. Having a Queretaro phone number beginning in 44 seems to make you a pariah with a lot of the CDMX escorts. Quite a few I tried to contact via WhatsApp never responded to me. Then I realized a lot of the dates I did setup were through Twitter DM where they couldn't see my number. Coincidence? After I got a Mexico City 55 chip I went back and contacted the chicas who didn't respond to my 44 number most did respond to my new 55 number. What a difference 11 makes!

    Fellow hobbyists, if you live in CDMX I envy you. Take it from me that your mongering scene is far better than the others I've sampled in Europe and the far east and even the rest of Mexico. Yeah, Mexican chicas are almost always flaky and if they do show up are unapologeticly late, get used to it!

    Thank you JC. I'm very grateful for all of the good information on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombardier5152  [View Original Post]
    Last up on this three day visit to CDMX was another Busti girl Roxana Boots....
    A really great experience and fantastic cost benefit at $1200 1 HR. Highly recommended. Be good to her!
    How did you find her? Sounds great.

    If you don't mind, feel free to PM contact details.

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    Can you post her twitter handle here. Hard to find her on Twitter.

    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    I am shameless and old enough to be her grandfather. I had read some so-so reviews that turned out to be accurate but when I saw her $800 peso hour promo on her Twitter page, I could not resist. She is 19, a student who lives at home and tiny. These are the measurements she gave me and right by my eyeball. 43 kg (95 lbs), 1.51 m. (4 ft 11 inches). 32 B bra. She has a funny face but cute and with dimples on both sets of cheeks. She arrived early and when I went to the lobby to pick her up somebody was getting her telephone number.

    We showered and fingered and groped and soaped around for a while. She refused DFK but was liberal with pecks and gave a good oral natural (BBBJ) with lots of attention to the head and tongue flicks that were very stimulating. I asked her to go deeper and she tried but choked early. She loved DATY, loved it, and was wet to dripping and shivering. Lubrication is not required. And tight! I have not had a girl that tiny and tight since I was a youngster. She said she was afraid of my size and that made her even tighter. She was not a vigorous lay, not exactly a "just laid there" but neither was she very experienced at it. She was accommodating, we went to several positions and it is a kick to lift her ass so easily at my age and have those calves around my neck. She is young and not elegant like a Julieta or Sofia Sayun and not a great conversationalist. No English, at all.

    Would I repeat? Maybe, when I am feeling degenerate enough for a tiny teen less than a third my age and I just want to poke her over and over again. Yeah, if you like teen spinners. She is okay.

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    Dealing with fake cops

    Stu from New York here. Hope I'm visiting Mexico again soon.

    I met that fake cop in Times Square 20 years ago, wondered where he was now. Real officers make you hand over your ID but they're trained from day one to never ever let you touch their badge. That's a control thing. But this idiot let me get ahold of his badge for a closer look so I started waving it at people "Yo! I'm from out of town. Is this thing real?" All the time the guy is trying to get it back. When I saw a real cop I started yelling and the fake cop was gone. The real cop wouldn't let me keep the badge, said it was illegal, gave me a receipt and all. Said that fake NYPD shields cost $100 so I nicked that crook a good one.

    The last thing a fake cop wants is a lot of attention so make a scene if there are other people around and don't go around places where there aren't other people.

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    Regina Alyaha back in Town Oct 12

    See her reviews on this thread, below, and in the Monterrey thread. I will try to refrain from posting every time she visits but I feel an obligation to the community because she is not to be missed. If you are visiting CDMX or Monterrey, be sure to check her twitter page because she announces her schedule there. October 12 thru 20th in Hotel El Castro, Col. Roma Norte. $1300 an hour and possibly the best hour of sex in your life. DFK, BBBJ but does not do anal.

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    She is from Bogota. She will be here another month and expects to visit off and on a few times a year. Her kids remain in Colombia. She is 24, has two children and her South American accent is so strong it is hard for me to understand her Spanish. The "vos" stuff is the least of it. Her face is even prettier in person, she does have a big caesarian scar and a little bit of pooch flab from motherhood. Very nice natural tits, is not exactly fit but overall a nice body. Her ass is largish, as seems to be the current style but she is not overweight either. She is 5 ft 6 inches and weighs 120, She did not know her measurements but says her bra size is 38 be. It looks and feels more like a see-cup to me. Soft, motherly tits and big, erect nipples. She came to my hotel for $1100 an hour. DFKs, excellent BBBJ. I mean excellent with a variety of techniques, including deep throat! I do not have a problem understanding high class South American Spanish but hers is difficult. Nice and pleasant, not highly educated. Better than average service and I will certainly keep her WhattsAp number as a plan be Now, thinking back on this mornings BBBJ, I want to repeat immediately.
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    Leti Gar

