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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitumen  [View Original Post]
    Hey Kosher Kowboy.

    In your reports you said you had a Queen at Dietz but she has been missing in action in recent days.

    We know you have been going to Sharks recently as well tracking down the elusive target girls of which Mandy is one and a famous Asian hunter is another, amongst, other targets, but have yet to crown a new Queen at Dietzenbach to complement the wicked queen of Darmstadt that you crowned?

    Keep up the great reporting on Dietz and Sharks. As said before, these are livening up the thread with life.
    That is a very good question and an issue that I have been struggling over as it is unknown if Queen Nelly is missing in action from the land of Dietzenbach forever or if she is returning to work, if she has fallen in love with a man and quit but I do not want to say anymore as to her current situation as she is entitled to her privacy but I can say that just like pictures of the Darmstadt favorites were gathered by the Kosher Intelligence Agency additional intelligence reports have come in that have pinpointed Nelly's location. Intelligence reports can not yet determine her future plans for all we know she could be at Dietz tomorrow or she could be gone forever or anything in between. All that is currently known is that she is still within the borders of this Rogue Nation full of great pussy where acts of perversion and prostitution and all the things that Kosher Cowboy loves are rife.

    In Nelly's absence I have found many adorable precious ladies that have for a very low fee of 40 Euros made me a very happy man as well as one wicked stuck up kunt in Darmstadt who does the same for 50 E. I no longer find it fair to have just one prostitute sit atop a throne when I can not fuck her and blast her pussy full of sperma and have successfully petitioned both the House of Commons and the House of Lords to put to a vote a bill that will essentially abolish the monarchical system and after much fighting in both houses a compromise was reached that would abolish only Queens and allow for the continuation of Princesses only and part of the compromise is that if Nelly does indeed return to Alice's Adult Daycare Center to be slammed all day and filled with the semen of multiple men that a simple pre-determined vote of ' Yes' would reestablish the allowance of Queens. As a result of this vote, Queen Nelly is now simply a Princess and joins a list along with several others that include many Loving Princesses as well as one Wicked Princess.

    At certain times I might want to have a princess who gives a great bareback blowjob service me, perhaps I want to dump a creampie in a tight vagina of one Princess, maybe dump a load in a princess with a loose and gaping vagina, maybe have one fuck me in cowgirl or just pound one in missionary; all depends on my mood on any given day or times throughout the day. Every Princess brings to the table a unique quality that differentiates her from the next Princess and I certainly hope to bust a huge nut one day in Princess Nelly after she has been slammed and torn to shreds by 20 other perverted mongers. And of course we can not forget the anonymous wicked Princess of Darmstadt, she too has great qualities such as her huge breasts, bright pink pussy with lips that dangle especially as she lays down and they are in full view.

    So to answer your question there wil be no more Queens, just Princesses that we can all share, cum in their pussies and their mouths and enjoy great bareback blowjobs, CIM and AO with.

    But I will say if Princess Nelly returns to work I will immediately return to Westminster, London SW1 A 0 AA and have the monarchical system reestablished and a crown put back on Princess Nelly's head. I understand that is a little greedy, cowardly and selfish of me in trying to have the best of both worlds, sort of like in the internet world a member of a board having multiple handles.

    Well, I hope that answers your question. Nelly is for now no longer a Queen but I will happily, eagerly and expeditiously 'fill ' that position in a heartbeat should she return from her secret location in the Deutschland where.

    BBBJ and AO are still Illegal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitumen  [View Original Post]
    When else is Father Christmas / Mos Craciun going to get his annual service from the girls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SerialaoMonger  [View Original Post]
    Is this common that girls have something in their vagina? I mean if they are only using the pill its only 91% effective so there's still a chance they will get pregnant. Every time I go to this club I am still amazed how this place even exists. I feel very lucky to be able to go here LOL. I wish I knew about it when I was in my 20's. What other methods do you think these girls are doing to prevent STDs or pregnancy?
    First of all I think she might be past the age of a successful child bearing, well she is not that old. The latex barriers I referred to were simply a way of saying she insists on condoms for all activities. Maybe she has a diaphragm or IUD in no way of knowing but in my case I don't care as I can fire and blast away at will and thanks to the urologist and a few hundred bucks my swimmers are useless duds.