    I had to repeat with her. See my 2/28/17 review. She was even prettier this time. She says she is 21 and is certainly under 25 and a university student. Tall and thin but hardly skinny, a beautiful body with big tits and a tiny and pert ass. Natural and gorgeous tits, 36 C cup. 36-35-34 and tall. She says 1.77 m or 5 ft 10 in but seemed even taller. My hotel staff gawked when she entered with me. DFK, BBBJ and much better than average service. I will undoubtedly repeat on future trips. She charges $1300 an hour, $1700 for 1 1/2 or $2,000 for two hours. She came to my hotel at no extra charge. She would not let me take pictures.

    She is popular enough that she no longer accepts new clients and rarely visits her twitter page. Dates are only via Facebook messenger and unless she knows you she will ignore you. She told me that she will accept new clients that I refer to her but only if I have personally met you. You 5 or 6 know who you are and are in luck.

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    Ana Maria Midori and The Earthquake

    There are undoubtedly more reviews of her in this thread by myself and others than of any other escort. I saw her again Monday. She isn't the most beautiful. She doesn't have the best of bodies. There might be others who give the same excellent service but it may be impossible to give better. She remains my favorite escort. Personality plus. Just to have a conversation with her is reason by itself to learn Spanish. If you see her, mention the Gringo Viejo and tell her I still want to marry her.

    I have seen only one new girl this trip to CDMX. With the tried and true list that I have, it is hard to go exploring. I will continue to post.

    Hardly anyone, including excorts, is working today because of yesterday's earthquake. Some have posted that, out of respect, they won't offer services until Monday. I haven't seen any damage but serveral buildings have collapsed and hundreds have died. For the most part, the city is overwhelmingly intact. Nearly everything is closed and traffic is light. People are home with their families. Today has the feel of those days immediately following 9/11.
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    Avoid Ducle

    Quote Originally Posted by RickLionheart  [View Original Post]
    Avoid Dulcescortdf on Twitter! Searched Twitter and found a different Dulce than one reviewed here. Avoid at dulcescortdf whatever you do.
    Sorry about your bad experience with Dulce. Most of us mongers have fallen for the bait-and-switch at one time. Believe it or not the Dulce I had a date with was the same Twitter at Dulcescortdf you did and maybe that explains why she had ink I didn't remember seeing in her pictures. My Dulce was close enough to the pictures I didn't see a problem. Or maybe I need to get my eyes checked.

    Another tip I can offer about Twitter is to be aware of what's happening live. I noticed in my Twitter feed that Alma, Angelica, Claudia, Elisa, Estefania, Lety, Natalia, Paola, and Sheila are all smoking hot babes and all 10 of them Tweet at exactly the same instant. Anybody want to bet that's 10 aliases for the same girl?

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    Ana Maria Midori's facebook post today is "I was stood up". Me dejan plantan.
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    Avoid Dulce

    Avoid Dulcescortdf on Twitter! Searched Twitter and found a different Dulce than one reviewed here. Avoid at dulcescortdf whatever you do.

    The girl who showed was not the supermodel in the pictures not by a long shot. She tried to upsell me to a trio and I'm glad I didn't fall for that. Still fuckable but barely and this was all pure bait in switch and even tried to con me out of extra cab fare too. This girl is a scam. Dulce not!

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    Flakes and blacklists again

    Quote Originally Posted by JarvisQ  [View Original Post]
    I just made a visit CDMX as a day trip and scheduled overlapping dates to make sure I could hook up with one of the fine escorts in Tlalpan. I used WhatsApp to contact two dozen chicas a few days ago and start chats with the 10 or so that answered. The plan was to setup dates with a least half a dozen in different hotel so at least some of them will show up.

    I feel your pain but don't do that. This summer I was in CDMX and had five chicas fail to show in five days. At least I was staying in Amazonias anyhow and wasn't out any extra cash.

    I also condemn Jarvisq making dates you've no intention to keep. The chicas who flake all got some kind of excuse. Like JC says, some guy may be throwing money at her for another hour, or traffic, or whatever personal emergency. It's what it is so deal with it.

    The problem for both of us is part of my name. GFE! When an escort does show up it can be a GFE we're looking for and one you don't get on the street. And by going after the girls who're reviewed on BlogDeBusti we're trying to score the hottest co-ed on campus while competing with all the other horny mongers who read the same reviews online.

    Take a look at your Regina Ayalha's Twitter feed at Regyayalha. About the time she came to your city she ran one of those voting polls to ask if she should do 1 or 2 days in Queretaro and it got 150 votes on the question just from your town! And the girl has 27,000 Twitter followers! Damn right she probably just dumped you for the next number on her list.

    Juan Carter is right if you keep making 5 dates intending to flake out on 4 of them you're going to get blacklisted. The girls do share info on troublemakers and us gringos stand out in the crowd. If you're smart you'll be a regular with a girl who's less likely to flake out on you after you've dated her once. You could start with the Brenda you said was so good.

    Either that or go check out the street scene where no appointment is needed. I saw several girls hanging in front of Walmart and some more in the lobby of the Hotel Tlalpan. All but a couple of them weren't to my taste but see for yourself.

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    Angie Quinn: 25 Year Old Anal Sex Gordita

    Before I talk about the service itself, let me regale you with a story. I arrived at Hotel Mexicali two hours early so that my employee can have a romantic evening with his boyfriend. And lo and behold, Angie Quinn is sitting in the lobby. In fact, as I walked in and out of the building I noticed she has has been siting there for the full two hours. But even though I am literally the first room on the next floor and she is neither in traffic or taking care of family, she is still ten minutes late to our meeting. Seriously, she messages me at 7 PM "can I go upstairs? I respond yes, and then ten minutes later, she knocks on the door. *Sigh* if you want to be part of the scene in Mexico City, expect your escort to always be unapologetically late.

    Angie Quinn.


    1 hour: 1200.

    2 hours: 2000.

    Includes Anal.

    To be blunt, Angie is a gordita and the least attractive escorts I was with in Mexico City. But I find that fatter women tend to enjoy sex more, which was indeed the case. Plus, I am a Batman fan and she is named after Harley Quinn, so I couldn't really help myself.

    Like every other escort I have met, Angie provides GFE, DFK, BBBJ, and the works. However, something that is very different about Angie is that she loves anal and provides it as part of the service.

    One major negative about her is her hygiene: maybe her clients are mixing fingers between her ass and vagina, but there is something definitely wrong smelling there. Regardless, she is the only girl out of the 6 I was with in Mexico City that I stopped giving head after a few seconds. On hindsight, I shouldn't have barebacked this one (sorry, jumping ahead a little).

    Because she was a smelly down there, I get her to join me in the jacuzzi where we play for a bit. In fact, she encouraged me to finger (with both hands) her ass and pussy at the same time. It was amazing fingering her in both holes: I could literally feel the thin piece of flesh dividing the orifices. And the moaning: man she loved it!

    When we dried ourselves and went back to bed, I continued fingering and making out with her. And then, she mounted me (without condom). Honestly, I have no idea why this keeps happening. When I ask afterwards, I keep on getting the answer that they were really horny and Asians are exotic.

    Otherall, Angie was OK[Photo(s) deleted by Admin], with decent kissing and BBBJ skills. And if I ever get a hankering for anal or double fingering, I will call her. But I think in the future, I am going to stick to a JC recommendation.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: The photos originally included with this report were deleted in accordance with the Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of photos containing embedded text. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.
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    Sherly: Stood up on two consecutive Days (Picture)

    First her prices.



    1 hour: 1200.

    2 hours: 1900.

    3 hours: 2300.

    150 pesos more for BBBJ.

    Now, I understand that these girls have families and other clients. But how can you not spend 1 second to say "I can't make it" an hour before our meeting is beyond me. Yes, I understand that lateness is part of the escort culture in Mexico City and I am honestly ok with it since I have Netflix. But when I call and uber and rent a room, and only to be cancelled on 1 hour after our date was supposed to begin, I find that incredibly disrespectful.

    However, I am a chill guy and told her it was ok, and we rescheduled for next day and I saw a different girl that night.

    But then she stands me up again. In fact, she doesn't even respond at all for the entire day. And then the next day after that, instead of an apology, she has the audacity to ask if I would "like to go now?

    I have the impression that Sherly is only reliable when she posts on her twitter that she is already at a hotel and looking for clients. Do not try to book anything with her in advance (unless you would like your time wasted). A very negative experience.
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