    And as far as I am concerned, so is she. Plus she is a kunt, went off on me about leaving a towel on the couch. She has also been absent the last few days, no complaints here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]
    Another ISG member (I hope I am not stealing a future report by him) told me of an odd thing, which has been reported as happening also at a couple of clubs in NRW. A guy unknown to the girls comes in and starts talking to some of the men one by one, always asking in various ways if they have sex without a condom. After these discussions the man leave without going to a room with a girl. Possible explanation are 1. A weirdo, 2. A reporter looking for a story 3 an under cover policeman looking for background information. Nobody knows. What I do know is I do not trust anybody I do not personally know with information, oral or written, which might (even if only a small possibility) harm my interests (myself, the club, or girls).
    That was me. No need repeat the conversation we had as I can't remember it verbatim but he was very aggressive in his line of questioning. For starters he is a big fan of Donald Trump so right away he was on my shit list. Fat German piece of shit even joked he was a Nazi and hated Merkel. I know little of German politics so he is free to hate Merkel but joking about the Nazi and liking Trump turned on my ' this guy isn't Kosher' thinking; no pun intended. When he found out I was American he mentioned so you are from the empire. We than had a one way conversation, him asking questions and making statements in a nutshell calling the club illegal. Every statement he made I just digested and listened to him. However every question he asked I replied to. To draw a baseball analogy, every pitch he tossed I simply foul tipped the ball off in to the upper deck driving up the pitch count and he kept asking questions that IMHO were one a cop would ask or a lawyer might press a witness on the stand. I do believe he was seen going to a room however but that means nothing either way. ' Entrapment laws in Germany and the USA may be different perhaps he was testing the girl / club out, perhaps he is a latex lover, perhaps not, who the hell knows. Regardless, not one of his wild pitches were swung at and whiffed. He eventually left. He may have just been a weirdo, or maybe an observer.

    To sum this up, he used the word ' condom' over 10 times in his line of questioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]
    Day Care Centre is closed 24 and 25 and 31 December, and 1 January.

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    One time in Annabella, I was there and picked some cute Romanian girl who didn't speak a word of English (or German)!

    While we were in the room, she was trying to figure out what I was asking for and had her finger in her nose while thinking! Then she stroked my penis, spat on her hand and rubbed it on her pussy! After sex, before I went to shower (after the sex, but I always shower before sex as well), I told my friend, "She picked her nose before sex!" and he laughed and gestured by holding his hands (like blowing his nose and making raspberry sounds) and then moving his hands up and down (like stroking) and laughed some more! He decided to go with the same girl to see if it happens to him (it didn't)!

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    Trip. Superb report. Sums up why I like Dietzenbach. Girls are down to earth fun, willing to do their bit, and talk to you with respect.They don't expect to be treated like Precious Princesses

    I have yet to do Valentina. Glad my Optimist Syndrome helps you continue to enjoy this great girl

    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurre  [View Original Post]
    I thought of this when I saw a lady in Dietzenbach picking her nose last week and then eating the findings. Actually, a recent article claimed that eating your snot is good for your immune system. Well, after I saw her do that I waited five minutes before taking her to room, just to let the slimy stuff pass into her esophagus and to be of her benefit, not mine.
    Did the article say anything about eating someone else's snot? Good thing you waited. Might not be of any benefit to YOU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitumen  [View Original Post]
    Is this report a reference that nose picking by the girls at Dietzenbach is rife or that Tutes in Germany in general have no shame with nose picking and do not mind who sees them doing it.
    It just seems more and more common than I first thought (not just Dietzenbach and other FKK places)! I was on a date with a Polish girl (who moved there a few years ago) and she (either knowingly or unknowingly) started picking her nose when her nose was itchy. I just told her, "Could you just use a tissue?" and she stopped using her bare hands (finger)! I also handed her a Handi Wipe!

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    Trip to Dietzenbach. Day 3

    Wow. You spend the day at Dietz and suddenly, the board explodes with new posts!

    Lineup from memory: Valentina, Amira, Jessica, Maya, Erica, Vanessa, Dani, Dana, Anna, Laura, Elena, Adele, Andra, EMA.

    So the very thin Elvira girl is Amira. Kurre, you were correct. The girl with the reddish hair, pigtails, lip ring is Jessica. Although she had her hair down today and looked tasty.

    I showed up around 1045 AM. The first shower by itself is working, so I turned it on. When I went to the other showers to grab some soap, Vanessa and Maya were in there. I smiled, said Hello, grabbed some soap, and went back. They yelled something to me in German or Romanian, but I just took my shower. In hindsight, I probably should have just joined them. They came out laughing like crazy. When I was done, I walked into the main room and all the girls were laughing at me. My guess is, they invited me in, and thought I was too scared. Vanessa said something to me, but I said, "English?" She just laughed and said, "Naked". Not sure what happened exactly, but I don't mind being the butt of a joke between 10 naked girls.

    I sat on my favorite couch and kept an eye out for Valentina. She came out of the room after a little while, so I figured I'd get a shot at her. Unfortunately, when she came back to the room, she immediately sat down with some other bastard who deserves to have his legs broken. Perhaps I should have fallen in love with a less popular girl.

    The very thin brunette was sitting alone, so I figured I'd find out her name and give her a try. Yes, it's Amira. She is TINY. Probably weighs 40 kg. I thought she was thin from across the room, but she's even smaller up close. No emaciated. Just bones like a bird. She speaks no English, and is almost painfully shy. Not much eye contact or cuddling on the couch. Off to the room, where she gave me a very short BJ, my choice because she's not very skilled. Then mish with some lube. But she kept her heels on the bed and her legs slightly closed, so I couldn't go as deeply as I like. I grabbed her legs and spread the wide, but she would put them right back as soon as I let go. But the dirty old man in me was kind of getting off on the illusion of forcing myself on this young girl. Terrible, I know. We switched to cowgirl which was much better. Lots of eye contact and looking at each other in the mirror, which is always fun. Plus, I would grab her by the hips and ass and thrust as deep as I wanted until I finished. A very good session, if only for the novelty, but I won't repeat.

    Back to the room, where Valentina was kept very busy. Great for her, not so good for me trying to impress her with my new Hungarian phrases. I know she only likes those other guys for their 40 Euros. She loves me for my 40 Euros AND 6 Hungarian words.

    Somewhere in there, KK showed up and we shot the bull for a while off and on all day. Talking with him is kind of like reading one of his posts. 16 topic changes in 5 minutes. He's hilarious.

    I was ready for another room and Valentina was free so I hurdled a couch and stiff-armed another punter to get to her. Considering we can only understand 10-12 of each other's words, I've had more fun "talking" with her than any other working girl. At one point, she looked up and saw a guy come in the door and pay his entry fee. She grunted in disgust and rolled her eyes at me. Too funny. Just remember, guys, that you might like these girls, but they don't necessarily like you! That doesn't apply to me, of course! The room with her was wonderful. I very rarely repeat, but ever since I shook Optimist's hand and contracted his Syndrome, I've been hooked on this girl.

    Later on, KK and I were sitting on the big couch on the far right. That's the best couch if you're talking to a guy. On the other couches, it feels a bit too much like you're sitting on each other's laps, getting ready to take each other to the room. KK said he was going to take Valentina, who was on the couch right next to us. But some guy got to her first. KK gave her the universal signal for, "When you're done with this ass clown, come see me for a good fucking!" When she came back down to the main room, she put her towel down and sprawled between us, laughing. Just before they went to the room, KK got up and wandered off for two minutes, maybe to take a [CodeWord140]? While he was gone, I pointed to Valentina, pointed to myself, and pointed to one of the rooms. She laughed and nodded. I was so tempted to disappear into a room with her, leaving KK to wonder what the hell just happened. I would have done it if I would have been able to see his face when he came back.

    A little while later, Jessica came dancing and singing her way across the room to sit near me. I was curious about her since seeing her the other day. She always seems upbeat. Singing along to the music, pole dancing every now and then. Sitting on the couch with her was a lot of fun. I asked if she speaks English and she said she speaks very good English: blow job, fucking, doggie. She explained that she learned English because guys wouldn't take her to the room if she said she doesn't speak English. She started just saying yes to get the rooms, then learned some words along the way. In the room, she's just as fun. We were in the farthest room off the main room. She stage whispered a question about certain equipment that I think everyone in the main room could hear. She fondled me to full erection and before the BJ announced in a loud voice, "Big American penis!" Her BJ was excellent. Then she climbed on top for some CG and as she lowered herself onto me, she yelled, "Oh my God! I love big American penis!" We were both laughing, but she laughed so hard, she went into a coughing fit. We switched to mish, which was fantastic. She moved her purse out of the way, so we could watch each other in the mirror. I had a great time. I may be forced to repeat. On the way to the lockers, Vanessa tried to open my towel and said, "Big American penis?" Too funny.

    I love Dietz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBuddy69  [View Original Post]
    As I told you before, unfortunately I don't have the same experience.
    Sorry if my comment was misleading. It was not a statistical analysis.

    I was thinking primarily of the girls.

    Certainly, although isg members seem reluctant to report on infections, there are plenty of reports elsewhere of customers getting infections

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]
    Infections. So far as I can discover they are relatively unusual. And that includes Dietzenbach.
    As I told you before, unfortunately I don't have the same experience.

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    Day Care Centre is closed 24 and 25 and 31 December, and 1 January.

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    I have been told that Ema worked at Dietzenbach a couple of years ago under the name Mari, and in between times was touring the red carpets of NRW.

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    Good job the Dietzenbach girls are not into upselling. There are girls on the escort sites who charge loads for games involving body fluids. Retch.

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